the hunt for denim in berlin AleX I page 29

»...I’m gonna tattoo until my hands fall off...«

Alex (41)

Dedicated to


Alex is a tattooist and co-owner of ”Old School Tattoo

Berlin” placed on Pettenkoferstrasse in Berlin. He came to Berlin in 1995 when

his girlfriend at the time wanted to move to the city and since he was getting

quite bored, in the city of Münster, he decided to leave for Berlin.

We hooked up at Alex’ tattoo shop to see what he was up to and to see one of

the artists of Berlin at work.

Bad husband tattoo – Alex decided with his old

girlfriend to have ”wife” and ”husband” tattooed on their

hands. After they broke up he put ”bad” in front of it since

it didn’t work out. (see next pages)

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