3 years ago

ISNESS Volume One

A photo-graphic novel about the last remaining family on earth. The story is set in the remains of the culture of the 1960's, somewhere in North America.


T he previous year had marked a record in the number of American casualties in Vietnam and a steep decline in support for the war even among it’s staunchest proponents. In an attempt to avoid imminent defeat, U.S. leaders orchestrated an invasion into North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The broadened offensive involved the deployment of U.S. forces to Thailand and required the mobilization of reserves. This escalation prompted China to enter the war with the Soviet Union as an ally. The protracted ground war that ensued galvanized countries across the globe to take sides. Soon most non-aligned and less developed countries joined the coalitions of the two major alliances. 5 Volume One / ISNESS 5