Spring - Summer News 2009 - Beating Bowel Cancer


Spring - Summer News 2009 - Beating Bowel Cancer


Spring/Summer 2009

Join our

London to Paris

bike ride team!

April is Bowel Cancer

Awareness Month

Places still available in our

Great North Run team!





from the CEO


from the Editor

At our annual BE LOUD! BE

CLEAR! parliamentary

reception on January 21st,

we launched Turn up the Noise

on Bowel Cancer, our report

tracking the Government’s

progress in several key areas as outlined in our

original 2012 Challenge, published in 2007. Whilst

we welcomed and acknowledged improvements

that have been made over the last two years,

we also highlighted a number of concerns and

recommendations. We will continue to keep bowel

cancer high on the agenda with those in

Government who can move things forward in

a positive way. You can read more on page 4 or

download a copy of the report from our website.

We hope you enjoy the

Spring/Summer edition of

the News. There are plenty

of fun and energetic activities

for you to get involved in

over the coming months;

read more in the following pages.

Despite the challenging economic times, we

are very positive about the rest of 2009 and

continue to be impressed by the efforts of our

many wonderful supporters. Happy reading!

Tara MacDowel


April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and

we are busy with two high-profile events for the

charity: our second national Tenpin bowling event

(1st April) and our Patient Voices Event in London

(23rd April). We are also carrying out a major

public relations campaign focusing on educating

younger people about bowel cancer, in light of

newly emerging, highly concerning statistics

showing the huge growth in bowel cancer

incidence among people under 30.

We know many of you will also have arranged

your own activities raising funds and increasing

awareness of bowel cancer in your local

community during April. Thank you for your

ongoing support and do let us know how

you get on.

Very best wishes

Hilary Whittaker

Chief Executive

Beating Bowel Cancer staff get into the bowling

spirit on April Fools’ Day!



Charity Corner

News News News

Policy and Politics

Patient Support

Forthcoming Events

Thank you to our supporters!


Trusts and foundations

Medical Corner

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Charity Corner

A tribute to three Patient Voices

We were deeply saddened to lose three of

our Patient Voices in January 2009 – Sheila

Norrington, Chris Goodhead, and Gordon

Ticehurst. They were each involved with our

work in their own unique way and were all

wonderful friends of the charity.

Sheila Norrington worked

alongside the charity

for over 6 years and was a

remarkable woman. She did

so much to raise awareness

of bowel cancer, particularly

during the last 12 months

when she and her husband

Sheila Norrington with

Goff worked hard to highlight husband Goff

the difficulties facing patients trying to access

treatments unavailable on the NHS.

Highlighting a similar cause were Chris

Goodhead and his wife Melissa, who worked

closely with the charity during 2008 to raise

awareness of private insurance companies, who

stopped Chris’s non-NICE-approved treatment

after a 12 month period. They both appeared on

the BBC1 programme ‘Dom’s on the Case’ in

September 2008.

Gordon joined the Patient Voices Group in 2005

and demonstrated immense strength and

determination. His daughter, Hannah, even

trekked the Great Wall of China to raise money

for Beating Bowel Cancer.

Sheila, Chris and Gordon will be very sincerely

missed by all of us and our thoughts are with

their families and friends at this sad time.

Volunteer Angela Cummings is our newest recruit

“In January 2008 I contacted

Beating Bowel Cancer to see

if I could volunteer for them

and to use the experience

as a case study for my MA

in Charity Management. I

began volunteering at the

charity two mornings a week,

initially updating the database, stuffing envelopes

and answering the telephone as well as interviewing

some very obliging team members for my studies.

Volunteering was very enjoyable, giving me the

opportunity to see how a busy charity operated

in practice rather than just learning about it in

the classroom. When I heard that Beating Bowel

Cancer was looking for a new database I offered

to help as, before I had my children, I worked

for a large database company. I helped the team

with their product selection and in December was

asked to join the charity on a temporary contract,

working on the database project. I am delighted

to have now been offered a permanent role as

Database & Direct Marketing Coordinator.”

Volunteering for Beating Bowel Cancer is a

fantastic way to get involved in the daily workings

of a high-profile charity, as well as giving you the

opportunity to use your professional/personal skills

and to ‘give something back’. If you live locally to

our office in Teddington and wish to find out more,

please contact Jo Garnham on 020 8973 0007.



Journeywoman: Poems and Alphabet

One of our Patient Voices, Alison

Michell, turned to writing when she

was diagnosed with bowel cancer over

six years ago. She celebrated a period

of remission by applying for an MA in

Creative and Life Writing and completed

the course in 2007, by which time

her cancer had returned. In her final

submission she wrote about living with

cancer, as she says, ‘It was time to

make the cancer work for me’.

Alison Michell

Alison has now published a collection of

poems and recorded them onto a CD.

Journeywoman: Poems and Alphabet

(£5 for the book or CD) is available

from Bookmark Publications: contact


Copies will also be on sale at the Patient

Voices Event on 23rd April 2009.

All proceeds will go to Beating

Bowel Cancer.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

This year’s awareness month was launched on

April Fools’ Day with our national bowling event

in partnership with Tenpin. Thirty-eight Tenpin

bowling centres across the UK donated a share of

ticket sales on the evening of 1st April, with staff

in the centres organising

plenty of fun activities to

get bowlers involved and

disease-aware, as well as

raise money for the charity.

At the same time, Beating

Bowel Cancer launched

a media campaign to

highlight the shocking rise

in bowel cancer diagnoses

in people under the age

of thirty. Cases of the

disease increased by 117%

between 1997 and 2006,

according to figures we

obtained from answers to

parliamentary questions.

These worrying statistics reinforce the need for

our important awareness-raising work amongst

the younger generation, and events such as the

April Fools’ bowling are excellent ways to get

bowel cancer messages in front of this

vulnerable audience.

10th Anniversary Cabaret - Friday 6th November 2009

Save the Date!

To mark our 10th anniversary we are organising a fantastic evening of fun

and entertainment at the Battersea Arts Centre, Clapham Junction, in South

West London. Tickets are £40, which includes dinner and cabaret ranging

from comedy to dancing and music! We hope that you will be able to

celebrate with us – look out for more details on our website soon.


COMM00205 PRX 3559

December 2008

The preparation of this

document was

supported by a grant

from Roche Products.

Beating Bowel Cancer

maintains editorial control

over content within

this report

Policy and Politics

Pumping up the volume in Parliament

Beating Bowel Cancer’s annual parliamentary

reception for the BE LOUD! BE CLEAR!

campaign was, as ever, a great success.

More than 60 parliamentarians joined Patient

Voices, Department of Health officials, nurses,

staff and trustees on the House of Commons

Terrace on 21 January for the launch of Turn

up the Noise on Bowel Cancer, the charity’s

progress report on its 2012 Challenge. Health

Minister and former patron of the charity,

Professor Lord Darzi, spoke at the reception

which was hosted by Dr Howard Stoate MP.





Beating Bowel Cancer’s 2012 Challenge

Two Years On:

2009 Progress Report

Our new ambassador, Richard Fell, shared the

moving story of his wife Carrie, who died of

bowel cancer in 2007, aged just 37.

Turn up the Noise charts the progress made by

the Government and highlights all of Beating

Bowel Cancer’s work in achieving the aims and

vision set out in the 2012 Challenge document

(launched at the 2007 BE LOUD! reception).

The report calls on the Government to continue

working with the charity to ensure the following

aims are met by 2012:

1. Improving public awareness of bowel

cancer through a national awareness and

education campaign

2. Extending the bowel cancer screening

programme to those aged 50 and over, and

improving uptake

3. Improving access to information and

treatment choices for patients

4. Recognising the value of prolonged quality

of life for bowel cancer patients

Richard Fell speaks

movingly about the loss

of his wife Carrie

Kevin Barron MP, one of

our Parliamentary Voices,

pledges his support

MPs and Peers pledged their support to these

aims and the BE LOUD! BE CLEAR! campaign

by wearing loud and colourful clothes, hats,

glasses and feather boas, whilst signing our

Turn up the Noise pledge board, resulting in

widespread local press coverage.

Professor Lord Darzi,

Hilary Whittaker and

Dr Howard Stoate MP

We will be using the report for our campaigning

and lobbying activity in Parliament over the

coming months.


Patient Support

Advanced bowel cancer - liver treatment

In January we launched our new

booklet Advanced bowel cancer

– liver treatment which has being

developed to complement the existing

Beating Bowel Cancer publications in

the ‘Just Diagnosed?’ series.

The booklet aims to provide

reassurance and information to

people who have developed secondary cancer in

the liver, following a diagnosis of primary bowel

cancer. The particular focus

of this new booklet is liver surgery

and other interventions; information

on radiotherapy and chemotherapy

for advanced disease is already

covered in ‘Treating bowel cancer:

Your pathway’.

To order your copy, please

contact us on 08450 719 301 or visit

our website.

Accessing treatment - your options

As a charity, we believe that every

patient, regardless of their ability to

pay, should have equal access on the

NHS to a drug that their doctor has

judged to be clinically appropriate.

Our new patient information pack

Accessing treatment - your options

has been written in conjunction

with those who have experience

of working with patients who require

treatment which is not routinely

funded by the NHS. Additionally

patients and relatives, who have

experience of trying to access

non-NICE-approved treatments,

have contributed to the compilation

of this information pack.

Factsheets within the pack are:

Your Options


Funding Application


Involving the Media

Involving your MP

Clinical Trials

Explains the ways in which you could access treatment not routinely funded by the NHS

Guides you through the jargon; you are about to enter a whole new world of

‘NHS speak’ so it helps to know what everyone means when they use certain terms.

Assists you in making an application to your Primary Care Trust (PCT) to secure

funding for the treatment you need.

Advises you on how to highlight your case within the local and national media.

Advises you on how to contact and request the support of your local MP.

Provides information on what clinical trials are, and how entering a clinical trial

might be beneficial to you.

Please contact Suzie Scaddan on 020 8973 0010 for a copy, and to see how we can advise and

support you during this difficult time.


Patient Support

Giving oral evidence to the Commons committee

The House of Commons Health Select

Committee has been conducting an inquiry

into the Government’s recent decision to

allow patients to privately “top-up” their NHS

treatment, where a drug or treatment they have

been recommended is not currently available

on the NHS. Following our submission of

written evidence to the inquiry, we were invited

to appear before the committee in January to

discuss the charity’s view on “top-ups” with MPs.

Our view, which also takes into consideration

the views of the many patients we speak to

and represent, is that licensed treatments

recommended by a clinician should be available

on the NHS, regardless of a patient’s ability to

pay. We believe that the debate on “top-ups”

is a distraction from the main issue of patients

being denied vital care on the NHS, available as

a matter of course in many other EU countries.

Furthermore, we believe that “top-ups” raise

a lot of problems for patients and doctors that

the Government still needs to address, in terms

of how they will work in practice and how

continuity of patient care will be maintained.

The outcome of the inquiry is due shortly

and will be reviewed in our next News.

Patient Voices Event - 23rd April 2009

Our fifth annual Patient Voices Event will be held

in London on Thursday 23rd May, at the Royal

College of Physicians, Regent’s Park.

If you are already a Patient Voice, you will

have received your invitation. If you’re

interested in attending and would like to join

our Patient Voices Group, please contact

April Rawlings on 020 8973 0014 or email


And even if

you aren’t free

to come on

23rd May, we

are always

welcoming new

members of

the group and April would be

delighted to hear from you.

Patient input into health debate

Bowel cancer patient John Clarke, from

Doncaster, accompanied Beating Bowel

Cancer to the Bupa annual health debate in

March and shared his moving story of the four

month struggle he had with his local PCT to

secure funding for cetuximab (Erbitux). The

debate was hosted by well-known journalist,

Alistair Stewart,

and panellists



Sir Michael

Rawlins of NICE.


Forthcoming Events

London to Paris Bike Challenge

30th September to 4th October 2009

Join us on our very first cycling adventure

and pedal 300 miles from London to the

beautiful city of Paris, whilst raising

money for Beating

Bowel Cancer.

300 miles

2 countries

1 unforgettable adventure


Day 1: London – Calais

(95 miles)

We have an early start from Blackheath,

and we cycle through beautiful rural Kent

and continue along the North Downs Way

to the coast. Taking the ferry to Calais, we

have dinner on board and stay overnight

in our Calais hotel.

Day 2: Calais – Abbeville

(75 miles)

After breakfast we head south, passing

through stunning countryside and quiet

back roads. Cycling inland from the coast,

we pass east through ancient Desvres and

follow quiet winding roads until we reach

the historic battlefields of Agincourt and

the town of Abbeville. Overnight in hotel.

Day 3: Abbeville – Beauvais

(70 miles)

Today we follow the River Somme

towards Amiens. We pass the battle

fields of the First World War, and then

turn south into meandering valleys and

traditional farming hamlets. Our day ends

at Beauvais, a town famous for its large

gothic cathedral. Overnight in hotel.

Day 4: Beauvais – Paris

(60 miles)

Our final day takes us towards the

suburbs of Paris. We see the distinctive

landmarks of the Eiffel Tower and the

Sacré Coeur on the skyline, and finish

beneath the arches of the Eiffel Tower.

Celebration dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 5: Paris - London

A free day to explore Paris, before we

board the Eurostar train back to St

Pancras in the early evening.

£99 to register!

This challenge is open to anyone and you definitely don’t have to be an experienced cyclist to

take part. It’s Its only £99 to register on this fantastic adventure, so what are you waiting for?!


Forthcoming Events

Great North Run

20th September 2009

Run to the Beat

27th September 2009

Take part in one of these fantastic half marathons Alternatively, why not take part in Run to the

this September!

Beat on Sunday 27th September - the only

half marathon of its kind that plays live music

Join our team for the

around the course.

Bupa Great North

Now in its second

Run on Sunday 20th

year, the 2009

September and run

event (which

in the biggest half

starts and finishes

marathon in the world!

at the O2 Arena in

With over 50,000 runners pounding the streets of London) promises

Newcastle, it has a fantastic atmosphere and is a to be even bigger

truly memorable experience.

and better than last year!

Places in these popular events are going fast, so sign up today by calling the events team!

Trek Nepal

25th March to 4th April 2010

Join us on a fantastic 10 day trek amongst

the high peaks of the Annapurnas.

Our challenge takes us through mountainside

villages and thick rhododendron forest, where

we will see the most awe-inspiring views of the

Annapurna range and glaciers of the Himalayas.

This trek allows an insight into the culture of

the mountain kingdom as well as its natural

beauty, and we

also have time

to explore the

fascinating and

diverse capital

city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

This is a trek not to be missed! Contact Emma

in the events team today for more details!

Good luck to our team of Peru trekkers and

London Marathon runners!

We have a team of intrepid adventurers trekking to Machu Picchu on 21st May and our biggest team

of 30 London Marathon runners putting themselves through their paces on April 26th! We wish them

luck in their respective challenges and will report back on these events in our next News.

For more information on all these events

contact the events team!

Tel: 08450 719300 Email: events@beatingbowelcancer.org


Thank you to our supporters!

Burns Night Ceilidh

January 23rd 2009

Thank you to everyone who supported our

sell-out Burns Night event. Over 250 guests

joined us for an exhilarating evening of

Ceilidh dancing, and we raised a fantastic

total of £9,200.

Individual fundraising highlights

100 people attended a

fashion show organised by

Janet Brazier at Colchester

General Hospital, which

raised an amazing £1,478.

As well as friends and

family, the models on

the night included bowel

cancer patients and nurses

from the hospital. Special thanks also go to

Annette Caplin and Barry Blumson for their help

with the event.

Abigail Cowley, in support

of her uncle, organised a

Christmas carol fundraiser

in her local village of

Wicken Bonhunt. Lots of

her friends took part and

they raised a brilliant £200

– well done girls!

Gilly Hutchinson and Chrissie Morris were joined

by a big group of friends to celebrate their 30th

birthdays by walking 30km along the Thames

path. The group completed the walk over two

days and are set to raise a fantastic £1,300, in

memory of Gilly’s father Hamish Hutchinson.

Dawn Jones took on a

huge challenge, when

she trekked through

Patagonia in Chile,

witnessing stunning

glaciers and turquoise-blue

lakes. She raised an

incredible £3,500.

Queen Mary’s school in Baldersby organised

several fundraising concerts throughout the

autumn term, including an ‘Old Time Music Hall’

with pupils from Years 3-6. They raised a total of

£1,010 which is a great achievement.

Gail Birch led a group of over 100 ‘Santas’ on

their annual fundraising

pub crawl in Manchester

last December. The group

raised £559, as well

as keeping the crowds


These are just a selection of the many

fundraising activities that have taken place. A

huge thank you to everyone who has worked

hard to raise money for us - your enthusiasm

and imagination are inspirational!


Thank you to our supporters!

BE LOUD! BE CLEAR! fundraisers

Our annual BE LOUD! BE CLEAR! fundraising and awareness campaign in January was wellsupported

by many of you. There is money still coming in, but here is what a few people got up to!

Matt Carter raised an incredible £1,000 by

playing a piano marathon in his local shopping

centre in Bury St Edmunds for over 8 hours on

Saturday 31st January… fantastic!

Claire Ferris and Patient Voice Peter Maude

organised a stand in their local Sainsbury’s in

Cornwall, giving out fruit and vegetables to

raise awareness of bowel cancer prevention,

raising £165.

Emma Orford and her

Barclays team organised

a sponsored silence,

dress down and LOUD!

day and collected £308!

The staff at South

Staffordshire Water held a

bad taste fundraising day

and raised £623!

Congratulations to the staff at Aspirations hair

and beauty salon in Somerset who organised

a sponsored head shaving and hair dying event.

They raised £300 and attracted a lot of

local press!

Many thanks to the BMI

staff at the Fawkham

Manor Hospital who

organised a BE LOUD!

BE CLEAR! fun day with

tombola, raffle and cake

sale and raised £330!

The Securicare staff held

several dress down days

and a bowel healthcare

day, collecting £895.

Staff at Spire Health Care across the country

raised over £700! Mary Casey and team held

a Gold Day, sold homemade cakes and held a

raffle, whilst Anita Parker and staff organised a

tombola and book sale.

The staff at Gordon and

MacPhail wine and spirit

merchants not only held a

raffle and a LOUD! lottery

in the office, but employee

Elaine Cruickshank raised

£66 alone by going out at

lunchtime in Elgin dressed

in gold leggings and pink

leg warmers!



Fantastic response to Tackle it! campaign

Our Tackle it! campaign launched in November

last year, spearheaded by celebrity Matt Dawson

and aimed primarily at men under sixty,

encouraging them to be aware of the symptoms

of bowel cancer and to seek help from their GP if

they were concerned.

to our microsite, and 9,668 people downloaded

our bowel cancer information leaflet. The

response from GP practices was also extremely

encouraging, with over two hundred practices

responding to our targeted email, and requesting

leaflets and posters for their waiting room.

Between November and March we carried out

an intensive digital marketing campaign, aimed

specifically at men aged 30-60 years with an

interest in sport. Outbound emails were sent to

targeted lists of men, with links to our interactive

microsite www.beatingbowelcancer.org/tackleit,

encouraging subscriptions and downloads

of information.

The results of this digital marketing campaign were

unprecedented – over 12,500 unique visitors went

Interest in the campaign

from the general public

was further enhanced

by a full page feature

that ran in the Daily

Express, outlining Matt

Dawson’s support for

the campaign and his

mother’s ongoing battle

with bowel cancer.

Ethical Dilemmas Campaign

During February 2009, Beating Bowel Cancer

undertook a survey of consultant oncologists

exploring the degree to which they are

discussing non NHS-funded treatment options

with their patients, and the support they are

receiving to enable them to have these very

difficult conversations.

Forty consultant oncologists were surveyed and

the results were launched to the media in March.

The survey findings highlighted that a third of

oncologists admitted that the best treatment for

their patients is likely to be one that is not available

on the NHS. However, the vast majority (76%)

said they only sometimes or rarely mention these

treatment options, with a small number admitting

to never doing so, leaving many patients in the dark

about their options.

Many clinicians felt they are not getting enough

support, pointing to a lack of clear guidance from the

NHS on how to approach the issue of unfunded

drugs with patients. Three quarters of those surveyed

admitted to being unaware of any national guidance,

whilst almost all said their hospital does not provide

any protocol on this issue. At the same time,

clinicians are experiencing increased pressure to

discuss unfunded drugs following the Government’s

recent decision on top-ups, even though over half

feel uncomfortable discussing cost of treatment with

patients and believe it is not their role.

Following the results of this survey, Beating Bowel

Cancer will be developing a guide for clinicians,

to signpost them to existing guidance and good

practice on discussing unfunded treatment options,

as well as applying for exceptional case funding.


Trusts and Foundations

Recent grants awarded

Beating Bowel Cancer is delighted to have received

an extremely generous donation of £50,000 from

the Lockwood Charitable Foundation to extend

our Health in the Workplace campaign. This

valuable support will ensure that we can continue

our initiative to provide potentially life saving

messages about bowel cancer to members of

the public through their place of work.

We encourage any companies or organisations

wishing to learn more about this campaign or to

book a Health in the Workplace event to contact

the charity on 08450 719300 or by email on


We are very grateful to the Blue Sky Foundation,

who have provided us with a 3 Year grant for

our Nurse Advisory Service, allowing us to extend its

hours significantly. The Caron Keating Foundation

has awarded a generous grant to help us develop

new and improved patient resources on our website,

which will be launched in the coming months.

We are also grateful to Sharon’s Trusts, Coutts

Charitable Trust, Tony Metherell Charitable Trust,

Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust, Thomas Roberts

Trust, Conifers Charitable Trust, Anna and Michael

Wix Charitable Trust, the Cliveden Trust and other

anonymous donors, for supporting the work of

Beating Bowel Cancer.

Donations in memory

of a loved one

Beating Bowel Cancer is extremely grateful to the many people

who have made a donation to support our work in memory of

a loved one. If you would like to support our work in this way,

you can send donations by post, you can make a donation

through our online in memory page (www.justgiving.com/

bowelcancermemory) or you can set up your own individual in

memory page (www.justgiving.com/bowelcancer/raisemoney).

Leaving a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will to Beating Bowel Cancer will help us to

continue to make a difference by raising awareness of bowel cancer

symptoms, promoting early diagnosis and encouraging open access

to treatment choice. Legacies of all sizes are precious as they all help

us to work towards these key objectives and ultimately help to save

lives from this common cancer. Leaving a small percentage of your

estate to Beating Bowel Cancer, after your family and friends have

been looked after, will make a lasting difference.

For further information, please contact Karen Dawson on

020 8973 0009 or email karen@beatingbowelcancer.org


Medical Corner

Peripheral Neuropathy

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is ‘numbness’ or

‘tingling’ in the hands and feet (although it

can also affect the throat and neck).

Who does it affect?

The chemotherapy drug Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin)

can have an effect on the nerve endings and this

causes a loss of sensation or ‘pins and needles’

in those areas. Tingling and numbness occurs

in 85-95% of people within hours of oxaliplatin

infusion. The symptoms are normally mild and

resolve within hours or days. However, for some,

the symptoms continue throughout the whole

treatment and once it has stopped, and can

cause functional impairment.

Who would be prescribed

Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin)?

Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin) is a chemotherapy drug

licensed for the treatment of patients with

stage 3 (Dukes’ C) bowel cancer following

surgery, and also for treatment of patients

with advanced bowel cancer.


It is important to say that not everybody who

receives Oxaliplatin will experience this side

effect. It might not happen the first time you

receive the treatment, but during later cycles,

and it is important to report the sensations

to your doctors as they may be controlled by

altering the dose of the drug.

Symptoms can be triggered or exacerbated by

cold temperatures and can be cumulative; that

is they can gradually get worse as the treatment


Symptoms may include

• Increased sensitivity to cold, for example, with

cold drinks and cold weather

• A change in sensation, for example, a feeling of

warmth when touching something cold.

• Numbness/tingling leading to difficulty buttoning

up clothes or picking up small objects

• Mild pain – burning or small electric shocks

• Difficulty with balance/coordination

Managing the symptoms

A number of things can be done to help you

manage the symptoms which include:

• Wrap up warmly in cold weather and avoid

cold drinks

• Wear gloves when working with hands and

washing up

• Test temperature of water with elbow when

having baths/showers /washing up etc

• Wear well fitting shoes

• Remove rugs and any other clutter that you

could trip over or slip on

• Install grab bars in the shower or handgrips in

the tub, and lay down skid-free mats

Risk factors

You might be at higher risk if you have:

• Diabetes

• Previously had treatment that can

cause neuropathy

• Low levels of certain minerals/vitamins

(e.g. Vitamin B) - this might be caused by

your diet or through drinking alcohol.


Medical Corner


If you do get any symptoms, always inform

the doctor straight away so that you can be

monitored early on.

The doctor will assess the severity of your

symptoms and plan appropriate treatment/

actions once the extent of the neuropathy

is understood.

Carol Baillie Nurse Awards

The two colorectal nurses who won this year’s

awards, Clare Ferris and Gary Logue came to

our BE LOUD! BE CLEAR! reception at the

Houses of Parliament in January.

Gary is pictured here receiving his award from

health minister and former Beating Bowel

Cancer patron Professor the Lord Darzi, while

Clare is pictured with Peter Maude, one of our

Patient Voices, and his wife, Lin.

Pyramid Theatre Company - You Me Us

During January and February, the Pyramid

Theatre Company, a specialist theatre-in-healtheducation

company, hit the road for their pilot

tour of ‘You Me Us’, an educational play about

bowel cancer. The play, by playwright Pete

Lawson, is a unique way of spreading vitally

important awareness messages about bowel

cancer and raising the profile of the screening

programme amongst the general public.

The pilot tour of 30 performances travelled

as far and wide as Bristol, London, Grimsby

and Liverpool.

During the development of the play, Beating

Bowel Cancer arranged for Pete to meet with

Martina Cusack (Specialist Colorectal Nurse,

Charing Cross Hospital) and a number of

Beating Bowel Cancer Patient Voices. This was

to ensure that he really understood the issues

and ‘got inside the heads’ of people affected

by bowel cancer, so that their stories and

experiences came across through the characters

in the play. Additionally, our booklet ‘Prevent

and Detect - Your Guide’ was available to all

attendees after the performance.

Fingers crossed for a national tour later in 2009!


Please support Beating Bowel Cancer

There is so much more we could do to raise awareness of bowel cancer and save lives.

In these difficult economic times, we are especially grateful for your gift!

Hilary Whittaker, Chief Executive

I wish to make a single donation

I enclose a cheque/postal order for £..................(made payable to Beating Bowel Cancer)

Please debit my Switch/Visa/Mastercard/Delta (circle one) for the amount of

£.................. (£10 minimum)

Card number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Valid from date _ _ / _ _ / _ _

Name on card .......................................................................... Expiry date _ _ / _ _ / _ _

3 digit security number (on reverse) _ _ _ Issue number (Switch only)

Please note you can also donate online by visiting www.beatingbowelcancer.org.

I wish to make a regular gift by standing order

To the manager (your bank name and address).....................................................................................................

..............................................................................................................Postcode ..................................................................................

Please pay Beating Bowel Cancer £.................. each month/quarter/year (please circle one)

starting on _ _ / _ _ / _ _ until further notice.

Please debit my account number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bank sort code _ _ / _ _ / _ _

Name of account holder: ................................................................

Signed: ...........................................................................................................

Date: ................................................................................................................

Note for bank: Please pay Barclays Bank plc

(sort code 20-72-17) for the credit of Beating

Bowel Cancer account number 10799831.

Gift Aid declaration:

By ticking the Gift Aid box we can reclaim tax you have paid on your donation, meaning we can

increase the value of every £1 you give to £1.28 at NO cost to you. To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay

in UK income tax and/or capital gains tax must at least equal the amount we will claim in the tax year.

I am a UK taxpayer and I want Beating Bowel Cancer to treat all donations I have made

up to six years prior and all donations I make from the date of this declaration as Gift Aid

donations, until I notify you otherwise. Signed ........................................................... Date....................

My contact details

Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms ................................................................................................................................................................................

Address .....................................................................................................................................................................................................


Daytime telephone ....................................................... Email address...............................................................................

Beating Bowel Cancer

Harlequin House | 7 High Street | Teddington | Middlesex |TW11 8EE

Main Tel 08450 719 300 | Nurse Advisor 08450 719 301

info@beatingbowelcancer.org | www.beatingbowelcancer.org


Beating Bowel Cancer, Awareness Education and Support, is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales.

Registered Company Number 3377182. Registered Charity Number 1063614. © Beating Bowel Cancer 2009.

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