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BWattmagazine is an international Fashion Paper , we really have readers from the whole planet” – Shortly, BWattmagazine is covering the most fierce and unique in fashion, music, art, photography and with top celebrity coverstories. The magazine is released online BWATT MAINFESTO : -WE DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS WE FOLLOW PEOPLE… -WE LOVE DIVERSITY, SO WE ARE PROUD TO BRING MODELS OF ANY “COLOR” AND ETHNICITY IN OUR FASHION STORIES.. -WE GIVE YOU INSPIRING STORIES FROM COOL CREATIVE PEOPLE AND CELEBRITIES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, JUST TO INSPIRE YOU TO FOLLOW AND ACT OUT ON YOUR OWN DREAMS…. ENJOY ..


BWATT ISSUE 06 62 Interview by Line Givskov Shining on the cover as the first male faces of Bwatt magazine… Meet Danny Blake, Luke Worrall and Jack Dalby, the new cool kids of the International Fashion World. One thing they have in common is a modeling career, with d1 models agency in London, but that’s about it. What they all have as well is Personality & Character but in their own very unique way, which is why the camera and the fashion world truly love them. In a time of it-girls and it-boys, superstar models, actors in fashion and vice versa, a model is so much more than a pretty face. And of course, so are our Boys. They have already worked with top photographers and brands in the industry, big campaigns, covers, and with a growing fan base on instagram it still seems to be just the beginning of huge and adventurous career. They manage to add a piece of a story, a mood, and a feeling to the photographs and fashion stories. In Bwatt magazine it is exactly what we are driven by and what we wish to inspire to; Be Watt you want in Fashion and in Life and embrace the oddities and the unique. Be it a shy or a forward personality, freckles or a scar, tattoos or none, it is interesting, there is room for it all, and excitingly it is a movement that is happening world wide.

When you are true to yourself, and as these cool boys, dare to stand in your own unique personality, with an open mind, with a fierce attitude, with confidence, the courage to stand out, to not be perfect and to be you; what can you achieve? Anything, is the answer, as you are already standing in your own success. For that very reason Danny, Jack and Luke are truly ones to watch. For that very reason they are this issues fierce cover Boys… BWATT ISSUE 06 63