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NB: You do not have to use the F, C or A prefix

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Brakes Customer Service on 0845 606 9090. All

products are shown as serving suggestions.

Terms & Conditions: All goods are sold subject to

availability and Brake Bros Ltd’s Terms and

Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is available on

request or on our website at We

reserve the right to alter prices, specifications or

packaging without notice. VAT will be charged at

standard rate on products where applicable. All

unit prices are approximate and have been

rounded to the nearest whole penny. To conform

with requirements of the Food Safety Act 1990

and to protect temperature integrity we may be

unable to accept returned product unless notified

as damaged or faulty at time of delivery. This does

not affect your rights under law. Whilst we make

every effort to ensure these details are correct,

errors may occasionally occur.

Promotions – Terms & Conditions: ALL OFFERS:

1. There will be no further discount on priced

promotional items. 2. Offers available while

stocks last. 3. Normal minimum or der level

conditions apply. Minimum order value £80.00.

4. All unit prices are approximate and have been

rounded to the nearest whole pence. 5. Additional

agreed charges on split cases will be applied as

appropriate. 6. All offers apply to the dates

specified. 7. Offers available to participating

customers only. 8. We reserve the right to

substitute products subject to availability.

9. Offers available for delivery from

September 1st 2011 - October 29th 2011.

There will be no further discount on printed

promotional items. VAT will be added at the

standard rate. Offer subject to availability and while

stocks last, or until October 29th 2011 whichever is

sooner. Offers available to existing independent

customers only. We reserve the right to substitute

products subject to availability.




... snacking

This publication is printed on paper fr om a sustainable source. BN 21

Our definitive guide to savoury

snacks & confectionery p24 - 45




WHAT’S new?






Score a try with McCoy’s

New limited edition Rugby World Cup flavours

Truly Sensational Flavours!

New Walkers Sensations Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle

75 years strong

Celebrate Quality Street’s birthday with the launch of My Purple Bar

The cereal to go for

New Kellogg’s portable cup cereals

Pump up the volume!

Win £1000 with Cadbury – the official treat provider to Team GB



Savoury Snacks

Sales are in the bag this autumn with our branded guide to crisps


34 Confectionery

Your “sweet profits” all wrapped up with our confectionery focus



Cracking snacking promotions



Seek out the latest

promotions and

new products. All

are available to

order now.

A 89017 – 1 x 36 (50g)

A 84501 – 1 x 36 (50g)

A 85036 – 1 x 36 (50g)

A 28988 – 1 x 36 (50g)

McCoy’s converts crisp sales

into winning performance

A 28986 – 1 x 36 (50g)

A 28987 – 1 x 36 (50g)

A 28985 – 1 x 36 (50g)

A 28989 – 1 x 36 (50g)

There’s sure to be a scrum around

the crisps fixture as the McCoy’s

Crisps 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC)

promotion reaches its peak just in

time for the September 9th

tournament kick off in New Zealand.

Taking advantage of the huge interest in

the event McCoy’s has launched two

limited edition flavours to attract new

consumers. At the same time, some 50

million bags of the ‘man crisps’ have

been flashed with a promotion offering

the chance to win one of four Rugby

Road Trips around the host country. And

if that’s not enough, there is also a

further trip on offer via an online

Facebook promotion.

A 85037 – 1 x 36 (50g)

A 85038 – 1 x 36 (50g)

The McCoy’s Rugby World Cup

Pickled Scrumion crisps are pickled onion

flavour and are sure to get people lining

up to try them. The second flavour,

limited edition Ruck of Ribs, is an oriental

rib offering that will no doubt convert

meaty crisp lovers to the McCoy’s brand.

The new flavours, along with the rest

of the McCoy’s range, are currently

flashed with the road trip promotion, with

four special packs containing a winning

insert. Those lucky enough to dive in and

retrieve the insert can claim a 15-day

rugby tour of New Zealand for

themselves plus three friends during

2012. Each winning trip includes

campervan hire, rugby stadium tours, an

optional rugby match, plus a choice of

adventure excursions such as white water

rafting or bungee jumping.

To make the promotion more of a

team effort, however, McCoy’s is

throwing in a special code offering a ten

per cent discount at Sports Direct on

every pack, so everyone is a winner.

The McCoy’s website which has a

dedicated page showcasing the rugby

activity, also carries a link to Facebook

where there is another chance to win one

of the touring holidays by answering a set

of simple questions relating to rugby,

New Zealand and manliness, plus the

offer of the ten per cent Sports Direct

discount via a printable voucher.

McCoy’s also hopes to get fans

travelling to the RWC to report back via

its Facebook page. In return for reporting

back with three short video clips and

three written snippets per week of the

tournament, participants can claim a

year’s supply of McCoy’s crisps plus a

free video camera, a sure way to cement

brand loyalty and encourage purchase.

With all of this activity driving sales of

McCoy’s throughout and beyond the

tournament, caterers would be well

advised to tackle the crisps display. The

key is to ensure that you are fielding the

strongest players this autumn, including

the limited edition new flavours that will

be in demand, thereby making sure that

your sales are not kicked into touch.


WHAT’S new? 7

Seabrook sails south

Synonymous in the North for more than 65 years and

hardly known south of the Pennines until a few years

ago, Seabrook crisps has been making a name for itself

in more ways than one and now, thanks to Brakes, it is

available across the UK.

A 26966 – 1 x 48 (31.8g)

A 26968 – 1 x 48 (31.8g)

A 27483 – 1 x 48 (31.8g)

A 26969 – 1 x 48 (31.8g)

A 26967 – 1 x 48 (31.8g)

Now a £28 million national brand, and

famous for its crunchy, crinkle cut and

quirky, strong flavours, Seabrook was the

first to launch crinkle cut crisps in the

1950s, and pioneered the use of sunflower

oil and sea salt in crisp production long

before it became trendy. Today the

company, still a family concern, claims the

biggest range of ‘clean label’ crisps on the

market, free from MSG and GM and

perfect for vegetarians. The company aims

to crinkle-cut the finest potatoes, to cook

them in pure sunflower oil, and add lower

in sodium sea salt, but is careful to say:

“Goodbye salt, Hello flavour!” a message

carried through in its advertising. It has

undertaken huge amounts of research and

development to create crisps which live up

to Seabrook’s renowned reputation for

making the ultimate, tasty crinkle-cut

crisps, while enabling the nation to

continue its obsession with the humble

potato snack and reduce its salt intake at

the same time.

Word of mouth alone has driven

Seabrook crisps sales for the last 65 years

and brought in thousands of regular

customers. Now the company is ready to

raise brand awareness nationally.

Alongside a big range and big flavours,

the company is promising a tasty rate of

sale - officially the fastest growing crisp

brand in the UK, sales are up 46% over

the last 52 weeks (IRI) and Seabrook

hopes that sales will increase further as

the brand news spreads south. The

company believes everyone in the UK

deserves the chance to taste its crisps –

once tasted, loved forever.

To that end, Seabrook aims to make its

product the crisp of choice for all UK

consumers, achieving an annual turnover of

£63m by 2015. Brakes will be carrying no

less than five popular Seabrook lines:

Cheese and Onion; Salt and Vinegar;

Salted; Beefy; and Prawn Cocktail.

All are packed 48 to a case. With stand-out

flavours and tons of personality, the

Seabrook Crisps brand is sailing south so

stock up via Brakes to make sure you don’t

miss the boat!


WHAT’S new? 9

A 28826 – 1 x 48 (20g)

A 28825 – 1 x 48 (20g)

What a D’Lite!

They’re delicious and

delightful, and now, having

already gathered a large

following in the retail

sector since the spring

launch, Real D’Lites have

made it into foodservice,

thanks to Brakes.

The cassava-based snacks that

are heavy on flavour but light

in calories are now available in

two flavours that are already

biting a chunk out of sales in

the snack market.

Two flavours are available:

Real D’Lites Vine Ripened

Tomato & Herb and the

D’Lites Cheddar Cheese &

Red Onion. Both are made

with natural ingredients – no

artificial colours, flavours or

preservatives – and contain

just 83 calories per pack. Both

varieties also claim 70 per

cent less fat than standard

potato crisps, meeting the

needs of consumers who are

looking for a healthier

alternative to traditional crisps

but are not prepared to

compromise on flavour.

Around the world, cassava,

the potato alternative, is a

vital staple for about 500

million people. The shrubby

tropical plant is most

commonly associated with

tapioca and the edible parts

of the plant are the tuberous

root and the leaves. Cassava’s

starchy roots produce more

food energy per unit of land

than any other staple crop,

while its leaves, commonly

eaten as a vegetable in parts

of Asia and Africa, provide

vitamins and protein.

Nutritionally, the cassava is

comparable to potatoes,

except that it has twice the

fibre content and a higher

level of potassium. In

Indonesia, cassava is used

in a variety of food products,

the same way potatoes are

used in the US. It can be used

as a vegetable, can be grated

to make pancakes, dried

and ground into tapioca

flour, or sliced and made into

snack chips.

By making D’Lites with

cassava, Real has produced a

food with a low glycaemic

index (GI) which means that

the bites give the consumers a

slow release of energy, and

keep them fuller for longer.

The portion-controlled pack

also offers customers the

chance to snack as part of a

balanced diet, offering an

alternative to standard potato

crisps, as well as being

suitable for vegetarians and


Real is a company with a

simple mission: to deliver

premium potato crisps with

premium taste, all wrapped up

in a unique pack. With D’Lites

it has taken that concept a

step further. All Real products

promise three things:

Real quality, Real taste and

Real standout and Real D’Lites

are no exception. Each flavour

has its own identity, appealing

to a different, but still

discerning, audience.

Brakes customers should

take note and make sure that

their snack menu reflects the

growing trend for a lower-fat

alternative to traditional crisps.


WHAT’S new? 11







Sport the

Calypso range

for soft drink success

A 28353 – 1 x 24 (330ml) A 28352 – 1 x 24 (330ml) A 28351 – 1 x 24 (330ml)

A 26605 – 1 x 24 (330ml) A 26604 – 1 x 24 (330ml) A 26607 – 1 x 24 (330ml)

Brakes has added three

varieties of Calypso Rapidz

refreshing sparkling juicy water

to its portfolio, alongside three

flavours of Calypso Juicy Aid, a

lightly sparkling juice and

mineral water drink that is

heavily involved in supporting

environmental issues.

Calypso Rapidz is a blend of

50 per cent juices from

concentrate and natural mineral

water, with no added

sweeteners. Brakes is offering all

three varieties, Calypso Rapidz

Lemonade, Fruit Cola and Iron

Brew, in 330ml bottles, packed

24 to a case. A bottle of

Calypso Rapidz represents one

of the 5-A-DAY fruit and

vegetable portions and has the

benefit of being school

compliant, meeting government

standards for drinks in schools.

The attractive bottle sleeve

design was chosen by students

for maximum appeal.

Spring into action this autumn and put Calypso juice

drinks on your menu to capitalise on the raft of activity

behind the range, manufactured using Calypso’s own

on-site natural spring waters.

Calypso Rapidz supports

Calypso’s ‘Sports Anywhere’

campaign which aims to bring

a taste of alternative sports to

young people living in inner

cities, promoting health and

exercise. The campaign

includes a mountain biking

initiative - Calypso MTB

Anywhere – which takes

mountain bike skills coaching

to thousands of young people

in schools across the UK,

without the need for

mountains. The Calypso MTB

Anywhere coaching team

includes Downhill World Cup

legend Neil ‘The Don’

Donoghue. Another area of

the campaign, Calypso’s ‘Surf

Anywhere’ initiative, has

already introduced 75,000 kids

to urban surf sports. ‘Surf

Anywhere’ coach Tassy

Swallow, the UK’s top junior

female surfer, is now aiming to

become an Olympic

Snowboarder at the 2016

Winter Olympics.

From snow to rainforests

and Calypso Juicy Aid, a lightly

sparkling juice and natural

mineral water drink. Through

Juicy Aid, Calypso is working

with conservation charity the

World Land Trust to help save

the Atlantic Rainforest and to

safeguard the habitat of

wildlife such as the jaguar, the

sloth and the armadillo, all of

which are featured in the pack

designs. With two per cent of

turnover of sales going to the

World Land Trust, Calypso

Juicy Aid has already raised

enough funds to purchase and

preserve over 440 acres of ‘at

risk’ rainforest in South

America. Calypso Juicy Aid is

now available to Brakes

customers in three flavours:

Sparkling Apple Aid;

Sparkling Berry Aid; and

Sparkling Citrus Aid. All are in

330ml bottles, 24 to a case.

Calypso Soft Drinks is one of

the UK’s leading independent

manufacturers of juice-based

soft drinks, committed to

delivering new, healthy

refreshing products for kids. By

stocking up across the range,

taking advantage of the buzz

that all the brand activity is sure

to generate among its youth

audience, Brakes customers

can ensure that they keep the

soft drinks display right up to

date and relevant, giving

themselves a sporting chance

of making a profit this season.


WHAT’S new? 19

Wake up to

cereal to go



A 85004 – 1 x 20 (30g)

A 85005 – 1 x 20 (30g)

With almost 11 million people in the UK

workforce eating breakfast away from

home – and with 1.4 million stopping

off to buy something on the way – the

first meal occasion of the day presents

a great profit opportunity for caterers.

Brakes is helping its customers to wake

up to the challenge by stocking a range

of Kellogg’s Cereal to Go, top cereal

brands in a handy, portable cup format

packed in cases of 24 x 30g.

Three varieties are available, all best sellers,

well recognised and loved by consumers.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut Corn

Flakes and Special K are all packaged in 30g

Cereal to Go cups with a peel-back lid,

ready to add milk and enjoy.

Busy lifestyles demand convenient

solutions both for consumers and for caterers

looking to meet their needs. The Kellogg’s

Cereal to Go format is the ideal solution for

foodservice operators who are looking to

provide a balanced breakfast of cereal,

alongside a piece of fruit and a hot beverage,

with the minimum of fuss. By offering

Kellogg’s Cereal to Go alongside fresh milk

from the beverage bar, caterers can boost

business and prompt impulse purchase.

A 85003 – 1 x 20 (30g)

The Kellogg’s Cereal to Go range

presents caterers with the chance to benefit

from new and innovative food formats. Both

the calorie conscious and those who care

about their mental and physical performance

at work are, more than ever, aware of the

health benefits of eating a well-balanced


Nutritionists consider breakfast the most

important meal of the day, yet many of us,

because we don’t have the time or the

inclination, regularly go without it. After

going 10 to 12 hours overnight without

food, energy reserves are low and our

bodies, and perhaps more importantly, our

brains, need fuel.

Studies show that people who eat

breakfast are less likely to be overweight

than people that don’t. Ideally we should

be looking to consume around 25 per cent

of our daily calories from breakfast and,

like any other meal, a balanced breakfast

should include foods from each of the

food groups. It’s also a good time to get

at least two servings of fruit. By offering

customers a portion of cereal and milk,

alongside the fruit, caterers can help to

tick all the boxes for breakfast and ring

the tills at the same time.

Brakes has uncovered a

surefire winner on the snack

display and is now stocking

four varieties of the popular

Nákd cereal bars, the UK’s

fastest growing natural

snack brand.

With no added sugars or

syrups, no wheat, dairy or

gluten, Nákd bars have been

tearing a strip off the

competition in the

supermarkets and now Brakes

is delighted to be the first to

bring them into the

foodservice arena, giving

caterers the chance to cash in

on their popularity.

The all natural snacks

combine nothing but raw fruit,

nuts and natural flavouring,

and even count towards your

5-A-DAY. Four varieties of 35g

Nákd “nudie” bars are now

available: Nákd Cocoa

Orange is described as being

like a moist fudge brownie

with a hint of orange. The

Cashew Cookie variety is

“simple and satisfying with a

subtle wholesome earthiness.”

The sweet and fruity Berry

Delight has a smooth

raspberry vibe, while the

Nákd Pecan Pie flavour has a

A 85001 – 1 x 18 (35g)

A 29067 – 1 x 18 (35g)

A 29070 – 1 x 18 (35g)

A 29069 – 1 x 18 (35g)

mellow nuttiness. All four

varieties, something to suit

everyone, are packed in

cartons of 18, ready to be

displayed on the impulse

counter where they are sure to

grab attention.

A bumper £40m investment

in the Nákd brand back in

January kicked off a plan to

reach over 5.5 million target

consumers in 2011/12, driving

awareness and encouraging

trial. That plan is being

reinforced during the autumn

with a repeat of the London

Underground poster campaign

that so successfully boosted

interest and purchase at the

beginning of the year, backed

up with consumer press

advertising designed to

appeal to health and body

conscious consumers. As a

result, Nákd bars will be top of

mind with consumers on the

lookout for a healthy snack in

foodservice outlets.

Nákd bars are nutritional

powerhouses of tasty raw fruit,

nuts and natural flavours all

rolled together, simply

wholefoods and nothing else.

Part of a strategy to make the

healthy Nákd range available

to a wider audience the bars

are ideal for the fast paced

foodservice environment and

are set to be just as successful

as they have been in retail.

With many consumers

starting to understand that low

fat or low calorie products

aren’t necessarily healthy, or

tasty, Nákd offers the Holy

Grail – products that are

genuinely good for you, aren’t

packed full of additives,

preservatives and glucose

syrups, and taste great.


WHAT’S new? 21



Bags of taste... bags of pr ofit



Grab those impulse

sales with our

essential guide to

savoury snacks.


2 3 4


Our recommended range for you to stock

Boost your sales with our ‘must stock’ Crisps & Snacks range

6 7 8 9 10

Ranking Product Pack Size

1 A 21421 Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps 1 x 48 (34.5g)

2 A 21420 Walkers Ready Salted Crisps 1 x 48 (34.5g)

3 A 21422 Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps 1 x 48 (34.5g)

4 A 21445 Walkers Quavers Cheese 1 x 48 (19g)

11 12 13 14 15

5 A 28987 McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak Crisps 1 x 36 (50g)

6 A 21424 Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps 1 x 48 (34.5g)

7 A 28988 McCoy’s Salt & Malt V inegar Crisps 1 x 36 (50g)

8 A 89648 Walkers Mega Monster Munch Roast Beef Big Eat 1 x 30 (40g)

9 A 28986 McCoy’s Cheddar & Onion Crisps 1 x 36 (50g)

10 A 22218 Mini Cheddars Grab Bag Original 1 x 30 (50g)

11 A 22441 KP Hula Hoops Barbecue Beef 1 x 48 (34g)

12 A 100866 Doritos Chilli Heatwave 1 x 40 (40g)

16 17

18 19 20

13 A 21444 Doritos Tangy Cheese 1 x 40 (40g)

14 A 89647 Walkers Mega Monster Munch Pickled Onion Big Eat 1 x 30 (40g)

15 A 22440 KP Hula Hoops Original 1 x 48 (34g)

16 A 2778 Walkers Wotsits Really Cheesy 1 x 48 (19g)

17 A 21425 Walkers Smoky Bacon Crisps 1 x 48 (34.5g)

18 A 28989 McCoy’s Original Ready Salted Crisps 1 x 36 (50g)

19 A 29037 Walkers Squares Salt & Vinegar 1 x 48 (27.5g)

20 A 84987 Walkers Max Paprika 1 x 40 (50g)

In the table above, Brakes has ranked the top 20 products in order of recommendation to provide you

and your consumer with a choice of different products and formats.

Maximise your sales and merchandise around your location hotspots. Consider the

following: Vending • Main retail fixture • Till area • Chiller • Sandwich/deli area

Hot drinks dispenser • Trolley

Did you know? 70% of savoury snacks are bought on impulse*. Visibility is the key!

*Source – Nielsen data value sales MAT to 11th June 2011

Over the next few pages there are more great brands and products available to further enhance your savoury

bagged snack offering.


FOCUS on… Snacks 25











Everyone loves

chocolate and

sweets. Our guide to

confectionery will wet

your appetite and

increase your sales


The sweet taste of success


3 4

Our recommended range for you to stock

Boost your sales with our ‘must stock’ Countline Confectionery Singles range

5 6 7 8

Ranking Product Pack Size

1 A1111 Nestlé Kit Kat 4 Finger Fairtrade 1 x 48

2 A100106 Twix Twin 1 x 48

3 A100108 Cadbury Twirl 1 x 48

9 10 11 12

4 A89280 Mars Bar Standard 1 x 48

5 A89238 Cadbury Wispa 1 x 48

6 A87196 Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky 1 x 48

7 A89279 Snickers Standard 1 x 48

8 A12581 Maltesers Standard 1 x 40

9 A26243 Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade 1 x 48

10 A684 Nestlé Aero Peppermint 1 x 48

13 14 15


11 A87195 Cadbury Double Decker 1 x 48

12 A3794 Cadbury Crunchie 1 x 48

13 A34923 Bounty Double Milk 1 x 48

14 A35587 Cadbury Boost Glucose 1 x 48

15 A100109 Galaxy Standard 1 x 24


18 19 20

16 A28700 Nestlé Yorkie Original 1 x 36

17 A88526 Galaxy Minstrels 1 x 40

18 A4039 Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel 1 x 48

19 A5869 Nestlé Toffee Crisp 1 x 48

Maximise your sales and merchandise around your location hotspots. Consider the

following: Vending • Main retail fixture • Till area • Chiller • Sandwich/deli area

Hot drinks dispenser • Trolley

20 A88488 Kinder Bueno 1 x 30

In the table above, Brakes has ranked the top 20 products in order of recommendation to

provide you and your consumer with a choice of different products and formats.

Over the next few pages there are more great brands and products available to further enhance your

confectionery offering.

Did you know? By stocking core products that meet the consumer need states

can increase sales by up to 15%*. *Source – Nielsen data value sales MAT to 11th June 2011


FOCUS on… Confectionery 35











Great autumn promotions

Best brands – best deals

Offers available for delivery from September 1st - October 29th 2011

See back page for promotional terms and conditions.



Mature Cheddar & Chives A 24805

1 x 24 (23g)


Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt A 24812

1 x 24 (23g)


Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper A 25627

1 x 24 (23g)



Isklar Norwegian Mineral


Flatcap A 84747

1 x 24 (500ml)


Still Sportscap A 84748

1 x 15 (660ml)



Lightly Salted A 25628

1 x 24 (23g)


Mixed Root Vegetable Crisps A 88894

1 x 24 (40g)



Tyrrell’s Proper Popcorn 1 x 24 (23g)

Sweet & Salty A 28837


Sour Cream & Jalapeño Chilli A 28834


Still Flatcap A 84749

1 x 12 (1Ltr)


Still Sportscap A 28405

1 x 24 (250ml)



Monster 1 x 12 (500ml)

Energy A 84985 £10.99*

Ripper A 84986 £10.99*

Seabrook Crisps 1 x 48 (31.8g)

Cheese & Onion Crinkle Cut A 26966


Salt and Vinegar Crinkle Cut A 26967


Sea Salted Crinkle Cut A 26968


Beefy Crinkle Cut A 26969



Prawn Cocktail Crinkle Cut A 27483


Nakd 1 x 18 (35g)

Cocoa Orange Bar A 29069


Cashew Cookie Bar A 29070




Berry Delight Bar A 85001


Real D’lites 1 x 48 (20g)

Pecan Pie Bar A 29067


Real Hand Cooked Potato Crisps

1 x 48 (35g)

Sea Salt Flavour A 26719


Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion A 28826


Vineripened Tomato & Herb A 28825



Strong Cheese & Onion Flavour A 26711



Relentless 1 x 12 (500ml)

Origin A 84983


Libertus A 84984


Salt & Malt Vinegar Flavour A 26720


Ham & English Mustard Flavour A 26718


Sweet Chilli Flavour A 26722


Jalepeno Flavour A 85008


Roast Ox Flavour A 85007


Corn Flakes ‘Cereal to go’ A 85005


Kellogg’s 1 x 24 (30g)

Crunchy Nut ‘Cereal to go’ A 85004


Special K ‘Cereal to go’ A 85003



Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos A 84982

1 x 36


Sea Salt & Black Pepper Flavour A 85009



Maryland Cookies A 89995

1 x 24 (40g) £6.99*


*Subject to VAT at standard rate

*Subject to VAT at standard rate




Your essential

guide for

branded point

of sale


0844 2258950

01753 550055

01752 752094


0800 742842

0845 7581781


0771 7800217

0844 2258950

0800 745845

0800 580580

01264 348181

07890 275362

0870 241 4820


020 8600 3939

01780 480345

020 7033 6000

0800 7835613

0845 6066328


01536 721405


0800 138 0813 ubmerchandising@


0800 783 6676

0845 600 6612

0800 616 996

020 7274 0717

01895 201100

01780 480345


020 3301 5001



Your essential

guide for

branded point

of sale


08712 231 234

01753 550055

01752 752094


0800 742842

0845 7581781


0771 7800217

08712 231 234

0800 745845

0800 580580

01264 348181

07890 275362

0870 241 4820


020 8600 3939

01780 480345

020 7033 6000

0800 7835613

0845 6066328


01536 721405


0800 138 0813 ubmerchandising@


0800 783 6676

0845 600 6612

0800 616 996

020 7274 0717

01895 201100

01780 480345


020 3301 5001


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