Technology Pre-Sales Consultant - (based in Malaga, Spain ...

Technology Pre-Sales Consultant - (based in Malaga, Spain ...

Technology Pre-Sales Consultant - (based in Malaga, Spain ...


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Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's most complete, open, and <strong>in</strong>tegrated bus<strong>in</strong>ess software and<br />

hardware systems company. For more <strong>in</strong>formation about Oracle, visit oracle.com.<br />

<strong>Technology</strong> <strong>Pre</strong>-<strong>Sales</strong> <strong>Consultant</strong> - (<strong>based</strong> <strong>in</strong> <strong>Malaga</strong>, Spa<strong>in</strong>) - German Speakers<br />

The job as a technology <strong>Pre</strong>-<strong>Sales</strong> consultant is challeng<strong>in</strong>g and diverse and you will be work<strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong> a<br />

mult<strong>in</strong>ational environment <strong>in</strong> our EMEA <strong>Pre</strong>sales Centre <strong>in</strong> the vibrant city of <strong>Malaga</strong>.<br />

Frequent possibilities to support opportunities <strong>in</strong> various <strong>in</strong>dustries and countries will give you an<br />

excellent <strong>in</strong>sight <strong>in</strong>to customer bus<strong>in</strong>ess needs and market trends. You will support the <strong>Technology</strong><br />

<strong>Pre</strong>sales organization for Western Europe and be tra<strong>in</strong>ed <strong>in</strong> the Oracle Database product portfolio as<br />

well as the <strong>Pre</strong>sales role.<br />

Oracle provides an environment that enables employees to learn, grow and be successful. Specifically<br />

related to the pre-sales role <strong>in</strong> the <strong>Pre</strong>sales Service centre we provide:<br />

� An environment that is focused on cont<strong>in</strong>uous learn<strong>in</strong>g<br />

� Ample opportunity to tra<strong>in</strong> on new products and to develop new personal and <strong>in</strong>terpersonal skills<br />

� A comb<strong>in</strong>ation of deploy<strong>in</strong>g product knowledge and sales abilities<br />

� A challeng<strong>in</strong>g and <strong>in</strong>terest<strong>in</strong>g work environment with the possibility for <strong>in</strong>teraction with<br />

colleagues, customers and partners across Europe<br />

� Excellent possibilities to develop yourself and your career<br />

What you will be do<strong>in</strong>g:<br />

� Become the <strong>in</strong>ternal Oracle expert for a designated product set with<strong>in</strong> the <strong>Technology</strong> Product<br />

portfolio<br />

� Support<strong>in</strong>g the <strong>Sales</strong> organization <strong>in</strong> standard <strong>Pre</strong>sales activities such as but not limited to<br />

o Provid<strong>in</strong>g responses to Requests for Information/Proposals,<br />

o <strong>Pre</strong>par<strong>in</strong>g Solution Demonstration by translat<strong>in</strong>g our customer´s bus<strong>in</strong>ess needs <strong>in</strong>to<br />

Oracle solutions<br />

o <strong>Pre</strong>par<strong>in</strong>g presentations <strong>in</strong> the area of expertise.<br />

� Deliver product demonstrations and presentations to customers us<strong>in</strong>g the latest web technology.<br />

� Educate partners and the sales force on latest Oracle technologies and solutions<br />

� Keep up to date regard<strong>in</strong>g the latest technologies and solutions from both Oracle and its<br />

competitors.<br />

� Work<strong>in</strong>g with the virtual <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>Pre</strong>-<strong>Sales</strong> teams across the European organization<br />

What we are look<strong>in</strong>g for:<br />

� University degree <strong>in</strong> Computer Science comb<strong>in</strong>ed with Commercial/Bus<strong>in</strong>ess knowledge<br />

� Experience of work<strong>in</strong>g with Database and related technologies is a plus<br />

� Work<strong>in</strong>g knowledge of PL/SQL and database development<br />

� Experience with Oracle Database or similar technologies (IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server) is an<br />

advantage<br />

� Fluent <strong>in</strong> English and German<br />

� Excellent presentation and communication skills<br />

� Understand<strong>in</strong>g of the sales process is a dist<strong>in</strong>ct advantage<br />

� Will<strong>in</strong>gness to work towards achiev<strong>in</strong>g goals <strong>in</strong> a chang<strong>in</strong>g and challeng<strong>in</strong>g environment

� Team player who can motivate and lead<br />

� Proactive<br />

� Coach<strong>in</strong>g, mentor<strong>in</strong>g and tra<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>g skills<br />

� Demonstrated ability to plan tasks and follow-up actions<br />

Oracle - Like no one else:<br />

� A challeng<strong>in</strong>g job <strong>in</strong> a positive atmosphere with<strong>in</strong> an <strong>in</strong>ternational organization with a dynamic<br />

team<br />

� The opportunity to <strong>in</strong>fluence your job and your workplace and to become part of a <strong>in</strong>novative<br />

bus<strong>in</strong>ess unit<br />

� A competitive compensation package that is aligned with your qualifications and <strong>in</strong>cludes an<br />

employee benefits scheme<br />

Most important is an eagerness to learn! Oracle has an <strong>in</strong>credibly broad (and grow<strong>in</strong>g) portfolio of<br />

<strong>in</strong>dustry lead<strong>in</strong>g products. If you f<strong>in</strong>d it <strong>in</strong>terest<strong>in</strong>g and fun to pick up a new product and master it <strong>in</strong> a<br />

very short timeframe, this is the place to be!<br />

To apply, connect with us and send your CV to: felix.wehmeyer@oracle.com<br />

Oracle Recruit<strong>in</strong>g: "Cont<strong>in</strong>uously selected by our clients as the exclusive vendor of preem<strong>in</strong>ent talent"<br />

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Graduates<br />

As part of Oracle’s Spa<strong>in</strong> employment process candidates will be required to complete a pre-employment screen<strong>in</strong>g process, prior to an<br />

offer be<strong>in</strong>g made. This will <strong>in</strong>volve identity and employment verification, professional references, education verification and professional<br />

qualifications and memberships (if applicable).

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