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JACK DALBY #young-star #hedislimane #ysl #saintlaurent #burberry @jack_dalby06 Hey Jack, Tell us what you are doing right now? I am at home revising physics for my exam on Thursday, hopefully helping for my final exam. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Woodford in north east London. What part of your childhood do you think have been shaping you into the young man you are today? I think my football career and my Dad shaped me into who I am today. He has installed into me into the kind of person I am today, along with my mum and education. Who in your eyes is a true icon? Who do you look up to? When I was a kid I looked up to david Beckham as my idol. He was everything I wanted to be, a footballer and a legend. How did your modeling career start?I got scouted in Westfields whilst shopping, by a d1 agent, very random. What are your personal thoughts about the fashion industry based on your experiences so far? I think there are lots of misinterpretations by normal people of the fashion industry and models. It is very normal, compared to how people view it. What has been your most memorable experiences in your work as a model so far? My best experience was shooting the Saint Laurent campaign (with Hedi Slimane) in LA, it was amazing. And worst? The worst was a 22 hour long shoot in the freezing cold, in only swim wear, only not to get published in the magazine. In 3 words how would you describe yourself ? Confident, strong-willed and independent. What are your dreams for the future? I hope to model for a few more years. After that I would like to go to university and study history. My career ambitions are either to become a barrister in corporate law, or join the army as an officer. What is the best advise ever given to you? The best advise given to me was that life’s too short to not have fun every day. When are you most happy? I’m most happy when I have no worries with school or anything, and hanging out with my friends with a few beers. BWATT ISSUE 06 73