February - Minneapolis Club


February - Minneapolis Club

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

V O L . 7 N o . 1


House Rule #18

S e e P a g e 2

f o r U P D AT E

spa packages and guest rooms

with the Valentines gala

February Is

Heart Health Month

Details inside



It is not too late to make your Valentine’s Plans...

the Club has you covered!

What’s on the plate for 2012

around the Club

The great Clubs around the world

have one thing in common: They

have one eye focused on their

traditions that make them unique

and special, and one eye focused on

the future needs of the membership.

Clubs strive to remain relevant

by making sure they continue to

meet the ever changing needs

of their members. All of our lives

are constantly transforming with

technology advancements, societal

changes, and evolving business


For us at the Minneapolis Club,

configuring our available space in

the Clubhouse to meet our members’

need is critical for keeping the Club

vibrant. In 2010 we created a nice

watering hole and casual dinner

spot on the second floor in the Pub.

2011 brought the expanded Fitness

Frank DiLapo

General Manager

Center which allowed us to offer far

more group exercise classes and

regular child care service.

Both of the physical changes to the

Clubhouse have improved member

participation in these areas. Dinner

business has doubled, and so has the

number of members participating

in group exercise classes. The Child

Care center has regular evening and

weekend participation - which shows

parents are using the Club more and

in different ways than before.

In 2012, the Facilities Committee

will be assessing the possibility of

refurbishing the Grill. The last time

the Grill was remodeled was in 1974.

Yes, 38 years ago. I know it doesn’t

look a day over 30 years old (ha!).

To sum up what the Committee

is trying to accomplish with the


Bills for monthly indebtedness,

including dues, will be available or

mailed to members approximately

the first day of the following month.

Dues are billed in arrears. Payment

is due on or before the twentieth of

each month.

If a member’s account is not paid by the last day of the first

following month, the next bill will contain a conspicuous

notation that a member whose account is not paid by the

last day of the second following month shall be subject to

the sanctions provided by this House Rule.

If a member’s account is not paid by the last day of the

second following month, a letter shall be mailed to

him or her, and unless, in the opinion of the Executive

Committee, there are extenuating circumstances, credit

and other club privileges shall be suspended by the

remodel, we are trying to brighten

a n d l i g h t e n t h e r o o m w h i l e

preserving the fabulous wood


The Committee is still in the early

stages, and the budget has yet to

be projected. If this project goes

forward we would most likely serve

breakfast and lunch on the 3 rd floor

in the Main Dining Room while the

work is being executed.

I am confident that once completed

this project will have the same

positive effect as the recent previous

two faculties improvements have had

on boosting member participation.

It is just another chapter in ensuring

the Clubhouse remains relevant and

vibrant so members can be proud

of their second home downtown.

Executive Committee. Further, if the past due balance

exceeds $1,000, the member will provide a valid

payment option in the form of a credit card or ACH

authorization. The past due balance will be charged

to the credit card or withdrawn from the member’s

account in two equal installments (including the 3%

accounting fee and late charges). In addition, the

member’s account will be permanently converted to

an automatic ACH or credit card payment status.

A member’s account not paid by the fifteenth of the third

following month shall be advised that his or her account,

if not paid by the twentieth of said month, shall be posted

upon the bulletin board of the Club by the Treasurer and

notice of such posting shall be mailed to such member.

If on the second Monday of the fourth following month,

such indebtedness still remains unpaid, the facts shall be

reported by the Treasurer to the Board of Governors for

action as provided for in the Bylaws.

Valentine’s Gala Romance Package:

Guest Room, Bottle of Champagne, and

Continental Breakfast $100

*room available February 11th

Make your reservation for the Valentine’s Gala

and have access to these great Spa packages:

60 Minute Massage and a 60 Minute Facial $ 80

60 Minute Facial and a Bodywrap $80

2 – 60 minute massages $100

30 Minute Facial & Bodywrap for Her

with a 60 Minute Massage for Him $120

*services available February 4 - February 18

Valentine’s Gala

February 11th, 2012

Join us for a night of Romance and Jazz

6:00 pm Champagne Reception

7:30 pm Chocolate Infused

Four Course Dinner

9:00 pm Dance

music by Patty Peterson

***♦ formal attire, black tie optional $150 per couple

To RSVP contact 612.332.2292 or concierge@mplsclub.org

Valentine’s Day



Gift Certificates




Serenity Spa:

60min facials



Other Gift Certificates also available.

Call (612) 332-2292 x440 for details

5 for


February 14th

Valentine’s Dinner in the Pub

Make your Reservations Today!

Grilled Steak and Lobster

Surf and Turf

with Herbed Duchess Potatoes,

and Portabella Mushrooms

$31 per person



Member Connections


Tuesdays at 7:30 am

February 14 and 28,

March 13 and 27, April 10 and 24


Wednesdays at 11:30 am

February 1,15, and 29,

March 14 and 28, April 11 and 25

Happy Hours

Thursdays at 5:00 pm

February 2, and 16, March 1, 15 and 29,

April 12 and 26

Valentines Dinner in the Pub

Tuesday, February 14

Make your reservations today!

Enjoy a romantic dinner

for two with a special

Valentine’s Menu.

Travel Club Luncheon

Wednesday, February 15

11:30 am

Join other members of the Travel

Club to discuss favorite

romantic getaways!

Member Connections

continue through March and April


Tuesdays at 7:30 am

March 13 and 27, April 10 and 24


Wednesdays at 11:30 am

March 14 and 28, April 11 and 25

Happy Hours

Thursdays at 5:00 pm

March 1, 15 and 29, April 12 and 26

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Buffet

Friday, March 16

5:30 pm

Join us for a St. Patrick’s Day

buffet in the Pub. Enjoy live

music and drink specials!

Travel Club Luncheon

Wednesday, March 21

11:30 am

Join Patty Connelly as she shares

stories of her recent trip to Australia.

Beer Club

Thursday, February 2

5:30 pm

Providing a higher level of understanding

and appreciation for beer.

Happy Hour

Hosted by the Young

Members Committee

Wednesday, February 15

5:00 pm

Club Entrepreneur

Thursday, March 1

11:30 am

The Science of

Attracting Opportunites

Happy Hour

Hosted by the Young

Members Committee

Wednesday, March 21

5:00 pm

“Why does season matter?”

This event will focus on Winter Beers.

Socialize with other Young Members of the Club while

enjoying drink and appetizer specials in the Pub!

Michael Monroe Kiefer Ph.D.

Socialize with other Young Members of the Club while

enjoying drink and appetizer specials in the Pub!

Club Entrepreneur

Thursday, February 2

11:30 am

Fat Tuesday Dinner Buffet

Tuesday, February 21

5:30 pm

Book Club Luncheon

Tuesday, March 6

11:30 am

Auto Club Luncheon

Thursday, March 22

11:30 am


20 Second Presentations

and Open Mic Session

Join us for a Mardi Gras buffet

in the Pub. Enjoy live music and

drink specials!

March Book Club Selection:That Used to Be

Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the

World it Invented and How We Can Come Back

by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum

Join fellow Auto Enthusiast members

for Lunch in the Car Club Corner.

Book Club Luncheon

Tuesday, February 7

11:30 am

February Book Club Selection:

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

Auto Club Luncheon

Thursday, February 23

11:30 am

Join fellow Auto Enthusiast members

for Lunch in the Car Club Corner.

“In the Nook” with Chef Håkan

Wednesdays, March 14 & 28

6:00 pm

Experience an intimate three-course

dinner presented to you by Executive

Chef Håkan Lundberg

$45 - dinner only, additional $30 for wine pairings.

Featured Event:

Happy Hour Lecture

Thursday, March 8

5:00 - 7:00 pm

A Happy Hour event with cocktails

and hors d’oeuvres.

Valentines Gala

Saturday, February 11

6:00 pm

See page 3 for complete details.

“In the Nook” with Chef Håkan

Wednesday, February 29

6:00 pm

Experience an intimate three-course

dinner presented to you by Executive

Chef Håkan Lundberg

$45 - dinner only, additional $30 for wine pairings.

Classic Cocktails Club

Thursday, March 15

5:30 pm

Exploring the Lost art of Cocktails.

The March event will feature a variety of Rums.

Surrounding a Discussion and Book

Signing withauthor Steve Rothschild: founder of

Twin Cities RISE! and best selling author Bill George.

“The Non Nonprofit” by Steve Rothschild shares the

same business principles that drive the world’s best

companies, showing how they can (and should) be

applied to the realm of nonprofits.

Members are welcome to bring guests to any and all Club events. Reservations can be made with our front desk, or through our website.

612.332.2292 - concierge@mplsclub.org - www.mplsclub.org

All events are subject to the Minneapolis Club Cancellation Policy. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will be charged in-full.

4 MINNEAPOLIS February 5






Jayme Sussner

Health and Fitness


1 2


February is National Heart Health Month

Are you at risk for Cardiovascular disease?

Your age, sex, family medical history, lifestyle

habits, and the condition of your overall health

can all play a role in your risk for heart and vascular

diseases. Cardiovascular disease is responsible for

one-third of all deaths in the United States - more

than 800,000 a year. The good news is that many

forms of cardiovascular disease are preventable

by taking a proactive approach to healthy living.

Incorporating a balanced diet, regular exercise,

and stress management techniques like yoga and

meditation to daily life can protect you from many

cardiovascular diseases. Taking small steps to adding

physically activity, portion control, monitoring salt

and fat intake, and reducing stress using relaxation

techniques to your daily routine will lead to a

healthier you.

We are all responsible for our own heart health and

we are here to assist you with that process. February

is Heart Disease Awareness Month and a great

opportunity for you to start making some of these

changes. As part of Heart Disease Awareness Month

we can provide you with the tools necessary to make

these improvements in your life. Knowing your

current risk for Cardiovascular disease is step one.

During the month of February, stop by the Fitness

Center to take a Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. The

assessment will include a health risk evaluation along

with a VO2 test. The VO2 test is the best indicator of a

person’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.

Cardiovascular disease can be prevented - the choice

is yours to take action.

Call or email me today to get

more information or contact

the fitness desk to schedule

your Cardiovascular Risk


(612) 332-2292



A word on winter skin from your Club esthetician...

Photo 1: Sarah and Hudie Broughton at the New Years Day Open


Photo 2: Congratulations to Sarah and Hudie Broughton! They

welcomed baby boy Walter Thomas Broughton V (Walt) to their

Family on January 16, 2012.

Photo 3: Congratulations to Britta and Jesse Bergland! They

welcomed baby girl Willa Ruth to their Family on January 4, 2012.

Photo 4: Ben Schluess, Britta Bergland, Jessee Bergland, Brian

Woolsey, and their Guests at the Young Member Ugly Sweater

Happy Hour.





Think that drinking more water is the key to helping dry skin? Time to to re-think the “8 cups a day

keeps the dryness away” theory! Our bodies and skin are not like plants, they do not receive the full

benefits of water once it’s consumed. The water passes through several different systems before

ultimately arriving at our blood cells to hydrate them. The key to winter skin survival is maintaining

your skin’s natural protective lipid barrier to prevent water loss through the skin. Extended hot

showers, using oil-stripping soaps and exposing your skin to harsh weather conditions

all lead to dryness. Excessive dryness leads to sagging, wrinkles and an allaround

lackluster appearance to the face and body. Consuming foods rich

in essential fatty acids helps maintain that natural layer of oil that supplies

moisture internally and helps protect deydration from external aggressors.

Also, using the correct moisturizer for your skin type will allow that layer of

moisture to be maintained via topical application. Moral of the story? An am

and pm application of moisturizer to face and body will do more for keeping

dryness at bay than drinking 8 cups of water.



Photos 5-7: New Year’s Day Open House.

Photo 8: Jason Blumenthal, Alicia Phillips, and

their Daughter Sofia enjoying the Buffet.

contact Amy Charpentier

AmyC@mplsclub.org or 612.332.2292 ext 344

6 MINNEAPOLIS February 7





Frank DiLapo, CCM

General Manager

frankd@mplsclub.org, ext. 380

Margaret Leto

Membership Director

margaretl@mplsclub.org, ext. 308

Pat Brengman & Daniel Olson

Front Desk & Concierge Team

patb@mplsclub.org, ext. 306

danielo@mplsclub.org, ext. 332

Amy Charpentier

Member Relations Director

amyc@mplsclub.org, ext. 344

Håkan Lundberg

Executive Chef

hakanl@mplsclub.org, ext. 368

Minneapolis Club

729 Second Avenue South

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402


First Class Mail

U.S. Postage Paid

Twin Cities, MN

Permit No. 1024

Jodie Weappa & Jessica Sciaretta

Catering Department

jodiew@mplsclub.org, 612.334.0217

jessicas@mplsclub.org, 612.334.0218

Jayme Sussner

Health & Fitness Director

jaymes@mplsclub.org, ext. 444


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About the Cover: Love is in the

Air this February at the Club. See

page 3 for full details.


In the Nook

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Our Mission:

To nurture authentic relationships through the shared experiences of

hospitality, health & wellness, and social, professional & community programming.

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