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Understanding nutritional balance 4

Working hard to make food healthier 6

A healthier margin 8

Breakfast 10

Working lunch 13

Main meal 16

Children 20

Dessert 22

Snacks 24

Making meals healthier 26

For further information

and advice on nutrition:


F (product code) – frozen food C (product code) – chilled food

A (product code) – ambient food & non-food

Healthier Choices – Brakes Healthier Choices Products

NB: You do not have to use the F, C or A prefix when ordering.

Terms & Conditions: All goods are sold subject to availability and Brake Bros Ltd’s

Terms and Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is available on request or on our

website at We reserve the right to alter prices, specifications or

packaging without notice. VAT will be charged at Standard Rate. All unit prices are

approximate and have been rounded to the nearest whole pence. To conform with

requirements of the Food Safety Act 1990 and to protect temperature integrity we

may be unable to accept returned product unless notified as damaged or faulty at

time of delivery. This does not affect your rights under law. Whilst we make every

effort to ensure these details are correct, errors may occasionally occur.

Brakes healthier

eating guide

Customers are looking for healthier options

when eating out, so offer a mix of naturally

healthy and creative alternatives to make the

most of this business opportunity.

Brakes offer great tasting, quality products to

help you create healthier menus. What’s more,

with the addition of our innovative own brand

products, developed specifically to meet

nutritional guidelines, you can rest assured

Brakes have healthy eating covered.

Peace of mind

Our dedicated and expert team

works tirelessly to ensure that every

product ordered from us comes

with the assurance of complete

traceability throughout the supply

chain, unquestionable sourcing

integrity, and safe product handling.

All Brakes own brand products

have nutritional information labels

to ensure our customers have

the details required to plan menus

and calculate nutrition, including


Planning healthier menus

Our development chefs and

marketing teams offer support,

information and advice to our

customers. Our brochures, webcasts,

serving suggestions and recipes

are all designed to help you with

creative and healthy menu planning.



nutritional balance

This chart shows the proportions and types of foods needed for a healthy

balanced diet. Healthy eating is about variety, and no single food should

be avoided. Include foods from the largest groups more frequently on

your menus. Foods from the smaller groups should be served less often.

For more information contact


Fruit & vegetables

Serve with all main meals, desserts & snacks to help

achieve recommended ‘5-A-DAY’.

Vary the mix; ratatouille and fruit salads are a great way to

include variety on your menu and hassle-free for service.

Introduce fruit smoothies; popular with children and

adults alike.

Great source of vitamins and minerals.

Meat, fish & alternatives

Serve a source of protein with all main meals; beans, pulses,

nuts and Quorn® for vegetarians.

Trim meat to keep fat to a minimum.

Grill and oven bake wherever possible.

Choose leaner cuts of meat; skinless chicken breast, turkey,

pork and beef where trimmed.

Foods high in fat and/or sugar

Serve occasionally as treats.

Use reduced fat and sugar alternatives where appropriate.

Add fruit and vegetables where possible, or use as additional

garnish to achieve plate coverage for smaller portions.

Offer sauces, dips and dressings on the side, providing

customers a choice.

Bread, rice, potatoes & pasta

Serve with every main meal and snack; should provide

a third of a meal or snack.

Use wholegrain wherever possible.

Bread with reduced salt is a healthier option .

Offer a non-fried alternative.

Carbohydrates provide nutrients such as fibre and B vitamins.

Milk & dairy

Use low fat/reduced fat versions.

Crème fraîche and yogurt are great alternatives for adding

flavour and texture to sauces and lower in fat compared

with cream.

Use smaller amounts of strong flavoured cheese in cooking.

Use semi-skimmed milk for most cooking and in drinks.

Offer butter portions on the side, so customers have

a choice.

Source of calcium.


Working hard to make

food healthier

Brakes continuously reviews and improves its products wherever possible,

and we work closely with many organisations including the Food

Standards Agency (FSA), The Department of Health (DOH) and the School

Food Trust (SFT) on a number of important health and nutrition issues.


Our specialist team keeps

up-to-date with all the latest

issues regarding diet and health

so we can develop and refine our

extensive range of products.

The following are examples of the

successes we have had so far:

Salt reduction

Brakes has been gradually reducing salt in many of its own brand

products in line with the targets set by the FSA.

We are committed to continuing this work and salt reduction forms a

key part of our ongoing product development programme. In the first

two years of the programme we removed over 100 tonnes of salt. Now,

in our ongoing salt reduction programme, we have 70% of product sales

meeting the FSA’s 2010 salt target.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (HVOs)

HVOs can be a major source of industrial trans fats, and consumption of

these fats should be very limited. Brakes has removed HVOs from all own

brand products.


Healthier Choices

Brakes Healthier Choices range is a unique

selection of quality prepared Brakes products

that meet strict nutritional criteria for levels of

fat, sodium and sugar.

Artificial colours

We prohibit the use of artificial

colours in children’s products and

we are working on the complete

removal of these colours from our

entire own brand range where

technically possible.


We support the ‘5-A-DAY’

programme, presenting the logo

in our product lists, brochures and

on packaging, to encourage our

customers to use and serve more

fruit and vegetables in their recipes

and menus.

Having also met our high standards for quality and taste, you can be

confident serving them in the knowledge that they are healthy and

extremely tasty too! We launched the range in 2004 and it is now the

largest own brand range of healthier products designed specifically

for foodservice.

All Healthier Choices products are either:

Less than 3% fat and have reduced or restricted levels of

salt and sugar or,

Have had the amount of fat reduced by at least 30%

compared to a typical standard product and have reduced

or restricted levels of salt and sugar.

How our Healthier Choices range compares

to Brakes standard products:

Product comparison (per 100g serving) Calories Fat (g) Salt (g) Sugar (g)

Nutrition labelling

Our nutrition labelling provides

information on; energy, protein,

carbohydrate, sugar, fat, saturated

fat, fibre, sodium and salt equivalent.

Guideline daily

amounts (GDA)

Brakes front of house products

all carry information on GDA to

highlight the nutritional content

in a simple, easy to understand

format. This provides consumers

with extremely useful information

to help them make informed

decisions on their dietary

requirements. (See back page for

further information)

Brakes Pork Sausage

Eights F 3572

Brakes Healthier Choices

Pork Sausage Eights

F 31826

Brakes Battered

Chicken Fillets F 5700

Brakes Healthier Choices

Battered Chicken

Fillets F 32277

Brakes Dual Store

Thin Cut French Fries

F 4264

Brakes Healthier Choices

Non Pre-Fried Thin Cut

Chips F 34086

221 13.0 1.40 2.3

174 9.0 0.90 2.3

239 12.1 1.00 0.9

154 5.0 0.90 0.4

137 3.8 0.00 0.5

91 0.4 0.00 0.2


A healthier margin

Research increasingly shows that consumers want more healthier choices

on menus and additional information about their food when dining out

of home. This provides an ideal opportunity for caterers to improve sales

and boost margins.

Changing lifestyles

The proportion of meals eaten

outside the home is growing,

putting you in a good position

to take advantage of this profit

opportunity with balanced menus

and healthier alternatives.

There have been some interesting

consumer research findings over

the past year:

67% of consumers want

healthier choices on menus 1

67% want healthier choices on menus, this is seen as a

growing trend for the future 1

When making food choices, over 1 in 5 consumers say fat

content is important and almost 1 in 5 say calorie content

is important – with the statistics higher for women 2

Consumers want clear and easy-to-use information on

menus, similar to that on food packaging in retail 3

Sources: 1 Allegra Strategies 2009, 2 OnTrack 2009, 3 FSA Jan 2009


Make the most of the opportunity

So what does this mean for caterers?

It appears that consumer demand for both healthier

food choices and nutritional information is going to

increase further and those caterers who adjust cooking

methods, review their menus and include nutritional

information are likely to benefit first from these

consumer trends.

Increase choice and provide healthier

alternatives on menus

Ensure consistency by using prepared

foods with controlled ingredients and

standard recipes

Meet increasing demands for healthier

children’s meals by offering wholesome,

nutritious alternatives

Make simple changes to cooking methods.

Grill where possible, choose vegetable

oils, switch to semi or skimmed milk, and

offer sauces on the side

Highlight healthier meals

Use justifiable claims, such as ‘low in fat’,

on your menus (see Brakes labels for

nutritional values)

Start to put indicative calorie values

of dishes on menus

“ It’s an obvious

business opportunity

to win over new and

existing customers”

Tim Smith

Chief Executive, Food Standards Agency



Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. By changing

your cooking methods and offering healthier alternatives you could really

make a difference.

Grilled breakfast

Switch to grilling rather than frying and offer lower fat and

vegetarian options.

Brakes Healthier Choices Pork Sausages F 31826 – 1 x 48

Prime Meats Thin Cut Rindless Back Bacon C 74638 – 1 x 2.5kg

Brakes Medium Eggs C 70893 – 15doz

Pauleys Breakfast Mushroom C 10330 – 1 x 1.8kg

Pauleys Tomatoes MM C 10474 – 1 x 1.5kg

Brakes Healthier Choices Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

A 28758 – 6 x 2.6kg

Brakes Healthier Choices Non Pre-fried Rosti Potato Hash

Browns F 33330 – 1 x 1.5kg

Alternatively try…

Brakes VegeBanger ® F 3571 – 1 x 60

Quorn ® Sausage F 4202 – 1 x 32



All our sliced bread, which is perfect for toasting or as a breakfast accompaniment, meets

the FSA salt target. As well as providing valuable carbohydrates and fibre (particularly

when wholegrain) you can be sure you’re giving your customers the very best.

La Boulangerie Sliced Wholemeal Bloomer F 52084 (thick, 19 slices + 2) – 6 x 800g

La Boulangerie Sliced Grain Farmhouse Split Tin Loaf F 33515 (thick, 19 slices + 2)

8 x 800g

Brakes Healthier Choices Sunflower Light Spread C 71927– 1 x 2kg


To help customers reach their ‘5-A-DAY’

provide a selection of mouthwatering

fruit salads. Pauleys range is available

in resealable tubs for ultimate

convenience and quick service

Reduced Sugar Jam

Scotts Strawberry Preserve A 85805

Scotts Scotch Orange Marmalade A 85806

Scotts Blackcurrant Preserve A 100321

Scotts Raspberry Preserve A 100316

All 6 x 340g

As an alternative to bread why not try Brakes Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel F 4883 – 1 x 48

slightly toasted as a quick energy provider and delicious without spread.

Pauleys Fruit Salad:

Fresh Fruit Salad C 70932 – 1 x 2.5kg

Exotic Fruit Salad C 70931 – 1 x 2.5kg

Fresh Orange Segments C 14945

1 x 2.27kg

Fresh Grapefruit Segments C 71445

1 x 2.27kg


An important energy provider and a good source of fibre and calcium when served

with milk or yogurt. Plus, all of our cereals meet the FSA salt target.

Brakes Oatflakes A 2391 (2kg) – 1 x 4

Brakes Swiss Style Muesli (2kg) A 33731 – 1 x 4

Brakes Wholewheat Biscuit Cereal A 88498 – 24 x 12


Brakes Low Fat Yogurt:

Peach C 74143

Strawberry C 74146

Natural C 74549

All 1 x 5kg

To add value…

Brakes Pitted Dates A 100211

Brakes Dried Fruit Salad A 8287

All 4 x 3kg

Brakes Walnut Halves A 100256

Brakes Flaked Almonds A 5874

Brakes Brazil Nuts A 89783

Brakes Toasted Coconut Chips A 24771

Brakes Sunflower Seeds A 88884

All 6 x 1kg


Working lunch

Get a balanced menu by offering both hot and cold options to ensure

you have all tastes covered. Choose thick vegetable soups, satisfying

jackets, sandwiches or wraps and increase your range of low fat fillings.


Ready to use, simply heat and serve for a healthy and

warming lunch.

Brakes Carrot & Coriander A 89615

Brakes Tomato & Basil A 89614

Brakes Potato & Leek A 89613

All 4 x 2kg

Or try a delicious homemade style fresh soup from our

chilled selection.

Simply perfect

with soup

Savoury fillings

Choose from a fantastic selection of low fat fillings that are

perfect for jacket potatoes and sandwiches alike.

Here are just a few ideas.

La Boulangerie Bakers Roll

Basket F 30314 – 4 x 20

La Boulangerie Brown Crusty

Roll F 33482 – 1 x 72

Brakes Healthier Choices Tuna & Sweetcorn C 71872

Brakes Healthier Choices Coronation Chicken C 71866

All 1 x 1kg (20ptn)

Brakes Healthier Choices Reduced Fat Cheese

(white block) C 71515 – 1 x 1kg

Swap mayonnaise for crème

fraîche when making your

own sandwich fillings.

Chefs tip

Brakes British Baked Jacket Potatoes

F 3938 – 1 x 45

Pauleys Bakers C 10433 – 1 x 12



A definite favourite but by choosing

a thin based wholemeal alternative

your pizza can be healthier. Add a

selection of Pauleys Vegetables for

extra colour and taste.

Brakes 12" Brown Pizza Base F 33960 – 1 x 18

Brakes Italian Tomato Paste A 28326 – 6 x 800g

Brakes Healthier Choices Reduced Fat Grated

Cheese (White) C 71951 – 1 x 1kg

Working lunch

Salad bar & fruit

Pauleys Gourmet Mixed Leaves

C 10431 – 1 x 250g

Pauleys Prepared Shredded Iceberg

C 450344 – 1 x 500g

Pauleys Grated Carrot C 10416 – 1 x 1kg

Pauleys Cherry Tomatoes C 14945

1 x 250g

Pauleys Sliced Red Onions

C 10607 – 1 x 1kg

Brakes Healthier Choices French

Dressing A 89727 – 1 x 2.27ltr

Fruit displays

There’s nothing wrong with cakes and

cookies as a treat but why not add

a selection of fresh fruit, perfect for

lunch on the go.

Pauleys Finger Fruit

Basket C 456025

Wet salads

Brakes Healthier Choices Beetroot

& Onion Salad C 71200

Brakes Provençale Bean Salad C 71195

Brakes Healthier Choices Pasta Italiano

Salad C 71869

Brakes Tabouleh Salad C 15991

Brakes Healthier Choices Chinese

Noodle Salad C 71868

Brakes Mediterranean Pearl

Couscous C 74782 (shown below)

All 1 x 2kg (40ptn)


Main meal

Choose a good selection of healthier ready made meals and if you

are creating your own dishes then go for leaner meat, fish, wholemeal

carbohydrates and low fat sauces.

Convenient casseroles

An absolute must-have for any menu as all the work has been

done for you. They’re low in fat, meet the FSA 2010 salt target

and are extremely delicious too. Easy to prepare, individually

portioned and with a homemade appearance, choose from

one of these three fantastic casseroles:

Brakes Beef & Ale ‘One Pot’ Casserole F 33910

Brakes Chicken & Bacon ‘One Pot’ Casserole F 33908

Brakes Chicken & Vegetable ‘One Pot’

Casserole F 33904

All 1 x 12 (400g)

Alternatively, for a low fat multi-portion option,

why not choose Brakes Healthier Choices

Beef Casserole F 31624


Pork stir fry

Lean pork is naturally low in fat, and this dish is packed full of

vegetables great for achieving the recommended ‘5-A-DAY’.

Simple too, all you need is:

Pork Stir Fry Strips C 84371 – 1 x 2.5kg

Brakes Sweet & Sour Sauce

(without vegetables) A 89723 – 1 x 2.25kg

Pauleys Stir Fry Vegetable Mix C 10556 – 1 x 2.5kg

Fisherman’s pie

This ready made, multi-portion dish is low in fat but packs

plenty of taste! It contains hake, red peppers and peas in sauce

topped with mashed potato, rosti potato & cheese. Sugar snap

peas are the perfect accompaniment.

Brakes Healthier Choices Fisherman’s Pie F 30643 – 1 x 1.36kg

Pauleys Sugar Snap Peas C 10579 – 1 x 2kg

Chicken balti

Curry can be made healthier by using

lean, skinless meat, fresh vegetables

and low fat sauces. Try this chicken Balti

using our Healthier Choices sauce

(a medium hot sauce with tomatoes,

onions, coriander & spices) to create an

authentic tasting curry.

Prime Meats Chicken Breast Fillets

Skinless (140–170g) C 84380 – 1 x 10

Brakes Healthier Choices Balti Sauce

A 89729 – 1 x 2.25kg

Brakes Basmati Rice A 88519 – 1 x 5kg

Alternatively try…

Brakes Healthier Choices Korma

Sauce A 89726

Brakes Healthier Choices Tikka

Sauce A 89725

Both 1 x 2.25kg


American style beefburger

This special seasoned beefburger is ideal for those

customers who adore their burgers but not the calories.

You can still have the same great taste but with less fat.

Brakes Healthier Choices American Style Special Seasoned

Beefburger F 31825

Brakes 4" Wholemeal Burger Bun F33052

All 1 x 48

To make it extra special add:

Brakes Healthier Choices Reduced Fat Cheese Slices (white)

C 74451 – 1 x 500g

Brakes Healthier Choices Coleslaw C 71865 – 1 x 2kg

Pauleys Continental Leaf Mix C 10674 – 1 x 250g

Pauleys Beef Tomatoes C 10403 – 5 pack

Chilli con carne

Make a lower fat version of this favourite dish by using our

Healthier Choices diced beef which is a leaner mince and is

blended with beef heart for a great source of iron.

Brakes Healthier Choices Diced Beef F 55255 – 1 x 2.5kg

Alternatively try:

Brakes Healthier Choices British Lean Beef Mince

with Beef Heart F 33035 – 1 x 2.5kg

Our chilli con carne sauce with kidney beans is low in fat, so

great for a healthier chilli.

Brakes Chilli Con Carne Sauce with Kidney Beans

A 89730 – 1 x 2.25kg

Brakes Long Grain Rice A 533 – 4 x 3kg

Brakes Crème Fraîche C 15946 – 1 x 1kg

Brakes Healthier Choices Reduced Fat Grated Cheese

(White) C 71951 – 1 x 1kg


Main meal

Combos & platters

It doesn’t have to be deep fried to make it onto a combo or platter. Why not

try a selection of prepared kebabs, low fat potato wedges and serve with fresh

vegetable crudités and dipping sauces.


La Boulangerie Ciabatta Loaf (250g)

F 31818 – 1 x 12

Brakes Sunblaze Tomatoes C 74705

1 x 1kg

Brakes Lemongrass Marinated King Prawn Skewers F 32387 – 1 x 1kg

Brakes King Prawn Skewers F 33118 – 1 x 1kg

Brakes Cooked Chicken Kebab with Onion

& Pepper F 56406 – 1 x 40

Brakes Roast Vegetable Brochettes F 32537 – 1 x 48

Brakes Healthier Choices Non Pre-fried

British Mini Jacket Potato Wedges

F 33409 – 1 x 1.5kg

Brakes Supersweet Sweetcorn Cobettes

F 34069 – 1 x 2.5kg

Brakes Tzatsiki C 11214 – 1 x 1kg

Brakes Salsa Sauce A 89029 – 2 x 2.25kg

Brakes Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

A 89672 – 2 x 2.25kg

Brakes Black Pearl Scallops

F 33004 – 1 x 1kg

Brakes Green Pesto A 87187

6 x 1.12kg

Pauleys Mixed Peppers C 10245

1 x 3

Pauleys Red Onion C 10224 – 1 x 1kg



With parents increasingly interested in the food their children are eating,

innovative products that are healthy, help towards a balanced diet, and

great for portion control are essential for your menu.

Ready prepared


Our ready prepared meals have been

specifically developed for children. With

less than 30% of GDA (Guideline Daily

Amount) for calories, sugar, fat, saturated

fat and salt and in smaller portions for

children, these are a menu must-have.

Brakes Children’s Chicken Curry F 32924

Chicken curry flavoured with apple pieces

and mango purée which provide natural

sweetness and contribute to ‘5-A-DAY’.

12 x 200g

Brakes Children’s Spaghetti Bolognaise

F 32919 – Spaghetti bolognaise sauce rich

with hidden vegetables to contribute to

‘5-A-DAY’. – 12 x 250g

Brakes Children’s Creamy Fish Pie Mix

F 33992 – Fish pie mix with peas and

sweetcorn to help meet ‘5-A-DAY’ and

flakes of salmon, rich in Omega 3.

12 x 200g

Brakes Children’s Meatballs & Pasta

Shapes F 32922 – Enticing pasta shapes

with a 41% tomato based sauce that helps

towards their ‘5-A-DAY’. – 12 x 250g


Brakes Healthier Choices Mashed Potato

F 32989 – 1 x 2.5kg

Brakes Teddy Bears Picnic F 34059

1 x 2.5kg

Brakes Bunnies in a Buttercup Meadow

F 32991 – 1 x 2.5kg

Brakes Children’s Macaroni

Cheese F 32920 – With smaller

pieces of macaroni, and using

stronger flavoured Cheddar,

reducing the amount needed and

so lowering the fat. – 12 x 250g




Ideal for schools and family catering

Apple and Grape Bags C 10677 – 1 x 20

Pauleys Crunchy Carrot Snack Bags

(40g) C 10673 – 1 x 20

This amazing new breadcrumb product from Brakes is designed to help caterers

serve food without frying. Smartcrumb ® is a non pre-fried crispy breadcrumb coating

containing less fat than standard breadcrumbs, to help you serve great tasting,

healthier food. You will find our Smartcrumb ® coating on a range of fish, meat, poultry

and vegetarian products.

Fish fingers & chips

Brakes MSC Alskan Pollack Fillet Fish

Fingers (with Smartcrumb ® ) F 33298

1 x 60 (25g)

Brakes Choice Garden Peas F 3205

1 x 1kg

A unique chip

Brakes Healthier Choices Non Pre-Fried Thin Cut Chips F 34086 – 1 x 2.5kg

Developed specifically for children, this product has been produced without any

added fat and is totally unique in the market. Oven cook with a light mist of oil for a

chip with less than 2% fat.


Müller Little Stars Fromage

Frais C 24730 – 8 x 6


Brakes The Juice Orange A 89656

Brakes The Juice Apple &

Blackcurrant A 89659

All 27 x 200ml

Pork Loin Steak

with Salad

Brakes Healthier Choices Pork Loin Steak

(with Smartcrumb ® ) F 33935 – 1 x 40 (57g)

Brakes Healthier Choices Potato Salad

C 71870 – 1 x 2kg

Pauleys Baby Leaf Mix C 450343

1 x 1kg

Pauleys Red Cherry Tomatoes C 10364

1 x 250g

Brakes ‘the smoothie’ Strawberry &

Banana A 89158

Brakes ‘the smoothie’ Orange &

Mango A 89159

All 27 x 200ml



Tempt your customers with some of these healthier and flavoursome

desserts. Frozen yogurts and sorbets are well-known low fat options but

take a look at these other ideas, all easy to create in your kitchen.

Summer pudding

A bread case steeped in fruit juice, filled with redcurrants,

cherries, blackberries and strawberries. A great low fat dessert

any time of the year.

La Boulangerie Sliced White Loaf F 6578 – 6 x 800g

Brakes Fruits of the Forest F 4111 – 1 x 1kg

Alternatively try:

Brakes Summer Fruits Pudding with Cassis F 8517 – 1 x 12

Naturally low in fat with 28% fruit which not only provides natural

flavours and sweetness but helps meet your ‘5-A-DAY’.

Pear & chocolate cake

So simple to create, using this reduced sugar cake mix.

Just add water.

Reduced Sugar Chocolate Cake Mix A 6036 – 4 x 1kg

Brakes Pear Halves in Juice A 88600 – 6 x 2.65kg

Brakes Whole Hazelnuts A 4617 – 6 x 1kg


Teacake & dark

fruit pudding

Rice pudding

Brakes Short Grain Pudding Rice A 544

4 x 3kg

Brakes Semi Skimmed Milk C 70218

1 x 2.27ltr

Brakes Caster Sugar A 301 – 1 x 25kg

Brakes Ground Nutmeg A 33709

6 x 500g

Alternatively try:

Brakes Rice Pudding A 100192

6 x 2.61kg – Made with skimmed milk for a

naturally low in fat traditional dessert.


Brakes Lemon Sorbet with Zest F 33609

Brakes Raspberry Sorbet F 33600

All 1 x 2ltr

Bread & butter


Brakes Healthier Choices Sunflower Light

Spread C 71927 – 1 x 2kg

La Boulangerie Sliced White Loaf F 6578

6 x 800g

La Boulangerie Sliced Wholemeal Loaf

F 50149 – 6 x 800g

Supercook Healthier Option Complete

Custard Mix A 88605 – 4 x 3.5kg

Brakes Seedless Raisins A 268 – 4 x 3kg

Scotts Reduced Sugar Scotch Orange

Marmalade A 85806 – 6 x 340g

Fruity mousse

Brakes Strawberry Flavour Mousse Mix

A 33916 – 6 x 390g – Just add water for a

quick economical dessert. When combined

with fruit helps to meet your ‘5-A-DAY’.

Brakes Peach Slices in Juice A 6424

6 x 2.6kg

Alternatively try:

Brakes Banana Delight A 89525 – 6 x 600g

Pauleys Fresh Fruit Salad C 70932

1 x 2.5kg


(8 covers)

F 3685 Brakes Tea Cakes (x5)

F 33388 Brakes Dark Fruit Medley (500g)

C 71502 Brakes Skimmed Milk (879ml)

C 70895 Brakes Large Eggs (x6)

A 2371 Brakes Caster Sugar (250g)

C 10292 Pauleys Orange

(zest & juice) (x1)

A 87011 Brakes Cinnamon Stick (half)

A 318 Noels Vanilla Pods (1)


In a frying pan gently cook the fruit,

adding the orange juice & zest and

the cinnamon stick. Cook on a low

heat for approx 10 mins until any

liquid has reduced.

To make the custard, mix together

the egg yolks & caster sugar. Split the

vanilla pod and add this to the pan

with the milk, bring to the boil and

remove from the heat. Remove the

vanilla pod. Whisk the hot milk into

the egg & sugar mixture.

Sandwich together the teacake with

the fruit, slice in half and arrange in an

ovenproof dish. Pour over the custard

and bake in a pre-heated oven at 200°C

for 40-50 minutes.


Snacks & Drinks

It’s a great idea to stock healthy on-the-go snacks and drinks, as well as a

selection for those customers with a sweet tooth.

Snacking Fruit & Nuts

Snacking Essentials Fruit, Nut & Seed Mix A 89827

Snacking Essentials Nutty Mix A 89828

Snacking Essentials Fruit Berry Mix A 89829

Snacking Essentials Milk Chocolate Raisins A 89830

Snacking Essentials Yoghurt Coated Peanuts A 89831

Snacking Essentials Roasted Salted Cashews A 89832

All 1 x 12 (100g)

Cereal Bars

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Strawberry Soft Bake Bar A 84435 – 1 x 28 (37g)

Kellogg’s Special K Bar A 84432 – 1 x 30 (23g)

Go- Ahead! Strawberry Yoghurt Breaks A 88258 – 1 x 24 (36g)

Go-Ahead! Apple & Sultana Crispy Fruit Slice A 17018 – 4 x 24

Brakes fruit & nut mixes

Fresh fruit snack bags

Sunripe Mango Sliced Fruit Bags C 74539

Sunripe Pineapple Sliced Fruit Bags C 74540

All 10 x 100g

Brakes Tropical Mix (50g) A 88828

Brakes Intense Berry Mix (45g) A 88825

Brakes Peanuts and Raisins (50g) A 88827

Brakes Totally Apricots (50g) A 88829

Brakes Jumbo Sultanas & Raisins (50g) A 88830

All 1 x 25


Crisps & snacks

Walkers Lights Ready Salted A 17054 – 1 x 48 (24g)

Walkers Lights Cheese & Onion A 17055 – 1 x 48 (24g)

Walkers Baked Cheese & Onion A 89586 – 1 x 32 (37.5g)

Walkers Baked Salt & Vinegar A 89585 – 1 x 32 (37.5g)

Walkers Baked Ready Salted A 89584 – 1 x 32 (37.5g)

Walkers Sunbites Sour Cream & Cracked Black Pepper

A 89171 – 1 x 36 (28g)

Walkers Sunbites Original A 89170 – 1 x 36 (28g)

Walkers Sunbites Sun Ripened Chilli A 89793 – 1 x 36 (28g)

Snack A Jacks Salt & Vinegar A 86248 – 1 x 20 (30g)

Snack A Jacks Sour Cream & Chive A 86250 – 1 x 20 (30g)

Snack A Jacks Caramel A 86249 – 1 x 20 (35g)

Chilled smoothies & juice

Brakes ‘the smoothie’ Strawberries & Banana C 74565

Brakes ‘the smoothie’ Bananas, Pineapple & Coconut C 74784

Brakes ‘the smoothie’ Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit C 74563

All 6 x 250ml

Innocent Strawberries & Banana Smoothie C 84326

Innocent Mangoes & Passion Fruits Smoothie C 84327

Innocent Superfruits Pomegranates, Blueberries & Acai

Smoothie C 15441

All 8 x 250ml

Brakes ‘The Jooce’ Orange (with bits) C 14923

Brakes ‘The Jooce’ Pressed Apple Juice C 70295

Both 12 x 250ml

Tropicana Smooth Orange Juice (no bits) C 71460

Tropicana Orange & Mango C 16399

All 8 x 250ml

Juice (ambient)

Brakes The Juice Orange A 89656

Brakes The Juice Apple A 89657

Brakes The Juice Pineapple A 89658

Brakes The Juice Apple &

Blackcurrant A 89659

Brakes The Juice Tropical A 89660

All 27 x 200ml

St. Clements Fruits Orange &

Lemon A 84484

St. Clements Fruits Blackcurrant,

Apple & Blueberry A 84483

St. Clements Fruits Strawberry

& Lime A 84482

All 12 x 500ml

Juice Burst Tropical A 26046

Juice Burst Apple A 25834

Juice Burst Orange A 25832

All 12 x 500ml


Making meals healthier

Cooking methods

• Grill or griddle where possible.

It’s quick, easy and healthier than

frying as little or no oil is needed.

Use non-stick frying pans where

possible so you won’t need to

use as much fat.

• Choose vegetable oils, such as

rapeseed, because this is good

value and nutritious. Alternatively,

use spray oil such as Brakes

Non-Stick Fry, Cook & Bake Spray

(A 87468), limiting fat.

• Dry fry. Cook meat, fish or

vegetables without any oil (add

a little water to vegetables) on a

moderate heat until the natural

fat and juices run.

• Serve bigger portions of the less

expensive starchy foods such as

bread, pasta, rice and potatoes,

and smaller portions of the more

expensive sauce.

• Bulk out your meat stews,

casseroles or sauces with

vegetables and/or pulses.


• Choose mature or strong

tasting cheese such as Cheddar

or Parmesan.

• Switch to semi skimmed or

skimmed milk rather than whole

milk to reduce fat in sauces

and drinks.

• Offer your customers the option

of adding their own butter,

spreads, salt, mayonnaise, salad

dressings, gravy and dessert


Fish & seafood

• Offer more fish choices and try

to include some oily fish, such

as salmon (including canned),

mackerel, herring, pilchard,

sardines, trout or tuna (canned

tuna isn’t an oily fish because the

canning process reduces the

levels of beneficial oils).

• White fish is a good low-fat

choice, but try not to add a

high-fat sauce, and offer grilled,

baked or steamed options.

Fruit & vegetables

• Help your customers eat their

‘5-A-DAY’ by serving fruit or

vegetables with every meal.

Fruit and vegetables are at their

best value when bought in

season. Eating in season is a

simple way to change your menu

regularly, keeping your customers


• Frozen fruit and vegetables count

towards reaching your ‘5-A-DAY’

too. Food harvested at the peak

of its season and frozen quickly

will retain colour, texture and

nutrients. Tests have shown that

frozen broccoli, green beans,

spinach and raspberries all

contain as much vitamin C as

their fresh equivalents.

Meat & poultry

• For a healthier choice, cut down

on the amount of fat by:

– using leaner meats

– trimming off fat

– buying skinless or removing

the skin and fat from poultry

before cooking or serving

– draining fat from mince or

sautéed braising/stewing


• You can also reduce the amount

of fat in meat dishes by:

– baking, grilling, roasting or


– adding the minimum amount

of fat and always racking and


– replacing some meat with

pulses to add extra fibre,

reducing fat but still

providing a source of protein

– reducing the portion of meat

slightly and serving with more

vegetables and starchy food

– using alternatives to meat

such as tofu, soya, Quorn ®

or pulses.



As part of Brakes commitment to helping you serve healthier options

we include detailed nutritional information on the packaging of all our

products. The Guideline Daily Amounts are listed below.


The meaning behind the terms

frequently used with healthier


All GDAs from

Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA)


Children (5-10 years)

Energy (calories) 2,000 1,800

Protein (g) 45 24

Carbohydrate (g) 230 220

Sugars (g) 90 85

Fat (g) 70 70

Saturated (g) 20 20

Fibre (g) 24 15

Sodium (g) 2.4 1.4

Salt (g) 6 4

Meals should provide about 25-30% of GDA. GDAs are guidelines for

healthy adults and children giving the approximate amount of main

nutrients required for a healthy diet. They are not targets for individuals

but can be used by caterers to benchmark the contribution of meals and

snacks to consumers’ total diet.

• Reduced fat – at least 30%

less fat than standard product

• Low in fat – no more than

3% fat

• Fat free – no more than

0.1% fat

• Light – implies low/reduced


• Reduced sodium (salt) – at

least 25% less sodium than

standard product

• Low sodium – no more

than 120mg of sodium

(300mg of salt) per 100g

• Very low sodium – no more

than 40mg of sodium (100mg

of salt) per 100g

• Sodium free – no more than

5mg of sodium per 100g

• No added sugar – no sugar (or

food comprising mainly sugars)

added as an ingredient

• Reduced sugar – at least 30%

less sugar than standard


• Low sugar – no more than

5% sugar

• Sugar free – no more than

0.2% sugar

• Salt equivalent (g) – (sodium

value (g) x 2.5)


More sandwich fillings

Ensure you have a good choice of savoury fillings on your menu to

give your customers exactly what they want. Include meat, fish and

vegetarian options.

Here are the most popular sandwich fillings:

Brakes Healthier Choices Chicken, Bacon & Sweetcorn C 74542

Brakes Healthier Choices Double Cheese & Onion C 71862

Brakes Healthier Choices Egg Mayonnaise C 71867

All 1 x 1kg tub (20 ptn)

Another popular filling:

Prime Meats British Ham C 74516 – 1 x 500g (12 slices)

Alternatively try:

Prime Meats Turkey Breast C 29182 which is naturally lower in fat and salt

Offer salad to add a

healthy crunch and to

bulk out sandwiches.

Chefs tip

Sandwich bread

There are many types of bread and wraps

available, so make sure you have a good selection

to choose from.

We’ve given you just a few ideas from our

extensive range:


La Boulangerie 10" Malted Grain Sandwich

Baguette (135g) F 32395 – 1 x 30

La Boulangerie 10" Organic Brown Sandwich

Baguette (135g) F 32261 – 1 x 30

Alternatively, to add variety to your offering, why

not use:

Pitta bread

Brakes Wholemeal Pitta Bread (60g) F 33042

1 x 36


Brakes 6" Flour Tortillas F 4380 – 12 x 12

Brakes 10" Tomato Wraps F 4719 – 6 x 12


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