Friedrichshain - berlin

The RAW area is a huge old abandoned industrial complex constructed in

1867. Today it is used for different inter-cultural projects making room

for nightclubs, theatres, cafés, artist workshops, a skate hall, gyms and

even a climbing playground.

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In the weekends the area hosts a food

and flea market and although the market is rather new

it has already gained a lot of popularity since it is not so

crowded as the larger markets in Berlin. If you think “RAW”

means “the place is rugged” - you are wrong!

RAW is short for “Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk”.

Try to say that 5 times in a row. Or once for that matter!

Formerly the complex was used as a repair workshop for

the railroad. The RAW area is a cultural melting pot where

almost everything is possible.

Since 1998 several buildings have been managed by

the RAW-Temple Arts Association, an organisation that

are happy to welcome new initiatives, so if you have

a band but no place to play - this could be your


“RAW” is short for “Reichsbahn-ausbesserungs-werk”.

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