SakKijānginnatuk Nunalik - Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions

SakKijānginnatuk Nunalik - Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions

Those feeling optimistic about the possibility highlighted the affordable travel options a road

would bring, reducing feelings of isolation and perhaps providing more diverse job

opportunities for residents that wish to commute between Postville and Goose Bay. A road

would allow visitors from communities like North West River and Goose Bay to travel to

Postville for festivals, thus increasing support for community events and providing greater

economic opportunities. Some community members also believe that a road would decrease

the transportation costs of goods entering the community, thereby allowing the store to be

stocked more frequently, diversifying the variety of goods currently available. Some expressed

hope that these changes would encourage youth to stay in the community.

Others outlined the impact a road may have on hunting grounds and traplines, increasing the

accessibility of valued harvesting areas. Most participants felt a road to Postville was unlikely in

the near future. If a mining company were to build a road nearby it may not connect with the

community and use may be restricted to company vehicles, due to the dangers of transporting



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