MATCH-AT - Norconsult

MATCH-AT - Norconsult


MATCH-AT, the worldwide leading automatic

aerial triangulation software, is a synonym for

accuracy, reliability and productivity.

MATCH-AT has been such a very

welcome and effective tool for us.

I would like to think of it as "Kucera's

little secret"…

MATCH-AT – the synonym for

accuracy, reliability and productivity.

Kucera International Inc.,

Willoughby, Ohio, USA

MATCH-AT provides highly precise automatic digital aerial triangulation

based on the advanced and unique image processing algorithms by inpho.

MATCH-AT is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes

now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

All the processing steps of MATCH-AT are

fully automated for achieving highest productivity.

The workflow is logical and easy from

the project setup, over the precise tie point

matching and integrated bundle adjustment,

to the block analyzing with excellent graphical


An optional MATCH-AT Stereo module is

available, too, for stereoscopic verification

and measurement of control points and

additional tie points.

Due to its flexible data exchange capability

MATCH-AT easily integrates into the workflow

of any third-party photogrammetric


Automatic tie point matching is done

on image areas contributing best to the

strength and quality of the block.

Image Capture

Aerial Triangulation

Data Capture

Terrain Modeling

Orthophoto Processing


The components of inpho’s photogrammetric

system are delivered with ApplicationsMaster,

the new core of the system. It provides a

comprehensive collection of basic tools for

• project definition

• import and export of project, image

and DTM data

• transformation into other geodetic

datums and map projections

• conversion of data and project files

• support of numerous aerial and

satellite image geometries

• image preprocessing and orientation

• DTM handling.

Details of ApplicationsMaster are

described in the overview brochure of

inpho’s photogrammetric system.


• Single, automated process for point selection,

point transfer and measurement, along with

an integrated robust bundle block adjustment

requires minimum user interaction.

• Support of any film or digital frame sensors.

• No limitations for block size, shape or overlap.

• Tie points are automatically collected in image

areas best contributing to the strength and

quality of the block. Von Gruber positions can

be used, or other patterns in case of special

image overlap situations.

• Advanced sub-block handling:

· Sub-blocks make it easy to administrate,

visualize and analyze large blocks

· Free block adjustment, i.e. sub-blocks

can be adjusted without control points

· Sub-blocks can be merged for final

project-wide block adjustment

• GPS data handling with shift & drift determinaton.

• IMU data handling:

· Preprocessed GPS/IMU data from POS AV/

POSEO by Applanix and AEROControl by IGI

· Attitude data are used as constraints in the

integrated block adjustment

· Boresight misalignment calibration


· Block size restricted to max.100 images

· Handling of sub-blocks is not available

· Merging of sub-blocks is not available


MATCH-AT is well-proven and productionoriented,

and offers its users significant benefits:

• Superior productivity through:

· High processing speed (10 – 20 sec./image)

· High level of automation

· Minimized user interaction for project set-up

and data post-processing

• High precision tie point correlation (˜ 0.1pixel)

is achieved by an advanced combination

of feature-based and least-squares matching,

with multi-threading support.

• Effective tie point matching also in poorly

textured, as well as mountainous areas.

• Strong internal quality control of tie points by

performing robust bundle block adjustment in

each level of the image pyramid.

• Optionally the triangulation can be made

in a local space rectangular coordinate

system for avoiding tensions caused by

map projections.

• Powerful graphical block analyzer:

· Easy visual checking of large data sets

· Visualization of image footprints, overlaps,

ground control and tie points, point and

photo connections, residuals, error ellipses

and more

• Superior quality through:

· High accuracy by leading-edge matching


· High reliability by unparalleled multi-fold tie

point connections, also between photo strips,

and by effective quality assurance methods

• Easy integration into any third-party workflow.

MATCH-AT provides unsurpassed profitability

and quality in any aerial triangulation project.

• Flexible weighting schemes for all types of


• Multi-camera support in one block and

camera-specific self-calibration parameter

sets (12 or 44 parameters). The results

of self-calibration are made available as

a dense correction grid for further use

in any subsequent applications.

• Fully automatic interior orientation:

· Automatic detection of fiducial marks

· User definable fiducial mark templates

• Project-wide photo display with correct

topology, and auto image-selection for

interactive, guided control point measurement.

• Smooth transfer of exterior orientation data

to stereoplotters (e. g. Summit Evolution)

and other photogrammetric applications,

such as OrthoMaster or MATCH-T.

• Export/import formats:

DAT/EM Summit Evolution, BAE Socet Set,

Z/I project, Aviosoft Ori, ABC-PC, AP32,

Phorex/Pex, PATB, Bluh, Bingo



· 3-D measurement of control points

· Stereo comparator with real time zoom

and image rotation (OpenGL)


• High-end PC workstation

• 2 Gbyte RAM

• High-capacity disk system

• Windows XP/2000

• Special hardware for MATCH-AT Stereo:

· Quad-buffered OpenGL graphics card

· Stereo viewing system

MATCH-AT is a trademark of inpho GmbH. All

other brands and product names are trademarks

of their respective owners.

Image Capture

Aerial Triangulation

Data Capture

Terrain Modeling

Orthophoto Processing

For further information,

please contact:

inpho GmbH

Smaragdweg 1

70174 Stuttgart


Tel.: +49-711-228810

Fax: +49- 7 11 - 22 88 111


Information is subject to change without notice.

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