Winter - Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

Winter - Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

Winter - Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.


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Working Together To Build A Healthier Community



Quality Care Close to Home TM

Bessenyey Family

honored by the hospital

Besseney Family

is essential healthcare

Diabetes Educational Series

back by popular demand

Quality Care Close to Home TM

Marcus Daly Vision Statement

The Marcus Daly health care team aspires

to be a trusted community leader, known for

exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

We promise exceptional care delivered by

dedicated, compassionate professionals who

take pride in achieving the highest level of care.

A non-profit healthcare provider



Our commitment to the Bitterroot

Valley is quality, accessible,

personalized healthcare.


Veto J. “Sonny” LaSalle - chairman

Barbara Ackerman

Walker Ashcraft, MD

Bill Bean

Donna Cooney

Michael Cowan

Stephen Ellis, MD

Frederick Ilgenfritz, MD

Don Lodmell, PhD

James Owings, CPA

Randy Stewart, MD

John M. Bartos - ceo


We need your feedback for continuous

improvement and want to hear from

you. We welcome a letter or email

detailing your patient care experience.

Excellent, good, bad, indifferent, let us

know how we are doing!

If you receive a patient satisfaction

survey asking you about your hospital

stay, we would greatly appreciate it

if you would complete the survey

and return it, in the self addressed

envelope. We constantly strive to

offer the very best care and customer

service and appreciate your feedback.

Thank You.

Patient Satisfaction

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

1200 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840


HealthLines is published as a service

to the community. Material provided

in HealthLines is obtained from a wide

range of resources, including medical

sources and healthcare authorities.

Question or comments

about HealthLines:

Amy James-Linton

Marketing Director

406.375.4589 • ajames@mdmh.org






On the Cover: The proud father, Francis Bessenyey

with his daughter Kristina Bessenyey, as she was

welcomed as the Honored Chieftain, Clan Cian, at

the Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival on behalf of

the event sponsor, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

and its Emergency Services.

“My late wife and I have been patients of Marcus

Daly Memorial Hospital on multiple occasions and

for many years. We have always been welcomed,

received 1st class care, and appreciate the staff and

healthcare services available to us in Ravalli County,”

said Francis Bessenyey.

Cover photo by Thom Ainsworth








Proud to Serve the Community


Recognized for Quality


Hospitalist Program Expanded


A Great Place to Have a Baby


Sprinkle Pink Makes a Difference


Sleep - Are You Getting Enough?

For in-depth information about our services,

medical staff, events, health information and more,

visit: www.mdmh.org

In Their Own Words

“Though I planned on a natural delivery for my son, my

experience has taught me that anything can happen when

giving birth. Personally knowing how qualified the medical

staff is at Marcus Daly, I was confident in my decision to

have our baby locally. After 26 hrs of labor and it being

almost mid-night, we decided that a C-Section would be

in the best interest for me and the baby. Dr. Camden

included me in every decision and Dr. Heath and the

medical team promptly came together for my delivery.

During my delivery the entire staff was welcoming, the

nurses were attentive and my family and I felt very well

cared for. We are grateful that our first born is happy

and healthy,” said Mandi Griffin. "Marcus Daly Memorial

Hospital is a great labor and delivery hospital!”

Mandi Griffin, MD, Adam Gane and son Wynston Alexander Gane

1200 Westwood Drive • Hamilton, MT • 406.363.2211 • www.mdmh.org

Quality Care Close to Home TM





Honored to Serve You

and Ravalli County…

At Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital,

we measure success in more

ways than just financial numbers.

We measure it in the trusted relationships

between patients, staff and community

members, as well as in measured outcomes.

We measure it in the lives we enrich, smiles

of joy, and gratitude after we help patients

and the ones who love them.

We are proud to have received the 2011

Mountain-Pacific Quality Award, to be

the only hospital in the state of Montana

to attest for stage one Meaningful Use, the

only hospital in western Montana to have

successfully implemented a system-wide

electronic health record, and to be voted

2011 Bitterroot’s Best Employer.

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is your

local hospital, committed to your wellbeing

and the health of Ravalli County.

There are countless hours and dedication

that go into the round-the-clock patient

care, as well as tremendous commitment

and lots of hard work to keep the hospital,

its medical clinics and services forging

ahead with the latest in technology, modern

facilities, and unsurpassed service quality.

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital employs

a highly dedicated team of experts. Currently,

there are 39 doctors on the Medical

Fiscal Year 2011

(July 2010 - June 2011)

by the numbers




9,931 Emergency Patients

3,328 Ambulance Patient Transports

1,701 Inpatients

149 Births

120 Hospice Patients


113,616 Laboratory Procedures

21,839 Radiology Imaging Procedures

17,036 Respiratory Therapy Procedures

4,614 Cardiology Procedures

1,310 Surgical Procedures

(outpatient and inpatient)


Staff, over 440 employees, and an annual

payroll in excess of $20 million. The hospital

payroll does not include the money

that is paid by the hospital and spent in our

local community for professional contracts,

temporary medical staff travelers, ongoing

supply purchases and construction projects

and by visitors to the hospital. In addition,

over the past fiscal year that ended on

June 30, 2011, the hospital provided financial

support of $659,729 to those needing

assistance through programs like Charity

Care. Additional financial support is available

through relationships that the hospital

has fostered such as MASH Inc., Montana

Cancer, Healthy Montana Kids, and

the Aid for Mammography Fund, to name

a few. Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

is one of the largest employers in the valley

and is proud to support the economy

through its daily business, as well as giving

financial support to school athletic departments,

school nursing programs, community

athletics and others.

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital proudly

supports the local economy everyday and

appreciates when you choose to get your

healthcare needs close to home.

As residents of our community and an

organization in Ravalli County, we are

privileged to serve.


36,079 Clinic Visits

18,034 Rehabilitation Visits

9,036 Home Health Visits

883 Cardiac Rehab Visits

124 Sleep Studies & Neurodiagnostics

(new Service, first three months)



Jennifer Bush, RN, Clint Adkins, DO, Alida Merritt, RN, Susan Hill, RN

Measuring Success…

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is the first in Western

Montana to complete a fully integrated electronic

health record system project. “Going from paper

medical records to everything being electronic is the

largest transition a hospital will ever do. It changes

how the physicians, nurses, mid-levels, the entire

medical team delivers care,” said Susan Hill, Director

of Nursing.

“The transition from paper records to an electronic

health record was a necessary yet costly endeavor,”

said Mr. John Bartos, CEO. “The project cost Marcus

Daly Memorial Hospital $3.8 million dollars,

not including the hospital staff time.”

This effort resulted in Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

being eligible for Stage 1 Meaningful Use

Compliance. There are four stages of Government

Incentive Funding for completing the electronic

health record adoption and achieving attestation.

This means meeting rigorous requirements for certification

through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

Services (CMS).

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is the only hospital

in the state of Montana to achieve attestation to

Stage 1 Meaningful Use Compliance. The hospital

proved that its integrated Electronic Health Record

powered by Cerner Corporation is being used to

measure quality and quantity outcomes. Marcus

Daly Memorial Hospital is receiving approximately

$900,000 in Government Incentive Funding for

achieving attestation Stage 1 Meaningful Use Compliance.

“I am proud of the staff for the time, energy

and commitment in seeing this project to completion

as quickly as they did. The grant funding is needed

to cover some of the project expenses,” said John


Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital received the 2011 Mountain-Pacific Quality Award. This award

recognizes select hospitals throughout Montana for their commitment to quality and safety. This

year’s award has gone to hospitals that have incorporated quality improvement techniques and tools

to reduce medical error and safeguard patient health. One of these tools is the electronic health

record. “This award comes as a validation of what we strive for as part of our mission at Marcus Daly,”

said Alida Merritt, RN, Quality & Infection Control Department Head.



Jennifer Feighner, MD

Hospitalist Director

Jason Cohen, MD


Hospitalist Program Expanded

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital (MDMH) started a part-time Hospitalist program in early

2010. Due to the overwhelming response of the patients and healthcare providers, we are

proud to announce that the Hospitalist program has been expanded to a full coverage 24 hrs

per day and 7 days a week program. Jennifer Feighner, MD was the first Hospitalist on staff

at MDMH; she is now the director of the program and joined by three additional full-time

Hospitalists and two part-time Hospitalists.

“As Hospitalists, we care for patients in the hospital. We are responsible for patients from

admitting to discharge and coordinate the care provided between the patient, their primary

care provider and supporting departments. We make sure that patients get their scheduled

labs, therapy and any other needed services, read the results and prescribe a care plan that is

timely. This type of efficient care has proven to result in better outcomes and shorter hospital

lengths of stay,” said Dr. Feighner.

Hospitalists are internal medicine physicians who specialize in complex medical care. A

full-time Hospitalist is different from other physicians because they do not see patients in

a medical clinic setting. Their primary focus is caring for hospitalized patients. Part-time

Hospitalists do both; they see patients in the clinic as well as cover shifts in the hospital.

Regardless of full-time or part-time status, the Hospitalist on duty is 100% dedicated

to inpatient care. They are responsible for managing and coordinating your care, as well as

keeping you and your family informed. This ensures that you receive personalized, timely,

and quality care during your hospital stay. When you are discharged from the hospital, the

Hospitalist will contact your doctor and provide your medical report. At that time, your

doctor will assume responsibility for your care.


Benefits of a Hospitalist Program

• Round the clock care provided by highly trained and experienced physicians

John Courchesne, MD


Tracy Dill, MD,



Randy Stewart, MD

Family Medicine of the

Bitterroot & Hospitalist

• Access to your care provider at any time for consultation while in the hospital

• Receive prescribed medications, procedures and services in a timely manner

• Treatments are modified and test results followed up almost immediately

Hospitalist programs prevent medical complications and reduce hospital stays,

which ultimately lower health care costs.

Lawrence Brouwer, MD

Ravalli Family Medicine

& Hospitalist



My 46 Days

at Marcus Daly

My wife, Mary, and I told our dogs to be

good and assured them we would be

home soon. Little did we know it would

be weeks before I would return.

Paralyzed in a car accident in my late teens, pressure

ulcers have been my enemy for life. On September

1, I was scheduled for an outpatient procedure to

remove a very small sore that developed. That “small

sore” turned out to be a very large, deep wound that

burrowed all the way to the bone.

To my surprise and disappointment, I woke up in

a hospital room. Lab tests revealed the bone had

grown seven different bacteria, five of which were

very serious and would require me to undergo at

least six weeks of IV antibiotic therapy. Mary, who

is an RN, and I were very apprehensive. The first 9

days were spent at St. Patrick Hospital regaining

some of my strength and trying to understand what

was happening to me with this huge wound that

took us by total surprise.

I looked forward to my transfer to Marcus Daly

Memorial Hospital in Hamilton for treatment. Living

in Corvallis, Marcus Daly is close, which made

it easy for Mary to visit me often and help with my


What outstanding care! Not only did the Marcus

Daly nursing staff have to put up with me for

46 days, they also had to work with a very difficult

wound. From the housekeepers who cleaned my

room with big smiles and cheerful words, to the

dietary staff who worked so hard to tailor my meals

to my taste, I found myself becoming totally spoiled

by these great hospital employees.

Most of my interaction was with the nursing staff,

who treated me as one of their own. Their expertise,

compassion, and wonderful sense of humor got me

through a most difficult time. I will always thank

God for them. If I have to go to the hospital again,

it will be this one.

~ Anthony Backer

Invest in the Power of Health!

Help other community members like Anthony

receive outstanding care at Marcus Daly

• Mail the envelope enclosed in this HealthLines

• Call us at 375-4674

• Visit us to deliver your gift in person

• Give online at DalyHospitalFoundation.org

Connecting People to the Power of Health

1200 Westwood Drive • Hamilton, MT 59840 • 406.375.4674 • DalyHospitalFoundation.org



Rob Myers and Jennifer Feighner, MD with their newborn Julia

An Exceptional Place

to Have Your Baby...

Getting ready for your new baby is a great adventure.

You will most likely have lots of questions along the

way. At Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, we are

here to support you and your loved ones through this

experience. Knowing that you can count on the support

of a caring and experienced medical team makes

a big difference.

Your physician will help you focus

on the health of you and your baby

during your pregnancy. The friendly

and knowledgeable nursing staff

and Lactation Specialist, as well as

pre-natal classes, are available to

help you learn what to expect during

your pregnancy, delivery and caring for your newborn.

Before the big day, we encourage lots of rest. During

your labor and delivery our staff focuses on you and

strives to ensure that you have a positive experience.

You will receive one-on-one personalized care and

are encouraged to have your baby remain in the room

with you to ensure bonding in the first hours after

birth. All new parents have private rooms and are

given the care and services they need, as well as the

privacy desired during this very special time. Each

baby born at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is a

miracle and treated as one!

“Julia is my third child, and a C-Section

was necessary. As all of my birth

experiences have been great, at Marcus

Daly Memorial Hospital it was exceptional.

It is a smaller hospital, so the care

is extremely personalized and everyone

is nice. In addition, Dr. Mary Camden

is a great surgeon and Rob Ward, anesthetist,

did a fabulous job of making me comfortable.

After delivery the nursing staff and the Lactation

Specialist, Vicki White, did a great job of caring for

me and my baby. My birthing experience was pleasant

and special!” said Jennifer Feighner, MD, Hospitalist

Director, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.



Jason Cohen, MD, Hospitalist

Jason Cohen, MD


1200 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840


Jason Cohen, MD recently joined the Marcus

Daly Medical Staff as a member of the

newly expanded Hospitalist Team.

Dr. Cohen received his undergraduate

degree from Wesleyan University, Middletown,

Connecticut, in Comparative Politics.

After graduating he worked for the

Massachusetts Money and Politics Project

in Boston, and entered medical school in

1999. He graduated in 2003 from the University

of Chicago with a doctor of medicine

degree. Dr. Cohen did his residency

in internal medicine at the Oregon Health

and Science University, Portland, Oregon,

finishing his training in 2006.

Upon completion he returned to his hometown

of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and

worked as a hospitalist for the Lovelace

Health System. With a strong interest in

quality, safety and process improvement, he

transitioned to a position with the University

of New Mexico as an Assistant Professor

of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Cohen became interested in the new

hospitalist position at Marcus Daly Memorial

Hospital (MDMH) through contact

with Dr. Jennifer Feighner, MDMH hospitalist,

with whom he had trained during

his residency. Intrigued by the growing

hospitalist program at MDMH and preferring

to be in a smaller setting, Dr. Cohen

accepted his new position in September of

this year.

Dr. Cohen, his wife Heather, and their

three children are excited to be in the Bitterroot

Valley and are quickly discovering

the many positive aspects of small town

life and wonderful recreational opportunities

available in western Montana. An avid

mountain biker, Dr. Cohen has already

established relationships with other local

biking enthusiasts, and is eagerly taking

advantage of the many mountain biking

opportunities available in and around


Tracy Dill, MD, Hospitalist

Tracy Dill, MD


1200 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840


Welcome Tracy Dill, MD, specialist in

Inpatient Internal Medicine, to our roster

of physicians now providing Inpatient Hospitalist

services at Marcus Daly Memorial


Dr. Dill, who is originally from Missouri,

has been practicing in Montana since 2000.

He has been working as a Hospitalist for the

past seven years, most recently at St. James

Healthcare in Butte and previously as Chief

of Hospitalist Services at St. Peter’s Hospital

in Helena, Montana. Before coming to

Montana, Dr. Dill worked at Kremmling

Memorial Hospital, a small rural hospital

serving all of Grand County, Colorado,

providing emergency medicine and clinic

services as well as having his own General/

Family practice. Dr. Dill began his medical

career serving as the USS Nimitz’s Medical

Officer and at the Naval Air Station in Fallon,

Nevada, where he served as a US Navy

Lieutenant and General Medical Officer.

Dr. Dill received his Bachelor’s degree from

Drury College, Springfield, Missouri. He

graduated from medical school in 1987 from

Saint Louis University School of Medicine,

St. Louis, Missouri. His internship

was performed at the Naval Hospital in San

Diego, California and he completed his residency

in Internal Medicine at Presbyterian,

St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Dill is certified by the American Board

of Internal Medicine and his other areas of

interest include critical care, cardiology and


He and his wife of 26 years, Jill Anne, are

pleased to be moving to the Bitterroot Valley.

Other family members include their two

grown sons, Adam and Ben.







Family Medicine & Internal Medicine

Mandi Griffin, MD

Lisa Milch, MD

Michael Moran, MD

Gary Smith, MD

Susan Reynolds, FNP-C

1224 West Main Street

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.1100 Fax: 363.2148


Full Spectrum Family Medicine

Yvonne Courchesne, MD

April Weinberger, MD

Nicolett Weston, FNP

1037 Main Street

PO Box 1119 (Mail Here)

Corvallis, MT 59828

Phone: 961.4661 Fax: 961.4260



Family Medicine

Teresa Borino, MD

H. Brett Heath, MD

Randy Stewart, MD

330 North 10th Street, Suite A

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.3627 Fax: 363.3638



Kirk Crews, MD

715 Main Street, Suite A

Stevensville, MT 59870

Phone: 777.5522 Fax: 777.1175


Family Medicine & Internal Medicine

Walker Ashcraft, MD

John Moreland, MD

Susan Reynolds, FNP-C

1170 Westwood Drive, Suite B

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.5101 Fax: 363.7652



MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.............363.2211


REHAB SERVICES....................375.4665

CLINICAL DECISION UNIT........... 375.4800

EDUCATION SERVICES................375.4654

EMERGENCY SERVICES..............375.4800


Lawrence Brouwer, MD

Kathleen Harder-Brouwer, MD

Allisun Jensen, PA-C

411 West Main Street

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.5104 Fax: 363.2894




Robert Alexander, MD

715 Main Street, Suite B

Stevensville, MT 59870

Phone: 777.4477 Fax: same


Chad Dickemore, DPM

330 North 10th Street, Suite B

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.4214



Frederick Ilgenfritz, MD

1150 Westwood Drive, Suite C

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.4574 Fax: 363.4769


Stuart Kieran, MD

1019 West Main Street

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 375.9310



Jeremiah Clinton, MD

1170 Westwood Drive, Suite A

Hamilton, MT 59840

(located inside Physicians Clinic)

Phone: 375.4868



Mark Calderwood, MD

300 North 10th Street, Suite A

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.5434 Fax: 363.5210

HOME HEALTH SERVICES...........363.6503


HUMAN RESOURCES..................375.4407

LABORATORY............................. 375.4428

LACTATION SERVICES................ 375.4680

MAMMOGRAPHY....................... 375.4426

MARKETING SERVICES...............375.4675


Luke Channer, MD

1150 Westwood Drive, Suite D

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.0345 Fax: 375.4525



Gregory Behm, MD

David Nolan, PA

1190 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.2391 Fax: 375.0966


Matthew Munding, MD

1224 West Main Street

Hamilton, MT 59840

(located inside Bitterroot Clinic)

Phone: 375.4888




Mary Camden, MD

J. David Laraway, MD

1200 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 375.4777 Fax: 375.4778



Carol Calderwood, MD

Patrick Grimm, PA

1200 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 363.0597 Fax: 375.4858

Monday - Friday: 11am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-3pm

No Appointment Necessary


Clint Adkins, DO

William Doyle, MD

James Hansen, MD

Brian Kelleher, MD

Frank McHugh, MD

Samuel Urso, DO

1200 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 375.4800


PHARMACY SERVICES............... 375.4403

RADIOLOGY SERVICES............... 375.4426


SAME DAY SERVICES................. 375.4800

SLEEP CENTER...........................375.4801

SURGERY CENTER......................375.4688


Makes a Difference Locally!

“Over 25 years ago, I went into mammography after losing my

best friend to breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness makes a

difference and getting a mammogram can save a life. We are a

very blessed community, to have a local mammogram fund

and such giving community members. I feel so fortunate to

live here and thank each one of you for sharing your stories

and helping to keep the Aid for Mammography fund open and

available to women in need…Go Pink!” said Kathy Miller, Lead

Mammographer, Marcus Daly Radiology Department.

In October when the Bitterroot Valley is aglow

with some of its most glorious fall colors, our

communities came together bonded by another

vibrant color, Pink!

Since the early 90’s the color Pink has been

associated with breast cancer and the highly

recognizable pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.

Years ago, Citizens State Bank (now First Security

Bank) and Soroptimist International of Hamilton

began donating funds to aid women in obtaining free

mammograms at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

The National Wild Turkey Federation Bitterroot

Longbeards recognized this important project and

started contributing to the fund also, and the fund

became known as the Aid for Mammography Fund.

Last year, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital offered

to match Aid for Mammography fund donations

raised by the community during the month of

October. This was the beginning of the community

“Going Pink” and the start of the Mammo Man

contest and Oktoberfest Gone Pink fundraiser. The

first year resulted in over $17,500 in donations, and

with the match, a total of over $35,000 in the fund.



Top Sprinkle Pink Businesses

Big Sky Eye Care, 1st place

Rocky Mountain Bank, 2nd place

Evans Ace Hardware, 3rd place

Michelle Post, of Groovz Dance Studio said, “I am

so proud of our little business, we raised over

$325. It felt so good to write the check and hand

it over. Also, we had a blast at the Mammo Man

contest, the pink flash mob was so much fun!”

The Pink momentum did not stop there; this year

Sprinkle Pink was born! During the month of

October, Ravalli County residents, merchants valleywide,

Soroptimist International of Hamilton and

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital teamed up and

raised $63,002.54 for the Aid for Mammography

fund. This donation was achieved through coins,

dollars, checks and the fundraising efforts of 19

Mammo Men and over 70 local businesses, as well as

residents and visitors shopping pink! And through

the 100% match from the hospital.

“The community’s support and generosity created a

bonding experience that led to a flow of

donations,” said Linda Looser, Soroptimist. Ravalli

County Merchants got creative with their pink

specials, raffles, bake sales, and pint nights and

Mammo Men dressed in wild pink costumes combed

the streets, theaters and stadiums for donations.

“It was overdue and time for me to step up and

support a cause. Being a Mammo Man really

touched my heart and allowed me to get donations

for local women in need, and knowing the hospital

was matching dollar for dollar motivated me even

more!” said Mammo Matt (Matt Guzik).

Top Mammo Men

Matt Guzik, 1st Place

Justin Yetter, 2nd place

Dirk Beyer, Best Costume



"Thanks to Dr. Holle and the

sleep machine, we feel so

well rested, have lost weight

and are much healthier.”

- Ron and Corky Pigman

Can't Sleep?

Marcus Daly Sleep Center’s Medical Director, Rolf Holle, MD says, “There

may be an underlying physical cause for your lack of sleep. In fact, one out

of five adults has sleep apnea and 85% of cases go undiagnosed.” Sleep apnea is

a sleep disorder that is characterized by brief interruptions to breathing during

sleep. If left untreated, sleep apnea and other chronic sleep disorders eventually

lead to more serious health problems such as mood disorders, obesity, diabetes

and heart disease.

There are treatments available, talk to your doctor and ask if you need to see a

sleep specialist. Sleep testing is a procedure covered by most insurance plans,

including Medicare.

At the new Marcus Daly Sleep Center, sleep specialist Rolf Holle, MD,

FAASM, has over 26 years of experience in sleep disorders and is certified by the

American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In addition, each suite has upscale décor,

plush bedding and comforts of a five star hotel, and are equipped with the latest

in sleep medicine monitoring and diagnostic equipment.

Sleep is a basic necessity of life. Can’t Sleep?

Call Today…Marcus Daly Sleep Center (406) 375.4801

Are you suffering from

a Sleep Disorder?

• Do you find it hard to fall asleep or

stay asleep through the night?

• Are you tired or sleepy during the day,

even if you have had enough sleep?

The most common

Sleeping Disorders:

• Insomnia - a hard time falling asleep

or staying asleep

• Restless legs syndrome - a tingling

or prickly sensation in the legs

• Obstructive Sleep Apnea -

interruptions in breathing during sleep

• Narcolepsy - sudden and

uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep


Calendar of Events:

For more info visit: mdmh.org

For all classes, contact Kelly Schrammeck: 375.4654



2nd and 4th Friday of each month

9:00 am

Marcus Daly Hospice Center Dining Room

A $3 meal donation is appreciated.

For more information, call 363.6503.


Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Marcus Daly Hospice Center Living Room

Group meets weekly, no fee, donations accepted.

For more information, call 363.6503.



Every other Tuesday from 5 pm to 6 pm

Darby Public Library Meeting Room

Group meets every other Tuesday starting

December 6; schedule will vary during the

holidays, no fee, donations accepted.

For more information, call 363.6503.



Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 12

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

MDMH Conference Room B

Fee $35



Jan. 23, 25, Feb. 27, 29, Mar. 26, 28

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

MDMH Conference Room B

This class is held over two nights with First

Aid the first night and CPR on the second

night. We offer this class monthly.

Fee $35


Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30

Monday evenings 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

MDMH Conference Room C

For more information, call 375.4654.

Fee $60


Feb. 16

11:30 am to 5:30 pm

MDMH Conference Room C

Give blood! For more information,

call 375.4451.


Jan. 24 through Feb. 28 (Tuesday evenings)

Lectures: 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm

Round Table Discussions: 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm and 7 pm to 8:30 pm

MDMH Conference Room B/C or MDMH Rehabilitation Center

All new and back by popular demand is the Diabetes Educational Series

offered at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital by the Medical Staff. There will

be a series of six diabetes educational sessions - two lectures and four round

table sessions. The round table discussions are hosted by three medical

experts. Lectures are 1 hour, starting at 5:15 pm, and are open to all. The

round table sessions are 1.5 hours, limited to 30 people per session and

offered twice, from 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm and 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Round table

session sign ups are available at any of the MDMH Diabetes sessions, but

sign up quick because seating is limited. For more information, visit mdmh.

org or call 363-2211. Free to the community.

Tuesday, January 24th (Lecture)

Living with Diabetes

April Weinberger, MD, Corvallis

Family Medicine

MDMH Conference Rooms B/C

Tuesday, January 31st (Round Table)

Diabetes and Medications

Discussion Leaders: Larry Brouwer,

MD, Keith Brown, RPh and Kellie

Jones, RPh

MDMH Conference Rooms B/C

(blood pressures taken prior to


30-minute Round Table Topics:

• Knowing your Medications

• Targets for Diabetes Care

• Importance of taking oral

medications and insulin properly

Tuesday, February 7th (Round Table)

Doc Talk, Caring for Diabetics

Discussion Leaders: John Moreland,

MD, Mark Calderwood, MD, and

Jason Cohen, MD, Hospitalist

MDMH Conference Rooms B/C

30-minute Round Table Topics:

• Heart Care for Diabetics

• Eye Care for Diabetics

• Kidney Care for Diabetics

Tuesday, February 14th (Round Table)

Nutrition and Diabetes

Discussion Leaders: April

Weinberger, MD, and Janelle

Campbell, MS, RD, CDE

MDMH Conference Rooms B/C

Valentine’s Day diabetic friendly

dessert will be served!

30-minute Round Table Topics:

• Meal Planning

• Carbohydrate Counting

• Friendly Snacks & Desserts

Tuesday, February 21st (Lecture)

Recognizing Sores and/or Wounds

Frederick Ilgenfritz, MD, Bitterroot

General & Vascular Surgery

MDMH Conference Rooms B/C

Tuesday, February 28th (Round Table)

Diabetes and Exercise

Discussion Leaders: Holly Jarvis, PT,

PCS, NDT, Pete Dunn, DPT, OTR/L,

HPCS, and Jeff Simmerman, PT

MDMH Rehabilitation Center

30-minute Round Table Topics:

• Effects of exercise

• How to exercise safely

• How to make every move count


Wishing You a

Happy & Healthy

Holiday Season

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

1200 Westwood Drive

Hamilton, MT 59840








Our community and the Aid for Mammography Fund gave me

The gift of health and well-being

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer twice in four years. The second time it was while I was unemployed

with very little disposable income. I planned on paying cash for my mammogram; it is not that much

money but then I was diagnosed with breast cancer again. All I could think was, "How I am going to pay

for this?" The answer was the Aid for Mammography Fund. This fund lifted the financial burden from

me, giving me the gift to focus on my health and well-being.” - Harriett Stephenson

Pictured: Kathy Miller, RT(R)(M), Lead Mammographer, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital (left)

with Harriett Stephenson, breast cancer patient



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