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BWattmagazine is an international Fashion Paper , we really have readers from the whole planet” – Shortly, BWattmagazine is covering the most fierce and unique in fashion, music, art, photography and with top celebrity coverstories. The magazine is released online BWATT MAINFESTO : -WE DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS WE FOLLOW PEOPLE… -WE LOVE DIVERSITY, SO WE ARE PROUD TO BRING MODELS OF ANY “COLOR” AND ETHNICITY IN OUR FASHION STORIES.. -WE GIVE YOU INSPIRING STORIES FROM COOL CREATIVE PEOPLE AND CELEBRITIES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, JUST TO INSPIRE YOU TO FOLLOW AND ACT OUT ON YOUR OWN DREAMS…. ENJOY ..


BWATT ISSUE 06 66 DANNY BLAKE #vogue #idmagazine #arena #ckjeans #star @messimontana Hey Danny, what are you up to right now? I’m at home. Where did you grow up? I’m from Fulham. What do you think has shaped you into who you are today? I would say Modeling made me who I am today. Tell us, who is a true icon to you and why? My mum because she’s always right! How did your modeling career start? I started my career 3 years ago and was scouted at wireless festival by d1. What are you thoughts on the Fashion Industry? It’s fun. What has been your best experience as a Model? Traveling to New York, is defo my best. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Honest, Fun and Fierce. What are your dreams? I just wanna do the best I can in the industry What is the best advise ever given to you? Be patient your time will come. When are you most happy? When I’m working.