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NGJ<br />

m i n i s t r i e s<br />

May-June 2010<br />

“I have no greater joy<br />

than to hear<br />

that my children<br />

walk in truth.”<br />

III John 4<br />

Come Grow With Us!

Attention Amish & Mennonite:<br />

We are hearing from many “plain<br />

people” whose testimonies are nearly<br />

identical. They have recently discovered<br />

justification by faith without <strong>the</strong> deeds<br />

of <strong>the</strong> law and now know <strong>the</strong>ir sins are<br />

forgiven. Of those who come to visit most<br />

have been kicked out of <strong>the</strong>ir churches—some have been banned. These<br />

“reformation” saints do not want to become part of <strong>the</strong> worldly church<br />

and are looking for reinstatement into a Christian community with likeminded<br />

believers of similar backgrounds. I would like to help by bringing<br />

all of you toge<strong>the</strong>r for two or three days to share <strong>the</strong> Word of God and<br />

seek solutions among yourselves for establishing fellowships in your<br />

area. I will not start a church or take <strong>the</strong> oversight <strong>the</strong>reof. Ra<strong>the</strong>r, with<br />

our large mailing base of “plain” people we are in a position to provide<br />

<strong>the</strong> initial rallying point. If you are interested, I need two things from<br />

you. Send your name and contact information so we can inform you of<br />

any developments, and if you live in Illinois or Ohio and can provide a<br />

place for such a ga<strong>the</strong>ring, please contact me. I am thinking about late<br />

summer or early fall.<br />

Articles<br />

3 Spank and Save a Child<br />

12 I Made an “Herb Girl” Out of Me<br />

14 Sorry<br />

16 Obeying God’s Command<br />

21 Witnessing<br />

22 The Best Medicine<br />

23 Post Nazi Germany<br />

NGJ<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc.<br />

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All Scripture taken from <strong>the</strong> Authorized Version (King James)<br />

Holy Bible.<br />

may-june 2010<br />

Volume 16 | Number 3<br />

Printed in <strong>the</strong> USA<br />

Editors in Chief<br />

Michael and Debi Pearl<br />

Photography<br />

Elizabeth Stewart<br />

On <strong>the</strong> Cover<br />

Eli James Kibler (Slayman’s grandson)<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Shoshanna Easling,<br />

Art Director<br />

Lynne Hopwood

Spank and<br />

Save a Child<br />

By Michael Pearl<br />

You may have noticed <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> and<br />

Michael Pearl receiving a lot of negative press<br />

lately over advocating corporal discipline as part of<br />

a comprehensive child training program. Television<br />

reporters came out to <strong>the</strong> office. We were in<br />

newspapers from coast to coast. Even CBS, after<br />

running an uninformed criticism of us, offered<br />

to fly us to New York to answer <strong>the</strong>ir unfounded<br />

charges on The Morning Show. I was eager to<br />

answer, and readily agreed. Those of you on our<br />

email list were immediately informed and many of<br />

you prayed for <strong>the</strong> will of God to be done. CBS<br />

called for a pre-interview and <strong>the</strong>n canceled <strong>the</strong><br />

afternoon before <strong>the</strong> show. I think <strong>the</strong>y discovered<br />

in <strong>the</strong> pre-interview that I was not <strong>the</strong> Bible thumping<br />

caricature <strong>the</strong>y had hoped. One news outlet reviewed our<br />

web site and gave a very positive review, saying <strong>the</strong>re was nothing in our<br />

material that would ever lead to child abuse. On <strong>the</strong> bright side, our sales<br />

skyrocketed this month. Even before this recent publicity, one out of every<br />

75 Americans have been introduced to our ministry.<br />

It’s a battle I would not have fought so boldly twenty years ago<br />

when we still had small children at home. The potential for institutional<br />

retribution is too great—almost a certainty. But I am now too old to be<br />

intimidated, and <strong>the</strong> battle is much bigger than <strong>the</strong> spanking flap. They’re<br />

not just coming after me, but all parents who believe parenting is a Godgiven<br />

responsibility.<br />

The anti-spanking campaign is a front for an anti-family agenda, a<br />

progressive socialist movement to reengineer society with government<br />

<strong>the</strong> only mentor of children. A few well placed individuals in government,<br />

media, and <strong>the</strong> educational system religiously promote a new world order<br />

where <strong>the</strong> collective state replaces God and <strong>the</strong> Constitution. They must<br />

control <strong>the</strong> minds of <strong>the</strong> citizenry if <strong>the</strong>y are to institute <strong>the</strong>ir totalitarian<br />

policies; and <strong>the</strong>y are well aware from history that mind control must begin<br />

with <strong>the</strong> youth—thus <strong>the</strong> public school system. But homeschool parents<br />

and Christian parents protect <strong>the</strong>ir children from corrupt worldviews.<br />

The socialists know that <strong>the</strong> last remaining bulwark against brainwashing<br />

children is parental headship—thus <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

hostility toward <strong>the</strong> family. As long as<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 3

parents are free to pass on <strong>the</strong>ir culture and faith, totalitarian government is<br />

impossible.<br />

Their earlier promotion of organic evolution was an effective wedge<br />

against Biblical faith and <strong>the</strong> dignity of man, but it has taken <strong>the</strong>m as far as it<br />

can, for it is losing credibility in <strong>the</strong> face of genetic discoveries and contrary<br />

evidence. The leading edge of <strong>the</strong> attack upon parental authority is now <strong>the</strong><br />

anti-spanking movement. They will use any means to police <strong>the</strong> home and<br />

mandate parental conduct, but <strong>the</strong>y know that to receive public support <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

home incursion must be seen as a necessary act of compassion. They paint<br />

<strong>the</strong>mselves as concerned now for <strong>the</strong> children <strong>the</strong>y would have aborted a few<br />

years earlier.<br />

Public schools are <strong>the</strong> propaganda wing of <strong>the</strong> socialist agenda. They<br />

rewrite history books and social studies, purging <strong>the</strong> texts of <strong>the</strong> part<br />

fundamental Christianity played in forming our constitutional republic. They<br />

are teaching America’s children to be ashamed of our past, to despise free<br />

enterprise and individualism, knowing that when <strong>the</strong> kids grow up <strong>the</strong>y will<br />

be willing to adopt <strong>the</strong> more “moral” socialists’ agenda that puts <strong>the</strong> powers of<br />

God into <strong>the</strong> hands of <strong>the</strong> state.<br />

But along came homeschooling, growing larger every year, and with it<br />

a general awakening to <strong>the</strong> fact that <strong>the</strong> subtle changes occurring around us<br />

are not just encroaching liberalism, not just ideological evolution, but an<br />

orchestrated purge of truth and human dignity with totalitarianism as its end.<br />

In <strong>the</strong> progressive vision individuals are of no importance<br />

beyond <strong>the</strong>ir contribution to <strong>the</strong> perpetuation<br />

and health of <strong>the</strong> State. One judge presiding<br />

over a custody case said, “The children of<br />

homeschool families will not fit into <strong>the</strong> new<br />

world order.” He was dead right. The first<br />

countries to ban spanking were <strong>the</strong> most<br />

ardent communists and fascists. Leading<br />

<strong>the</strong> way were China, Russia, and <strong>No</strong>rth<br />

Korea, followed by some of <strong>the</strong> socialist<br />

countries of Europe.<br />

My critics don’t bo<strong>the</strong>r to read<br />

our material. They get <strong>the</strong>ir quotes—<br />

supposedly my statements—from web<br />

sites that got <strong>the</strong>ir quotes from o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

web sites that along <strong>the</strong> way sliced and<br />

diced my writings, changing words<br />

like “spank” to “beat” to create a<br />

caricature that any clear thinking<br />

person would find offensive.<br />

They build a straw man and <strong>the</strong>n<br />

expect us to defend it. I am not<br />

whining. It goes with <strong>the</strong> territory.<br />

But why all <strong>the</strong> lies and hostility?<br />

4 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Why all <strong>the</strong> Lies?<br />

There are many ordinary people in our country<br />

that do not identify <strong>the</strong>mselves with <strong>the</strong> progressive/<br />

socialist faction, yet unknowingly are spokesmen for<br />

some of its important tenets. You see <strong>the</strong>m duped into<br />

supporting <strong>the</strong> global warming crowd, <strong>the</strong> radical<br />

environmentalists, animal rights activists, <strong>the</strong><br />

gay agenda, and any number of “social justice”<br />

movements. They may join <strong>the</strong> crusade against<br />

spanking, “hate speech”, cult indoctrination or<br />

any number of social issues that are none<br />

of <strong>the</strong>ir business.<br />

How do o<strong>the</strong>rwise ordinary<br />

people get caught up supporting<br />

some part of a movement to<br />

reengineer society? They<br />

have big compassionate<br />

hearts, and <strong>the</strong> social engineers have painted each of <strong>the</strong>se issues as a moral<br />

struggle. Who doesn’t want social justice (in <strong>the</strong> classical sense,) and to “save<br />

<strong>the</strong> planet,” and save <strong>the</strong> children from cruelty? Many people need a crusade,<br />

and <strong>the</strong> media, especially television, offer <strong>the</strong>m causes that make <strong>the</strong>m feel<br />

<strong>the</strong>y are part of <strong>the</strong> solution.<br />

The Fringe<br />

The uninformed who listens to <strong>the</strong> media would think that spanking is<br />

something done by <strong>the</strong> fringe, an angry and abusive minority. The media uses<br />

inflammatory rhetoric like “beat” instead of “spank” or “corporal punishment”<br />

instead of “physical discipline,” obscuring a line that is extremely clear to<br />

responsible parents.<br />

I read an anti-spanking article by a psychologist that said she did not<br />

believe in spanking, but she went on to confess that on occasion she got so<br />

angry with her children that she did scream at <strong>the</strong>m. She told of receiving a ten<br />

minute lecture in a grocery store from ano<strong>the</strong>r shopper rebuking her for angry,<br />

abusive language toward her children. She also confessed that on occasion<br />

her anger had caused her to slap her children in <strong>the</strong> face. She was ashamed of<br />

her behavior and was making a candid confession, but she went on to use her<br />

experience as an example of why parents should not adopt a policy of “hitting<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir children.” The occasional slips were bad enough; don’t institutionalize <strong>the</strong><br />

practice, she said.<br />

My advice to this professionally trained mo<strong>the</strong>r is, “Don’t hit your<br />

children; don’t even think about spanking; you need to receive counsel from<br />

a hillbilly mo<strong>the</strong>r with a sixth grade education before you have any more<br />

children; you are out of control.” But her confession points to <strong>the</strong> reason a<br />

small minority associate all spanking with hitting and violence, and why<br />

<strong>the</strong>y are categorically against it to <strong>the</strong> point of pushing for laws criminalizing<br />

parents who spank <strong>the</strong>ir kids. Indeed, knowing <strong>the</strong>ir own weakness and anger,<br />

<strong>the</strong>y transfer that violent nature to all parents. When you add to <strong>the</strong> equation<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 5

<strong>the</strong> movie and media characterization of stern, legalistic parents “beating <strong>the</strong><br />

fear of God” into <strong>the</strong>ir kids, <strong>the</strong>y have reason to stand against all spanking. The<br />

opponents of corporal discipline have never experienced <strong>the</strong> kind of peace and<br />

stability that allows a parent to spank in love for <strong>the</strong> good of <strong>the</strong> child. They<br />

know that when <strong>the</strong>y strike <strong>the</strong>ir children, it is definitely abusive, and <strong>the</strong>y<br />

project that motive to everyone.<br />

They see government as <strong>the</strong> savior of all children, standing between cruel<br />

parents and <strong>the</strong>ir helpless children. They would have us believe that untrained<br />

parents are incapable of knowing what is best for <strong>the</strong>ir children, while a<br />

few hours of liberal arts training and personal <strong>the</strong>rapy transforms on-duty<br />

government employees into wise and loving mentors.<br />

Hitting Children<br />

<strong>No</strong> one advocates “hitting children,” but our angry opponents can’t seem<br />

to read. We say “switch;” <strong>the</strong>y quote us saying “tree branch.” We say “spank;”<br />

<strong>the</strong>y quote us as saying “beat.” They deliberately do not distinguish between <strong>the</strong><br />

loving, compassionate, measured spankings we advocate and <strong>the</strong> out of control<br />

violence of parents reacting in anger and aggression toward helpless children.<br />

Parents who strike out in anger are most often anti-spanking proponents<br />

who reach <strong>the</strong> end of <strong>the</strong>ir tolerance curve. <strong>No</strong>t having spanking as part of <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

toolkit, <strong>the</strong>y end up frustrated with <strong>the</strong>ir rebellious children and eventually<br />

explode in retribution. In contrast, parents who wisely employ spanking with<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir training soon have such happy and compliant kids that no one is ever<br />

provoked to anger.<br />

History will show that parents have not abandoned physical discipline<br />

because it proved to be ineffective, but because many parents have become<br />

ashamed of <strong>the</strong> way <strong>the</strong>y apply it. That is why <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> teaches<br />

parents to patiently “train up a child in <strong>the</strong> way he should go.”<br />

Opponents<br />

Dr. Aletha Solter, founder of <strong>the</strong> Aware Parenting Institute,<br />

argues that corporal punishment teaches violence to children<br />

o<strong>the</strong>rwise born innocent: “What happens in each home is at<br />

<strong>the</strong> root of world peace. If we’re going to be hitting children,<br />

<strong>the</strong>y’re going to go around wanting to hit and hurt o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

people. If we raise <strong>the</strong>m with gentle discipline, <strong>the</strong>n<br />

we’re creating a gentle world.” Well, ten percent<br />

of <strong>the</strong> children never get hit. Are <strong>the</strong>y examples<br />

of world peace and emotional stability?<br />

Opponents make <strong>the</strong> false assertion<br />

that children who are “hit” by <strong>the</strong>ir parents<br />

grow up to be violent, citing studies<br />

that support <strong>the</strong>ir claim. But if you<br />

look at <strong>the</strong> details of <strong>the</strong>ir studies, you<br />

will note that <strong>the</strong>y ga<strong>the</strong>r <strong>the</strong>ir data<br />

from interviews with violent criminals or<br />

psychiatric patients. “You murdered six women; were you spanked when you<br />

were a child?” Since 90% of all U.S. parents spank or “hit” <strong>the</strong>ir kids, what do<br />

you think <strong>the</strong> results are going to show? That’s right; nine out of ten violent<br />

6 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

criminals were spanked when <strong>the</strong>y were children. I have<br />

never seen a study that asked a group of well adjusted<br />

professionals if <strong>the</strong>y were physically disciplined<br />

as children and what part <strong>the</strong>y thought<br />

it played in <strong>the</strong>ir success. What would<br />

our critics conclude by <strong>the</strong> fact that 90%<br />

of <strong>the</strong> successful, nonviolent professionals were<br />

spanked by <strong>the</strong>ir parents?<br />

Research Supports Spanking<br />

Many pediatricians believe that responsible<br />

spanking outperforms faddish disciplinary approaches.<br />

Marjorie Gunnoe, a developmental psychologist at Calvin<br />

College, did a study of 2,600 people, about a quarter of<br />

whom had never been physically chastised. She concluded<br />

that young children spanked by <strong>the</strong>ir parents may grow up to be happier and<br />

more successful than those who have never been spanked. According to <strong>the</strong><br />

research, children spanked up to <strong>the</strong> age of 6 were likely as teenagers to perform<br />

better at school and were more likely to carry out volunteer work and to want to<br />

go to college than <strong>the</strong>ir peers who had never been physically disciplined.<br />

Child psychologists Diana Baumrind and Elizabeth Owens conducted a<br />

study. Owens is a research scientist at <strong>the</strong> Institute of Human Development at<br />

<strong>the</strong> University of California at Berkeley. As a mo<strong>the</strong>r of a three- and a fiveyear-old,<br />

Owens says, “As a parent I am morally opposed to spanking.” But as<br />

a scientist, she says, “A blanket injunction against spanking is not warranted<br />

by <strong>the</strong> data. If you look at <strong>the</strong> causally relevant evidence, it’s not scientifically<br />

defensible to say that spanking is always a horrible thing. I don’t think mild,<br />

occasional spankings in an o<strong>the</strong>rwise supportive, loving family will do any longterm<br />

harm.”<br />

Media Campaign<br />

The media campaign against spanking is designed to win <strong>the</strong> perception<br />

war. If <strong>the</strong>y can make parents think that <strong>the</strong>y are out of <strong>the</strong> mainstream, part of<br />

an unpopular minority, <strong>the</strong>y will come to doubt <strong>the</strong>ir natural parental instincts<br />

and shrink from <strong>the</strong>ir responsibilities to continue <strong>the</strong> tradition of nurturing <strong>the</strong><br />

young through tested means, of which spanking is a part. The progressives will<br />

<strong>the</strong>n be free, without dissent, to pass unconstitutional legislation making any<br />

form of physical discipline a crime punishable by imprisonment and loss of <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

children to <strong>the</strong> state.<br />

Common Law Right<br />

A Minnesota trial court has ruled that “laws against school paddling do not<br />

supersede <strong>the</strong> common-law right to spank a child.”<br />

The Supreme Court in Ingraham v. Wright, 1977, held that school corporal<br />

punishment of students does not violate <strong>the</strong> federal Constitution—does not amount<br />

to cruel and unusual punishment.<br />

The constitution of <strong>the</strong> United States recognizes <strong>the</strong> existence of common<br />

law rights and offers protection in <strong>the</strong> exercise <strong>the</strong>reof. These rights are said to be<br />

unalienable. That is, <strong>the</strong>se rights, springing from God, being part of our nature,<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 7

are inherent in our humanity and cannot be transferred to government, nor can<br />

government assume those powers that belong to <strong>the</strong> individual alone. It is no<br />

wonder that we should find it addressed in Holy Scripture, for before it was a<br />

Biblical precept it is found to be a natural right embedded in our human natures.<br />

A natural right is a moral duty. To breach a natural right against one’s<br />

neighbor is an act of violence and thuggery. For a government to breach that<br />

right in promotion of its own ends is tyranny. It is <strong>the</strong> duty of every man to<br />

promote <strong>the</strong> human rights of all men.<br />

Society was more stable and more moral before government intruded into<br />

our common law rights. When I was in school in <strong>the</strong> fifties violence against<br />

teachers was unheard of. Kids always obeyed <strong>the</strong> teachers or were<br />

paddled with <strong>the</strong> oak “board of education.” I cannot<br />

remember a moment when things got out of control in<br />

school. There were no drugs, no alcohol, no cursing, and<br />

no talking back to teachers.<br />

Still legal<br />

<strong>No</strong>te that 22 states still practice “corporal<br />

punishment” in public schools. The anti-spanking<br />

campaign Center for Effective Discipline,<br />

extrapolating from sample statistics collected by<br />

federal authorities, estimates that <strong>the</strong> number of<br />

students spanked or paddled in 2006 in U.S. public<br />

schools was about 223,000.<br />

Contrary to <strong>the</strong> perception<br />

produced by <strong>the</strong> media, you do have<br />

a right to spank your children in all 50<br />

states. In Tennessee, Child Protection<br />

Services says it is not abuse unless marks<br />

remain on <strong>the</strong> child 24 hours after <strong>the</strong> fact.<br />

You can read <strong>the</strong> laws for your state online.<br />

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines<br />

physical child abuse as “any non-accidental physical injury to <strong>the</strong> child, and can<br />

include striking, kicking, burning, or biting <strong>the</strong> child, or any action that results<br />

in a physical impairment of <strong>the</strong> child.” In my opinion, that is an acceptable<br />

legal definition of child abuse that does not infringe upon parental rights, but<br />

my personal definition of abuse would be broader, including mental, verbal, and<br />

physical abuse where <strong>the</strong> spanking is not severe but is not done in <strong>the</strong> proper<br />

spirit of love and good will. Yet I recognize that not all abuse rises to <strong>the</strong> level of<br />

requiring government intervention. When children are in genuine danger, under<br />

proper guidelines <strong>the</strong> government should step in and remedy <strong>the</strong> situation.<br />

Mainstream<br />

Opponents like to characterize those of us who advocate corporal<br />

chastisement as a minority, as fringe, less intelligent, behind <strong>the</strong> times, religious<br />

nuts. The opposite is true. Down through <strong>the</strong> ages in every culture, wise and<br />

compassionate men have promoted and practiced corporal training of <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

8 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

young. The practice is mainstream, traditional, grassroots, natural, and<br />

effective.<br />

Corporal discipline is a natural part of parental nurturing, of caring<br />

parents seeking <strong>the</strong> best for <strong>the</strong>ir children. Hence, it is not surprising to find it<br />

promoted by God himself, <strong>the</strong> creator of all children (Proverbs 13:24; 19:18;<br />

22:15; 29:15, 17).<br />

But God also recognizes that parents can abuse <strong>the</strong>ir authority. Jesus<br />

warned, “But whoso shall offend one of <strong>the</strong>se little ones which believe in me,<br />

it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that<br />

he were drowned in <strong>the</strong> depth of <strong>the</strong> sea” (Mat<strong>the</strong>w 18:6). He continued by<br />

advising <strong>the</strong> offender of little children, “if thy hand or thy foot offend <strong>the</strong>e, cut<br />

<strong>the</strong>m off, and cast <strong>the</strong>m from <strong>the</strong>e.”<br />

Many polls have shown that 65 to 75 percent of all parents endorse <strong>the</strong><br />

use of physical discipline. Even <strong>the</strong> progressive ABC News conducted a poll<br />

that concluded that 65 percent of parents approve of physical discipline while<br />

31 percent disapprove. Additional studies reveal that of those who say <strong>the</strong>y<br />

disapprove, two thirds of <strong>the</strong>m confess to hitting <strong>the</strong>ir children in anger. Only<br />

about ten percent of parents profess to not believe in physical discipline and<br />

to not have practiced it. So who is in <strong>the</strong> mainstream? The traditional parents<br />

who believe in and practice corporal discipline are <strong>the</strong> vast majority and<br />

have <strong>the</strong> support of tradition and history. We likewise have <strong>the</strong> support of <strong>the</strong><br />

Constitution and <strong>the</strong> findings of <strong>the</strong> courts. We also have <strong>the</strong> blessings of <strong>the</strong><br />

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and <strong>the</strong> public schools who<br />

still practice it. Most of all, we have <strong>the</strong> support of God. The anti-spankers<br />

are <strong>the</strong> small minority who don’t trust <strong>the</strong>ir ability to act in a restrained and<br />

productive manner and do not believe you can ei<strong>the</strong>r. Our children rise up and<br />

call us blessed; I will let <strong>the</strong>ir children tell us what <strong>the</strong>y think of <strong>the</strong>ir parents.<br />

The Exception Proves <strong>the</strong> Rule<br />

Our opponents sit in front of <strong>the</strong>ir TV sets or computer screens waiting for<br />

months or years until some out of control parent beats his child to death in <strong>the</strong><br />

name of corporal punishment. They <strong>the</strong>n call for a ban on all spanking. They<br />

reason that if one parent can misuse <strong>the</strong> human right to physically train <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

children <strong>the</strong>n all parents should<br />

be denied <strong>the</strong> traditional right.<br />

It is our contention that all<br />

authority is abused at some<br />

time or ano<strong>the</strong>r by a minority,<br />

but that does not negate <strong>the</strong> need<br />

for that authority.<br />

Every day several people<br />

overdose on prescription<br />

drugs and die. Many children<br />

die from just aspirin alone. The<br />

label warns against abusing <strong>the</strong><br />

drug, but some people are not<br />

motivated by reason, and <strong>the</strong>y<br />

or <strong>the</strong>ir children die. Should all<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 9

aspirin be banned because it is<br />

sometimes misused? Obviously not.<br />

Out of <strong>the</strong> five million<br />

people who are familiar with<br />

our teaching, our opponents<br />

may have finally found one<br />

family that severely abused <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

children. The anti-spanking<br />

lobbyists come alive like fire<br />

ants in a disturbed anthill. “It’s<br />

your teaching that led to this<br />

tragedy,” <strong>the</strong>y scream. A tragedy<br />

is always tragic and sad, but<br />

why must someone else be to<br />

blame? Are men not independently<br />

capable of error or evil? If a man leaves<br />

an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and<br />

gets drunk, do you blame <strong>the</strong> twelve step<br />

program? If a man under psychiatric care<br />

commits a heinous crime, do we charge<br />

<strong>the</strong> psychiatrist? If a teen kills himself in<br />

an auto accident after taking drivers ed at<br />

school, do we stop <strong>the</strong> program? When an angry,<br />

abusive parent recognizes his need to reform and seeks help though our material,<br />

but lapses back into his predisposed habits, injuring his children yet again, is our<br />

material that teaches caution and moderation to blame? The bias and underlying<br />

agenda of <strong>the</strong> anti-spanking minority is obvious.<br />

Marching On<br />

We will not be deterred from our sensible course by social engineers who<br />

want to replace parents with a failed philosophy. We will go on doing what our<br />

parents and grandparents and great-grandparents have done for many generations:<br />

we will train our children with all <strong>the</strong> means we deem best to bring <strong>the</strong>m up to<br />

be responsible, emotionally stable,<br />

productive individuals. Get used to it.<br />

We are here to stay.<br />

By <strong>the</strong> way, our happy children are<br />

multiplying at four times <strong>the</strong> national<br />

average. Your unruly and undisciplined<br />

children will soon need a job. Don’t<br />

worry; our properly spanked, highly<br />

motivated, well educated kids will be<br />

hiring.<br />

10 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Y’all Come<br />

We are going to do something<br />

we have never done before.<br />

It may be too much for us, but we are going to<br />

give it a try. We invite you to come to visit us on<br />

Sundays here in Pleasantville, Tennessee. Until<br />

cold wea<strong>the</strong>r comes in <strong>the</strong> fall, drop by on a Sunday<br />

morning and visit The Church at Cane Creek.<br />

We will invite<br />

you for dinner.<br />

Do you like boiled okra and purple hull peas with sliced<br />

tomatoes and corn on <strong>the</strong> cob? What if we throw in a little<br />

turkey and venison? We will give you a tour of <strong>the</strong> office<br />

and jaw away <strong>the</strong> afternoon while <strong>the</strong> kids play in <strong>the</strong> cold<br />

waters of Cane Creek. On second thought, I might just spend<br />

my time with <strong>the</strong> kids in <strong>the</strong> creek if <strong>the</strong> wea<strong>the</strong>r is hot.<br />

Send us an email and let us know if you are coming so we can<br />

kill ano<strong>the</strong>r chicken and throw it in <strong>the</strong> pot. Don’t show up on Wednesday<br />

and expect us to stop working. Come on Sunday. There is a beautiful old<br />

hotel in Linden with very reasonable prices, just 12 minutes from us.<br />

reservations Email ngjsecretary@nogreaterjoy.org<br />

or drop us a note. For hotel rates, accomodations, and directions<br />

contact <strong>the</strong> Commodore Hotel at (931) 589-3224. Tell<br />

<strong>the</strong>m we sent you.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 11

I made an<br />

“Herb<br />

Girl”<br />

out of me<br />

By Shoshanna Easling<br />

When I first started<br />

learning about herbs<br />

and <strong>the</strong>ir properties I was<br />

captivated by <strong>the</strong> possibilities.<br />

I knew that if half of everything<br />

I was reading was true, a lot<br />

of people were missing out<br />

on <strong>the</strong> healing power of God’s<br />

plants. First I needed to test <strong>the</strong>m for<br />

myself. I had to know if <strong>the</strong>y really worked<br />

as well as <strong>the</strong> books claimed. So with <strong>the</strong><br />

little herb research I had done I made a dark<br />

green herb salve and gave a quart of it to some<br />

missionaries who were heading to <strong>the</strong> mountains<br />

of Papua New Guinea with <strong>the</strong>ir five kids.<br />

In a few months <strong>the</strong>y wrote asking for more.<br />

They were living deep in <strong>the</strong> jungle among a tribe<br />

of people while learning to speak <strong>the</strong> language. It<br />

was a three day hike to a dirt air strip where a little<br />

plane could transport <strong>the</strong>m to a town—when a plane<br />

was available. A long way from medical help, <strong>the</strong>y<br />

discovered that my green salve was very effective<br />

in treating a variety of ailments, from boils to rashes<br />

to ringworms and more. I was blown away. I did <strong>the</strong><br />

research, but reading about <strong>the</strong> field (jungle) tested<br />

results was a whole new perspective. I was hooked,<br />

went back to <strong>the</strong> books—many books—and I have<br />

been Herb Girl ever since.<br />

12 www.nogreaterjoy.org | | 1-866-292-9936


1. Making a salve might sound difficult, but it isn’t. The thing that takes<br />

<strong>the</strong> longest is infusing your herbs with oil. The best way to do this is in a<br />

crock pot on very low heat.<br />

2. Stuff a mason jar two-thirds full with herbs.<br />

3. Fill jar with oil of your choice (coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil,<br />

etc.), leaving at least one inch from <strong>the</strong> top of jar. Screw a lid on tight.<br />

4. Put a wash cloth in <strong>the</strong> bottom of <strong>the</strong> crock pot. Put jar in <strong>the</strong> center of <strong>the</strong><br />

pot (on <strong>the</strong> cloth). Fill <strong>the</strong> crock pot with water, one inch below top of jar.<br />

5. Keep crock pot on low heat (oil needs to be very hot but not boiling)<br />

for 3 days. Water will evaporate out of <strong>the</strong> pot, so keep adding water as<br />

needed.<br />

6. As <strong>the</strong> herbs’ properties release in <strong>the</strong> oil, <strong>the</strong> oil will take on more color<br />

and smell like herb oil. With a cheese cloth (a cotton sheet or t-shirt will<br />

work too) strain herb solids out of oil. <strong>No</strong>w you have an herbally infused<br />

oil. It is great for massage oil!<br />

7. To make <strong>the</strong> oil into a salve you need beeswax. You need approximately<br />

2 oz of grated beeswax for 8 to 9 oz of infused oil.<br />

9. On low heat, warm oil and beeswax until wax is all melted.<br />

10. Add a drop of vitamin E oil for every ounce of oil. This is a natural preservative.<br />

11. While salve is still hot, pour into your<br />

container (widemouth jar, can, etc.).<br />

12. Let sit overnight or until salve is hard.<br />

13. Screw a lid on tight and label with<br />

name and date. Voila!! You have a<br />

salve!<br />

Tips:<br />

~ If it is too soft for you, reheat it and add<br />

a bit more beeswax. If it is too hard, reheat it and add a touch more oil.<br />

~ Salve is a thick oil that is used for cuts, bites, burns, rashes, boils, massage,<br />

and more. Salves can keep up to five years or more.<br />

~ Keep out of light and extreme heat.<br />

If I get a poisonous bite from a bug, bee, or spider, if <strong>the</strong>re are fresh<br />

plantain leaves around, I grab a few leaves, chew <strong>the</strong>m up and spit <strong>the</strong>m<br />

on <strong>the</strong> bite. There is nothing faster or that works better to pull poison out.<br />

If you have activated charcoal around, you can mix that in <strong>the</strong> plantain<br />

chew and give it ano<strong>the</strong>r boost in pulling out poison. After <strong>the</strong>se<br />

fresh poultices, I continue to use salve until <strong>the</strong>re is no sign of a bite.<br />

For more information on herbs and healthy living go to<br />

BulkHerbStore.com. Sign up for weekly Herb Pearls! You can also<br />

write or call us for a catalog, 26th West 6th Ave Lobelville, TN 37097<br />

or 877-278-4257. Check out our salve mixes: Muscles, Healing touch,<br />

and Arthritics salve.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 13

SORRY<br />

It has just gotten too big for us. We can’t keep up with <strong>the</strong> demand. We would love<br />

to send a copy of Good and Evil to all three million people incarcerated in US prisons, but<br />

that would cost about $25 million if we had volunteer labor. Nine out of every ten letters we<br />

receive are from prisoners requesting a copy of our Bible story book. They have seen a copy<br />

and want one of <strong>the</strong>ir own. I go into <strong>the</strong> prisons and preach and teach, and I love every minute<br />

of it. I cannot go as often as I would like, operating on half of a heart—about twice each week<br />

is my limit. I get ligh<strong>the</strong>aded, but never<strong>the</strong>less I will keep going until <strong>the</strong>y carry my body out<br />

through <strong>the</strong> double razor wire gates. It is <strong>the</strong> difference between preparing a meal for folks in<br />

<strong>the</strong> church and feeding starving orphans.<br />

<strong>No</strong>t every inmate is hungry for <strong>the</strong> word. <strong>No</strong>t at all. Most are indifferent. Some are hostile.<br />

Some follow a divergent philosophy or Satanic religion. But <strong>the</strong>re is that elect minority<br />

whom God foreknew and predestinated to be conformed to <strong>the</strong> image of his blessed Son,<br />

who are like empty cisterns waiting to be filled with <strong>the</strong> knowledge of God. They rejoice in<br />

Christ Jesus and have no confidence in <strong>the</strong> flesh.<br />

Last week, about eighty guys sat for nearly two hours while I taught Romans 8. “It<br />

don’t get no better than that,” one might say. The next day, right after speaking in church,<br />

I went back to <strong>the</strong> prison and spoke through an interpreter to a good crowd of Spanish<br />

speaking men.<br />

I know of many who have been released who are now preaching <strong>the</strong> Word of God full<br />

time, and some are laboring on <strong>the</strong> mission field under severe conditions.<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> cannot keep up with <strong>the</strong> demand. Our sales are up. The ministry grows<br />

larger all <strong>the</strong> time. One of every 75 people in America is now acquainted with our ministry. I<br />

am not appealing for more money. You have been generous in your gifts and it has enabled us<br />

to expand into many languages and reach millions beyond our borders. I am just telling you<br />

that <strong>the</strong>re is a need we cannot meet and I am offering you <strong>the</strong> opportunity to organize your<br />

own ministry. We will continue to send boxes to chaplains that request <strong>the</strong>m, as funds are<br />

available, but we cannot respond to all of <strong>the</strong> individual requests. Churches that are willing<br />

to believe God for <strong>the</strong> resources could take up this ministry. We will grant you permission to<br />

print Good and Evil for free distribution in <strong>the</strong> prisons, or if you want to operate on a smaller<br />

scale we can make <strong>the</strong>m available to you at our cost of printing, shipping, and handling.<br />

We will get you started by sending you 1,000 prisoner requests. In six months<br />

you will be receiving more than you can handle. But you will hear testimonies<br />

of souls saved and lives altered forever. If you open up correspondence with<br />

some of <strong>the</strong>se guys, when <strong>the</strong>y are released <strong>the</strong>y will come to your church<br />

and thank you publicly, sharing <strong>the</strong>ir testimony of salvation. You might end up<br />

with one of <strong>the</strong>se ex-cons as your assistant pastor—as is <strong>the</strong> case in our church.<br />

Wouldn’t that be a doozy?<br />

Don’t believe everything you see on TV about prisons. People who go in with me are<br />

shocked at <strong>the</strong> normalcy of <strong>the</strong> guys. They are not all perverts and violent thugs, and <strong>the</strong> ones<br />

that are can be redeemed and sanctified. Contact us if you want to institute a ministry to <strong>the</strong><br />

prisons. We will help you get started. We will even send an ex-con to speak to your church.<br />

Contact Chuck <strong>Joy</strong>ner by email at cjoyner@nogreaterjoy.org or by phone at 931-593-3115.<br />

1 Corinthians 6:9b-11: “Be not deceived: nei<strong>the</strong>r fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers,<br />

nor effeminate, nor abusers of <strong>the</strong>mselves with mankind, <strong>No</strong>r thieves, nor covetous, nor<br />

drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit <strong>the</strong> kingdom of God. And such were<br />

some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in <strong>the</strong> name of <strong>the</strong><br />

Lord Jesus, and by <strong>the</strong> Spirit of our God.”<br />

14 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

For married and single women!<br />

Debi Pearl, married over 38 glorious years<br />

and <strong>the</strong> author of <strong>the</strong> very popular Created To Be His Help Meet,<br />

brings to us Preparing To Be A Help Meet.<br />

Of her new work, Debi<br />

says, “Being a good wife<br />

starts long before marriage.<br />

If you are prepared, you can<br />

avoid so many of <strong>the</strong> errors<br />

that can make marriage<br />

become a trial instead of a<br />

blessing.”<br />

Read some of <strong>the</strong><br />

sweetest, most unexpected<br />

love stories. One such love<br />

story began in a bar, and<br />

ano<strong>the</strong>r was an arranged<br />

marriage. Why do some<br />

couples have such deep,<br />

abiding love? So much is to<br />

be learned from those who<br />

have found true happiness.<br />

Read what <strong>the</strong>y all have in<br />

common. The book also<br />

has some terrible lessons<br />

from those who did not<br />

follow God’s way. Discover what most<br />

married ladies unknowingly do to kill<br />

<strong>the</strong> joy and sweet love <strong>the</strong>y once had.<br />

Don’t let that be your experience.<br />

Special 50-page<br />

Teacher’s Guide Included!<br />

Preparing To Be A Help Meet continues with <strong>the</strong> ever-popular concept of <strong>the</strong><br />

three kinds of men introduced in Created To Be His Help Meet. This follow-up<br />

work discusses <strong>the</strong> three kinds of girls and what type of man best suits each. Are<br />

you a Go-to Girl, or a Servant, or maybe a Dreamer? How can you get <strong>the</strong> attention<br />

of a good man who best suits you? Find out how to avoid being a Hidden Flower or<br />

a Grabber. Discover what you can be doing now that will help your future husband<br />

succeed in his life and business. Find all <strong>the</strong>se answers and more in Debi Pearl’s<br />

newest book, Preparing To Be A Help Meet.<br />

Special: I Do, Forever!<br />

Preparing To Be A Help Meet, Created To Be His Help Meet, Only Men CD,<br />

Young Adults and Marriage CD (Item # 4400-05) Reg.$48.80 <strong>No</strong>w $36.60<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 15

Obeying God’s Command<br />

By Debi Pearl<br />

We have received thousands of testimonies of salvation from all over <strong>the</strong> world in<br />

regard to Good and Evil—now in over 25 languages. It is effective for two reasons.<br />

First, it’s readily received and read without <strong>the</strong> prejudice that Christian literature<br />

sometimes generates. It goes where Bibles and even missionaries are not allowed, and<br />

it goes in <strong>the</strong> native language of <strong>the</strong> people.<br />

Secondly, it teaches as God chose to teach: through stories of God’s working among<br />

men. This chronologically told Bible story book is not a Bible, but it is a Bible story telling<br />

missionary that will never grow weary and leave <strong>the</strong> field, will not be distracted with<br />

sick kids, will not pause to eat, will never get malaria or dengue fever, does not have<br />

to pay rent, can live in a village undetected, can go to a country closed to <strong>the</strong> gospel, is<br />

willing to work day and night, and gives a clear and accurate message again and again<br />

for years to come. If a hostile government destroys <strong>the</strong> book, it can be replaced for about<br />

three dollars. It will never say, I can’t go, Lord, I don’t know <strong>the</strong> language, it would cost<br />

too much, my family could not hold up, I don’t have a gift for speaking. Good and Evil<br />

is always willing and waiting to go, and it is very capable. It is <strong>the</strong> perfect missionary.<br />

186<br />

Always Available<br />

Mark 13:10: “And <strong>the</strong> gospel must<br />

first be published among all nations.”<br />

This June a missionary named Steve<br />

Schnell (and family) will be coming<br />

home for a long break after many years<br />

of service in Cambodia. He would desperately<br />

love to leave ano<strong>the</strong>r 10,000<br />

“published missionaries” behind, but<br />

he needs <strong>the</strong> funds to print <strong>the</strong>se books.<br />

Steve Schnell family laboring<br />

in Cambodia.<br />

16 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Will you help him provide 10,000 published missionaries to <strong>the</strong> needy country of<br />

Cambodia? Time is running out.<br />

A Willing Heart<br />

Mat<strong>the</strong>w 10:42: “And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of <strong>the</strong>se little ones<br />

a cup of cold water only in <strong>the</strong> name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall<br />

in no wise lose his reward.”<br />

Rick Batson is ano<strong>the</strong>r missionary sent out by The Church at Cane Creek and supported<br />

by <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>. Americans are welcomed and well received in<br />

<strong>the</strong> Philippines, so Rick has endless opportunities to present <strong>the</strong> gospel to large groups<br />

of up to 8,000 at a time. He has had amazing success in <strong>the</strong> public schools, utilizing<br />

gospel films and literature very effectively. Starting this June he will be going into 62<br />

high schools in <strong>the</strong> Philippines. He takes along Filipino pastors to assist him and to<br />

preach in <strong>the</strong> local dialects. Many of <strong>the</strong> high schools have thousands of students; a<br />

good percentage of those students are Muslim. It is Rick’s hope and prayer to be able<br />

to give interested students a DVD containing four o<strong>the</strong>r gospel films. He is praying<br />

that he will have <strong>the</strong> money to give 200 DVDs away at each school. The DVDs would<br />

cost him 38 cents each if he hand makes <strong>the</strong>m one at a time. He would also love to<br />

have at least 50 Good and Evil books at each school. Rick says that because <strong>the</strong>re is<br />

so little Christian literature in <strong>the</strong> Cebuano language, every DVD he gives out gets<br />

watched by many, and <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil books always get passed around and read by<br />

scores. Would you like to give a cup of water in this missionary’s name?<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 17

Rick Batson family laboring in <strong>the</strong> Philipines.<br />

Joshua<br />

Mark 16:15: “And he said unto <strong>the</strong>m, Go ye into all <strong>the</strong> world, and preach <strong>the</strong><br />

gospel to every creature.”<br />

There is ano<strong>the</strong>r missionary we have followed since he was 13 years old. When he<br />

first contacted us we gave him <strong>the</strong> answer found on page 21 called Witnessing. Joshua<br />

stayed focused. He studied, learned to play <strong>the</strong> guitar, did street preaching, witnessed,<br />

took mission trips, and by <strong>the</strong> age of 22 he was a full time missionary learning to speak<br />

<strong>the</strong> Ukrainian language. This summer he is again providing opportunity for young men<br />

who are at least 18 years old (and younger men are welcome with <strong>the</strong>ir fa<strong>the</strong>rs) to<br />

come for a few weeks or <strong>the</strong> whole summer to be a part of an outreach to <strong>the</strong> Ukrainian<br />

people. It is a chance to see missions firsthand, to worship God with new believers, and<br />

to see God do miracles. If you go you will never be <strong>the</strong> same. Dad, this is your moment<br />

to step up and make <strong>the</strong> sacrifice for your son, to take him on a mission trip that will so<br />

Joshua Steele family laboring in <strong>the</strong> Ukraine.<br />

18 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

grow him in God’s wisdom that only eternity will reveal <strong>the</strong> fullness. Young man, this<br />

is your opportunity to set your course on <strong>the</strong> eternal. If you lack <strong>the</strong> funds, pray and<br />

ask God to provide. Tell your grandparents of your desire to be a part of this mission;<br />

tell your pastor; tell your homeschool friends; maybe <strong>the</strong>y will have a car wash to<br />

raise your support. But if you think this is what God would have you do, <strong>the</strong>n march<br />

forward and join Joshua as he goes to claim <strong>the</strong> land!<br />

If you are interested go to: www.euroteamoutreach.org/cmo.<br />

Standing in <strong>the</strong> Gap<br />

Ezekiel 22:30: “And I sought for a man among <strong>the</strong>m, that should make up <strong>the</strong><br />

hedge, and stand in <strong>the</strong> gap before me for <strong>the</strong> land…”<br />

Will you and your children pray for us here at <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> and for our coworkers<br />

in Thailand who are endeavoring to get <strong>the</strong> gospel into as many languages<br />

as possible? We need to know you are praying. The Devil stays busy trying to derail<br />

us, by any means he can to slow us down. As you pray for us keep in mind <strong>the</strong> story<br />

of Daniel as he prayed asking God for an answer which took 21 days to come, due<br />

to a battle in <strong>the</strong> atmosphere above <strong>the</strong> earth between <strong>the</strong> righteous and <strong>the</strong> fallen angels<br />

(Daniel 10). Why should Daniel have to ask for deliverance? God knew what he<br />

needed. Why should Daniel have to wait on an angel who is in a battle with a legion<br />

of devils? God could have stepped in. But God chose to dish out his blessing and deliverance<br />

only in response to our prayers. He also chooses to send his answers through<br />

<strong>the</strong> medium of angels, who are subject to <strong>the</strong> resistance of evil angels. You and I must<br />

pray. Angels are sent to minister for us. As we pray, <strong>the</strong>y succeed. Our prayers are<br />

answered in accordance with our prayers and faith. Fantastic! You are <strong>the</strong> supply line.<br />

We need you to be faithful to pray for us. Teach your children to pray for us. Listen to<br />

Mike’s message on CD, Authority Praying.<br />

I Peter 4:7: “But <strong>the</strong> end of all things is at hand: be ye <strong>the</strong>refore sober, and<br />

watch unto prayer.”<br />

New Books!<br />

Is Our English Bible<br />

Inspired?<br />

Is <strong>the</strong> King James Bible perfect<br />

or just “a good translation?”<br />

Sometimes a defense<br />

of <strong>the</strong> Bible raises more questions<br />

than it answers. <strong>No</strong>t here.<br />

In this book, Dr. Samuel Gipp<br />

gives in-depth yet understandable answers<br />

on <strong>the</strong> issue of our inspired Bible. Fur<strong>the</strong>rmore,<br />

<strong>the</strong> position defended with <strong>the</strong><br />

Bible, <strong>the</strong> “final authority in all matters of<br />

faith and practice,” not <strong>the</strong> opinions of men.<br />

(Item # 4550-10). 73-page Book. $4.95<br />

new age Bible<br />

Versions<br />

This book is <strong>the</strong> result of<br />

an exhaustive six year<br />

collation of new Bible<br />

versions, <strong>the</strong>ir underlying<br />

Greek manuscripts,<br />

editions, and editors. It<br />

objectively and methodically documents<br />

<strong>the</strong> hidden alliance between<br />

new versions and <strong>the</strong> New Age<br />

Movement’s One World Religion.<br />

By Gail Riplinger. (Item # 6210-10)<br />

700-pg. Book $16.95<br />

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Hello <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>,<br />

Here are a few pictures of <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil books getting delivered to Stevens Village,<br />

Alaska on February 28, 2010. Stevens Village is not on a road system. Pastor Josh<br />

R. and Karl S. (from <strong>the</strong> Independent Baptist Church of Anchorage) drove from Anchorage<br />

to Fairbanks, (358 miles) <strong>the</strong>n north on <strong>the</strong> Dalton Highway 110 miles to <strong>the</strong> Yukon<br />

River, where <strong>the</strong>y snowmobiled 27 miles upriver to Stevens Village, at -10°F. They went<br />

door to door handing out <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil books and <strong>the</strong>n had a service. The books<br />

were well received! God Bless.<br />

<strong>No</strong>w that is OUT THERE!<br />

<strong>No</strong>w on MP3!<br />

$12.95 each<br />

Galatians<br />

Righteousness<br />

Sinful Nature<br />

20 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Witnessing<br />

I am a homeschooled teenager involved in several<br />

of <strong>the</strong> local public high school’s programs – track, math,<br />

etc. I have a tremendous opportunity to witness to my unbelieving peers. Last<br />

year, I tried many times to witness to my teammates, but <strong>the</strong>ir hearts are so hard.<br />

They became angry, or didn’t listen, or took it all at a purely intellectual level. I<br />

can’t blame <strong>the</strong>m, though. Oftentimes, I find that my own fear, pride, and stubbornness<br />

prevent me from speaking to <strong>the</strong>m when I should. I pray for <strong>the</strong>m often,<br />

but nothing I say to <strong>the</strong>m nor how I try to stand apart from <strong>the</strong> spirit of <strong>the</strong> world<br />

seems to affect <strong>the</strong>m. I am thinking that me being a “weird homeschooler” (at<br />

least in <strong>the</strong>ir eyes) is tainting <strong>the</strong>ir view of me.<br />

How can I effectively witness to my non-Christian peers, especially when <strong>the</strong>y<br />

have such alien worldviews and anti-Christian attitudes?<br />

Ye must be born again<br />

Michael answers:<br />

There are two ways to witness. The first is <strong>the</strong> most direct and is similar to what a<br />

street evangelist would do. You get right to <strong>the</strong> point, challenging <strong>the</strong>m to repent toward<br />

God and believe <strong>the</strong> gospel. You expect most of <strong>the</strong>m to reject your message but you keep<br />

fishing, knowing that out of <strong>the</strong> hundreds <strong>the</strong>re may be one who will be prepared by <strong>the</strong><br />

Holy Spirit to believe your message. This is not normally <strong>the</strong> approach you take with coworkers,<br />

fellow students, next door neighbors, or family members. If you have <strong>the</strong> time,<br />

<strong>the</strong> most effective method of reaching someone for Christ is to:<br />

1. Treat everyone you meet as if <strong>the</strong>y are Christian bro<strong>the</strong>rs and sisters who are dear to<br />

you. In short, love <strong>the</strong>m as <strong>the</strong>y have never been loved.<br />

2. Be continually joyful. Everyone is attracted to joy and no one will fault you for it.<br />

They will want what you have.<br />

3. Be successful. Be <strong>the</strong> best at whatever you do. Everyone admires success and sincere<br />

effort. They will respect you for it.<br />

4. Be helpful. Infuse something good into <strong>the</strong> lives of everyone you meet. Make <strong>the</strong>m<br />

feel better about <strong>the</strong>mselves in a clean and pure way.<br />

5. Be generous. When o<strong>the</strong>rs see you giving, <strong>the</strong>y will recognize God in it.<br />

6. Be gracious and cheerful in your righteousness. Don’t be prudish and standoffish in<br />

your convictions. When you decline to participate in sin, don’t do so in a way that<br />

says “I am better that you, and you are a dog.”<br />

7. Be open. People are scared of <strong>the</strong> unknown. Let people get to know you and see that<br />

you don’t bite and you don’t have any secrets.<br />

8. Don’t do religious things to be seen of men. Let your righteousness be purity of heart<br />

and intention.<br />

9. Speak of God and Jesus occasionally when it is spontaneously true. For instance,<br />

you might say, “Isn’t it a beautiful day God has made?” or “God has blessed me with<br />

good health.” On occasion you might say something like, “If it were not for Jesus<br />

Christ, I would be on my way to hell.”<br />

10. Follow <strong>the</strong> Holy Spirit’s leading in knowing who is ready to receive <strong>the</strong> message.<br />

In time someone will open up to you and ask a question like, “Why are you always<br />

happy?” or “Why don’t you XXXX?” Answer <strong>the</strong>n honestly, telling <strong>the</strong>m of your<br />

commitment to Christ and of your conversion. When <strong>the</strong> moment seems right tell<br />

<strong>the</strong>m <strong>the</strong> gospel story in detail. Win just one person and it is all worth it.<br />

Don’t think in terms of impacting <strong>the</strong> entire school. Just one needy soul is enough.<br />

And when you have one convert, it becomes much easier to impress o<strong>the</strong>rs with Christ.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 21

How do I delight<br />

in children that only<br />

cause me pain<br />

and grief?<br />

The<br />

22 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936<br />

Best<br />

Medicine<br />

By Michael Pearl<br />

The best child training medicine I know<br />

is a heart that overflows with a consuming<br />

desire to give children pleasure. Our training<br />

can’t stop <strong>the</strong>re, but nei<strong>the</strong>r can it begin<br />

anywhere else. It must be part of <strong>the</strong> image of<br />

God within us―that desire to bring pleasure to<br />

children, to make <strong>the</strong>ir lives fascinating and full of<br />

joy. They are so easy to delight. I feel like a grandfa<strong>the</strong>r<br />

to all children everywhere . . .well, except maybe some of<br />

<strong>the</strong> brats I see in grocery stores. But if I had <strong>the</strong>m for three<br />

days, <strong>the</strong>y would cease to be brats. It would probably take<br />

me two days to begin to like <strong>the</strong>m, but I can endure anything<br />

when I know <strong>the</strong>re is relief around <strong>the</strong> corner.<br />

You can smile children into peace and grace. Here is <strong>the</strong> key—<strong>the</strong> way it actually<br />

works. When you become a source of pleasure to a child and <strong>the</strong>y feel that <strong>the</strong>y are<br />

your source of pleasure as well, <strong>the</strong>y become dependent upon that relationship for<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir continued pleasure. They don’t want to do anything to break fellowship with you.<br />

They will seek to be all you want <strong>the</strong>m to be. You have <strong>the</strong>ir heart; you have <strong>the</strong>ir will.<br />

They are way too smart to fall for a fake. If <strong>the</strong>y do not know that you are delighted<br />

with <strong>the</strong>m, <strong>the</strong>y will keep you at arms’ length and may even try to antagonize<br />

you. If children ever sense that you don’t like <strong>the</strong>m, <strong>the</strong>y will develop an adversarial<br />

posture toward you. <strong>No</strong> amount of spanking or rebuke will win <strong>the</strong>ir hearts. You might<br />

spank <strong>the</strong>m into obeying any given command, but <strong>the</strong>y will never seek to please you<br />

from <strong>the</strong> heart.<br />

On <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r hand, kids who know <strong>the</strong>y are treasured will give you <strong>the</strong>ir all to be<br />

worthy of your high opinion of <strong>the</strong>m.<br />

<strong>No</strong>w, some of you are saying, “I agree with you fully, but how do I delight in<br />

children that only cause me pain and grief?” You may have spun your tires in <strong>the</strong> same<br />

hole until you buried your whole family it. You need to taste a little of <strong>the</strong> joyous possibilities.<br />

You need a small victory to give you hope. Single out just one of your kids,<br />

and begin bestowing special attention on him. Leave <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>rs with grandma and take<br />

<strong>the</strong> one child with you for a day out. The both of you need to get out of <strong>the</strong> rut and<br />

meet on friendly ground. Go to <strong>the</strong> zoo, a playground, out to eat his favorite junk food,<br />

wherever, just as long as he is having fun and sees you enjoying him having fun. Smile<br />

into his soul until you see something that makes you smile without effort. Talk with<br />

him. Let him know that he is special to you. When you have tasted <strong>the</strong> goodness that is<br />

in that one child, you will have hope to endure <strong>the</strong> trials you must go through to bring<br />

<strong>the</strong> whole family into your circle of love and approval.<br />

Go back and read <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Volumes One, Two, and Three. Re-read To<br />

Train Up A Child. Watch <strong>the</strong> video The <strong>Joy</strong> of Training. Spend some time worshiping<br />

God and giving thanks. When God has your heart and you know you are loved and forgiven,<br />

you will be able with joy to pass that love and forgiveness on to your children.<br />

You can do this!

Post Nazi Germany<br />

NGJ, Thank you for <strong>the</strong> KJV Bibles. They<br />

have been distributed to <strong>the</strong> troops. I appreciate<br />

it very much. I wrote <strong>the</strong> article<br />

below concerning home schooling in<br />

Germany. If possible I would like Bro.<br />

Mike Pearl’s opinion and advice on <strong>the</strong><br />

subject. I also copied <strong>the</strong> article in <strong>the</strong><br />

press referencing my objection.<br />

An open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel/President Horst Kohler<br />

and <strong>the</strong> German people: 3-March-10<br />

I was disturbed recently to learn that homeschoolers in Germany had to<br />

seek refuge in <strong>the</strong> United States because of following <strong>the</strong>ir conscience educating<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir children as <strong>the</strong>y see fit was “against <strong>the</strong> law” in Germany. The government<br />

has no place dictating how a child should learn; that is <strong>the</strong> parent’s responsibility.<br />

Hearing this report I ask myself… is it <strong>the</strong> 1930s in Germany all over<br />

again? I am currently deployed to Iraq in defense of freedom for all people. In<br />

a few days (March 7) <strong>the</strong> Iraqis will hold an election to determine if <strong>the</strong>y are really<br />

interested in sharing power and living under a democracy. Why is Germany<br />

denying parents right to educate <strong>the</strong>ir children as <strong>the</strong>y see fit?<br />

I am a US Army Chaplain and American soldier and know that <strong>the</strong> United<br />

States liberated Germany twice in <strong>the</strong> last century because of oppressive rulers/<br />

dictators and over-reach of government into citizens private affairs. Has Germany<br />

not learned from its oppressive past? Police are coming to German citizens’<br />

homes in 2010 arresting parents for simply educating <strong>the</strong>ir children. Possibly<br />

<strong>the</strong> parents do not endorse <strong>the</strong> current culture of <strong>the</strong> public schools. Some<br />

parents may not want <strong>the</strong>ir children receiving information relating to sexually<br />

graphic material and information contrary to <strong>the</strong>ir religious beliefs. In Afghanistan<br />

in 2005 I served alongside German troops and appreciated <strong>the</strong>ir service and<br />

dedication to duty. We are fighting for <strong>the</strong> rights for people to exercise freedom<br />

of speech, democracy, freedom of religion as <strong>the</strong>se basic rights are denied in Afghanistan<br />

by <strong>the</strong> very government we are supporting. I ask <strong>the</strong> German people<br />

to “wake up” and not stand for this oppression.<br />

This is no time to be passive. Truth is, many of <strong>the</strong> homeschooled children<br />

outshine <strong>the</strong> public school educated children. My wife is <strong>the</strong> president of a<br />

homeschoolers group in Forsyth County, NC. By my observation <strong>the</strong> children<br />

in this group are very well rounded and excel in college and society without<br />

government management. I do not believe that everyone needs to follow <strong>the</strong><br />

same curriculum and learn in <strong>the</strong> same way. In <strong>the</strong> German system, for example,<br />

children are not encouraged to learn <strong>the</strong>ir alphabet until <strong>the</strong>y are 5 years old.<br />

Has this been scientifically calculated? A homeschooled child learns at a pace<br />

decided by <strong>the</strong> people who know him best, Mom and Dad. America is still <strong>the</strong><br />

last bastion of hope for <strong>the</strong> world. We continue to welcome your tired, your<br />

poor, and your homeschooled. – Chaplain Kevin Winemiller, Iraq<br />

Michael’s response:<br />

In this post Nazi era, apparently Germany still leans heavily toward a totalitarian<br />

society. We at NGJ have been in correspondence with German homeschool families.<br />

Continued on page 27<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 23

Movie Messaging | by Manny Edwards<br />


Why Christians must master film craft!<br />

By and large, <strong>the</strong> church has lost its biblical worldview without even knowing it. If<br />

you were <strong>the</strong> devil and you wanted to create a generation gap in <strong>the</strong> church, how would<br />

you do it? Almost every institutional church in this country fractures worshipers by<br />

age and demographic just like <strong>the</strong> secular academic institutions do. You have “college<br />

groups,” “teen groups,” “young married’s class,” “recently divorced groups,” “empty<br />

nesters groups.” We use religious language and call <strong>the</strong> assembly a congregation, but<br />

we don’t actually carry out a biblical process of congregation; we use a secular process<br />

called segregation. We say one thing, but do <strong>the</strong> opposite. Is it any wonder <strong>the</strong>re’s a<br />

disconnect between <strong>the</strong> Christian lifestyle taught in <strong>the</strong> Bible and <strong>the</strong> life actually lived<br />

out in <strong>the</strong> church?<br />

In his letter to Titus, Paul lays out a blueprint for <strong>the</strong> structure of <strong>the</strong> church. Among<br />

o<strong>the</strong>r things, he tells Titus that <strong>the</strong> elder should teach <strong>the</strong> younger, but now <strong>the</strong>y have<br />

no opportunity to do so. The older folks are in <strong>the</strong>ir empty nesters class keeping <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

wisdom and experience to <strong>the</strong>mselves, <strong>the</strong> young couples are in <strong>the</strong>ir young married<br />

class pooling <strong>the</strong>ir ignorance, and <strong>the</strong> children are in <strong>the</strong>ir own classes coloring pictures<br />

of <strong>No</strong>ah’s ark. Responsibilities that God gives to parents are now sloughed off to<br />

Sunday School teachers. Real social security is a large extended family clan, but now<br />

even Christians look to <strong>the</strong> state for health care insurance, housing assistance, and food<br />

stamps. They’re used to having institutions care for <strong>the</strong>m, instead of a family.<br />

With <strong>the</strong> family and church now out of <strong>the</strong> picture, people learn <strong>the</strong>ir lifestyle principles<br />

from media. The 2002 Barna Research Group reported that media are <strong>the</strong> most<br />

influential forms of communication today. Movies use story craft to advance a message,<br />

and <strong>the</strong> message Christians are getting in <strong>the</strong>aters rarely reflects a biblical worldview.<br />

At home, opportunities to spend time toge<strong>the</strong>r and interact are eaten up by TV shows<br />

and computer games. There goes <strong>the</strong> chance to teach your children <strong>the</strong> words of God.<br />

You can’t “talk of <strong>the</strong>m when thou sittest in thine house” unless you’re talking to each<br />

o<strong>the</strong>r in <strong>the</strong> first place.<br />

We must change that. The objective is to turn Christians to <strong>the</strong> task of living out <strong>the</strong><br />

word of God; to restore <strong>the</strong> words of God in <strong>the</strong>ir hearts; to make <strong>the</strong>m effective bearers<br />

of <strong>the</strong> gospel of salvation. Because <strong>the</strong>y’re watching movies anyway, our strategy is to<br />

master film craft and take a biblical worldview to <strong>the</strong> audience.<br />

24 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

The <strong>the</strong>atrical adaptation of Debi Pearl’s The Vision is a rare opportunity<br />

to make an entertaining film rich in story, with an epic <strong>the</strong>me that will motivate<br />

Christians to treasure <strong>the</strong> words of God and save <strong>the</strong> lost.<br />

Join us. Visit www.TheVisionFilm.com and click on <strong>the</strong> “Insiders” tab.<br />

Then fill in your e-mail address so you can help promote our next movie.<br />

Mel Cohen Update<br />

We have created a line item budget for The Vision movie. We have been<br />

looking for creative ways to fund it. We have found that <strong>the</strong> State of Tennessee<br />

has two specific grant programs. One offers a 17 percent rebate on qualified<br />

expenditure while <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r offers a 15% rebate.<br />

In addition to this we have applied to our local county for seed money<br />

to get this project started. The return to <strong>the</strong> county would be in excess of<br />

$1,000,000 of new revenue, so we are praying that <strong>the</strong>y will come through<br />

with <strong>the</strong> initial funding.<br />

If we can answer any questions on The Vision movie, send me an email at<br />

mcohen@nogreaterjoy.org or log on to www.TheVisionMovie.com.<br />

Dear Mr. Pearl,<br />

I just watched your DVD on<br />

knives and tomahawks today and<br />

I loved it! I can’t wait till my Dad<br />

gets home from work and we can<br />

set up a target or two, and a tomahawk!<br />

Thank you for all your work!<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Braden F., 9 Years old, Nebraska<br />

Dear Mr. Pearl,<br />

I am 11 3/4 years old. I have read NGJ since 2000. You and your<br />

family really inspire me. I really liked Mrs. Brand’s article, “Adrenaline<br />

Rush.” It made me go out to find my adrenaline rush. I am an<br />

outdoors boy myself. I also like to go back and read all <strong>the</strong> old<br />

magazines. I also like Good and Evil, and can’t wait for <strong>the</strong> movie!<br />

Thank you.<br />

Love, Joel B.<br />

Keep up <strong>the</strong> good work and remember--WE ARE MEN!<br />

Righteous Woman<br />

What is a righteous woman? God tells us in Proverbs 31. She is constantly<br />

engaged in productive activities—gardening, preparing food, making<br />

money through buying and selling, lending a hand to <strong>the</strong> needy, nurturing<br />

her children, assisting her husband and much, much more.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 25

Down home Tennessee!<br />

Created<br />

I just finished reading your<br />

book Created To Be His Help<br />

Meet. I admit that most of <strong>the</strong><br />

time I sat with my mouth open<br />

in shock as I saw how I AM <strong>the</strong><br />

disobedient, nagging wife of a<br />

good, patient “steady man”. I<br />

could go on and on about <strong>the</strong><br />

changes that have happened in<br />

my life and marriage but suffice<br />

it say that I praise God that<br />

He opened my eyes to what I<br />

was doing!<br />

Good and Evil<br />

Blessings! Thank you for your<br />

generous donation and continued<br />

support of incarcerated<br />

men, even through <strong>the</strong>se difficult<br />

economic times. We appreciate<br />

your steadfast generosity.<br />

We work hard to put your<br />

donations to good use.<br />

The men here make a point of<br />

praying for those who see and<br />

know that good comes from<br />

unlikely places, like prison.<br />

You are in our prayers.<br />

Peace and all good,<br />

Joe T. Portugal, Chaplain<br />

Created<br />

I had to write to you and let you know that your book, Created To<br />

Be His Help Meet, has completely changed my life. I don’t think<br />

that <strong>the</strong>re is anything in that book I wasn’t doing wrong. It was<br />

placed in my hands by a new and dear friend that God placed in my<br />

path and at any o<strong>the</strong>r time, I don’t know if I would have been receptive.<br />

I had to thank you for your commitment to God’s word and not<br />

conforming to this culture. My life with my husband will forever<br />

be changed. To quote him, “Who are you and what have you done<br />

with my wife” and “It’s like you did a 180.” I see new confidence<br />

in him, and our home is full of joy. I knew before we got married<br />

that it would be a challenge to have him lead, because of our ‘innate<br />

personalities’. I know now that it isn’t a ‘personality’ issue so<br />

much as a heart one. I am practicing everyday to be a help meet. I<br />

know that <strong>the</strong> Holy Spirit has been working on me in many ways to<br />

prepare me for your book. Again, I cannot thank you enough. What<br />

a blessing!<br />

28 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Thank you<br />

<strong>No</strong> need to respond, but I thought you would like to know <strong>the</strong> following:<br />

about a year ago I had written to ask advice on an o<strong>the</strong>rwise<br />

clean and wholesome young man who was asking for me in<br />

marriage and had already gone through several months of successful<br />

courtship, but to our shock informed us at <strong>the</strong> last minute that<br />

he had lied during his initial interview with my fa<strong>the</strong>r and actually<br />

faced constant homosexual desires and did not desire women.<br />

Your advice had been very strong caution that such people seldom<br />

change; and I broke off <strong>the</strong> relationship. Well, a year later now<br />

his life has gone downhill spiritually and morally and <strong>the</strong>re are<br />

homosexual pornography and o<strong>the</strong>r problems. I am sad to see him<br />

apparently too discouraged to keep fighting while at <strong>the</strong> same time<br />

too proud to acknowledge his desperate need for help; and I’m still<br />

single at 30; but I am SO THANKFUL for your wise advice and<br />

to have broken things off cleanly even when it seemed hardest!<br />

Thank you for your honesty and help and for faithfully fulfilling<br />

<strong>the</strong> ministry <strong>the</strong> Lord has given you! ~ Happily His, L.<br />

Thank you<br />

I wanted to first say a HUGE thank you! You have inspired me as a mo<strong>the</strong>r<br />

and a wife to step up and be <strong>the</strong>n woman God has called me to be. My<br />

daughter is 22 months and has hit <strong>the</strong> “terrible twos” full steam ahead! I feel<br />

like I have <strong>the</strong> tools to stay calm and loving while dealing with tough situations<br />

that come up. There is a big difference. Before I would get all tense<br />

and stressed when she would misbehave or when I found myself repeating<br />

myself ten times in less <strong>the</strong>n ten seconds, which in return would cause me<br />

to burst with anger like a loud balloon! Then <strong>the</strong> tears and screaming would<br />

start from her reacting to my yelling and all control was quickly lost between<br />

<strong>the</strong> two of us. With your guidance I have changed my approach. I can now<br />

calmly take control of every situation and her reactions have changed drastically.<br />

She now responds with “I’m sorry, love you” and hugs and kisses.<br />

I can honestly say that I was lazy before in my parenting and in being a wife.<br />

I did as little as I could to get by. I’ve realized don’t have any role models in<br />

life who could show me how to be a mom and a wife. I now have a renewed<br />

energy for life, a new outlook on how I am to conduct myself, and how I am<br />

to respond to my husband and children (I say children because I am pregnant<br />

with a boy, due in a month). We have all found a new joy. From <strong>the</strong> bottom<br />

of my heart I thank you for speaking out about things that many o<strong>the</strong>rs are<br />

scared to open up about, for fear of being rejected.<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 29

Family Resources<br />

A-B-C Bible Verse Songs<br />

Beka and some of <strong>the</strong> kids in <strong>the</strong> church sing<br />

<strong>the</strong> A-B-C Bible verse songs that her mo<strong>the</strong>r<br />

taught her when she was growing up. Your<br />

little ones will want to listen to this day and<br />

night, and by doing so <strong>the</strong>y will learn 26<br />

Bible verses with <strong>the</strong> references. This is <strong>the</strong><br />

smilingest CD you will ever hear. 1 CD $5.95<br />

Alabama Seminar<br />

Two hours of Michael Pearl speaking on<br />

child training. These tapes are geared toward<br />

<strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r’s role in <strong>the</strong> family. Tales of Mike<br />

and his sons’ wild adventures. Boys love it!<br />

2 CDs $10.95<br />

authority praying<br />

Michael Pearl preaches on <strong>the</strong> believer’s position<br />

in Christ and how prayer is based on <strong>the</strong><br />

authority that is ours in Christ. 1 CD $5.95<br />

Balanced patriarch<br />

Today <strong>the</strong>re is a twisted Christian doctrine<br />

preached that justifies not cutting <strong>the</strong> umbilical<br />

cord, all in <strong>the</strong> name of “Children, obey<br />

your parents.” It is based on <strong>the</strong> assumption<br />

that one’s offspring remain children, dutybound<br />

before God to always be subject to <strong>the</strong><br />

chain of command. This is <strong>the</strong> second session<br />

from <strong>the</strong> Jan. ‘09 sou<strong>the</strong>rn California seminar.<br />

1 DVD $12.95<br />

Becoming a Man<br />

This message is for parents concerned about<br />

raising <strong>the</strong>ir boys up to be men, and for encouraging<br />

boys and young men to take <strong>the</strong><br />

steps to manhood, and it is for fa<strong>the</strong>rs who<br />

never learned to be real men. It tells you what<br />

you need to do to become more than just an<br />

adult—how to become a real man.<br />

1 CD $5.95<br />

Best Homeschooling Ideas<br />

Debi discusses her best homeschooling ideas.<br />

20+ years of accumulated wisdom. This message<br />

can remove your burden. A best-seller!<br />

1 CD $5.95<br />

30 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936<br />


This message takes <strong>the</strong> viewer back to <strong>the</strong><br />

basics. If you want to introduce child-training<br />

principles to a friend, this professionallyproduced<br />

DVD will make a great impact.<br />

1 DVD $12.95<br />

Created to be His Help Meet<br />

What God is doing through this book is amazing!<br />

We are receiving thousands of letters<br />

from people giving testimony to marriages<br />

restored and made new. Pastors, bookstores,<br />

and teachers are ordering and reordering cases.<br />

UPDATED—The book now contains a<br />

word index at <strong>the</strong> back of <strong>the</strong> book to aid you<br />

in topical searches. 296-pg. Book $13.95<br />

Box of 24 books $200.88<br />

9 CDs $34.95 1 MP3 $12.95<br />

Creada Para Ser Su Ayuda Idónea<br />

(Spanish Created To Be His Help Meet<br />

Book) $13.95<br />

EE-Taow & Next Chapter DVD set<br />

This is a remarkable story of a native tribe<br />

being won to <strong>the</strong> Lord. The gospel is presented<br />

chronologically and <strong>the</strong> results are<br />

spectacular. It is a great video to watch with<br />

your children, grandchildren, Sunday School<br />

students, etc. 2 DVDs $19.95<br />

Herbs with Shoshanna Vol. 1<br />

– Making Herbs Simple DVD<br />

Join Shoshanna and friends as <strong>the</strong>y show<br />

how to identify herbs in your own backyard!<br />

This professional recording introduces you to<br />

<strong>the</strong> wonderful world of herbs and how to use<br />

<strong>the</strong>m. Features step-by-step demonstrations<br />

on how to harvest, wash, dry and store herbs,<br />

how to make poultices, tinctures, and herbal<br />

hair treatments, and much more! Includes a<br />

full-color, 20-page companion guidebook for<br />

helpful reference. 78 minutes. 1 DVD $24.95<br />

homesteading for beginners<br />

Learn everything from starting and maintaining<br />

a garden, raising and butchering chickens,<br />

cutting firewood, to baking bread, making<br />

cheese, and much, much more. This video<br />

is for anyone who would like to have basic<br />

country life skills but is not sure how to even<br />

start. It is entertaining for <strong>the</strong> entire family.<br />

1 DVD $19.95<br />

Some trust in chariots, and some in<br />

horses: but we will remember <strong>the</strong> name<br />

of <strong>the</strong> Lord. ~Psalm 20:7

Holy Sex<br />

Michael Pearl takes his readers through a<br />

refreshing journey of biblical texts showing<br />

that God designed marriage to be in <strong>the</strong><br />

context of erotic pleasure. The world and <strong>the</strong><br />

devil have attempted to make <strong>the</strong> subject of<br />

sex <strong>the</strong>ir domain. <strong>No</strong> longer.<br />

82-pg. Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Spanish Book - Sexo Santo $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Jumping Ship<br />

There is a troubling trend showing up among<br />

some of <strong>the</strong> “homeschool crowd.” Their children<br />

are discontent and rebellious, jumping<br />

ship as soon as <strong>the</strong>y think <strong>the</strong>y can survive<br />

without <strong>the</strong> family—some as young as sixteen<br />

years old. Michael Pearl addressed this<br />

issue in a series of NGJ magazine articles in<br />

2006. These have now been compiled into<br />

this book, along with new material and an<br />

additional two chapters covering fur<strong>the</strong>r issues.<br />

106-pg. Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Jumping Ship DVD - 1 DVD $12.95<br />

Abandonando el Barco<br />

(Spanish Jumping Ship Book) $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />


FOR FUN<br />

Michael Pearl demonstrates and teaches knife<br />

and tomahawk throwing. 1 DVD $16.95<br />

Listen To My Dream<br />

Every once in a while, down through<br />

<strong>the</strong> pages of time, <strong>the</strong> life and works of one<br />

man forever changes <strong>the</strong> lives of millions of<br />

people. Dr. Martin Lu<strong>the</strong>r King, Jr. was such<br />

a man. Full color illustrations by Michael<br />

and Debi Pearl. 40-pg. Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $5.21<br />

25 or more copies ea. $4.17<br />

Marriage God’s Way<br />

Husbands, learn how to sanctify your wife<br />

and cleanse her of spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.<br />

You have <strong>the</strong> power to bring your wife<br />

into <strong>the</strong> fullness of all that God intended her<br />

to be. Wives, learn <strong>the</strong> freedom of honoring<br />

and ministering to your man. You can help<br />

him become all that God intended him to be.<br />

2 DVDs $19.95<br />

movers & shakers<br />

In this third session of <strong>the</strong> ‘09 California<br />

Seminar Michael encourages parents to train<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir children to be tomorrow’s movers and<br />

shakers. They will become leaders, entrepreneurs,<br />

statesmen—<strong>the</strong> framers of tomorrow.<br />

1 DVD $12.95<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 1<br />

Reprints of <strong>the</strong> first two years of <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong><br />

<strong>Joy</strong> articles. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of sibling rivalry,<br />

pouting, bad attitudes, and much more.<br />

Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 2<br />

Let your children listen to great bedtime<br />

stories. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of rowdy boys,<br />

homeschooling, grief, and much more.<br />

Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 3<br />

Children learn wisdom and enjoy listening to<br />

<strong>the</strong> stories as you read to <strong>the</strong>m volumes 1, 2,<br />

and 3. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of marriage relationships<br />

and how <strong>the</strong>y affect children, joy,<br />

much more. Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Four Book Set<br />

Get <strong>the</strong> <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Series and To Train<br />

Up A Child in this four book set. This is a perfect<br />

gift for friends or anyone who is seeking<br />

help in parenting. 4 Book Set $19.00<br />

Only Men<br />

Michael Pearl speaks directly and frankly to<br />

men about <strong>the</strong>ir responsibilities as husbands.<br />

Wives should not listen to this tape. We don’t<br />

want you taking advantage of your man.<br />

1 CD $5.95<br />

Spanish CD - Solo Hombres $5.95<br />

preparing to be a help meet<br />

Being a good help meet starts long before<br />

marriage. It is a mindset, a learned habit, a<br />

way of life established as a young unmarried<br />

girl—or at least that’s <strong>the</strong> way it should<br />

be. This is a perfect study guide for individuals<br />

or women’s study groups.<br />

296-pg. Book $19.95<br />

Box of 24 books $287.28<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 31

Rebekah’s Diary<br />

Rebekah Pearl (now Rebekah Anast), daughter<br />

of Michael and Debi Pearl, tells <strong>the</strong> awesome<br />

story of God’s guidance and protection<br />

as she, a 22-year-old girl, all alone where<br />

no white person had ever been, adapted to a<br />

primitive culture.<br />

106-pg. Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Starting Over<br />

The basic message: “Okay, I know I’ve<br />

messed up in child training; now what do I<br />

do?” 1 CD $5.95<br />

Teaching Responsibility<br />

In this seminar, Michael Pearl uses humorous<br />

stories and practical examples to illustrate<br />

<strong>the</strong> simple process of training your<br />

children to work without complaint. Cut<br />

into his speaking presentation are hundreds<br />

of video clips and photos that help illustrate<br />

his message. 2 DVDs $19.95<br />

The Help Meet’s Journey<br />

The Journey is a 184-page year-long companion<br />

workbook/journal for Created To Be<br />

His Help Meet. There are extra pages for<br />

your stories, doodlings, studies, and pictures<br />

where you will create a lasting memory of<br />

<strong>the</strong> miracle God is doing in you. This is a<br />

perfect study guide for individuals or women’s<br />

study groups. Workbook $10.95<br />

Box of 24 books $157.68<br />

The <strong>Joy</strong> of Training<br />

Michael and Debi Pearl tell how <strong>the</strong>y successfully<br />

trained up <strong>the</strong>ir five children with<br />

love, humor, <strong>the</strong> rod, and a King James Bible.<br />

The 2 DVD set contains <strong>the</strong> same highquality,<br />

digitally-filmed content as <strong>the</strong> video<br />

set and hundreds of snapshots and video<br />

clips of family and children, illustrating <strong>the</strong><br />

things being taught. 2 DVDs $26.00<br />

To Train Up a Child<br />

From successful parents, learn how to train<br />

up your children ra<strong>the</strong>r than discipline <strong>the</strong>m<br />

up. With humor and real-life examples, this<br />

Unto <strong>the</strong>e, O God, do we give thanks,<br />

unto <strong>the</strong>e do we give thanks: for that<br />

thy name is near thy wondrous works<br />

declare. ~Psalm 75:1<br />

32 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936<br />

book shows you how to train your children<br />

before <strong>the</strong> need to discipline arises. Be done<br />

with corrective discipline; make <strong>the</strong>m allies<br />

ra<strong>the</strong>r than adversaries. The stress will be<br />

gone and your obedient children will praise<br />

you. Book $5.95 1 MP3 $12.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Para entrenar a un niño<br />

(Spanish To Train Up A Child Book) $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

Spanish Audio- 5 CDs $21.95<br />

<strong>the</strong> vision<br />

What do you get when Islamic terrorists and<br />

White Supremacists go up against a small<br />

group of Bible believers in <strong>the</strong> hills of East<br />

Tennessee? Get your hands on a copy of this<br />

intensely exciting, informative novel!<br />

336-pg. Book $14.95<br />

when children die<br />

Where is my stillborn baby, <strong>the</strong> miscarried<br />

fetus, or <strong>the</strong> two year old child who died?<br />

Do children who die prior to reaching accountability<br />

go to heaven? What about <strong>the</strong><br />

children of unsaved parents? The answers<br />

will shock you. You will be thrilled with<br />

what God has in store for your departed<br />

child. In two messages Michael Pearl digs<br />

into <strong>the</strong> Scripture and reveals <strong>the</strong> truth and<br />

<strong>the</strong> fiction pertaining to this understandably<br />

emotional subject.<br />

1 CD $6.95<br />

Young Adults & Marriage<br />

This message, spoken by Michael Pearl in<br />

California, was given to help parents and<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir young adult children make wise decisions<br />

concerning marriage. It has <strong>the</strong> story of<br />

all five of our children finding <strong>the</strong>ir mates.<br />

1 CD $5.95<br />

Bible Teaching<br />

There is a dearth of Bible knowledge<br />

across this land. Bible teaching has been<br />

replaced with principle-based, self-improvement<br />

psychology. More than ever, we want<br />

to get <strong>the</strong>se Bible messages into your hands,<br />

so we have priced <strong>the</strong>m right down to what it<br />

costs us to provide <strong>the</strong>m.<br />

swordsearcher software<br />

<strong>No</strong>w you can use <strong>the</strong> Bible search software<br />

that Mike uses to study <strong>the</strong> Bible. Includes

over 70 study references such as <strong>the</strong> KJV,<br />

KJV 1611, early translations by Tyndale and<br />

Wycliffe, commentaries and much more!<br />

PC only. Software CD $49.95<br />

Bible Audio by Mike<br />

1 & 2 Peter<br />

1 & 2 Peter introduces subjects that <strong>the</strong><br />

Apostle Paul never touched on. Exotic, some<br />

people call it. Learn about election, adding<br />

to your faith, Paradise, <strong>the</strong> seven baptisms,<br />

Christian suffering, corrupt shepherds, and<br />

much more. There are more practical teachings<br />

in <strong>the</strong>se two letters than one can imagine.<br />

Thirteen messages totaling over nine<br />

hours of teaching.<br />

13 CDs $42.95 1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

1, 2, 3 john, & jude<br />

The epistle of 1 John is <strong>the</strong> scariest book in<br />

<strong>the</strong> Bible. Have you read it lately? Do you<br />

understand it? How do you handle this emphatic<br />

statement of John? Why did <strong>the</strong> devil<br />

try to carry off <strong>the</strong> body of Moses upon his<br />

death? Who is antichrist, and why does he<br />

deny that Jesus came in <strong>the</strong> flesh? What is<br />

<strong>the</strong> sin unto death? Strange stuff!<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

Ephesians<br />

Practical and Scriptural Bible teaching to<br />

encourage <strong>the</strong> believer. Includes teaching<br />

on husbands and wives.<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

galatians<br />

NEW!<br />

Many professing Christians<br />

who don’t have a personal relationship with<br />

Christ are seeking meaning in Rabbinical<br />

Judaism, keeping feast days and Sabbaths,<br />

and resorting to using Hebrew words<br />

for God and Jesus. Many are “falling from<br />

grace” in <strong>the</strong>ir attempt to give <strong>the</strong> law of<br />

Moses a place in <strong>the</strong>ir daily lives. God gave<br />

us <strong>the</strong> book of Galatians to answer this ancient<br />

and now modern heresy.<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

Hebrews<br />

This is a book that will bless you like no o<strong>the</strong>r.<br />

As you study <strong>the</strong> book of Hebrews, you will<br />

not only learn about faith, you will actually<br />

have faith built into you by <strong>the</strong> Word of God.<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

preparing to be a help meet<br />

$19.95<br />

John<br />

Every verse is discussed, every critical word<br />

examined. Here is doctrinal and practical<br />

teaching to enrich your life.<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

Mark<br />

Michael teaches through <strong>the</strong> book of Mark<br />

verse by verse.<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

Romans<br />

Verse by verse, word by word, this is a commentary<br />

on <strong>the</strong> book of Romans. We continually<br />

receive testimonies of lives changed and<br />

souls saved through listening to this greatest<br />

of all New Testament books. Until you know<br />

<strong>the</strong> book of Romans you don’t know <strong>the</strong> Bible.<br />

If you have never listened to any Bible<br />

teaching by Michael Pearl, this is <strong>the</strong> place to<br />

start. Michael also has a printed commentary<br />

on Romans 1-8 which is much more extensive<br />

than <strong>the</strong> audio.<br />

20 CDs $56.95 1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

righteousness<br />

Four messages on salvation:<br />

NEW!<br />

The Man Christ Jesus, The Blood, Imputed<br />

Righteousness, Saving Righteousness.<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

<strong>Download</strong> Mike’s entire teaching<br />

on <strong>the</strong> book of Romans and o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

FREE messages on our website!<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 33

is our english bible<br />

inspired? $4.95<br />

Revelation Poster & Handbook<br />

This poster is a print of an original painting<br />

done by Michael Pearl which shows <strong>the</strong><br />

events of Revelation in chronological order.<br />

It is 40"x 19” on heavy, glossy paper. The<br />

handbook which accompanies it is filled with<br />

Old Testament references and commentary<br />

to <strong>the</strong> events in Revelation. Poster $12.95<br />

Sinful Nature<br />

These messages answer some of<br />

<strong>the</strong> ridiculous teachings of an ancient heresy<br />

sometimes called “Calvinism.” For too long,<br />

Reformed <strong>the</strong>ology has robbed <strong>the</strong> church of<br />

<strong>the</strong> power of God. The petals fall off of Calvin’s<br />

tulip when it is held up to <strong>the</strong> light of<br />

Scripture. 1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

O<strong>the</strong>r Authors<br />

NEW!<br />

FIVE POINTS of Calvinism<br />

Each of <strong>the</strong> much-touted 5 points of Calvinism<br />

is carefully compared with <strong>the</strong> clear<br />

teaching of God’s holy and infallible Word,<br />

providing both serious Scriptural challenge<br />

and correction to <strong>the</strong> extremes of Calvinism.<br />

125-pg. Book $5.95<br />

Hazardous materials<br />

Author: Gail Riplinger. “Do you have hazardous<br />

materials in your library—your biblical<br />

library? By <strong>the</strong> time I finished reading <strong>the</strong><br />

45 page introduction to this 1200 page book<br />

I knew <strong>the</strong> final definitive work had been<br />

written on <strong>the</strong> issue of bible translations.<br />

1214-pg. Book $29.95<br />

34 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936<br />

Is Our English Bible NEW!<br />

Inspired?<br />

Is <strong>the</strong> King James Bible perfect or just “a<br />

good translation?” Sometimes a defense of<br />

<strong>the</strong> Bible raises more questions than it answers.<br />

<strong>No</strong>t here. In this book, Dr. Samuel<br />

Gipp gives in-depth yet understandable<br />

answers on <strong>the</strong> issue of our inspired Bible.<br />

Fur<strong>the</strong>rmore, <strong>the</strong> position defended with <strong>the</strong><br />

Bible, <strong>the</strong> “final authority in all matters of<br />

faith and practice,” not <strong>the</strong> opinions of men.<br />

73-page Book.<br />

King James, His Bible, and Its<br />

Translators<br />

This collection of essays on <strong>the</strong> subjects of<br />

King James, his Bible, and its translators is<br />

<strong>the</strong> result of painstaking, original research,<br />

with an emphasis on primary resources.<br />

Book $8.95<br />

new age Bible Versions<br />

NEW!<br />

Author: Gail Riplinger. This book<br />

is <strong>the</strong> result of an exhaustive six year collation<br />

of new bible versions, <strong>the</strong>ir underlying<br />

Greek manuscripts, editions, and editors. It<br />

objectively and methodically documents <strong>the</strong><br />

hidden alliance between new versions and<br />

<strong>the</strong> New Age Movement’s One World Religion.<br />

700-pg. Book $16.95<br />

Which Version is <strong>the</strong> Bible?<br />

Author: Floyd Jones. Answers all your questions<br />

about Bible versions. Proof that <strong>the</strong><br />

King James Bible is <strong>the</strong> perfect Word of God<br />

to <strong>the</strong> English-speaking people.<br />

Book $12.95<br />

The answer book<br />

Author: Samuel Gipp, Th.D. Contains answers<br />

to 62 most-often-asked questions<br />

concerning Bible translation issues and <strong>the</strong><br />

preservation of <strong>the</strong> Bible in <strong>the</strong> Authorized<br />

Version. It is scrupulously researched and<br />

beautifully written—a pleasure to read.<br />

165-pg. Book $6.95<br />

The 2006 Geneva Bible –<br />

The Trojan Horse<br />

This is Dr. Gipp’s answer to <strong>the</strong> all <strong>the</strong> hoopla<br />

surrounding <strong>the</strong> “Geneva” Bible. Recently,<br />

a Bible has been promoted as <strong>the</strong> “1599<br />

Geneva Bible” when in fact, it is not. Unsuspecting<br />

Bible believers may be deceived<br />

into thinking it is safe to read and study from

<strong>the</strong> “Grandfa<strong>the</strong>r” of <strong>the</strong> King James Bible.<br />

It isn’t. Dr. Gipp is direct and concise in this<br />

brief 112 page examination of <strong>the</strong> “2006 Geneva<br />

Bible”. 104-pg. Book $5.95<br />

The O<strong>the</strong>r Side of Calvinism<br />

Author: Laurence M. Vance, Ph.D. This is a<br />

detailed historical examination and critical<br />

biblical analysis of Calvinism. Extensively<br />

documented from Calvinistic authorities,<br />

this book presents <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side to <strong>the</strong> over<br />

400-year-old debate of <strong>the</strong> doctrines of Calvinism.<br />

Mike Pearl states, “This is <strong>the</strong> best<br />

book exposing <strong>the</strong> heresies of Calvinism.<br />

If you are a Bible believer concerned about<br />

TRUTH, this is a ‘must-read.’” Hard bound<br />

book. 788-pg. Book $29.95<br />

Bible Books by Mike<br />

By Divine Design<br />

If you are philosophically-minded, this book<br />

will appeal to you. Michael discusses some<br />

of <strong>the</strong> basic presuppositions that lead us to<br />

believe in and trust <strong>the</strong> unseen God. We are<br />

part of a great drama that is perfectly orchestrated<br />

by both <strong>the</strong> sovereignty of God and <strong>the</strong><br />

free will of man. 85-pg. Book $5.95<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.57<br />

new age bible versions $16.95<br />

Eight Kingdoms<br />

The Bible speaks of eight kingdoms. You<br />

can’t see one of <strong>the</strong>m. One is coming but you<br />

can’t be a part of it. Ano<strong>the</strong>r must be resisted.<br />

You have been removed from ano<strong>the</strong>r. You<br />

must honor ano<strong>the</strong>r that is evil. One is now<br />

fighting for its life. One is going to smash all<br />

<strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>rs and reign forever on <strong>the</strong> earth. If<br />

you don’t want to be challenged, don’t bo<strong>the</strong>r<br />

buying this book. This book would be a<br />

gift your pastor would truly enjoy.<br />

Book $12.95<br />

Box of 34 $265.00<br />

Divine Design:<br />

I have just finished By<br />

Divine Design. Outside<br />

of <strong>the</strong> Bible, it is now<br />

my number one favorite<br />

book. Everyone<br />

needs to read it. It answers<br />

<strong>the</strong> questions that everyone<br />

‘thinks’ but never says out loud. I<br />

am recommending it to everyone. I<br />

have never read a more well-written<br />

piece of English writing.<br />

Fellowservant,<br />

Dr. Gail Riplinger, Author,<br />

New Age Bible Versions,<br />

In Awe of Thy Word,<br />

Which Bible is God’s Word,<br />

Hazardous Materials, and<br />

The Language of <strong>the</strong> King James Bible<br />

Good and Evil<br />

Written by Michael Pearl and featuring spectacular<br />

artwork by former Marvel Comic<br />

artist Danny Bulanadi. Over 300 pages illustrated<br />

in comic book format show <strong>the</strong> Bible<br />

stories in a chronological approach. Great for<br />

any child, teen or as Sunday School material.<br />

English Book $19.95<br />

Box of 26 $311.22<br />

Spanish Book - (El Bien y El Mal) $19.95<br />

Box of 26 $311.22<br />

Good and Evil - Comic Books<br />

Our popular book, Good and Evil, has been<br />

printed in one-chapter comic books. Perfect<br />

for giveaways. Kids will beg you for <strong>the</strong> next<br />

chapter. 6 1/2” x 10 1/4” 28 pages each, soft<br />

cover, full color.<br />

English Parts 1-6 $2.99 each<br />

Comic 6-pk Special $9.00<br />

25 or more copies $2.00 each<br />

Spanish Parts 1-5 $2.99<br />

25 or more copies $2.00 each<br />

El Bien y El Mal Comic 5-pk. $7.50<br />

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sumption is that God forgives only sins that<br />

are confessed. What does <strong>the</strong> Bible teach?<br />

Does God withhold forgiveness until sin is<br />

confessed? <strong>No</strong>t on your life.<br />

23-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />

Baptism in Jesus’ Name<br />

There are those who insist that New Testament<br />

water baptism is not valid unless <strong>the</strong><br />

one doing <strong>the</strong> baptism vocally utters <strong>the</strong><br />

words “in Jesus’ name.” It is <strong>the</strong> conclusion<br />

of this study that <strong>the</strong> verbal utterance is never<br />

an issue in Scripture. It is erroneous to insist<br />

on any certain phrase being pronounced over<br />

<strong>the</strong> baptized. 17-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />

to betroth or not to betroth<br />

$1.50<br />

Good and Evil - Kids’ coloring<br />

Books<br />

Your children will love coloring <strong>the</strong> pages<br />

of <strong>the</strong>se four books! Based on <strong>the</strong> popular<br />

Good and Evil book. Sold separately or in a<br />

4-Book Set. Books 1-4 $2.00 each<br />

25 or more copies ea. $1.50<br />

4 Book Set $8.00<br />

25 or more sets ea. $5.50<br />

Romans chapter 1-8 Commentary<br />

This commentary contains a careful wordfor-word<br />

examination of every phrase and<br />

addresses all <strong>the</strong> hard <strong>the</strong>ological issues that<br />

have been <strong>the</strong> foundation of <strong>the</strong> Christian<br />

faith down through <strong>the</strong> centuries.<br />

222-pg. Book $8.95<br />

Booklets<br />

All booklets are $1.50 each or $1 each for<br />

25 or more copies of any one of <strong>the</strong> below.<br />

These are great resources for teachers to use<br />

in Bible classes.<br />

1 John 1:9 <strong>the</strong> Protestant<br />

Confessional<br />

A core belief held by most conservative<br />

Christians is that Christians who have unconfessed<br />

sins in <strong>the</strong>ir life are in need of forgiveness,<br />

are out of fellowship with God, and<br />

are walking in darkness. The underlying as-<br />

In Defense of Biblical<br />

Chastisement<br />

Michael brings clear understanding back into<br />

<strong>the</strong> confusing and often misunderstood subject<br />

of corporal chastisement. After firmly<br />

laying <strong>the</strong> Biblical foundation for chastisement,<br />

he <strong>the</strong>n answers <strong>the</strong> question, “How do<br />

I apply corporal chastisement properly?” Finally,<br />

he shows <strong>the</strong> effectiveness of Biblical<br />

chastisement demonstrated in those families<br />

that practice it as taught.<br />

29-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />

Justification and <strong>the</strong> book of<br />

James<br />

James clearly teaches that works justify a<br />

man while Paul teaches that a man is not justified<br />

by works. Are <strong>the</strong>y contradicting each<br />

o<strong>the</strong>r? Which one is correct? This study resolves<br />

<strong>the</strong> issue once and for all.<br />

26-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />


Mike tackles <strong>the</strong> arguments for <strong>the</strong> faith by<br />

taking <strong>the</strong> a<strong>the</strong>ists’ own logic to prove Jesus<br />

Christ is God. 32-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />

Pornography - Road to Hell<br />

While most ministers avoid <strong>the</strong> subject, Michael<br />

Pearl addresses <strong>the</strong> deadly scourge of<br />

pornography head-on. He shows how repentance<br />

toward God and <strong>the</strong> power of <strong>the</strong> gospel<br />

of Jesus Christ can break <strong>the</strong> bondage of<br />

this wicked perversion through <strong>the</strong> abundant<br />

mercy and grace of a loving God. There is<br />

hope for <strong>the</strong> man caught in <strong>the</strong> snare of por-<br />

Become a distributor and receive up to 60% off our materials!<br />

See page 39 for details.<br />

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nography and hope for <strong>the</strong> helpless, angry<br />

wife who finds it difficult to honor him.<br />

12-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />

La Pornografía: Camino al Infierno<br />

(Spanish Pornography Booklet) $1.50<br />

The gap fact<br />

The Bible clearly declares that <strong>the</strong> Earth existed<br />

before <strong>the</strong> six-day creation. Don’t let<br />

well-meaning creation scientists cloud this<br />

Biblical truth for you. Study it for yourself.<br />

30-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />

To Betroth or not to Betroth<br />

All Christian parents want <strong>the</strong>ir children to<br />

have God’s first and best in all areas of <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

lives, and this includes marriage. In an effort<br />

to avoid <strong>the</strong> dangers of <strong>the</strong> modern dating<br />

game, families are giving attention to <strong>the</strong><br />

concept of betrothal. The dangers of <strong>the</strong> betrothal<br />

system are exposed with <strong>the</strong> light of<br />

biblical truth, bringing objectivity back to an<br />

often-misunderstood subject.<br />

28-pg. Booklet $1.50<br />

Bible Topics - Audio<br />

50 Sins<br />

Sin brings misery, even when we are unaware<br />

of it as <strong>the</strong> source of our troubled spirit.<br />

To allow <strong>the</strong> Holy Spirit to chase lifelong<br />

troublesome sin out into <strong>the</strong> light is purging<br />

in and of itself. 1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

Am I Saved?<br />

Three message set: Born Again, Am I Saved?<br />

and Repent, discusses <strong>the</strong> nature of repentance<br />

and faith as it pertains to salvation.<br />

2 CDs $10.95<br />

Chronological Prophecies<br />

The infidel is silenced with this irrefutable<br />

testimony of <strong>the</strong> Bible’s accuracy.<br />

1 CD $5.95<br />

God Hates Sinners<br />

It’s time you knew <strong>the</strong> truth. 1 CD $5.95<br />

Repentance<br />

When <strong>the</strong> Bible warns a sinner to repent,<br />

what is <strong>the</strong> nature of that repentance? Michael<br />

Pearl examines all 112 uses of “repent”<br />

in <strong>the</strong> KJV. Designed to put hearts at rest in<br />

Christ, and correct error. 44-pg. Book $4.50<br />

8 or more copies ea. $3.15<br />

learning from <strong>the</strong> a<strong>the</strong>ists<br />

$1.50<br />

repentance, true and false<br />

Undoubtedly <strong>the</strong> most misunderstood word<br />

in <strong>the</strong> Bible. Have you repented? If you<br />

haven’t you cannot be saved. Did you know<br />

that <strong>the</strong> most oft used phrase, “Repent of<br />

your sins,” is not to be found in <strong>the</strong> Bible<br />

even one time? Then what is this vital act<br />

that God requires as a condition of salvation?<br />

Michael Pearl explores this subject in depth<br />

and gives definitive Biblical answers. This<br />

message could be <strong>the</strong> one that will change<br />

your life forever and forever. 1 CD $5.95<br />

Sin <strong>No</strong> More<br />

The big question is: “So how do I stop sinning?”<br />

You have confessed your sins, received<br />

<strong>the</strong> baptism of <strong>the</strong> Holy Ghost with<br />

evidence of everything but ceasing to sin; yet<br />

you are still a Romans 7 Christian. I assure<br />

you, God not only saves his children from<br />

<strong>the</strong> penalty of sin but he saves <strong>the</strong>m from its<br />

power as well. You can stop sinning.<br />

9 CDs $34.95<br />

Sin <strong>No</strong> More & Sanctification<br />

MP3<br />

Two sets of messages on one MP3 CD.<br />

1 MP3 CD $12.95<br />

Sons of God and Giants<br />

The Jews have taught it for 3,500 years. The<br />

church fa<strong>the</strong>rs believed it and wrote of it. It<br />

has been commonly believed by Bible believers<br />

down through <strong>the</strong> ages, but it is too<br />

radical for our present generation. They will<br />

ridicule you if you believe it. 1 CD $5.95<br />

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Good and Evil Update<br />

By Chuck <strong>Joy</strong>ner,<br />

Asst. General Manager<br />

Getting Started and Finishing After months of working to<br />

secure translators, <strong>the</strong> translation of Good and Evil into <strong>the</strong> Punjabi and<br />

Urdu languages of Pakistan and India is now underway. With over 160 million<br />

combined speakers of <strong>the</strong>se two languages,<strong>the</strong>se translations have <strong>the</strong><br />

potential to greatly impact South Asia. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is <strong>the</strong><br />

only solution to <strong>the</strong> great conflicts of this region and Good and Evil has<br />

proven to be an effective tool in presenting <strong>the</strong> Gospel. Please pray for <strong>the</strong><br />

swift completion of <strong>the</strong>se translations for <strong>the</strong> sake of those millions of souls trapped<br />

in <strong>the</strong> bondage of sin and hopeless religion.<br />

We are nearing <strong>the</strong> finish line on three o<strong>the</strong>r translations that are scheduled to be<br />

printed in April and May. The Falam Chin language is spoken by over 100,000 people<br />

in <strong>the</strong> mountains of northwest Burma bordering India. The Zaiwa language has over<br />

100,000 speakers mostly in nor<strong>the</strong>ast Burma and <strong>the</strong> bordering areas of China. The<br />

speakers of Hawa Naga number over a million and live mostly in nor<strong>the</strong>ast India and<br />

nor<strong>the</strong>rn Burma. These people groups are mostly unknown to <strong>the</strong> rest of <strong>the</strong> world but<br />

are known of God and need to hear <strong>the</strong> message of salvation in Jesus Christ. Thank you<br />

for your continued support of NGJ’s publishing and distribution of Good and Evil in<br />

<strong>the</strong>se and o<strong>the</strong>r languages.<br />

Russian Update The initial translation work is completed. There has been a team<br />

of five people working on <strong>the</strong> project. They strove to keep <strong>the</strong> balance between Bible<br />

idioms and conversational language. All <strong>the</strong> Russian workers found Good and Evil to<br />

be an extremely interesting book to read. We already have many requests for Good and<br />

Evil from missionaries in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. We expect to print by <strong>the</strong> end<br />

of May and start distribution in <strong>the</strong> Jewish Community Center in Gomel to prisons,<br />

orphanages, summer camps and churches.<br />

If you want to specifically support <strong>the</strong>se or o<strong>the</strong>r languages or <strong>the</strong> Translation Project<br />

in general you can go <strong>the</strong> <strong>the</strong>n NGJ website at www.nogreaterjoy.org and click<br />

“Donate” or by sending a check in <strong>the</strong> return envelope included with this magazine.<br />

For additional information contact me by phone at 931-593-3115 or by email at<br />

cjoyner@nogreaterjoy.org.<br />

Good and Evil Printing Report<br />

Printed:<br />

Burmese<br />

Cebuano<br />

English<br />

Hmong<br />

Jinghpaw (Kachin)<br />

Karen<br />

Khmer<br />

Korean<br />

Lao<br />

Lisu<br />

Lithuanian<br />

Mongolian<br />

Nepali<br />

Simplified Chinese<br />

Spanish<br />

(Latin American,<br />

Mexican)<br />

Thai<br />

Ukrainian<br />

Vietnamese<br />

Wa<br />

In Final Proofing: Castellano,<br />

Catalan, Hindi, Japanese, Romanian,<br />

Russian, Tibetan<br />

Finished/awaiting funds to<br />

print: Afrikaans, Chichewa,<br />

Falam Chin, Hawa Naga, Zaiwa<br />

In Progress:<br />

Ahka<br />

Anung<br />

Bahasa Malaysia<br />

Bislama<br />

Chin, Haka<br />

Chin, Falam<br />

Czech<br />

Dai<br />

Dutch<br />

Dzonkha<br />

Finnish<br />

Finuntuk<br />

(Philippines)<br />

French<br />

Guji Oromo<br />

(Burma, China)<br />

Hungarian<br />

Indonesian<br />

Khmu<br />

Kyrgyz<br />

Lahu<br />

Liang tu<br />

Luo<br />

Portions printed:<br />

Mongolian, Sotho, Tsonga, Tswana<br />

2 or more printings:<br />

Cebuano, English, Simplified Chinese,<br />

Spanish, Thai<br />

Maka<br />

Maru<br />

Mongul<br />

(China)<br />

Ngochang<br />

<strong>No</strong>rwegian<br />

Pidgin<br />

Polish<br />

Portuguese<br />

Rawang<br />

Samoan<br />

Sichla<br />

Sinhalese<br />

Slovak<br />

Swahili<br />

Sotho<br />

Swedish<br />

Tagalog<br />

Telugu<br />

Tetun<br />

Tibetan<br />

Tongan<br />

Tswana<br />

Turkish<br />

Urdu (Pakistani)<br />

Please see <strong>the</strong> order form for donation to <strong>the</strong><br />

Good and Evil Project: o$5 o$10 o$20 o$30 o$50 o$75 o$100<br />

oO<strong>the</strong>r $__________ oMonthly Gift $___________<br />

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Join <strong>the</strong> Explosion<br />

NGJ’s Distributorship Program<br />

By Mel Cohen CFP, RFC<br />

NGJ has reached a major milestone. We have<br />

passed <strong>the</strong> 500 mark with a total of 520 NGJ<br />

Distributors in 14 countries as of May 1, 2010.<br />

We continue to add at least ten new Distributors<br />

every month. You too can “Join <strong>the</strong> Explosion”<br />

as a business opportunity, to minister to o<strong>the</strong>rs or<br />

to do both. Check it out at www.nogreaterjoy.org/<br />

business-in-a-box and get started today.<br />

After reviewing our website, call Mel Cohen at<br />

931-593-2484 to answer your questions or to sign<br />

up for <strong>the</strong> program. Email questions to:<br />

mcohen@nogreaterjoy.org.<br />

Existing Distributors<br />

Available upon request:<br />

• Your complete contact information on<br />

our website. You provide <strong>the</strong> text and NGJ<br />

will do <strong>the</strong> rest.<br />

• A listing of homeschool conventions in your<br />

area. Homeschool conventions are usually<br />

from February to August each year.<br />

• Images and product descriptions for you<br />

to use on your website or advertising.<br />

• Ten free reports that include:<br />

• Quick Start Guide<br />

• Marketing & Sales Strategies<br />

• Basic Record Keeping Systems<br />

for Your Business<br />

• The Basics of a Business Plan<br />

• Advance notification on new products<br />

and special discounts for Distributors only.<br />

New arrivals:<br />

Books:<br />

Preparing To Be a Help Meet<br />

(Debi Pearl)<br />

New Age Bible Versions<br />

(Gail Riplinger)<br />

Is Our English Bible Inspired?<br />

(Sam Gipp)<br />

MP3:<br />

Sinful Nature<br />

Righteousness<br />

Galatians-Verse by Verse<br />

New or existing Distributors:<br />

Go to <strong>the</strong> Distributor page on <strong>the</strong> NGJ website:<br />

www.nogreaterjoy.org/business-in-a-box/<br />

distributor-info/#c1871 and sign up for <strong>the</strong><br />

Distributor only email that will give you advance<br />

notice of about to be released products and special<br />

distributor only discounts. The discounts are over and above your standard<br />

discount, so be sure to sign up ASAP. If you have any questions, call or email<br />

Mel at 931-593-2484 or mcohen@nogreaterjoy.org.<br />

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may - june 2010<br />

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc.<br />

1000 Pearl Road<br />

Pleasantville, TN 37033<br />




PAID<br />



May-June Specials<br />

May 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010<br />

33% OFF ALL CDs & DVDs!<br />

Use Coupon code: CDMAYJUN at check out.<br />

I Do, Forever!<br />

Preparing To Be A Help Meet,<br />

Created To Be His Help Meet,<br />

Only Men, Young Adults<br />

& Marriage CD<br />

Reg.$48.80<br />

NOW $36.60<br />

Item # 4400-05<br />



Spanish: Created To Be His<br />

Help Meet, Holy Sex,<br />

Only Men Reg. $21.90<br />

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Item # 8339-05<br />

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