July 2013 Newsletter - Evansville-Area Human Resource Association


July 2013 Newsletter - Evansville-Area Human Resource Association


Does your company

have a growth

mindset? p.3

July 2013 " Volume 14, Number 7


explore - cover

meet - p.3

Does your company

have a growth mindset?

Are you developing

leaders and

leadership skills

within your team?

Does your company have a growth

mindset? Are you developing leaders

of the future? Find out more at

our July meeting.

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Legal update - p.4

Changes to the FMLA may affect how your

company operates under the law. Make

sure you are still in compliance.

Recap— p.5

Need the slides from last month’s meeting?

Find them in the member’s only area

of the EHRA website.


“The achievements of an organization are

the results of the combined effort of each

individual.” Join us in helping local organizations

achieve their goals by volunteering,

donating and more. Won’t you

show the community how much EHRA Cares?

welcome- p.8

Read about the new members who

joined EHRA in the last month and

help us welcome them to the group.

Chapter Connection is a publication of the Evansville-Area

Human Resources Association made

possible by contributions from it’s members and

the board of directors. If you have suggestions,

please email them to: newsletter@ehranet.org.

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Angela Noble


President Elect

Tela Erdell, SPHR, GPHR



Joyce Leone



Cynthia Griffith, PHR


Director of Professional Development

Jake Fulcher, Attorney-at-Law


Director of Compensation Survey

Michelle Davis, PHR


Legislative Affairs Chairperson

Emilee Hille


College Relations Chairperson


email ehra@ehranet.com if interested

Communications Chairperson

BethAnn Langlois


Finance Chairperson

Mary Thompson


Diversity Chairperson

Rosa Froiland


Workforce Readiness Chairperson

Abby Keeping, PHR


Membership Chairperson

George Lance, SPHR


Past President

Orvietta Shannon, PHR


SHRM Liaison and Certification Chairperson

Suzanne Fant, SPHR


Web Chairperson

Steve Arvin


Newsletter Editor

Nick Lindy



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July June Program 2013 program: details


Inclined: Extroversion or Introversion….Which Way Are You Leaning?

Presented by Pam Goedde, SPHR

Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center | 1901 Lynch Road | Evansville, IN 47711

July 18, 2013—EHRA Member, $15.00, Non-Member, $30.00, Student, $10.00

11:00 a.m.—Registration/Networking 11:30 a.m.—Lunch / Announcements 12:00 noon—1:15 p.m.—Presentation

Growth Mindset: The Key to Organizational and Leadership Development


- Explore what GROWTH means for you and your organization's development.

- Discuss the importance of MINDSET in developing leaders and thriving in the midst of constant, volatile change.

- Begin to open yourself up to a new approach to HUMAN CAPITAL.

- Embrace the CHALLENGE of change and use it to maximize your own leadership opportunities.

About our Presenter

Sheri Fella is a high impact consultant and executive coach. After 7 years plus years, she has recently left her appointment of

Professor of Management at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University to serve as the Director of New Business Development

of Executive Education at Butler University. Before coming to academia and during her teaching tenure, she

worked in the areas of organizational design and development, strategic human capital, production operations, supply chain

management, strategy creation and execution, and change management consulting disciplines for over 20 years.

Sheri has worked with numerous corporations such as Motorola, Ernst & Young LLP, J.D. Edwards (now PeopleSoft), Ford Motor

Company, Honda, Kimball International, Proctor & Gamble and Bristol Myers Squibb. Her work experience covers businesses

of all sizes, from large multinational corporate conglomerates to small businesses, across a multitude of industries and geographic locations,

including international assignments.

Sheri received her M.B.A. in Strategy/Human Resources in 1996 from Indiana University and her B.S.B.A. from Bowling Green State University in

Production Operations. As a faculty member in the Kelley School of Business, Sheri teaches a variety of courses at the graduate level including

Organizational Development and Change, Social Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Human Capital. She also travels for both Butler and Indiana

University, facilitating Executive Education workshops for corporate executives and executive teams, in addition to her own consulting engagements.

As a trusted advisor, consultant and coach, entrepreneur and strategic thinker, her strength is in leading organizations to diagnose their opportunities

and threats, to focus their efforts on addressing the gaps identified, and to create systems that will sustain their competitive advantage

in the future. Sheri has a maker instinct and her immersive learning ability allows her to adapt easily to change, continually searching for new

alternatives. Sheri is future oriented and has an insatiable curiosity for learning and rapid prototyping to improve the current state. She seeks

environments with high expectations for performance and accountability, collaboration with and trust for individuals, a healthy work/life balance

and a sense of creativity and humor.

Sheri values organizations and experiences that believe that people are the deciding factor that determines

the success of a business, a team, or any endeavor undertaken. Motivated and inspired employees

who share a vision in an environment of creativity and potential coupled with high performance expectations

will do more than any function, product or service. And they will do it in a way that positively impacts

their own life balance and success, as well as, everyone else around them.

Sponsored By:

We have submitted this program for 1.25 general

hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification

to the HR Certification Institute.

The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that

this program has met HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved MARCH 2013—CHAPTER for recertification CONNECTION credit. All members 3

are responsible for retaining information on each event for submission to the HR Certification Institute. A certificate

of attendance will be emailed to all attendees upon the completion of the event.


New Regulations Require Employers To Reexamine Their FMLA Leave Policies And Practices

By: John Neighbours and Amanda Shelby, Faegre, Baker & Daniels

In 1993, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a

legislative centerpiece of his first term. Who could argue against persons receiving job protections

to ease their anxiety over maternity leave. Yet, over the course of time since the enactment

of the FMLA, corporations have experienced first-hand the challenges presented by a law which

affords leave to anyone with a "serious health condition" (think bad back or mental stress) working

for an employer with more than fifty (50) employees. Then, in late 2008, the United States

Department of Labor (DOL) issued new FMLA regulations, which became effective January 16, 2009. In addition, the

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 added new military family leave provisions to the FMLA.

Thereafter, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 expanded those newly added military family

leave rights. The new military family leave rights include qualifying exigency and military caregiver leave for families

of covered military service members. The practical implications of all of this have proven difficult for employers to

navigate. Yet, as if this were not difficult enough, on March 8, 2013, recently issued regulations from the DOL on the

FMLA became effective. Although the new regulations do not radically change the landscape of the FMLA, they do

contain some significant changes. This article is designed to help the reader ensure that your policies and practices are

still in compliance.

Major Changes

The new FMLA regulations revise a variety of aspects of the law. Those that will impact most employers include

changes in the calculation of intermittent FMLA leave, the expansion of coverage for family members of certain military

personnel and veterans, and revisions to the DOL's FMLA poster and optional-use forms.

Intermittent FMLA Leave

The new regulations provide clarification on the calculation of intermittent FMLA leave. First, they provide that

an employer must track intermittent FMLA leave using the smallest increment of time that the employer uses for tracking

other forms of leave (e.g., sick leave). However, no employer can record intermittent FMLA leave using increments

of time greater than one hour. So, for example, if an employer calculates sick leave in quarter-hour increments, it must

similarly calculate intermittent FMLA leave in quarter-hour increments.

Second, an employer may only count against an employee's FMLA leave entitlement time actually taken as

FMLA leave. It cannot count against the employee's FMLA leave entitlement time the employee worked. Although this

principle may sound straightforward, it can be complicated in practice. For example, if an employer accounts for FMLA

leave in one-hour increments, but an employee returns to work after an intermittent FMLA leave absence of only 30

minutes, the employer cannot count the full one-hour against the employee's FMLA leave entitlement. Instead, it can

count only the 30 minutes of FMLA leave against the employee's FMLA leave entitlement.

Military Family Exigency Leave

The DOL's new regulations also revise two types of leave related to care for military members. They expand

both (1) Military Family Exigency Leave and (2) Covered Servicemember Leave.

Military Family Exigency Leave allows an eligible employee to take time off for a variety of qualifying exigencies

arising from the fact that the employee's family member is on or has been called to active duty. Qualifying exigencies

previously have included (and still include) assisting the military member with alternative child care arrangements

when active duty or the call to active duty necessitates a change in the existing arrangements, attending counseling arising

from the military member's covered active duty or call to covered active duty, making financial or legal arrangements

related to active duty or the call to active duty, attending certain military events and related activities, and spending

time with the military member while he or she is on short-term, temporary rest and recuperation leave.

Similarly, the new regulations include several changes that expand the scope of Military Family Exigency Leave.

First, the new regulations add "parental care leave" to that list of qualifying exigencies, permitting eligible employees to

take Military Family Exigency Leave to care for a military member's parent when necessitated by the military member's

active duty. (cont. —> page 5)


Second, the new regulations clarify that a family member of Armed Forces, National, Guard,

and Reserves personnel can qualify for Military Family Exigency Leave if the military member

is deployed to a foreign country in support of a contingency operation. Third, the regulations

increase the amount of leave an eligible employee can take for rest and recuperation with

the military member. Previously, an eligible employee was limited to 5 days of

leave; now, an eligible employee is permitted a maximum of fifteen days. Fourth, the new

regulations expand the list of acceptable certifications for leave to include a copy of the military

member's rest and recuperation leave orders and other military documentation establishing

the dates of the military member's leave.

The new regulations also expand the scope of Covered Servicemember Leave.

Covered Servicemember Leave allows an eligible employee to take time off to care for his or her family member who

is a "covered service member" with a "serious illness or injury."

First, the new regulations expand the definition of "covered servicemember" to include veterans undergoing

medical treatment, recuperation, or therapy for an illness, if the veteran was released or discharged (other than dishonorably),

at any time during the 5-year period before the first date an eligible employee takes military caregiver leave.

Second, the new regulations expand the definition of "serious injury or illness" to include a pre-existing injury or illness

aggravated by active duty. Third, the new regulations relax certification requirements to allow any health care

provider to certify Covered Servicemember Leave for a veteran's "serious injury or illness.

Posters And Forms

One change that is sure to impact all employers covered by the FMLA is the DOL's new Employee Rights

And Responsibilities poster. The new poster incorporates the recent revisions in the requirements for leave to care of

military servicemembers.

The DOL also revised several of its recommended FMLA forms, including Form WH-381 – Notice of Eligibility

And Rights And Responsibilities and Form WH-384 – Certification Of Qualifying Exigency For Military Family


Bottom Line

If you are covered by the FMLA, you must review your policies and procedures to ensure that they are consistent

with the new regulations. Review your FMLA Leave Policy carefully. If it purports to list all of the qualifying

exigencies for Military Family Exigency Leave, ensure that it includes the new qualifying exigency for parental care.

If it includes a list of defined terms, ensure that they reflect the recent revisions to the definitions of "covered servicemember,"

"veteran," and "serious injury or illness." And if it includes a copy of the DOL's old Employee Rights And

Responsibilities Poster, replace it with the new one.

You also must display the new Employee Rights And Responsibilities Poster where it can be seen by all em-

June 2013

Meeting Recap

On Monday, June 24th, Cassidy Neal, Workplace Flexibility Program Specialist for SHRM’s Workplace

Flexibility Initiative and Partnership with the Families and Work Institute (FWI) spoke to EHRA members at

the Central Library. Ms. Neal's presentation, Workplace Flexibility: The Next Imperative For Business

Success And HR Leadership, provided information on flexible work arrangements and how they can benefit

a company's bottom line. The Workplace Flexibility presentation slides along with the 2012 Guide to Bold

New Ideas and the Flex at a Glance Brochure are now posted for members on the EHRA's website.

To access the information: log into your account, select Downloads under the Member's area on the left

side of your screen, locate the Workplace Flexibility June 2013 files. Thank you to the Courier & Press for

sponsoring June's meeting.



Join the EHRA Speakers Bureau

The EHRA Speakers Bureau provides professional speakers who can address a variety of topics to

assist education, business, and the community.

Members of the Speakers Bureau are available for group presentations on a variety of HR topics.

Topics such as job seeking skills, interviewing tips, resume preparation, etc. for student groups

along with human resource topics related to the specialty areas of the HR profession.

Need HR professions for the following topics:

Generation Gaps (Younger vs. Older)

Women and Competing in the Workplace

Compensation and Benefits

Employer Incentives

Effective Techniques for Conflict Resolution

Please contact the Workforce Readiness Chairperson

at volunteer@ehranet.org to inquire about the Speakers Bureau.


Thank you for your recent donations to

Aurora. Any assistance we get is greatly appreciated.

As an update, we are currently in

need of:

Food items including Beanie Weenies, Vienna

Sausages, Ravioli, Beef Jerky, Potted

meat, Tuna, Peanut Butter, Fruit

(canned or cups), Applesauce, Protein

Bars, Nuts, Soup and Ramen Noodles

Pantry items needed include Canned

goods, box dinners, pasta and sauce,

Household items include cleaning supplies,

new brooms, mops and dustpans,

full and queen sheets and comforters.


Jayme Walters, MSW

Director of Development

The EHRA is currently seeking

donations of new or gently

used work clothing to

donate to many different

local charities. If you are

interested in donating,

please bring your items to

our next meeting. Our current

non-for-profit company

that we are accepting donations for is:


The EHRA would like you to get to know the new members

who have joined us recently.

Jenna Cox is one of many new and returning

members to EHRA this past

month. Jenna currently serves as a Human

Resources Analyst at the University

of Southern Indiana. When asked what

she enjoys about her current position,

Jenna said, “I enjoy the aspect that drew

me to I/O Psychology and HR in the first

place – the impact we can have on people’s

livelihoods. Given the amount of

time people spend at work, improving

people’s work lives can really impact their lives overall. I

enjoy the role I feel I can play in improving people’s lives

in this way.”

Another new member to EHRA this

month is Steve Cox. Steve currently

serves as Assistant Manager, Team

Member Relations at Toyota Motor

Manufacturing Indiana. When asked

why he joined EHRA, Steve said, “After

working in a non-HR role for the last 3

years, I wanted to get involved with a

group to stay abreast of HR trends and


Janet Herr is another new member

to EHRA this month. Janet current

serves as the Manager of Human Resources

at TJ Maxx Distribution Center.

When asked what she likes the

most about her currently position,

Janet said, “I enjoy the multi-facted

nature of my role: Business Partner

to the operations team, associate

advocate, mentor and coach.”

Gina Yegerlehner joined us this

month as well. Gina currently serves

as a Market HR Manager for Walmart.

When asked what prompted her to

join EHRA, Gina mentioned the ability

to network with similar professionals

in HR. Gina currently oversees

Markets 241-254 at Walmart.

Other new and returning members

include: Lisa Hughes, Republic Services,

Cathy Katz, Energy Systems Group and Scott Wilson,

Fibertech, Inc. Please help us welcome all of our

new and returning members to the organization at our

next meeting.

Did you have a recent accomplishment that you want to share?

Let us put you in the spotlight. Email our Newsletter Editor, Nick

Lindy at newsletter@ehranet.org.


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