information sheet (PDF) - R. Kim Tipper & Associates Fine Violins

information sheet (PDF) - R. Kim Tipper & Associates Fine Violins

An unlabeled Canadian cello

Vancouver BC, circa 1940

Catalogue Number: RKT-0966 $12,000

Labeled: This cello is without a label or any brand that would indicate the maker. It does have

a label from R. Kim Tipper saying it was repaired in his shop in Saskatoon in 1992.

Repairs: The repairs referred to by the label were extensive repairs to the many cracks in the

front and a new bass bar. A new neck was grafted circa 2000 by Ross Hill in Calgary. In 2010

we have reduced the size of the heel of the neck to more professional specifications as well as resurfaced

the fingerboard and re-touched some scratches in the varnish. In 2011 we have

improved some of the interior crack repair, replaced the bottom block and shortened the sides to

improve the margins.

Condition: The back, sides and neck of this instrument are in good condition, with one

noticeable crack in the upper bass bout of the side. The back center joint has a small repair and

there are three repaired cracks at the lower edge of the back. The front is apparently susceptible

to cracks due to being made from cedar, though this is also responsible for the good sound of the

instrument. There is some distortion in the front around the sound holes which has been stable

for many years. The varnish has been re-touched and the instrument has a lovely aged look. The

repair work on this cello is unconditionally guaranteed.

Comments: The oral history accompanying this cello says that it was commissioned in the

1940’s from a Vancouver maker for a player in an all-women’s orchestra in Calgary.

It has returned from Alberta c. 2006 and has played in several orchestras here in Victoria.

The back, sides and neck are made of a striking bird’s eye maple, while the front appears to be of

cedar. It is slightly small in proportions, especially the sides which are only 103mm high. (4 and

1/8th inches) The new neck has provided it with a full sized string length. It is very responsive

with an open sound and an especially dark tone.

An unlabeled Canadian cello

Vancouver BC, circa 1940

Catalogue Number: RKT-0966 $12,000

A Canadian cello c. 1940, labeled:

“ R. Kim Tipper


Repaired in our shop

Anno 1992 No. ”

Description: This cello has a two-piece back of bird’s eye maple showing irregular quilted figure. The

sides are of similar material, while the head is of somewhat plainer bird’s eye maple. The grafted neck is

of plainer wood and without bird’s eyes. The front is of two pieces of cedar showing fine grain becoming

slightly broader at the edges. The fittings are of ebony. The varnish is of a red/brown colour over a

yellow ground. There is some bubbling in the varnish on the scroll, perhaps due to heat. There is some

retouching of the varnish, especially at the cracks in the front and the edges. There are repaired cracks in

the front at the ends, near the sound holes and along the bass bar. The bass bar has been replaced and is

fitted over repair cleats. The original head has had a new neck grafted to it. The back has a small repair

to the centre joint and three repaired cracks near the bottom edge.

Back Measurements:

Length: 769mm. Upper bout: 335mm. Middle bout: 239mm. Lower bout: 448mm.

This cello is in good repaired condition. It is registered in our records as RKT-0966.

July 11, 2013

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