Annual Report 2008 - Council for Agricultural Science and Technology

Annual Report 2008 - Council for Agricultural Science and Technology

Annual Report 2008

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology

Henry L. Shands


Todd A. Peterson


Kassim Al-Khatib

Past President

Edward A. Hanlon


John M. Bonner


Vice President

List as of

December 31, 2008

CAST Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President: Henry L. Shands, Fort Collins, Colorado;

President-Elect: Todd A. Peterson, Pioneer Hi-Bred International,

Johnston, Iowa; Past President: Kassim Al-

Khatib, Kansas State University, Manhattan; Treasurer:

Edward A. Hanlon, University of Florida, Immokalee

Representatives: John Bruhn, University of California, Davis;

Dale Layfield, Clemson University, Clemson, South

Carolina; David Songstad, Monsanto, St. Louis, Missouri;

Judy A. Thies, Charleston, South Carolina

Executive Vice President: John M. Bonner, CAST, Ames,


Representatives of Member Societies

AACC International: Larry Johnson, Iowa State University,


Agricultural and Applied Economics Association: Representative

to be appointed

American Academy of Veterinary and Comparative Toxicology:

Robert H. Poppenga, University of California,


American Association for Agricultural Education: James

R. Flowers, North Carolina State University, Raleigh

American Association of Avian Pathologists: Nathaniel

Tablante, University of Maryland, College Park

American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators:

Robert Wolf, Kansas State University, Manhattan

American Bar Association, Section of Environment,

Energy, and Natural Resources, Agricultural Management

Committee: Tom Redick, Global Environmental

Ethics Council, Clayton, Missouri

American Board of Veterinary Toxicology: Robert H.

Poppenga, University of California, Davis

American Dairy Science Association: Thomas J. Gruetzmacher,

Land O’ Lakes, St. Paul, Minnesota

American Forage and Grassland Council: Bill Tucker,

Amherst, Virginia

American Meat Science Association: Ann Hollingsworth,

Better Built Foods, Carrollton, Georgia

American Meteorological Society, Committee on Agricultural

and Forest Meteorology: Monique Y. Leclerc,

University of Georgia, Griffin

American Peanut Research and Education Society: John

Sherwood, University of Georgia, Athens

American Phytopathological Society: Turner B. Sutton,

North Carolina State University, Raleigh

American Society for Horticultural Science: Cary Mitchell,

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

American Society for Nutrition: Marla Reicks, University

of Minnesota, St. Paul

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers:

David B. Beasley, North Carolina State University,


American Society of Agronomy: Tony J. Vyn, Purdue University,

West Lafayette, Indiana

American Society of Animal Science: Gretchen Hill,

Michigan State University, East Lansing

American Society of Plant Biologists: Representative to

be appointed

American Veterinary Medical Association: David Scarfe,

American Veterinary Medical Association, Schaumburg,


Aquatic Plant Management Society: John Madsen,

Mississippi State University, Mississippi State

Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops:

David Dierig, USDA–ARS, Maricopa, Arizona

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges:

Trevor R. Ames, University of Minnesota, St. Paul

Council of Entomology Department Administrators:

Robert Wiedenmann, University of Arkansas,


Crop Science Society of America: Joseph Lauer, University

of Wisconsin, Madison

Institute of Food Technologists: Rosetta Newsome,

Chicago, Illinois

North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture:

Richard Joost, University of Tennessee, Martin

North Central Weed Science Society: Karen Renner,

Michigan State University, East Lansing

Northeastern Weed Science Society: Robert D. Sweet,

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Poultry Science Association: Michael Lilburn, Ohio Agricultural

Research and Development Center, Wooster

Society for In Vitro Biology: Mary Ann Lila, University of

Illinois, Urbana

Society for Nutrition Education: Representative not


Society of Nematologists: Jonathan D. Eisenback, Virginia

Tech, Blacksburg

Soil Science Society of America: John Havlin, North

Carolina State University, Raleigh

Southern Weed Science Society: Scott Senseman, Texas

A&M University, College Station

Weed Science Society of America: Representative to be


Western Society of Weed Science: Phillip Stahlman, Kansas

State University, Hays

Board Ex Officio Members

American Institute of Biological Sciences: Richard T.

O’Grady, Washington, D.C.

Association of Research Directors: P. S. Benepal, USDA,

Colonial Heights, Virginia; Samuel Donald, University of

Maryland, Princess Anne

On the cover: CAST publications in 2008 included two

Commentaries, three Issue Papers, and three Special

Publications, one of which was CAST’s first hardcover book.

2 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Report 2008

Publications and Rollout Events

Water Quality and Quantity Issues for Turfgrasses

in Urban Landscapes, Special Publication 27, March.

Cochairs: James B. Beard, Texas A&M University, retired;

and Michael P. Kenna, U. S. Golf Association.

Proceedings of a CAST-sponsored workshop evaluating

science-based strategies for turfgrass use and water

management in urban landscapes, the uses of turfgrasses

in urban environments and proper irrigation practices.

Presentations in Washington, D.C.:

n The National Coalition for Food and Agricultural

Research (NC-FAR) “Lunch-N-Learn” Seminar for

legislative Staff (June)

n The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

“Diverse Voices in Agriculture” (June)

n The American Farm Bureau Federation (June)

Vaccine Development Using Recombinant DNA Technology,

Issue Paper 38, May. Chair: Mark W. Jackwood,

University of Georgia, Athens.

Describes three basic categories of recombinant vaccines;

evaluates the development of vaccines for cattle,

sheep, and goats; swine; poultry; fish; and companion

animals; and provides information on commercially

available vaccines. Rollout presentations:

n NC-FAR “Lunch-N-Learn” Seminar—“Shots Are

for the Birds (and Other Animals)” (March)

n USDA “Diverse Voices in Agriculture” (May)

n U.S. Agency for International Development (May)

Karen Burns-Grogan (Task Force Chair of Avian Influenza

Vaccine Special Publication/Commentary) and Robert Silva

(Task Force Author of Vaccine Development Issue Paper)

participated in joint CAST publication presentations in

Washington, D.C.

Swine Carcass Disposal Options for Routine and Catastrophic

Mortality, Issue Paper 39, July. Chair: Allen F.

Harper, Virginia Tech Tidewater Agricultural Research

and Extension Center, Suffolk.

Reviews burial, incineration, rendering, and composting

as routine and catastrophic mortality disposal methods;

2008 Highlights

alternative and nontraditional methods and technologies;

biosecurity and disease control with the traditional

methods; and conclusions and future considerations.

Rollout presentation in Indianapolis, Indiana:

n Joint Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science

Association/American Society of Animal Sciences


Pasteurellosis Transmission Risks between Domestic

and Wild Sheep, CAST Commentary QTA2008-1,

August. Chair: Michael W. Miller, Wildlife Research

Center, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Reviews the decline of bighorn sheep populations

throughout much of western North America. Although

native sheep are particularly susceptible to pneumonia,

and interactions between wild and domestic species

seem to carry some risk for disease spread, not all contemporary

pasteurellosis epidemics in bighorn sheep

can be attributed to contact with domestic populations.

Rollout presentation in Greensboro, North Carolina:

n U.S. Animal Health Association meeting (August)

Gene Flow in Alfalfa: Biology, Mitigation, and Potential

Impact on Production, Special Publication 28,

September. Chair: Allen E. Van Deynze, University of

California, Davis.

Certain alfalfa hay and seed markets are sensitive to

genetically engineered (GE) crops and the potential for

gene flow (the exchange of genes from one population

to another). Sufficient scientific data are available to

design successful strategies to manage gene flow, and

understanding the issue is a critical first step. Rollout

and presentations:

n Presentation —USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection

Service, Washington, D.C. (August)

n Rollout—California Seed Association Mid-Year

Meeting, Monterey, California (September)

n Presentation—38 th California Alfalfa & Forage

Symposium/Western Alfalfa Seed Conference,

San Diego, California (December)

Poultry Carcass Disposal Options for Routine and

Catastrophic Mortality, Issue Paper 40, October. Chair:

John P. Blake, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

Carcass disposal remains one of the major problems

facing poultry meat and egg production facilities, posing

a never-ending task as birds succumb to congenital

defects, diseases, accidents, equipment failures, and

natural disasters. Producers, scientists, and regulators

alike are examining closely the acceptable methods of

handling dead bird disposal. Rollout presentation in

Des Moines, Iowa:

n 2008 National Poultry Waste Management Symposium



on the

CAST website:

Click on

"Publications List"

Annual Report 2008 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 3

Task Force Chair

Jon Van Gerpen,

left, presented

information on the

new Convergence

III Commentary

at the National

Coalition for Food

and Agricultural

Research, shown

here with CAST

EVP John Bonner.

2008 Highlights

Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: III. Considerations

in Biodiesel Production, CAST Commentary

QTA2008-2, October. Chair: Jon Van Gerpen, Department

of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University

of Idaho, Moscow.

Concern about rising prices and unstable sources of

petroleum fuels is driving the search for U.S. domestically

produced, renewable transportation fuels, such as

biodiesel, which is developing into a widely accepted

alternative fuel. This Commentary reviews the biodiesel

production process, quality requirements, characteristics

of biodiesel, biodiesel economics, and energy balance.

Rollout presentations in Washington, D.C.:

n NC-FAR “Lunch-N-Learn” Seminar—“Living Off

the Fat of the Land” (October)

n National Farmers Union (October)

Fate and Transport of Zoonotic Bacterial, Viral, and

Parasitic Pathogens during Swine Manure Treatment,

Storage, and Land Application, Special Publication

29, December. Cochair and Lead Author: Dana Cole,

Georgia Division of Public Health, Atlanta; Cochair:

Jan Vinjé, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Atlanta, Georgia.

There have been concerns about the potential for pork

production facilities to disseminate pathogenic microorganisms

into the surrounding environment. Although the

majority of microbes in swine manure are not pathogenic

to humans (zoonotic), it is generally accepted that there

are environmental pathways by which these zoonotic

pathogens may be transported to water resources.

“Friday Notes” e-newsletter, published 48 times/ year.

Provides links to current articles in subject areas corresponding

to CAST work groups; also contains updates

from Washington, D.C. CAST distributes the Notes to

members including faculty, staff, and graduate students

at several universities.

Publications Catalog, Updates published January, July,

and September.

2007 Annual Report, Published March.

Year at a Glance

n CAST’s Plant and Soil Sciences Work Group officially

became the Plant, Soil, and Environmental

Sciences Work Group (January)

n CAST introduced new format and coverage for “Friday

Notes,” including new cover art and abbreviated

front matter and news entries. The Notes now

cover news Friday through the following Thursday


n A ClustrMap was added to the CAST website to

track the frequency of online visits globally. More

than 924 visits were recorded in the first 2 weeks


n CAST announced Dr. Pedro Sanchez as the recipient

of the 2008 Charles A. Black Award (January)

n Membership and Marketing Director Donna Freeman

attended the American Farm Bureau Convention

in New Orleans, Louisiana and hosted the CAST

booth, distributing information on CAST activities

and publications (January)

n John Bonner and CAST Board Member Nick Zimmermann

hosted the CAST display at the International

Poultry Expo in Atlanta, Georgia and distributed

information on CAST’s four recent publications on

avian influenza. More than 200,000 people from 100

countries attended the Expo (January)

n John Bonner and Task Force Chair David Gealy traveled

to Washington, D.C. to make presentations on

Issue Paper 37, Implications of Gene Flow in the

Scale-up and Commercial Use of Biotechnologyderived

Crops: Economic and Policy Considerations,

at the USDA, NC-FAR, and the Biotechnology Industry

Organization (February)

n John Bonner made a presentation about CAST at

the National Association of State Departments of

Agriculture in Washington, D.C. (February)

n CAST published its 2007 Annual Report (March)

n CAST Special Publication 27, Water Quality and

Quantity Issues for Turfgrasses in Urban Landscapes,

CAST’s first hardcover book, was published

and distributed (March)

n Katlin Wiest won the 2008 Ag Day Essay Contest


n Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) was awarded the “CAST

President’s Award” (March)

n CAST’s Spring Board Meeting was held in Washington,

D.C. Several guest speakers addressed the

Board, and Pedro Sanchez was presented CAST’s

Charles A. Black Award (March)

n CropLife America donated a poster of the Lincoln

Memorial to the CAST Office (April)

n CAST Issue Paper 38, Vaccine Development Using

Recombinant DNA Technology, was published and

distributed. John Bonner hosted the rollout events

4 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Report 2008

in Washington, D.C., and Task Force Author Robert

Silva introduced the paper (May)

n Karen Burns-Grogan, Task Force Chair of Special

Publication 26 (Avian Influenza Vaccines: Focusing

on H5N1 High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza) and

CAST Commentary QTA2007-3 (Avian Influenza

Vaccination: A Commentary Focusing on H5N1

High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza) along with

Robert Silva, Task Force Author of Vaccine Development

Using Recombinant DNA Technology (Issue

Paper 38), participated in Washington, D.C. briefings

at the USDA, NC-FAR, and the U.S. Agency for

International Development (May)

n Todd Peterson, a member of the Executive Committee,

was elected CAST President-Elect (May)

n The CAST Board approved expansion of the Graduate

Education Program to include faculty members


n CAST began offering its Issue Papers free (formerly

$5.00 each) (June)

n Briefings were held in Washington, D.C. for Special

Publication 27, Water Quality and Quantity Issues

for Turfgrasses in Urban Landscapes, at the USDA,

NC-FAR, and the American Farm Bureau Federation


n CAST received federal approval for its trademark

and registered its logo (June)

n The United Nations Environmental Programme began

offering links to several CAST publications on

their Biosafety Information Resource Centre website


n CAST Issue Paper 39, Swine Carcass Disposal Options

for Routine and Catastrophic Mortality, was

released at the Joint Annual Meeting of the American

Society of Animal Science and the American Dairy

Science Association in Indianapolis, Indiana. John

Bonner spoke about CAST and Task Force Chair

Allen Harper introduced the paper (July)

n CAST began offering several of its earlier publications

free in boxed quantities for only a small shipping

charge (August)

n CAST Commentary QTA2008-1, Pasteurellosis

Transmission Risks between Domestic and Wild

Sheep, was released (August)

n Bookmarks and RSS Feed features were added to

the CAST website (August)

n Trent Loos and the Feedstuffs FoodLink Chuck Wagon

came to Ames, Iowa, to meet with members of

the agricultural community and to discuss the importance

of technology in modern food production and

the role of agriculture in providing national security.

CAST is a partner with Feedstuffs FoodLink. Several

CAST publications were available at the Feedstuffs

exhibit (August)

2008 Highlights

n John Bonner was elected Secretary/Treasurer of

the Agriculture Council of America, a position that

moves to Vice Chair and then Chair in subsequent

years (September)

n CAST Special Publication 28, Gene Flow in Alfalfa:

Biology, Mitigation, and Potential Impact on Production,

was released at the California Seed Association’s

Mid-Year Meeting in Monterey, California.

Task Force Chair Allen Van Deynze introduced the

paper (September)

n John Bonner and CAST Director of Council Operations

Linda Chimenti represented CAST at the World Food

Prize, staffing a CAST display booth and distributing

publications. Dr. Bonner met briefly with 2008

World Food Prize Laureates Robert Dole and George

McGovern (October)

n CAST Issue Paper 40, Poultry Carcass Disposal

Options for Routine and Catastrophic Mortality,

was released at the National Poultry Waste Management

Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa. John Bonner

hosted the event and Task Force Chair John Blake

introduced the paper (October)

n CAST realigned several Staff positions, assigning

new titles and redistributing responsibilities


n CAST’s Fall Board Meeting was held in Durham,

North Carolina. Henry Shands was named as President,

Todd Peterson as President-Elect, and Kassim

Al-Khatib as Past President. Several guest speakers

addressed the Board (October)

n CAST Commentary QTA2008-1, Pasteurellosis

Transmission Risks between Domestic and Wild

Sheep, was featured in a session of the U.S. Animal

Health Association Meeting in Greensboro, North

Carolina. Task Force Chair Mike Miller presented

the paper (October)

n CAST Commentary QTA2008-2, Convergence of

Agriculture and Energy: III. Considerations in Biodiesel

Production, was released in Washington, D.C.

at the National Farmers Union and NC-FAR. John

Bonner hosted the events and Task Force Chair Jon

Van Gerpen introduced the paper (October)

Trent Loos (center)

and the Feedstuffs

FoodLink Chuck

Wagon with

former CAST

President Don

Beitz (left) and



2008 World Food

Prize Laureate

Senator Robert

Dole (right) meets


John Bonner.

Annual Report 2008 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 5

John Bonner,



Treasurer of the

Ag Council of

America (ACA),

with essay

contest winner

Katlin Wiest and

Linda Tank, ACA

Vice Chair.

Pedro Sanchez

CAB Award winner

2008 Highlights

n John Bonner attended the National Association of

Farm Broadcasting Annual Meeting in Kansas City,

Missouri, where he distributed CAST information

and recorded radio interviews about CAST activities


n CAST Special Publication 28, Gene Flow in Alfalfa:

Biology, Mitigation, and Potential Impact

on Production, was presented at the 38 th California

Alfalfa & Forage Symposium/Western Alfalfa Seed

Conference in San Diego, California. John Bonner

represented CAST at the event (December)

n CAST Special Publication 29, Fate and Transport of

Zoonotic Bacterial, Viral, and Parasitic Pathogens

during Swine Manure Treatment, Storage, and Land

Application, was released in cooperation with the

National Pork Board (December)

CAST Supports 2008 National Ag Day

Essay Contest

CAST concluded its third year as a sponsor of the

National Ag Day Essay Contest. The theme was “Agriculture—Bigger

than You Think,” and was open to

students in grades 7–12. Katlin Wiest, an 8 th grader from

Lykens, Pennsylvania, was the national winner; 31 state

winners also were announced. Katlin was recognized

at the Celebration of Agriculture dinner in Washington,

D.C. on March 11, 2008, and also presented her winning

essay as part of CAST’s Spring Board of Directors’

Meeting (see “2008 Board Meetings,” p. 7).

2008 Charles A. Black Award

CAST presented the Charles A. Black Award on

March 11, 2008, in Washington, D.C., to Pedro Sanchez,

Senior Research Scholar, Director of the Tropical

Agriculture and Rural Environment Program, and

Director of the Millennium Villages Project, all at Earth

Institute at Columbia University, Palisades, New York.

He is Professor Emeritus of Soil Science and Forestry

at North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Dr. Sanchez

was awarded the World Food Prize in 2002 and has

been awarded the MacArthur Foundation’s prestigious

“Genius Award” as well as the International Soil Science

Award and the International Service in Agronomy


In his acceptance presentation titled “The Millennium

Villages and the African Green Revolution,” Dr.

Sanchez spoke about the overarching problems facing

agriculture in many African countries. The date and

location of CAST’s event coincided with ceremonies

celebrating the kick-off of National Ag Week, and Dr.

Sanchez was also an invited speaker at “A Celebration

of Agriculture” hosted by the Agriculture Council of


The Charles A. Black Award is presented annually

to a food or agricultural scientist engaged actively in

research who has made significant scientific contributions

to his/her scientific field, and who communicates

the importance of this work and of food and agricultural

science to the public, policymakers, and the news


Personnel Notes

n Kayla Down, an Iowa State University (ISU) student

majoring in Finance, graduated from ISU and left

CAST to begin her career (May)

n Allison Nelson, a graphic designer and marketing

specialist, joined CAST as Membership and Marketing

Assistant (May)

n Krista Fox, an ISU junior majoring in Accounting,

was hired as an Administrative Assistant (May)

n JaLynne Russell, an ISU sophomore majoring in Agricultural

Business, was hired as an Administrative

Assistant (May)

n Kelsey Whiley, CAST Administrative Assistant

for the past 2 years, graduated from ISU with her

Master’s degree and left CAST to begin her career


n Donna Freeman, Membership and Marketing Director,

resigned (September)

n A CAST staffing reorganization resulted in new

duties and titles for several Staff members: John

Bonner–Executive Vice President/Chief Executive

Officer; Linda Chimenti–Director of Council Operations;

Allison Nelson–Membership and Marketing

Manager; Lynette Allen–Senior Editor; and Laura

DeBoer–Editorial Project Manager (October)

n Gale Osborne, an experienced office business

manager, joined CAST as Council Administrative

Assistant (October)

n Thuy Ton, student Administrative Assistant, resigned


6 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Report 2008

Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 Board of Directors’ Meeting was

held March 12–14, in Washington, D.C. At an afternoon

reception attended by Executive Committee Members

and invited guests, the Charles A. Black Award was

presented to Dr. Pedro Sanchez of the Earth Institute

at Columbia University (see “2008 Charles A. Black

Award,” p. 6). In his remarks, Dr. Sanchez spoke about

the overarching problems facing agriculture in many

African countries and how the Millennium Villages

project empowers communities to increase food production,

improve sanitation, generate cash by selling

crop surpluses, and provide better educational opportunities

for children.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer addressed

the Board at a breakfast meeting in which he complimented

CAST for its ongoing work, especially on the

issues of bioenergy, climate change, and food safety.

Mr. Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, representing the Center

for Food Integrity, gave a presentation to the Board

titled “A New Model to Earn and Maintain Consumer

Trust,” and Katlin Wiest, National 2008 Ag Day Essay

Contest Winner, presented her winning essay at

the Wednesday breakfast meeting. Kellin Kershner,

President of the Kansas State University Graduate Stu-

Fall 2008

The Fall Board of Directorsʼ Meeting was held in

Durham, North Carolina, October 29–31. In both general

session discussions and small group exchanges,

the focus of the meeting was to identify and address

the “key issues” facing CAST.

The “CAST Champion Award” was presented to

Dr. Stanley Fletcher, President of CAST in 2004–2005

in honor of his considerable support for CAST in recent

years. Dr. Henry Shands was named President,

Dr. Kassim Al-Khatib became Past President, and

Dr. Todd Peterson began service as President-Elect.

Dr. David Volz, an environmental toxicologist at

Syngenta, gave a presentation on “The Endangered

Species Act: Potential Impact of Atrazine Use in the

2008 Board Meetings

dent Council, reported his experience of helping set up

CAST’s Graduate Student Education Program at his

institution, and Larry Meyers, of Meyers & Associates,

updated the Board on the Farm Bill debate and what

might be expected in the coming weeks.

The Board approved two new Issue Papers and a new

policy to make CAST Issue Papers available online at

no charge. The Board also voted to disband CAST’s

Science Education Committee. The Staff and members

of the Executive Committee gave a presentation titled

“The Three I’s and U,” focusing on Input, Impact, and


United States.” Dr. Alan Ayers, Director of Bayer Crop-

Science State Affairs and Stewardship, addressed the

Board at a breakfast meeting, and Dr. Johnny Wynne,

Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

at North Carolina State University, hosted a dinner for

Board Members as an evening activity. Dr. John Bonner,

Executive Vice President of CAST, entertained the

Board with an informative presentation —“19th Century

Medical Science and Technology.” Dr. Bonner’s

extensive collection of surgeon’s equipment, which he

uses in his performances as a re-enactor, provided a

clear visual demonstration of some of the differences

and similarities between medical challenges such as

vaccinations and food safety, then and now.

CAST Executive


members with

Secretary of

Agriculture Ed

Schafer (third from


At far left: Past,

present, and future

presidents of

CAST (from back)

Harold Coble,

Stanley Fletcher,

Ed Runge, Kassim

Al-Khatib, Henry

Shands, and Todd


At left, CAST EVP

John Bonner, in

1850s uniform


science and

technology of

the 19th Century,

presents the

"CAST Champion

Award" to Stanley

Fletcher for

his significant

leadership and

advocacy of CAST

into the 21st


Annual Report 2008 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 7

Henry L. Shands


Letter from the CAST President

It is a pleasure to address CAST’s community of Board Members, Staff, affiliated societies, corporate members,

and the public at large. CAST is in its 37 th year of bringing clear and unbiased science to its readership.

Established with the underlying support of the National Academy of Science’s National Research Council, CAST

was meant “to provide accurate information, based on agricultural science and technology, to the government, the

news media, and the public about national or regional agricultural subjects of broad public concern.” And, as Dr.

Norman Borlaug stated in the January 9, 2009 issue of “Friday Notes,” “CAST has both a tremendous responsibility

and opportunity to present unbiased, scientific data so that wise policy and legislation will be enacted.”

After nearly four decades, CAST continues to do just that. CAST’s publication record reflects critical issues

of the day that impact its individual and corporate membership, professional societies, stakeholders, and the

general public. As columnist David Brooks recently commented in an essay in the New York Times, “…Journalism

imposes habits that help reporters keep a mental distance from those they cover. Scientists have obligations

to the community of researchers. In the process of absorbing the rules of the institutions we inhabit, we become

who we are.”

Communicating science requires a special skill in balancing the logic, facts, and truths from competing hypotheses

and experimental results. The emotions and politics often involved in those events must be carefully set

aside to allow an unbiased analysis and interpretation of the science. CAST authors are selected not only because

they are at the top of their fields in the subject matter, but also because they understand and are expected to uphold

these principles of scholarship. We believe CAST’s publications demonstrate that science-based information can

be communicated in an honest and straightforward manner.

Many individuals stand behind the success of CAST’s publications. Task Force Chairs, Members, and Reviewers

may get the visible credit, but CAST Staff are the ones who provide the foundation for it all to happen. The

author selection process, the coordination of Task Forces, the time schedules, the initial editing and assembly of

the text from different authors, the copyediting and proofing of final galleys, all are masterworks of the CAST

Staff. CAST Board Members and elected officers also donate their time for review of manuscripts, a service

essential to the production of quality products.

We at CAST appreciate the support from all of you during these difficult economic times. CAST is no different

from other nonprofit organizations in terms of the stress brought about by the economic downturn. To continue

our mission, we need your individual, organizational, and corporate support and contributions more than ever. We

need that financial support to continue to produce the publications you have been accustomed to receiving. Our

streamlined, top-notch Staff does all the things necessary to maintain and expand the impact of communicating

science-based information. Help us maintain the resources to keep them busy and productive.

I want to thank the CAST Board, Executive Committee, and Staff for their support and efforts to provide us

the information we need to move forward. Also, thanks to Past Presidents Don Beitz, Stanley Fletcher, Gale

Buchanan, and many CAST members for their help and guidance. We have a bright future.

Henry L. Shands, President of CAST


CAST assembles, interprets, and communicates

credible, science-based information regionally,

nationally, and internationally to legislators,

regulators, policymakers, the media, the private

sector, and the public.


CAST will be recognized as a credible and

objective source of science-based information

on agricultural issues across the urban–rural

continuum—especially those issues regarding

food, fiber, landscape environments, and

agriculturally related natural resource, societal,

and environmental concerns.

8 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Report 2008


◊ Lifetime Member

• Millennium Club

q President’s Club

p Friends of CAST

Individual Member

List as of December 2008



Phillip C. Badger, Florence

James S. Bannon, Auburn

Donald E. Davis, Auburn ◊

Clifford A. Flood, Jr., Auburn ◊

James E. Hairston, Auburn

Harry S. Prim, Jr., Gordon ◊

Luther Waters, Jr., Auburn

Stanley Wilson, Auburn ◊


James V. Drew, Fairbanks

Natalie Durell Howard, Fairbanks

Fredric M. Husby, Fairbanks


Filmore E. Bender, Sun City ◊

Bartley P. Cardon, Tucson ◊

P. Thomas Cox, Phoenix ◊

Charles Frederick Foreman, Sun City

Charles Y. Hoyt, Phoenix

J. Rukin Jelks, Jr., Elgin ◊

C. Colin Kaltenbach, Tucson

Thomas J. Kennedy, Phoenix

Bruce A. Kimball, Maricopa

Charles R. Krueger, Mesa ◊

Chuck Lakin, Avondale ◊

W. Gerald Matlock, Tucson

Francis S. Nakayama, Maricopa

James M. Riggs, Willcox

Eugene G. Sander, Tucson

Jeffrey C. Silvertooth, Tucson

R. B. Sleeth, Paradise Valley

Richard E. Stuckey, Surprise ◊

Kai Umeda, Phoenix

Robert Lee Voigt, Tucson ◊

James M. Webb, Phoenix


James L. Barrentine, Fayetteville p

Ralph F. Boulware, Stamps ◊

Fred M. Bourland, Keiser

Richard H. Forsythe, Fayetteville p

John W. Hardiman, Siloam Springs p

J. O. Legg, Rogers

Keith S. Lusby, Fayetteville

Justin R. Morris, Fayetteville

Milo J. Shult, Little Rock

Samuel H. Weaver, Bella Vista p

Robert N. Wiedenmann, Fayetteville

Duane C. Wolf, Fayetteville

2008 CAST Membership


Julie G. Adams, Modesto

M. J. Bakke, Clovis ◊

Robert P. Bosshart, Modesto

Wade Brant, Davis ◊

Christine M. Bruhn, Davis

John C. Bruhn, Davis

Janet Caprile, Pleasant Hill

Fred M. Carasso, Van Nuys ◊

Joseph H. Connell, Oroville

Dennis D. Crenwelge, Turlock

Dennis A. Daugherty, Denair

M. Steven Daugherty, San Luis


Richard E. Dresser, Fortuna ◊

J. A. Driver, Knights Landing ◊

Robert C. Ehn, Clovis

Ralph A. Ernst, Davis

Tad H. Gantenbein, Carmichael

Constantin Genigeorgis, Sacramento

Stanley G. Goodrich, Oakdale

Donald W. Grimes, Reedley

Russell H. Gripp, Palo Cedro ◊

Robert C. Hargreaves, Bakersfield

Matthew Michael Hawley, Fresno

Emily A. Heaton, Thousand Oaks

Mahlon M. S. Hile, Fresno

John W. Inman, Salinas

Carl W. Johnson, Biggs

Lowell S. Jordan, Murrieta ◊

Adel A. Kader, Davis

Franz R. Kegel, Stockton

Mark Kruel, Baldwin Park

Charles M. Lawrence, Eureka

Peggy G. Lemaux, Berkeley

Neal A. MacDougall, San Luis


Gary Markegard, Fortuna

Pamela Gail Marrone, Davis

Ernest R. Marshall, Carmel Valley ◊

George C. Martin, Paradise

Roland D. Meyer, Davis

Gerald L. Morris, Valley Springs

Ishwar P. Murarka, Cupertino ◊

James W. Oltjen, Davis

Mechel S. Paggi, Fresno

Franklin Parks, Pinedale ◊

Robert C. Pearl, Davis ◊

Stuart Pettygrove, Davis

William E. Plummer, San Luis


Robert H. Poppenga, Davis

Parker F. Pratt, Riverside ◊

Calvin O. Qualset, Rohnert Park

Robert G. Robinson, San Marino ◊

Dan Y. Rosenberg, Sacramento ◊

Charles Roudebush, Visalia

Richard F. Stier, Sonoma ◊

Joyce F. Strand, Davis ◊

Hadi Tabbara, Irvine

David M. Theno, San Diego

Andrew J. Thulin, San Luis Obispo

Joe Traynor, Bakersfield

John E. Trei, Rancho Santa Fe

George B. E. West, Davis

Broc Gerald Zoller, Kelseyville


John S. Avens, Fort Collins

Franklyn Garry, Fort Collins

Carl Hittle, Fort Collins ◊

Thomas O. Holtzer, Fort Collins

Marvin E. Jensen, Fort Collins

Wayne F. Keim, Fort Collins ◊

Kirvin L. Knox, Fort Collins

E. Gordon Kruse, Fort Collins

W. Dennis Lamm, Fort Collins

Shane Mathers, Denver

Delbert G. Miles, Greeley

Paul J. Ogg, Longmont ◊

Jerry Olson, Fort Collins

Norm Poppe, Arvada

Laura S. Quakenbush, Lakewood

James O. Reagan, Centennial

I. D. Russell, Longmont ◊

Howard F. Schwartz, Fort Collins

Henry L. Shands, Fort Collins ◊

Lee E. Sommers, Fort Collins ◊

Jeff Tichota, Centennial

Peter H. Van Schaik, Montrose

James R. Watson, Jr., Littleton ◊

Nora E. Wineland, Fort Collins


John F. Ahrens, Bloomfield ◊

John P. Brand, Storrs

Lynn R. Brown, Willington

W. A. Cowan, Storrs ◊

Ian C. Hart, Storrs

Todd L. Mervosh, Windsor

Louis J. Pierro, Manchester

John Riesen, Storrs

James S. Rock, Norwich p


Richard A. Barczewski, Dover

Conrad R. Pope, Newark

Mark J. Van Gessel, Georgetown

Terry D. Van Horn, Dover

Thomas H. Williams, Newark

District of Columbia

Philip H. Abelson, Washington ◊

Jeffrey T. Barach, Washington

Ricardo Carvajal, Washington

Teresa A. Gruber, Washington ◊

Bronda F. Harrison, Washington

Kenneth R. Hinga, Washington

Peter Barton Hutt, Washington

James V. Parochetti, Washington

David B. Schmidt, Washington

Ann Marie Thro, Washington


L. Gene Albrigo, Lake Alfred

Clarence B. Ammerman, Gainesville ◊

Daniel A. Botts, Maitland

Barry J. Brecke, Jay

Joel H. Brendemuhl, Gainesville

Robert G. Cassens, Naples

Tim C. Durham, Gainesville

John F. Gerber, Gainesville ◊

Melvin G. Greeley, Mount Dora ◊

James T. Griffiths, Lakeland

Edward A. Hanlon, Immokalee ◊

Gerald Kidder, Gainesville

Richard L. Lower, St. Petersburg

Donald J. McFeeters, DeLand

H. Charles Mellinger, Jupiter

Harry J. Mersmann, Palm Harbor

Richard D. Miles, Gainesville

Lorraine Mott, Gainesville ◊

George A. O’Connor, Gainesville

Gilberto Olaya, Vero Beach

Bill Orendorff, Sarasota

H. H. (Jack) Van Horn, Gainesville ◊

Earl Watson, Clewiston ◊

Ralph W. White, Tavares


Elizabeth L. Andress, Athens

Holly T. Ballantine, Hiram

John P. Beasley, Tifton

C. Reese Berdanier, Watkinsville

Louis J. Boyd, Bogart ◊

William D. Branch, Tifton

Gale A. Buchanan, Adel ◊

Bobby C. Darst, Cumming ◊

David W. Dibb, Duluth ◊

William Flatt, Athens ◊

Stanley M. Fletcher, Peachtree City ◊

Ralph W. Fogleman, Savannah ◊

Will R. Getz, Fort Valley

James E. Hook, Tifton

Roger D. Howard, Gainesville ◊

Keith J. Karnok, Athens

David A. Knauft, Athens ◊

Andrew P. Nyczepir, Byron

Albert E. Pope, Alpharetta ◊

Aaron E. Reynolds, Jr., Athens

John L. Sherwood, Athens


Jeff D. T. Barcinas, Mangilao ◊


Barry M. Brennan, Honolulu

James R. Carpenter, Honolulu

Steven J. Lupkes, Kekaha

Mark T. Wall, Waimea

Annual Report 2008 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 9


T. J. Davidson, Jr., Plummer

Edward P. Duren, Soda Springs

John C. Foltz, Moscow ◊

James L. Halderson, American Falls

Donald L. Ingle, Kendrick

Gregory S. Lewis, Dubois

Glenn G. Mahrt, Boise

Don W. Morishita, Twin Falls

Leonard N. Purdy, Picabo


Walter J. Armbruster, Oak Brook

David H. Baker, Urbana


◊ Lifetime Member

• Millennium Club

q President’s Club

p Friends of CAST

Individual Member

List as of December 2008

Jerome Baker, Savoy

Don Boudreaux, Hoffman Estates

Jimmy H. Clark, Urbana

Robert B. Colville, Rochelle

Aldo J. Crovetti, Lake Forest

Daniel K. Dorney, Charleston

John W. Dudley, Urbana

Robert A. Easter, Urbana

George C. Fahey, Urbana

Richard L. Fredrickson, Jr., Fisher ◊

Ralph D. Grotelueschen, East

Moline ◊

Roy E. Harrington, Moline

Danny Heustis, Farmer City

Robert G. Hoeft, Urbana

Gilbert R. Hollis, Urbana

Steven C. Huber, Urbana

Kirk Hunter, East Dundee

Michael F. Hutjens, Urbana

J. A. Jackobs, Urbana ◊

Nicole A. Janovick, Savoy

Benjamin A. Jones, Urbana

Frederic L. Kolb, Urbana

K. E. Lanka, Fulton ◊

Philip A. Lofgren, Oak Park

John Masiunas, Urbana

Gavin L. Meerdink, Mahomet

Kenneth E. Olson, Schaumburg

David B. Palmer, Arlington Heights

Kailash S. Purohit, Des Plaines ◊

Chad R. Risley, Northbrook

Thomas H. Roberts, DeKalb ◊

A. David Scarfe, Schaumburg

Gary Schmitz, Mahomet

Wendell L. Shauman, Kirkwood ◊

Arthur J. Siedler, Urbana

David W. Smith, East Moline

Dennis R. Thompson, Champaign

Robert L. Thompson, Urbana

James Usry, Chicago ◊

Paul Walker, Normal

Loyd M. Wax, Urbana

William F. Whiteside, Batavia

Jack M. Widholm, Urbana

Marvin J. Wurster, Elizabeth


Jack L. Albright, West Lafayette

Michael Baise, Indianapolis

Ronald R. Bell, Lebanon

James N. BeMiller, West Lafayette

Andrew C. Boston, Paoli

Sylvie M. Brouder, West Lafayette

Maribeth A. Cousin, West Lafayette

Bernas S. Downing, Indianapolis ◊

2008 CAST Membership

John M. Eggert, Demotte

Harry M. Galloway, West Lafayette ◊

Don I. Gard, Greenfield

Allan D. Goecker, West Lafayette

Alan L. Grant, West Lafayette

Harvey A. Holt, West Lafayette

Larry F. Huggins, West Lafayette ◊

Eileen J. Kladivko, West Lafayette

Victor L. Lechtenberg, West

Lafayette ◊

William W. McFee, West Lafayette

Joseph A. Miller, Seymour

Lance J. Murrell, West Lafayette ◊

Lewis M. Naylor, Goshen

S. Suzanne Nielsen, West Lafayette

Doris Paroonagian, Indianapolis

David C. Petritz, West Lafayette

William J. Prokop, Fair Oaks ◊

Marvin E. Schultz, Fishers

Paul R. Shellenberger, Franklin

Gary C. Steinhardt, West Lafayette

Alan L. Sutton, West Lafayette

Don Villwock, Indianapolis

Todd Vogel, Seymour

Jeffrey J. Volenec, West Lafayette

Randall L. Warden, Fort Wayne

Clayton S. Williams, Carmel ◊


Duane Acker, Atlantic ◊

Jimmie L. Andersen, Council Bluffs

Paul J. Armbrecht, Lake City

David S. Beck, Radcliffe

Donald C. Beitz, Ames ◊

John M. Bonner, Ames ◊

Edward J. Braun, Ames

James P. Callan, Johnston

Paul Carter, Johnston

Linda M. Chimenti, Ames

Richard L. Chrisinger, Winfield

Jeni Christensen, Johnston

Randy Clements, Des Moines

Robert J. Crabtree, Ames

Paula Davis, Johnston

Robert W. Deegan, Zwingle

Terry D. Faidley, Colfax

Walter Fehr, Ames ◊

Cornelia B. Flora, Ames ◊

G. William Griffel, Jr., Fort Dodge

John R. Hagie, Clarion ◊

Bill L. Harriott, Council Bluffs ◊

Morgan Davis Hayes, Ames

Herbert R. Heinicke, Indianola

M. Peter Hoffman, Ames

Maynard Hogberg, Ames

Palmer J. Holden, Ames

R. Bruce Hopkins, Cedar Falls

Albert R. Johnson, Union

Douglas L. Karlen, Ames

Dennis R. Keeney, Ames ◊

M. Douglas Kenealy, Ames

Gerald E. Klonglan, Ames

Marvin C. Koeper, Rhodes ◊

William E. Kuhn, Urbandale

Kenneth L. Larson, Ames ◊

Michael Lauer, Johnston

Frank A. Loeffel, Des Moines ◊

Jeffery C. Lorimor, Boone

Tom E. Loynachan, Ames

Clyde Martin, Preston ◊

Robert A. Martin, Ames

R. L. McConnell, Grimes ◊

Bill L. Miller, Webster City

Adrian Moses, Gilbert

Gary P. Munkvold, Ames

Owen J. Newlin, Des Moines

Micheal D. K. Owen, Ames

Frederick C. Parrish, Ames

James Pearson, Ames

John Pesek, Ames ◊

Todd A. Peterson, Johnston

Donald H. Pettengill, Ottumwa

Richard M. Robson, Ames

Noel G. Rudie, Oskaloosa

John E. Sawyer, Ames

Jon Schoonmaker, Ames

Joseph G. Sebranek, Ames

Levi Sprung, Riceville

Rexanne Struve, Manning

Sue L. Sullivan-Twilley, Urbandale ◊

William A. Summers, Des Moines

Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, Ankeny p

Louisa B. Tabatabai, Ames

M. A. Tabatabai, Ames

Phillip B. Thien, Des Moines

Mark Venner, McCallsburg

Evan E. Vermeer, Sioux Center

Regis D. Voss, Ames

Jerry L. Wille, Ames

Clifton L. Willms, Sioux City

Wendy K. Wintersteen, Ames

Jeffrey Wolt, Ames


Kassim Al-Khatib, Manhattan ◊

Elizabeth Boyle, Manhattan

Forrest Glen Chumley, Manhattan

Larry R. Corah, Manhattan

Steve Dritz, Manhattan

N. Alfred Dutrow, McPherson

John M. Fenderson, Kiowa

John Carl Frihauf, Manhattan

George E. Ham, Manhattan ◊

Jerry L. Heath, Olathe

Melvin C. Hunt, Manhattan

Curtis L. Kastner, Manhattan

Kellan S. Kershner, Manhattan

M. B. Kirkham, Manhattan

Robert W. Lee, Garden City

Douglas Nord, Larned

Dallas E. Peterson, Manhattan

Philip A. Phar, Council Grove

Gerry L. Posler, Manhattan ◊

Robert D. Rowland, Olathe ◊

Robert W. Schoeff, Manhattan

Phillip Stahlman, Hays ◊

Curtis Thompson, Garden City

Richard L. Vanderlip, Manhattan

Riley G. Walters, El Dorado

David A. Whitney, Manhattan

Robert E. Wolf, Manhattan


Richard R. Bonczek, Lexington

Thomas C. Bridges, Lexington

Lowell Bush, Lexington

Richard D. Coffey, Princeton

Gary L. Cromwell, Lexington

Dennis B. Egli, Lexington

Wilbur W. Frye, Frankfort ◊

Jonathan D. Green, Lexington

Benjamin W. Harmon, Olive Hill

Virgil W. Hays, Lexington ◊

Jacqueline Jacob, Lexington

Merlin D. Lindemann, Lexington

Jerry R. Lucietta, Lexington

James R. Martin, Princeton

Daniel A. Niffenegger, Lexington

David A. Smith, Lexington


M. W. (Wink) Alison, Winnsboro

Cecil Brooking, Jr., Ferriday

William H. Brown, Baton Rouge

James S. Dunn, Covington

Mary L. Grodner, Baton Rouge

Brad L. Inman, Covington

Bruce F. Jenny, Baton Rouge

Kenneth W. McMillin, Baton Rouge ◊

James I. McNitt, Baton Rouge

W. Allen Nipper, Homer

Kenneth W. Tipton, Baton Rouge


Mary Ellen Camire, Orono

Donna Coffin, Dover-Foxcroft

Maxwell L. McCormack, Jr.,


Bernard P. Rines, Gorham ◊

Bruce R. Stillings, Falmouth

Martin R. Stokes, Orono


Richard A. Ahrens, Berwyn Heights

Marvin K. Aycock, Severn

V. Allan Bandel, Glenwood

David J. Chitwood, Beltsville

Edwin A. Crosby, Bethesda ◊

Stan Daberkow, University Park

James A. Duke, Fulton ◊

Bernadette M. Dunham, Rockville

Jacques J. Kozub, Bethesda

Susan Arlene McCarthy, Beltsville

Arthur J. Miller, Bowie

Robert R. Peters, College Park

Richard D. Reynnells, Laurel

Ronald L. Ritter, Laurel

Jane F. Robens, Bethesda ◊

David S. Ross, College Park

Kay Simmons, Beltsville

Jac Smit, Silver Spring

James W. Smith, Silver Spring

Donald A. Spencer, Silver Spring ◊

Alan V. Tasker, Silver Spring

Paul V. Twining, Princess Anne

Elymar V. Vea, Crownsville

10 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Report 2008

Lester R. Vough, Brookeville

Nickolas G. Zimmermann, College



Prasanta C. Bhowmik, Amherst ◊

Fredrick J. Francis, Amherst ◊

John M. Gerber, Amherst ◊

Naomi Martin, Worcester

Paul J. Peters, Brimfield


John C. Baker, East Lansing

Max E. Benne, Sturgis

Catherine W. Ernst, East Lansing

Russell Freed, East Lansing

Harold D. Hafs, Davidson ◊

James L. Herbert, Lansing

George E. House, Ada

Lee W. Jacobs, East Lansing ◊

James J. Kells, East Lansing

Dean M. Krauskopf, Parma

E. Roland Laning, Midland

James W. Lauderdale, Augusta

O. Donald Meaders, Okemos

Robert E. Ogle, East Lansing

Donald Penner, East Lansing

Karen Renner, East Lansing

Jerald W. Riekels, Muskegon

Harlan D. Ritchie, East Lansing

Donald R. Smucker, Stanton

J. William Thomas, East Lansing ◊

Ewen Todd, East Lansing

Darryl D. Warncke, Holt

Andrew J. Watson, Midland


James J. Boedicker, Grand Rapids

Richard Behrens, St. Paul ◊

Michael Brumm, N. Mankato

Francis Busta, Roseville ◊

Vernon Cardwell, Wyoming ◊

James S. Carpenter, St. Paul

H. H. Cheng, St. Paul ◊

Charles J. Clanton, St. Paul

E. Joe Dahmer, Eden Prairie

Alfredo DiCostanzo, St. Paul

John Fetrow, St. Paul

Burle G. Gengenbach, Roseville

Brandon Richard Hager, St. Peter

David W. Harlan, Minneapolis

Lyle E. Henning, Montevideo

William F. Hueg, St. Paul ◊

William D. Hueston, St. Paul

Kevin A. Janni, St. Paul ◊

Kevin Kienlen, St. Peter

Rita A. Kuznia, Stanton

William E. Larson, Shoreview

Gordon C. Marten, Roseville

Cynthia K. Moen, Windom

R. Vance Morey, St. Paul

William S. Niehaus, Moorhead ◊

Donald E. Otterby, St. Paul ◊

Mary L. Raeth-Knight, St. Paul

Howard W. Rines, Shoreview

2008 CAST Membership

Joseph W. Rust, Grand Rapids

Kip W. Sander, Lakeville

Eric Spandl, St. Paul

Deon D. Stuthman, St. Paul ◊

Dennis Swan, Balaton

Roy L. Thompson, Roseville

Carol E. Windels, Crookston


H. D. Bunch, Starkville

Roy G. Creech, Mississippi State ◊

Seth M. Dabney, Oxford

Kurt D. Getsinger, Vicksburg

Harry F. Hodges, Starkville

Johnie N. Jenkins, Starkville

John D. Madsen, Mississippi State

Lyle E. Nelson, Starkville

David R. Shaw, Mississippi State


Kenneth Bruene, Platte City

Brett H. Bussler, St. Louis

Will D. Carpenter, Chesterfield ◊

Harold D. Cleberg, Kansas City ◊

Pradip K. Das, St. Louis

Mario De Figueiredo, Chesterfield

Robert T. Fraley, St. Louis ◊

Neal R. Hageman, Wildwood

Gary F. Hartnell, St. Louis

David C. Heering, St. Louis

Gary D. Hoette, Montgomery City

Richard E. Joost, St. Louis

Joe Lucas, Lake St. Louis

Charles M. McFatrich, Washington

C. Jerry Nelson, Columbia

Thomas J. Peters, Chesterfield ◊

David Songstad, St. Louis

James N. Spain, Columbia

R. Phillip Upchurch, Chesterfield ◊

Glen Wolfrom, St. Joseph

Abner W. Womack, Columbia


Rod Heitschmidt, Miles City

Jeff Jacobsen, Bozeman

Andrew Lenssen, Sidney

Thomas J. McCoy, Bozeman

Robert Short, Laurel ◊

B. Staigmiller, Absarokee ◊

Clark Throssell, Billings


Melonee H. Baker, Lincoln ◊

Donald H. Beermann, Lincoln

Chris R. Calkins, Lincoln

Larry V. Cundiff, Clay Center

Charles A. Francis, Lincoln

Glenn W. Froning, Lincoln

Ann C. Grandjean, Omaha

G. LeRoy Hahn, Hastings

Donald G. Hanway, Lincoln

Robert B. Harris, Lincoln ◊

DeLynn Hay, Lincoln

Gary W. Hergert, Scottsbluff

Lloyd L. Lipska, Gothenburg

Daryl Long, Peru

Drew Lyon, Scottsbluff

Martin A. Massengale, Lincoln ◊

Z. B. Mayo, Lincoln

Robert J. Olsen, McCook

John C. Owens, Lincoln

Carole S. Peet, Blair

Brad Ramsdale, Curtis

Fred W. Roeth, Lincoln ◊

Gary P. Rupp, Clay Center

William G. Schmutz, Omaha

Joan S. Schrader, Ashland

Larry D. Schulze, Lincoln

Charles A. Shapiro, Concord ◊

Patrick J. Shea, Lincoln

David P. Shelton, Concord

Robert C. Sorensen, Lincoln

Leroy V. Svec, York

Dale D. Van Vleck, Lincoln

Edward F. Vitzthum, Lincoln

Steve S. Waller, Lincoln

Raymond Ward, Kearney ◊

Ted R. Warfield, Kearney ◊


Matthew Frolich, Gardnerville

Hussein S. Hussein, Reno

Warren M. Schwecke, Mesquite ◊

New Hampshire

Charles G. Schwab, Stafford

New Jersey

William E. Bangs, Camden

C. Andrew Beagle, South Plainfield

Brant Cali, Union q

Bruce B. Clarke, New Brunswick

Kenneth R. Cummings, Stockton

Maarten L. DeVries, Franklin Lakes

Zane R. Helsel, Ewing

Melvin R. Henninger, East Windsor

Larry S. Katz, New Brunswick

John Meade, East Brunswick ◊

Walther H. Ott, Bridgewater ◊

Donald Schaffner, New Brunswick

William M. Seymour, Parsippany

James E. Wohlt, New Brunswick

New Mexico

Philip A. Banks, Las Cruces

LeRoy A. Daugherty, Las Cruces

Robert Hagevoort, Clovis

Jill Schroeder, Las Cruces

Stephen H. Thomas, Las Cruces

Dorothy Vaughan, Fort Sumner ◊

New York

Lawrence P. Abrahamson, Syracuse

Dale E. Bauman, Ithaca

Gary C. Bergstrom, Ithaca

Karyn Bischoff, Ithaca

A. Joseph J. Fairbank, Ashville ◊

Dale D. Fisher, Conklin

Richard Girsch, New York

Russell R. Hahn, Ithaca ◊

Wendell A. Norvell, Ithaca

W. D. Pardee, Ithaca

Wilson G. Pond, Ithaca

Marvin P. Pritts, Ithaca

David A. Rosenberger, Highland

Robert C. Seem, Geneva

Robert D. Sweet, Ithaca ◊

Michael L. Thonney, Ithaca

Norman Turkistt, Ithaca

North Carolina

Don V. Allemann, Greensboro ◊

Neil K. Allen, Goldsboro

Markus Andres, Research Triangle


David B. Beasley, Raleigh

Garth W. Boyd, Topsail Beach ◊

Jack V. Boyne, Research Triangle


Cecil F. Brownie, Raleigh

Wayne Buhler, Raleigh

Leonard S. Bull, Raleigh

Steven Clark, West Jefferson

Harold Coble, Cary ◊

James R. Collins, Research Triangle


Maurice G. Cook, Raleigh

James Bennett Cropper, Greensboro

Carl R. Crozier, Plymouth

Charles B. Davey, Raleigh

Philip J. Denlingor, Mt. Olive

E. James Dunphy, Raleigh

Robert E. Eplee, Whiteville

Kenneth L. Esbenshade, Raleigh

Gary Fellows, Apex

Edward W. Glazener, Raleigh

John L. Havlin, Raleigh

Robert E. Holm, Holly Springs

Leland R. House, Bakersville ◊

David L. Jordan, Raleigh

David R. Lineback, Southport ◊

Victor H. Lytton, Salisbury

Gail Mahnken, Raleigh

Jeannette A. Moore, Raleigh

Carroll Moseley, Greensboro

George C. Naderman, Jr., Cary

Patricia F. O’ Leary, Cary

Katherine B. Perry, Raleigh ◊

Dwain H. Pilkington, Raleigh

Richard C. Reich, Winston-Salem

Phillip R. Ricks, Oak Island

Odis Wayne Robison, Raleigh ◊

Joseph F. Schuh, Raleigh

Barrett D. Slenning, Raleigh

Ronald E. Sneed, Raleigh

Charles D. Sopher, Washington ◊

Charles W. Stuber, Raleigh

Turner B. Sutton, Raleigh

Harold E. Swaisgood, Raleigh

Kenneth E. Vaughn, Statesville

Scott Webster, Rose Hill

Ian M. Wedderspoon, Brevard

Thomas B. Whitaker, Raleigh

Lon W. Whitlow, Raleigh

Richard F. Wilson, Raleigh

A. Douglas Worsham, Scottville

Annual Report 2008 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 11


◊ Lifetime Member

• Millennium Club

q President’s Club

p Friends of CAST

Individual Member

List as of December 2008

North Dakota

David Borlaug, Bismark ◊

Jack Carter, Fargo ◊

Alan Dexter, Fargo ◊

Hiram M. Drache, Fargo

Shane Friesen, Fargo p

Kirk Howatt, Fargo

Brian Jenks, Minot

Rodney G. Lym, Fargo

Calvin G. Messersmith, Fargo ◊

Dwain W. Meyer, Fargo

John D. Nalewaja, Fargo

James L. Ozbun, Dickinson ◊

Al Schneiter, Fargo

James A. Staricka, Williston

Anthony Thilmony, Valley City


Mark A. Bennett, Columbus ◊

Keith I. Brown, Wooster ◊

Vern R. Cahill, Columbus

Larry E. Davis, Cincinnati ◊

Michael Fry, Celina

Fredrick H. Galehouse, Doylestown

Robert J. Gustafson, Worthington

Robert W. Harriman, Marysville ◊

James E. Henry, Apple Creek

Stanley W. Joehlin, Curtice

Michael P. Kelty, Marysville ◊

Benson J. Lamp, Dublin p

John H. Litchfield, Worthington

Eric K. Nelson, Marysville ◊

Steven C. Prochaska, Bucyrus

Gene E. Schram, Whitehouse

Ralph Stonerock, Marysville

Luther G. Tweeten, Columbus ◊

Kathryn Zahirsky, Kent

Tommy L. Zimmerman, Wooster


Linville J. Bush, Stillwater

Billy R. Clay, Stillwater

Jim T. Criswell, Stillwater

William C. Edwards, Stillwater

David M. Engle, Stillwater

J. R. Escoubas, Stillwater

Stanley E. Gilliland, Stillwater

Drew L. Kershen, Norman ◊

John T. Mann, Bray

Dale M. Maronek, Stillwater

Ronald G. Menzel, Durant

Don S. Murray, Stillwater ◊

Jim L. Rainey, Edmond ◊

2008 CAST Membership

Ned and Essie Raun, Stillwater ◊

Paul W. Santelmann, Stillwater ◊

Roy J. Smith, El Reno ◊

Clarence E. Watson, Stillwater

Robert P. Wettemann, Stillwater


Kaci Agle, Corvallis

Arnold P. Appleby, Corvallis

Brian P. Baker, Eugene

B. Krishen Bhat, Corvallis

Van Bui Bui, Portland

Horace Cheney, Albany ◊

W. James Clawson, Dallas

Stella M. Coakley, Corvallis

Michael J. Collins, Beaverton

Thayne R. Dutson, Corvallis ◊

Russell S. Karow, Corvallis

Kelvin Koong, Corvallis

James R. Males, Corvallis

Carol Mallory-Smith, Corvallis

Benjamin J. Mason, Grants Pass ◊

Casey McDonald, Corvallis

Donald L. Oldemeyer, Nyssa

James E. Oldfield, Corvallis ◊

Polly Owen, Aurora

Manuel Silveira, Stayton

Loydee S. Stonebrink, Rickreall ◊

Stan Timmermann, Pendleton

Dale W. Weber, Corvallis

J. Lowell Young, Corvallis ◊

William C. Young, Corvallis


John E. Ayers, University Park

John E. Baylor, State College

J. Russell Bishop, Landsdale

David Blumenfield, New Britain

Linda G. Carter, Kennett Square

Robert E. Graves, University Park ◊

Earl Haas, Harrisburg

Owen D. Keene, Annville

Verdean E. Keyser, Boswell ◊

John R. Lake, Harrisburg

David G. Lutz, New Holland

Harold G. Marshall, Bellfonte ◊

Gregory P. Martin, Elizabethtown

Lawrence D. Muller, University Park

Joe M. Regenstein, Pittsburgh

George A. Somkuti, Landsdale ◊

Peter E. Spangler, Greensburg ◊

Donald V. Waddington, Boalsburg

Kurt M. Walker, Somerset

Paul J. Wangsness, University Park

South Carolina

Susan F. Barefoot, Clemson

William L. Hollis, Columbia ◊

Dale Layfield, Clemson

Judy A. Thies, Charleston

Howard J. van Dijk, Columbia

South Dakota

Darrell W. DeBoer, Brookings

Paul E. Fixen, Brookings

Roy Holland, Spearfish ◊

David J. Schingoethe, Brookings


Michael W. Cook, Memphis q

Frank J. Delfino, Columbia

Steve Gibbs, Philadelphia

Norman Goldenberg, Memphis p

David E. Harmon, Morristown ◊

Larry G. Heatherly, Seymour

Richard L. Large, Memphis ◊

Robert P. Seifert, Collierville

Joseph P. Sutton, Jackson

Troy Wakefield, Jr., Nashville ◊

Dennis R. West, Knoxville

12 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Report 2008


Vivien G. Allen, Lubbock

David D. Baltensperger, College


Adelbert P. Bartek, Harker Heights

James B. Beard, College Station

Bryan E. Brokaw, Abilene

Aubrey L. Cartwright, College


James M. Chandler, College Station

Neville P. Clarke, College Station

Noel Andy Cole, Bushland

Carl E. Coppock, San Antonio

Elvis R. Cozart, Santa Anna

Peter A. Dotray, Lubbock

Gary L. Eilrich, Willis p

Cady R. Engler, College Station ◊

Paul F. Engler, Amarillo ◊

Larry James Ermis, Bryan

Hank Fitzhugh, Fort Worth

Richard W. Griffin, Prairie View

C. Ross Hamilton, Irving p

Paul G. Harms, College Station

Ernest M. Harper, Bloomington

Delbert C. Hess, Abilene

Edward A. Hiler, Runaway Bay

Jimmy T. Keeton, College Station

William C. Keller, San Antonio

Herman Kiesling, San Angelo

Harriott O. Kunkel, College Station

Jerrell L. Lemunyon, Fort Worth

Wesley Masters, Cotton Center

A. Bruce Maunder, Lubbock ◊

Tom McDonald, Dalhart ◊

John L. Merrill, Crowley

Hilmar G. Moore, Richmond ◊

A. Gene Nelson, College Station

Paul D. Ohlenbusch, Georgetown

Alfred L. Parks, Prairie View

Randy E. Rosiere, Stephenville

Edward C. A. Runge, College

Station ◊

Wilson Scaling, Henrietta

Stephen W. Searcy, College Station

Harry E. Snyder, Longview

L. R. Sprott, College Station

Nancy D. Turner, College Station

David K. Waggoner, Hillsboro

John W. Walker, San Angelo

Neil F. Walter, Oglesby

R. Mike Watkins, Denton

J. Leon Young, Nacagdoches

Robert G. Zimbelman, Georgetown ◊

David A. Zuberer, College Station


Howard M. Deer, Logan

Steven Dewey, Logan

Keith Fairbank, Provo ◊

Reed Funk, Richmond

J. T. Huber, Orem

Homer M. LeBaron, Heber City ◊

Jennifer W. MacAdam, Logan

Demie Moore, Salt Lake City

Allen J. Young, Logan


Richard E. Nelson, Brattleboro


Dennis T. Avery, Churchville

John A. Becker, Arlington

Mahlon A. Burnette, III, Great Falls ◊

David Coia, Arlington

Robert G. Coon, Fairfax

Joseph D. Eifert, Blacksburg

Jonathan D. Eisenback, Blacksburg

Mark J. Estienne, Suffolk

Joseph P. Fontenot, Blacksburg

Michael J. Goldblatt, Arlington ◊

James Mark Harris, Fairfax

Hans R. Herren, Arlington ◊

Patricia A. Hipkins, Blacksburg

Candi Kelly, Blacksburg ◊

George J. Kriz, Winchester

W. Kirk Miller, Fairfax

Thomas W. Orme, Purcellville ◊

Ronald Pearson, Blacksburg ◊

Charles M. Smith, Alexandria

Robert M. Smith, Dulles ◊

David E. Starner, Orange

J. Richard Storey, Williamsburg ◊

Michael J. Weaver, Blacksburg

Cynthia M. Wood, Blacksburg

Lucian W. Zelazny, Blacksburg


Rick Boydston, Prosser

Gaylon S. Campbell, Pullman

Murray D. Dawson, Bothell

David W. Evans, Prosser ◊

Paul F. Figueroa, Chehalis

Larry K. Fox, Pullman

Larry K. Hiller, Pullman ◊

Joe K. Hillers, Coupeville

Eugene K. Keating, Veradale ◊

Charles W. Matthaei, Tacoma

Bernalyn McGaughey, Lakewood ◊

John P. McNamara, Pullman ◊

Barton R. Nelson, Walla Walla

Robert Parker, Prosser

Larry E. Schrader, Wenatchee

Robert G. Stevens, Prosser

Steven E. Ullrich, Pullman

Leavitt S. White, Olympia ◊

Michael J. Willett, Yakima

Tom Young, Walla Walla ◊

West Virginia

John F. Bargeloh, Mineral Wells

Robert L. Cochrane, Morgantown

Gary H. Heichel, Martinsburg


Ben Augustine, Sheldon

Kevin Austin, Roberts

Robert F. Barnes, Madison ◊

Larry L. Borchert, Madison ◊

Kyle Bushman, Dodge

Arthur D. Cole, Prairie du Sac

Richard B. Corey, Madison

Darren Danke, Fremont

Jerry Doll, Madison

Lindsey Drought, Franksville

Meganne W. Finerty, Appleton

Louis J. Greub, River Falls

Jane Homan, Hillpoint

Paul G. House, Whitewater

William A. Johnson, Portage

Kenneth C. Kilian, Platteville

Tom Kriegl, Baraboo

Devon LeMay, Cornell

Sigurd Lindquist, Thorp

David J. Miller, Arlington

Brandon Pescinski, Colby

J. Mark Powell, Madison

Dwayne A. Rohweder, Middleton

Matthew Ruark, Madison

Stephen Martin Sanborn, Middleton

Al Shannon, Menomonie

Triveni P. Shukla, Mukwonago ◊

2008 CAST Membership

Patricia Stonger, Lake Mills

Rodrigo Tarté, Madison

Ryan Umlauft, Stetsonville

Leo M. Walsh, Madison ◊

Aaron Waltz, Janesville

Emily Wegner, Pittsville


John L. Baker, Lander

Richard Gray, Moorcroft

Conrad J. Kercher, Laramie

Stephen D. Miller, Laramie p

Justin Quetone Moss, Sheridan

Alvin L. Young, Cheyenne



Aletha Cruse, Perth

Jerome D. Franckowiak, Warwick,



Louis Pascal de Geer, Barretos

Bernardo van Raij, Campinas


Leslie Ballentine, Toronto, ON

Tim Blackwell, Fergus, ON

Jim Dalrymple, Brighton, ON

Dale Francis Engstrom, Stony Plain,


Evans N. Estabrooks, New Maryland,


Essi H. Evans, Bowmanville, ON

Gordon Fairchild, St. Andre, NB

Linda May Hall, Edmonton, AB

Robert Hall, Guelph, ON ◊

John T. Harapiak, Calgary, AB

James A. Hobbs, Winnipeg, MB

Jerry A. Ivany, Charlottetown, PEI

Paul C. Lague, Baie d’Urfe, QC

Rob Michitsch, Truro, NS

Arnold B. Pierce, Calgary, AB

Judy Shaw, Guelph, ON

Deb Shutiak, Saskatoon, SK

John Vanderstoep, Surrey, BC

W. Woodbury, Winnipeg, MB ◊


James F. Petta, Arica


Jorge M. Sanchez, Heredia


Jasmina Lukac Havranek, Zagreb,

Hrvatska ◊


Arne Moller, Hundested


Olivier Lapierre, Paris


Brendan Lynch, Fermoy, County Cork

The ClustrMap, added to the CAST website in January 2008, recorded more than 26,000 hits from 151 countries in one year.

Visitors to the CAST website at can see a daily update on the number of hits since the map was started,

as well as the previous day’s total.


Tetsuhisa Goto, Kamiina-gun

Hidesuke Karl Sera, Tokyo


Francisco Mayorga, Zapopan


Shaun Coffey, Wellington


Elaine E. Grings, Ibadan, Oyo


Lourdes M. Labrador, Mandaluyong

City, Metro Manila


Orla Christina Dermody, Manno


Shu-Kong Chen, Taipei

Kou-Joong Lin, Chia-Yi


Leon Gorris, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire

Kevin Moran, Pockington p

Annual Report 2008 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 13

Sustaining Members 2008

Member Societies

AACC International

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

American Academy of Veterinary and Comparative


American Association for Agricultural Education

American Association of Avian Pathologists

American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators

American Bar Association, Section of Environment,

Energy, and Natural Resources, Agricultural

Management Committee

American Board of Veterinary Toxicology

American Dairy Science Association

American Forage and Grassland Council

American Meat Science Association

American Meteorological Society, Committee on

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

American Peanut Research and Education Society

American Phytopathological Society

American Society for Horticultural Science

American Society for Nutrition

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

American Society of Agronomy

American Society of Animal Science

American Society of Plant Biologists

American Veterinary Medical Association

Aquatic Plant Management Society

Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges

Council of Entomology Department Administrators

Crop Science Society of America

Institute of Food Technologists

North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

North Central Weed Science Society

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Poultry Science Association

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Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation

International Association for Food Protection

National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants

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American Institute of Biological Sciences

Association of Research Directors

Companies and Cooperatives

Alico, Inc.


BASF Plant Science, LLC

Bayer CropScience

Campbell Scientific, Inc.

Cargill, Inc.

CHS, Inc.

Church & Dwight Company, Inc.

DowAgro Sciences

DPI Global

Elanco Animal Health

Feed Energy Company


Hoard’s Dairyman Magazine

ISK Biosciences Corporation

Land O’Lakes/Croplan Genetics

Land O’Lakes Purina Mills Feed, LLC

McGregor Company

Monsanto Company

Morning Star Company

Novus International, Inc.

Perdue Farms, Inc.

Pioneer, A Dupont Company

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Inc.

Riceland Foods, Inc./Riceland Foods Foundation

Sukup Manufacturing Company

Summit Helicopters, Inc.

Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.

Van Diest Supply Company


Zeigler Bros., Inc.

Nonprofit Organizations

Agribusiness Association of Iowa

American Agri-Women

American Farm Bureau Federation

American Feed Industry Association

American Meat Institute

American Seed Trade Association

American Sheep Industry Association

American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists

Animal Health Institute

Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies

Biotechnology Industry Organization

California Citrus Quality Council

California Crop Improvement Association

California Farm Bureau Federation

California Fig Institute

CropLife America

Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc.

Farm Foundation

Foundation for Agronomic Research

Indiana Crop Improvement Association, Inc.

Indiana Horticultural Society

Indiana Soybean Alliance, Inc.

International Plant Nutrition Institute

Iowa Beef Industry Council

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

Iowa Pork Producers Association

Iowa Soybean Association

Iowa State University Agronomy Department

Iowa Turkey Federation

Irrigation Association

Kansas Agribusiness Retailer Association

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

Michigan Agri Business Association

14 Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Report 2008

Mid America CropLife Association

Mississippi Soybean Association

Missouri Agribusiness Association

National Association of Animal Breeders

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

National Chicken Council

National Cotton Council of America

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

National Grain and Feed Association

National Meat Association

National Pork Board

National Renderers Association

Nebraska Agri-Business Association

Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

New York State Vegetable Growers Association

Ohio Poultry Association

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Oregon Seed Council

Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council

Rice Research Board

Southern Crop Production Association

Sugar Association

Texas Farm Bureau

Texas Pork Producers Association

Texas Poultry Federation

U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, Inc.

United Egg Producers

United Soybean Board

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation

Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture Canada, Food Production and Inspection

Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University

Colorado State University Library

Evans Library, Texas A&M University

Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University

Hawaii Agriculture Research Center Library

Hilton M. Briggs Library, South Dakota State University

Indiana University Libraries

Library of Science and Medicine, Rutgers University

Life and Health Science Library, University of Nevada,


Magrath Library, University of Minnesota

Margaret and Herman Brown Library, Abilene Christian


McKeldin Library, University of Maryland

McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph

McRae Library, Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Michigan State University Libraries

Mississippi State University Libraries

National Agricultural Library, USDA

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health

North Carolina State University Libraries

Ohio State ATI Library

Oregon State Library

Parks Library, Iowa State University

Section des Acquisitions, Quebec

Steenbock Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin,


Texas Tech University Libraries

Sustaining Members 2008

University of California at Berkeley Library

University of California at Davis Library

University of Georgia Libraries

University of Tennessee Library

Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Educational Institutions

Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life


Kansas State University Agriculture Experiment Station

Michigan State University College of Agriculture and

Natural Resources

North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Life


Purdue University College of Agriculture

Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life


Government Agencies

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


National Pork Board

United Soybean Board

University of California–Davis

USDA Agricultural Research Service

USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and

Extension Service

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