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Parent Handbook -

Serving Forsyth, Davie, and Stokes Counties of Northwest North Carolina.


Parent’s Handbook



“Providing quality

child care for

tomorrow’s leaders,

since 1970!”


N O R T H W E S T C H I L D D E V E L O P M E N T C E N T E R S , I N C


We are committed to promoting the

well-being of your child and your

family. This Parent Handbook is

designed to provide you with essential

information concerning our program.

We will notify you in writing of any

changes to this handbook. Please

keep it readily available for future


Should you have any questions or

concerns at any time, please do not

hesitate to call our main office or the

child care center where your child is


We appreciate your confidence in our

ability to care for your child during

these most important years of growth,

development, and learning.

Corporate Office

520 North Spring Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Phone 336.721.1215

Fax 336.721.1217


Tony L. Burton, III

Chief Executive Officer



A non-profit organization, founded in 1970

to support families by helping them meet

the developmental needs of their children

from infancy through school-age. NWCDC,

Inc. is governed by a voluntary Board of

Directors that consist of private and public

citizens, and parents of Forsyth, Davie,

Davidson and Stokes counties. Northwest

has the capacity to service 700 children and

families in community child care centers.


Table of Contents

Welcome 2

Our Mission 2

Registration and Enrollment 4

Orientation 6

Arrival and Departure 6

Operational Policies 8

Hours 8

Inclement Weather 8

Holidays 8

Absences 9

Enrollment Agreement 9

Fees for Late Pick-up 10

Payment Policy 10

Returned Checks 10

Fee Increases 11

Rated License 11

Age Appropriate Activities 12

Wings 13

Health and Safety 13

Behavior Management 19

Child Abuse and Neglect 19

General Information 20

Birthdays/Celebrations 21

Field Trips 21

Enrichment Programs 21

Our Commitment 22

The Parent Role 23

Parent Participations/Partnerships 23

Communication 23

Parent Visits 24

Grievance Procedures 24

Center Listings 26

Parent Pages 26

Medications 26

Notes 26

Special Events 27

Infant and Toddler Care 14

Toilet Training 15

Meals 15

Medicines 16

Immunizations 17

Rest Periods 17

Accidents 18

nurture. enrich. grow. TM



During your initial enrollment visit to our center, the director will tour the

facility with you and discuss the center’s goals and routines. Once you decide to

enroll your child, a non-refundable registration fee will be required per family.

This deposit will hold your child’s position for up to fourteen (14) days prior to


Additional registration fees will not be required as long as your child remains

actively enrolled in our program. You will also be given an enrollment package

upon paying this annual registration fee.

On or before your child’s first day at the center, make sure to complete and return

the enrollment package that contains the following:

• Enrollment Form

• Medical Form with up-to-date immunizations

• Financial Agreement

• Discipline Policy

• Child Information Report

• Emergency Information Card

• School Food Service Application

• Authorization and Release Approval

The information that you provide is strictly confidential and will not be released

without your consent. You may have access to the information in your child’s file

at any time.

Please notify us in writing concerning changes in the following:

• Address

• Telephone Number

• Employment

• Custody

• Other important information about your child or family including all

allergies and immunization records

• Changes in persons authorized to pick-up your child

Our Vision

To partner with child care providers,

families and the community in

order to offer affordable quality

early childhood education for all

children, while utilizing cost effective

resources, materials, technology and

qualified personnel.



The adjustment to a new center is different for every child. Before enrolling, we

encourage you to arrange one or more “mini visits” to the center to allow you

and your child the opportunity to see our staff and become familiar with the


Tears are normal the first few days. A quick “goodbye” generally works best and

helps relieve insecure feelings. We encourage you to call the center director with

any concerns you have and readily accept suggestions on making this a positive



The protection of your child is our primary concern. To help us maintain a safe

environment, please:

• Sign your child in upon arrival and out upon departure.

• Enter and leave through the designated entrance only. Please do not

remove your child from the playground.

• Accompany your child to the proper classroom. At no time should your

child be left unattended.

• Make staff aware of your child’s arrival and departure.

• Send a written statement if we should release your child to someone

other than those persons designated on the enrollment form (this

person should bring identification). Please note that we cannot release a

child to anyone less than 16 years of age, or to anyone who arrives at

the center intoxicated or questionably under the influence of alcohol or


• All children need to be at the center no later than 9:00 am. This allows

children to participate in lessons, helps maintain ratios, provide accurate

lunch counts and attendance. Any child arriving after 9:00 am, must

have a doctor’s note, prior notification or otherwise stated on voucher

(if applicable).

Note: Our policies do not

deny a parent access to

his/her child until a copy

of a court order is on file.


When you arrive, please help your child get settled into his/her room. The

teacher in charge will greet you and introduce your child into the on-going


During early morning and late afternoon, your child may be grouped with

other classes. Ask your child’s teacher for the schedule you will use in the

morning and evening.






Our organization offers full time care for children six weeks to five years of age.

Children will be enrolled on a first come, first serve basis upon payment of the

required registration fee. When all vacancies are full, names will be placed on a

waiting list and notified in order of their application.


Child Care Services are available Monday through Friday. Hours vary at the

different centers from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. Please notice the specific hours for the

location of your choice.


Centers may operate on a reduced schedule or close when determined necessary

by administration. Announcements will be made on WXII, WFMY and FOX

television stations, whenever changes in scheduling occurs. No credit will be

allowed on weekly fees for inclement weather days.


In order to allow our staff time with their families, we will be closed on the

following holidays:

• New Years Day

• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

• Good Friday

• Memorial Day

• Independence Day

• Labor Day

• Thanksgiving Day & The Day After

• Christmas Day & The Day Before or After

When the holiday falls on Saturday, the center will close on the preceding Friday,

and on the following Monday, when the date falls on Sunday. No credit will be

allowed on the weekly fee for holidays.


In case of illnesses or vacation, please notify your child’s

center. No credit will be allowed for illness or vacation. For

subsidized scholarships, the center director is required to notify

the local Department of Social Services of absences of 5 days

or more within a calendar month. Children may be removed

from our enrollment roster on the 10th day of absence within a

one-month period.


Upon enrolling your child in our program, the

center director will help you determine the

hours of service for your family. This schedule

will meet your work and family needs. We also

use this information to determine our staffing


While we realize emergencies can

occur, we encourage you to follow this

agreement as closely as possible and to

contact the center when you anticipate

changes or delays. Please contact the

director when changes must be made in your

agreement. Repeated delays can be cause for

withdrawal of your child from our program.



Any arrival after your scheduled pick-up time may incur a late fee of $5.00 per

10 minute intervals or any part thereof. This fee will be added to your weekly



Child care fees should be paid on Monday for the week. Service will be terminated

if fees are not paid by Wednesday at closing, of the of week of service. Parents

should pay by check, money order or online at our web site; . A

late fee is automatically added every week to any account with an outstanding


A fee $30.00 will be assessed for any checks returned by a bank. The account is

subject to continuing late charges until the account is paid in full. Families must

pay by certified check, money order or online after two returned checks.

nurture. enrich. grow.

N W C D C 10


Fees will be reviewed on an annual basis. Notices of increases will be posted 30

days prior to the date such increases become effective.

The goal of the Northwest Child Development Centers, Inc. is to provide

comprehensive child care services for children and families.


The State of North Carolina has adopted a Voluntary Enhanced Standards Program

for child care centers. This program is known as the Rated License or Stars

Program. The quality of each child care program is rated in two areas: programs

and staff education.


Children six weeks of age and older, participate in age appropriate activities which

are planned as part of our Creative Curriculum. Classrooms are arranged into

learning centers, which allow children the freedom to “play” and develop skills.

Opportunities are available daily for:

• Art and creative expression

• Science and discovery

• Sand and water play

• Language and reading development

• Block and transportation play

• Imaginative and dramatic play

• Music and movement

• Small motor development

• Large motor skills

• Food experiences

• Problem solving and number concepts

• Social awareness

• Health and safety

• Field trips

• Self-help routines

• Computer center

• Enrichment programs

Each child is offered group experiences, one-on-one interactions, as well as time

to play alone if he or she chooses. The activity plan for the week is posted for

your review. We offer children an opportunity to play outdoors daily, weather



The center is a place for healthy children.

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff or

facilities to care for children who are ill.

We ask you not to bring your child if he or

she has any of the following conditions:

• A temperature of 101 degrees or higher

• Severe diarrhea or frequent watery stools

• Vomiting

• Acute symptoms of a cold or drainage from the eyes

• Scabies or lice

• Cannot participate in classroom or outdoor activities as planned

• Cannot maintain a lowered temperature without medication

• Ringworm

If your child has a contagious disease such as chicken pox, mumps, strep throat,

pink eye, flu, impetigo, etc., please keep your child at home for as long a period as

your physician recommends. In most cases, this is 24 to 48 hours after treatment

begins. Please notify the center of any contagious illness so the other parents may

be informed. After a contagious disease, a note authorized by a physician will be

required before returning to the center.

You will be contacted to pick up your child if he or she becomes ill during the day.

Newly enrolled children could experience more sickness because of initial close

contact with other children. Generally, this subsides within a short period of time.

N W C D C 13


Infant and toddler care offers an opportunity for our staff to share in a special

relationship with your family. Specific areas are designated for sleeping, playing,

eating and diapering. Each baby has a crib and storage area.

The following guidelines will ease the transition for your infant or toddler into our


• Daily communication, both written and verbal, helps assure the best

care for your child.

• Use the daily parent report to return instructions concerning your infant.

Update your child’s information forms as your child’s schedule changes.

Parents should provide bottled milk, water or formula and diapering

supplies including wipes.

• Unused formula must be discarded after the second use. A bottle must

be provided for each required feeding and nipples must be covered.

Plastic bottles are required.

• The parent must label all items including bottles, tops to bottles and

jars, baby foods, diapers, diaper supplies and clothing. Labels on

bottles, and bottle caps and baby foods should include the child’s full

name and should be dated daily. Disposable diapers are required

unless the child’s doctor requests cloth diapers.

• Help us coordinate your child’s transition to table foods when ready.

• Please provide an adequate seasonal change of clothes. For health and

safety reasons, please limit the use of bows, beads, barrettes, earrings,

or other small, potentially hazardous items in infant areas. Pierced

earrings must have safety or screw on backs. Jewelry deemed unsafe

will be removed and brought to the office for parent retrieval. The

center is not responsible for lost jewelry.



Your child may be ready to potty-train if he or she is:

• walking well

• staying dry for several hours

• able to communicate the need to use the toilet

• appears to be aware of wet or soiled diapers

• is in a cooperative mood

There is no definite age when a child is ready, and many toddlers alternate

between periods of cooperative and negative behavior. Both the parents and

staff should use the same procedures for training so it does not confuse the child.

During training, it is very important to dress your child in suitable clothing and

provide clothing changes.


Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided by the center as part of our

regular program. Breakfast is served between 7:30 am - 9:00 am. For children

arriving after 9:00 am, parents will be expected to provide the child with a meal

before coming to the center. Lunch hours vary from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm. An

afternoon snack is served upon awaking from the rest period.

Please do not bring food to the center. If your child is allergic to any items, please

make a notation on the enrollment forms and make the Director aware of the

information. Parents may provide suitable substitutions for the items eliminated

from the menu. Please help us monitor your child’s safety by reviewing the posted

menu and reminding Director when the items appear.

Children may be given an opportunity to participate in a blessing at mealtimes.

Children will not be forced to participate in this activity.

N W C D C 15


We will assist you in administering medication to your child when necessary. To

maintain safety standards, please follow these guidelines:

• The state parent/guardian is responsible for turning in medication to

the proper staff member. We ask that you never carry medicine into the


• The medication permission form must be properly completed and signed

by a parent.

• Medications may not be checked in by parents. They are not permitted

access to the office or kitchen area where it is stored. Also, it is a breach

of confidentiality to allow parents to see the medications taken by the

other children or staff members.

• Non-prescription medicines are never given on an “as needed” basis.

• Children with asthma or other serious allergies must provide a

physician’s authorization and complete a medical form to cover

a period of six months and also provide an official care plan so that we

will have accurate indicators of when to provide inhalers, etc.

• By state law, Northwest Child Development Centers cannot give any

medicine, including Tylenol and aspirin, without written consent from

the parent and a doctor’s note.

• The center does not keep extra medicine on hand.

• Medicines with expired dates will not be given. Unused medications will

be returned to the parent or discarded after 72 hours.

Parents may complete a permission slip annually to allow application of

sunscreens, lotions, and diaper ointments.

N W C D C 16

For safety reasons, medication will only be administered once daily, unless

otherwise indicated on the physician’s medical form. Please ask your physician

to arrange your child’s medication schedule accordingly. Parents should be

responsible for administering as many doses at home as possible.


We require all children to provide a physician’s statement of the required

immunizations. As your child receives additional shots, please notify the center.

Current immunization records are required for all children up to 5 years of age.


Time is set aside each day for a rest period. This rest time contributes to the

enjoyment of daily activities and your child’s general health. Children are not

required to go to sleep, but will be expected to rest quietly. Parents are asked to

help encourage this behavior.

nurture. enrich. grow.


Every precaution has been

taken to make our building

and grounds as safe as

possible. Many of our

teachers are certified in

CPR and first aid training.

Should an accident occur:

• We will notify you immediately. Please be sure we have accurate

emergency numbers.

• If we cannot reach you and we feel it is necessary, we will take your

child to the hospital listed on the emergency card and continue our

attempts to contact you. In some cases, an emergency vehicle may be

contacted to transport the child. If so, this expense is the responsibility

of the parent.

Medical/health insurance coverage is the responsibility of the parent.

N W C D C 18


Our play areas are arranged for maximum safety and require few limitations.

Distraction or a simple “no” will usually correct a child’s behavior. When

disruptive behavior does occur, however, we use the following techniques:

• “Time Out” or “Sit and Watch” where the child is told what he or she

has done wrong and what should have been done instead. The child is

then asked to sit at the edge of the group and watch the other children.

After short period of sitting quietly (from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on

the child’s age), the child is invited to return to the group and

is reminded of the proper behavior.

• Positive redirection, which involves redirecting the child’s thoughts and

actions to more positive channels.

We believe in positive methods and we will never use physical force or

psychological punishment as a disciplinary measure. Our primary concern is

for the safety and well being of all children served. Parents will be asked to

conference with staff to help children with unacceptable behavior.


If there is cause to believe that

a child has been abused or

neglected by staff or parents, the

center director is required by law

to report to the Director of Social

Services in the county where the

child lives. The center director will

also report to the Chief Executive


N W C D C 19


Since the activities planned for your child may involve paints, clay and outdoor

play, we suggest the following in order for your child to receive the maximum

benefit from play:

• Dress your child in play clothes that are washable, roomy, and easy for

them to manage.

• Provide an inexpensive paint shirt or smock.

• Provide 2 sets of change of clothing in case of spills, accidents, or


• Label all items brought to the center including outer garments with a

permanent marker.

• Shoes are required at the center. “Flip Flops” or loose sandals that do

not buckle at the ankle are not allowed for outdoor play. This type of

shoe makes outside play dangerous.

• The center provides ample toys for play. We discourage toys brought

from home other than a soft cuddly toy for rest time and a special toy

for “show and tell” days. Children should not bring money, small items,

guns or food to the center.

• For health and safety reasons,

please limit the use of bows, beads,

barrettes, earrings, or other small,

potentially hazardous items. Pierced

earrings must have safety or screw on

backs. Jewelry deemed unsafe will be

removed and brought to the office

for parent retrieval. The center is not

responsible for lost jewelry.

Many children have a need for security

items. Security items may be used by

the child during the day when needed

and “saved” in the child’s cubby at other



Birthdays are exciting events for children. Although birthdays are special we

request that they be celebrated simply – no party favors or gifts, please. Feel

free to visit with your child and his or her classmates during the day. If you would

like to provide a special treat at lunch or snack time, we will be glad to arrange a

convenient time. Health Department rules will not allow homemade food items

to be served to children in child care centers. All food brought to the center must

be purchased from an approved source such as a bakery or grocery store. All food

brought to the center must be unopened. Food items must be labeled with all



Parents will be notified before their child goes on a field trip. Parents are

encouraged to volunteer to accompany us whenever possible. Parents have the

right to refuse a child’s participation in field trips. Only children 3 years of age or

older will travel on field trips with parental permission.


It is our goal to partner with organizations in the communities in which we serve

and collaborate to develop enrichment programs. These carefully developed

programs will expose your child to cultural and educational experiences in our

area and surrounding communities.

N W C D C 21

Northwest Child Development

Centers, Inc. is committed to

sharing in the responsibilities

of parents and helping each

child reach his/her potential

in a safe, warm and loving




Current research has proven that children enjoy a more enriched learning

experience when their parents take an active role in their education. As partners

with your child’s center, parents are encouraged to:

• Volunteer at least one (1) hour per month in the center their child


• Attend parent meetings and special programs or events

Your participation will ensure that you are updated on important information and

will have a voice in your child’s daily learning and development.

Throughout the year, parent events are planned and publicized on bulletin

boards, newsletters and on our web site; Northwest Child

Development Centers, Inc. has an “open door” policy, and we encourage you to

drop in whenever you wish.


Children prosper when a line of communication exists between the home and

the center. Parents will be notified of concerns and changes in center routines.

Parents may bring to the attention of the director any concerns that they may have

involving procedures that are considered necessary.


N W C D C 23


Parents are welcome at the center at anytime. Conferences must be scheduled at

a time that will not interfere with normal classroom routines. Please contact the

Center Director to arrange a time that is convenient.


Parents who disagree with center programs or

policies should contact the Center Director.

If the problem is not resolved, the parent should

contact the Chief Executive Officer. If efforts for

a satisfactory solution fail, the matter will be

referred to the Executive Committee of the Board

of Directors and to the full Board of Directors

when necessary.





1208 Hattie Avenue

Winston-Salem, NC 27101


Model City

2530 Pittsburgh Avenue

Winston-Salem, NC 27105


A Great Start

1210 Bolton Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27103



300 North Poplar Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101




622 North Main Street

Mocksville, NC 27028




621 East King Street

King, NC 27201


Contact a center in your area or our

web site for additional information.


N W C D C 25



N W C D C 26



N W C D C 27




Corporate Office

520 North Spring Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Phone 336.721.1215

Fax 336.721.1217


© Northwest Child Development Centers, Inc

Information may be subject to changes or updates.

Revised April 2007

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