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BWattmagazine is an international Fashion Paper , we really have readers from the whole planet” – Shortly, BWattmagazine is covering the most fierce and unique in fashion, music, art, photography and with top celebrity coverstories. The magazine is released online BWATT MAINFESTO : -WE DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS WE FOLLOW PEOPLE… -WE LOVE DIVERSITY, SO WE ARE PROUD TO BRING MODELS OF ANY “COLOR” AND ETHNICITY IN OUR FASHION STORIES.. -WE GIVE YOU INSPIRING STORIES FROM COOL CREATIVE PEOPLE AND CELEBRITIES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, JUST TO INSPIRE YOU TO FOLLOW AND ACT OUT ON YOUR OWN DREAMS…. ENJOY ..



EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ANJA POULSEN BWATT ISSUE 06 7 A boiling bowl of talent, new projects, inspiring photography and the feeling of a new beginning, that’s basically what Bwatt issue 6 is all about. More than ever we are convinced that we are on the path of something real and different. As we are ad free we don’t have anyone pushing us to go in a certain direction — we basically follow you and follow what ever we stumble over that we feel contributes to something inspiring on this planet. We have just hit 1,4 million impressions and that’s a lot for such a new magazine, so we are obviously doing something right here. Oh Boys! For this issue we wanted some fresh energy and we got it for sure. The cool boys Luke Worrall, Danny Blake and Jack Dalby were all handpicked by the elite of the fashion world. They are featured in campaigns for brands such as Saint Laurent, Burberry, Dior and CK Jeans and we just wanted to know what that actually feels like. We have their thoughts on their fast growing modelling careers, hear about how it all started and get to dive in to their dreams and passions in life and where they are going! We are also lucky to feature the talented fashion photographer Daniella Midenge, I have been following her work myself as I really get so inspired by the fearlessness in her photography and I wanted to share her creative story with you. And then, we of course, packed the magazine with lots of photo candy so jump on into it and let us inspire you once again…