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keepffipsm&~?&ort, ti@,& - sound thesaplewithM!y any

jazzy sf$ you auh mve pur feeb musical difkmms tp set each

to 'qun The anlf qutastkm 1 have#^ bahd a ~d. M&m Punk Rockers

ask hyself is: what ~ k are guilty & of this crime ~ moR than

. d d the& be kr &I ' @surf others. Face it, WS not much

, alpimr aanta- $u wi $6 With fast 3 chord play-

- y knowledp d hey to opiate ' ing. bndpn, &gland's Snuff are

, thleitfingers bdd play the majori- attempting to put some n& inp

ty of the guitar needed3 and any- dients in the $b. With a sprinkling

one wh& ever m e d a@nst of kbmmo~~d organ & bombone

.their leg should be able b fbllow added to the spicy meat d scrine ot

along on &ums. The leads are usu- the tburk$ trade on their new

ally wfunk)t ail4 sometimes pretty Fat Chords dise.rhi&m&

anthems of "a!" and other tracJitional

ideas are mkd wih Qew

ideas. The playing and singing is

h&ng TOP NOTCH, making this

disc one of the year's best SO for,

Gqat album that will have you

dancing and air-guitacing mund

the room. "Dicky kym3' mds with

punk rcck forever, whhe "Nick

hyrs for best song title in a ,

while: C D ~ a the Ma&&*

. ..


. ,

' ,

, .

) SLUG 28 My~ch

It's a hell of interesting

mix that i've @&en to =view this

month. Fatso Jetson is like a cornbination

of g*e. punk and su#

mic. I should,add that t tak& .


styles and'ntixes them.iWs heavy

ahd'loud, but itmowz+p&talong

likesurf, It's.lyriFs and d&&n ronand

I cept suggest weinhe& die! knd

meh big time. 'key am try& that's simply for the sake of being

desperately to bethe Dukes of the weird, usually in good h.

*@phere and they fIREHm l&d of weirdness. Like

&yan XTC song fiey a~ striv- the Sun Regime in SLC days of

psycheaelia, modan. yoxe, they wm playing mighty

S;p Songs and they fail miser- strange music so* of hard to

ably Of course1 shdd say that defineI they all played well but you

I'm only talking about the first six were never sure if arty of it was

songs Muse I couldn't make it supposed to mean an).thri.lg. I can't

ast the six* song. So anybody listen to too much F!hk &lapa . '

who has Eieard tracks 7 through I3 because I always feel like he hes '

their not as shitty tracks 1 some pint that I'm missing (feel

the sameway about Mr.


Bungle..thefre having such a good

time beq into their hip that I

don't have room b join). As long

as you can remove yourself fmni

the ndtion that something's going

Musicians must be get- over your head then FaW Jetson is

a ting bred. These days most bands at least fun to listen to. And it takes holy gra&" 0H.W COD I

I all of your stories are stupid. and your record reviews are a year old.

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