Hospitalists and the ICU - Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

Hospitalists and the ICU - Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

Hospitalists and the ICU - Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.


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Caring for our Community Since 1931

“A new ICU facility is a must”

Helen Gurtner, Hamilton


4th & State Streets

11,000 Residents


Westwood Drive

18,000 Residents









Intensive Care Unit

“After moving here from a large metropolitan area near

Seattle, I suddenly found I needed colon cancer surgery. I was

used to large hospitals and found Marcus Daly to have as

much to offer and even more.

I was a patient in the surgery department, the ICU and

then had an extended stay on the regular nursing floor. My

nurses and doctors listened to me and answered my questions.

What a great feeling it was that I had all this care right here in my home town and

that made it so easy for family to help me cope with my cancer. Being able to have my

chemo here saved my energy level, too.

This hospital is well equipped, efficient and staffed with so many specialists and

competent personnel. I observed a clean and well maintained hospital and enjoyed the

tasty food that was delivered hot. I felt that I was treated with respect and concern. The

staff took an interest in me and I was not just another patient.

As a visitor to this town for many years and now a resident, I have seen the hospital

grow. Not only are they planning for our needs today but are building for the future.

Sometime in our lives we may all need a local hospital, so let’s keep ours the best. A

new ICU facility is a must.

I brag to others about our friendly and efficient Marcus Daly center. Now I am free

to pursue my life to the fullest once again. Hoo! Hoo!”

Ravalli County Residents: 40,000

Lowest Surgical Site Infection Rate among

peer group hospitals in Montana: 1% or less

Employees: 500

Physicians: 40

Local Economic Impact

• Annual payroll & benefits $25.5 million

• Millions more in goods & services

purchased locally each year

Other Clinics


Annual Patient Visits

Ambulance 3,129

Surgery 1,555

Convenient Care


State-of-the-Art Equipment

• Electronic Medical Record

• Digital Imaging, including

Mammography & Colonoscopy

• 64 Slice CT Scanner

Sources of Support *

• Payments for care provided

• Grants

• Local Businesses

• Individual Community Members

• Volunteers (10,000+ hours/year)

Emergency 11,315

Rehab 16,046

*As a nonprofit

community Hospital,

MDMH is not tax

supported and does not

receive any tax revenue.

Income after expenses,

if any, is invested back

into your Hospital to

maintain the highest

quality healthcare


Imaging 21,889



I invite you...

to be a force in your community’s future by investing in the Power of Health

Initiative. This community effort will raise funds for a new Intensive Care Unit to

meet the growing needs of your community.

Today at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

The Intensive Care Unit is crowded, lacking privacy.

Three beds are not enough.

The demand for Intensive Care is quickly growing.

The 1975 facility and equipment are in need of updating.

The Vision: A New Intensive Care Unit for your Community

The Intensive Care Unit is expanded and private.

There are 5 private, comfortable patient rooms.

The unit is designed for optimal patient care.

State-of-the-art technology is crisis ready, close to home.

Marcus Daly is unique to Ravalli County. It is the only hospital in the

Bitterroot Valley. Nearly 500 dedicated healthcare professionals work to provide

services that your neighbors, friends and family members use to manage their

health every day. Their lives are saved here. New lives are welcomed. Their

quality of life is improved.

From basic family care to birthing, emergency services, surgery, rehabilitation and hospice care,

people are helped through their greatest health challenges in a neighborly environment close to home.

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is your rural, nonprofit, community hospital. It is governed by a

community volunteer Board of Directors. It does not receive tax income. Reimbursements from Medicare

and Medicaid cover only part of the actual costs of care. Despite these challenges, our first priority is to

provide quality care to your community by training our caregivers at the highest levels and using the most

advanced equipment available to us.

There is an urgent need replace the current 492 square foot room with a larger, more private

Intensive Care Unit for your community members to receive timely, high quality and life-saving care.

You are an important part of making this critical project possible. Together we can create a private,

comfortable Intensive Care Unit to care for your

neighbors, friends, and family during their times

of greatest need.

I hope you will share in the vision and

become a Power of Health Partner with us in

building a new Intensive Care Unit at your local

community hospital.

Thank you,

John Bartos

John Bartos, CEO

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

Our mission to the Bitterroot Valley is quality, accessible, personalized healthcare



You tell us Marcus Daly provides excellent care, but you want an Intensive Care rooms

with more privacy and space for guests. Physicians, nurses and other caregivers need more

room for new life saving equipment and to work comfortably and efficiently.

The Bitterroot Valley has only one source for 24/7 Intensive Care - Marcus Daly

Memorial Hospital. We don’t close at 5:00 p.m. or for holidays. We are here for you every

hour, every day of the year.


Tom Wright, Corvallis

“I came to the Emergency Room in May with heart problems.

As a disabled naval veteran who suffered congestive heart failure

at age 30, I had dealt with heart problems for 44 years. But this

time was different. I had a flash pulmonary edema or fluid in lining

around my heart. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Feighner in the ER, I

wouldn’t have made it. She brought me back.

I spent over three days in the ICU. Marcus Daly has the most

dedicated nurses anywhere in the world. And I have spent time in

Veteran’s hospitals in San Diego, Salt Lake and Seattle, to name

just a few.

I have nothing but admiration for the nurses in the ER and ICU. They were so nice, quick to my

bedside if I needed something and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Even the food was good. I

will never forget the care I was given.

Never in my life has anyone been as dedicated to my care. I am so thankful for the ER & ICU.

Joyce and I have personally given to this campaign because a new ICU is badly needed. There

were two other younger patients who shared the ICU with me. Private patient rooms would prevent

patients from hearing each other. I was comfortable in my bed, but the nurses really needed more room

to move around. It would have been much easier for them to care for me in a larger space because the

equipment takes up a lot of room.

I am recovering well and started shooting trap again, which is one of my favorite things to do.

The people of the Bitterroot should be very proud to have a medical facility like this. Marcus Daly

Memorial Hospital is one of the jewels of Western Montana.”

Michelle Goldman, Hamilton

“My baby girl, Gabrielle,was born on February 28, 2012. Her birth went well, but

I had post partum hemorrhaging. I needed a full blood transfusion and an emergency

surgery at 2:00 a.m.

I spent one day in the ICU before being transferred to a regular room for four days.

Wendy Hansen and the other nurses were awesome and responded very quickly to my


I’m now 100% recovered and so thankful for Dr. Laraway, Wendy and everyone

else who cared for my baby and me.”

Meeting Community Need

Close to Home

When Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital opened its doors on

July 1, 1931, healthcare in Ravalli County changed forever.

Margaret Daly built the hospital in memory of her late

husband, copper king Marcus, who was a founding father of our

community. Her visionary philanthropy ensured that thousands of

Ravalli County residents and guests would receive excellent, close

to home care in their times of need.

Need for Intensive Care

Ravalli County residents and guests are served at Marcus

Daly Memorial Hospital every day. Each year, over 300 of those

daughters, sons, mothers, fathers and grandparents desperately

need intensive care.

The current Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is often full to capacity.

Demand continues to rise because of increased community need

and the hospitalists’ (ICU physicians) ability to provide 24/7 care.

Who Uses the Intensive Care Unit?

• Intensive Care Serves Everyone

• Ages 7-97

What Conditions Require Intensive Care?

• Emergency/Trauma/Surgery (Accident, stroke, coma)

• Need for ventilator (Pulmonary disease, pneumonia, COPD)

How Long Do People Stay in the ICU?

• Average Stay 1.7 days (one day to several weeks)

• Days ICU in Use 5.5 per week on average and climbing

The Solution

A new wing will be built for the Intensive Care Unit. The unit

will increase from a single three-bed room with curtains used to

separate patients from each other to a larger healing environment

with five private, quiet rooms.

Cost & Timeframe

Estimated Cost

$3.2 million

Targeted Groundbreaking Fall 2013

Targeted Completion Summer 2014

Immediate Impact

Your return on investment in the Intensive Care Unit can

occur very quickly. With your help, the new Intensive Care Unit

could be serving your community members within two years.


Intensive Care Patients

Ravalli County Growth




1931 1975 Now

Average Annual ICU Demand



2007-2010 2011-2012


Projected Use


New ICU Funding

Vendors 3%



& Businesses

78% ($2,500,000)

Grants 9%


Hospital Family

10% ($320,000)


New Intensive Care Unit

Current Shared Unit

New Private Unit

“The new Intensive Care Unit will enhance the mission of Marcus

Daly Memorial Hospital, which is to provide quality, accessible, personalized

healthcare to the Bitterroot Valley.

The present unit is extremely small with three beds in close proximity

and only curtains to separate them. Many times all beds are occupied, some

with male and some with female patients.

The present unit provides limited privacy and noise protection. The

new facility will remedy this inadequacy, which will promote healing and give

the nursing staff the space needed to more efficiently and effectively care for these critically ill


~ Susan Hill, Director of Nursing

Imagine what a difference greater privacy and comfort will make for healing!


Overcrowded Single Room

Only three beds for 320+ patients a

year (and increasing) in a space that previously

served an average of 169 patients annually.

Soon, with your help!

Private Patient Rooms

Five comfortable, private rooms, each

over 200 square feet, with their own walls,

windows, restrooms and televisions.






492 Square Feet

Soon, with your help

3,200 Square Feet

Cramped & Inefficient

Beds are separated by privacy curtains

and compressed into one 492 square foot room

that also includes the nurse’s station, supplies,

equipment and visitor chairs.

Lack of Privacy

Men, women and children ages

7-97+ are cared for side-by-side in one room,

separated from each other only by curtains.

They share one window, one restroom and one


Need for Updating

There is a need to update equipment

and technology to help provide the best

possible care.

Efficient Design

Central physician/nursing station,

private patient rooms, quiet waiting areas,

and equipment and supply storage efficiently

planned in 3,200 square feet.

Family Privacy

Larger waiting areas and patient rooms

will provide private, comfortable space for

family whose presence is vitally important to

patients during this critical time in their lives.

Modern Equipment

The most advanced monitoring and

treatment equipment and a central monitoring

station with unobstructed caregiver views of

each patient room.



















7'-8" x 5'-8"



















Department Legend















Built for the Future

Skilled nurses and doctors will provide

enhanced care in this efficient and modern

space for many years to come.










Floor Plan

3/16" = 1'-0"


Intensive Care Team

Hospitalists and the ICU

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital initiated a “Hospitalist” program in 2010, expanding it to 24/7 after a

trial period. Hospitalists are Board certified internal medicine or family practice physicians specially trained

and dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients.

They specialize in managing the clinical problems of acutely ill, hospitalized patients, and collaborate,

communicate and coordinate treatment with physicians and healthcare personnel, including transitioning

patient care within the hospital, which can include increased referral for intensive care.

The Power of Health is in Your Hands

Your leadership matters - Seek joy in what you give!

Transform intensive care for your friends, family and neighbors


Jennifer Feighner, M.D.

Director of Hospital Medicine

Lead Hospitalist

“ The new Intensive Care Unit will be an

exciting and important improvement to the care

of patients at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

We will be able to care for more patients in a setting

that improves privacy, comfort, and infection control. The bed

number expansion will be important to adequately care for

more critically ill patients as Ravalli County continues to grow

over the coming years.

With the initiation of the full time hospitalist program,

we will be caring for more critically ill patients at MDMH the

new ICU will support the ability of our hospitalists to care for

these patients in a modern, updated setting appropriate to this

level of care.”

Jason Cohen, M.D.

John Courchesne, M.D.

Lawrence Brouwer, M.D.

Your Gift

Make the much needed new Intensive Care Unit a reality in the next two years with

your meaningful financial gift

Your Legacy

Include the Daly Hospital Foundation in your will or estate plan with a gift that will

leave a lasting imprint on your community

Your Friends and Neighbors

Introduce your friends and neighbors to us, host a small gathering of your friends

or invite us to share the many good things happening at your hospital with your

community service organization

ICU Nurses

Takiko May, M.D.

Randy Stewart, M.D.

Your Story

Share your excellent Marcus Daly experiences with others and ask them to join you in

support of the Power of Health Initiative for a new Intensive Care Unit


Cappel, RN


Etter, RN


Hendrickson, RN


Murphy, RN

Wendy Hansen, RN

ICU Manager

“A new ICU will mean

that these critically ill

patients and their families

will be cared for in a more

comfortable, private and

modern environment. As the valley

continues to grow, so does the need for a

larger facility.

Barbara Lee, Darby

“I live here part time, but my family and I have used the ER, ICU,

Convenient Care and other Marcus Daly services over the years. The care

we have received has always been amazing.

My heart was out of rhythm in the middle of the night so I drove to the

ER and was seen by a doctor within two minutes of arriving. I was in the

ICU overnight and the next day.


Ratliff, RN


Rupp, RN


Russell, RN


Simpson, RN

This new, larger, state-of-art

Intensive Care Unit is so important for

the residents of Ravalli County, as it will

allow us to provide them quality critical

care, close to home.”

The nurses were absolutely amazing. Wendy even brought me dinner at

home. That wouldn’t happen at my other hospital in Florida. I had a really

good experience and couldn’t have asked for better care. I was so grateful I

baked them cookies to say thank you.“



Please Join Us!

Campaign Chair, Sonny LaSalle, and his wife, Judy

1200 Westwood Drive, Hamilton, MT 59840

406.375.4674 DalyHospitalFoundation.org

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