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SLC-So, unless you've

been dead recently, you've

heard of the secret meetings, the

gay agenda, lack of constitutional

rights, blah blah. Well, I just

wanted to give you a who's-who

of who caused what problems

and the names that we want

voted out. Apparently, this all

started with a 'secret meeting'

early this year, instigated by two

of our Senators, Charles Stewart

and Craig Taylor. What did they

do at this 'secret meeting' Why,

of course; they discussed issues

that affect all of us.

Here are some of the issues

concerning Utahns these days:

1) Drive-bys. So far, we have

had about 100 this year, a~i'd we

haven't even made it through the

second month yet. 2) Child

abuse. Did you know that Utah

has some of the highest statistics

in the nation? One of the school

districts estimated that well over

50 percent of their students had

been physically or sexually

abused. I wont tell you the exact

number because it will frighten

you. But, you can look it up

yourself. 3) Homeless. We have

approximately 300 or more living

on the streets in the county.

4) Gang members. Estimations

at 2000 or more in the Salt Lake

area. 5) Affordable housing.

What are the poor supposed to

do? 6) Inner-city schools. There

are constant complaints that

these kids are not getting the

things they need. 7) Roads. This

is my personal favorite problem.

We have potholes big enough to

drive cars into. Missing any

pets? Or children? Check the

potholes. You might think by

now that these were some of the

issues at the 'secret meeting' Not.

They were actually sitting

around watching gay pornography.

Of course they referred to it

as a 'recruitment' video.

Have any of you ever actually

had one of your gay friends try

to 'recruit' you. "Luke, come

over to the pink side" Please.

How ridiculous.

The issue that concerns me,

however, is the secret meeting

itself. Secret meetings are illegal.

Do you want some examples of

times in history when secret

meetings took place? Watergate.

Nazi Germany. What else needs

to be said? These people need to

be let go, removed from office,

voted out.

Anyway, I urge you to write

to these senators. Ask them to

step down. Do everything in

your power t? vote them out.

Senator Craig L. Taylor

312 Oak Lane

Kaysville, Utah 84037

Here's a witty quote from your

Kaysville senator. "I have strong

feelings about ultimately the gay

and lesbian agenda" He told this

to the Associated Press."They are

promoters and have come right

out and said we will seduce and

sodomize your children" What?

Senator Charles Y. Stewart

447 West 4150 North

Provo, Utah 84606

Clever quotes from Charles;

Allegedly, at the secret meeting,

he referred to homosexuals as

"beasts and animals" He said if

they. conract AIDS, They should

"go to the veterinarian" Keep in

mind you are paying his salary.

Anyway, enough with those

two asses, let's move on to the

real culprits, the school board.

These are the people that voted

to remove the Gay-Straight

alliance from East High. They

put it into policy that starting

next fall this will not exist, nor

will many other clubs, including

ethnic clubs, Kiwanis clubs,youth

clubs, human-rights groups and

environmental clubs. Forget

chess and skiing too. They

impiied that these students did

not need to have a group that

acknowledged sexuality. Let's be

realistic. The football team is

obviously a 'straight' group. If

they found out one of their teammates

was gay in the locker

room, what would happen? He

would either have the shit beat

out of him, Or ... um ... let's just say

he would be rather busy that


The people on the school

board are voted in. This means

that they can be voted out. Send

them letters to make them aware

of that. Let them know that you

are a.ngry that rights, such as

Freedom of Speech have been

greatly violated.

Here are the four names to

send your mail to:

Diane Barlow

859 S WOO E SLC Utah 84108

Karen Derrick

784 Northviezu Drive SLC Utah


Kent D. Michie

2255 Oneida Street SLC Ut 84109

Clifiord 'this is a moral issue'


1289 N Catherine SLC Ut 84116

The r&t of this is about the

students. We'll start with our

beloved governor's son, Taylor

Leavitt. Several students at East

tell me that he is constantly

bashing gays, not physically, but

verbally. In fact, I was told that

he was telling gay jokes at one of

the assemblies. I don't know if

there is any truth to this, but I

was told he was rather discouraged

when told not to do that.

Write to your governor and tell

him to curb his child. And, to

the students at East, especially

the juniors and seniors, I urge

you to talk to Taylor. Tell him

that you will be 18 soon, your

vote will matter, and his daddy

may not have a job.

Michael 0 . Leavitt

603 E.' South Temple

SLC Utah 84102

A West High student, .

Derek Winegar was on the

evening news saying something

like this, "fag this, fag that, fag

you, fag, fag, fag" Heavy on the i


fag. I unfortunately could not

find his address. I was going to I

encourage everyone to tell the

. \

Winegars to mellow their son

out, but their address was not to

be found. So, please flood West ;

High with phone calls urging

them to force their students to

maintain a little professionalism,

especially when on the news. ,

And, to the student holding I

up the sign that read,

"Honk if Your Against Gays" I 1

have two things to say to you.

First of all, check a dictionary for

the correct spelling in the future. I

Second, if you have an attitude '

about an issue, have the I.Q. to

back it up.

To all of the above, you narrow-minded,


gun-toting, God fearing fools, I

have this to say to you. You


1 need to stick your faces back int

your religious texts that you are

all so proud of, and learn a few

things about the God that you j

believe in. Your God does not


support hatred at any level. You

God does not support hatred at

any level. Your God believes in

tolerance at the least. There is 1

not a religious group in this state, 1

that promotes hatred and/or


violence against any groups. So,

unless you want to hang out in

Hell with us evil ones, shut the

fuck up.

I do need to add here that

myself, SLUG and its

management do not in any way


support any sort of overly

aggressive or hostile acts against

any of these above individuals.

we are simply telling you to usk

your rights to let these people

know that you are angry. DO not

do any thing stupid. You do so

at your own risk.

,And lastly, to the three people

on the school board who refused

to help this new policy pass, .

thank you. Mary Jo Rasmussen,

Roger Thompson, and Ila Fife,

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