Krakow, Poland

25 - 26 October 2013

Scientific Symposium of the ERC on


Celebrating 25 years of the ERC

- Opening by the Polish Resuscitation Council

Janusz Andres (Poland)

- The history of 25 year ERC

Leo BOSSAERT (Belgium)

Hildigunnur SVAVARSDOTTIR (Iceland)

- EU cardiac arrest awareness day

Marios GEORGIOU (Cyprus)


- The formula of survival

Eldar Soreide (Norway)

- Are things improving? Evidence from EuReCa

Jan-Thorsten Gräsner (Germany)

- LINC Study Lyon (UK)

Sten Rubertsson (Sweden)

SYSTEMIC approach to cardiac arrest:

does it improve outcome?

- Helping Babies Breathe: a teaching system

Hege Langli Ersdal (Norway)

- Community approach to early defibrillation

Rudy Koster (Netherlands)

- Emergency medical dispatch: do systems matter?

Theresa Olasveengen (Norway)

- Take Heart America – bringing it all together

Bob Niskanen (USA)

How to monitor, improve and prognosticate



- Neurological monitoring of the comatose post arrest patient

Mauro Oddo (Switzerland)

- Targeted temperature management

Kjetil Sunde (Norway)

- Controlled reoxygenation

Jerry Nolan (UK)

- Prognostication - the Lund Guidelines

Hans Friberg (Sweden)

Round table discussion: TEAM approach /

leadership and outcomes

- What makes a good team leader?

Sabina Hunziker (Switzerland)

- Team leadership - effect on technical skills

Joyce Yeung (UK)

- How to teach team leadership skills

Anne Lippert (Denmark)

Paediatric and Neonatal Resuscitation:


- CHECK YOUR HEAD: OSCE TOP 30:30 questions about knowledge,

attitudes and beliefs

Dominique Biarent (Belgium)

Patrick Van de Voorde (Belgium)

- A PRACTICAL HOW 2: Prehospital resuscitation of the newborn

Jonathan Wyllie (UK)

- BUSINESS CASE FOR A NEW ERA: Teaching paediatric resuscitation

Patrick Van de Voorde (Belgium)

- A PRACTICAL HOW 2: Craniocerebral resuscitation of children &


Ian Maconochie (UK)

Measuring and reporting outcomes

from cardiac arrest

- Utstein style

Ian Jacobs (Australia)

- Patient-reported outcomes

Kirstie Haywood (UK)

- The COMET initiative: standardising outcomes

Gavin Perkins (UK)

- What do registries add?

Jan-Thorsten Gräsner (Germany)

Trauma controversies

- Resuscitation after traumatic cardiac arrest is worthwhile (PRO)

Charles Deakin (UK)

- Resuscitation after traumatic cardiac arrest is futile (CON)

Michael Parr (Australia)

- Physicians are needed in pre-hospital care (PRO)

Bernd Böttiger (Germany)

- Physicians are redundant in pre-hospital care (CON)

Ian Jacobs (Australia)

Workshop: meet the expert

My approach to:

- Hypothermia (accidental). What way to warm?

Peter Paal (Austria)

- Hypotension (bleeding in the operation room)

Janusz Andres (Poland)

- Hypoxia/ventilation during cardiac arrest and after ROSC

Ruud Koster (Netherlands)

- Thrombosis - pulmonary

Paweł Andruszkiewicz (Poland)

- Thrombosis - cardiac (incl PCI)

Kjetil Sunde (Norway)

- Anaphylaxis

Jas Soar (UK)

Hands-on sessions

Hands-on: Education

The Debriefing Challenge

Hands-on: advanced resuscitation

- Lucas

Charles Deakin (UK)

- Autopulse

Carsten Lott (Germany)

- IO access & Capnography

Jas Soar (UK)

MONITORING the efficiency of resuscitation

(TOOLS: echo, capno, oxymetry, BIS, etc.)

- Thoracic-impedance analyses for assessment of compression

quality and ventilation

Kjetil Sunde (Norway)

- Capnometry during CPR. Correct interpretation and use of

ETCO2 values

Bård E. Heradstveit (Norway)

- Ventricular fibrillation analyses to guide CPR intervention and

predict success of defibrillation

Giuseppe Ristagno (Italy)

- Monitoring the effectiveness of brain resuscitation

Mauro Oddo (Switzerland)

ethical issues

- Case 1 : When to start or when not to start CPR

Janusz Andres (Poland)

- Case 2: When to stop CPR

Hans Friberg (Sweden)

- Case 3: Organ donation after CPR

Pierre Carli (France)

Hands-on: improving CPR quality

- CPR feedback / prompt devices

Nicolas Mpotos (Belgium)

- The CPR masterclass

Maaret Castrén (Sweden)

- Debriefing the team

Keith Couper (UK)

CPR Competition

Koen Monsieurs - Robin Davies

Paweł Krawczyk (Poland)

Grzegorz Cebula (Poland)

Hildigunnur SVAVARSDOTTIR (Iceland)

The 2013 ERC Symposium will be hosted at

the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian

University in Kraków-Poland, a unique city with

a long and glorious history, rich heritage and

architectural beauties.





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