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Okay you know

4 }I

that 7 Year Bitch is

coming back to town .

right? Pbu also know that

they have p new album

coming out a day or two

after their show. SLUG got "

to'talk to V'alerie Agnew on


the phone. She's the '


SLUG: Hi. Is this Valerie?

VALERIE: This is Valerie.

SLUG: Well how you

doing? VALERIE: I'm really

tired but I'm doing good.

SLU.G: Your friend Jenny

said to tell you Hi. VALERIE: Jenny

Bendel? SLUG: Yep. VALEVE: Oh good.

SLUG: I just talked to her a minute ago. So

Hi from Jenny. VALERIE: Okay thanks.

(Jenny Bendel runs Plain Jane PR and she

keeps SLUG up to date on what is

happening in Seattle. I was talking to her

about Home Alive, a subject you will read

r E.

more on later.)


SLUG: Okay. I guess you saw


Stone Fox when yoiwere in San Francisco.


VALERIE: Yep. SLUG: How'd you like ,

them? VALERIE: I love Stone Fox. They an Fay

back to ,:

rule. SLUG: Yes, they do. VALERIE: .,.. n.c.t. -I..&

rear mtcn srur.

~he~'re totally exckient. They're really

SLUG: Women playing rock

cool. We played one show with them. We

you ever listened to the Tras

did an outdoor benefit at this warehouse in T, A, "T+'rT- v,

vn~cluc: ~n$ ~ri

San Francisco that we were doing for the L~:-,. -- ,A,L - --A

tIll11K 5U. VV I1

Mia Investigation Fund and we got to plaL

with them which was reallv coo<

show I saw with them waiat the

Of The Hill. But I think the

The mention of t


Home Alive. She is a co-fxnde

collective which.was establishec

practical and creative a

fighting violence.. The

was titled Viva Zapata and it w

dedicated to her memory. Hom

recentlv released a C


~efe&. Valerie stressed that ha

naa. vve were, wl

involvement with Home Alive d separate

Anderson. Buf he

from her work with 7 Year Bitch. Their

excellent to work

contribution to the album is "Mad Dash," a ,,,.. , >.--

tune written specifically for Home Alive. I

won't include our conversation on the

project here. Hopefully it will appear in the

next SLUG. The current state of affairs in

Utah is such that The Art Of Self-Defense

is required for arriving home alive.

8 March

9 6

selves with record1 were'just Elizabeth would $u say we're happy I

focused on what and we cynics? She said absolutely. Aren't most

'2-2 -..L - 1-L -c

t~lru vuz d IU~

UI t

had never

before. We wante d @get as much of a...we

want a live so,und cause that's the kind of

lhings that we smart people happy cynics? .


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