o f S t r e e t A R T

the hunt for denim in berlin street art I page 19

Berlin attracts a lot of creative people and street art has become a big

part of Berlin. Everywhere you look you will find paintings, drawings and graffiti.

Every corner is either full of posters advertising for concerts and plays or

full of layers of graffiti from the many artists in Berlin. In a way it seems that

Berlin is just one big canvas for graffiti painters. You can find the art within all

kind of genres. From the humoristic, the political, the serious to the beautiful.

And it all changes. What was here a week ago might not be here

the next. The canvas of Berlin is forever evolving, forever changing,

telling new stories of what was, what is, and what will be. A quote seen

several places in Berlin says, “Berlin without graffiti would be Munich”

referring to the “clean” streets of Munich where Berlin enjoys and

suffers from the colours of the spray can.

Dedicated to graffiti The two brothers Christoph

Schmidt and Florin Schmidt had just finished this great wall

piece as we passed by. The graffiti painting is a symbol of the

band ”Run the Jewels” who just released their second album.

A remix of the album is also coming out titled “Miaw the Jewel”

referring to the cat in the art piece. The two graffiti painters

have been spraying for seventeen years and when they are not

painting they run their own graphics studio.

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