Ensuring Success


Ensuring Success

Ensuring Success


Ensuring Success

Weekly Reinforcement

You will achieve much better results by staying on top of your management training. The ideas below will help to ensure

that Get Managing is maximized in every way, everyone on the management team keeps their skills sharp and training is

sustained over the long term. Tips apply to District Managers and/or Store Managers.

Maximize the FUN factor

We know that FUN is an integral part of


Don’t overlook this when introducing

Get Managing as a new management

training tool!

Have some friendly competition

Challenge other managers in your region on skills

learned in Get Managing

Don’t forget the FUN factor!

Celebrate successes

Managers have a lot of decisions to make every day about

where they spend their time; human nature dictates we

spend our time where the rewards are…so celebrate training

successes along the way!

Post certificates of completion

Have a weekly pop quiz

Create questions that relate to the

Episode topic


Ensuring Success

Weekly Training Pocket

Post the Weekly Training Pocket in the backroom and build awareness for each training Episode by talking up the

topic of the week with the entire management team

The Weekly Training Pocket will keep management engaged and on track. It will also ensure management

makes the most of all the resources in the program. It's so much more than just videos!

Make the most of your resources!

Make your life easy…print off a master copy of all

Episode Workbooks for your management team’s

quick reference

As an easy way to apply all of the learned concepts

TODAY, use the templates and support documents

inside your online Manager’s Toolbox (under My

Workbooks / by Episode)

Online Assessments

Get Managing includes an Assessment after every

Episode to test retention; ensure all management

team members complete these Assessments

While there isn't a minimum score set, you can

mandate a minimum for your management team

Management can make as many attempts as

necessary to pass these Assessments

Store Management Teams:

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get


Take Action

At the beginning of the week,

commit to implementing 2 to 3 of

the concepts presented in each

Weekly Training Pocket

Ensure that EVERY management

team member takes part in

implementing the Weekly Training

Pocket concepts

Evaluate progress

You can only manage what you measure; Performance

Reports are key

Even more important…observe how your management team

is performing in the store

Constantly debrief with your Director and other District

Managers and Store Managers on how you can make the

program better


Ensuring Success


It begins with the most senior member of the

team “owning” the program; then every District

Manager must drive the program in their


Review Performance Reports

You can only manage what you measure;

Performance Reports are key…review

them prior to every store visit

Use the Quiz Heuristics Report to identify

coaching opportunities based on

answers to Assessment questions

Identify top performers and recognize

their success in a weekly conference

call…a great way to raise the bar!

Coach, coach, coach…

Incorporate the Weekly Training Pocket topic in

weekly follow up with your management teams (i.e.

during a weekly conference call)

Ask your management teams 1 of the 3 concepts

they’ve committed to implementing in their store

At every store visit, follow up on the “show me” step

to review the concepts implemented

Share learnings with other management teams

Constantly debrief with your Director and other

District Managers and Store Managers on how you can

make the program better

District Managers/Head

Office: Follow up, follow up,

follow up

Talk it up!

...At every store visit, during every phone call, at every meeting, during every shift…

DMs and Head Office representatives need to constantly talk up training progress. Remember, what gets talked

about most, likely gets done!

Encourage Managers to talk about what they’ve learned

Ask for feedback each week after viewing an Episode topic and incorporate impromptu quizzes during store

visits and in one-on-one coaching sessions


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