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Untitled - Rhode Island Historical Society

Untitled - Rhode Island Historical Society


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;2 POWER S T R F. F.T. r R O \' ID f. ~f' F. 6 , RH Of)[ ISLA~D

\I. k . S DOU"H F LUH' • • r,,,i.,., \'oILLl... G . Ito... ..... D"",..,

",..~ L nun o.u>.j•.. S"",." Cu,~ P. \f o~ 'HO" . l ~ " , .n. .

II........ II K •.u ,·, T".,.... eu.uo." A. l4u." • . J.t>. R...." • .~ "....;." .

T . < R. ntl. Itl••• H ;" M ;' " .~... i'h ." ,,,,,,.,,IioJil,

1M I•• "."",,.,, .., ,.< .. ,;.;~ , ,n.,.ih'nn.


TA fJLf: OF (."O.\'"1'1·;NTS

T ilf' R uons; ] SI., :o. 1l ST,\'" IIO llS'. .

RHOll.; I SI., :o. 1> l.lTf.M\ Tl·Mf·

h ~ Ra n d a ll St,·..-,trl

Tlu·. II "'U H:TT 1'.\\f I·IIU,TS ,Sn THUR .-\ l· T IIOR 10 5

h~ Bradford F. Swa n

W II.I.I.\Io( ELI."R v, SIG:O' ... O . TilE OFX.I.'R,HlOS O f bDU·F. SnF.SU. 11 0

hy Su...,n 8. Fra nkl in

.-\s .-\ssw•." T o Til•. S"Rst. TIIEOR\- . 120

h, Il ... b

Rhode I J/a1/d 1.l l a ll lln l'


mi»..iollar~ cfb.rt. He would defend ~our rig ht to h.,-linl· ;1Il~lhing

~o u like without 1".1:,11inlt'rfelTlll 1'. hili Ill' would in:-i :-t up"" hi:- right

10bri ng to I>eM agilin :-t ~uu a halln ~ of vripmral rcxts in IIII' ntn-mpt

10 convert ~ou to hi:- \\ i1 ~ of thinking. if ~our l>elid:- happened to Ill'

different from hi". Il l' \\a:- a grea t liberal. but he \\ a :- not inditferent

to rd igiou" dnc trine. Ft"din.c: as dn'p ly ax Ill' did about rl"ligion. \ril­

Iiams oh\-iou:-ly dCMT\T" more rre-dit for hi" toleration than N.:11Tll"

lancr-dav liberals, \\hu r-an ha rd ly IX' :-a id to have an y pronounced

rdigiuw; convictions ;11 all .

I heartily ("Ildorlo(' W illiams' position, but I rn ust roulcss th at I

find th e llloud )' Tenet one of the most unreadable hook." I han' ever

tried to read. The argument i" tortuous and abstruse. The style is

cra bbed. If it is on e of the rnoer prai-ed of boo ks. it i!' surely one of

th e least read. ~ h l('o t of us arc willing to scule for the heart of th e

matter, a." summed up in the sentence q uoted a mom ent ago, and

pa~ over the involved dialectic. Difficuh to read a lso is the book with

the extraordinary ti tle. George Fox D ; ,~ .I/d (Jilt of lIiJ Burran-es.

which was William s' argument again:-t t he Quakers.

One book by this author i.. of annthr-r sort, a nd deMTH"S to 1)('

better known. It is called .-1 Key 111/0 th: e 1 , (lIl J,;u/l .~ e v f America, th ..,

language referred tu bt"ing that of the Ind ians. You would not expt"("\

an Jndian dirtionary to ht" inh"f( · !'lin ~ . hut William s' work is r-x trerrn-ly

:-tJ, h('cauy.e tI(· app('Il(b to hi!' wnrd-Ii..t~ ob:-t'f\'atiolls and commentarks

on all ~l rtS (If suhjnts pt'r ta jl1in ~ to thl' Ind ians .U1d the land

\\hil'h th e ~ inh"hitn1. For n amplt-, aht'r ~ i\"i ng th e Ind ian word for

~ t r ,, \\he rr~- Il'll tttl hj""1/t'flJh- \ \"i ll i a ms l!:(>e!i on to sa~':

T hi, h....~- i:- th.' \\ond•., of all !tll" fruib grnwjn~ natu rally ill Ihl'.....·

I>;ll"ts. It j_ o f ibdf ,,·x.dl ...nt; '0(1 Ik l\ llrll' uf till" ..-hid..·,t donoT>; uf

Enela nd \\;1\ wont 1(...;n. th'lI (;od ....uld han' mad." hut God 11

100 Rhodr I I/fw d / .;' 1'1 11 11' " Uhmlr ldand lueraturc 10 1

Ralph Waldo Emerson and I -:.d ~ a r .\ Ibn I'UI' , and it i~ .ilHl'I'l·~lillg' '"

~(" how these o pposill" maqnenc p"l~ cxcncd an attrartmn 011 ce-rt.uu

Rhode Island writers.

Let us glance first at EnU"N >1I\ ma cn cric fie-ld..Alrho uuh Enu-r-on

professed not to want d iscipl es. he \, a......urroun ded by ...nIH"" II! them .

Thoreau was the most di!'l.ing'ui...lwd of the Emcrsonia ns. hut \far·

~a r (' t Fuller was an important d i...iple. and sowa... U k ry C h:UlIlillt:

the Younger. 1\0 less importa nt than th N-l.'- at Itoa ...' in Euu'r.....n\

eves-c-was Charles K i n ~ ;\'(·\\Tom h. who wa s gra d ua ted Itruu Hro" n

i~ th e cia ....... of 1837. Xewcomh wa ... a nu-mber of the Iamuus Hrook

Farm ccrnrnunirv, and he " a... a ronrrihuror 10 the Trar N " 'lldt"IlI,d

mn gazine, the Dial. Perhap... molt" than an y of the others. hI' L Ill lit'

regarded as the specia l prlllt~ .l:" {o of EIll('f"~lIn .

It i ~ a little sur prising 10 us today to lind Erm-rvon ~ 1 )(' " ki ll,L: uf

Ncw r-omb repeatedly in his l ournnts in superlative trnu-. and li ."ti n ~

him ith the gnat names of tlu- .I~( ,-w ith Thoreau. Carlylt" LOll i"

ARa. ~ il. and others of like eminenc e. Emerson admits that :'\t·wnlmh

did not fulfill his early promi....-. hut ne-ither, hr- insists, did ( : arl ~ h- or

Coleridge ful fill his. He would rather know :'\1'\\coll1h\ mind. ht'

said, than the mind of any ot her flf his ar q uaintann '''_.\ h n til ighl\ plutonic "Ill'll',

R hode Islalld literaturr l( )C'tll IICr Rhade IslillJd literatute 1113

O lt in tllr,Ulls, thy gh;l,tly piniom

" 'a \l" and Hutter round lll\ dool' ­

O ft thy shadow d ims the ll'loonlight

SI...·ping 011 Illy chamber door.

Romeo ra lk-, of ··""hit,· dove's tlooping,

Amid 'TOWS at hwart till' night,"

Hut to w-e thy dark wing ,~~oopi llg

Down tht' sih-l'ry pa th of light,

Aurid swan, and dove-lets stooping,

" 'I'rt' W me a nobk-r ~ig ht.

T hen O h G rilli a nd Ghasrlv Ra n 'n !

Wilt tho u to mv Ilt';lrt and ca r

lit- a Ra ven true as C'\T l"

Flapped hi, wing, and rroakcd dnpail:'

:'\0 1 a bird that warm tlu- fore st

Shall our loft y eyr ie ,halT,

C ITla inly a n intriguing invi ta tio n! And it wasn ' t lo ng be fOlT tl u­

Rawtl d escended UpOll the cyri l' on Hcnefit S tree t. Ca rrying out the

g rim svmboli-m of his name, he proposed m arria ge ill t he Xlnin Street

Cemeter y. H I' reci ted CllllulIll' to M rs. W hitm a n in the Athen a eum.

and sigtH'd his name in t he c urren t maga zine - Colton's American

Recieu.. for Decem ber, llH7- w herc t he poem Was prin ted. They

were engaged to be married . bu t Poe succumbed o nce more to alcolu II,

and Xlrs. W hit ma n's fr ien ds persuaded her- apparently with diffic

ulty - to brea k ofT t he engagemen t.

l sho uld omit t he most famo us - I do not say the grea test, h ut th e

m ost famous- sin g-le £loon associated wit h the City o r Providen ce

a nd th e Sta le of Rhod e Isla nd if I rai led to quote from Puc's T o 1Ir/1' 1l

( his seco nd poem of that title ), whi ch dtscribl's the poet's first ."ight of

M rs. Whitm a n in her garden on Benefi t Street:

It was a J uly J1liJni "~ht; a nd from out

A full-orbed moon. that. like thine own soul. ,,-.arin~

Sought a plCTipitall1 pathway II I' th rough I"',I\TII, ­


10-1 R hode IJ/ml" i.itcratnre

Th,- linb- hill .jlk gardnl .11 hi, word

B ecame a 'IM,iOli... 1lI00IH'l1Oha.nt,'d pl.tn ·

Of IlJ."i(lll.hl'r"thin~ rose -v for ;1\1 lilll'".

And vlu- fOI""\"lT with 111'1' lo\n's ,'\l',

\,'t' S,T 110'1'. ;\gd,',,_ v .qui, it." aln..f.'

"lhe ultimate value flf all poetry is ha p pily suc:gt'st\'d 111'1'1' : h.. univ er­

, a Iii y. its I inu-h-ssm-..... BITa lJ.'.( ' ()f PIw\ III)" 111, .\ I rx, \ Yhit rna II-, g;1 rch-u

on Bene fit S l n'I't has berorru- '"a rn"OIl-,'l1rhanled pl;I( " fo r all

tim e."

If .' ~("gkt'l ' In., '''hitman'c 0\\1\ ' ITSf', the fr;ll"lIl. I ,1I1>PO"(", j.

that II I.. owr-hadmwd by POt·\ ..\ 11 wing darkness, a n ;lp proaching

sto rm. a nd a d i..rant li,l.!: hthOlN" a nd ouuludes with the /I1 11ral a11a log\

of t he liuht of fai th ..hilling in tilt"d a rk and tro ubled ..ea of life. It isa

PO(" 111 not much ht·tltT a nd nut muc h \ \ O rM' than ..r-ore.. nf ot her..

written in ninr-n-cnfh I(' ntury Anw r il';I, An other polt'm h~ \11'', \\'hilman

uses Ill(' Se('ku n k as '>Cuinl:: : it hn:-im :

J)(l"'1 thou U 'II WII1I-xT that a ufun mnl d.w

\, 'hell 11\ lilt" So-konk's lollt'h W ;I\"(' 'W t ' -too d

And mar L.I'd till" lane:\Ior of 1l '!.M..... that 1.1\ , .

Sohn than ,1,"'1', on ..alky. \\;I\'l·. and wood?

If the Seekonk a.. rUIIl.lIlIi, ,"r u ing h".. dt'«'riorated ..ollll'" hat "inn'

18 -1 9 - lh (" d a tt' o f thi._ pt" 1"IlI-lh,' fault i:- not ~Ir ._ . \ \ 'hitllla n\, .'\01

i... thl" Seek o nk Ih,' only strram \\hilh has ..ulfl'rl'll ..llth a ..chang(',

'1', S. El io t is a lit IlIlrity fIll' t hr rl'J}flr( th;lt the 'I'ha nH's has (ktl'rill ra;('( 1

ill like ma n ner. In Eliot \ Il'llJt l' I. Ill/d, the T h:lIll('S, rdn l nl to:lS t he

sn'lle in fOrlll('f" rinlt's !lf statd\' IJr ida l.. likl' Ilw flnl' dl':-('J"i llf'd in Sp\'n­

St.'r·s /' roth almni(l" . is no w l i lt ~'r l'd with

. . , . "lI1ph' I H ' l li t · ~ . ~and\\idl IMIJt'l",

Sdk lI and k t · n h i ,.f ~ , , a rdboard IH" l ' ~, ,i!!an'lll' "lIlk

Or ot h.'r tt'stillloll\' of "1l1l1ll1l"1 llichh,

But wr- ClIlll ot tarr ~ lonccr b~ rlu - Sn'konk\ 1 00nd ~ \\;1\1', ,\ , ' I1IIl..r

l!-;I\t' the- pniod of Charlt-.. K in.1:" :'\I'wwmh and Sarah Helen W hit·

man. di ..uneui..hed .1s....iciatc-, of l.nu-rson and Po"" \\'l' must lea\('

thi.. period of Tran sccndcn rali-m and Romance, andmove on to thl'

post-C i\'il \\'a r ~t 'ar.., a period which t he litera ry hi..toriam u-ll us is

m a rk ed l'hi d l~ h~ t he rise of n-alisrn.

l lo t,,· ,'ouI;nou'dl

T HI: H.\\BII:TI" 1' . \ ~ II' Hl.I :T s

,\ :'\0 T H U R .\ L·T H O R

IT IS with "lII..id e- a ble "'l.li..Lutiun, nor unmixed with prick. that

t ilt" Rhod e' "'kind Hi..ror ical So.. it- t ~ i.. able to annoum r- rhat Iht'

two pamphle ts printed at :'\1'\\ 1" 11'1 in 17'27 w hkh it a cquired 1·arlivr

rhi.. ~ear ran tlll\\ he ..hown to he, a lmost beyond the pos._i hili t~ of

a douln, till' l'ar1il·..l kn own ("'ilmpln uf prinlin.g in this stau-.

.\ t the nnu- t he ucqui-iriou \\ as announced. ' it wa ... pointed nut

th.u all almau.«: printed by J;lI1lt' S Fran klin at ;\"tw po rt and know n

to hav e 1)('1' 11 ..Hcn-d for sale in Boston in all advertisemen t dated

Il('( ember 4, Ii '!.7 , might retain pH'tel!ente O\Tr the tw o pamphlets.

( ·~ptTially a.. Franklin dared tilt' almanac's pref.« e " ;\"ew port, c\ ug.

.10. 17'27:'

'\"e are nm\ in ptl..."t'1o."ion of d o(ulllentary e,ide'lln' that hoth

thl's(' pamphkl.~ \\('r t" puhli..hc-d IX'fure Jllly ~ .J , I i'2i , The idl'a Ihal

all~ printer \\C luld pUI an alman'lI· o n th( ' pre..... t ha l l'a rly in thl' ~ t';\r

i.. .... , remote a.. to diminale ,irtllillly all doubl as to Ih(" priorilY of

tht' 1\\0 pa m phlel'" Of co urse.'. unlil t hat happy da ~ \\ h('11 J a me",

Fra nk lin ":- ft'n .n l hoo k o r sonH' ..illlibr sort of dinTI t'\idl'lltT ('omt·.'

to l i ~ hl \\C' ..ha ll h..n' to rd y u po n tht' inft'n'JI(Ts \\ hidl we' r;m dra"

fllll11 t hl' fad.. 110\\ ;n'ai lahk, hut tilt' ('aSl' s('('ms to hI' a ir-t igh t.

Fm' tlH' l'\'idl"1\Ce' recently tUl"l u'd lip W (' ;lIT indebted to ~ Ii ...~ Su..an

Bl'a k y I'r;l1Ik !in of .'\ ('wport and ~ Ir~, Pl'leT 13lllh o ll..e ;lncl ~lr .

I ~ ~. ' Rh..,Jr l .f",,,1 It",..,),\', I::!, :'\0, 2 "pril, IljS:l l. p, :n · u. I I.., t;tl"'I';lf,!n

" "rt' r

10li 107

H er bert O . Br i ~ h;\m of the :\' ('w pori lI i ~ t or i t al ~i)('i et~ . .\ Ii...... Fr.mklin

had ;d re;IJ~ done io n~; d . fic: urinl: J anu ar ~ a~ th r f i r~t m Olllh . hut thi.. is h i g hl ~ impn,b:lh1

lOR 1~1 :l :l 1 J{I~ 1

h y 1740 , for h i ~ n.mu- i~ found o n it li~t in the chun h records undet

th at yt'itr, with the nm .u ion "Returned" ~ (" t Ilt"si

L Y E :"

\\" IL L L \~ 1 LLLE RY , SH ;:\U{ O F

TH E IJECL \ R.\ T I O.'\ OF L\ DEPL',Il E:\CE

h) S ' IS.\S II. F.... ,~ " L(~ ..

,\S lilt' meaning of our national holidays 1)(,(,{JIlw." dinmu-d

h~ t ime, an d they ar e inappropriately rclcbrarcd . ~) the pn ~ol\ i\li t ~

nf (lUI' patriots is oft ell blurred and , -a ri ousl ~ port ra yed. Recent book s

like thll.'(· 0 11J oh n Adams, \f illialll Bradford, an d the Pcabod y sisu-rs.

are dearing our obscured vision. even if Wt· sometimes fcc! that t he

writer is g-i" ing the subjec-t t he characu-risrics he himself wi-hrs

em phasized.

The follow ing sligh t sketch of Will iam Eller y can do litt le more

th an pla ce hrf on- us th e evidence of his own writings, with some

tow n reco rds, land deeds. and rnu trmporarv newspaper accounts.

For the mo-t part. this mat er ial will be presented din-ctlv, ll'

l l~ William lllrrv, Si;;.nrr" , ., ll 'i/lil/lll Ellay. .\'i;.:,lr' ..... l U

son to H nrva rd. uhe- ~p,· l1i lll.;" will C, HI:"!' amazement. II was disri nctlv



:,\iJ..l;h ~ Ioon'\' i~ Dr .

to lid Ronnn 2 6

:\ 1;1\' 18 til 21 ~;lllillC:' r-f Romm bv C;I]J1. Hru \\" '11

and' II 1)(... 111"11', in~"n Cum.'

Ik llO"dn l .vm-ll iv l rr In Wail" 1 bo-he-ll 1 '5 '2d.

JUlIO" 12 til fi-h "f 2 I nJ;~y n '

.\ typical raruoun hoard ..loop .i/arlllflrf) i... :

In fi027 f''''I,' Ilf B. >;t nl,...

I" 16111111 f''''I'· of h..c:...·d ..Ian'...

10> 12811111) of .hilll:d':" r" 12 pIT tll

,\ lllf:\I L ( WII.K I:'\S) EL LERY , l6i7-IH2

( " -.•ndlll"ll",, "r W iIl i ~ , t1 Elk , ,-, ,j,wrr of tl... n..d,lI",;r...

HE:'\j.nll:'\ U .I.EK Y, Ihl>"·IH8

C:1';lIldf."h,·r of Willi.u lt E11,-" , sil(ll......f ,h. · D,·d ...r.lIiofl

Illi ll 'ilJltl m HI",)". Si,::"n _ [ ( ) . 1..1)1:"

honn- in ().-tolxT, ~OU lIla y j::" tu till' Barhadoes . a nd d i,p" '" of ~"UI

r1t"~n "- " , u ·,,·n.ing 8 li]"'dy bov -, In I'llillj:: horne.

Three ~ean. later, he wrote In Ham mond. rna- rer of lilt' hril.:

SW: ( ('JS a, follows :

;\,·wport. ]'111. 21. 1749

Imhr;!.!" th r- fir>;t opportunity for .....iliue, 111.1].,.r- the- 1)"dD "f tlu- hh-st OlT th.. 1.1.... of :\1.11' II ill ti ll"

\ ";l r of ( ; r;\,,', I i fi'l. and o( hi, ag", thl' 6:\rd.

' In lIlt' u"",nil'tion of th.. q,il;ll'h [ h;I'''' h"d mo'l g"nno,," 1".11' fr"", ~l r.

Juhn 1I" ,.,;,rd B,",' lOn, w,'II·known ,..,,1,,10' ''''d authoril~ On gra,rllonr in'niption'

of II". lo11r "olonial pniod , If,- h,,, ..·,·... ,,1 tim... hdl"·d nn' ...·rih llI' " ·...i" ,,

"f th,' L ,ti" I" "'atlin ll' Ih.. li..II"I1-"o,,,, ,,,,) l..ttn. " ntl h "':I'bi""d t" n,,· II,..

"'" " f j (01 ii h~ ' ton.. ("uti,·", n p....i.l1 h ,

11" William f:Un .r. Sif.:nrr ..••. [O , toh...r II "ill"lm Hlcrv, Sj~1I1'1 .... . I 1~ I

The ob itu arv in the :'\('''p'lrl .\ {nfIlT." of :" Iar. h 19. 1iii... reads

a" foIlO\\,,:

O n Thur-dav ~ f " lII ill e: die-d ln-n-, tln­ H onerabhth

is Colony. in Ilw 6:ld

\\"I I.I.I A,\[

EI.LERY. [ -.(1 :" la u- D H ! "T y ·(;o H I'l'W k of

Y'-;If of hi-, .-\e;e.

11,· \\,1\ iairian-d into tht" polin- Arts a nd Sci..no-s hy a libe-ral Ed u­

ration at lIall 'ard r:o ll, ' ~." II., ,,"0011 h.TJ,UW a u-e-ful ~ 1 "1II 1 " ' r Hf lilt"

COlllllltlUI\Ta lt h. a nd "'TI "d thj, ( ; " ,,'rlllll."nt in many publu- 1'0\1\ of

Honor a nd Importa nce. with l ' p rie:hllll"'>s a nd I nll"g-rity. :\, a ){q lrl'­

,nJl a l in" in the GE:"ER.-\L .\sst. \ IIH.Y, for th is T ow n. hr- alwavs a-n-d

fOI it, Inu- I Il HT(~t. II

.vx . \ :'\ ~ \ \ E R TO T Il l: .' O RS!: T H EO RY . In . 11ISIl'I" 'I'll T hr -,"OH.' Throrv 12 1

h~ Ih,Il B.,Il.Y " lcLL·

( h I' ...ca 1I11 IIf IllI" J u l ~ , I ~(d , i ~...ue of R hode Island lIi,l/ tH .l

Xl r. Hjalm.u Hol.uul in di M" u~~ i n g: the X C'wpt 1rt T Cl\\ n say,,:

" .\rnlrding: III )O lr, Pcll. )O l ig:ud a nd hi" me n W ('"fC without I C M ' I.~ lIf

; 1II ~ kind " 1lC'llliwy "C'n' !ohip" n't'kl"d , and rhcr cfor c could 1101 build

;1 IoW('"f IJf wood ."

Whal I ;u tu a ll~ said in an a rtich- published in R hode Island

l l iuorv in O ctober, l ~ j 'HI , i... I P;IC:t' 110I : ". , , they had few 1tI11 1 ~

and a lmost no IM.gg'l e:c'" and ( page 11;1) " in such ca st,~ [of shi p­

"r('(1., the re would 1It.1 ht· time 10 collect ma ny tool!' or much equipment"

and fa rt her down on t he ...ar ne pagc " a stone structure ..uch

as tbr- Ollt' under ron...ide-ration would not require as m;m y ((lob ; l~

«nuld a wo oden tower."

This j... q uiu- d iffere-nt from "'l~ ing t ha t Ihcy "w ere without ItMlb

elf all Y l ind . . :' .\ 11 through m y a rtic-le I made it plain thai I " ': l ~

11,,1 t ryin.1::: 10 pJ'(l\(' that the T II\l IT wa... built by Co n e Real. h UI III

"uc:e:c'!>l him a ... a p' l ~~ih lt" builder.

Thn l' i ~ no real anti definite proof. " '(' m ust rd ~ till the l1wl hlltb

of the aTl' heo l og-i ~t....

The onh kunwn uncomrovern-d fat t i!> that it "a... huilt h ~

EUTt .pt·;ln s, \\h' l Idt II U c.ther relif " o r a n~ artif;u I:> \l IMIMIt·\n.

:'\n\ port h ; l ~ I" 'c'n \\t·1I d u e: O\t"f and Ilothill(:: ha ... l)("c'l1 found thai

ft'l1111t d y ... u g- e: C 'l- t ~ any Emopean ""'u lemenl befurl" Ihe lillW of II\('

En .d i!oh.

Ho\\ ('an \\t. rnolll'ilt- l!l(' fu h ural de\dopmelll (If Iht· T O\HI

buildc'n- wilh Ihc'ir app'I[('llIly alN')!lllr dr!'lit ution n crpl hy tilt'

h ~I )( . t hc · s i ~ Ihat Ilwy \lc'rc' ship\lrel"krd ?

.\ Ir. lI ob nt! "ays in hi ~ hook . .,l mniCIl" /355- /."/6-1 (:'\ .Y.. 19·Hi ),

t h;ll ;1 f':lirly IM.l.::c' c'xllt"diliull ...c'1lI from Xorway t';IIllt" 10 :\r\\p' lrl

ill st,',u l h of rd ll.L:ec·", fro m (;rl"t'llland , Thi!' "xIX'd itioll thc'll clt-tadwd

" ~Il

122 [Ocrober I :!.I

Of tlu- explorin g- cx pcdir inns of which 1 have r-ithet- read or hea rd,

tha t of Corte Real lx'

I :!.J 1!1.'d l I "--,


1).\ Y

Art hu r .\ lIwlI 1);1\..\ pr. I ~j. 1 8ti~ I --,""o\ ' . 17. E12li.

l ufnnt d ;lu ~hl.-r "f A rthur .\. and J elllli(· B. D.l\ . lwuu .\ Ul-:. B.

IW10: dir-d S."]'t. 2",. IWill. ;Il'. 7 \H·,'k,.

Infa nl. boru a nd died \lar. 12. 1H8H.

ElllltT I I . I),I\ . I Hnl I!II ",.

-'"""IIi" \ Ia~ . hi, \,'i f,·. 18ili.

Tbcir ' Oil. D. Brainard.

\Ia rt·u, \ 1. D.H . horn 1"d •. :t 18.~2: du-d On. 2 1. IB~U.

j oannah I L. ~ . dtln ' (\0- (;n o.tl . 1>i('l t'll' . 18i7.

Sanun-l B. Di,l ,·n,. """pl. 22, \lU-i 1

I . ~ d i a I{ . I l, · \ ,, · ~ . hi ... vcih-, .\ ]JI. ~ 2,

\ L\\' 2. 1'1:;11.

IBli:i - .\l.tl. r:

c hildl " lI :

.\ u hi,· C.. ]', 10. 2li. 1lIB", . S''Pt. U. 1 ~ 1 : i.

b rll"'! F.. .1.111 I I. 1/1'1'2 .\IIe.. l. lnq 2

1':1111'" E o, '211(1. .\!ar. '2.i. IH'lI .\ Ilt:. :in. IWI!.

E m nl F...\ pl . 16 . 1Il ! 1~ 1.

II,-n' Ii," ti ll' hod ~ 01 lluuu.•, l Jukvnv, died S.'p !. vr- -l Ji1 8. 111

.10th \T.

....a rah. ,~if,· of Thorua-, I)i,'''''n" Ap r. 21. 17:n. ar-. ",~ H ' .

Will iam .J. Did " 'n,. IWIl) I!l

_\!!n." A. lJ i. k..n-. IWIH -1(1.17.


Father Ca p t. . \ UOIl \ \ ' . I>d C:t' . d it'd \lar. HI.

1880. :11". 62 ~I",

.-\Ih.·rt B. llf>dt:,-. 1>d!!I'. I>

1~6 [O cto ber lIfoll.. I sland Cemetery RU MdJ 1 -,

D {l l )( ;~:

Caleb W. [)" dg'" xtar. ~7 , llfJ9. a" . fi :~ \T"., 6 Ill'''.

Eliza b-rh. wif,' of C;lkh W. Dodge, d i" d Ik e. 19, 1881. a!'. 87 vrs..

-1 mov.. 19 d:l. ' .

Fatln-r Cak-h W . Dod ge. horn ,\ u t.::, l fi, IR~~ : d ied jan. 2L 19(H.

~ l o tl 1(' r Hannah C, ~ti lli k " n , hi.. wife. Aug. 29. IR26 -Apr. ll.


Infant of Caleb W, a nd Hannah C. Dod ge, die d Mar. 17. 18:'):1.

~la l i a r n 1.., d u-d O ct . H. I R CIO, ,\(' . :~ WITh.

llnrrir-t R .'-died Se pt. 9, UFJ9, ar-. 7 1ll0'.• I I du.

Children of Ca],'h W. and Han nah C. Dod ge :

Ch;lrle" J. n odg". Ap r. 1:-1, IB."17- Feh. 6, 1910.

.lealwlt '· Sprague, h i, wif,'. Aug. :\0. 18.">R- .\pr. II . 1'1:17, ,11". R2 yr".

J en nie Al1 H'rt a. I R% ~191-1 .

Geo rge R.


lkhorah 1-1.

O'manthy L l) ndgt,. 1838 -1897 (' HI C, ·o. R. l.iul.-fb-ld ctruu-} .

Capt Darius H. !)nd g-e,lll,nl S'·p l. 27. IRt,l : dird ( )ct , I,cl. 1!121.

Lod oska 0. Dodge, hi" wif,-, horn Apr. 22. 1818 : di-d Jan. :\1I. [9H.

:"eui,' ~L Dodg,·.

Ed na ~ I o tt Dodge, .I line j, 190:)- ~Lrr . 22. linI ,

Eliz;rtwth Ilod g,·. wif,' of 1I"z,'kia h [)Ol!!!" : die-d Apr.



I ~1I

' t ),tol>.-.

1)" (1' ;1

11 ,\111 1;111 \\ .. ,bughln " f john \\. alltl \brg;IlTI p od !.!,". di ..d \ " "

17, IlIi 9. at'. (,ll H ~.• ·l IUO" .• 1 d.r.

.I " llll \\'. Dodgl'. ,\III·, H. 182H J a il. II, 191Il;.

Ik h" l;tll .v. ])nd.gt" hi ~ \~ift, . ( k t. 2:\. 18:a.l- ;..'"" 1. 1' 1(17 ,

.I,,-Im.l. ' " -on of \(;11 k and Lydia I)o(lg,', du-d J ,IIl, \,. \_1 1i 17 ll.

;1(' . I \ 1'.. 2 Ill''';,




Seprcmber 16. I ~ l."d . W C 'dn c ' ''( I ;l ~

T he Pn-hi-torir Ind ians of Rh od e Island

()('\ohtT H . 19:13. \\'('dll(' ~da y

\,'1\,1.1,,'1 S. fo,,'n.K, Curator of II".

Bron"'" M ll" 'l11 tl, .-\llkhom, ~l " " , ..- h " ,, ·tt .

fII~ 'I ,al,d It';,h colo,

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