Download issue as PDF - SLUG Magazine

Download issue as PDF - SLUG Magazine

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05ake a cii$~e ~*ith the top down and vie^'

LWest Coast living.

+'Jiurn on the radio and hear the hottest new

bands playing roots, blues, rockabilfy, and more.

.~u[l into the drive-in and catch an oldfTick.

.Open thisfine qualify magazine, put your feet up.

andfind out what's the latest, andwhere to get it,


Send only S1 1 rash or check payable Lo 'l)ro\vl'

for 0 issues, or S3 For our ncsl issue, along \vit!i

your name and address to: I'KOWI.

1 1288 Venturi Rlvd. if761

Studio Ci t)., CA 9 1 604-3 149

- -.. - -


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Sound Studios Perfect For Trade Shows & Promptions Feaiure

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