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why. I thi.nk I'm

Fixated on my


' edged that you better fake up to and solve blf:

else you're going @ be 60. years old, 70 years

old, living onyour front porch yelling at the

neighborhood kids by yourself."

: As a rule, every member of thaband

':,pki@edgultar on the record reiteratin a

sNtemenk by Chnsii that Stabbilig ddward

'is a pure democracy He noted that' no one in

the band had any technical guitar training


but that this was a positive thing! '

"We knew how to make musieand

we know how to uee an ~nstrument but we

have$t learned or mastered the guitar-therefore;

we were able tt, step out, of the preconceitfed

rules of the inst;rument. It5 cool to

know things but.yo@,pve to be able .lo go

'.' lbeyond the knowledge &&en to YOU and bk

,pore intuitive as well, otherwise, we'd all be

writing silly love songs-pop music." '

Wen he's not recording ar perfor

ing, you'll find Chris gearing up for a good

rock 'clfmb. This is his idea sf m

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