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Remy Zero


Very cool band ,with nine very cool

songs. Unfortunately the first track

shouldn't be on the record. This

band should stay away from what

they think is dissonance. Because

its not dissonance. Playing something

out of tune doesn't mean that

it's dissonant. The other nine

songs on the record are great

songs. Probably the best of which

is called Dissent. (irony) Another

good song is called Gold Star

Speaker. Remy Zero is the best of

the lazy-alternative popsters if

there is such a thing. The best

thing about them is they don't really

remind you of anybody they just

make you think that they mght

remind you of someone. From

readingthebio might think

the band is full of peace love and

pseudo hippies. But I don't really

care what the bio says about the

band. I might think their idiots but

the record is great. Its very layered.

Its very soothing at times.

Its very energetic at times. But like

I said, the best'thing about it is that

it reminds you of nothing too

strongly bit reminds you of everything



Tne vvlpers

The Herd


Kerr Records

My buddy Bill Belcourt

hipped me to the Wipers five or six

years ago. So it is that reason and

that reason only, that I still consider

him a friend of mine. Because he

sure as hell doesn't call me anymore

and I've called him at least

three times which is generally my

rule. I call you three times, you

don't call me'back, your finished.

So now I'm going to make an offer

to my buddy Bill that will surpass

all of my previous offers. Call me

and receive the new Wipers record

absolutely free of charge. Why? A

couple of reasons; 1. It is so damn

good. I can barely stand it. 2. Tim

Kerr Records fucked up and sent

me two of them. Since no one else

in this town knows who Greg Sage

is then its safe to assume I won't be

able to sell the other one. Besides it

should go to someone who really

likes the Wipers and that would be ,

Bill. Best songs hew are hard to

say because they're all pretty

strong. Sinking as a Stone, The

' Herd, Defiant, this is a great record

to %sten to if you just Want to rage

for about an hour, or clean your

house or climb a rock or go oh a

huge long bike ride. If you're not

familiar with the Wipers then you

don't know what I'm talking

about. If you aresthen you're in the

hip zone. Definitely check it out,

definitely listen to it find out for

yourself. Oh yeah Bill, call me.

-Mr. Pink

100 MonaLisas

New Disease


You remember 100

Mona Lisas they released a five

song EP a while ago with an outstanding

cover of Alanis

Morrissete's You Ought to Know.

Which was so much better than the

original its hard to believe it was a

cover. Anyway, the difference

between this band and the Foo

Fighters is that this band can actually

sing and play'and write really

good catchy songs, all the while

still being hard edged power pop.

The other difference is of course

that 100 Mona Lisas alp not liv%g

off the notoriety, fame and fortune

of dead rock stars. Just listen to the

song New Disease or Girl FrieKdly

or In the Red and tell me this isn't

a better band. In'other words the

cute girl just got to the dance and

you're still dancing with her

mouthy loud zit faced mornmate.

-Mr. Pink

Turkey Mallet


Immune Records

If you ask me, ska is

meant for one thing: dance, dance,

unka unka unka. I wouldn't nor- '

mally buy a whole hell of a lot of it

to listen to at home. but on the

other hand I busted my knee to

Skankin Pickle at Barn' Grill one

year, that's what a g d time I

have listenin to it when it's done

nght. Turkey Mallet set off trying,

but they just don't follow through.

They lack in a strong horn section,

and they too often don't even get it

up, unka unka wise. They meander,

and unlike garage band music,

I think ska's got to at least be tight.

A couple songs even sound like

Violent Femrnes go Ska, which is

not a healthy combo. It's also a relatively

constricting medium in

which to work, and therefore to

distinguish yourself you'i-e going

to have to have something extra

special. Turkey Mallet don't got it.


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