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MARCH of 1

Volume 8 Issue h MI I










Royce Jacobs


Mike Harrelson

late Crosford Mr. T


Helen Wolf Royce

Jacobs John Forgach

Trevor Williams

Scott Farley David

McClellana J.J. Coombs

Gary Savelson *JAND

Brian Mclamara*

Jeanne Zeigler K&


up, you'll get less

-Shelly Morrison


Ed: Apparently not ...

ear Dickheads,

Well, you got me

Timmy boy. Why do people

bitch about bands? Hmmmm.

Let's think about it. Well

maybe it is because we live in

America and we want to exercise

our rights. Or maybe it's

for entertainment. Or maybe

just maybe, it's because I can

and you can't stop me. That's

the beauty of it. I can say what

I want, you can say what you

want. I can also see that you are

the "why can't we all just get

along" type. You're right, however,

I don't want people ta

think the same as I do. I just ,

wanted to point out some fallacies

in those young boys

statement. So if you'd get

Hooked on Phonics

and learned to read you'd have

realized that. Hev that's iust mv

, l~ear dickheadr, .

I can't believe

you put Joan Armatrading in

your magazine! What next, Neil

Diamond? How in the hell ...



Well, not much has changed,

except political articles

throughout my fav'e non political

mag. Whassup? This is

what happens when you let

Republicans out of their closets.

Next thing you know,

cocaine witl get big again and

people witl be running around

'dance clubs' with gold Johnny

Bravo bracelets and bad

clothes listening to bands like

Haircut 1,OO and the Thompson

Twins. (spare me the letters)

Speaking of bad music, since

Madonna's not doing anything(or

anyone) I have a new

Miss Teen idol to pick on.

Alanis Morissette. ALBUM OF



--The Cordova Dyke

Marl b, JII~~ I, NicM, Kevin, Sal C@ THE YEAR? You must be kid-

Brrq~sla#1Bdla ED Note: 'just saw a ding me. I'll give anyone a dol-

Is published by the 9th of each month

The wrltlng IS contributed by free-lance writers episode of ~einfeld with the lar who Can tell me where she'll

The wntlng IS the aplnion of the wrtters and IS not

necessanh/ that of SLUG SLUG

"SOUP Nazi". If YOU do some- end UP. In the where are they

not legally

responstble for 11s writers or advenlsers II YOU thing that pisses him of, he now Section. Then she gets

dbn't agree wlth what IS sa~d WRITE All sub

mlssme must be reeelvad no later than the 25th

kicks you Out with'vo soup' ROCK VOCAL PERFO~of

the month we try not to edit any of the wntlng Well, we got so many dumb let- hMNCE for "YOU Oughta

that IS sent We thank everyone for the contmued

suppon ters this month, we took the Know"??? Will someone please

SLUG STAFF "Soup Nazi" approach. explain to our wide mouthed

SLUG is rinted by the

friend .the meaning of the word

fifth qf t& month the Dear Dickheads, ironic? None of the things she

deadl~ne IS the 25th of you guys are so un- sings about in that song are

the month .

~t's not even ...

ironic; at all! Bad luck and


irony are two diferent things.

Do you want'to know what IS

Dear Dickheads,

ironic? She can't sing, but gets

I'm the guy who wrote an awardfor Vokal .

the letter about the Meat Pupp.. Performance. She can't write a


NO SOUP! song, but gets an award for ,

Phone (801) 487.9221

Album Of The Year. That is true

Dear dickheads,

irony. Andfinally, the brain

Fan (801) 487.1359

Why is it that when surgeon that she is, gives us

someone questions you in your this quote . "I didn't feel any

2120 South 700 East letters section, you feel the synergy with anybody and did-

Suite H--200 need to belittle them instead of n't connect with them on a

giving an honest answer, or at cerebral level or an intellectual

S.L.C.. UT 841081894

least an explanation? It would level at all, until I met Glen."

E-mail us at... seem to me, that if you were Maybe all of the people knew more up front, you'd get more the meaning of the word

letters Whereas, if you keep it

And Inst birt not least,

the scariest man alivQ Pat

Buc/ranan, talking nborrt equ~

rights ...

"We lrere in ~herica

have equal rights and eqtial

opportunities rro tttatter zvliere

we cpme fronr. 1 don't cure if

it's Eastern Errrope or Ireland

or the viddle East or Africa I

the Car&beatt. We all have

equal rigi!ts under lazi$ but

there's spkinl privilege for

none" .

He left orif the pa@

about if you {Ire gay or If yorr

are a woman'-tc7lro doesn't zonnt

the U.S, Gozre~tzttrent climbit~'y

up, your ass, tl~n

if's nof reczlly

Americu at all is it?


An (1n)~xclusi;~ Report

Satur4ay, February 24: After cutting

costs drastically (Flying coach, bringing own

booze and %dewear), I submit my projected

travel expbhses for my assigpment to .

cover the 3i)t.h Annual'Grdrrtmp Award* to

Boss G and Queen C at SLUG headquarters.

Much screaming and fuqditure hurling

ensues. "C'mon you cheap bastards! Grid

spends more than that on software! How the

hell am I going to do a story on the fucking

Grammyst3 if I can't even get to L.A.?" "Hey!

Just be glad you can actually say fuck in

THIS magazine! I don't care what you do--

we ain't payin' for it, capish?'says G, climbing

into,his lavish new hot tub that occupies

'the space that used to be my office. 'Yeah, ' .

and get me that bottle of Chateau '57 while ,

you're up--or do you need ~1- goddamned ,

expense account to do that. too?" chjmes in

C. After reIieving myself into the nice bubbly

water, I set out to devise a new plan'of attack.

Sunday, fibruary 25: My birthday

(Don't e"en ask),/hnd it always fqlls on or

around G r a d day--God's cruel joke on

the Music Hack apparently. Since I now

won't be going to the Shririe Auditorium, I'll

do the next best 90's thing: go online and,pretend

that Ym right in on the actidn! Now I'll

finally get $he use out of rfly otherwise useless

Americ4Online accounf~thisucker's ,

sewn up,,bqby.

Monday, February 26: After getting

into a that room ALL CAPS SHOUTING

MATCH with Hootie and/or one of the

Blowfish, and liberally pepperingmthe prose

' with phrases like "generic industry cocksuckers"

qnd "anally-fitted fine iron," the fascists

at Amerikka Online cancel .me-for life!

Whatever. Plan B: the GrammysB website

( There's live Quickfime

video coverage, chat rooms and the iike-of

course, you need a co~ple"tho~isand extra

megs of RAM to even think about using any-

"The first GrammysB were awarded on May

4,1959 for recordings eligible in 1958. When

NARAS (The National Academy of

Recording Arts and Sciences) was putting

together the first awards show, someone suggested

that it be called The Eddies, named .

after Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the

phonograph. But this suggestion was rejected

because people might have thought they

were named after Eddie Fisher, thus the

name Grammy& won out." (Huh? So who

the hell were they named after? Phil

Gramm?); "1993: Billy Ray Cyrus, fhm

- Flatwoods, Kentucky, gets three nominations

for his side 'Achy Breaky Heart' (Best New

Artist, Record of the Year and Best Country

Vqcal Performance). 1994; Sting, ie. Gordon

Surnner of The Police--who was once a

schoolteacher-receives the most Grammy@

nominations with six," (Kind of puts that

whole Milli Vanilli abortion--incidentally,

never mentioned here--in perspective, right?)


Tuesday, ~ ebruaj 26 Athey phones

in from L.A. and he's already drunk:

"Heeyyy! You're missin' it all, slut! Ya know

who I nailed last night? Alanis freakin'

.'Moriss'ette, that1$ who! I'm gonna have my

dick bronzed!" (At press time, we discovered

that he had actually slept with ex-Crue guitarist

Mick Mars, who was wandering Sunset

Strip looking for spare change-Athey still

had his member bionzed!). hck to the website

to dredge up more filler--I mean glittering

insight--for this alleged Grammy@ story.

More Fun $acts: Gwar(!) is a nominee this

year, as are Green Jelly (But did anyone

invite 'em to the show?); the dark horse in

the Spoken Word For Children's Album category.

is Henry Rollins' Are You There God?

It's Me, Henry--And I'm Goma Rip Your

Pucking Spleen Out! ; there's actually$n

award for Best Album Notes--my pick:

Michael Jackson's gushing thank-you's to

mentally bankwptparents the world 'rouhd

for all the kiddie tail he's gotten on those

"sleep-overs" in HIStory: Past, Present And

Pedophilia .

.Wait! There's also fresh, fly preshow

rehearsal reviews! Joan Osborne: "Joan

stands on stage Tuesday afternoon in a long *

white leathercoat and jeans, fronting a four-

.piece band--two guitars, bass and drums. She

is confident and sings 'One of Us' in a strong

Voice, filling the Shrine Auditorium. Osborne

is having a great year. She's up for four

'GrarnmysB: Best New Artist, Album of the

Year, Song of .the of the Year and Best Female

Rock Vocal. 'What if God was one of us? she

sings, 'Just a slob like one of us?' Behind her,

a video is fragmented through openings in a

brick wall. She plays before birds, people and

odd scenes. But Joan, thesong and her very.

solid band are the focus, and she gets strong

applause from the rehearsals audience.

'Thank you very much,' she says quickly. As - .

she leaves the stage, people in-the audience

are humming and singing." kootie et al:

"Five guys on stage, backlit. An acoustic guitar

strums and then Darius Rucker steps to

the microphone and begins singing in his

smoky, deep, warm voice. The scene is the

Shrine Auditorium. The occasion is a

Grammy@ rehearsal of Hootie and the

Blowfish, who are nominated for Best New

Artist. Their Cracked Rear View was the

biggest-selling album of 1995, and continues

strong into 1996. They are playing the hit,

'Goin' 'Home'. On the chorus Rucker sings

'Sha-La-La-La,' a refrain that has graced

mkny great pop songs, from Counting Crow

to Van Morrison to the Shirelles, but on this

sunny Los Angeles Monday morning in a

cool dark auditorium Hootie and !he

Blowfish own the phrase: they !re the kings

of Sha-La-La-La. When the band finishes the

song the auditorium is curiously quiet. No

applause, because the audience b largely

technicians obsessed with perfecting the telle

vised presentation. Somewhere in the darkness

a-stagehand exclaims, 'All I can say is,

wow!"' Wow, indeed! Somebody get the

Private Eye on the phone--I do bdieve we'vc

found that Music Columnist they've been

scraping for.

. ~ ednesda~ February 28, G-Day!:.

. Welcome to:Despeqtionville-a'II other

options exhausted, I make like Joe Sixpack

and watch the dahn thing on TV. This year,

CBS pmmises "A more contemporary, ctittini

edge GrammysB." Yeah, and I'm promising z

cohesive article. (Phone rings, it's, G: "Where

the fuck is it?! I need copy! Now! We're nvrt

holdin' u the rag just for you!") OK, here's


. who won: Hootie, Hootie, Alanis, Seal,

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Hootie, TLC, Coolio,

Alanis, Nine Inch Nails, Hootie, Alanis, The

Mavericks, Shania Twain's ass, Alanis, Hootil

.& the Detomposers, some classical stiffs,

Alanis & the Blowfish, various artists in

catagofies that no one could care less about,

and -(wait for it) Hmtie! Show highlights:

Eddie Veddei mumbtes something condemn

ing (Glad ya could make it, ~h!), the original

Kiss in full make-up and costume

(Remember my Livestock hoax of '93? It's

gonna happen), Alanis M. sez "fuck (That

gal's a rebel!), a commercial for the graverobbin'

Fab 3's Beatles Anthblogy 2 (Mental

Note: Write the parole board and get Mark

David Chapman out long enough ta complete

Three More Missions), Shania Twain's

ass (God, it's a masterpiece ...p ure art.,.we'll

build pyramids in it's honor--she sings

.alright, too), and the Grand Finale, when .

multiply-snubbed Michael Jackson takes the

stage astride a troop of naked Boy Scouts ant

rings down a hail of pig's blood-Carrie -

style--upon the unworshipping throng.

What? You missed that? This is why you

never tune out until the end! ~emekber

that--if you're still reading ...

-Helen Wolf









ANTI., PO0 1765, BURBANK. CA 91507

' IDAXO'S 'This Way Out', 'PearAfter Pi'

and 'Three Sheeta to the Wind' available at

CIbWl3ALL.AVnIO 1202 N. Btake Sk

~reh, Utah 801.%6.8$3$ . ,

I Concert


wnlf Mouhtain or something owned by Zabrecky's emplo) -..

:date is March ?1 at the The company launched an inifeskill.

tigation attempting to determine

the cause of the

Ben Folds Five

into town and

When the new Possum

in order tarelive the boredom of

7 Seconds, Skankinl,Piolde and

Stretsch Magnifico'

Mere is an upcoming

show' to warm the hearts of punk

and ska fans alike. 7 Seconds has

been around in one form or

another for years. Their new

atbum comes to you courtesy of

Immortal/Epic and it lives up .to

every expectation of what punk

rbck sbuld be. Dizzying speed,

healthy melodies and that

beloved pc?wer drumming.

Skankin' Pickle and .

Stretsch Magnifico will have ,

things plenty heated up for the

headliners. The Wasatch Front is

a hotbed of ska activity The local Ben Five is on

band alone could probably fill a

passenger/ caroline. Unlike

Fairgrounds hall. Their high

most of the music around the

energy performances are loved

present theband isn't guitar

by hundreds if not - based. Be* Folds p1ays.a baby

And if you think are high

grand piano and he does haul it

energy wait until Skankin' Pickle

around on the road. The band is

takes the stage. engage in completed by Robert Sledge on

all kinds of thrilling on-sage

the bass and drummer Darren



A line-up of punk rock

The emphasis is on the

and ska for kids of all ages. The

song and the pure,,pop

show is at the Fairgrounds on

harmonies. I,m not sure if Sony

March 8. I'm predicting a sellplans

to reissue the Passenger/

out. Skaters, boards and the con-

Caroline CD like they did with

tingent from the ska capitol of

the Presidents Of The United

the west located just south of Salt

States Of debut on

.Lake City will all join together in

pop Llama, or if.there is a new

a fun-filled room.

. one in the works. Whatever, it is

probably best to see the band this

wfi:,;w time because with Sony backing

, ,.,


them they might nexf appear at


1 SLUG 6 March

was employed

as one when

guitarist, a Madonna medley

from the singer or something

Chavez chauf- copy someone else. That is probfeured

strip- ably why they are signed and -

pers to private that is no doubt why they are

parties. The touiing hard behind their second

band practiced Interscope release. The Cinema

at night in a 'Bar is .the piace to see 'Possum.

Dixon on March 11. '





........... ................


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bands playing roots, blues, rockabilfy, and more.

.~u[l into the drive-in and catch an oldfTick.

.Open thisfine qualify magazine, put your feet up.

andfind out what's the latest, andwhere to get it,


Send only S1 1 rash or check payable Lo 'l)ro\vl'

for 0 issues, or S3 For our ncsl issue, along \vit!i

your name and address to: I'KOWI.

1 1288 Venturi Rlvd. if761

Studio Ci t)., CA 9 1 604-3 149

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Modern Postcard .

Okay you know

4 }I

that 7 Year Bitch is

coming back to town .

right? Pbu also know that

they have p new album

coming out a day or two

after their show. SLUG got "

to'talk to V'alerie Agnew on


the phone. She's the '


SLUG: Hi. Is this Valerie?

VALERIE: This is Valerie.

SLUG: Well how you

doing? VALERIE: I'm really

tired but I'm doing good.

SLU.G: Your friend Jenny

said to tell you Hi. VALERIE: Jenny

Bendel? SLUG: Yep. VALEVE: Oh good.

SLUG: I just talked to her a minute ago. So

Hi from Jenny. VALERIE: Okay thanks.

(Jenny Bendel runs Plain Jane PR and she

keeps SLUG up to date on what is

happening in Seattle. I was talking to her

about Home Alive, a subject you will read

r E.

more on later.)


SLUG: Okay. I guess you saw


Stone Fox when yoiwere in San Francisco.


VALERIE: Yep. SLUG: How'd you like ,

them? VALERIE: I love Stone Fox. They an Fay

back to ,:

rule. SLUG: Yes, they do. VALERIE: .,.. n.c.t. -I..&

rear mtcn srur.

~he~'re totally exckient. They're really

SLUG: Women playing rock

cool. We played one show with them. We

you ever listened to the Tras

did an outdoor benefit at this warehouse in T, A, "T+'rT- v,

vn~cluc: ~n$ ~ri

San Francisco that we were doing for the L~:-,. -- ,A,L - --A

tIll11K 5U. VV I1

Mia Investigation Fund and we got to plaL

with them which was reallv coo<

show I saw with them waiat the

Of The Hill. But I think the

The mention of t


Home Alive. She is a co-fxnde

collective which.was establishec

practical and creative a

fighting violence.. The

was titled Viva Zapata and it w

dedicated to her memory. Hom

recentlv released a C


~efe&. Valerie stressed that ha

naa. vve were, wl

involvement with Home Alive d separate

Anderson. Buf he

from her work with 7 Year Bitch. Their

excellent to work

contribution to the album is "Mad Dash," a ,,,.. , >.--

tune written specifically for Home Alive. I

won't include our conversation on the

project here. Hopefully it will appear in the

next SLUG. The current state of affairs in

Utah is such that The Art Of Self-Defense

is required for arriving home alive.

8 March

9 6

selves with record1 were'just Elizabeth would $u say we're happy I

focused on what and we cynics? She said absolutely. Aren't most

'2-2 -..L - 1-L -c

t~lru vuz d IU~

UI t

had never

before. We wante d @get as much of a...we

want a live so,und cause that's the kind of

lhings that we smart people happy cynics? .


[ SLUG 9 M7

SLUG: Can you talk about the songs at all SLUG: Okay, J'11 watch for it. See if Lean ' that's all ages.'A lot of it I think for bands

or is that more for Selene? "Crying watch it sooner or later. ! going through towns like that is that a lot

Shame"? VALERIE: Oh, you mean lyric

. VALERIE: Yeah, I'm sure it will be ... if'not of venues are pretty, its weud

' wise? SLUG: Do you have any idea what fuck, I'll jdt Send you a copy of it. they're not a permaent place, it's like they

she's, what some of them are about? SLOG: Here's another question. You switch around a lot

VALERIE: Yeah, I'know what they're toured with Silverfish. VALERIE: That was .SLUG: Warehouses and 'stuff.

about, I don't kno'w hang on. It's about like. our first U.S. tour. SLUG:.Yeah, Leslie . , VALERIE: Yeah, so its hard from a booking

things that have'affected her whether its , Rankin has a new band. DO you have any standpoint to find where they are an'd then

relationship-wise or friendship-wise or fond remembrances of her? you wonder if when you get there they're

whatever, I mean, I think some of them are VALERIE: Leslie Rankin is great. Her band still going to be open.. But we really

about specific things and some of them is called ~ inow b or ~ I guess that's the wanted to do an all ages show there and a

aren't and its probably better for her to talk album. I haven't actualIy heard her new lot of our fans are like.

about it than for me. I know that for me stuff, but 1 think she's a really powerful We get a lot of 1etters.from young Grls and

like the lyrics on this record, I think that singer and performer a really intense stuff and we are always really into reading

Selene has, gotten really good at woman. I think she is really smart. A lot of them and try to respond to them as much

articulating things that a lot of people fun. We got- to see her kind of on and off in as we can. We get a lot of lett& saying . :

could relate to. You know, like for me, Seattle when, we were back in town but she that it helps them through certain things or

some 6f these songs when we played them was busy recording and I think she's ndt that they can totally relate to where we're

and I hear the lyrics played I can relate to even in town anymore so'we haven't seen coming from and they thank us and that is

them from things that have happened in her in a while But Silverfish, that was a always really cool to hear.

my lifewith relationships that I've had and good first tour for us to go out with: They Cause.1 know, you know before I started


that's really cool. I mean we,always get were very inspiring. I think our. favorite playing I couldn't remembei being affected

behind what she is doing. 'What she is band to tour with so far has been Alice that way by bands suwe really appreciate,


thinking about. There's never been a song Donut. Yeah, they're great They broke up. it and we're really looking forward to

that's'she's done that I'm like oh, God , SLUG: Thdy did? They just put . playing a show like that If's always. really

please don't say that or something like out a record six months ago. frustrating. We go and play and we know '


that. But 'its just about you know, life VALERIE: Yep, they broke up. It sucks there are people that can't get in. I hate

experiences, going through stuff. cause we wanted to do another tour with that. We all do.

SLUG: What songs would you say, them. But I just talked-to this guy the other' SLUGS: The kids are standing outwhat

songs stand out to you. - day, I think, they've been doing it, they've side.

VALERIE: For me, lyrically? That I could been at it for so long and they all want to VALERIE: Yeah, that sucks. Cause I know


relate to? Oh God, lets see, kind of just do some side projects for a

art;" "Miss Understood,"


when I first moved to Seattle I wasn't old

enough to get intd bars and I lived with

Mia and those guys and they would play

like on New Years Eve and I couldn't get

d it's just so fucking frustrating, that

e liquor law thing just pisses me off.

e there's a lot of places, a lot states

e you can get, like in New York. You

different stamp and you can go into

u don't have a wristband you

r anything from the bar. That

o be a pretty civilized way to . ,

it but for some reason a lot of states

Gato Negro comes out on March

ping it makes 7 Year Bitch rich and

s. But, like Valerie said @e radio still

to catch up. The band will play the

Grill. on March 10,and it is an all

I;.. , raft with a three dollar

cover and a live band. Ten pm

rolls around, its standing room

only and the place begins to pop.

Its amazing because this place is

so out of the way you would

never find it or stumble upon it

by accident. If any of you know

anything about Ogden you'll

know and recognize the Grey

Moose has been around for about

a hundred years or so. In the

past they have played host to

some killer loci1 towns. The

Malis brothers for example. All

of a sudden the Grey Moose

becomes paranoid and offers

something they've never offered

in the past, Wednesday nights no

doubt, five drafts, free hot dogs

and a live band with $5.00 cover.

Why now? Why this? Are we a

little concerned about a no name

club still in its infancy taking all

of our valuable customers or do

we just want to show them who

the big - dogs - are in town. Who in

the fuck was the marketing

genius that threw in the free hot

dogs. But 1 love it when I've

been drinking beer then I eat a

hot dog or two and then I go talk

to the ladies and end up burping

the shit up for the rest of the

night. And I got to tell you it

drives the women wild. In fact, 1

like free hot dogs so much that I

scan the paper every weekend to

see what car lot in town is givinp

out free hot-dogs and hell I'll

bring .. mv . own beer. This kind of

move goes beyond competition.

Can you imagine if every store

had this attitude. Sure companies

and corporations would lovl

to own the market by hey this is

a free enterprise system and its

just not a reality. And for the

most part good competition is

healthy. I just think having a

choice, an option is good. I say

forget about what the Dead Beat

Tavern is doing and get on with

business. Do whatever it is you

do best. Look forward. Go bab)

go. I think that two or th,ree or

four or more companies can be

successful in doing the same

thing without the main goal

being lets put the other guy out

of business. Lets drag them

under. The other night the Grey

Moose sent n\.er their doorman

and a couple of bar boys to chec

out the scene at the Dead Beat

Tavern. They poked their heads

inside, did a quick head count

and headed back over to the

Grey Moose corporate offices to

crunch some numbers. You can

tell these boys have never ownel

a business outside of Ogden. Dc

you really think Spanky's

Cinema Bar cares rvhat's happel

ing at the Zephyr just up the

street or vice versa. I doubt it.

And oh, did I forget to mention

one minor detail. The Grey

Moose caters to a totally differei

clientele than the Dead Beat

Tavern. The Grey Moose is a

harder edge. The tavern is laid

back. Its like the Ashbury Pub (

Ogden yet smokier. Its got the

love vibe floating through it.

The Grey Moose is heavier, mor

of a place to flex your muscle.

Regardless of bvhat role you pla

in life don't think nobody's

watching because we are. And

as the quote in the movie says 1

am the iYes and ears of this ins

tution. Big brother signing off.

-P. Parker

THE END' dl of ,%em in their their


BEATLES comes, the Beatles were no


12-1 3-80

In retrospect upon John

Lemon's death at first glance

there seems to be no obvious

won for his Assassination.

Fit we must look at John

Lehdn the man and the pert


f~-. Lennon's whole philosophy

can be summed up in

two words. Peace and love.

/ He spent his entire adult as a

[. person and a performer as

I possibly the major world

, advocate of peace and love.

This may seem like a very

! strong statem* and perhaps


> 'it is. Then if that is the case

; ,consider my ignorance on this

l@trticular matter. To fully

understand his death we

! must think back in time.


bBack when the Beatles were

b:together and performing.

Then we must think about the

kbeopie they and their music

influenced. The shape of our

comkry and the shape of the

: world: The people were look-

P,ing for something more than

&the hypocrisy and destr'uction

that our society offered in the

middle of all of this of the

war, the riots, the peace

marches ptc.. or &e Beatles,

own'way sayhg somethit& to 5

eacE; of us. .&nhoii was'say-. '

ing peace and love. Then it

longer. They quit. No one

knew for sure. It was given

to us that John and Paul

could no longer get along.

But what it really was they

quit so that Lennm could be

killed. In the great puzzle 01

the Universe the force that

put every piece in its place

foresaw the possibility of his

Assassination and with this

inbite wisdom saw the

destruction that would take

place if this were to happen,

his killing while &e Bcahs

were still together, So the&

must be h e for the itrfluen,ce

of the group over the people

to have time to wear down

some. If Lennon would have

been killed while performingwith

the Beatles there would

have been a great possibility

for tremendous destruction t

and violence and this was not

Lemons way. The Beatles

disbanded so that John

Eennon.could fulfill his destiny

and instead of bringing

violence and destruction it

will bring a world Wide

moment of sil~t prayer and

peace as we honor his





Stretch Magnifico

March 8th 7:00 pm

Horticultural Building

Tix on sale at Spankys and SmithTix

w~arch lth @


inema Bar-


. ..

Marah 1Qth at:

the C~nema

Bar I

I The tinema Bar



W. Broadway 359.1 200

Tickets available at Spanky's &

. Cinema Bar

A private Club for Members

SLUG 11 -1




SLC-So, unless you've

been dead recently, you've

heard of the secret meetings, the

gay agenda, lack of constitutional

rights, blah blah. Well, I just

wanted to give you a who's-who

of who caused what problems

and the names that we want

voted out. Apparently, this all

started with a 'secret meeting'

early this year, instigated by two

of our Senators, Charles Stewart

and Craig Taylor. What did they

do at this 'secret meeting' Why,

of course; they discussed issues

that affect all of us.

Here are some of the issues

concerning Utahns these days:

1) Drive-bys. So far, we have

had about 100 this year, a~i'd we

haven't even made it through the

second month yet. 2) Child

abuse. Did you know that Utah

has some of the highest statistics

in the nation? One of the school

districts estimated that well over

50 percent of their students had

been physically or sexually

abused. I wont tell you the exact

number because it will frighten

you. But, you can look it up

yourself. 3) Homeless. We have

approximately 300 or more living

on the streets in the county.

4) Gang members. Estimations

at 2000 or more in the Salt Lake

area. 5) Affordable housing.

What are the poor supposed to

do? 6) Inner-city schools. There

are constant complaints that

these kids are not getting the

things they need. 7) Roads. This

is my personal favorite problem.

We have potholes big enough to

drive cars into. Missing any

pets? Or children? Check the

potholes. You might think by

now that these were some of the

issues at the 'secret meeting' Not.

They were actually sitting

around watching gay pornography.

Of course they referred to it

as a 'recruitment' video.

Have any of you ever actually

had one of your gay friends try

to 'recruit' you. "Luke, come

over to the pink side" Please.

How ridiculous.

The issue that concerns me,

however, is the secret meeting

itself. Secret meetings are illegal.

Do you want some examples of

times in history when secret

meetings took place? Watergate.

Nazi Germany. What else needs

to be said? These people need to

be let go, removed from office,

voted out.

Anyway, I urge you to write

to these senators. Ask them to

step down. Do everything in

your power t? vote them out.

Senator Craig L. Taylor

312 Oak Lane

Kaysville, Utah 84037

Here's a witty quote from your

Kaysville senator. "I have strong

feelings about ultimately the gay

and lesbian agenda" He told this

to the Associated Press."They are

promoters and have come right

out and said we will seduce and

sodomize your children" What?

Senator Charles Y. Stewart

447 West 4150 North

Provo, Utah 84606

Clever quotes from Charles;

Allegedly, at the secret meeting,

he referred to homosexuals as

"beasts and animals" He said if

they. conract AIDS, They should

"go to the veterinarian" Keep in

mind you are paying his salary.

Anyway, enough with those

two asses, let's move on to the

real culprits, the school board.

These are the people that voted

to remove the Gay-Straight

alliance from East High. They

put it into policy that starting

next fall this will not exist, nor

will many other clubs, including

ethnic clubs, Kiwanis clubs,youth

clubs, human-rights groups and

environmental clubs. Forget

chess and skiing too. They

impiied that these students did

not need to have a group that

acknowledged sexuality. Let's be

realistic. The football team is

obviously a 'straight' group. If

they found out one of their teammates

was gay in the locker

room, what would happen? He

would either have the shit beat

out of him, Or ... um ... let's just say

he would be rather busy that


The people on the school

board are voted in. This means

that they can be voted out. Send

them letters to make them aware

of that. Let them know that you

are a.ngry that rights, such as

Freedom of Speech have been

greatly violated.

Here are the four names to

send your mail to:

Diane Barlow

859 S WOO E SLC Utah 84108

Karen Derrick

784 Northviezu Drive SLC Utah


Kent D. Michie

2255 Oneida Street SLC Ut 84109

Clifiord 'this is a moral issue'


1289 N Catherine SLC Ut 84116

The r&t of this is about the

students. We'll start with our

beloved governor's son, Taylor

Leavitt. Several students at East

tell me that he is constantly

bashing gays, not physically, but

verbally. In fact, I was told that

he was telling gay jokes at one of

the assemblies. I don't know if

there is any truth to this, but I

was told he was rather discouraged

when told not to do that.

Write to your governor and tell

him to curb his child. And, to

the students at East, especially

the juniors and seniors, I urge

you to talk to Taylor. Tell him

that you will be 18 soon, your

vote will matter, and his daddy

may not have a job.

Michael 0 . Leavitt

603 E.' South Temple

SLC Utah 84102

A West High student, .

Derek Winegar was on the

evening news saying something

like this, "fag this, fag that, fag

you, fag, fag, fag" Heavy on the i


fag. I unfortunately could not

find his address. I was going to I

encourage everyone to tell the

. \

Winegars to mellow their son

out, but their address was not to

be found. So, please flood West ;

High with phone calls urging

them to force their students to

maintain a little professionalism,

especially when on the news. ,

And, to the student holding I

up the sign that read,

"Honk if Your Against Gays" I 1

have two things to say to you.

First of all, check a dictionary for

the correct spelling in the future. I

Second, if you have an attitude '

about an issue, have the I.Q. to

back it up.

To all of the above, you narrow-minded,


gun-toting, God fearing fools, I

have this to say to you. You


1 need to stick your faces back int

your religious texts that you are

all so proud of, and learn a few

things about the God that you j

believe in. Your God does not


support hatred at any level. You

God does not support hatred at

any level. Your God believes in

tolerance at the least. There is 1

not a religious group in this state, 1

that promotes hatred and/or


violence against any groups. So,

unless you want to hang out in

Hell with us evil ones, shut the

fuck up.

I do need to add here that

myself, SLUG and its

management do not in any way


support any sort of overly

aggressive or hostile acts against

any of these above individuals.

we are simply telling you to usk

your rights to let these people

know that you are angry. DO not

do any thing stupid. You do so

at your own risk.

,And lastly, to the three people

on the school board who refused

to help this new policy pass, .

thank you. Mary Jo Rasmussen,

Roger Thompson, and Ila Fife,




appreciate you not giving in

to bigoted policies and behavior.

-Enid Hatch


Can't live

with 'em

Can't Shoot


Washington-Let's put on

happy faces kids, tell Newt

Mr. Dole to go procreate

with pine trees thatwish to be

put to death anyway, eat various

other ignorant's so as not to

waste the flesh, and lets. not

forget to give a meaningful


everyone else who is deserving.

Personally, I would like to make

myself thesupreme ruler of all

things but seeing as how my

magic eight ball doesn't see it in

the near future I will take the

time to point out that it's a stupid

trend to hate the President and

' such. I wouldn't mind seeing

him in extreme pain but I do

1 have my own little reasons. I

j can respect the job he has

because it can't be the easiest one

in this fucked up world and I

don't see the problem with

sending troops to Bosnia to stop

the fighting because that is the-

Army's job. No one got drafted,

and as long as we have all of

those jocks we should use them

to stop the killing of all those

people. Without exception the

general point of armies plainly

sucks. I'm telling you many

losers to start thinking for

yourselvesand stop the "Yes

Mrs. Molly Mormon, yes Mr.

Hardy Homophobic " shit. My

personal reasons for wanting to

see the President in pain areas

follows: anyone who shoots

ducks to relax should not have

the right to breathe. Bob Dole is

too ignorant to see that by

censoring everything that has the

intelligence to question the Bible,

Book of Mormon and other such

fictitious books, he takes the first

step towards Nazism. Jesus was

one hip cat but the books he stars

in couldn't be classified as anything

but pleasure reading fo~

the ignorant.

I mean, come on, there isn't

much of a difference between

Lucifer and God if the devil

makes everyone be good but

God just kills the people who

screw things up. want an ,

example of times God has

cleared the house? 'Take the bible

for example, the time it rained

for forty days and forty nights

and drowned everything but

what was on a certain ark. Not to

mention the fact that God

seemed to be on vacation when

all of those people where being

slowly tortured to death in a

specific World War

2. Newt has the intentions to

get this country together but he

possesses the reasoning power of

paste. He wants to cut money

from the few things in our

society that actually try and give

this place some education and

creativity. We should start getting

ourselves out of debt by

slashing the money that the army

and such receives to do research

on how to kill people more

effectively and tell those

N.A.S.A. people to put some

time into hydrogenpower.

Instead, that a-sexual republican

tries to slash money from the

school system, public arts and

environmental groups. Always

answer for interrupting cows

and the safest sex is in the palm

of your hand.

-Jasone, Harold



SLC- What fuck said

you can't legislate morality?

State senator Craig Taylor

(Reamer-Kaysville) spent the

entire 1936 legislative saturnalia

Bob Roberts-ing shallow, offensive,

anti-human bills designed

to impress the stupid and aimless

with their clannish (clown-

ish) self righteousness and arrogant

sense-of morality. Taylor

offered up some thirty bills for

vote (themost from any senator,

and all of them deriving from his

godly knowledge of right and

wrong), ranging from adoption

laws designed to encourage

unwed mothers to give up their

kids (such mothers are ill

equipped both morally and educationally,

after all, and certain to

be welfare bums), to allowing

religion (guess which one) an,

even bigger public voice'by

"extending" the first amendment

of the U.S. Constitution lbut

what could be bigger than a

church owning a state's politicians?),

to inanely ainbiguous

bills reflecting Taylor's homophobia

and bizarre need for control,

including one that requires parents'

signatures for high-schoolers

to join school clubs, and

another that prev,ents teachers

from promoting illegal activities

such as sodomy (as if teachers

need to be told). On the gay

issue he outdoes even ~harles

("gays'are animalistic and bestial")

Stewart (Ridiculous-Provo),

claiming homosexuality is a sickness

that people acquire by

choice (like credit cards?), and

which can also be overcome by

choice (just cut up those credit

cards. folks).While I'm not

sire why some people

desire the same sex, I really don't

give a saturated tampon, either.

1m much too busy with my own

interests to worry about who

someone else is fucking. And

although Regressives choose to

ignore scientific research when it

doesn't benefit their particular

schemes, science has determined

sevelLal reasons why some people

are gay, including the overriding

fact that most gays are born that

way, pure and simple. But there

is a profound Irony in Retardant

Mo thinking. Taylor's female,

who worships him as divinely

inspired (golly, he can write a

piece of legislation in just fifteen

minutes that will affect the lives

of thousands of innocent people),


Issue # 2

March 1996

and whom Taylor does not contradict

in this matter, has given'

him a litter of seven little

females--now that's moral in a

world of six billion human creatures,

don't you think? Most of

humankind's problems are closely

related to gross overpopulation:

dwindling natural

resources, pollution, congestion,

deforestation, desertification,

ozone depletion, some formqof

mental illness and physical disease,

and poverty, among others

(add your own). There is also

this: studies show that when rats

are faced with overcrowding

they become homosexual i~i

droves. Splendid irony, then,

considering these same folks

who breed like lice and fear and

loathe gays as a matter of religious

policy are a major cause of

what they hate. The moral master.

The self-proclaimed leader in

the struggle between good and

evil. Corn in a stool. Taylor's

own masters are the empty, pitiful

shells of the Beagle Forum, as

exemplified by his vote which

killed a bill designed to provide

basic nutritional and medical services

for destitute children in

Odgen. At first he voted for the

bill. but instantly flip-flipped

when the Beagle's orders were

delivered to his desk from on

high. Moral guy, '01 Craigboy,

and sure to be a success in Utah

politics for years and years and

years to come. If you allow it.

-Rhoda Sheperd

KLS Editorial- Sure, this gay

discrimination thing is wrong.

Yes these Senators are so homophobic

they blame global warming

on the Aids quilt. But some

responsibility needs to fall on the

students who pushed for the

club in the first place. Look at the

other side. After Gay clubs,

where do they draw the line?

NAMBLA? Aryan Nation?

Gangstas Against Learning?

School should be about education,

Period. Well, thats just my

opinion ...

-Gale the Mustache Guy

. ,


After the verbal beating

off as more professional than

I tobk from the pen of the Youth

many of the demos. "I Want It

Brigade I considered never writ-

Now" is the instant gratfficatior

in5 again. Hope some of you saw

anthem of a temper tantrum.

them when they were in t&n.

Play it for a three-year-bAd whih

There is another stack of vinyl to

they lay on the floor flailing the

consider. All of it this,month is of

air with fists and feet. "Alice" is

the 7 inch variety. To the Youth

drone-noise. For a trio they can

Brigade. Much as I did when I

sure fill the room with sound.

fucked your rpcord up so badly

Flip the plastic over to hear the

I've sat here for hous only get-

door opening again and the boy

ting up and down to change

still jamming away as a tape loc

records. I do - so because I happen man compIetes the piece wih a

of Dr. Michael Watt (is the good

to love records. Here at SLUG

child singing and an answering doctor the Mike Watt) runs dow

magazine all the writers have a

machine message. The is

their list of pharmaceyticals. No

box. The only thing that ever

street drugs for the privileged

even weirder. ,,Hey what ya

appears in my box is records. doin, when you,re Once insane. I

Press materials are usually not

,gai, Major Matt accompanies

Like Hell - "Happy

included. I get blue, purple,

his ruminations with a guitar. It

Seeds"/"On Top Of The World"

green, orange red black slices has to be a vanity . - Spanish Ply Now here is a

of life. From that I am expected

Kind of likeElvis making a birthband

that takes that La, la, la, ni

to attract readership by my assday

present for his mother. it

na, na, shit and does something

hole comments. Vinyl is not a *,

weren't for my bitching,you,d

with it. "Happy Seeds!' is nurse

CD. Everytkg else in this rag is

\have nothg to sing about/

rhyme chanting backed by heav

CD related. Write hate mail, call

like missing the distance between

"On Top Of The World" steals

me a complete fmi, I don't care I lo, it Maior Mafi.

from early Pink Floyd and Black

because the publisher currently

Sabbath: Any band that can do

running this rag gives me all the

that and pull it off gains my

vinyl. When I decide to sell the respect. Good record. Home 33..

qusical artifacts of all you "alter-


"Paintwer"/"Robot & Toy" - ,

native" heroes then I guess 1 cash

Another Planet Records.


Incredibly enough a press =leas

Frenzgl Rhsmb -

came with the record. That is a

"dugadugabowbow," "No

rare occurence with these 7 inch

Thought1'/"4 Liters," "Cones" -

ers, just ask Youth Brigade. Thej

Fat Wreck Chords. Power pop

music has a strong old school.

punk (do you hate that descrip-

vibe but mixes Alan Blacks's

tion by now?) f m Fat Wreck grindcore style guitar playing. .

Chords and it is very good. "Well

with Rob Ridrigclq' tight yet od

1 think yqu're really nice, but I ~~d~~ Idiot - ddDsn,t timed with James

could~'t bring myself to fuck Let Themlt/,~Hypnotbed,, -

ypu." Pictukd on the back is a

Chunk Tbs Chunk.

create the inn~vative Home 33

nude, female vomiting. How

knows up. Some labels

style." Both sides sound like

could I not Eke it with those

define themselves with a sound.

bone-crunching metal to

lyrics and that picture. But listen

Chunk defines,itself with a catsears.

The question has to be,

to these guys play. Sure it's fast

log of mGsic.

"when is someone going to pel

and sure it's punk, but what a .

fitS the definition. "Don't

that old church on 3rd West up

wqy with a tune. If they slowed

Let+Them,, rock music.

again so we can see some of thi:

down a touch Frenzal Rhomb sinw the song movesalong in stuff live?" ,

pass off as a fits of fioisy instruments defined

La Gritona - ('Frank

new wave band and-all the radio

,by inability to with one WhiteU/"Squirrel","Deny

stations wodd love them.

rhythm or chord,progression and - Chainsaw

"dugadugabowbow" is my

the singer is either in your face or

Records. Since we're on the sub.

choice for thehit except the bad

Hamlet Idiot draws the

ject here is another heavy band.

word bans it. So I'll take "Corns"

,,experimentaln, tag,

Nice artwork on the record itsel

which begins as acoustic falk

d,wphotizedw is more cohesi\le,

Shit stall graffiti. The start side,

before they' plug in and go pop pdsay there were some Fall fans

has a man with a gun in his

pd. A highly impressive



mouth. The finish bas a crude


steel Pole Bathtub - .

drawing of the female figure,

.Major 114att Mason -

Tragedy Ecstasy Doom And So with pubic hair and a

"The LQbsty Songl'/"Mr. MIS.

On Gqnius Records. A gatefold

crack, holding a big knife in her

SometWg" -Olive Juice. What 45 of trademark noise

hand. Pedestrian tempos, excep

in the hell have we here? "The

fmm the Bgthtub. Since this band ing the drummer until they reac

Lobster Song" is Ma@ Matt

. . has been around for a few years the

Jerks 'Over. Only

~ason#~d M$,uitar comparing and they,ve had sme upedence

Living ~itn&s -

love'to d'ldbster in a cup of butin

the shrdio their.record comes

"Freaklaw"/"Some Will Never

ter and milking it like a pig. The

Know" - Chainsaw Safety


Records. What's this. The recqrd

came with a glossy lyric sheet.

Plenty of band photos and old

flyers were scanned in and printed

out. This band is better than

99% of the shit rhajor labels are

currently releasing. Sure it falls

into the narrow definition of

.thrash metal, but God damn

'does Only Living Witness do it

good! Fucking great single. .

was thtj money too good to

Skeleton Key - "In My

"Watch T~CFA~ Man ~ying~l-

Dedication. .Here's another

'record that came with a press

release. I swear I read this exaEt

same press relwge about a different

band from New York City.

Out here in the west we don't

cotton much to the big city.

Skeleton Key has a big sound. A

big, fat, cornmeqcial, funk-influenced

sound:More glossy pro-

ducti~n, more hurk metal and a

band attempting td follow in the

non-platinum sales'success of say

Dag or xxx. I'm thiihg Stone ,

. Gossard out to pick up on the

band and release the& shit on his

xxx Iabel. Don't get me Wrong.

The record is qcellent, it's simply

not,my style.

- Bouncing Souls "The

Ballad Of Johnny X"/"Here We

Go," Headlights.. .Dit&!" h,

after listening to the previous

stack I found the Bouncipg Suls

at the bottom. Thinkithat

some extra energy was required

before slapping the vinyl on the

turntable f snorted a gram of .

West Valley City crank. Gnawing

furiously at ,my lip and smoking

five cigarettesi in the three minutes

both sides of this record lasted

I@~dthba%$ to.$ea > *

thr&ck to the past? Ther plag

so bst that mosIziq is imp@i-

Ha?. Bage div4.k at a B ,

+guIs &OW indm - :

Changing into 9 bit-trwppe 6

arld moving way beyond the .

, speed of sound. Place this one in

the Ngoad" stack.

VelmasJVelour Moltpl,

."June1', Bel-Air" J "No Me",IEbig

TV" - Tbwrug Records.

It's now time bo dig in to ZY1, .

shopping bag. There are pa&

rqlepsps.Wuded so watch. for

ssw Wrmed info on a few

ba.ndrj. This record is a split EP

bgween the Yelma9 and Vel~uf '

Motel as near as 1 cap compp-

'herid it. I'm well into the t&d

sixypack of 3.2, by the he' the

"records" stop spinning I'll have

downed a case. Thf: male/female

interplay 'of the Velma~ is nice to

hear. The inclasion of flddla as

an insfruhent catches my attention.

Botfi Wmas songs fall into

the botkomless pit now kmwn as

in@k,rock obscurity. On the flip

tlw male singer starts with the

wap-da-bob-da-doo-wap and

tlbt 5s a big mistake for my ears. ,

Theif TV song has my interest.

Here are the lyrics that capQre .

my full a~mtion."listen~ng to

' the radio/listening to some assholeAistening

to you makes no

differenee/in thig lih of indiffer.


Backwatftr -

. "Supercoal"PPhew" Ch4. Out

of the great impoverishdd nation a

kno*h as Great Bn'tain comes

Babkwater. The A-side has some

aqmentary oin a coaple bf suspects.

Is "Sup&ml" abo.ut a bay

w is it about theis competitors pri

thq English rock,sceq? The Rip

clears thies up because the girl

takes'the mike and begins to '

expund on .(Tad hd a big hard

stein. Pr&y cqol tHat one, don't

ye thid mat&

- Smy Dogs "Don't Let

'gm Brahw Y@f%$'Pity

&t3g" - ~f@&@,@&o&j$ ';Donff

4t"Em Braikeh YQ!-~S pet$+

uch yaw irbra&v$ high speed

%k. *'S&@-R$&&IQ~ a wark of

,.pq~ c;aftsipafisMp. Srve it's guj-

@r.rock and it's fas$.but wddd it

sound nice roping fpm 'tkie

radio spealdrs? ~hesrrjr W s

are from Diego. @ow tli&

Rocket From The Gypt is gebing

more attedion meybe big recod

lab$ls will $eseend on thp city to

fihd SQmJ't&

@&, @kd'%tq

DO~S&&&I ba it.

s .

: Grankcase - "Capitol

Hill Murder Suioide

~a@"/"~iverh&~ "Glass

l&d~"/"Te&~ TSt&tic bcafds. .

Crankcasy s&t$wo %&I @!=or&.

"Capitol Ffl @&s&er SuidMe

Pact" is tI@ir.&bub The insert

shows tMi6yay of guitars and

effects.p&L. The@ gb know W use Ww. The hr$t Single

is &&er wifh plenty qf chlupling

Wags. "IWerbedU ends with

he&@ck md qoipe i#$$ $e boys

ereav&iy pres$eii ht~'th5 recod

in su$a mgmer as &.cause nek

dle stiwad repeetion info . *

wty. ~iWl

m k &I &at pitar noise .

interferes. The first single is from


1944, the secondlwas d ead in


th,i@ng of Wen I'p

finished'with @ese b&ords I'm .

going in sear li of Crankcase,. :..

' Lardy Brrsds - . ,#-,

"~ushvil]e,:/ ' 1

"Clarisse"/'~C&ncord", " ~adfi

Eli)^'- ~hebric Records. YpzJ,,:

barlc every ay'punk sack f#&$

Daybn. Oh P o. They madergi$t

sleeve to h Id their reed

they play 4 . rme whty fine

paced muqic. They don't like?:;;

parfing 195, factories q$epy&

ment star&. They do like=&?

grass, fair+, leaves a ~ flwm. a .

These pu#tbs are ha@y. Mutlien

Stu - "Trrfikr Park w n,". 4 , ,

"Co,qpte $katel'/"W@jf 7

~hetoric Records. Here ase some

Diesel Boy - Strap


15 M",ch

adio to find it sandwiched

between 7 Mary 3, the Deftones

and Spacehog. Is this the band to

break Tim Kerr out of record

label obscurity? Probably not

because the label can't afford to

pay college kids to request songs.

Start calling your favorite "alternative"

station and request


Kill Culture - "The

Hate0/"Bad Cop No Donut" -

Inertia Records. Coming to us

straight from Los Angeles is the

future of punk rock. Just read the

press release. "The Hate" is

becoming a punk rock staple on

campuses across the country. The

style is hardcore. The topic is the

usual. The players include Louie

Katorz and Barry Beri of

Mephisto Waltz. The chorus is

"everyone's the enemy." The flipside

is my favorite of the two.

The chorus to this one is "bad

cop no donut." If only it were

true. Back to "The Hate." The

press release is true. The sohg is

a hardcore anthem just begging

for a sing-a-long in the pit. There

should be a full-length out from

Kill Culture soon. XAer that

watch for them to appear in the

nearest all-ages venue. If the

album is as good as the single

Kill Culture will "rise above."

Smart Brown Handbag

- "Sabrina," "Miles

Away"/"New Friend", Cocaine

& Cigarettes" - Stone Garden

Records. A more realistic candidate

for stardom is Smart Brown

Handbag. Reviews are included

on the cardboard jacket. "...One

of the freshest, most natural and

relaxed exercises in pure pop I've

heard in years," says Magnet.

The blurb doesn't tell the complete

story. The pure pop is as

dreary as a gray day. Smart .

Brown Handbag sounds more

like teary eyed @oys from an

English manor than a group from

sunny Southern California. The

record is pretty enough, far too

pretty for my ears. I'll pass.

Pansy Division -

"Valentine's Dayf'/"He Could Be

The One", "Pretty Boy (What's

Your Name" - Lookout Records.

This record should have been in

last month's issue. The A-side

describes in sarcastic fashion

another Valentine's Day spent

alone - that means no boy to

play with. Also included is a skit

on the subject of homosexuality

that the Utah State Legislature

and the local Eagle Forum needs

to listen to. A mother wants to

know why her son can't change

his heterosexual lifestyle and -

become homosexual. On the flip

are two covers. Josie Cotton and

Depeche "Fucking" Mode get the

Pansy treatment.-"All the boys

together in one bed/Circle jerk,

circle jerk."

Slap Of Reality - "14

Durrell"/"Drowned Out,"

"Anywhere,"- Skene! Slap Of

Reality sounds too much like a

local Utah band to catch my


aitention. Quick tempoed, fucked

up rhythms, a singer with a

growl and a howl - college rock

like they play on the radio.

Everready - "Walk"/"Punk Is ,

For Sale" - Skene! Everready are' I

more like it. Two punk rock I

anthems on one single! Wow!

The bass break holding "Punk Is,

For Sale" together is downright i

ska-like. They'll be skanking in i

the pit. Lifter Puller "Slips

Backwards"/"Nassau Coliseum1

- Skene! Rounding out the I

Skene! team are Lifter Puller. 1

Their style is indie rock. "~assa

Coliseum" is not mv favorite r

song of the month. It drones on

for far too long. The A-side, I

"Slips Backwardsf' is preferable /

dui to its velocity.

-Riley Puckett

Due to tke overwhelming

amount of 7" records

we receive, some have tc

be held off till the next

issue. Be patient, we

have them and they will

get reviewed. OK?


I i

?#$ 'The rord aresome snt through some

tough times. It was abused to such great


length that in only a few years after the

. , fact it has taken on a different, much less

porerful meaning. Kick the old school

grammar for a second - this record is

- I)-.

L ,:.

: (212) 613-3380 fax: (212) 982-4959 mil: )rejr~r@pair.~

Top 10 Obvious Choicer

Oh, the humanity:

Help Wanted-The ObviousTM is now

auditioning for a lead vocalist. Must


Page/VM 31@58%4&!0. On the

verge of quasi-stardom,

'IheObviousTM lose the key member

I that sets them apart from, well, at

1 least 5 or 6 other Grunge units. Just

1 when they findy get a glowing

review in SLUG for their Detached

CDROM (on Hollywood's newest

division of Mty, Gallstone

'Records...or something). What?

1 Nwermind-I missed another meet-

; hgAnyway, theories abound on

/ why Whats &Name bailed on Wt

, Lake City's Rodc RebelsTM: He dead-

' ed the band was stifling his genius

p and went solo (like, say, Siegfried is

, stitling Roy?), his bd-thmg

accidentally got slammed in the.

!hunk of a vacationing Florida fami-

\!hfs Suburban and he hasn't been seen

%ce (could happen), he flipped out

because he couldn't handle life on


he cad (you man that kiti"e

/Psycho Guy thing wasn't an ad?)

+lit ends-the list goes on and on. $o

the helping hands here at SLUG

have meawhed, crass-referenced,

and missed at least one episode of

Mike & Maty to compile a list of the

top ten candidates who absolutely

have what it takes to fill the vacuum

that is TheObviousTM did I say that

right? Whatever.

+lo. Vim Neil

(needs the work, and some reason

to justify $20 tick&)

lc9. Sunshine

(Courtney does Pearl Temple

Stridex? Solid!)

+8. Shannon Hoon (dead guys



+7. Joey Ramone (agln, needs


M. Bob Oole (hey, yw only need

one good arm to hold a mlc)

+5. Crispin Mover (slnglngl--he's

got the moves! )

W. Jeny Joseph texperied In

bailing out local has-beens1

+3. Megan Peten (experienced in

nebuluus reoord deals)

+2 Two words:

Bnmge Karaoke


. ,

Den Fultm

. .

. $ . ! . . -

r 4


, 'i,







INTEP,. , ,

., .,a

~~ttp: www.intcle.nct3







17 My;


IThe Stiff Shea

Stan Ridgeway

Black ~iamond

Birdcage Records

Attention, attention.

Will someone please alert the

media that Stan Ridgeway

has recorded another fine

record. The only reason I say

this is that Stan Ridgeway

hasn't recorded a fine record

in quite sometime. This one

however is probably one of

his better ones. According to

Ridgeway he says "this is a

record where I deliberately

force the songs to stand on

their own. The music is as

simple and unadorned as we

could make it. The musicians

and I tried to let the songs

flow out of our heads and

onto the tape without a lot of

fussiness and second guessing

in between. My true

interest has always been in

the surreal the dream states

we encounter when we're

asleep or wide awake with

caffeine buzzing in our heads

and in fact I wrote most of

this music from dreams I'd

had. I've really moved

myself into fresh territory

with these songs I think. He

couldn't be more correct in

that statement. Big dumb

town, pink parakeet, knife

and fork, crystal palace all

fantastic tunes. He also covers

'As I went out one morning '

which is a Bob Dylan song off

the John Wesley Harding

record. Its a great song. He

the song on this record. All

the songs are thinky, well produced

through eye kind of

songs. They make you listen

to the record more than just

background music. This

record is obviously different

from anything St@ Ridgway

has ever done. Its leaner,

more intimate and kind of old

fashioned. And I think its

probably where Stan

Ridgeway's true heart as a

songwriter lies. Because you

can really tell that the songs

are written for aq exacting

point and he hits that point

right on the head and that's it

he does a great job. This is an

outstanding record you

should by it.



Mint 400

Murmur Records

God what a cool

band. It s a three piecdband

featuring Dave Johnston on

guitar and vocals and there's

12 songs on the record and

they're all really fucking good

songs. All a little different

than the other. They're hard

edged, good guitar playing

and some of it goes in and

out of drug induced kind of

funky guitar playing to a

hard wall of sound three

piece bashing stuff. Track

seven is called Little Death

andrfeafures an intro of a

women performing fellatio

complete with gurgling,


* -


,aunds. Class act all

the way. don't miss this little

jam. It will be one of my

picks of the year for 1996

-Mr. Pink .

Lou Reed

Set the Twilight Reeling

Warner Brothers

It is pretty obvious

that Lou Reed does not care

about record company sales.

Lou Reed cares about writing

songs that mean something to

him or writing songs about

things that have pissed him

off and rockin out in Lou

Reed's way. So goes Set the

Twilight Reeling which is p

album full of good,songs that

are written about everything

from egg cream to sex with

your parents which is probably

one of the more stronger

political songs Lou ~ eed has

ever written. "I was thinking

of things that I hate to do,

things you do to me or I do to

you. Something fatter and

uglier than Rush Rambo more

disgusting than Robert Dole

and there it was sex with

your parents. In the name of

fakily values we must ask

whose family? Senator its

been reported that you had

illegal congress with your

mother. Senator you polish a

turd he? in the big city we

got a word for those who

would bet their beloved big

bird without even using a

condom" So its pretty obvious

that Lou Reed is still +

pissed off about some things.

Namely, Republicans and


you blame him? He doesn't

even step foot in the realm o

Pat Buchanan and the

Christian coalition but he h

in the past. Anyway so for .

Lou Reed fans this is an

album you definitely need to

own because it's Lou

For those of you who want

New York part 2 this is not i

This is Lou Reed a new diffe

en't side of Lou Reed.that we

haven't heard before really.

The other side equally

tant as his previous all?ums.

Best songs here besides Sex

with your Parents, are Trade

In, The Proposition and Set

the Twilight Reeling.

-Mr. Pink

The Customers

Green Bottle Thursday

Vapor Records

Vapor Records is Ne

Young's "independet" label.

Even though Neil Young is

richer than anybody I know.

The customers are a four

piece rock band from

Minneapolis with hair. '

Sound familiar? I don't kno

about the hair but the explanation

sound and so does the

band like the Replacements.

But I guess if your going to

have to sound like somebody

that's not too bad of a way to

go. I should say influenced

by the Replacements. The

band is rally good and the

songs are feeling and full of

emotion. They have a good

live feel to it. The records no

too overproduced which I

like. Mostly the lead vocals ,

and guitar are by Ryan

! think he's got a voice of his

own without sounding too

much like Westerberg.

Definitely a record to check

: out. Could possibly be a

great band coming soon to a

theater near you.

-Mr. Pink


Mind. "I search all the time

on the ground for our shadows

cast side by side. Just to

remind me +at I haven't

gone crazy, that you exist and

you are mine. And I know

that your skin is as warm and

as real as that smile in your

eyes, but I have to keep .

touching and smelling and

tasting for fear its all lies."


GyCo Jij#gE:o





rpr nr.3.m *oup




The Cowboy Junkies

Lay it Down '

Geffen Records

The fact that the

boy Junkies now have six MK Ultra .

rds out and have been

und for over ten years just

s me feel old. However,

owboy Junkies first

cord made me think wow,

s is a cool record nobody

ows about it but me. And

ow their new record highly

anticipated everywhere is

released on Geffen Records.

Oh, well, life goes on. The

band however is probably

better than they've ever been.

This time as in ekery other

Cowboy Junkies record someone

steps to the front stage.

This time it is Michael

Timmons on guitar. Showing

that he is more than just a

silky smooth guitar player

but he compliments Margo's

voice incredibly well and

shows that he's got something

under neath his skin.

The songs are classic junkies,

Common Disaster, Just want

to See, Angel Mind and

Speaking Confidentially. So

Original Motion Picture

Sound Track

Artichoke Records

Not so much a band,

but three poets and a drummer.

All the songs on this

record are better poems than

they are songs, but with some

riifty little melodies and some

good guitar lines, the band

turns these poems into

singable songs. They do stay

on the story telling side of

things tho~gh, which I like.

There's some gems like True

Crime, Billy Dale

Hunts/Salesmen and a song

called Out With the Stars,

which has the incredibly cool

quotable line, "Hello Lilac do

you remember me? I was you

hummingbird and I crossed

your swollen sea. When you

get that swallow out of your

mouth give me a call." Like I

said its a four piece band,

three guitars and a drummer:

Mostly acoustic and singing.

forget alternative country and Some hard guitar and good

this new wave of bands that , melodies but not that hard.

are trying to sound like the Cool record. Definitely a .

Cowboy Junkies. This is the

real thing and it cannot be

replaced or duplicated. As


-Mr. Pink

Pick up 'lest My

Bruin!' and enter

te &in tyce

Mike's Head









$1 1.99/CD

1074 Nuat

21 at South








CURTIS OR MIKE 4 521.0104



~y David McCIellan

E)IJSI 1yc.,.1m ~u.1';; i-

!J$ you'yant to bea n$& n' @&

star... Get at the end of'the

hcking line. Can anyone tell me.

.what the single longkt Fe


America today is ? Huh hql~,anyone

anyone ~euhler'beuhkr.:~?~

and Corinthian leather, he'll let pu

blasr on it m cream all ove~ it or

just plain me1

at it wh$e you


thi& of things to sell andyor ways

tals t&)nake a caxeer out of mw. @bre+inmdmb theph. Go

Of ali 6f the b e g that I do in ~hixgandgetsorne~p .

this &dt about how crappy Salt ~hmp and tell hh

t9 cider you

Lake City$ to


that may hpky expensive sea

play in.w&b negative I am on foam g&n,&odoo pedal that

the ke~; of &@ real "scenew, ypu'vp been seeingin tr;e guitar

ultjmate pinhacle hell ride thril4

thep afe spme very fundapental mags qid Pll bet he orders it for

$t we are all shooting for is the

q tq hehg here and being an you b try but. Sorr)t drummers,

+vet&l director's chair

pd.+ov@, unsigned band. ypur stuck forever m g the

$ Ti1

Tom. Everybody and

srEji these are most frequently

$eir mother th& they can write

. ~ ~~0;3ked by the rantings of your

a better script and make a better

.'&+day lunatic like myself, let ,


,£lick. It's a long, long.line and ih ' .

'me.& take the time out of my

fiued with all the other people

waiting on all the other,

hes including people waitipg to

&me President. Trustp. Not

&erybody wants to b

Rext Madonna, or

consider running for offi& serious-

.ly but Madonna, the President and

everybody on their respective lines

L$d-ind u$0 w"

trippin' +tonal

that power

debut. God help

avenigep of first time WQ'S .



in HaBywmd ;;s'&. '&e aveftp .

- age o ~~~1~inband'i ,Wt,!$@y

I%& into the +ajors is avoirt$l.

#The av.+rq&i$&@efhatp bed j$

:%c~g& &&j$%&& big '

~'kpak".:~ $ about Myas.

' .$%!!'biUs# no'wine'befo? ittssl '

tjrme.'7l';rw~?e ywth

myth diat'klls mrds, txix~@

clothes, ad keeps inusic wh*

like Wagstaff? @I business< LQok .

fordw woq"1ines and stray gray

hairs on rock star's heads in fhbir

videos if you don't believe me. If

the line for directing your own film

in Hollywood is Mt. Everest, then'

the line to rock star immortality is

mdst defhiuy K-2. But you don't

have $ become one of the immor-

* .busy self promotingYnetworking

schedule ta thrill you with my ammen.

Tr)e coat of living is cheap

compared to any of your *jar

media center cities. This myns .

th@ you can havea nice%ig ,

rehearsal studio all to ypwlf .


stoner's b m

aMqeiit mkqd @at guitar

st&id@ shoillddt fit moq than

$3.49 pekset than yqy '

@e way way way out of touch

wiq Ihiys and yoh need to visit a

&l-Gic store likeGuitar Czar on

3300 South, or House of

Guitars at 600 South~downtown.

Etic Sopanen, proprietor of Guitar .

Czar, is the king of hospitality and

he redy does give a shit about the

wants and heeds of local musi-

cian's because he is one,. Even if

you can't afford that $27,iIOO VHT

hamade put of mother d pearl

mighty,sea foam green ass

of .Sneeze or even wo&, someone

at Propxwive, the store that is

proud to admit that they would

s$ you the w een leg,off of their '

dead granddother which lists foi

$1200 but if you were to get it . . ,

t&ay would only cost $196 ... so

?hen 'did you pick that

t~p? Which brings me to the real

great thiag about the rork

scepe and what you can do to

manipulate wid, lifeless tissde:

recording. Fin years ago it was

almost deard of ,$at unsigned '

bands could $ord to produce a

high quality full length recordmg

that was comparable in sound to

what tQe major labels were putting

ouk Not so any more. With the.

advent of ADAT and CD-ROM

technology it is now possible for'a

weq phearsed b,and to mrd,

pa&ge, and release their own CD

w&otlt ever talking to a mord

compdny '

A&R person. In fact,' if you arein

a local u;nsigned bad and you

are @&ng without having put out

' at least a few 'song EPbf your band

then, according to industry standare,

you are wasting your'time.

Vfithout product topush there is ,

nothing but T-shirts, stickers and

wasted air. Recording time in any

major aty is outragbusly priced.

$40 and hour is probably the minimum

that you would pay,in L.A.

to record af Uncle Gus's home-

ful of overdubbed live tracks

dub, or re-record almost

thing, at a fradion of the

would be b track sepTa

studio. A pi.ofessiona1-muc P

hour necessity) and &ally off t

the CIY duplicator company'at

about $1.50 per disc.with a 1OOO

disc-minimum ordey. Salt Lake.

City is a great pIa&.for bands to


get their shit together and 'make, ik

happen. Go out and play out at


one of the local clubs in front of all;

your friends and family and see if4

your live show really is as good q

Kom's. Video tape it. Work on it. '

Since there are no record people .

out here to ye you, don't*wony +

about making a first impression;

try different things and don't be :

afraid to fall on your face. G$ you

songs and your shit as tight

can be and then book a small tour

around the southwest and see ' . '

what it's like in fhe real world once

you've worked out all the kinks

here in Nowhereland. It's a long,

long line.

-David McCleUan .

This Month at


s Huffe~




3/27 Sill

3/28 Blue Healev

3/29. Sweet lorvetfa



- 7


.. -- .I .

with those parts in md. And JC: Absolutely. Yeah, we work. If's like going from someon

!d#mmq!- a - d - . - A # ~ ~ ~ % a * -

-= - .

Black Love is the fol- last time they were written and at practice, too. Although; that you've played with for

low up release to Gentleman the ideas came later for that practicing for shows is a little seven or eight years; you

with new drummer, Paul stuff. In a couple cases, some more : . . actually *ce Paul know instinctively what they

Buchignani. Greg Dulli, w

writes a11 the s.ongs, is usu

seen as the frontman while

Curley, and guitarist Rick

MCCO~IU~I are the anchors



his weithered wailing about

love and heartbreak but

Black Love, the dynamics

of thd.bband and the

musid has changed.

They even have an

appearance in the 1

new movie,


Beautiful Girls and

the soundtrack

After recording the

new album and pro-

ducing the Ass.Ponies

7 resurged you guys

. hut ...

or how 'this one has come

live with Paul yet?

Steve came from a heavy metal

JC: Yeah, we did 8 shows at the - school of drumming. So he

SLUG: Cello.'

more thorough from.fhe .be&-

ning. The song? were *tte~


SLUG 22 Myrh

of me. That was .

&ink anymore; it's more like

producing and directing.

SLUG: Cause he does all of

your videos. Most of the videos

' that you guys have made, I

don't want to say all, but MTV

wouldn't play them. So what

' do you do with a video that no

one's going to play?

JC: Show it to your friends.

SLUG: So this time are you

going to get the video on TV?

; JC: I hope so. I mean, that's

the idea, obviously or why

waste the money on them? It's

I really up to them. It's kind of a

'mysterious and frightening


SLUG: What is? Not having

: them?

; JC: The whol~ video MTV

; thing. '

' SLUG: Really? Well, because

1 then all of a sudden your mega

stars. Go from being unrecogn&d,

almost completely

, strongly about how we want to

be perceiwh: Th&ets just so

ing a litt

JC: After a while I did and' I

unrecognized, to not being able muchhstuff o.ut there that rubs don't know if I could do it now.

td walk down the street. I us the wrong way that we want There are sodre things that I

JC: Well, I'll let you know 'to be different. Ad a f& of , did that,I h# to do that I didwhen

that happens.

times that goas agwfthe ; n't feel toowd abaut.

SLUG: Well, I think that's part grain of highpoiwmirketing SLUG: DO+OU even feel that ,

of the und.erground appeal is and commercialism and stuff. way watching Cops? I do, I

the fact that your videos didn't hat's not to say we wouldn't how I do.

get played.

enjoy like ... SLUG: A hit.. JC. No, not really there's worse

JC: If your equating under- JC: Yeah. Plus we would wadt stuff oh TV than that.

ground with'co~rcial medi- to do it on our terms. We're SLUG: I personally like reruns.'

ocrity or whatever, I think not going to do a hch af stuff JC: I like reruns, too.


underground might come more that makes us feel so gross it SLUG: Well, what's your first

from just sticking to your won't be fun $0 ddq anymore. music memory?

beliefs and just doing things - That's where most qf if cbmes JC: I guess getting a little cheap

your own way whether your from is'j~t.l&e ~$in~hiing 'tape recorder and making a

going to be popular or not.

Just trying to be happy with

yourself, trying to do something

your proud of and not

sbff that wkthhk'is importint.

SLUG: SQ what have you

been li~tkniqto a Iot lately

music wise? '

tqpe off the radio with changes

by David Bowie on it. I was

pretty little. I don't know in

grade, school probably whenev-


completely that, JC:. Wow, Slsan Berry, .ihti&new er that came out, it must have

record a ~ the d Ass Ponik ' ,

been First or second grade for

fecord, the Wolverton Brothers me. -. .

from qincimati. I like t~ listen ISLUG: What would you be

to my friends tapes a$d stuff. doing if weren't ,doing

As far as like ... man I canl never this?

remember. I always get. ~ uon

t JC: Wow, I don't know.

the spot like &is. I shou1d'fus;t . ,. Probably.just working as a

make notes before I do-this , '. photographer, I'think. I guess I

%(, ,


would be doing something like

SLUG: You dokt ha*rip.' '&n thdt maybe and still just playit

becomes really c@tziv&.~ -:". ing music on the side. Cause

JC: Yeah. I watch <g.TV than. that's what I always figured I

, I ljst6n to records. ' ' ,!' - "-- would do.

SLUG: &bat's your favorite TV . SLUG: Do you ever think that

show? Jc: Cops. We played in - people just go "god what I real-

Cleveland and some~dy hit , ly want to do is be a bars playme

in the face with a cup bf '. er". You kndw, unless you;

beer while we.were playing. like in a funk band and how

And later on, as I was lkavihg, did that end yp coming about

one of the cops guarding the for you?

door said somethin6 to me JC: I heard the Who.

about it; just kind of made a

joke and it turned out he had

SLUG: You heard the Who. I

was thjnking that this morning

been on Cops and I'd Seen the when I was listening to you

episode and stuff. So, it was guys that there is a Ibt of Roger

like a celebrity meeting. Daltry, and Pete Townsend and

SLUG: I can't figu~e out why the Who in there. '

that stuff is so appealing. JC: Yeah, we all like them and

Those shows, watching.ither we all listen to them. 'There's

people get in trouble., Do yop worse people to be compared

know what I mean?

to than that.

JC: Yeah, I M t kno,w, It's a SLUG: I think so. My friend

voyeuristic thing., I q ~cl to , thinks that their the originators

work at a newspapey as a ghp- of punk. I don't know if I

tographer anti I realIy enjqyed agree but I think its an interestthat

aspect of the job.'.hlce .ing opinion. .:‘a''" :" ,, p .

being able to just so5t b'fhang JC: it could be, I &an.Keith

out behind the police'line. You Moon was pretty punk rock.

get to see how it$ 40be.~ S ' -A.J. Miller *,

",* ".,'$,-.*.,.-'

SLUG: But don? yod f'e s he-

-,:.$ >- : + 4, ,+ .- >&s%+


times that your sort of'invad-

you can't even do it anymore.

SLUG: Well, I don't think if you

guys got commercial success

that all of a sudden your fans'

should become mediocre.

JC: Well, I think people feel,

not just with us but with all

kinds of bands, that something's

not popular and you

discpver it and you turn yourfriends

on to it and it's like a

little shared skret among the

people that know about it.-.

And then, all of a sudden,

there's a hit and all the asshole

guys at school and people that

, you don't like start listening to

it and ... I definitely felt like that

whole thing when Nirvana's

record blew up because there

was all these ieople who knew

about it, who listened to Sub .

Pop Records and then all of a

sudden, everybody was into it.

A lot of people feel pretty close

to their music and don't want

to share it with people that

they necessarily wouldn't be

friends with. So, I'm sure

there would be that but what

are you going to do?

SLUG: So your success, not

yours personally, but the band,

seems to be tied to the fact that

you guy$ are still on the underground.

Are you guys trying to

maintain that?


JC: I don't think .we're consciously

trying to maintain

that. I think a lot of that comes

from the fact that we feel pretty

;r8i;$.$. .+.;-, -- gj

exa as drifter turned California serial killer,Richard Ramirez

has been ondeath row for seven years, during which little has been

heard from him. Unlike other serial killers, Ramirez' fame has not

'endured like Gacey's, Bundy's or Dalhmer's. It might be that Ramirez

ad no class or style.

He follqwed a girlfriend to California at'the tender age of 22,

but was soon alone again. A loner by habit, Ramirez kept his

anbnymity ky being a homeless petty criminal. Subsisting on a diet of

injectable drugs and junk food, the natural fire of human violence

flared into an unnatural Etna of murderous rage. While destroying

her people with haphazard, vicious barbarity, his own body was rotng

from self neglect. It wasn't long after he came to Los Angeles that

1s teeth bad all rotted and fallen from his pussy, halototic mouth. .

His style of killing was something akin to a murderer's

Christmas morning. He would break into a house, and assault, sometimes

rape, avd kill everyone he found. Surprise, today we're kilIing a

42 year old mother of three, and two of the three. Many serial mur-

derers have a reason for thier attrocities; Bundp killed his first girlfriend

time and time again; Dahmer couldnit stand for h ~s sexual parthers

ta leave him; ,Albert Fish believed that God rewarded him with

sexval pleaswewhen he would prevent little girls from growjng into

sins of the flesh--hedid this very often by eating the aforementioned

. flesh..

Rantifez was accused and convicted of killing nine women

and four men raning in age from 30 to 83 years old. HisBrst victim,

79 year-old Jennie Viww diestin such a storm of physical agression

that her head might was said to have been neai her body, to the right

a bit, a good bit, rather than the more usual: centered on top of the


Xamirez' arrest was the first sucess of a computerized fingerprint

registry in Sacramento.-Three minutes after the program had '

beguh working it spat out his name from a print left at one of the

murders. Two days later he was arrested in a hispanic neighborhood'

in Los Angeles.

Ramirez' trial took four years of stupid hysterionics that .

included many allusions to the rock @oup AC/DC and pretensions of

Satan worship. The truth is that the young Texan hadn't planned his

bio carefully enough. He spent the four years of his trial playing

catch-up with the infamy which he felt he earned through the blood of

SD many twisted corpses. From animal fits of rage, to cooler than thou

moments of sartorial grace, to grandstanding attempts to portray his

murderous mediocrity 3s an extension of so-called satanic worship,

Ramjrez time and time again tried to fictional~ze and edit a life wori

of'someone as outrageously mean as himself. Though he never

escaped the dog's-vomit of mediocrity that was his actual life.

Ramirez was bund to be simply an anti-social personality

addicted to physical violence, or so the court that condemned him t~

death found. '


Remy Zero


Very cool band ,with nine very cool

songs. Unfortunately the first track

shouldn't be on the record. This

band should stay away from what

they think is dissonance. Because

its not dissonance. Playing something

out of tune doesn't mean that

it's dissonant. The other nine

songs on the record are great

songs. Probably the best of which

is called Dissent. (irony) Another

good song is called Gold Star

Speaker. Remy Zero is the best of

the lazy-alternative popsters if

there is such a thing. The best

thing about them is they don't really

remind you of anybody they just

make you think that they mght

remind you of someone. From

readingthebio might think

the band is full of peace love and

pseudo hippies. But I don't really

care what the bio says about the

band. I might think their idiots but

the record is great. Its very layered.

Its very soothing at times.

Its very energetic at times. But like

I said, the best'thing about it is that

it reminds you of nothing too

strongly bit reminds you of everything



Tne vvlpers

The Herd


Kerr Records

My buddy Bill Belcourt

hipped me to the Wipers five or six

years ago. So it is that reason and

that reason only, that I still consider

him a friend of mine. Because he

sure as hell doesn't call me anymore

and I've called him at least

three times which is generally my

rule. I call you three times, you

don't call me'back, your finished.

So now I'm going to make an offer

to my buddy Bill that will surpass

all of my previous offers. Call me

and receive the new Wipers record

absolutely free of charge. Why? A

couple of reasons; 1. It is so damn

good. I can barely stand it. 2. Tim

Kerr Records fucked up and sent

me two of them. Since no one else

in this town knows who Greg Sage

is then its safe to assume I won't be

able to sell the other one. Besides it

should go to someone who really

likes the Wipers and that would be ,

Bill. Best songs hew are hard to

say because they're all pretty

strong. Sinking as a Stone, The

' Herd, Defiant, this is a great record

to %sten to if you just Want to rage

for about an hour, or clean your

house or climb a rock or go oh a

huge long bike ride. If you're not

familiar with the Wipers then you

don't know what I'm talking

about. If you aresthen you're in the

hip zone. Definitely check it out,

definitely listen to it find out for

yourself. Oh yeah Bill, call me.

-Mr. Pink

100 MonaLisas

New Disease


You remember 100

Mona Lisas they released a five

song EP a while ago with an outstanding

cover of Alanis

Morrissete's You Ought to Know.

Which was so much better than the

original its hard to believe it was a

cover. Anyway, the difference

between this band and the Foo

Fighters is that this band can actually

sing and play'and write really

good catchy songs, all the while

still being hard edged power pop.

The other difference is of course

that 100 Mona Lisas alp not liv%g

off the notoriety, fame and fortune

of dead rock stars. Just listen to the

song New Disease or Girl FrieKdly

or In the Red and tell me this isn't

a better band. In'other words the

cute girl just got to the dance and

you're still dancing with her

mouthy loud zit faced mornmate.

-Mr. Pink

Turkey Mallet


Immune Records

If you ask me, ska is

meant for one thing: dance, dance,

unka unka unka. I wouldn't nor- '

mally buy a whole hell of a lot of it

to listen to at home. but on the

other hand I busted my knee to

Skankin Pickle at Barn' Grill one

year, that's what a g d time I

have listenin to it when it's done

nght. Turkey Mallet set off trying,

but they just don't follow through.

They lack in a strong horn section,

and they too often don't even get it

up, unka unka wise. They meander,

and unlike garage band music,

I think ska's got to at least be tight.

A couple songs even sound like

Violent Femrnes go Ska, which is

not a healthy combo. It's also a relatively

constricting medium in

which to work, and therefore to

distinguish yourself you'i-e going

to have to have something extra

special. Turkey Mallet don't got it.


The bands that do

it. "Pickle Brown Betty" is one of

those; presumably why they made

the first cut on the disc. "Tom

Cob and the Cocktail Shakers"

are not only proficiently danceworthy

but also pretty fucking funny

with "Cereal Box". "Jil Thorpe and

"Urbations". The aforementioned

slow reggaeska sound, however,

cornes into play simply too many

times. It's just not intersting. You

can't dance to it, so what's the

point? The scales of justice point

towards the toikt. ,


keepffipsm&~?&ort, ti@,& - sound thesaplewithM!y any

jazzy sf$ you auh mve pur feeb musical difkmms tp set each

to 'qun The anlf qutastkm 1 have#^ bahd a ~d. M&m Punk Rockers

ask hyself is: what ~ k are guilty & of this crime ~ moR than

. d d the& be kr &I ' @surf others. Face it, WS not much

, alpimr aanta- $u wi $6 With fast 3 chord play-

- y knowledp d hey to opiate ' ing. bndpn, &gland's Snuff are

, thleitfingers bdd play the majori- attempting to put some n& inp

ty of the guitar needed3 and any- dients in the $b. With a sprinkling

one wh& ever m e d a@nst of kbmmo~~d organ & bombone

.their leg should be able b fbllow added to the spicy meat d scrine ot

along on &ums. The leads are usu- the tburk$ trade on their new

ally wfunk)t ail4 sometimes pretty Fat Chords dise.rhi&m&

anthems of "a!" and other tracJitional

ideas are mkd wih Qew

ideas. The playing and singing is

h&ng TOP NOTCH, making this

disc one of the year's best SO for,

Gqat album that will have you

dancing and air-guitacing mund

the room. "Dicky kym3' mds with

punk rcck forever, whhe "Nick

hyrs for best song title in a ,

while: C D ~ a the Ma&&*

. ..


. ,

' ,

, .

) SLUG 28 My~ch

It's a hell of interesting

mix that i've @&en to =view this

month. Fatso Jetson is like a cornbination

of g*e. punk and su#

mic. I should,add that t tak& .


styles and'ntixes them.iWs heavy

ahd'loud, but itmowz+p&talong

likesurf, It's.lyriFs and d&&n ronand

I cept suggest weinhe& die! knd

meh big time. 'key am try& that's simply for the sake of being

desperately to bethe Dukes of the weird, usually in good h.

*@phere and they fIREHm l&d of weirdness. Like

&yan XTC song fiey a~ striv- the Sun Regime in SLC days of

psycheaelia, modan. yoxe, they wm playing mighty

S;p Songs and they fail miser- strange music so* of hard to

ably Of course1 shdd say that defineI they all played well but you

I'm only talking about the first six were never sure if arty of it was

songs Muse I couldn't make it supposed to mean an).thri.lg. I can't

ast the six* song. So anybody listen to too much F!hk &lapa . '

who has Eieard tracks 7 through I3 because I always feel like he hes '

their not as shitty tracks 1 some pint that I'm missing (feel

the sameway about Mr.


Bungle..thefre having such a good

time beq into their hip that I

don't have room b join). As long

as you can remove yourself fmni

the ndtion that something's going

Musicians must be get- over your head then FaW Jetson is

a ting bred. These days most bands at least fun to listen to. And it takes holy gra&" 0H.W COD I

I all of your stories are stupid. and your record reviews are a year old.

.up to $8 credit

write any more of them down.

These guys need to eat shif and

die. The most pretentious bullshit

I've come arross in a long time.

Proof that it's just too easy to get


, -

-Jod Sie& ma MoRHNs AMERICA

---- --------

,.B *,

ACTEDm '&"



CAST." $8:.

-Stephen Hohlen, ,. :.

unu vn~u

nutn ,- ,


every &den! relationship experi- Briglit,", Mughout the former, -

ments with a little physical wwe the spaces that haunt the latbondage,

and of course &very =la- ter accentuate the less is more theotionship

from Gad's md Adam's ry that worlcs so strongly for the

has experimented with mental b&d. Oppdeite the rev~rb-heavy

'bondage)."Riddle" is I think my ' ' Kramer produced tracks, these

favorite of the songs here, musing tracks display the benefits of

as it does on our place on earth. , wor& with a more virgin sound-

The musical style is deenitely ' oriented producer to highlight the

whatever you'd call Tool, or Mule, sound Js. silence juxtaposition the

with lyrics that run more along the band understands so well. Still,

lines of Progressive rock. Fr Low is a talented enough band to

instance, "Sacrament" could have ' ovefiome such technicalities, makbeen

written by Joseph Campbell. ing Transmission a suitable

N o w could possibly gowrong prelude to the upcoming albw

from a song tbt sampl,es~frOmth& -Bmac

Gyuto Monks and Myst !%met ;

Society is that song. I have to wonder

how they pmcured'the rights.

Anyway, a strong showing from ,

what I think is their first albiun. I

would like to hear what they

sound like when they get enough

money to be recorded and mixed a

little better, there's times when I

can tell there's a little mQrr th&~

what I can heat. The only song I

have any trepidationabout is

"mower Vampiring", which I cart . w JLl?!l


look at one of two w~ys: ewhet the Sevep --- -_At

writer's having a joke on the Joy Gato Negro

Division/Anne Rice crowd, qr he's Atlantic

serious. If he's having a joke, , , Seattle's Seven Year Bitch

I'm all for it, thoughPhabe.&*)-,~;;:. b&xded Viva Zapata! in '93 rnaking

it's the other way aroirnd. To ..

ing a pame for themselves with the

each his own, but I q 't&'the

dalb'bm. Gato Negro (that is, black

black candlewax crowd s&owly, cat for all of those higuy motivat-

Check it out if you cah, and since , ed students who cut high school

4y'all ate in'SLC, there's a chanqe .,,' spanish) is their third record and

you can see them tow.a major label debut. They continue

I .

--€apt. America . . tci§pecialize in hard rock with


'. I punk, metal, blues, and sox$c ele


. "'. - m&ts as part of their repertoire.

Transmission EP

Singer, hlene Mgl, steers

Vernon Yard a her vocals in a didon where

How does a band like they can be compared to a ferni- ,

Low, a member of the postslint nine Perry Farrell (Jane's

club of slow rockers, manage to ~ddiction, Porno for Pyres) and

stay intereSthg over two krds

Courtney Lovevigil can play

and into this EP? Maybe its &erved but she manages to detobecause

they don't just plhyslo& . rqte with almbst a disturbing

and soft as a back dm$ to some enthusiasm wUShich is quite invigoone's

pretty v&, or because ram. Whether or not !ken Year

ambient mysic is hip. They actual- Bitch is fulfilling its obligatory bit-


ly create and shape moods with terness theme when it comes to

understated yet intricate arTange lyTical content (lest we not forget _

'ments. The cover of.*e Joy thexiof grrrl movement) on this

Division tune fm which this EP record, the gritty guitars, stiff baa,

takes it's name illwtes perfectly and thrashmg pclrcussion point

how the band canhe a punk towards tradition!

song, gut it and slow it down, and Gato Negro is a contender bidding

make it every bit the and des- niheshing production, extensive

perate. The two Albini-produced volume, and soaring energy.

tracks "Bright" and "Cardline 2" Cheers to the fernal es.... I mean

reveal Low at their most Stripped girIs.,..I mean -,.. 1 mean

down and beau~..Mimi Parker's wome n....!

vocals glisten as she sings simply,


Archel3 of Laaf

The Speed of Cattle


I'm the first'to sing the

praises of vinyl, but in this technological

day and age, I'm just k

prone as the next guy to sit on my

couch with a bag of Doritos and all

five of my remotes skipplng

through my 5 U) changerland

watching basketball with the

sound turned off. And so, luckily.

all of us low maintewce music',

lovers are rewarded for our sloth

with this compilation Not only L

every 7" from the very first p the

most recent represented, but compilation

appearances and evdn a

Peel Sessions yke

the cut on The

Speed of Cattle. Several of the

bands early songs, including collfge

radio hits "Wrong and 'Web in

Eront" appear in their original, '

+oddily recorded versions. On the

whole, the alternate takes of

released stuff make you appreciate

that they wentand did them again,

but the noodley instrumental

"Smokin Pot in @re Hot City" and

full on punk of 'What.~id You

Expect?" Certainly fit the bill.

Needless to say, if you've yet to

hear the Archep, you'd be served

well by getting one'of their pmper

records first, but if you're ariitlung

of a'fan (and if you've red this far

I'm guessing you probably are),

than this is a welcome addition to

the band's already stellar catalog.


Elysian Fields


Mazzy Star, Cowboy

~u&es fans most definitely will ,

notice sometlung familiar when

this four song EP plays. Elysian

Fields' (a term for paradise) vocalist,

Jennifer Charles is coming from

the dgrkside (as in Star Warsf or

maybe she just loves melancholy

lomge acts. Accompanied by dmf

guitar' effects apd stand up bass,

the,songs roll about with a dead

weight, leaving you with a hangover

of the strangest kind. Whether

its "Star," steadfast rhythm and

simplistic piano or the acoustic

"Move Me" with its western-edged

electric guitar lick, be prepared to

enter a realm of sultry mystification

with a ghostly twist. If you

fancy this troupe, enlighten yo&-

self to the unknown music of

England's Sharkboy!

--Gary Savelson


Nobody's Cool

s pinART

Fact: There are no son

that sink to the depths of me

rity on this jangly ye

release! There are so

derful vocal and gui

hum along with-it's

the album gets better with eve

listening. New Yak's, Lotior(,

mesmerize its audience with.

moments of tranquullity and psy

chedelic mck ballads or they can

tuk up the guitars and activate


It's My Last Night

Slab Recordings

Out in the LA scene .

they've paired up with the lik


TSUNAMI on some countless .

amount of gigs. Their shows

. pulled a dedicated a

includes Mike Watt,

actors, supermodels,

. damn thing unless you're in to

finding out what the supposed

* cool are doing with their free ti

They've been likened to


JON MITCHELL, or so it's beq

written somewhere else at least

once. Their debuf album It's

Last Night, shows exact1

the core of the band: dec

simplicity. Starting h m

we get the stripped form

three man band (well, twaand

a girl): drums, guitar

bass doubling as vocals.

we get what appears as

deliberate locseness or become '

enclosed with distortion. They're





9 catchy. but ymehow 'gets recordings oh this mord. Franklin mcqd songs. Nothing to write

:under.the skin. l"hm it stavs with- gives a~lintlik$'~enin~ fobwed home about, but, no reason to stick

:out you ever &owing 'til ake or by a he&&pdoes of ha& your baby bm*r in a blendei

'a tune starts to rattle through your whiskey The band. Gus either.

' I

skull while yoll're in the shaver. ' , impressed~the a h right out of my -SAUSAGE KING

,$In top of aU of this,we get chest with a pleasantly melodious

,Bryony's v d She never s*, l dose of noise. If you warn get The Spinan9


, never reaches a peak, and n&er your mom off the streets then sup Strand 1 ,

seems to hit a low point, 'It's that port labels that dy'keep inde- Sub Pop

voice from the girl at the coffee

,shop, the one that sat across from

you and talked dead pan. . '

:Halfway throHgh her conversation

.you realize she's saying somethipg

pendence a part of the business.

Going bmke is'Job no. -1 at Allied,

but, let's not let them go under.


Almost three years ago,

this duo out of Portland, Qqon

released their debut ngprd with

song arr~ents'mnsisting of

only guitar, percussion, and vocals. '

important (or at !east htdguhg), The A d Jazz Test Part 4 College darling that they wm,

,but too late, you're hopeless lost. . Moorisdine Music

the sophomgp LP fails to wake a

$imply put, not a bad debut. You'll Kick it with this enchartti- sipfieant dqpM&om their

,pitch it on the radio at some point. ng compilatiqn of diverse acid j-, first effort yielding the same


, funk, and rap. Specials of the day "experivntal" approa&.,Guitariston

The Acid Jazz Test: Part 4 are , vgollist, Febecca Gab and permsartists,

Oversoul 7, Cool B-e, sionist, Scatf Plouf shoyld bp com- .

and A One. Oversoul 3 offers a mended for deviating Erom the

seductive, loungque +ppmach music community, but at the same

of music tucked beri44 ,a,ps+- ' time, a recycled sound doesn't pusdek,

d&B slant* superb-h& * tain the bite it held back when!

('What's the Deal") to play while This is not to say that pleasant haripdwl&g

in mma theppy! Cool monies, guitar work, and rhythm

Pr&eze &mglements he slyness of can't be found on this release-see

, Qversod 7, tamiqj the wal with "Az.~,," ''ValqqI)) and 'Wmter On

its lobse spyle bf vocals; pacussion, Ice." The Spinqes just need to dig

and acoustic guitar. TraceseSof more a smidgen deeper to re-invent Halen. How much cooler can

traditiqnal jazz can be found on themselves and prove once again

Allied Recordings

This is an incredible

record. Why? For more reasons

than yotl might think. I mean sue

the mysic is good and the artwork

fun, bh, yhat makes ,this a great

alhh? I11 tell you it's the ethic

and,% man behind the label.

. Agied Records is run by John

Yaks, by hll accounts the coolest

guy in the business. Everyone I've

talked to from Steve Albini to Kirk

fmm,Buzzoven (an old Allied

-&t) has nothing but nice Wgs

f~ say about this man. In a busi-


ms$ where everybody is just out

to make a buck, John Yates

ifi just putting out good music by

gpcd bands he believes in. John

$bppo@ ny band's record and

~1 in and ~f i-lf was the

+lingin the world. The music on .

% Wrd runs the gamut from

poppy ?$lings of J Church and

%card to ugly hard music ( my

. 'faworite me) We Cmwell and

$aqs ~ ~ w h eCbe+ d . wt the

byids Teeth, Thesuzybeatand

Salie fcir new. This is a

Qbpa~ &worth owning since

%a hopping gde

as well as a

w+y to h& put out new bands.

Atso any fans of Strawman dpdd

know &at 'there is'o~le of their last

. . '

this goodie with the artist A On& hat they really can harness a

'Up There" is a sincere piece with unique orchestration.

stand up bass, conge, suave keys, -Gary Savelson .

and the distant echoes of melodic


you kids (you who wmted

thing better than GREEND

havebeen waiting for. h he only

problem is that it's on GEFFEN.

tence on our own music (only

indies can be cool b.s.) has reach

You know I don't know I

how I a1wa.p get saddled into

doing these totally blind reviews.

rate rock' haqreally, without a

Oh, I member I just grab the

question, invaded mainstream.

c.d.'s doseskto the door and nm Indies no longer have the comer I,

I-do all the reviews of

market on good shit. Swallow

your pride about buyipg mainstream

and consider this one. It's

will be staying at my house.

The music is a hybrid of Dinosaur On the window of the player is a

jr. meets R.E.M. It's good stuff= label that reads, 'vinyl rules' MTV I now know what the he11

The only thing it lacks is power. Besides takin me back to m e this label is. It's Darcy from

However, it is lyrically compebg some strange memory of high Smashee Pumpky's label. The

and musically adequate for a school when Geoff Hayden (then band on the other hand 1 bow

downtime record. I really think working at Bi County gas station from home. I used to play $ows

that this has a good chance at in New Kent, Viginia) spray paint- with these guys all the time bark

being a college radio darling of a ed the moronic slogan 'Ozzy then I just thought they we4e

band. Plus any band that includes Rules' on the back of Cyndi band that had the Art ~chdl bls

ing them amund. Now the>

o have matured musically



'The 1

The Phoids -

Seven Inch

f Love

Butterflies -

Bored Room


V'l'l;lt ~Wl'l~I,I,l4il~N(:l~ ,
















used to think you'sucked' This

band has fallen into their ow?.

sound, the? have cut back on the '

epic songs and focused their e?jergies.

The first song 'work in the

universe' is fast and peppy 'IAis

is a band with @e potential 6 .

being MTV air plaflle, so watch

out. If you like atmospheric pw$ic

and strong pop this is pins pt: +e

record on your Chrishnas List. The

girls are gonna go so n.ub qvqr this

band with 'pretty lines like 'love

growing in the grass' 'and& ,

such pap: As a 'comparison M)

, Bloody Valentine cony clw if

you add stnzdure and 7ke away

prevalent. Where would I place

this CD? On a rack that cradles





This is the Toronto's

dub, Ce'elfho and ahbient music

Coming in April

11 th Atomic Boy 20th Frank Black

19th Garage Party 26th Sacred Reich

wl Deadbolt May 1 st Agent Orange

Voodoo Swin & Horace Pinker

. '

the @+ad hippi& pTOdudng glance. A black, feathery fuq stir- shp41gelements okd keyboard

.meditpf$qn am$relaxation music? rin in the breeze. It musfve got so~d meefs Johqy itten vocals.

,These guys have some brain cells caught in the stomrand'qp and It's quirky not manriERg tips .

remai&g. They are experimenting died on itself. It was one hell of a , qdky but it is kind of kikchy

instead of nd1i.g. There is stbmn. After a storm like b t most - Now his a good top dov'driiring

alwayi$he bass;bw, bass and ' people get worms, but we:pt @,' 1, b.El Pa~o~kind of mordirigjlr. up

more b+s. take -far example The ' . the toads. lf y& haven't cdught on. 6 ~ tSupedink~I78's

h ,cat&y

Power Steppp, "whose mission is ' yet, here's the answer: the only but not so much so that you'd hear

to inform the world about Bass." contemporary of this man is . it dl the time on the radio: It's'jan-

Now there's o topic worthy ~f , ROBEa, BROWNIN5;L WILLIAM gly pop with those artsy lyrics that

some discussior\. Surp&h\gly'

enough th&\ba& hoqnds don't

reside in.Flanda.and they aren't

driving a Jeep.

FAUIXNER, a d the age old

prized and diexished story tellers

of comtless ages. MURDER BAG

LADS becomes the epitome of

you make you think. I know that

is bad news for Frat Boys, but, then

again so was the date rape law. It's

gotthose so&ballads th~

girls like

Bass and rhythm, what

1 %

THE BAD SEEDS; a dirge, story so much, like 'Persoitals.' No great

else is.tbeq? The rhythm. are as a (at hmes statements in this record. but then

de&$ as the $a$ The deqm dialogtie), that enc~mpasks all of that is nat what music is abut is it.

ity With which these artists have ow desires ona symbblic level. it ~ k rthat d remind$ you that the

"joined'~.the two.@ost makes one is ow death wish; it is our best drugs wqe fad$ college

forget thakthey am pmgriinhed. ' ' compulsion, or, painfully truw, and that the blawpuk are o*er on

Planet Dub is a double CD of some it's our drunken stupor. I'm sow, this side of the-tracjp. Have fun

mighty fine ganja huffing music. It you want the typical review of an with this jump up and down take

almost led me to beg a bud or'yo alhum? Bee it is: Blixa Bargeld your shirt &and turn the thermo-

, -of exceptionally high:quality to f ~ ~ eof r-E

l ~

stat to ninety and go stdght to

besure, remember my @i~d ji,. . NEUBATEN r p b with PJ HAR- summer. I-

, Humbolt Gounty -and *. tq ; , * wand s ~ ~ @ O ~ A N -SAUSAGE KING " '

the past Thai stick all&& -,, . ,. formerly of THh U% to assist

-' read the l-t,issue of SLUG.). :. , :t Ni tatre $ harping on 2 Mihutes Hate



Instead 1 pap* s&ner'ngrvel' ' I h;s fade fmm THE b@THDAY Let It Eat . I

pills my old granny gave .me.!"xy PARTY. Nick Cave, with the rest, 'Ardent

' .seem jumpy take a couple bk . tiles to combine traditidnal songs I have a new friendad

'these.") and mned ou€,for it to^$+& (STAGGER LEG) with more mod- he works for CEW. He pa*

i of hours. After the experi~nck I '

em pi&"s'@ylan's DEATH IS me the prom hoping I wocildt

was able to cook meatloaf for my , NOT THE END) witkhis~wn write a word or 'ho on it for .


: W y and later that night I actual- .wfitinp creating an abum that is SLUT;. Maybe if I do a gopd job


: ly enjoyed "fucking" my "Wqhrt- .-'of a novblla thah music. he'll mom free prb:rnos.

: her" for the first time in years. Yeg) ' ,wi&Cave, along with pth& The CD is defective. The first track

our humping , was . accompanied bf ' guests, jump @ md out of w e wouldn't play. Since it is the sec- . '

riddii., ,,-. , ,, ters to bring us ten short stories of ond CD I've received this month

h h murder and mayhem ... Fuck this! thativauldrk't play the first track I+

This man nwer to amaze tried it in axiothefplayer. Nope. It

me. If aftp hearing this you don't wouldn't play irrthat one either.

, .ge a creative impulse or a desk to The disc is defective. Anyone who

( f get fuckin drunk you'rr not bows anwg about major

, )' .human. record'labels knows $at CWs are

i L .

, .,-JAND never defective: The-labels %on9

taly returns on opened "prpduct."

.(SSUM DIXOU I'mhophgmpfdardwillbeliwe

I I 1

my std~

md'give me another

~ronio, but I'll w@te a few words

about the 16 songs I listened to.

'Pneysowtd British. Let It

Eat &is worded at Ardent

Shl4ios. 'Fhat & a bow kcording

stuaio @ Memphis, Tennessee ,' .

Wch mew they probably aren't

Brim but they sm.souid'like it.

a fan (maybe even more) of this.'. ', ,@ A ] ~krh their nkne I w& wpqtmg

genius. My review is as follows: ' .

, 1

some of that

Ifs been thm days since the bird Possum Diwon ind&tri&/thra~h/metal/~~e

, fell to The Flat. I know this mu* Star Mps ' that now goes by the same terin as

if nothin else.


I've been waitin . ,, hterqcape Records ' pWk rock and Enya - altpmative.

since Thursday, the first I saw 06 it, : '-

... ms word stb',ort .- .- That brings up another point. How

After fhirf dhir I dreamed of it. really strong. I ;anof mfhger do you say Enya? I prefer Inya. '

a t the &indo@ down the hill, on what I th& stands QL~

but I

They (2 Minutes Hate)


uoss m,&t; ~n the far side fore . think it's a g d nxord. Itksot aren't any of tho& tenns I men-

I the




of I aught


my ftrst . tbsd meets P.K sount3.+ It's tioned previous to the Enya discus-


sion, although ~ eaxe y probably: ;

played,on alternative radio. They,

aenlt a "hippie" bSund and thq

rruning. The noise element is p ~;

sent. "Zero" has electric guitars !

making a whole bunch of weird

sounds and f eeh back. Pretty

cool that one. "Pilot" has la, la, la :

all over the place. I've hated la, la;!

la, ever since I listened to 1

Menswear. I'd pps on the jlngle

understand. Psychedelic. Cod it

tqok me about 30 minutes to fig&

it out. Thefire an Americm ban&

doing British psychedelia. What a.

concept! The last sqng is ti54 "31;

Secondq" in spite.o'ib n-4 four;

minute lew. "Cover your .'

face/get on ye.^ back/31 ticks in'

l+undramat/and you w e 1

gone/Cover your face/2 Minutes

hate; cover your face/2 minutes ,

hate etc. 1-don't know - maybe

they are really ugly Wait here ,

comes the hidden track.

It's a niprise of ,

"Understq-d." me s%;r$er dude is

coming down He ,wan& to know,

if I underst'md him. Yeah I think r

do. If they aren't a Brifish band

then I'm lost. As for wliether you ,

are on your way? I pressed repeat ,

to listen again. As if that means ,

anything. Let's see it live. The hit Q

probably "California," thi k t

track I missed. Good disc Bruce. .

Got any more like it?

-Sid are-itd Owsley

Girls Against Boys ,'!, ,, ,

Haw of GvsB

Tbucl;? and Go

T love Girls A@t Boys.

A has something p do with noise.

Fucking abrasive, loud noise. I lovr

the shit. So the bad puts out a

new CD. The information I have iS

that they will be in Salt Lake City

sometime during the spring. You'

can experience the noise live and it

will apparently be an all-ages

affair. While waiting for the show

I n ~ TITLES a ~ ON SALE $1 1 .99 CD MARCH 1 1-16th I







5 .,. .......... Tihi :(., .....,... :.)


Wednesdpy ~a&h 13t$

Qoors Open at 7:349#;


hTTwhml 82

cheshire cat




4901 -906 Morena Blvd.

Son Diego, CA 921 17-3432.

DIRECT TO STORES 61 9.483.9292



Crandall Audio

1202 No State St, Orem

80 1'.226,8737 I


trot on down to the more enhght- , .+b.hate ow jobs and who hd COMES.. Brokewdown, W listed - and bett~ venues, alone yith thg ,

ened of the local shops and pick ,.%h&puq,bit of today's most war- as'three son@, Girl with rhe corf&.ponding fi?mcand fortune,

a CORY It am& out March 5. . shipped Itcon, money, sickening Camera ~ i n d ~ ~ u ~ e' T Tak & for m instance Chis Hillman.


All kinds of bbds do noisy music. a will be able to relate and enjoy Comes' and ' S u m

He wrote the liner notes iyd after

The thing abdut Girls Against Boys '%he Bii City" very much indeed Roqder' Faah bnAcs, however, the Hillman dissolv$ + *ent c#t

is the way they &e noise tht Also, kyone who is bo~d.with only Appear in the ljs~g to play in several emhdX influsounds

beautiful. Their rpytm , the Wpm& of taday's current titles. Each track flows into the ential bands.. . if the la&t CDs to .

get girls all excitedf y ~u shdd . music will find rdief with the n&&? creating a 16 Pninuk exposure arrive in my mailbax m any maread

some of their press Mt! I'll avian but different sounds of of various guitar noises, tex-, sure. On guitar is a man I'm sure

pfl a quote from the inside of @e , Hammerhead. Of course, music and moods. We begin With a slow many SLUG readers are familiar

advance CD. "GirIsvsBop rn one this~&H can't b found at normal hypnotic, feedback squalledj @hti with- I'll wait a paragraph or two

of themost delicid.wl$]+s~+ - ~ f dstores; s =;get' up off your drowning-us into a catha&c~Q'eadf 6efm mentioning the name.

bands ever head:" Ithas Son&- : ; l@& and sp&ial order at finer then pushed into a +fly ... ' Completing the band is Rex

thing tq do with-the,slow grind 9 ,. mdc store. GRANT LEE BUl%ALO~sounding Gosdin on bass and vocals and

"Life In P i and those I@& - blar M. pop ditty almwt complet& sad Don Pardey on bijo and vocals.

about going deep. House a, and haunting with a f&g %&&'of l'he Hillmen featme lead vocals,

GvsB they've executed the nuhe ' Uusfre h ~ that e ends with a htwd tenor vocals, bass vocals and just

with such expertise that y6u need A&$ - drone, leading* to &e $tial eight plain vocals. Like I said at the,

to listen closely to &tch it. There it and a half rninutw of l& sloppy beginning there ?re some lugh.

is. Those>guitafs ch&g aw$ like , tricks Qf guitar work b&% it oh& apopgst mountain hm+n@$@'on the disc.

the thighs of everyone in a R,chard are spewed out into public itself and being highly rrminipt One of the dth'pihg +es on '

I Simofis video. Hypnotic bass, ' domain. of The Velvet Und&gmund's pi- the disc is titled "Goin' Upy.I#.

throbbing 'away like a blps)d vessel1 mouth tar/viola duel in '9ister yay' bund the speed with wh$% &ese

in the forehead of an ahm & ' '

tus~~plement the ambiance creat- (W&@!, what a 'long senten&). In gentlemen play their ins

neckemployed by mass traqif,drii ! ed by his NorthCarblina trio; laynian's term it's the siltbig to be good for some v

ving through a bli&atd:The - '.' %&wosagenda: oodles of vqcal amund the apartment inswpiity dancing. The tempos of t2t @ng

drums remind me of the $p*~f. hooks, sweet harmonies, and because you're not going y- 'dnd the one follo$mg,

which the 'eyelids of 'a,loca\fi@ :. @vytguit@ riffs (Zeppelin-esq whek, then realizing so~e

fat mental titled ''Wheel H*zbiz

head honcho t h e wHed lid'&- ; at t$n&whther hey or any hope that maybe tomorrow wodd 'quite frankly arn$ng to the ' .

really pi&. The element making else knows it) creating a d be better, only to have some human ear. Now that I've ipd

all thegirls ewited is the.@'&., ; swbe careful though, a Shmuck knock on your dm

to , Gianni and tire pmf rea* euffi- .

Yeah the *icep That sop& :'$ ,

':i&e+.$iightpt iq! Er. .... remind you &at your ti& qik, ciently enough that theyfv6 +it

combination of wkiisw-an'i hot, . ;em Mik the Goo Goo I)olls. They and you finally going htd a@t , "tadin@ how'xbout some kality. -

deep vocal passicin. we*,fie:+, .:,also sound like a hard version of yelling and scre~mhyj how lifev@ , The music on this album was .

sound of sheet metal scqk& :-. ' %&onh

why. I thi.nk I'm

Fixated on my


' edged that you better fake up to and solve blf:

else you're going @ be 60. years old, 70 years

old, living onyour front porch yelling at the

neighborhood kids by yourself."

: As a rule, every member of thaband

':,pki@edgultar on the record reiteratin a

sNtemenk by Chnsii that Stabbilig ddward

'is a pure democracy He noted that' no one in

the band had any technical guitar training


but that this was a positive thing! '

"We knew how to make musieand

we know how to uee an ~nstrument but we

have$t learned or mastered the guitar-therefore;

we were able tt, step out, of the preconceitfed

rules of the inst;rument. It5 cool to

know things but.yo@,pve to be able .lo go

'.' lbeyond the knowledge &&en to YOU and bk

,pore intuitive as well, otherwise, we'd all be

writing silly love songs-pop music." '

Wen he's not recording ar perfor

ing, you'll find Chris gearing up for a good

rock 'clfmb. This is his idea sf m


V" ;:;%&

What's -3 goin


11'03 S. Sat& 4 531 -8863




49 NO: 11 00 West e'374-8222

-sw,,s,Jays are C

College Student Night

-2h-Sam w $ the m c k

Under 2550 Was- Blvd

Ogden 303.8265

SLUG Y3 Mgp'


I Tuesday, March 5

Mr. Winkie - Ashbury Pub

Sugar House - Bar &-a rill

Twist Offs - Cinema Bar

Lee Rocker's Big Blue - Zephyr

Wednesday, March 6

Sam & the Hunchbacks -

Ashbury Pub

Higher Power - Gut Funk - Bar

& Grill

The Zach Irish Quartet - Burt's


Tenderloin - Dead Bolt- Cinema


Bone Yard - Dead Goat

Punkin Head - Zephyr

Thursday, March 7

Max Damien Band - Ashbury


Sun Masons - Bar & Grill

House of Cards - Burt's Tiki

Iceberg - Cinema Bar

Jabarri Style - Dead Goat

John McEuen - Zephyr

Friday, March 8

The Strangers - Ashbury Pub '

One Eye w/Pijama DeGato.i..i. -

Bar & Grill

Rattle Kings - Burt's Tiki

The Flys with Sugar House -

Cinema Bar

Fender Benders - Dead Goat

Fat Paw - Zephyr

Saturday, March 9

The Strangers - Ashbury Pub

Elbo Finn - Bar & Grill

Loose - Burt's Tiki

PBP - Berzerker - Cinema Bar

Megan Peters in Group Thearpy

- Dead Goat

Kim Richie - The Jack Mormans

&Jerry Joseph - Zephyr

Sunday, March 10

7 Year Bitch - Decomposers - Bar

& Grill

Acoustic Goat - Dead Goat

Salsa Brava - Zephyr

Monday, March 11

Ben Folds 5 - The Customers -

The Jack Mormons - B ~T & Grill

Possum Dixon with Lifter -

Cinema Bar

Chubby Carrier and the Bayou

Swamp Band - Dead Gbat

The Itals - Zephyr

Tuesday, March 12

Semi Sweet Loretta - Ashbury


Gwen Mars - Sugarhouse - Bar &


Dirt Clod Fight - Bali Girls -

Cinema Bar . Bar & Grill

Wing Tips - Burt's Tiki

~ ~ ~ Z L - ~ Dr. Bob ~ - Cinema ~ EBar

w n

Friday, March 22

I ~ackkash - Ashbury Pub

Accidential Tribe - Dead Goat

Jambay - Zephyr

~hursda~, ~a&h 28

Cinema Bar . . 12-Speed 1 Bohemia - Bar & Grill Blue Healer - Ashbury Pub

NRBQ - Zephyr

.Rattle Kings - ~urt's Tiki

Wednesday, March 13 Acetone - 9 Spine Stickleback - Grill

Richie & the ~~dnecks - Bar &

Loose - Ashbury Pub Cinema Bar Voodoo swing'- Burt's Tiki

Jabarri Style - Bar & Grill

. Blue Healer - Dead Goat River Bed Jed - Cinema Bar

Stuhl - Burt's Tiki . Leftover Saimon - Zephyr Tail Gatorz - Dead Goat

3 1/2 Girls - DUI - Cinema Bar Saturday, March 23 Preacher Boy- Zephyr

Sam and the Hunchback -.Dead Backwash - Ashbury Pub Friday, March 29

Goat Fibna Lane - Accidential Tribe - Sweet Loretta - Ashbury Pub

Eric Burdon - Zephyr . , Acoustic - Bar & Grill . Abstract Puckie Boys - Bar &

Thursday, March 14

Blue Healer - ~urtfs Tiki

Accidental Tribe opens for Revrend Willie- Cinema Bar Dexter Grove - Burt's Tiki

Mango Jam - Ashbury Pub Insatiable - Dead Goat Thrum - Quasimoto - Cinema . .

The Names - Suspension of Leftover Salmon - Zephyr Bar

Disbelief - Stella Brass - NO Rest 1 Monday, March 25 , Volunteer King - Dead Goat . .

Bar & Grill Garden Variety - 3 1/2 Girls - Coco Montoya - %hyr im

Voodoo Swing -Burt's Tiki


~ecbm~osers - Cinema Bar Saturday, March 30

Ashbury Pub

pose s Q 142. Girls :

Rollerball - Cinema Bar Ron Hacker- Dead Goat Juniors Farm -

Spittin Lint - Dead Goat Kinsey Report- Zephyr ' Wish - Bar & Griu: .;. i;$i.' c: '

Zuba - Zephyr Tuesday, March 26 Sicko-Deoco v ,y

Friday, March 15 , Kirsty MacDonald - Ashbury - Cinema Bar . .: $ L '&

Spittin Lint - Ashbury Pub Pub House of Cards - Dead Goat

Zuba - Revrend Willie - Cinema

Finema Bar

Wednesday, March 27 . . ., .

Backwash - Dead Goat Silt - Ashbury Pub .

Jupiter Coyote - Zephyr Fear - Cooliotones - God Spine -

Saturday, March 16

Blanche - Ashbury Pub

My Friend Moses - Flaky Jones -

Bar &Grill .

Loose - Burt's Tiki

Disco Drippers - Cinema Bar

Norton Buffalo and the


Knockouts - Dead Goat

Jupiter Coyote - Zephyr

Monday, March 18

Long Players - Svelt Cinema


Bar i

Blue Devils '~lues Revue -. Dead

Blues Band - Zephyr

Tuesday, March 19

J. Nelson Ramsey Ashbury Pub.,

Echo Belly 7. Four Squirrels -< . .

Super Drag 1 Cinema Bar :' .

Rubber Neck - Zephyr . .

Wednesday, arch 20 .

The Weed - Ashbury Pub

Voo Doo Shhwiing- Bar & Grill

Brady and JT - Burt's Tiki

Disarray - 12 Speed - Cinema Bar

Mudpuddle - Dead Goat

I .

ast 21\00 South S.L!C.




The Room Where Evervthing


The Elastic Purejoy

The Clutter of

5 *It's Australian for &

Happens At Once PtCIUfiE SOUNOlfiACK ---

El From the U.K FEAIUfilNi BELINDA fie second solo album by Dowe


pop, matel*

Guest appearance b


Allen (Gang of Four, Shriekbock)

Boyl~lrl pop from

Katharine Gifford or

STEREOLAB CRASW BAPllSlS On Schizophonic Records


Australla foaturlng SKY CRIES HARV. Disfributed by N.A.I.L.

A sonic hybrid of

Simon ancnny

t LOW POP SUlClOE (5031220- 1351

the Fall &


Girls vs ~ovs



COMDNC SOON, a o o ~ ccrp~ao, P E R F U M E T R E E

we deal direct!



N. Hollywood, Ca. 91618



A: .

Skinny ?uppy--~he Process .

To~i Anos--Boys fop Pele :

F~ank Zappa--The Lost Episodes

Lou, Reed--Set the Twilight Reeling

Gave--Morder Ballads

. ..




The Music Experience

" 3 814 Ead 900 south (9th & 9th)

kets latest pelease SWEET F.A.

be single 'Sweet Lover H~rnovst'

- avaitabf


o Marah 19th



E& 'w~ETS


- P :

Live or Ctub DV8 April '

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