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July-August 2009<br />

NGJ<br />

m i n i s t r i e s<br />

I have no greater joy<br />

than to hear that my<br />

children walk in truth.<br />

III John 4

Can do can man scarecrow<br />

You will need assorted cans with lids, twine, cross to hang him on. Take<br />

two pieces of twine 30 feet long. Fold both strings in half, tie a knot about<br />

6 in from top. Take nail and put hole in top and bottom of cans… run twine<br />

through head and neck, separate twine for arms, continue two pieces of<br />

twine through body and into legs. Tie a knot after each can, add cans for<br />

arms. Draw face on head. Hang in garden on 2 stakes crossed to scare deer<br />

and o<strong>the</strong>r animals away. He makes lots of noise when <strong>the</strong> wind blows…<br />

1.<br />

2 strings<br />

folded in half<br />

knot<br />

1 string<br />

here<br />

2.<br />

4 strings<br />

here<br />

1 string<br />

here<br />

2 strings<br />

here<br />

3.<br />

make nail holes<br />

Designed<br />

by Annette<br />

Godwin,<br />

Order department<br />

nail up<br />

ends of<br />

arms<br />

4.<br />

Articles<br />

3 Need a Spouse...Anyone?<br />

4 What I Want in a Wife<br />

5 What I Want in a Guy<br />

6 The Vision: Summary<br />

8 Holy Matrimony<br />

15 Good Ground<br />

16 Red Clover, Red Clover Let Good<br />

Health Comer Over<br />

18 Adrenaline Rush<br />

20 Jeremiah <strong>the</strong> Fisherman<br />

22 The Only Trophies<br />

28 Biggest Cane Creek Flood on Record<br />

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All Scripture taken from <strong>the</strong> Authorized Version<br />

(King James) Holy Bible<br />

NGJ<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc.<br />

1000 Pearl Road • Pleasantville, TN 37033<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org<br />

july-August 2009<br />

Volume 15 | Number 4<br />

Printed in <strong>the</strong> USA<br />

Editors in Chief<br />

Michael and Debi Pearl<br />

Photography<br />

Elizabeth Stewart<br />

Art Director Lynne Hopwood<br />

On <strong>the</strong> Cover<br />

Jocelyn, Elena, Emma, and Callie<br />

with <strong>the</strong> Can Man Scarecrow built by<br />

Annette Godwin<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Gabe Pearl, Shoshanna Easling,<br />

Shalom Brand

Need a Spouse...<br />

By debi pearl<br />

?<br />

Anyone<br />

We have three sisters who live in our area. They are blessed<br />

to have a very wise and caring older bro<strong>the</strong>r. I know this to be so,<br />

because once in a while he will send word that one or all of his sisters<br />

are to show up at his church (an hour’s drive from <strong>the</strong>ir home) or to some<br />

social function. The girls once explained to me that when <strong>the</strong>ir bro<strong>the</strong>r gets<br />

to know Godly young men, he sets up scenarios for his sisters to meet <strong>the</strong>se possible<br />

suitors. So far, none of <strong>the</strong> sisters (all under 20 years old) have found spouses, but no<br />

doubt <strong>the</strong>y will, because <strong>the</strong>ir bro<strong>the</strong>r is looking out for <strong>the</strong>m.<br />

About now, most of you are probably asking, “What about <strong>the</strong>ir dad? Shouldn’t<br />

that be his responsibility?” Maybe, maybe not, especially for <strong>the</strong> search part of it. Consider<br />

this: In this particular case, <strong>the</strong> bro<strong>the</strong>r is in <strong>the</strong> same age bracket as <strong>the</strong> potential<br />

suitors. He will get to know <strong>the</strong> guys in many situations, including when <strong>the</strong>ir guard<br />

is down. And, when it comes to arranging a meeting of <strong>the</strong> guys with <strong>the</strong> girls, he is<br />

not nearly as scary as Dad would be. The potential suitor would be more comfortable<br />

working through <strong>the</strong> bro<strong>the</strong>r to arrange a casual meeting with a sister than he would<br />

working with a dad who might make too much out of <strong>the</strong> young man’s agreement to<br />

meet one of his girls.<br />

Most young men would like some time to get to know <strong>the</strong> girls without being<br />

put through <strong>the</strong> wringer immediately and without making a commitment to <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r<br />

before <strong>the</strong>y are sure <strong>the</strong>y even like <strong>the</strong> girl. Due to <strong>the</strong> current conservative, complicated<br />

courtship hoops through which young men are expected to jump in order to get a<br />

sweetie, many homeschooled young men are opting out. They are finding <strong>the</strong>ir spouses<br />

outside <strong>the</strong> “courtship pool,” leaving a lot of young girls unsought after and twiddling<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir thumbs at home, waiting for someone who is off fishing in easier waters.<br />

All three of our girls, Rebekah, Shalom, and Shoshanna, got to know <strong>the</strong>ir prospective<br />

spouses due to <strong>the</strong>ir bro<strong>the</strong>rs’ previous acquaintance with <strong>the</strong>m. Gabe was always<br />

actively checking out guys. As he got to know <strong>the</strong> young men, he informed us of <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

potential. Most of <strong>the</strong>m did not meet with his approval, and that pretty much settled it<br />

for us. Gabe might in passing say that this guy is lazy. Yuck…who wants a lazy sonin-law?<br />

Occasionally he would say, “I like that guy. He works hard and seems to have<br />

genuine love for God.” The unsuspecting fellow automatically got placed on our “potentials<br />

list”. When opportunity presented itself, I invited him to dinner and treated him<br />

real nice. Of course, most of <strong>the</strong> young men that we surveyed never knew what we were<br />

up to, but nei<strong>the</strong>r did <strong>the</strong>y ever ask for one of our girls. Just think what <strong>the</strong>y MISSED!<br />

Scores of young men asked for Shalom. She was gentle, cute, hard-working, and<br />

always cheerful, in addition to being <strong>the</strong> most compliant girl you have ever met. But<br />

before <strong>the</strong>y ever made it to our door to talk to Daddy Mike, most of <strong>the</strong>m were already<br />

discounted as possibilities. Gabe or Nathan had seen to that with <strong>the</strong>ir reports. Big<br />

bro<strong>the</strong>rs were watching out for <strong>the</strong>ir sisters, especially <strong>the</strong> sweet one.<br />

Of course, <strong>the</strong> sisters also tried to return <strong>the</strong> favor. They visited and got to know<br />

girls <strong>the</strong> bro<strong>the</strong>rs would mention. “She’s moody; strike her out. She’s lazy; zip. She<br />

talks bad about her daddy; boo on her. She’s cheerful; check her out.” Mike tried to<br />

help <strong>the</strong> boys by bringing girls in to visit or sending <strong>the</strong>m off to meet girls, but his<br />

taste in females and our boys’ taste in females were never <strong>the</strong> same. Dad struck out as<br />

<strong>the</strong> matchmaker every time. I didn’t do much better, although I kept trying, bless my<br />

everloving heart.<br />

I guess <strong>the</strong> moral to this tale is—Bro<strong>the</strong>rs, do your duty! If you have older unmarried<br />

sisters…shame on you. Get out and meet some men who might be a proper match<br />

for your sisters. Invite <strong>the</strong>m home, plan a big feed. Talk to your sisters. Talk PLAIN,<br />

bold and direct with <strong>the</strong>m. Tell <strong>the</strong>m what each guy likes and dislikes, his dreams and<br />

continued on page 24<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

I want a girl who’s<br />

interested in friendship first. I’ve run into three types of girls over <strong>the</strong> years—two of<br />

<strong>the</strong>m make me chuckle, but with a hint of sorrow inside. The third class I’ve observed<br />

always makes me stop and think. And smile.<br />

There are two types<br />

of young ladies, one at ei<strong>the</strong>r end of <strong>the</strong> “girl spectrum.” The first is most prevalent in<br />

ultra conservative, homeschool settings. She ignores <strong>the</strong> existence of <strong>the</strong> guys around<br />

her, believing <strong>the</strong> lie that any interaction with a guy is ei<strong>the</strong>r sinful or premature romantic<br />

involvement. That’s just wrong—God created both genders to edify and challenge<br />

each o<strong>the</strong>r!<br />

I would say to that girl, just get over yourself, and say hi!<br />

Then <strong>the</strong>re’s <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r extreme, <strong>the</strong> “ferocious females.” <strong>No</strong>w, I have to say that I<br />

appreciate energetic, engaging girls. What concerns me, however, is that with some of<br />

<strong>the</strong>se young ladies, <strong>the</strong>y display a sense of discontent with <strong>the</strong>ir singleness. “Need” is<br />

not attractive in a girl. When a girl already has an interesting life, she <strong>the</strong>n has something<br />

to bring to <strong>the</strong> marriage.<br />

This brings us to <strong>the</strong> type of girl that is very appealing<br />

and attractive. I like it when a young lady I meet takes <strong>the</strong> time to both talk and<br />

listen, especially when God has given us similar passions in life. And I believe that<br />

mutual passion that has <strong>the</strong> power to keep us toge<strong>the</strong>r for a lifetime. At least, I think<br />

so. Remember, I’m still single.<br />

Beyond that, my attention is always piqued when a girl is walking in <strong>the</strong> freedom<br />

of Christ. The most attractive women I’ve met are those who are satisfied<br />

where <strong>the</strong>y are, yet are open for more of what God has for <strong>the</strong>m.<br />

This is a freedom only God can give. But I’m looking for<br />

one more thing: confidence. A girl who has placed her<br />

confidence in Christ, who isn’t “afraid with any<br />

amazement” (1 Peter 3:6) but resembles Sarah—<br />

that’s a girl who will make any guy turn his head.<br />

Including this one.<br />

My happily married bro<strong>the</strong>r has wisely told<br />

me, “Find a girl who is willing to follow. But<br />

you must be willing to give up as much as<br />

you’ve asked her to give up.” That’s what<br />

Sarah and Abraham did. They followed God<br />

even when <strong>the</strong>y didn’t understand what he<br />

wanted. Sarah trusted God despite Abraham’s<br />

deficiencies. Sarah wasn’t afraid.<br />

She was confident in God. Yeah,<br />

I’m keeping my eye out<br />

for Sarah.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

What I want<br />

in a guy!<br />

By a young woman<br />

I am a 22-year-old girl who has met and seen my fair share of couples. I’ve traveled<br />

a good bit and lived with/helped out different families doing mission work. These<br />

experiences have helped me figure out who I am today, and have been instrumental in<br />

showing me what I need in a husband.<br />

When I was 17, my cousins and friends, who are a few years older than I, all<br />

started getting married. So I naturally thought, “Well, I guess I should get married, too,<br />

because it seems to be <strong>the</strong> next step in life.” But <strong>the</strong> guy I would have married <strong>the</strong>n and<br />

<strong>the</strong> guy I would marry now are two completely different types of men. I didn’t even<br />

know myself yet, much less what I should look for in a man.<br />

I think, as homeschoolers, we are raised with <strong>the</strong> idea that marriage is <strong>the</strong> next<br />

important step in <strong>the</strong> school of life. I believe that attitude limits a person. I want to do<br />

something significant with my life, including learning all I have a capacity to comprehend,<br />

all for <strong>the</strong> purpose of making an eternal difference. I encourage girls to think:<br />

What are your dreams, what do you want to do, what do you want to know? Get out<br />

and do something, whe<strong>the</strong>r it’s starting a business, (which could include homemaking<br />

skills) or buying a piece of land. Go help out a missionary for six months. It will give<br />

you a whole new outlook on life and an appreciation for missionaries! It will grow<br />

you, give you more confidence, and help you figure out what you need in a husband.<br />

Every man is attracted to a woman who’s busy with abundant life, someone who is on<br />

<strong>the</strong> front side of making things happen.<br />

Years ago I was chatting with a married couple who are good friends of mine, and<br />

who know me well. They helped me to figure out what I personally<br />

needed in a man. I wrote a list that day of five things I<br />

most need in a man!<br />

1. I know that I need a Strong Leader who’s not going<br />

to let me shove him around. I want someone who<br />

is going to stand up and be <strong>the</strong> man!<br />

2. Yet I need someone who is Open-minded,<br />

who will listen to all my crazy <strong>the</strong>ories about life!<br />

3. He needs to be Passionate, so that whatever<br />

he does, he does it with a fire under his boots!<br />

4. I want him to be Spontaneous, full of zeal<br />

about life, and not afraid to jump into an adventure.<br />

I am a very enthusiastic person, and I love to do<br />

things on <strong>the</strong> spur of <strong>the</strong> moment. I want to marry<br />

someone I can jump on board with!<br />

5. And I must have a man who Loves and<br />

Honors God and is already actively serving<br />

<strong>the</strong> Lord and has a deep-seated vision<br />

for life.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

The Vision chapter 1<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936<br />

6 A.M., Seattle, February 11<br />

Asher Joel felt strangely<br />

detached, staring at <strong>the</strong> thick,<br />

gray morning fog cloaking <strong>the</strong><br />

world beyond <strong>the</strong> diner’s window.<br />

A single droplet of water,<br />

released from <strong>the</strong> window’s<br />

condensation, captured his attention<br />

as it zigzagged down<br />

<strong>the</strong> inside of <strong>the</strong> plate glass,<br />

finally dropping onto <strong>the</strong> windowsill.<br />

He glanced down to<br />

<strong>the</strong> lightly rolled newspaper<br />

lying by his left hand. Last<br />

night’s bombing in Atlanta<br />

dominated <strong>the</strong> headlines, but<br />

Yellowstone’s latest series of<br />

earthquakes competed for <strong>the</strong><br />

public’s attention. Funny—<br />

<strong>the</strong>y were getting used to <strong>the</strong><br />

bombings.<br />

He unconsciously murmured<br />

as he thought of <strong>the</strong><br />

irony of <strong>the</strong> big deal <strong>the</strong> news<br />

was making of a few small<br />

earthquakes while keeping<br />

<strong>the</strong> big news of Yellowstone<br />

quiet. He understood why<br />

his bro<strong>the</strong>r, a government<br />

volcanologist, had told him <strong>the</strong> whole truth would not be released to <strong>the</strong><br />

public. What use would it be to awaken <strong>the</strong> public to <strong>the</strong> knowledge that deep in <strong>the</strong><br />

recesses of Yellowstone Park lay a waking monster? What could anyone do?<br />

A small burst of laughter from two tables down caused him to shift his glance toward<br />

two old fishermen that had often come in to eat while he and Dan dined. <strong>No</strong>w, even in<br />

<strong>the</strong> diner people were subdued and withdrawn. Laughter had become a strange sound<br />

that caught your attention. Again a mumbling groan escaped from Asher’s clinched<br />

lips as he mulled over a more local threat. The locals called it The Muslim Invasion.<br />

This threat tempered <strong>the</strong> locals’ usual ready laughter, <strong>the</strong>ir interest in politics, even<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir fishing.<br />

It muffled every aspect of <strong>the</strong>ir lives.<br />

It happened gradually, <strong>the</strong> influx of Arabic speaking Muslims into <strong>the</strong>ir small coastal<br />

area of Washington State … but now <strong>the</strong> fear subdued all of life’s joys and trials.<br />

Even grief.<br />

Quickly Asher turned again to face <strong>the</strong> window. A solitary tear slid down his face,<br />

a manifestation of his loss. Old Dan had been a good friend—more than a friend. Dan<br />

had been almost like a fa<strong>the</strong>r. A rush of <strong>the</strong> cold morning dampness accompanied <strong>the</strong><br />

sound of <strong>the</strong> door opening. Ano<strong>the</strong>r pair of old fishermen pushed through and took<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir customary seats, each turning stiffly to Asher, offering silent condolences with <strong>the</strong><br />

meeting of eyes and <strong>the</strong> slightest of nods. It was a gesture that expressed <strong>the</strong>ir shared<br />

sorrow, only understood and appreciated by proud alpha males. Asher’s cold blue eyes<br />

acknowledged <strong>the</strong>ir tribute before turning back to look at <strong>the</strong> gray swirl.

He stared at <strong>the</strong> reflection of <strong>the</strong> hardy fishermen seated around him. What will become<br />

of this world of simple fishermen and small diners? Men like Dan, who worked<br />

hard all <strong>the</strong>ir lives, had old time values and were American to <strong>the</strong> core. Men like Dan<br />

died when <strong>the</strong>y stood up for what <strong>the</strong>y believed. The young man clenched his jaw as<br />

his ears seemed to fill with a roar.<br />

Too much knowledge is deafening. It screams at your soul, not allowing you to<br />

enjoy music, laughter, dreams, or even <strong>the</strong> thought of a good woman. With trembling<br />

hands he carefully laid aside <strong>the</strong> salt shaker he had been casually pushing back and<br />

forth.Almost as if it were an omen, he caught a fleeting glance of scurrying Muslim men<br />

rushing off to where <strong>the</strong>y would kneel toge<strong>the</strong>r toward Mecca. A deep furl appeared<br />

between his eyes. His hands doubled up into hard fists. This much anger was not good<br />

for <strong>the</strong> soul.The watery reflection in <strong>the</strong> window of <strong>the</strong> waitress bearing down upon<br />

him, carrying his smoked salmon eggs benedict, caused Asher to turn again toward <strong>the</strong><br />

room. His lips smiled his appreciation to <strong>the</strong> old woman as she slid <strong>the</strong> plate in front<br />

of him with <strong>the</strong> familiar clatter unique to diners. But he couldn’t keep <strong>the</strong> turmoil out<br />

of his eyes.Looking up at <strong>the</strong> familiar, gum-smacking, smiling face, Asher took in <strong>the</strong><br />

highly arched, painted brows and <strong>the</strong> compassionate, kind eyes. “Thank you, Louise.<br />

This is my favorite breakfast. It looks good—as usual.”<br />

The lumpy older woman pulled at <strong>the</strong> bodice of her stuffed dress and flushed,<br />

pleased with <strong>the</strong> compliment. “Sho-wah, Honey; it’s gooahd fooahd.” Her voice always<br />

surprised newcomers with its distinctive New England ‘Kennedy’ clip and its touch of<br />

Old World class, in odd contrast to her appearance. Asher smiled as <strong>the</strong> stranger sitting<br />

in <strong>the</strong> opposite booth quickly looked over his shoulder to see who was talking. Louise,<br />

still cracking her gum, never noticed <strong>the</strong> curious glance as she stood staring intently at<br />

Asher.Louise looked as if she were born to be a waitress in a low-class diner. Her hair<br />

color and style changed almost as frequently as her penciled-on eyebrows. Old Dan<br />

had called her a character, but he had always said it with a fond smile as if it were a<br />

fine compliment. “You really miss <strong>the</strong> old man, ayuh.” Her opening had <strong>the</strong> sound of a<br />

planned, practiced speech.<br />

“We,” she fluttered her hand toward <strong>the</strong> counter, indicating <strong>the</strong> girls working <strong>the</strong>re,<br />

“knew you’uhd be bahck at least one more time. Like a memorial ta Dan.” Her voice<br />

caught for a moment before she continued, “We needed you ta come jus once more<br />

so’s we could say goodbye to ’im too.” This time a tear ran slowly down her rouged<br />

face, provoking her to quickly turn so <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r waitresses would not see. She sounded<br />

stressed as she said, “I know t’was his wish not ta have a funeral...Read <strong>the</strong> rest of <strong>the</strong><br />

book, The Vision. Available NOW!<br />

Interspersed in <strong>the</strong> story are actual herbal remedies<br />

and factual events that detail <strong>the</strong> real life reality of<br />

<strong>the</strong> story’s important elements. The Vision reveals<br />

truth in <strong>the</strong> form of fiction, from <strong>the</strong> shocking<br />

au<strong>the</strong>nticity of Muslim honor killing and <strong>the</strong> insidious<br />

influence of white power groups in rural<br />

America to herbal healing recipes from an experienced<br />

herbalist and little known<br />

scientific findings concerning<br />

Yellowstone, one of <strong>the</strong> most<br />

menacing sleeping giants in<br />

<strong>the</strong> world. Who can survive?<br />

We will learn how in books<br />

two and three, The Test and<br />

The Cave. In it <strong>the</strong>re will be<br />

more fact than fiction because<br />

you might need to know…

Holy Matrimony<br />

by Michael Pearl<br />

Most of my readers will agree that holy matrimony<br />

is not <strong>the</strong> product of <strong>the</strong> state, but few understand that<br />

it is likewise not <strong>the</strong> product of <strong>the</strong> church.<br />

Origin of marriage<br />

The marriage of one man to one woman is <strong>the</strong> oldest institution on earth, predating<br />

all religion and government, inaugurated in <strong>the</strong> Garden of Eden by <strong>the</strong> Creator<br />

himself. The incarnate son of <strong>the</strong> Creator, Jesus, said, “Have ye not read, that he which<br />

made <strong>the</strong>m at <strong>the</strong> beginning made <strong>the</strong>m male and female, and said, For this cause<br />

shall a man leave fa<strong>the</strong>r and mo<strong>the</strong>r, and shall cleave to his wife: and <strong>the</strong>y twain [two<br />

and no more] shall be one flesh? Wherefore <strong>the</strong>y are no more twain, but one flesh. What<br />

<strong>the</strong>refore God hath joined toge<strong>the</strong>r, let not man put asunder” (Mat<strong>the</strong>w 19:4-6).<br />

The traditional view of marriage that has come down to us from antiquity is<br />

shared by peoples of every culture and language, and reflects quite well <strong>the</strong> Biblical<br />

definition of marriage as being only between a man and a woman. History, likewise,<br />

reveals that all governments and religions have assumed that marriage is an unalienable<br />

human mandate from God, thus pre-existing government, and that it is <strong>the</strong>refore<br />

beyond its jurisdiction.<br />

Legislators and rulers have seldom attempted to tamper with <strong>the</strong> private nature<br />

of this covenant between a man and a woman. Where legislation has been passed in<br />

regard to marriage, it has, with rare exception, been to protect <strong>the</strong> sanctity and independence<br />

of this fundamental human right. In fact, previous to <strong>the</strong> last fifty years or so,<br />

<strong>the</strong> march of history had tended toward increasing respect for <strong>the</strong> distinctive autonomy<br />

and sanctity of holy matrimony. As <strong>the</strong> collective states became more enlightened,<br />

<strong>the</strong>y increasingly legislated against polygamy, incest, abandonment of children, and<br />

<strong>the</strong> patriarchal abuse of <strong>the</strong> female in marriage.<br />

The United States has demonstrated in its tax codes a vested interest in protecting<br />

<strong>the</strong> autonomous freedom of marriage. But an “invested interest” separated from<br />

<strong>the</strong> Biblical and traditional concept of a lifetime covenant between one man and one<br />

woman provides no protection at all to marriage as God has ordained it. And so it is<br />

that until recently, <strong>the</strong> states have not attempted to offer a definition of marriage different<br />

from <strong>the</strong> traditional assumptions and practices.<br />

Role of <strong>the</strong> State<br />

Let’s be very clear: <strong>the</strong> established record of history has consistently indicated<br />

that <strong>the</strong> state does not create <strong>the</strong> right of marriage. As a part of its function, it acknowledges<br />

and protects certain rights, duties, and privileges of both <strong>the</strong> husband and <strong>the</strong><br />

wife, as have been well defined by <strong>the</strong> common practice of o<strong>the</strong>rwise diverse cultures<br />

and religions. Historically, governments have guarded <strong>the</strong> sanctity of marriage more<br />

consistently than <strong>the</strong>y have o<strong>the</strong>r unalienable rights, such as liberty, property, and<br />

freedom of association.<br />

Where <strong>the</strong> state has failed to protect <strong>the</strong> inherent nature of holy matrimony, by allowing<br />

polygamy or preventing mixed race marriages, it was understood by all, and eventually<br />

was so demonstrated, to be <strong>the</strong> result of corruption and injustice in that state.<br />

The state, being secondary to <strong>the</strong> institution of marriage, has no jurisdiction to<br />

redefine <strong>the</strong> nature of marriage, as in so-called same-sex “marriage.” Even in ancient<br />

Greece, where homosexual activity was common, same sex relationships were understood<br />

to be <strong>the</strong> aberration—equal to adultery—while heterosexual marriage was<br />

understood to be <strong>the</strong> norm.<br />

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History has consistently demonstrated that <strong>the</strong>re resides in our human nature an<br />

innate knowledge that marriage―for it to be true marriage―is altoge<strong>the</strong>r consistent<br />

with <strong>the</strong> Creator’s intent as revealed in <strong>the</strong> Bible.<br />

History of holy matrimony<br />

Most of my readers will agree that holy matrimony is not <strong>the</strong> product of <strong>the</strong> state,<br />

but few understand that it is likewise not <strong>the</strong> product of <strong>the</strong> church.<br />

For three hundred years after Christ, <strong>the</strong> church viewed marriage as primarily a<br />

private matter not requiring ecclesiastical or state sanction. It was understood that marriage<br />

predated both religion and <strong>the</strong> state, and did not look to ei<strong>the</strong>r for its legitimacy.<br />

The early church devised liturgies to celebrate <strong>the</strong> Eucharist, Baptism and Confirmation,<br />

but no such liturgy was created for marriage. It was not important or required<br />

for a couple to have <strong>the</strong>ir nuptials blessed by <strong>the</strong> church. Men and women<br />

of responsible age could marry by mutual agreement in <strong>the</strong> presence of family and<br />

friends as witnesses.<br />

The first detailed account of a Christian wedding in <strong>the</strong> West dates from <strong>the</strong> 9th<br />

century, and it was identical to <strong>the</strong> old nuptial service of Ancient Rome—looking to<br />

nei<strong>the</strong>r <strong>the</strong> church nor <strong>the</strong> state to au<strong>the</strong>nticate <strong>the</strong> union. Of course, <strong>the</strong> members of<br />

a congregation took a great interest in <strong>the</strong> union of a young couple from <strong>the</strong>ir ranks,<br />

which is why those marriages were celebrated with family, friends, and fellow believers.<br />

But <strong>the</strong> right to marry was assumed to be a common-law right from <strong>the</strong> Creator,<br />

predating <strong>the</strong> church.<br />

However, throughout <strong>the</strong> Middle Ages, churches often recorded <strong>the</strong> names and<br />

dates of marriages, as well as <strong>the</strong> children of that union. After printing became common,<br />

<strong>the</strong> old family Bible became <strong>the</strong> au<strong>the</strong>ntic record of births, marriages, and deaths.<br />

Until 1545, all marriages in medieval Europe, including Christian marriages, came<br />

under <strong>the</strong> jurisdiction of common law. Holy matrimony occurred when two adults declared<br />

<strong>the</strong>mselves to be husband and wife and <strong>the</strong>n consummated <strong>the</strong> marriage in a<br />

one flesh union. Self-declared marriages were recognized as valid, even in <strong>the</strong> absence<br />

of witnesses.<br />

The concept of a third party “marrying” a couple was foreign to <strong>the</strong>m. For those<br />

living in that time, it was inconceivable that a man could have any authority to join a<br />

couple in holy matrimony. God was understood to be <strong>the</strong> one who “joined toge<strong>the</strong>r” a<br />

man and a woman, and he had already established <strong>the</strong> point or kind of union and its pri-<br />

To receive from<br />

<strong>the</strong> state a license<br />

to marry is to<br />

acknowledge <strong>the</strong><br />

state’s supremacy<br />

over marriage.<br />

What it licenses,<br />

it can un-license.<br />

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The state, by our<br />

consent, has made<br />

itself higher than our<br />

sworn covenants,<br />

higher than <strong>the</strong><br />

church—higher than<br />

<strong>the</strong> God who ordained<br />

marriage. It was not<br />

always so. It is now.<br />

10 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936<br />

mary purpose—sexual intercourse. It was understood<br />

to be within <strong>the</strong> power of a man and<br />

a woman to commence a life of union as <strong>the</strong>y<br />

pleased. The couple would publicly promise<br />

<strong>the</strong>mselves to each o<strong>the</strong>r—called a “verbum<br />

sap” (Lat. no more need be said)—and <strong>the</strong>n<br />

assume <strong>the</strong> duties of husband and wife, and<br />

that was marriage. When family structure and<br />

economic conditions made it possible, <strong>the</strong>re<br />

were wedding feasts and celebrations surrounding a marriage, but <strong>the</strong> blessing of an<br />

ecclesiastical or civil authority were unwarranted.<br />

Marriage not <strong>the</strong> domain of <strong>the</strong> church<br />

How did marriage come to be viewed as <strong>the</strong> domain of <strong>the</strong> church? In <strong>the</strong> sixteenth<br />

century, as many Roman Catholics were discovering justification by faith and<br />

leaving <strong>the</strong> fold to become Protestants, <strong>the</strong> Roman church launched a counter reformation.<br />

In an attempt to delegitimize Protestant marriages, <strong>the</strong> Roman Church abolished<br />

“clandestine” marriage at <strong>the</strong> Council of Trent (1545–1563), ruling that in <strong>the</strong> future,<br />

a marriage would only be valid if it were performed by a Catholic priest in <strong>the</strong> presence<br />

of two witnesses. Of course, this transferal of marital authority into <strong>the</strong> hands of<br />

<strong>the</strong> clergy did not affect those outside <strong>the</strong> Roman church, where marriage by common<br />

consent continued to be <strong>the</strong> norm.<br />

Since it had become traditional for <strong>the</strong> Roman Catholic Church to recognize and<br />

record marriages, in <strong>the</strong> Protestant community separation from <strong>the</strong> old hierarchy left a<br />

vacuum that was soon filled by <strong>the</strong> Protestant states. By <strong>the</strong> 1600s, many of <strong>the</strong> Protestant<br />

European countries initiated <strong>the</strong> state’s involvement in <strong>the</strong> institution of marriage.<br />

England abolished clandestine or common-law marriages in <strong>the</strong> Marriage Act of<br />

1753, requiring marriages to be performed by a priest of <strong>the</strong> Church of England. This<br />

law did not apply to Jews or Quakers. It was an “inner church/state” act. All countries<br />

in Europe have now abolished “marriage by habit and repute”, with Scotland being<br />

<strong>the</strong> last to do so in 2006.<br />

In <strong>the</strong> United States, new common-law marriages initiated in a state are still recognized<br />

in Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Rhode Island, South Carolina,<br />

Texas, Utah and <strong>the</strong> District of Columbia, and in Canada, several provinces<br />

recognize <strong>the</strong>m.<br />

Licensed by <strong>the</strong> State<br />

At <strong>the</strong> age of eighteen, when I was “ordained” by <strong>the</strong> Sou<strong>the</strong>rn Baptist Church to<br />

preach <strong>the</strong> gospel, <strong>the</strong>y steered me into applying to <strong>the</strong> State of Tennessee for a license

to preach <strong>the</strong> gospel of Jesus Christ. That also gave me <strong>the</strong> legal status to perform<br />

weddings on behalf of <strong>the</strong> state. I accepted <strong>the</strong> whole process as needful for what God<br />

had called me to do, not in <strong>the</strong> least understanding <strong>the</strong> implications behind it all. It is<br />

downright scary to me to think back now on what <strong>the</strong>y and I did.<br />

Think about it. It was God who created sexual beings and ordained <strong>the</strong>ir marriage,<br />

and it is HE who joins <strong>the</strong>m toge<strong>the</strong>r so that no man can put asunder that union. And<br />

it is HE who commissioned me to preach <strong>the</strong> gospel and commanded me to go forth,<br />

but I ignorantly subjected God’s calling to <strong>the</strong> state and asked <strong>the</strong>ir permission to<br />

obey God. In exchange for that “submission” on my part, <strong>the</strong> state delegated to me <strong>the</strong><br />

authority to act as a proxy for <strong>the</strong>m in granting what had been public domain for six<br />

thousand years of human history—holy matrimony.<br />

The state can only license that which is under its jurisdiction. And anything it<br />

licenses can be forbidden or regulated. In short, to receive licenses is to acknowledge<br />

<strong>the</strong> state’s supremacy over that activity, and it is a surrender to state control.<br />

I applied for and received from <strong>the</strong> state a driver’s license, by which I acknowledge<br />

<strong>the</strong> state’s jurisdiction over <strong>the</strong> road systems. By being a license holder, I place<br />

myself under <strong>the</strong> penalty of law for violating any state regulation covering <strong>the</strong> use<br />

of public roads. I have no problem with being so licensed. I acknowledge <strong>the</strong> state’s<br />

jurisdiction over <strong>the</strong> roads it has built and maintains. I also recognize that without my<br />

consent, <strong>the</strong> state can change <strong>the</strong> laws at any time, and I am responsible to submit to<br />

any revision.<br />

To receive from <strong>the</strong> state a license to marry is to acknowledge <strong>the</strong> state’s authority<br />

over marriage. What it licenses, it can un-license. One person can go to that state and<br />

have <strong>the</strong>ir contract of marriage dissolved. Why? Because <strong>the</strong> two parties of <strong>the</strong> divorce<br />

signed away <strong>the</strong>ir rights to “until death do us part” when <strong>the</strong>y received a state license.<br />

The state is not bound by <strong>the</strong> verbal covenant you made in church. The state, by our<br />

consent, has made itself higher than our sworn covenants, higher than <strong>the</strong> church—<br />

higher than <strong>the</strong> God who ordained marriage. It was not always so. It is now. All praise<br />

to <strong>the</strong> state supreme? I praise <strong>the</strong>m not!<br />

Redefined Marriage<br />

<strong>No</strong>w that we have finally granted <strong>the</strong> state jurisdiction over marriage, it has taken<br />

upon itself <strong>the</strong> authority to change <strong>the</strong> rules that have been in place for <strong>the</strong> past six<br />

thousand years of human history. As of this writing, five states—Connecticut, Massachusetts,<br />

New York, Rhode Island, and Iowa—recognize same-sex “marriage” as<br />

legitimate marriage. Vermont will soon follow, starting September 1, 2009. California<br />

was recognizing same-sex “marriages,” but later revoked <strong>the</strong> right. The battle is not<br />

over. It is under judicial review. Marriage licenses that once had lines for <strong>the</strong> signature<br />

of Bride and Groom now read Subject A, Subject B. When your daughter gets married<br />

will she be A or B? According to those states, she cannot be a “bride.” That is now politically<br />

incorrect discriminatory language.<br />

The first country to allow same-sex couples to enter into legally recognized “marriage”<br />

was <strong>the</strong> Ne<strong>the</strong>rlands, effective in 2001. Since <strong>the</strong>n, six o<strong>the</strong>r countries—Belgium,<br />

Spain, Canada, South Africa, <strong>No</strong>rway and Sweden—have followed suit.<br />

Same-sex couples can be “civilly united,” but not married, in 16 o<strong>the</strong>r countries<br />

and in specific jurisdictions within five o<strong>the</strong>rs. Even Israel recognizes legal same-sex<br />

marriages from o<strong>the</strong>r jurisdictions, but does not perform its own same-sex marriages.<br />

Political and legal debate continues in over two dozen o<strong>the</strong>r countries and in multiple<br />

U.S. states.<br />

Californians will lose <strong>the</strong> battle against having <strong>the</strong>ir marital status degraded and<br />

viewed as on par with an abominable perversion. <strong>No</strong>w that we have surrendered marriage<br />

to <strong>the</strong> state, it can now be redefined to <strong>the</strong> lowest denominator. Six thousand<br />

years of tradition will not affect this “progressive” trend. Biblical principles were disregarded<br />

150 years ago. The opinion of <strong>the</strong> majority will have no meaningful bearing.<br />

The courts will overrule millennia of acceptable tradition and <strong>the</strong> will of <strong>the</strong> people.<br />

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Sodomite Agenda<br />

Sodomites are seeking to redefine marriage in <strong>the</strong> courts and statutes to include<br />

same-sex unions. If <strong>the</strong>ir concern were just to obtain <strong>the</strong> same legal benefits enjoyed<br />

by traditional marriages, <strong>the</strong>y would be satisfied with “domestic partnership” or “civil<br />

unions”. But no, <strong>the</strong>y want much more. They want to legislate <strong>the</strong> beliefs, attitudes,<br />

and values of people―everywhere! It is not just legal standing <strong>the</strong>y seek; it is complete<br />

social and moral approval of <strong>the</strong>ir chosen, self-felt immoral degradation.<br />

Marriage, necessarily requiring a man and a woman, has by nature been an institution<br />

of exclusion from o<strong>the</strong>r “pairings” of people for sexual gratification. It has<br />

earned respect and honor as a sanctified and worthy institution, <strong>the</strong> place where future<br />

generations are incubated and nurtured. On <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r hand, sodomy, by its nature, has<br />

historically been understood by all cultures to be an aberration, a perversion, unworthy<br />

of praise. Queers are tired of being queer. They want to escape <strong>the</strong> stigma <strong>the</strong>ir sin carries<br />

by joining <strong>the</strong> ranks of <strong>the</strong> holy—holy matrimony.<br />

Proponents of same-sex “marriage” regard it as a human right to be able to enter<br />

into “marriage” regardless of sexual orientation. I agree that Sodomites have a human<br />

right to do <strong>the</strong> wrong thing, to do harm to <strong>the</strong>mselves, to be ignorant or stupid, but<br />

<strong>the</strong>re is no human right to constrain o<strong>the</strong>rs to approve or legally validate that choice.<br />

Just because one is free to choose does not render all choices appropriate. But it is not<br />

really <strong>the</strong> right to choose <strong>the</strong>y seek; it is <strong>the</strong> denial of our right to choose o<strong>the</strong>rwise that<br />

is at <strong>the</strong> forefront of <strong>the</strong>ir campaign.<br />

Maggie Gallagher of <strong>the</strong> National Review says same-sex “marriage” advocates<br />

seek to use <strong>the</strong> law to “stigmatize, marginalize, and repress those who disagree with<br />

<strong>the</strong> government’s new views on marriage and sexual orientation.” Sodomites want you<br />

punished for making <strong>the</strong>m feel ashamed or guilty. They will not rest until it is illegal<br />

to quote <strong>the</strong> Bible regarding <strong>the</strong> sin of sodomy. You can be certain that, within <strong>the</strong> next<br />

few years, homosexuals will be a protected species and heterosexuals <strong>the</strong> endangered<br />

species. They will use <strong>the</strong> courts to purge society of <strong>the</strong> last vestige of negative speech<br />

or discriminatory actions. There is no stopping it, short of a nationwide repentance of<br />

true saints for <strong>the</strong>ir faithlessness in praying for those in authority over <strong>the</strong>m, “that we<br />

may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1 Tim. 2:1-4). And,<br />

God willing, that revival may be <strong>the</strong> spark that God will use to ignite ano<strong>the</strong>r revival<br />

of <strong>the</strong> godless among us to repentance for <strong>the</strong>ir hell-worthy sins.<br />

Dishonest argument<br />

Defenders of traditional marriage have already lost <strong>the</strong> battle out of timidity.<br />

They argue that marriage is for procreation, something same-sex partners cannot do.<br />

What about sterile couples? Should <strong>the</strong>y be denied <strong>the</strong> right to marry? Defenders of<br />

traditional marriage argue that “heterosexual couples provide <strong>the</strong> procreative foundation<br />

that is <strong>the</strong> chief building block of civilization, and that children are best raised<br />

with a mo<strong>the</strong>r and a fa<strong>the</strong>r.” <strong>No</strong> doubt true, but what of all <strong>the</strong> single parents? O<strong>the</strong>rs<br />

argue that same-sex marriage is contrary to traditional marriage. So what? does that<br />

make it wrong? O<strong>the</strong>rs put forth religious objections, to which <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side quickly<br />

reminds us that religion is often on <strong>the</strong> wrong side. Defenders of heterosexual marriage<br />

argue that “<strong>the</strong> definition proposed by same-sex marriage advocates changes <strong>the</strong><br />

social importance of marriage from its natural function of reproduction into a mere legality<br />

or freedom to have sex.” That might have been a good argument for <strong>the</strong> Puritans<br />

three hundred years ago, but it is embarrassing now.<br />

What I am attempting to convey to you is this: It is ultimately futile to reject samesex<br />

“marriage” on such flimsy grounds as those listed above. Most of you by now<br />

should know that such arguments are our last stand after having abandoned our real<br />

belief—Sodomy is hurtful sin. Anything else would be like <strong>the</strong> arguments used against<br />

premarital sex that point to “how unfulfilling it is to get involved too early.” Good luck<br />

with that argument.<br />

You can voice all kinds of arguments about <strong>the</strong> social implications and what is best<br />

for <strong>the</strong> rearing of children, but that is nothing more than a smoke screen for a faith-<br />

12 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

grounded worldview. We do not want our holy marriages identified with same-gender<br />

unions because we know homosexuality to be an ugly sin, totally contrary to <strong>the</strong> will<br />

of God as revealed in <strong>the</strong> Bible. Period.<br />

Are we ashamed to voice our real position? Probably not. For some it is easier or<br />

a matter of expediency not to “say those words.” O<strong>the</strong>rs are not ashamed, but have<br />

not sat down and clearly thought it through and measured <strong>the</strong>ir thoughts by Scripture.<br />

We know that government no longer recognizes <strong>the</strong> authority of God, and for that<br />

reason has lost its original reason for protecting<br />

<strong>the</strong> sanctity of marriage. When God was<br />

displaced with human rights, it left a vacuum<br />

of authority. The State stepped right in and<br />

filled <strong>the</strong> void on behalf of <strong>the</strong> people. Why<br />

not compromise some so-called moral issues<br />

and try to accommodate all of its citizenry?<br />

If homosexuals want to be included in <strong>the</strong><br />

bonds of matrimony, who are we (<strong>the</strong> State)<br />

to say it is inappropriate? A break with tradition,<br />

yes. Contrary to <strong>the</strong> comfort zones of<br />

many, so what? They will get over it. If <strong>the</strong>re<br />

is no longer a moral Lawgiver, all that is left<br />

are <strong>the</strong> feelings and passions of <strong>the</strong> people.<br />

And why should <strong>the</strong> majority deny pleasure<br />

to <strong>the</strong> minority?<br />

Marriage, necessarily<br />

requiring a man and a<br />

woman, has by nature<br />

been an institution<br />

of exclusion. It has<br />

earned respect and<br />

honor as a sanctified<br />

and worthy institution,<br />

<strong>the</strong> place where<br />

future generations are<br />

incubated.<br />

“If <strong>the</strong> foundations be destroyed, what can <strong>the</strong> righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3). Offering<br />

feeble arguments about <strong>the</strong> functionally and social superiority of our position is<br />

a pitiful, losing argument. Ra<strong>the</strong>r, let us speak <strong>the</strong> truth, proclaiming that Jesus is <strong>the</strong><br />

Creator, <strong>the</strong> Bible is his perfect word, we will all stand in <strong>the</strong> judgment to answer for<br />

our deeds, and homosexual acts are sinful, ending in eternal damnation for all those<br />

who practice <strong>the</strong>m. And our closing statement can be, We will not accept a license<br />

from <strong>the</strong> government that views our holy marriages on a parity with a couple of Sodomites<br />

trading HIV viruses and adopting kids <strong>the</strong>y could never produce.<br />

Through <strong>the</strong> power of Godless judges in <strong>the</strong> courts, sexual deviants are pushing<br />

<strong>the</strong> State to grant <strong>the</strong>m <strong>the</strong> same license that once only legitimized holy matrimony.<br />

There is no stopping <strong>the</strong> flow. One state after ano<strong>the</strong>r is falling to <strong>the</strong>ir persuasion.<br />

If not already, in your state you will soon find yourself standing beside a grinning<br />

queer who holds a marriage license identical to yours. If you speak against it, you will<br />

soon find yourself in court. The only recourse when snakes get in your boat is to get<br />

out—fast. When it becomes a snake boat, I will swim or find ano<strong>the</strong>r boat.<br />

When your state declares your marriage license to be fully equal in all respects<br />

to a Sodomite’s, it will be time to repudiate <strong>the</strong> state licenses and climb to higher<br />

ground over which <strong>the</strong> state has no jurisdiction. They can recognize <strong>the</strong> civil rights of<br />

a perverted union if <strong>the</strong>y please, but we will maintain ground that is faith based and<br />

divinely protected.<br />

Confusion<br />

The problem that has arisen today to monumental proportions is simply that <strong>the</strong><br />

State should never have been granted jurisdiction over holy matrimony. “We, <strong>the</strong> people”<br />

are responsible for letting this happen. Marriage has never been a political construct<br />

until this last generation. To demand that <strong>the</strong> State protect <strong>the</strong> sanctity of holy<br />

matrimony is to burden <strong>the</strong> State with enforcing a position that assumes <strong>the</strong> authority<br />

of <strong>the</strong> Holy Bible, which <strong>the</strong>y have abandoned. It will never happen in <strong>the</strong> United<br />

States of America, nor anywhere else in <strong>the</strong> world.<br />

Proposal<br />

I will offer you a practical solution. When your state grants marital status to<br />

same-sex partners, send <strong>the</strong> state notification of your revocation of your state marriage<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 13

When your state shares your licenses with<br />

Sodomites it will be time to repudiate <strong>the</strong> state<br />

licenses and climb to higher ground over which<br />

<strong>the</strong> state has no jurisdiction. They can recognize<br />

<strong>the</strong> civil rights of a perverted union if <strong>the</strong>y<br />

please, but we will maintain ground that is faith<br />

based and divinely protected.<br />

license. And <strong>the</strong>n as a couple, draw up a document that you file in your local court<br />

house that declares your marriage to have occurred on <strong>the</strong> date you were married long<br />

ago, including city, county, and state, with a brief statement about <strong>the</strong> Biblical nature<br />

of your covenant before God, and <strong>the</strong>n signed by <strong>the</strong> two of you and witnessed by two<br />

friends. It is a retro-marriage covenant—not a license.<br />

When I first shared this with my wife, she freaked out and said she did not want<br />

to get a divorce, just to be married again 38 years later. <strong>No</strong>, your rejection of <strong>the</strong> state<br />

license will not be a divorce. You are just acknowledging that <strong>the</strong> state never had jurisdiction<br />

over your marriage and that your marriage has existed, and does exist, apart<br />

from <strong>the</strong> state. We expect <strong>the</strong> state to continue to recognize our marriage, granting us<br />

all <strong>the</strong> protection and rights that marriages have traditionally enjoyed. It will just give<br />

us <strong>the</strong> satisfaction of stepping out of <strong>the</strong> circle into which <strong>the</strong> queers have stepped. The<br />

document of marriage you draw up and witness will have <strong>the</strong> force of law when it is<br />

witnessed and filed at your local court house.<br />

Better late than never<br />

Several years ago, a couple with several children came to me with a concern.<br />

When <strong>the</strong>y were young, <strong>the</strong>y had run away to get married and <strong>the</strong>n came back home<br />

declaring <strong>the</strong>mselves to be husband and wife. But <strong>the</strong>y never had a ceremony before a<br />

preacher or a justice of <strong>the</strong> peace. It was a common law marriage. It was now a concern<br />

to <strong>the</strong>m because of <strong>the</strong> legal consequences of not being married in <strong>the</strong> eyes of <strong>the</strong> State.<br />

What if one of <strong>the</strong>m died? What about property rights, etc.? So I drew up a document<br />

much like <strong>the</strong> one I am advocating that stated <strong>the</strong> early date of <strong>the</strong>ir marital union and<br />

declared <strong>the</strong>m to be married from that date to <strong>the</strong> present, “until death do <strong>the</strong>y part.”<br />

They signed it and my wife and I witnessed it, and <strong>the</strong>y took it down to <strong>the</strong> local court<br />

house where it was notarized and filed. It took five minutes and cost $.50 plus <strong>the</strong> cost<br />

of gas. It is a valid marriage contract.<br />

Private covenant marriage<br />

All of my children but one were married by private contract. They did not ask<br />

<strong>the</strong> state for permission to marry. I wrote a one-page covenant for <strong>the</strong>m, something<br />

like a private contract, that stated <strong>the</strong>ir commitment to enter into holy matrimony according<br />

to Biblical precepts, a few of which were enumerated. The contractual part of<br />

continued on page 37<br />

14 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Good Ground<br />

A few years ago, a guy named Rick got saved while in prison. He was faithful to<br />

come to Mike’s Bible class every week. When he got out of prison, he was always on <strong>the</strong><br />

streets preaching or passing out tracts. He looked for every opportunity to preach in jails<br />

or delinquent youth homes. While he was visiting in <strong>the</strong> Philippines, he had opportunity<br />

to go to a prison and show a gospel film. He was instantly hooked on this kind of ministry.<br />

He really doesn’t have a gift of speaking, but he does have a strong desire to share <strong>the</strong><br />

gospel with those who have never heard. Films helped him do this.<br />

He came back to <strong>the</strong> USA and worked really hard so he could save enough money<br />

to spend a few months showing gospel films in <strong>the</strong> prisons of <strong>the</strong> Philippines. He found<br />

about 15 good gospel films translated into Tagalog, <strong>the</strong> official language. When he went<br />

back to <strong>the</strong> Philippines, he started going to schools and prisons, and <strong>the</strong>n he associated<br />

with some local preachers and started taking <strong>the</strong> young preacher boys to remote villages<br />

where o<strong>the</strong>r missionaries had not bo<strong>the</strong>red to go. He showed <strong>the</strong> films <strong>the</strong>re, and <strong>the</strong>y<br />

preached and ministered to <strong>the</strong> crowds afterwards. He found <strong>the</strong> people responsive to <strong>the</strong><br />

gospel films, but he was dismayed at how little <strong>the</strong>y understood of who God is and even<br />

wondered if <strong>the</strong> gospel was falling on good ground. They simply had never been taught<br />

Bible stories, so <strong>the</strong>y ‘understood not’. Most of <strong>the</strong>m know nothing of creation, <strong>the</strong> fall,<br />

<strong>the</strong> law, or <strong>the</strong> redemption story. Heavy books are hard to carry when he has to hike up<br />

treacherous mountains to remote villages, and <strong>the</strong>y are expensive to print. He asked us<br />

if it were possible he could have <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil book put on film, he could show<br />

<strong>the</strong> whole Bible story to <strong>the</strong> people. With a more complete chronological approach, <strong>the</strong><br />

people would have enough knowledge to understand God’s redemptive plan.<br />

He is not <strong>the</strong> only missionary who has requested a film which <strong>the</strong>y could use to teach<br />

and re-teach <strong>the</strong> Bible story. Most missionaries are frustrated, knowing <strong>the</strong> people <strong>the</strong>y<br />

are trying to reach get ghosts and goblins all mixed up with <strong>the</strong> gospel message, because<br />

that is all <strong>the</strong>y know.<br />

We have a vision of animating <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil book, complete with <strong>the</strong> voices<br />

dramatized, and with music scoring and sound effects. This medium could also be used<br />

in Sunday Schools, but most important, men like Rick can use it to carry <strong>the</strong> Bible story<br />

to people who know nothing of God or our Lord Jesus Christ. Back in remote tribes in<br />

inaccessible areas of <strong>the</strong> world, people could be getting taught night after night until <strong>the</strong>y<br />

completely understand who God is and what a glorious thing he has done.<br />

We have produced a short trailer that foreshadows <strong>the</strong><br />

product we expect to produce. The trailer is available on<br />

YouTube and on our web site at www.nogreaterjoy.org<br />

For a $10.00 or more donation we will provide you<br />

with a Good and Evil Animation Project DVD. Additional<br />

DVDs can be ordered for $5.00 each. These<br />

donations will go toward <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil Animation<br />

Project. We will need several hundred thousand<br />

dollars to complete this project once <strong>the</strong> prototype is<br />

perfected.<br />

Always know that when we receive gifts for missionary<br />

projects, every single cent goes directly to<br />

<strong>the</strong> projects. <strong>No</strong>ne is withheld to pay salaries of NGJ<br />

staff. In no way do we personally benefit from your<br />

mission gifts.<br />


Red Clover, Red Clover<br />

Send Good Health Right Over<br />

By Shoshanna Easling<br />

RED CLOVER is one of history’s most<br />

popular herbs. Farmers plant it for a<br />

cover crop and mix it into <strong>the</strong>ir hay<br />

crops to increase <strong>the</strong> protein content of<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir animal feed. Due to its high nutritional<br />

content, Red Clover is <strong>the</strong> base for<br />

many tinctures. Many health-conscious<br />

people add a little Red Clover to <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

salads. If you pick your clover from your<br />

own property, make sure <strong>the</strong> dog and cat<br />

haven’t passed that way recently.<br />

Red Clover has also been widely used for its antispasmodic and<br />

expectorant properties. It helps to relieve <strong>the</strong> lungs of congestion<br />

and can soo<strong>the</strong> a sore throat. It is in many remedies for whopping<br />

cough, bronchitis, asthma, and numerous o<strong>the</strong>r cough-related issues.<br />

In a honey-sweetened tea, Red Clover flower has been known<br />

to loosen phlegm and calm bronchial spasm. It is also used in tinctures,<br />

capsules and infusions. While writing this article, I decided to<br />

put Red Clover to <strong>the</strong> test locally.<br />

16 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

There is a little boy in our community who had a bad, persistent cough. I gave his<br />

mo<strong>the</strong>r Red Clover tops and Licorice Root to make a tea. She did, and <strong>the</strong> tea quickly<br />

calmed <strong>the</strong> little boy’s cough.<br />

Red Clover has been used for centuries to treat cancer. Today, researchers are discovering<br />

more about why it has proven to have a positive effect in cancer’s treatment.<br />

Red Clover contains isoflavones (substances that act against estrogen), helping defeat<br />

breast cancer, prostate cancer, and more.<br />

By <strong>the</strong> same properties (isoflavones), it is being used for pre- and post-menopausal<br />

women. Research has also shown that it helps to streng<strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong> arterial walls.<br />

So much new research is being done that it is hard to keep up with <strong>the</strong> amazing new<br />

findings. Well, this is Shoshanna from BulkHerbStore.com. I encourage you to Learn<br />

and Live Well.<br />

Recipes:<br />

For my family I made an immune building<br />

tincture we take every time <strong>the</strong>re is a<br />

sickness going around. I call it ImLife.<br />

ImLife Tincture<br />

1 ½ part Red Clover Top<br />

2 part Olive Leaf<br />

(Herbal antibiotics, immune booster)<br />

1 part of each Pau D’Arco Bark,<br />

Cats Claw Bark<br />

(fungus fighter and yeast killer)<br />

½ part of each Dandelion Root,<br />

Burdock Root, Butcher Broom root<br />

(blood purifiers,)<br />

½ part Echinacea Root<br />

(immune booster, fights infection,)<br />

1 part Nettle leaf<br />

(highly nutritious, builds blood)<br />

Cough Tea<br />

3 part packed Red Clover Tops<br />

1 part Licorice Root<br />

¼ part Lobelia Leaf<br />

½ part Ginger Root<br />

Heat water on stove with little of<br />

herb mixture until hot. Let sit with<br />

lid on a few<br />

minutes and<br />

strain herbs off.<br />

Add a little raw<br />

honey and enjoy<br />

your tea! You<br />

can also make<br />

it like you do<br />

coffee.<br />

Fill a clean glass jar with 2/3 of herb mix, maybe a little more. Fill jar with 90<br />

proof rum or whiskey, screw lid on, label including all <strong>the</strong> herbs. The alcohol will<br />

break down <strong>the</strong> herbal properties in about 3 weeks. Shake once a day to help keep all<br />

<strong>the</strong> herb loose. After 3 or 4 weeks strain herbs off and throw away. Honey can be added<br />

to liquid tincture to make it more palatable. Keep tincture in a place out of sun and not<br />

too warm. Cabinet works great!<br />

Two very simple books you might find useful are The How to Herb Book and<br />

Practical Herbalism by Dr. John Christopher.<br />

Bulk Herb Store sells books, herbs, heirloom seeds, and premixed herbal tinctures.<br />

To learn more about herbs and how to use <strong>the</strong>m, go to BulkHerbStore.com<br />

Write to us at Bulk Herb Store, 26 West 6th Ave. Lobelville, TN 37097 or call toll free:<br />

1-877-278-4257.<br />

ThreadTree is an up and coming social network similar<br />

to Facebook, only much, much more. It is a place to visit<br />

old friends and meet new ones. It is a place to learn<br />

and a place to teach o<strong>the</strong>rs. On ThreadTree you can<br />

ask a question and get <strong>the</strong> answer, or see a question<br />

and give an answer. You can sign up to meet people<br />

who share your interest in sports, missions, politics,<br />

natural health or even meet like-minded singles and<br />

find out what is happening and where. From keeping<br />

up with your friends to affecting our country’s lawmakers,<br />

ThreadTree gives THE PEOPLE a voice. Get heard.<br />

Meet <strong>the</strong> folks who can make a difference. ThreadTree.com<br />

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By Shalom Brand<br />

Of special concern<br />

is how we as parents<br />

help our sons survive<br />

<strong>the</strong> most powerful<br />

force of <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

growing-up years<br />

that <strong>the</strong>y will ever<br />

encounter—<strong>the</strong> girlcrazy<br />

years.<br />

Over <strong>the</strong> past couple months, my husband and I have been<br />

discussing how parents can help <strong>the</strong>ir boys get through those<br />

first few years of adolescence. They all have to go through it;<br />

<strong>the</strong>re’s no way around it. And it comes just as certainly for<br />

<strong>the</strong> sweet boys as it does for <strong>the</strong> ornery ones. Of special concern<br />

is how we as parents can help our sons survive <strong>the</strong> most<br />

powerful force of <strong>the</strong>ir growing-up years that <strong>the</strong>y will ever<br />

encounter—<strong>the</strong> girl-crazy years.<br />

As we began to consider <strong>the</strong> boys we know and analyze<br />

why one maintains his equilibrium while ano<strong>the</strong>r loses his<br />

mind and self-control, we came to some important conclusions.<br />

All men, especially young men, need an “adrenaline rush,” something women<br />

cannot quite understand, but which men and boys love. The thought of climbing a<br />

tree, going fast in a car, jumping out of a plane, hitting a ball across a field, running a<br />

marathon, playing a chess game, competing in a spelling contest, or even preaching<br />

to a crowd, captivates and holds <strong>the</strong> imagination of almost all hormonal males. The<br />

list is endless. Every man’s adrenaline rush is where he finds it. It can be gambling or<br />

trading stocks, but no matter in what form it displays itself, beware, because any such<br />

rush can be addictive and controlling. Possibilities are all around us. A young boy can<br />

fall into his addiction by default—whatever is in vogue in his local environment. But<br />

parents, knowing <strong>the</strong> dangers that are out <strong>the</strong>re, can set <strong>the</strong> stage for many constructive<br />

options.<br />

When my husband was only nine, his fa<strong>the</strong>r put him on a dirt bike. What a rush!<br />

That created a growing passion for something bigger and faster than himself. His dad<br />

encouraged him and helped him repair old trucks and tractors. He was soon doing mechanic<br />

work for o<strong>the</strong>rs and building his own race car. Always busy searching for this<br />

or that part, he went into his teen years with his energy and passion already consumed<br />

by his hobby. Girls were of interest, of course, but <strong>the</strong>y never came around to <strong>the</strong><br />

greasy old barn cluttered with parts. At night, his dreams were of wheels and motors.<br />

He still rides his basically homemade motorcycle and has several cars and trucks wait-<br />

18 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

ing for repairs parked all over <strong>the</strong> place. You’ve likely heard <strong>the</strong> common expression:<br />

“Boys never grow up; <strong>the</strong>y just get bigger and more expensive toys.” Thankfully, we<br />

know that <strong>the</strong> kids and I are his greatest passion now.<br />

My bro<strong>the</strong>r’s never really cared much for mechanic work. Gabe took up hunting<br />

when he was only a kid and shot his first deer at <strong>the</strong> age of eleven. I remember him<br />

coming home with great excitement and telling us how he had sat frozen while a herd<br />

of deer passed by him. His hands shaking with “deer fever,” he waited, and finally got<br />

off a clear shot. He thought he missed and fired again. The deer ran and <strong>the</strong>n stumbled.<br />

Ano<strong>the</strong>r shot. The deer was down. He had done it—meat for <strong>the</strong> table—all by himself!<br />

When he burst in on our breakfast, I can remember how his excitement affected us. It<br />

was contagious. Dad, almost as excited as Gabe, left his breakfast and ran out to help<br />

him drag <strong>the</strong> deer home and skin it out. Gabe’s passion for hunting and fishing and <strong>the</strong><br />

woods kept him busy during those girl-crazy years. It is very hard to think of chasing<br />

girls and hunting deer at <strong>the</strong> same time.<br />

But <strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong>re are <strong>the</strong> boys who are just sweet, book-reading, fun to be around,<br />

liking <strong>the</strong>ir mom, and just enjoying working around <strong>the</strong> house, playing games, helping<br />

with <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r kids—you know, those boys whom we all wish we had. For us moms,<br />

<strong>the</strong>y are easier to raise than <strong>the</strong> outdoors kind of boys. Yet when <strong>the</strong>y hit puberty, <strong>the</strong><br />

struggle for <strong>the</strong>m is much greater than for those boys who are out playing, working,<br />

and fighting hard. They do not have an OUTLET to drain off <strong>the</strong> adrenaline and to burn<br />

up <strong>the</strong> hormones. Their imagination becomes an incubator for sexual adrenaline trips.<br />

What can we do to help prepare our sons<br />

for <strong>the</strong> time puberty hits?<br />

Way in advance of that “fateful” day,<br />

plant in <strong>the</strong>m a vision, a dream for something<br />

that will grab <strong>the</strong>ir attention and keep <strong>the</strong>m<br />

preoccupied from childhood onward and<br />

through <strong>the</strong>ir adolescent years. Last week I<br />

saw on <strong>the</strong> news where hundreds of young<br />

children had gotten toge<strong>the</strong>r to have a chess<br />

competition. They showed <strong>the</strong> children sitting<br />

perfectly still, all <strong>the</strong>ir attention focused<br />

on <strong>the</strong> chessboard; <strong>the</strong>y had a vision. They<br />

had developed a powerfully strong interest<br />

in competitive chess. Look carefully and<br />

prayerfully at your young tender boys, and<br />

notice what most inspires <strong>the</strong>m. Be creative, and start right now to guide <strong>the</strong>m into<br />

<strong>the</strong> pursuit of <strong>the</strong>ir dreams. Left to <strong>the</strong>mselves, <strong>the</strong>y are vulnerable and easy prey for<br />

<strong>the</strong> Evil One, who like a lion is out <strong>the</strong>re seeking to devour <strong>the</strong>m. At all costs, don’t<br />

leave <strong>the</strong>m to experience <strong>the</strong> adrenaline rush alone and unprepared. “…A child left to<br />

himself bringeth his mo<strong>the</strong>r to shame” (Proverbs 29:15).<br />

Boys just LOVE <strong>the</strong> Alabama<br />

seminar!<br />

Alabama Seminar<br />

Two hours of Michael Pearl<br />

speaking on child training.<br />

These tapes are geared toward<br />

<strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r’s role in <strong>the</strong> family.<br />

Tales of Mike and his sons’ wild<br />

adventures. Boys love it!<br />

2 CDs 8325-45 $10.95<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 19

Jeremiah<br />

<strong>the</strong> fisherman<br />

by big papa<br />

I will admit it. Everybody in <strong>the</strong> family knows it, so it is time I<br />

state it publicly. I do have a favorite grandkid. It’s Jeremiah, and he is three years old.<br />

In time, as <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r little guys get older, I may come to treasure <strong>the</strong>m as much, but<br />

for now, Jeremiah takes <strong>the</strong> show. Of course, it’s partly because I have seen more of<br />

him than I have <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r kids. Joe Courage, seven years old, lives so far away that I<br />

haven’t had a chance to bond with him, as I have with Jeremiah. The o<strong>the</strong>r three male<br />

grandkids are just out of <strong>the</strong> infant stage and can’t compete with a “grownup” young<br />

man like Jeremiah.<br />

I took Jeremiah and his daddy fishing in <strong>the</strong> boat out on <strong>the</strong> Tennessee River <strong>the</strong><br />

o<strong>the</strong>r day. It was <strong>the</strong> first time for this three-year-old. His daddy gave him a rod and<br />

reel about six weeks ago and taught him how to cast and retrieve. He has stood out in<br />

<strong>the</strong> yard for hours practicing. All he has talked about is going fishing with Big Papa,<br />

so <strong>the</strong> time had come.<br />

Since it was <strong>the</strong> first time to go out this year, we had intended to slip off without<br />

him and wait for better wea<strong>the</strong>r and better fishing conditions to take this would-be<br />

fisherman. But when James came over to go fishing with me, Shoshanna and Jeremiah<br />

came to drop him off, Jeremiah immediately guessed that James and I were going<br />

fishing, and of course, he assumed he was going too. He got really excited. What<br />

could I do? The day had now turned from a guys’ time out catching a lot of fish to a<br />

three-year-old-centered outing. The girls packed lunch and prepared <strong>the</strong> ice chest. We<br />

three “guys” readied <strong>the</strong> boat and gear. With everything packed, we rolled out of <strong>the</strong><br />

driveway while <strong>the</strong> girls waved us off.<br />

I had an extra hat in <strong>the</strong> truck that could be fitted for small heads, so I told Jeremiah<br />

that it was a special fishing hat that must be worn by a fisherman. He donned it<br />

with pride, knowing he was now officially inducted into <strong>the</strong> clan.<br />

We anchored <strong>the</strong> boat at <strong>the</strong> mouth of a creek running into <strong>the</strong> river. James and I<br />

were going to fish with spinner bait, which requires constant casting and retrieving, so<br />

we decided to equip Jeremiah’s rod with a weighted cork and hook. His fa<strong>the</strong>r would cast<br />

for him, so he would not hook one of us in his clumsy attempts. That would keep him<br />

still and occupied watching <strong>the</strong> cork while James and I did <strong>the</strong> more serious fishing.<br />

I began casting right away, while James baited Jeremiah’s hook. James explained<br />

to him about watching <strong>the</strong> cork and keeping his rod’s tip up. “Hold on tightly, or <strong>the</strong><br />

fish will jerk it out of your hand.” He was trembling with excitement as <strong>the</strong> boat rocked<br />

in <strong>the</strong> waves. The wind blowing hard against <strong>the</strong> boat was straining <strong>the</strong> anchor line,<br />

and o<strong>the</strong>r larger boats rumbled past, rocking our boat even more.<br />

After I had been fishing for about five minutes, James cast Jeremiah’s rig into a<br />

likely spot and handed him <strong>the</strong> rod, repeating <strong>the</strong> previous instructions. Jeremiah held<br />

<strong>the</strong> rod at about a 45-degree angle and watched his cork intently. I continued to work<br />

<strong>the</strong> area where <strong>the</strong> clear water of <strong>the</strong> creek met <strong>the</strong> murky water of <strong>the</strong> river. Then suddenly,<br />

James hollered out, “You got a bite, Jeremiah; set <strong>the</strong> hook!”<br />

“I got one, I got one!” he yelled.” It was a struggle for him to keep his seat and<br />

keep <strong>the</strong> rod tip up, but he sat <strong>the</strong>re like a pro, cranking <strong>the</strong> reel. I saw <strong>the</strong> rod tip bending<br />

radically and heard his drag release singing as <strong>the</strong> fish sent a thrill up <strong>the</strong> monofilament<br />

line and into that little three-year-old body. The fish went one way and <strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong><br />

o<strong>the</strong>r, drawing closer to <strong>the</strong> boat each time. Finally, Jeremiah flipped <strong>the</strong> Yellow Bass<br />

20 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

“You got a bite, Jeremiah; set <strong>the</strong> hook!”<br />

over into <strong>the</strong> boat. I never had so<br />

much fun catching a fish.<br />

Before I could catch one fish, this little<br />

thirty-five pound fisherman caught ano<strong>the</strong>r one,<br />

and <strong>the</strong>n his daddy caught two. By <strong>the</strong>n we had<br />

five fish in <strong>the</strong> ice chest, and none of <strong>the</strong>m were<br />

mine. Jeremiah was talking non-stop—bragging,<br />

complimenting himself. Finally, he was silent for a moment, and<br />

<strong>the</strong>n he said, “Well, Daddy and I are pretty good fishermen.”<br />

After about three hours of fishing, Jeremiah said, “I’m sleepy.” We had anticipated<br />

his nap time and brought along a foam mat and blanket to make him a bed in <strong>the</strong> boat.<br />

So James told him, “Here, you can lie down and take your nap.” He looked at <strong>the</strong><br />

comfortable spot up under <strong>the</strong> hood of <strong>the</strong> boat and <strong>the</strong>n straightened up in his seat and<br />

said, “<strong>No</strong>, fishing is more fun.”<br />

He caught ten fish. His daddy caught ten, and I caught five. When a stranger<br />

walked up on <strong>the</strong> bank and hailed us, Jeremiah started telling him what a good fisherman<br />

he was and that he had caught <strong>the</strong> most fish. Then he pointed to his hat and explained<br />

that it was a fisherman’s hat and he was a fisherman. That he is—forever. He<br />

earned his seat in <strong>the</strong> boat that day.<br />

That evening we had a fish bake, and he ate his share. When he had finished off<br />

two fish, he threw his hands up in <strong>the</strong> air and reminded us, “I won.” Everything is<br />

competition with him. He wins, all right. He wins hearts. And Big Papa’s heart has<br />

been won, for sure!<br />

He called early <strong>the</strong> next morning, ready to go fishing again.<br />

alkhairwasharr.com Our 320-page illustrated<br />

Bible storybook, Good and Evil, is now available online in<br />

Arabic, free for <strong>the</strong> viewing or downloading. Osama Bin Laden,<br />

if he is alive somewhere in <strong>the</strong> caves of Pakistan, can set up<br />

his satellite receiver and entertain himself with this beautiful<br />

art work as he reads in <strong>the</strong> Arabic language, <strong>the</strong> language of<br />

<strong>the</strong> Koran, <strong>the</strong> precious gospel of Christ. The sheiks of Saudi<br />

Arabia, totally beyond <strong>the</strong> reach of missionaries, cut off by an<br />

oppressive culture that is afraid of ideas, can now read <strong>the</strong> gospel<br />

in <strong>the</strong> privacy of <strong>the</strong>ir homes. This has been a monumental task.<br />

If I told you all of <strong>the</strong> difficulties we have encountered over <strong>the</strong><br />

past nine years, you would wish you had prayed for us more.<br />

We have now published and distributed Good and Evil in 17<br />

languages and ano<strong>the</strong>r 11 languages are soon to be published, with 48 more in <strong>the</strong><br />

process of being translated at this writing. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars<br />

every year on this missionary project, and it is your gifts that have made it possible. I<br />

am not going to thank you. You didn’t do it for me. You will receive your reward when<br />

a family you’ve never known walks up to you as you stand beside <strong>the</strong> River of Life<br />

in <strong>the</strong> Kingdom of God and thanks you for caring enough to have made <strong>the</strong> gospel<br />

accessible to <strong>the</strong>m in <strong>the</strong>ir language.

The Only Trophies<br />

By Michael Pearl<br />

While I am crutching around dangling a broken ankle, I have two young boys<br />

hired to be my feet. They are ten and eleven years old. Like <strong>the</strong> majority of<br />

modern youth, nei<strong>the</strong>r of <strong>the</strong>m has ever had to do any hard work. They have had typical<br />

chores to do, but household jobs seldom last more than 30 minutes and are not labor intensive.<br />

I never knew of a kid that got sore muscles from helping Mommy.<br />

My own children seldom had to do hard labor when <strong>the</strong>y were young. The plain people<br />

in our community know what it means to work hard. There has not been any time in<br />

my life when I could have kept up with <strong>the</strong>m. Hard work is hoeing corn from sunup to<br />

sundown, picking strawberries for six hours, swinging a machete for<br />

eight hours in <strong>the</strong> heat, throwing hay all day long every day for two<br />

weeks, putting in two miles of fence (digging <strong>the</strong> holes and tamping<br />

<strong>the</strong> posts), logging any time of <strong>the</strong> year, and whatever else is needed<br />

to survive <strong>the</strong> elements and keep food on <strong>the</strong> table. Hard work is<br />

becoming a lost commodity.<br />

<strong>No</strong>w, don’t start thinking that I want to go back to <strong>the</strong> days when<br />

it took 14 hours of manual labor six days a week to secure one’s survival.<br />

I like modern conveniences and use <strong>the</strong>m at every reasonable<br />

opportunity. But <strong>the</strong>re is something lost in our character when we do<br />

not develop <strong>the</strong> will to suffer <strong>the</strong> pain of hard work. I more readily<br />

trust an unregenerate man who is known as a hard worker than I do<br />

a polished Christian who is lazy. I cannot like a lazy man. And a hard working kid wins<br />

my heart every time.<br />

Just yesterday, a family was visiting while my two helpers and I were picking up<br />

firewood and stacking it on pallets for transfer and storage in <strong>the</strong> woodshed. The visitor<br />

volunteered himself and his son to help. The little guy must have been only about five<br />

years old. The boy struggled along for about fifteen minutes, picking up <strong>the</strong> smaller pieces<br />

at his fa<strong>the</strong>r’s direction. Dad offered his son several “wise admonitions” about <strong>the</strong> benefits<br />

of learning to work and doing one’s part. Finally, <strong>the</strong> little day-laborer turned around and<br />

said, “Then why aren’t you working?” I smiled on <strong>the</strong> outside and had a belly laugh hurrah<br />

on <strong>the</strong> inside. “Go, tiger; you tell ’em.”<br />

The admonition, or should I say rebuke, had its effect. Dad started helping. More is<br />

caught than taught. All by <strong>the</strong>mselves, spoken words are empty. Actions are living words,<br />

<strong>the</strong> manifestation of our true beliefs. Words alone make us hypocrites; actions make us irrefutable<br />

examples. It takes character to work hard, and <strong>the</strong>n that hard work pays dividends<br />

by developing more and stronger character.<br />

But what about a lazy kid? Every kid is lazy unless he is taught to work. And no one<br />

is taught to work with words or admonitions any more than someone can develop muscles<br />

in a classroom learning about muscles. I see a lazy kid as an opportunity—a challenge. I<br />

do not fault a child who avoids work. It is my inclination as well. All work is pain. Who<br />

wants to suffer? But work is a necessary duty for us adults. Children are not yet responsible<br />

for <strong>the</strong> roof over <strong>the</strong>ir heads or <strong>the</strong> food on <strong>the</strong> table. But if we wait until age pushes <strong>the</strong>m<br />

into <strong>the</strong> place of responsibility, <strong>the</strong>y will be unequipped to provide for <strong>the</strong>mselves and <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

future families. They will vote for <strong>the</strong> Democratic Party so <strong>the</strong>y can live off <strong>the</strong> labor of<br />

those who are diligent hard workers.<br />

22 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

As I worked <strong>the</strong>se two boys yesterday, it brought back to mind <strong>the</strong> way I related to my<br />

kids as <strong>the</strong>y were growing up and learning to work. Never try to teach your kids to work in<br />

a high demand situation. When I am responsible for a job that has narrow time constraints<br />

or that requires exactness, I tend to be short and bossy with my helpers. When my wife is<br />

lending a hand on a job that has me keyed up and anxious, I am aware that she ceases to<br />

be my swee<strong>the</strong>art and becomes my minimum-wage employee. I tend to bark commands:<br />

“<strong>No</strong>, not that one. Here, grab that.” “Quickly!” “<strong>No</strong>t so fast.” I am amazed at how dumb<br />

uninformed women are about things that all men should know.<br />

I am ashamed to say that <strong>the</strong>re were times when my boys were growing up that I was<br />

impatient with <strong>the</strong>m, as well, but I do believe it was <strong>the</strong> exception. They didn’t grow up<br />

hating me—quite <strong>the</strong> contrary; <strong>the</strong>re was a mutual respect that has continued to grow with<br />

time. It is foremost in my mind that kids need to learn to work in a patient and forgiving<br />

environment. Don’t misunderstand; it remains a man’s world. The boys love being driven.<br />

It holds <strong>the</strong>ir interest. Today when I work with <strong>the</strong>m, I bark, in a congenial but mocked air,<br />

sounding like an army sergeant. “Move it, boys your feet are going to grow roots. We’ve<br />

got to earn our dinner. Grab <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r end. Don’t move like Grandma. Did you leave your<br />

brain in your oatmeal bowl this morning?” It gets <strong>the</strong>m moving without feeling diminished.<br />

Ra<strong>the</strong>r than feeling insulted, <strong>the</strong>y like being treated like “one of <strong>the</strong> guys.”<br />

Let me say it again. Don’t try to introduce your kids to hard work in a high demand<br />

situation where you are edgy or hurried. It is imperative that <strong>the</strong>y succeed in <strong>the</strong>ir early<br />

attempts at work. The idea is to leave <strong>the</strong>m with a good feeling about work. They should<br />

always carry away a grown up feeling, a sense of having done <strong>the</strong>ir duty despite <strong>the</strong> hardships,<br />

of having prevailed in <strong>the</strong> face of great obstacles, of having taken on a man-sized job<br />

and completed it to everyone’s satisfaction. And it’s not a bad idea to make a big deal about<br />

how dirty you and <strong>the</strong>y are after your hard work. Clean up toge<strong>the</strong>r and chatter with <strong>the</strong>m<br />

about <strong>the</strong> job you’ve all just worked on.<br />

If <strong>the</strong>ir first experiences at work leave <strong>the</strong>m feeling inadequate, <strong>the</strong>y will hate it and<br />

resist all future offers to work with you. Who wants to return to an environment that is emotionally<br />

painful? If your high-demand situation puts <strong>the</strong> bar higher than <strong>the</strong>y can jump, <strong>the</strong>y<br />

will stop jumping. They’ll feel much better sitting on <strong>the</strong> sidelines.<br />

Working with <strong>the</strong>se two boys yesterday, I was reminded of a young man’s need of<br />

fulfillment in his work. One of <strong>the</strong> boys who had cleaned out a drainage ditch a few days<br />

earlier came back after a rain, anxious to see how it was functioning. He was proud of his<br />

work. He also wanted his fa<strong>the</strong>r to come and see <strong>the</strong> shop he had cleaned up.<br />

My perspective with <strong>the</strong>m was that what we did and <strong>the</strong> way we went about it had more<br />

to do with developing <strong>the</strong>ir souls than it did with getting <strong>the</strong> job done right. Wow! That’s<br />

a big one for us guys. The bottom line in my thinking was that at <strong>the</strong> end of our work day,<br />

<strong>the</strong>se two young guys must feel better about <strong>the</strong>mselves. They must have developed thinking<br />

skills and working skills and become a little more hardened and tolerant of <strong>the</strong> pain of<br />

work. Daddies, what value is <strong>the</strong>re in working hard to keep your house and yard from getting<br />

run down, if in <strong>the</strong> process you run down your kids? When <strong>the</strong> years have passed, your<br />

home will become devalued. Our only permanent investment is in <strong>the</strong> souls of our children.<br />

Let’s not sacrifice our children on <strong>the</strong> altar of our perfectionism.<br />

What is life really all about? Yards and homes and possessions are just a physical vanity,<br />

all destined to decay. Our children are our masterpieces—our life’s spiritual work. They<br />

are <strong>the</strong> only works we will leave behind by which o<strong>the</strong>rs will know who we were.<br />

50 Sins—(most of which have been committed by Michael Pearl)<br />

In this series of nine messages delivered to The Church at Cane<br />

Creek, Michael opens <strong>the</strong> Scriptures to reveal <strong>the</strong> more common<br />

and “acceptable” sins of Christians living in <strong>the</strong>se last days. These<br />

messages will bring you out into <strong>the</strong> Light where you will see your<br />

own heart in a new way. If you are not humbled after hearing <strong>the</strong>se<br />

messages…well, never mind; you will be. Sin brings misery, even<br />

when we are unaware of it as <strong>the</strong> source of our troubled spirit. To<br />

allow <strong>the</strong> Holy Spirit to chase lifelong troublesome sin out into <strong>the</strong> light is<br />

purging in and of itself. Our Fa<strong>the</strong>r deserves no less from his “children of<br />

light, and <strong>the</strong> children of <strong>the</strong> day.” Available as a single MP3 CD.<br />

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Dear Michael, Debi, and <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> family,<br />

My husband is in Kuwait and was due to return home this past week on<br />

Tuesday. Like <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r times he was deployed and close to coming home, my<br />

children have been counting down <strong>the</strong> days on <strong>the</strong>ir little chalkboard that says,<br />

“__Days Till Daddy Comes Home”. On Monday, we had one more day left when<br />

we received a call from him with <strong>the</strong> disappointing news that he will be <strong>the</strong>re for<br />

almost one more month. It was especially tough to hear that, because what we<br />

at first thought would be a three-month deployment now will turn out to be six<br />

months.<br />

Today I stepped out onto my porch, and your package was <strong>the</strong>re. I am so very<br />

thankful to you for such a great gift! I really didn’t know who it was from, and I<br />

thought maybe I had even ordered something and somehow forgot. I opened it<br />

at <strong>the</strong> kitchen table and realized it was a gift from you to me. I was just completely<br />

overwhelmed and couldn’t stop crying because <strong>the</strong> gift was so great. I can’t explain<br />

it, but you blessed me so deeply, and I really can’t thank you enough.<br />

On Friday, <strong>the</strong>re was a flight that came in with soldiers, and for <strong>the</strong> whole day<br />

I was thinking how wonderful it would be if <strong>the</strong>y decided to put Rich on that flight,<br />

and how we would be so surprised and happy to have him back (it had recently<br />

happened to a family here that we know). Well, Rich is still <strong>the</strong>re, and I guess what<br />

I am trying to say is that when <strong>the</strong> gifts from you came, it was a wonderful surprise<br />

and pleasure to me. And, as I opened <strong>the</strong> box and began taking out <strong>the</strong> many<br />

different items, I realized in my spirit that right when I needed it most, God was<br />

blessing me with exactly what I needed right now. It was such a sweet surprise,<br />

and I felt loved by you and by God in a double-big way. I thanked God for you<br />

and your ministry, thanked Him for blessing you so much that you could give such<br />

generous gifts to us, and I prayed that you will reap a hundredfold for every wife<br />

and soldier you touch. Everything in <strong>the</strong> box is so wonderful, and I know I will<br />

be blessed by every bit of it. I will never forget your generosity, and I can’t help<br />

thanking God for you. You couldn’t have sent it at a better time. Thank you also<br />

for sending a package to my husband. I know he too will love it.<br />

God is so good, He is so faithful, and He has been doing such a wonderful<br />

work in us. You are a very sweet part of <strong>the</strong> beautiful way God has touched us.<br />

With love and appreciation, Michelle<br />

Need a Spouse...Anyone? continued from page 3<br />

his ambitions, his taste in food and styles. Talk to your guy friends. Say something like,<br />

“Hey, you looking for a bride? I got four sisters and would consider it a privilege for you<br />

to drop in and take your pick. My parents trust my judgment and I’m giving you high<br />

marks. Of course, my sisters are picky, and <strong>the</strong>y have <strong>the</strong> last word, but I’ll throw in a<br />

good word for you with <strong>the</strong>m, too. <strong>No</strong>w, <strong>the</strong> oldest sister is kinda bossy, but she always<br />

gives in after a little persuasion. She’s <strong>the</strong> smartest. So if you think you would enjoy a<br />

little challenge but get a good mate for <strong>the</strong> extra effort, she’s your gal. My next sister is<br />

not so cute, but she is <strong>the</strong> nicest of <strong>the</strong> bunch. Whoever gets her will do well, because<br />

she already makes a pile of money in her business. Then, maybe you like loud mouths.<br />

My third sister is for sure, but she can make everybody laugh. She is <strong>the</strong> life of <strong>the</strong> party.<br />

I have to admit, I like taking her with me when I travel because she gets to know everyone<br />

so easy. You’re kinda quiet, so she might be <strong>the</strong> best for you. My youngest sister is<br />

still too young for marriage, so just forget about her unless you want to go on her list of<br />

possible guys for when she gets a little older. If you’re interested in her, I can e-mail you<br />

in three or four years. So how about it…wanta check out <strong>the</strong> fam? I got four o<strong>the</strong>r guys<br />

coming Sunday for brunch, so you better hurry if you want <strong>the</strong> pick of <strong>the</strong> litter.”<br />

24 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Romans 10:14<br />

Dear Mr. Pearl,<br />

I am a young man of 16 years. I really want to preach <strong>the</strong> Gospel. So I am trying to plan and<br />

prepare myself to. I am a certified farrier, a certified horse trainer, and a classical guitarist.<br />

Where could I be best used in <strong>the</strong> mission field? What do I need to do to prepare myself?<br />

What language or languages do I need to learn? Would I have to provide my own support?<br />

Do you or any of your associates offer training? You know more about what I need to do<br />

to prepare myself, so please tell me even if I don’t ask. I really love <strong>the</strong> unadulterated word<br />

of God, and support all your material and will use it if possible. I hold no allegiance to any<br />

man-made doctrine and will let <strong>the</strong> Bible be my truth.<br />

Sincerely, Benjamin H. Munson<br />

Dear Benjamin,<br />

Stop thinking of ministry as a vocation; start thinking<br />

of it as a lifestyle. Continue to pursue your talents and<br />

abilities in farriering, horse training and guitar to prepare<br />

to make a living and be self-supporting. Never<br />

expect someone to support you in ministry.<br />

Study <strong>the</strong> Bible; teach it to someone as you study, say, one to four people. When I<br />

was seventeen I taught at a rescue mission and witnessed to people on <strong>the</strong> street,<br />

teaching <strong>the</strong> Bible to anyone who would listen.<br />

Ministry happens in <strong>the</strong> course of life, if you have <strong>the</strong> heart to minister. If you have<br />

a life that truly ministers, people will seek you out. Ministry may take full time, but<br />

if you have <strong>the</strong> ability to support yourself you will always be free from <strong>the</strong> controls<br />

of religion.<br />

I say again: study <strong>the</strong> Bible and teach it as you study. There is not a Bible college or<br />

training that can make you a minister.<br />

Respectfully, Michael Pearl<br />

Perhaps you think I am a pretty bold old lady. You just might be right. Then again…<br />

maybe I’m a smart, bold old lady. But what I do know positively is that I have ended<br />

up with five good sons and daughters-in-law and 15 grandkids with<br />

many more to come—no old maids or sons living at my home!<br />

Love, marriage and <strong>the</strong> baby carriage make life so sweet. Wise<br />

up, you bro<strong>the</strong>rs. A bunch of good sisters are sitting at home somewhere<br />

waiting…and waiting…and waiting.<br />

Marriage Resources<br />

13.95<br />

Marriage God’s Way DVD Set--<br />

Whe<strong>the</strong>r you are newlyweds or married many years,<br />

find out how to be married “God’s Way.”<br />

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Created To Be His Help Meet--The most<br />

informative book on <strong>the</strong> planet for being <strong>the</strong> best<br />

help meet you can be. Sold over 325, 000. See page<br />

31 for details.<br />

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As far as I am concerned, Created To<br />

Be His Help Meet is <strong>the</strong> only book any<br />

woman would ever need on marriage.<br />

I’m not saying that her husband would<br />

do everything right, but I believe if she<br />

would follow <strong>the</strong>se Biblical principles<br />

<strong>the</strong>n God would honor her and see to<br />

it that she felt content in her marriage.<br />

I know it has TOTALLY changed<br />

my whole perspective of my<br />

husband.<br />

Thanks again SO MUCH! I really really<br />

want her to know how much her book<br />

has helped me, probably more than any<br />

one book ever!! And I have been married<br />

for 34 years...thanks to “Mr. Steady”.<br />

I am so excited about this book that I<br />

can hardly contain it...telling everyone<br />

I know about it. This is going to be <strong>the</strong><br />

best Valentine’s Day ever because my<br />

whole attitude towards my husband has<br />

changed. ~Kathy<br />

Hello Mrs. Pearl, I wanted<br />

to thank you because I<br />

have been so blessed by<br />

your book Created To Be<br />

His Help Meet. I married<br />

young and had little<br />

training from my parents.<br />

Combined with <strong>the</strong> Lord’s<br />

help and your book, I have<br />

an excellent marriage.<br />

~Mae Ellen<br />

Dear Pearl Family and staff at <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>, I received Created To Be<br />

His Help Meet from my youth pastor’s wife after she moved back east. I<br />

was young and single, but she knew how needful it was for me to have.<br />

It changed me so dramatically!!! I <strong>the</strong>n gave it to my good friend, who<br />

was 15 years older and married with four children. I <strong>the</strong>n had to order a<br />

new book. THEN, I gave it away to my younger friend who is engaged....<br />

THEN I got ano<strong>the</strong>r copy!!! I got two this time...but gave <strong>the</strong>m both away.<br />

I hadn’t bought ano<strong>the</strong>r one yet so I told my o<strong>the</strong>r friend about it, <strong>the</strong>n<br />

she bought one. She is also single, and also gave hers away. Cutting to<br />

<strong>the</strong> chase, we have all been passing around <strong>the</strong>se few copies around our<br />

church and <strong>the</strong> ladies are getting so excited about it that <strong>the</strong>y are deciding<br />

who to pass it to next, before <strong>the</strong>y have even reached <strong>the</strong> 2nd chapter!!!<br />

God is using it incredibly in our church! Thank you so much for your<br />

faithfulness and obedience to God in writing this book. I myself am now<br />

married, and plan to purchase ano<strong>the</strong>r copy, hopefully a case of <strong>the</strong>m this<br />

time. I can’t say enough how blessed <strong>the</strong> women in our church are because<br />

of this book. God Bless you, Mike and Debi, and all of <strong>the</strong> people involved<br />

in this ministry! ~Rachel Sims, Wife and Mo<strong>the</strong>r<br />

I wanted to let you know I have just finished your book Created To Be His<br />

Help Meet. I was really scared to read it, because I know that I have not been<br />

<strong>the</strong> wife I know I should be, even though I’m saved and I know what God says<br />

is right and true. We have been married for 10 years and have 5 children. My<br />

husband was raised in a Christian home, but has never come to know Jesus as<br />

his Lord and Savior. I have been one of those wives that tells him he needs to<br />

take his place and be head of our home and I haven’t been taking my place as<br />

help meet. But I wanted to tell you that God through you has shown<br />

me <strong>the</strong> light and my goal is to win my husband to <strong>the</strong> Lord. Thank you<br />

for obeying God. ~Your sister in <strong>the</strong> Lord, Leah<br />

26 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Hi Debi, I just wanted to share a quick story. I was recently re-reading<br />

Created To Be His Help Meet (for <strong>the</strong> 3rd time, different parts have<br />

struck me each time) and was really convicted on being sober. I had<br />

been working full time up until giving birth to our first child and<br />

it’s definitely been an adjustment being home. Our baby is almost 6<br />

months old but <strong>the</strong> house was still messy and dinner not always on<br />

<strong>the</strong> table. After reading that, I said, no more! I will have my house<br />

clean every night and always plan ahead so even if I have a headache,<br />

(or any o<strong>the</strong>r excuse) I can still have something on <strong>the</strong> table and we<br />

won’t have to eat out. After only 2 days of this concerted effort my<br />

husband told me that a woman he works with asked how he liked me<br />

being at home. He said it made him feel like a king. I couldn’t<br />

believe my ears! Two days? Seriously? To have him feel that much<br />

respect from just having <strong>the</strong> baby calm and clean, <strong>the</strong> house picked<br />

up, dinner on <strong>the</strong> table and a smile on my face...well worth <strong>the</strong> effort.<br />

Thank you for taking <strong>the</strong> time to train us younger women.<br />

Each time I’ve read <strong>the</strong> book a new aspect of my heart changes<br />

and our marriage is “saved”.~ Thanks! Jonelle<br />

Photo by Kriss Szkurlatowski<br />

I have read Created To Be<br />

His Help Meet many times. I<br />

hosted a Bible study on <strong>the</strong> book.<br />

If every wife could read this book<br />

and do what it says (key to it)<br />

<strong>the</strong>re would be no divorces. I am<br />

buying <strong>the</strong> two books now for<br />

gifts. I don’t know who I will give<br />

<strong>the</strong>m to, but God always seems<br />

to bring someone in need. Thank<br />

you so much. I had a strong<br />

marriage before <strong>the</strong> book, but<br />

now it is amazing what God has<br />

revealed to me of how to make<br />

things better. ~ Serena Sanders<br />

I LOVE <strong>the</strong> book<br />

Created To Be His<br />

Help Meet! We have a<br />

happy marriage of 25<br />

years, but we are like<br />

newly-weds after I read<br />

your book! I feel that<br />

I know my purpose<br />

in life now, and we<br />

are both elated. My<br />

husband loves you! I<br />

love you, too! ~Peggy<br />

(and Scott)<br />

Dear Mrs. Pearl, I was recently given a copy<br />

of your book Created To Be His Help<br />

Meet. I want to let you know that I really<br />

feel that in just <strong>the</strong> 2 weeks that I have been<br />

reading <strong>the</strong> book and praying as I study it, I<br />

feel that <strong>the</strong> Lord is using <strong>the</strong> book to begin<br />

to show me <strong>the</strong> right times to speak and<br />

when to just be quiet. I have only gotten<br />

through to <strong>the</strong> fifth chapter but even as I try<br />

to study and be a godly wife with an open<br />

mind and heart I find it to be much help. I<br />

am seeing changes for <strong>the</strong> better<br />

in my dear hubby too. I find that as I<br />

keep myself under control and in a heart of<br />

patience he is becoming more patient with<br />

me! Thank you for hearkening to <strong>the</strong> voice<br />

of God and doing HIS will in <strong>the</strong> writing<br />

of this book. Sounds like you have got a<br />

wonderful husband.<br />

~In Christ’s Love, Krystal<br />

I love your book Created To Be His Help Meet<br />

so much that I am now ordering it to place<br />

it on my Zune so I can listen to it while my<br />

husband is gone during <strong>the</strong> week at work. He<br />

gets very little time with us on <strong>the</strong> weekends,<br />

so I want to make sure that I am fresh in Spirit<br />

when he arrives home so I may bless him and<br />

honor my Fa<strong>the</strong>r. I have had several of my<br />

friends and my sister read this book and seen<br />

many lives changed for <strong>the</strong> glory of <strong>the</strong> Lord.<br />

May God continue to bless your ministry, Mr.<br />

and Mrs. Pearl! ~In Christ’s Love, Tralina<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 27

Biggest Cane Creek<br />

Flood on Record<br />

By Debi Pearl<br />

e had a flood! Under <strong>the</strong> church building, which is built on stilts,<br />

W <strong>the</strong> water was four or five feet deep. Thankfully, some smart<br />

folks tied <strong>the</strong> thousand-gallon propane tank to <strong>the</strong> closest tree, or it would be in New<br />

Orleans by now. Seven horses from <strong>the</strong> field across <strong>the</strong> road were swept away. The<br />

Amish boys were able to grab three of <strong>the</strong>m and pull <strong>the</strong>m to safety. The o<strong>the</strong>rs showed<br />

up on <strong>the</strong>ir own after a while.<br />

Mike and James took <strong>the</strong>ir homemade jet boat out into <strong>the</strong> flood waters, just upstream<br />

from <strong>the</strong> new concrete bridge. The raging current had risen to within 18 inches<br />

of <strong>the</strong> bottom of <strong>the</strong> bridge. The rushing water was full of huge logs and o<strong>the</strong>r debris.<br />

Mike’s boat was in <strong>the</strong> current only a few minutes when <strong>the</strong> jet intake sucked up leaves,<br />

choking <strong>the</strong> motor down to about one-third power. The current was sweeping <strong>the</strong> little<br />

boat toward <strong>the</strong> bridge, and <strong>the</strong>y saw that <strong>the</strong>re was not enough clearance for <strong>the</strong> boat,<br />

and certainly not for its passengers.<br />

<strong>No</strong>w James, Shoshanna’s husband, is skinny and can move like a monkey, so he<br />

was able to jump up and reach <strong>the</strong> roadway of <strong>the</strong> bridge. Mike, on <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r hand, is<br />

NOT skinny, and he moves more like an old walrus. And, to make things worse, he had<br />

a large leg brace on his right leg because of his surgery just three weeks earlier to screw<br />

his broken ankle back toge<strong>the</strong>r (that’s ano<strong>the</strong>r crazy story).<br />

Anyway, when Old Walrus saw that <strong>the</strong> boat was going to be forced under <strong>the</strong> small<br />

space beneath <strong>the</strong> bridge, he did what he had to do: he flipped backwards out of <strong>the</strong> boat<br />

into <strong>the</strong> roiling torrent. Even though I was a quarter of a mile away on <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side of<br />

<strong>the</strong> floodwaters, I could still hear <strong>the</strong> grinding noise as <strong>the</strong> boat was forced under <strong>the</strong><br />

concrete beams. The ladies watching from <strong>the</strong> overpass said that <strong>the</strong>y saw Mike’s head<br />

come up once or twice as he was swirled around in <strong>the</strong> raging water; <strong>the</strong>n he disappeared.<br />

One of <strong>the</strong> men on shore declared, “Mike Pearl is gone…he’s gone.” A younger,<br />

braver man jumped in to help, but by <strong>the</strong>n, Mike was long gone downstream.<br />

Later, Mike said that when he flipped into <strong>the</strong> water, he was worried about <strong>the</strong> force<br />

of <strong>the</strong> water driving him into <strong>the</strong> concrete, so he went under as deep as he could. He<br />

surfaced a good ways downstream and started looking for James, not knowing that he<br />

had made his hasty exit over <strong>the</strong> bridge. When he spotted James safely on <strong>the</strong> bridge,<br />

he turned to rescuing himself. After several attempts to hang onto willow branches, he<br />

was able to grab a tree and <strong>the</strong>n move from tree to tree towards shore until he got into<br />

waist-deep water. From <strong>the</strong>re, he made his way <strong>the</strong> last hundred yards or so back to dry<br />

ground. Two of <strong>the</strong> locals picked him up in a canoe and brought him back to <strong>the</strong> bridge<br />

where everyone was ga<strong>the</strong>red to mourn his demise. The ladies on <strong>the</strong> bridge watching<br />

him wash downstream started crying. He was<br />

quite pleased when he came back 15 minutes later<br />

and saw <strong>the</strong>y all liked him enough to weep at<br />

his violent passing.<br />

Gabe called five hours later and told us that<br />

some of <strong>the</strong> more adventurous young men had<br />

found Mike’s boat and pulled it to safety. Mike<br />

had built it, so he can repair it well enough. Gabe<br />

also told us about ano<strong>the</strong>r man in <strong>the</strong> community<br />

who lost his boat right after Mike’s boat went under.<br />

Dumbness must be contagious.<br />

Never a dull moment in Hicksville, especially<br />

when Big Papa thinks he is still eighteen.<br />

28 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Cane Creek Flood<br />

By gabriel Pearl<br />

This past spring has proven to be a very beneficial for our Cane Creek area. We<br />

have acquired <strong>the</strong> much-needed rain that we have been missing for <strong>the</strong> past several<br />

years. But with abundance of rain comes considerable flooding. This isn’t a problem<br />

for those of us living on high ground, but those living within <strong>the</strong> flood range were less<br />

fortunate. Vehicles were completely submerged in <strong>the</strong> floodwater, fences destroyed,<br />

homes flooded, and even horses were washed down <strong>the</strong> raging creek.<br />

The Amish community pulled toge<strong>the</strong>r and offered help for those in need. Whe<strong>the</strong>r<br />

it was driving a river boat to bring food and hot coffee to those trapped by flood waters,<br />

sweeping water and mud out of a flooded house, or just helping to round up livestock,<br />

those who could lent a hand. Our little church house had four feet of water around it, and<br />

all of our outdoor tables and chairs were swept away with <strong>the</strong> fierce current.<br />

Lori and I live on a high hill, so <strong>the</strong> ten inches of rain that fell in such a short period<br />

of time was nothing to us. But that didn’t stop Lori from swimming in <strong>the</strong> river, kayaking<br />

in it, and videotaping <strong>the</strong> whole episode. It was a party day for her.<br />

Before all <strong>the</strong> flooding started, we were able to host our first outdoorsmen Fa<strong>the</strong>r/<br />

Son Event here in Tennessee. There was boating, fishing, turkey hunting, and, of course,<br />

good eating for everyone involved. These Fa<strong>the</strong>r/Son Events are something we hope to<br />

start hosting twice a year. Our next one will be this fall for deer hunting. I “looove” deer<br />

hunting! From <strong>the</strong> time <strong>the</strong> season ends, I can hardly wait for it to open again. We’d<br />

love to have you all come join us. See PearlOutdoors.com for details.<br />

~Gabriel<br />

Lydia Easling and Lori Pearl<br />

with neighbors Jubal Beachy<br />

and Joey Miller helping <strong>the</strong><br />

rescue effort in <strong>the</strong> Cane<br />

Creek flood.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 29

Family Resources<br />

A-B-C Bible Verse Songs<br />

Beka and some of <strong>the</strong> kids in <strong>the</strong> church sing<br />

<strong>the</strong> A-B-C Bible verse songs that her mo<strong>the</strong>r<br />

taught her when she was growing up. Your<br />

little ones will want to listen to this day and<br />

night, and by doing so <strong>the</strong>y will learn 26<br />

Bible verses with <strong>the</strong> references. This is <strong>the</strong><br />

smilingest tape you will ever hear.<br />

1 CD 1010-45 $5.95<br />

Alabama Seminar<br />

Two hours of Michael Pearl speaking on<br />

child training. These tapes are geared toward<br />

<strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r’s role in <strong>the</strong> family. Tales of Mike<br />

and his sons’ wild adventures. Boys love it!<br />

2 CDs 8325-45 $10.95<br />

Balanced patriarch<br />

Today <strong>the</strong>re is a twisted Christian doctrine<br />

preached that justifies not cutting <strong>the</strong> umbilical<br />

cord, all in <strong>the</strong> name of “Children, obey<br />

your parents.” It is based on <strong>the</strong> assumption<br />

that one’s offspring remain children, dutybound<br />

before God to always be subject to <strong>the</strong><br />

chain of command. This is <strong>the</strong> second session<br />

from <strong>the</strong> January ‘09 sou<strong>the</strong>rn California<br />

seminar.<br />

1 DVD 1407-75 $12.95<br />

Becoming a Man<br />

This message is for parents concerned about<br />

raising <strong>the</strong>ir boys up to be men, and for encouraging<br />

boys and young men to take <strong>the</strong><br />

steps to manhood, and it is for fa<strong>the</strong>rs who<br />

never learned to be real men. It tells you what<br />

you need to do to become more than just an<br />

adult—how to become a real man.<br />

1 CD 1417-10 $5.95<br />

Best Homeschooling Ideas<br />

Debi Pearl discusses her best homeschooling<br />

ideas. 20-plus years of accumulated wisdom.<br />

This message can remove your burden. A<br />

best-seller!<br />

1 CD 6170-45 $5.95<br />

California seminar DVD Set<br />

3 DVDs: Child Training 101, Balanced Patriarch,<br />

and Movers & Shakers. Great price!<br />

3 DVDs 2009-75 $29.95<br />


This message takes <strong>the</strong> viewer back to <strong>the</strong><br />

basics. If you want to introduce child-training<br />

principles to a friend, this professionallyproduced<br />

DVD will make a great impact.<br />

1 DVD 2007-75 $12.95<br />

Order Toll-Free 1-866-292-9936<br />


FOR FUN<br />

Michael Pearl demonstrates and teaches knife<br />

and tomahawk throwing.<br />

1 DVD 5300-75 $16.95<br />

EE-Taow & Next Chapter DVD set<br />

This is a remarkable story of a native tribe being<br />

won to <strong>the</strong> Lord. The gospel is presented<br />

chronologically and <strong>the</strong> results are spectacular.<br />

It is a great video to watch with your children,<br />

grandchildren, Sunday School students, etc.<br />

2 DVDs 2910-75 $19.95<br />

From <strong>the</strong> End of <strong>the</strong> Earth<br />

Songs by Rebekah Pearl. All alone in a bamboo<br />

hut on <strong>the</strong> top of a mountain in New<br />

Guinea, <strong>the</strong> first white woman ever seen by<br />

<strong>the</strong> Kumboi village, Rebekah writes and<br />

sings songs about her God. She accompanies<br />

herself on a classical guitar.<br />

1 CD 3020-41 $8.95<br />

homesteading for beginners<br />

Learn everything from starting and maintaining<br />

a garden, raising and butchering chickens,<br />

cutting firewood, to baking bread, making<br />

cheese, and much, much more. This video is<br />

for anyone who would like to have basic country<br />

life skills but is not sure how to even start.<br />

It is entertaining for <strong>the</strong> entire family.<br />

1 DVD 4126-75 $19.95<br />

Jumping Ship<br />

There is a troubling trend showing up among<br />

some of <strong>the</strong> “homeschool crowd.” Their children<br />

are discontent and rebellious, jumping<br />

ship as soon as <strong>the</strong>y think <strong>the</strong>y can survive<br />

without <strong>the</strong> family—some as young as sixteen<br />

years old. Michael Pearl addressed this<br />

issue in a series of NGJ magazine articles in<br />

2006. These have now been compiled into<br />

this book, along with new material and an additional<br />

two chapters covering fur<strong>the</strong>r issues.<br />

106-pg. Book 4940-10 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Jumping Ship DVD<br />

1 DVD 4940-75 $12.95<br />

Abandonando el Barco<br />

(Span. Jumping Ship) 4040-12 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

movers & shakers<br />

In this third session of <strong>the</strong> ‘09 California<br />

Seminar Michael encourages parents to train<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir children to be tomorrow’s movers and<br />

shakers. They will become leaders, entrepreneurs,<br />

statesmen—<strong>the</strong> framers of tomorrow.<br />

1 DVD 6113-75 $12.95<br />

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Order Toll-Free 1-866-292-9936<br />

Family Resources<br />

Rebekah’s Diary<br />

Rebekah Pearl (now Rebekah Anast), daughter<br />

of Michael and Debi Pearl, tells <strong>the</strong> awesome<br />

story of God’s guidance and protection<br />

as she, a 22-year-old girl, all alone where<br />

no white person had ever been, adapted to a<br />

primitive culture.<br />

106-pg. Book 7810-10 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Starting Over<br />

The basic message: “Okay, I know I’ve messed<br />

up in child training; now what do I do?”<br />

1 CD 8338-45 $5.95<br />

Teaching Responsibility<br />

In this seminar, Michael Pearl uses humorous<br />

stories and practical examples to illustrate <strong>the</strong><br />

simple process of training your children to<br />

work without complaint. Cut into his speaking<br />

presentation are hundreds of video clips<br />

and photos that help illustrate his message.<br />

2 DVDs 8500-00 $19.95<br />

The <strong>Joy</strong> of Training<br />

Michael and Debi Pearl tell how <strong>the</strong>y successfully<br />

trained up <strong>the</strong>ir five children with<br />

love, humor, <strong>the</strong> rod, and a King James Bible.<br />

The 2 DVD set contains <strong>the</strong> same high-quality,<br />

digitally-filmed content as <strong>the</strong> video set<br />

and hundreds of snapshots and video clips<br />

of family and children, illustrating <strong>the</strong> things<br />

being taught.<br />

2 DVDs 4910-75 $26.00<br />

To Train Up a Child<br />

From successful parents, learn how to train up<br />

your children ra<strong>the</strong>r than discipline <strong>the</strong>m up.<br />

With humor and real-life examples, this book<br />

shows you how to train your children before<br />

<strong>the</strong> need to discipline arises. Be done with<br />

corrective discipline; make <strong>the</strong>m allies ra<strong>the</strong>r<br />

than adversaries. The stress will be gone and<br />

your obedient children will praise you.<br />

Book 8610-10 $5.95<br />

1 MP3 8610-55 $12.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

para entrenar a un niÑo<br />

Spanish Translation of To Train Up A Child,<br />

Mike and Debi’s best-selling book.<br />

Spanish Book 8610-12 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Spanish 5 CDs 8620-45 $21.95<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 1<br />

Reprints of <strong>the</strong> first two years of <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong><br />

<strong>Joy</strong> articles. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of sibling rivalry,<br />

pouting, bad attitudes, and much more.<br />

Book 6230-10 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 2<br />

Let your children listen to great bedtime<br />

stories. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of rowdy boys,<br />

homeschooling, grief, and much more.<br />

Book 6235-10 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 3<br />

Children learn wisdom and enjoy listening to<br />

<strong>the</strong> stories as you read to <strong>the</strong>m volumes 1, 2,<br />

and 3. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of marriage relationships<br />

and how <strong>the</strong>y affect children, joy,<br />

much more.<br />

Book 6240-10 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Four Book Set<br />

Get <strong>the</strong> <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Series and To Train Up<br />

A Child in this four book set. This is a perfect<br />

gift for friends or anyone who is seeking help<br />

in parenting.<br />

4 Book Set 3200-00 $19.00<br />

Created to be His Help Meet<br />

NEW COVER!!<br />

What God is doing through this book is amazing!<br />

We are receiving thousands of letters<br />

from people giving testimony to marriages<br />

restored and made new. Pastors, bookstores,<br />

and teachers are ordering and reordering cases.<br />

UPDATED—The book now contains a<br />

word index at <strong>the</strong> back of <strong>the</strong> book to aid you<br />

in topical searches.<br />

296-pg. Book 2020-10 $13.95<br />

Box of 24 books 2020-99 $200.88<br />

9 CDs 2020-45 $34.95<br />

1 MP3 2020-55 $12.95<br />

Creada Para Ser Su Ayuda Idónea<br />

Spanish Translation of Created To Be His Help<br />

Meet, Debi’s best-selling book.<br />

Spanish Book 2020-12 $13.95<br />

The Help Meet’s Journey<br />

The Journey is a 184-page year-long companion<br />

workbook/journal for Created To<br />

Be His Help Meet. There are extra pages for<br />

your stories, doodlings, studies, and pictures<br />

where you will create a lasting memory of <strong>the</strong><br />

miracle God is doing in you. This is a perfect<br />

study guide for individuals or women’s study<br />

groups.<br />

Workbook 2030-10 $10.95<br />

Box of 24 books 2030-99 $157.68<br />

Holy Sex<br />

Michael Pearl takes his readers through a refreshing<br />

journey of biblical texts showing that<br />

God designed marriage to be in <strong>the</strong> context of<br />

erotic pleasure. The world and <strong>the</strong> devil have<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 31

Bible Study Order Toll-Free 1-866-292-9936<br />

attempted to make <strong>the</strong> subject of sex <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

domain. <strong>No</strong> longer.<br />

82-pg. Book 4125-10 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Spanish Book Sexo Santo 4125-12 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Marriage God’s Way<br />

Husbands, learn how to sanctify your wife<br />

and cleanse her of spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.<br />

You have <strong>the</strong> power to bring your wife<br />

into <strong>the</strong> fullness of all that God intended her<br />

to be. Wives, learn <strong>the</strong> freedom of honoring<br />

and ministering to your man. You can help<br />

him become all that God intended him to be.<br />

2 DVDs 4140-75 $19.95<br />

Only Men<br />

Michael Pearl speaks directly and frankly to<br />

men about <strong>the</strong>ir responsibilities as husbands.<br />

Wives should not listen to this tape. We don’t<br />

want you taking advantage of your man.<br />

1 CD 6650-45 $5.95<br />

Spanish CD Solo Hombres 6650-12 $5.95<br />

<strong>the</strong> vision<br />

What do you get when Islamic NEW!<br />

terrorists and White Supremacists<br />

go up against a small group of Bible believers<br />

in <strong>the</strong> hills of East Tennessee? Get your<br />

hands on a copy of this intensely exciting,<br />

informative novel!<br />

Book 9350-10 $14.95<br />

Young Adults & Marriage<br />

This message, spoken by Michael Pearl in<br />

California, was given to help parents and<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir young adult children make wise decisions<br />

concerning marriage. It has <strong>the</strong> story of<br />

all five of our children finding <strong>the</strong>ir mates.<br />

1 CD 9810-45 $5.95<br />

Bible Teaching<br />

There is a dearth of Bible knowledge<br />

across this land. Bible teaching has been<br />

replaced with principle-based, self-improvement<br />

psychology. More than ever, we want<br />

to get <strong>the</strong>se Bible messages into your hands,<br />

so we have priced <strong>the</strong>m right down to what it<br />

costs us to provide <strong>the</strong>m.<br />

swordsearcher software<br />

<strong>No</strong>w you can use <strong>the</strong> Bible search software<br />

that Mike uses to study <strong>the</strong> Bible. Includes<br />

over 70 study references such as <strong>the</strong> KJV,<br />

KJV 1611, early translations by Tyndale and<br />

Wycliffe, commentaries and much more!<br />

PC only.<br />

Software CD 8375-10 $49.95<br />

32 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936<br />

Books of <strong>the</strong> Bible<br />

1 & 2 Peter<br />

1 & 2 Peter introduces subjects that <strong>the</strong><br />

Apostle Paul never touched on. Exotic, some<br />

people call it. Learn about election, adding<br />

to your faith, Paradise, <strong>the</strong> seven baptisms,<br />

Christian suffering, corrupt shepherds, and<br />

much more. There are more practical teachings<br />

in <strong>the</strong>se two letters than one can imagine.<br />

Thirteen messages totaling over nine<br />

hours of teaching.<br />

13 CDS 7010-45 $42.95<br />

1 MP3 7010-55 $12.95<br />


These two letters written by <strong>the</strong> Apostle Paul<br />

contain teaching on departed loved ones, <strong>the</strong><br />

rapture, <strong>the</strong> second coming of our Lord, as<br />

well as some of <strong>the</strong> most practical teachings<br />

in <strong>the</strong> New Testament.<br />

8 CDs 8440-45 $29.95<br />

MP3 (1 CD) 8440-55 $12.95<br />

Mat<strong>the</strong>w<br />

Michael Pearl opens new insights as he<br />

teaches <strong>the</strong> Gospel of Mat<strong>the</strong>w, describing it<br />

as <strong>the</strong> last book in <strong>the</strong> old covenant. A grasp<br />

of this unique book is essential to a proper<br />

understanding of <strong>the</strong> New Testament.<br />

24 CDs 6020-41 $72.95<br />

MP3 (1 CD) 6020-55 $12.95<br />

Romans<br />

Verse by verse, word by word, this is a commentary<br />

on <strong>the</strong> book of Romans. We continually<br />

receive testimonies of lives changed and<br />

souls saved through listening to this greatest<br />

of all New Testament books. Until you know<br />

<strong>the</strong> book of Romans you don’t know <strong>the</strong> Bible.<br />

If you have never listened to any Bible<br />

teaching by Michael Pearl, this is <strong>the</strong> place to<br />

start. Michael also has a printed commentary<br />

on Romans 1-8 which is much more extensive<br />

than <strong>the</strong> audio.<br />

20 CDs 8140-45 $56.95<br />

MP3 (1 CD) 8140-55 $12.95<br />

Romans chapter 1-8 Commentary<br />

This commentary contains a careful wordfor-word<br />

examination of every phrase and<br />

addresses all <strong>the</strong> hard <strong>the</strong>ological issues that<br />

have been <strong>the</strong> foundation of <strong>the</strong> Christian<br />

faith down through <strong>the</strong> centuries.<br />

222-pg. Book 8140-10 $8.95<br />

<strong>Download</strong> Mike’s entire teaching on <strong>the</strong><br />

book of Romans and o<strong>the</strong>r FREE messages<br />

on our website! www.nogreaterjoy.org

Order Toll-Free 1-866-292-9936<br />

1 Corinthians<br />

Here is a book of radical answers for radical<br />

times. Michael covers every verse in 1 Corinthians<br />

in a straightforward manner. This is not<br />

devotional teaching. It is practical Bible doctrine<br />

on a host of controversial subjects. Paul<br />

answers questions put to him by <strong>the</strong> church at<br />

Corinth.<br />

10 CDs 2060-41 $36.95<br />

1 Corinthians & Colossians MP3<br />

Two books on one MP3 CD.<br />

MP3 (1 CD) 2060-55 $12.95<br />

Colossians<br />

If you enjoyed Romans, you need to hear Colossians.<br />

Learn about your spiritual circumcision.<br />

Rise to complete victory in knowledge<br />

that you indeed have risen with Christ and are<br />

an overcomer of <strong>the</strong> world, <strong>the</strong> flesh and <strong>the</strong><br />

devil.<br />

5 CDs 2050-41 $19.95<br />

Galatians<br />

Many professing Christians who don’t have a<br />

personal relationship with Christ are seeking<br />

meaning in Rabbinical Judaism, keeping feast<br />

days and Sabbaths, and resorting to using<br />

Hebrew words for God and Jesus. Many are<br />

“falling from grace” in <strong>the</strong>ir attempt to give<br />

<strong>the</strong> Law of Moses a place in <strong>the</strong>ir daily lives.<br />

God gave us <strong>the</strong> book of Galatians to answer<br />

this ancient, and now modern, heresy.<br />

6 CDs 3410-41 $24.95<br />

O<strong>the</strong>r Authors<br />

Bible Study<br />

FIVE POINTS of Calvinism<br />

Each of <strong>the</strong> much-touted 5 points of Calvinism<br />

is carefully compared with <strong>the</strong> clear<br />

teaching of God’s holy and infallible Word,<br />

providing both serious Scriptural challenge<br />

and correction to <strong>the</strong> extremes of Calvinism.<br />

125-pg book<br />

Book 3050-10 $5.95<br />

King James, His Bible, and Its<br />

Translators<br />

This collection of essays on <strong>the</strong> subjects of<br />

King James, his Bible, and its translators is<br />

<strong>the</strong> result of painstaking, original research,<br />

with an emphasis on primary resources.<br />

Book 5200-10 $8.95<br />

Which Version is <strong>the</strong> Bible?<br />

Author: Floyd Jones. Answers all your questions<br />

about Bible versions. Proof that <strong>the</strong><br />

King James Bible is <strong>the</strong> perfect Word of God<br />

to <strong>the</strong> English-speaking people.<br />

Book 9510-10 $12.95<br />

The answer book<br />

Author: Samuel Gipp, Th.D. Contains answers<br />

to 62 most-often-asked questions<br />

concerning Bible translation issues and <strong>the</strong><br />

preservation of <strong>the</strong> Bible in <strong>the</strong> Authorized<br />

Version. It is scrupulously researched and<br />

beautifully written—a pleasure to read.<br />

165-pg. Book 1318-10 $6.95<br />

Hebrews<br />

This is a book that will bless you like no o<strong>the</strong>r.<br />

As you study <strong>the</strong> book of Hebrews, you will<br />

not only learn about faith, you will actually<br />

have faith built into you by <strong>the</strong> Word of God.<br />

12 CDs 3800-45 $39.95<br />

MP3 (1 CD) 3800-55 $12.95<br />

Mark<br />

Michael teaches through <strong>the</strong> book of Mark<br />

verse by verse.<br />

MP3 (1 CD) 5950-55 $12.95<br />

Revelation Poster & Handbook<br />

This poster is a print of an original painting<br />

done by Michael Pearl which shows <strong>the</strong><br />

events of Revelation in chronological order. It<br />

is 40"x19" on heavy, glossy paper. The handbook<br />

which accompanies it is filled with Old<br />

Testament references and commentary to <strong>the</strong><br />

events in Revelation.<br />

Poster 8130-10 $12.95<br />

The 2006 Geneva Bible –<br />

The Trojan Horse<br />

This is Dr. Gipp’s answer to <strong>the</strong> all <strong>the</strong> hoopla<br />

surrounding <strong>the</strong> “Geneva” Bible. Recently,<br />

a Bible has been promoted as <strong>the</strong> “1599 Geneva<br />

Bible” when in fact, it is not. Unsuspecting<br />

Bible believers may be deceived into<br />

thinking it is safe to read and study from <strong>the</strong><br />

“Grandfa<strong>the</strong>r” of <strong>the</strong> King James Bible. It<br />

isn’t. Dr. Gipp is direct and concise in this<br />

brief 112 page examination of <strong>the</strong> “2006 Geneva<br />

Bible”.<br />

104-pg. Book 3430-10 Price $5.95<br />

The O<strong>the</strong>r Side of Calvinism<br />

Author: Laurence M. Vance, Ph.D. This is a<br />

detailed historical examination and critical<br />

biblical analysis of Calvinism. Extensively<br />

documented from Calvinistic authorities, this<br />

book presents <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side to <strong>the</strong> over 400-<br />

year-old debate of <strong>the</strong> doctrines of Calvinism.<br />

Mike Pearl states, “This is <strong>the</strong> best book ex-<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 33

Bible Study Order Toll-Free 1-866-292-9936<br />

posing <strong>the</strong> heresies of Calvinism. If you are a<br />

Bible believer concerned about TRUTH, this<br />

is a ‘must-read.’” Hard bound book.<br />

788-pg. Book 6610-00 $21.95<br />

Books about <strong>the</strong> Bible<br />

Eight Kingdoms<br />

The Bible speaks of eight kingdoms. You<br />

can’t see one of <strong>the</strong>m. One is coming but you<br />

can’t be a part of it. Ano<strong>the</strong>r must be resisted.<br />

You have been removed from ano<strong>the</strong>r. You<br />

must honor ano<strong>the</strong>r that is evil. One is now<br />

fighting for its life. One is going to smash all<br />

<strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>rs and reign forever on <strong>the</strong> earth. If<br />

you don’t want to be challenged, don’t bo<strong>the</strong>r<br />

buying this book. This book would be a gift<br />

your pastor would truly enjoy.<br />

Book 8328-10 $12.95<br />

Box of 34 8328-99 $265.00<br />

Good and Evil<br />

Written by Michael Pearl and featuring spectacular<br />

artwork by former Marvel Comic<br />

artist Danny Bulanadi. Over 300 pages illustrated<br />

in comic book format show <strong>the</strong> Bible<br />

stories in a chronological approach. Great<br />

for any child, teen or as Sunday School material.<br />

English Book 3760-10 $19.95<br />

Box of 26 3750-99 $311.22<br />

Spanish Book -<br />

(El Bien y El Mal) 3760-12 $19.95<br />

Box of 26 3712-99 $311.22<br />

Good and Evil - Comic Books<br />

Our popular book, Good and Evil, has been<br />

printed in one-chapter comic books. Perfect<br />

for giveaways. Kids will beg you for <strong>the</strong> next<br />

chapter. 6 1/2" x 10 1/4" 28 pages each, soft<br />

cover, full color.<br />

English<br />

Chapter 1 3761-10 $2.99<br />

Chapter 2 3762-10 $2.99<br />

Chapter 3 3763-10 $2.99<br />

Chapter 4 3764-10 $2.99<br />

Chapter 5 3765-10 $2.99<br />

Chapter 6 3766-10 $2.99<br />

G&E Comic 6-pk Special 3766-15 $9.00<br />

Spanish<br />

Chapter 1 3761-12 $2.99<br />

Chapter 2 3762-12 $2.99<br />

Chapter 3 3763-12 $2.99<br />

Chapter 4 3764-12 $2.99<br />

Chapter 5 3765-12 $2.99<br />

25 or more copies ea. $2.00<br />

El Bien y El Mal Comic 5-pk. 3765-15 $7.50<br />

Good and Evil - Kids’ coloring<br />

Books<br />

Your children will love coloring <strong>the</strong> pages of<br />

<strong>the</strong>se four books! Based on <strong>the</strong> popular Good<br />

and Evil book. Sold separately or in a 4-Book<br />

Set.<br />

Book 1 3775-01 $2.00<br />

Book 2 3775-02 $2.00<br />

Book 3 3775-03 $2.00<br />

Book 4 3775-04 $2.00<br />

25 or more copies ea. $1.50<br />

4 Book Set 3775-05 $6.50<br />

25 or more sets ea. $5.50<br />

Booklets<br />

All booklets are $1.50 each or $1 each for<br />

25 or more copies of any one of <strong>the</strong> below.<br />

These are great resources for teachers to use<br />

in Bible classes.<br />

1 John 1:9 <strong>the</strong> Protestant<br />

Confessional<br />

A core belief held by most conservative Christians<br />

is that Christians who have unconfessed<br />

sins in <strong>the</strong>ir life are in need of forgiveness,<br />

are out of fellowship with God, and are walking<br />

in darkness. The underlying assumption<br />

is that God forgives only sins that are confessed.<br />

What does <strong>the</strong> Bible teach? Does God<br />

withhold forgiveness until sin is confessed?<br />

<strong>No</strong>t on your life.<br />

23-pg. Booklet 4650-10 $1.50<br />

Baptism in Jesus’ Name<br />

There are those who insist that New Testament<br />

water baptism is not valid unless <strong>the</strong><br />

one doing <strong>the</strong> baptism vocally utters <strong>the</strong><br />

words “in Jesus’ name.” It is <strong>the</strong> conclusion<br />

of this study that <strong>the</strong> verbal utterance is never<br />

an issue in Scripture. It is erroneous to insist<br />

on any certain phrase being pronounced over<br />

<strong>the</strong> baptized.<br />

17-pg. Booklet 1410-10 $1.50<br />

In Defense of Biblical<br />

Chastisement<br />

Michael brings clear understanding back into<br />

<strong>the</strong> confusing and often misunderstood subject<br />

of corporal chastisement. After firmly<br />

laying <strong>the</strong> Biblical foundation for chastisement,<br />

he <strong>the</strong>n answers <strong>the</strong> question, “How do<br />

I apply corporal chastisement properly?” Finally,<br />

he shows <strong>the</strong> effectiveness of Biblical<br />

chastisement demonstrated in those families<br />

that practice it as taught.<br />

29-pg. Booklet 4530-10 $1.50<br />

34 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Order Toll-Free 1-866-292-9936<br />

Justification and <strong>the</strong> book<br />

of James<br />

James clearly teaches that works justify a man<br />

while Paul teaches that a man is not justified<br />

by works. Are <strong>the</strong>y contradicting each o<strong>the</strong>r?<br />

Which one is correct? This study resolves <strong>the</strong><br />

issue once and for all.<br />

26-pg. Booklet 4960-10 $1.50<br />


Mike tackles <strong>the</strong> arguments for <strong>the</strong> faith by<br />

taking <strong>the</strong> A<strong>the</strong>ists’ own logic to prove Jesus<br />

Christ is God.<br />

32-pg. Booklet 5600-10 $0.90<br />

25 or more copies ea. $0.75<br />

Pornography - Road to Hell<br />

While most ministers avoid <strong>the</strong> subject, Michael<br />

Pearl addresses <strong>the</strong> deadly scourge of<br />

pornography head-on. He shows how repentance<br />

toward God and <strong>the</strong> power of <strong>the</strong> gospel<br />

of Jesus Christ can break <strong>the</strong> bondage of<br />

this wicked perversion through <strong>the</strong> abundant<br />

mercy and grace of a loving God. There is<br />

hope for <strong>the</strong> man caught in <strong>the</strong> snare of pornography<br />

and hope for <strong>the</strong> helpless, angry<br />

wife who finds it difficult to honor him.<br />

12-pg. Booklet 7030-10 $1.50<br />

Spanish Book 8610-12 $1.50<br />

(La Pornografía: Camino al Infierno)<br />

The gap fact<br />

The Bible clearly declares that <strong>the</strong> Earth existed<br />

before <strong>the</strong> six-day creation. Don’t let<br />

well-meaning creation scientists cloud this<br />

Biblical truth for you. Study it for yourself.<br />

30-pg. Booklet 3425-10 $1.50<br />

To Betroth or not to Betroth<br />

All Christian parents want <strong>the</strong>ir children to<br />

have God’s first and best in all areas of <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

lives, and this includes marriage. In an effort<br />

to avoid <strong>the</strong> dangers of <strong>the</strong> modern dating<br />

game, families are giving attention to <strong>the</strong><br />

concept of betrothal. The dangers of <strong>the</strong> betrothal<br />

system are exposed with <strong>the</strong> light of<br />

biblical truth, bringing objectivity back to an<br />

often-misunderstood subject.<br />

28-pg. Booklet 1420-10 $1.50<br />

Become a distributor and<br />

receive up to<br />

60% off our materials!<br />

See page 31 for details.<br />

Bible Topics<br />

Bible Study<br />

50 Sins<br />

Sin brings misery, even when we NEW!<br />

are unaware of it as <strong>the</strong> source of<br />

our troubled spirit. To allow <strong>the</strong> Holy Spirit<br />

to chase lifelong troublesome sin out into <strong>the</strong><br />

light is purging in and of itself.<br />

1 MP3 CD 3012-55 $12.95<br />

Am I Saved?<br />

Three message set: Born Again, Am I Saved?<br />

and Repent, discusses <strong>the</strong> nature of repentance<br />

and faith as it pertains to salvation.<br />

2 CDs 1310-45 $10.95<br />

Angels, Good and Bad<br />

This is everything you ever wanted to know<br />

about angels, demons, Cherubim, heavenly<br />

beasts, living creatures, and UFOs. These<br />

messages are not going to sanctify you, but<br />

<strong>the</strong>y will excite you to study your Bible.<br />

2 CDs 1315-45 $10.95<br />

Balaam & his Ass<br />

Insightful and entertaining story of Balaam<br />

and his ass.<br />

1 CD 1405-45 $5.95<br />

Body, Soul, & Spirit<br />

Five messages discussing <strong>the</strong> nature of man,<br />

temptation and sin, <strong>the</strong> sovereignty of God,<br />

and <strong>the</strong> free will of man. Illustrated diagram<br />

included.<br />

3 CDs 1435-45 $14.95<br />

By Divine Design<br />

If you are philosophically-minded, this book<br />

will appeal to you. Michael discusses some<br />

of <strong>the</strong> basic presuppositions that lead us to<br />

believe in and trust <strong>the</strong> unseen God. We are<br />

part of a great drama that is perfectly orchestrated<br />

by both <strong>the</strong> sovereignty of God and <strong>the</strong><br />

free will of man.<br />

85-pg. Book 2330-10 $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Chronological Prophecies<br />

The infidel is silenced with this irrefutable<br />

testimony of <strong>the</strong> Bible’s accuracy.<br />

1 CD 2080-45 $5.95<br />

Generational Sins<br />

Michael Pearl addresses <strong>the</strong> faddish teaching<br />

on generational sins, sins of <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>rs visited<br />

on <strong>the</strong> children, family curses, etc. Let<br />

<strong>the</strong> word of God free you from <strong>the</strong> curse of<br />

pop <strong>the</strong>ology.<br />

1 CD 3730-45 $5.95<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 35

Bible Study Order Toll-Free 1-866-292-9936<br />

God’s Eternal Program<br />

Most of Michael’s tapes and CDs are teachings.<br />

This one is a sermon preached at a camp<br />

in California. It is fun and a blessing.<br />

1 CD 3610-45 $5.95<br />

God Hates Sinners<br />

It’s time you knew <strong>the</strong> truth.<br />

1 CD 3615-45 $5.95<br />

Repentance<br />

When <strong>the</strong> Bible warns a sinner to repent,<br />

what is <strong>the</strong> nature of that repentance? Michael<br />

Pearl examines all 112 uses of “repent”<br />

in <strong>the</strong> KJV. Designed to put hearts at rest in<br />

Christ, and correct error.<br />

44-pg. Book 8120-10 $4.50<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.15<br />

repentance, true and false<br />

Undoubtedly <strong>the</strong> most misunderstood word in<br />

<strong>the</strong> Bible. Have you repented? If you haven’t<br />

you cannot be saved. Did you know that <strong>the</strong><br />

most oft used phrase, “Repent of your sins,”<br />

is not to be found in <strong>the</strong> Bible even one time?<br />

Then what is this vital act that God requires<br />

as a condition of salvation? Michael Pearl<br />

explores this subject in depth and gives definitive<br />

Biblical answers. This message could<br />

be <strong>the</strong> one that will change your life forever<br />

and forever.<br />

1 CD 8125-45 $5.95<br />

Righteousness<br />

Four messages on salvation: Blood, Imputed<br />

Righteousness, The Man Christ Jesus, and<br />

Saving Righteousness.<br />

4 CDs 8135-41 $18.95<br />

Righteousness,<br />


When <strong>the</strong> Apostle Paul had just one opportunity<br />

to communicate <strong>the</strong> gospel to <strong>the</strong> pagan<br />

ruler Felix, he spoke of righteousness, temperance,<br />

and judgment. Felix was so moved<br />

he trembled. Preachers need to go back to <strong>the</strong><br />

source and redefine <strong>the</strong>ir message.<br />

1 CD 8138-45 $5.95<br />

Sabbath Rest<br />

What does <strong>the</strong> Bible say about keeping <strong>the</strong><br />

Sabbath, be it Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday?<br />

1 CD 8310-45 $5.95<br />

Sanctification<br />

Three sermons by Michael Pearl contain <strong>the</strong><br />

good news of complete and immediate deliverance<br />

from any and all sin by <strong>the</strong> miracle of<br />

<strong>the</strong> gospel alone.<br />

3 CDs 8320-41 $14.95<br />

Security of <strong>the</strong> Believer<br />

You will be surprised at what you hear. The<br />

Church (at large) has been divided, both sides<br />

holding to a portion of Scripture while explaining<br />

away <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r Scripture. Can one<br />

believe all <strong>the</strong> Scripture on both sides of <strong>the</strong><br />

issue? Absolutely.<br />

3 CDs 8322-45 $14.95<br />

Sinful Nature<br />

These four messages answer some of <strong>the</strong><br />

ridiculous teachings of an ancient heresy<br />

sometimes called “Calvinism.” For too long,<br />

Reformed <strong>the</strong>ology has robbed <strong>the</strong> church<br />

of <strong>the</strong> power of God. The petals fall off of<br />

Calvin’s tulip when it is held up to <strong>the</strong> light<br />

of Scripture.<br />

3 CDs 8330-45 $14.95<br />

Sin <strong>No</strong> More<br />

The big question is: “So how do I stop sinning?”<br />

You have confessed your sins, received<br />

<strong>the</strong> baptism of <strong>the</strong> Holy Ghost with<br />

evidence of everything but ceasing to sin; yet<br />

you are still a Romans 7 Christian. I assure<br />

you, God not only saves his children from<br />

<strong>the</strong> penalty of sin but he saves <strong>the</strong>m from its<br />

power as well. You can stop sinning.<br />

9 CDs 8315-41 $34.95<br />

Sin <strong>No</strong> More & Sanctification<br />

MP3<br />

Two sets of messages on one MP3 CD.<br />

MP3 (1 CD) 8315-55 $12.95<br />

Sons of God and Giants<br />

The Jews have taught it for 3,500 years. The<br />

church fa<strong>the</strong>rs believed it and wrote of it. It<br />

has been commonly believed by Bible believers<br />

down through <strong>the</strong> ages, but it is too<br />

radical for our present generation. They will<br />

ridicule you if you believe it.<br />

1 CD 8336-45 $5.95<br />

When Forgiveness is a Sin<br />

The Bible does not teach that Christians are<br />

to forgive everyone. In some cases it would<br />

be a sin to forgive. See what <strong>the</strong> Bible says<br />

and free yourself from <strong>the</strong> bondage of modern<br />

psycho babble.<br />

1 CD 9580-45 $5.95<br />

O Praise <strong>the</strong> Lord, all ye nations: praise<br />

him, all ye people. For his merciful<br />

kindness is great toward us: and <strong>the</strong><br />

truth of <strong>the</strong> Lord endureth forever.<br />

Praise ye <strong>the</strong> Lord. ~ Psalm 117<br />

36 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Holy Matrimony<br />

continued from page 14<br />

<strong>the</strong> wedding consisted of <strong>the</strong>ir verbal pledges of marriage and <strong>the</strong>ir signing <strong>the</strong> pledge<br />

in front of all present. Parents also signed <strong>the</strong> pledge, committing to <strong>the</strong> union, and<br />

<strong>the</strong>n siblings and friends signed it as well. In unison, all present pronounced <strong>the</strong>m man<br />

and wife by <strong>the</strong> power vested in us from God. They later took a copy of <strong>the</strong> document<br />

to <strong>the</strong> courthouse and had it notarized and filed. They have never failed to gain equal<br />

status before <strong>the</strong> law as being legally married.<br />

Need your help<br />

I am not an attorney. Many of my readers are. Lend us a hand. Research <strong>the</strong> statutes<br />

for us, and draw up a one-page marriage covenant that we can make available to<br />

our readers free. Also, please draw up a document that we can file with <strong>the</strong> courthouse<br />

that rescinds a state marriage license already in force. Email that to me with or without<br />

your credentials. If you wish, I will include your credentials on <strong>the</strong> instrument you create<br />

for us, including any contact information you may wish. But, of course, you may<br />

remain anonymous. If you do want credit, please send us a letter of consent to publish<br />

it free of charge in our publications.<br />

______________________________________________________<br />

(Our Biblical grounds against same-sex marriage: Genesis 19:5, Leviticus 18:22,<br />

Romans 1:22-32, 1Corinthians 6:9-20, Jude 1:7, Isaiah 3:9)<br />

They won’t mate!<br />

I hired a young boy to help do some chores around <strong>the</strong> place. Our first job was<br />

to ga<strong>the</strong>r up <strong>the</strong> old hoses and irrigate <strong>the</strong> garden. But <strong>the</strong> hoses had many cuts and<br />

leaks, and some had broken couplings, so I purchased a sackful of brass couplings and<br />

hastily repaired <strong>the</strong> hoses. When I finished fixing <strong>the</strong>m, I told <strong>the</strong> boy to hook <strong>the</strong>m<br />

up and run <strong>the</strong>m down to <strong>the</strong> sprinkler in <strong>the</strong> garden. After thirty minutes, he was still<br />

running back and forth, dragging hoses this way and that. I asked him, “What’s <strong>the</strong><br />

problem?” In complete frustration he replied, “There is something queer about <strong>the</strong>se<br />

hoses; I can’t make <strong>the</strong>m fit toge<strong>the</strong>r, no matter which way I turn <strong>the</strong>m.” I examined<br />

<strong>the</strong> hoses and discovered that on one hose, I had put a female coupling on each end.<br />

Laughing heartily, I said, “You got that right; <strong>the</strong>re is no way to mate two females. The<br />

couplings simply can’t couple.”<br />

...your rejection of<br />

<strong>the</strong> state license<br />

will not be a<br />

divorce. You are<br />

just acknowledging<br />

that <strong>the</strong> state never<br />

had jurisdiction over<br />

your marriage and<br />

that your marriage<br />

has existed, and<br />

does exist, apart<br />

from <strong>the</strong> state.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 37

Good and Evil Worldwide<br />

Outreach Moving Forward<br />

by Mel Cohen, CFP, RFC, General Manager<br />

The Good and Evil project continues moving forward. This<br />

month (June) Lithuanian is being printed with financial contributions<br />

from <strong>the</strong> churches in Lithuania. They will also be very involved<br />

in <strong>the</strong> distribution of <strong>the</strong> books. The funds have been provided to print Vietnamese<br />

this month. Thai and Cebuano (Philippines) are in <strong>the</strong>ir second printings and<br />

Burmese is ready for a second printing. We are getting quotes for printing Nepali,<br />

Zaiwa and Falam Chin. The Arabic website alkhairwasharr.com (goodandevil.com<br />

in Arabic) is up and available for viewing by <strong>the</strong> millions of Arabic speaking people.<br />

A Rights Agreement has been signed for publication in French.<br />

Each language has a cost from beginning to end of approximately $14,000 per<br />

5,000 books; reprint costs are considerably less as <strong>the</strong> translation, proofing, editing,<br />

and prepress work is already completed. Continue to pray with us about <strong>the</strong> Lord providing<br />

funds for His work. We appreciate your sacrificial giving.<br />

If you are willing, please consider ei<strong>the</strong>r a one time gift designated to this project<br />

or a specific monthly amount for general language translation and printing work. If<br />

we can provide you with additional information on giving or making <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong><br />

part of your estate plan, please contact Mel Cohen, CFP, RFC, our General Manager.<br />

Contact Mel at mcohen@nogreaterjoy.org or call him at 931-593-2484.<br />

All gifts to <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> are qualified gifts, and may be Tax Deductible. <strong>No</strong>te:<br />

If you desire to fund a specific language, just write <strong>the</strong> language you wish to fund in<br />

<strong>the</strong> memo section of your check and we will designate your amount to that language.<br />

You can designate any amount you desire to fund a specific language. All designated<br />

donations go 100% to <strong>the</strong> designated request. <strong>No</strong>ne of <strong>the</strong> designated money goes to<br />

<strong>the</strong> general operation of NGJ.<br />

Printed:<br />

Burmese<br />

Cebuano<br />

English<br />

Hmong<br />

Jinghpaw<br />

(Kachin)<br />

Karen<br />

Khmer<br />

Korean<br />

(just off <strong>the</strong><br />

press!)<br />

Portions<br />

printed:<br />

Mongolian<br />

Sotho<br />

Tsonga<br />

Tswana<br />

Lao<br />

Lisu<br />

Mongolian<br />

Simplified<br />

Chinese<br />

Spanish<br />

(Latin American,<br />

Mexican)<br />

Thai<br />

Ukrainian<br />

Vietnamese<br />

Wa<br />

2 or more<br />

printings:<br />

Burmese<br />

Cebuano<br />

English<br />

Simplified<br />

Chinese<br />

Spanish<br />

Thai<br />

Finished/<br />

waiting for<br />

funds<br />

to print:<br />

Arabic<br />

Castellano<br />

Catalan<br />

Falam Chin<br />

German<br />

Lithuanian<br />

Nepali<br />

Romanian<br />

Russian<br />

Tibetan<br />

Zaiwa<br />

In Progress:<br />

Afrikaans<br />

Ahka<br />

Anung<br />

Bahasa Malaysia<br />

Bislama<br />

Chichewa<br />

Chin, Haka<br />

Chin, Falam<br />

Czech<br />

Dai<br />

Dutch<br />

Dzonkha<br />

Finnish<br />

Finuntuk<br />

(Philippines)<br />

French<br />

Guji Oromo<br />

Hawa Naga<br />

(Burma, China)<br />

Hungarian<br />

Indonesian<br />

(formerly<br />

listed as almost<br />

ready to print,<br />

but extensive<br />

re-translation<br />

being done)<br />

Khmu<br />

Japanese<br />

Jinghpaw<br />

Kyrgyz<br />

Lahu<br />

Liang tu<br />

Luo<br />

Maka<br />

(new)<br />

Maru<br />

Mongul<br />

(China)<br />

Ngochang<br />

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In less than three years over 435 <strong>Ministries</strong>, Churches, Individuals and Families in 14<br />

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Please review <strong>the</strong> website www.nogreaterjoy.org/business-in-a-box before calling,<br />

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The o<strong>the</strong>r day I told my 2- and 4-year-old sons that <strong>the</strong>y could cut pictures<br />

out of my old NGJ magazines and glue <strong>the</strong>m to construction paper. My<br />

oldest found <strong>the</strong> pictures of Good and Evil books and he became very excited<br />

asking what <strong>the</strong>y were. When I looked down several minutes later I saw<br />

that he had carefully cut out all of <strong>the</strong> pictures of Good and Evil he could<br />

find. When I realized how interested he was I asked him if he would like to<br />

have those books. He responded with a resounding yes! So we ga<strong>the</strong>red toge<strong>the</strong>r all his<br />

old books and sold <strong>the</strong>m to a used bookstore and he is using <strong>the</strong> money to purchase his<br />

books. He is excitedly waiting and I am excited to start his bible training. Thanks<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 39

July-august 2009<br />

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Get all five Spanish Comic books.<br />

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