Volume 6 Issue 5 - February 2001




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._------------·---------------------------·-----------==-u-..._, ------*°'~

2 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

...... •,

Ne;:, /huslc C~ncitzts'

· , •Robert Aitken, artist~c -directot · ·

41~-9.61-9594 .• vryvw.iiiteriog.com/ ... nritc

.·:.Music :S·peaks · :~. · .·

• ' •• > • • • • . '

: ,;:' outsi~-~ding ~oloists 'share th~ir jnslghts -

,'. - into the. contemporary repertoire ·

Sunday ~e.l:fruary 4@ 2:30 p~

Joseph Macerollo; ·accordion · ·: ·


Neilson Park Creative Centre __,

56 Neilson Drive (Etobicoke) _ _,:,'.~l/:~\i

· Free Admission• 416-622-5294 · ·" ~--i~,

. Sunday February 18 @.,2:·oo··i>m.·.:::

11 / ·; ·• ··• • • I , • . . . 1

· David Hetheringtoll; :cello:: - - - ·. . . '.. · :".·'·; 1

Gardiner Museurti . of'.C~r-amic: . Art· -: · · .{. ::.>:

-11.fQueen' s Park (Toro·nto) -,- - ·-': - '

' • . .i'l". ,'~· ·"·ii .

Free Admission • RSVP -416-586-SOSt( _ .:·

. : ··, .

. · :. ~ : ·. ·· .. ·' .·. .....

-- compos~r ·· Forun1 -.- .· . :.· ..

New Music.'conce'rts.· Eo~emble · .;: :.:.::::;z-:;//:~: .·· ··~'.

Cl:l-afles Wuorinen/ conCIJctqro; -/J.:'.:'./:i/V _

. : R'c;>be.rt , Aitken~ :ttutet l~me~ . ~~eryfj?i~ho ;'(/

-. _ "Jerry fohnson, :trorpbQne. · f.· '//'/::/::;"'·"·:; ::'.:' .·~

"· Pro9ra_m~~ .. ~·_:.:_'.:··.~:.__.:·)) -·-·.: , · :·,~ ... ~,~:~:;::\;\'.S~~t,·:X:·{.;~1 :

.- Charles.wu.o.l'.ioen; Lepjo'n~ · (1~9$)' .. t~· . :' ~~~1. '

.. harp' &: cele.~f • '.rr?rft~.~~~ Tr~of : ;:;I

(19~~> . f.or. . lfrn .~on_~;J?e~c .~ss1~1,1 :. :.:tr

Give a Musical Valentine to the one you love

From Remenyi House of Music, Toronto's family music centre

. :,

- ~ - ' • • .. _, .., •' , t ' ' ' ~ 'i' ' ,.

:: .~ Un_match~d S.~(ectio~,-.All31?,rice _fi.q~g~~- : ,

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'·-: '~ • , ' - - >t' ' • • ''' . t' , < ,f. 1 · :",. • ,: :

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4 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, .2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

Jeffrey Cohen



Claude Frank




'Marian Hahn




Leonard Hokanson




-Lilian Kallir



Pauli~e Martin



Marietta Orlov





Inna Perkis




Daniel Shapiro



Barry Snyder



Peter Takacs



Boris Zarankin





James Buswell



Lynn Chang




Gregory Fulkerson



Katie Lansdale



Anton Miller



Felicia Moye



Lucie Robert




David Russell








David Updegraff



Peter Zazofsky



Emilio Colon



Jean-Michel Fonteneau



Simon Fryer





Stephen Geber








Carol Ou



Mihai Tetel



Tilmann Wick








Helen Callus



Karen Ritscher





Bonita Boyd



Leone Buyse



Amy Hamilton



Wilfrid Kujala



Theodore Baerg




Edith Bers




Phyllis Bryn-Julson




Paul Kiesgen




Irena \M?Jhasch Baerg




Steven Philcox




Jane Coop


Friday, February 9, Walter Hall, 8 pm


Scarlatti, Mozart, Schubert and Rachmaninoff.

$20, $16(seniors and students)

Saturday February 10, Walter Hall, 12 pm



Sponsored by R e N ::1.. e w ,n Mr. I ~

A Choral Valentine

Choral Music on Campus Series

Weduesday, February 14, Walter Hall, 8 pm

Doreen Rao conducts the University Women's

Chorus in Pergolesi, Brahms, Gilbert, Hatfield, Smith

and others.

$12, $6(seniors and students)

Percussion Ensemble

Tuesday, February 27, Walter Hall, 8 p!Il

Robin Engelman, director. Works by Takemitsu,

Kondo, Cage and others.


Early Music Ensemble

Thursday, February 15, Walter Hall, 12:10 pm


R. Murray Schafer



Commissioned by Michael and Sonja Koerner,

Shadowman is R. Murray Schafer's new work for

percussion ensemble and orchestra.


Thursday, February 1, Walter Hall, 12 pm



Saturday, February 3, MacMillan Theatre, 8 pm

University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Raffi Armenian, Music Director


Also on the program:

Webern: Six Pieces for Orchestra, op. 6

Wagner: Excerpts from The Ring

Tchaikovsky:Variations on a Rococo theme

(Tanya Ell, cello solo)

$12, $6(seniors and students)

Wind SY1JJ-phony and

Concert Band

Friday, February 2, MacMillan Theatre, 8 pm

Stephen Chenette and Jeffrey Reynolds conduct

works by Weber, Polgar, Copland, Chavez, Holst and

Chan Ka Nin

Among Friends

Faculty Artist Series

Friday, February 16, Walter Hall, 8 pm

Juno award-winning composer Cl'lan Ka Nin is joined

by musical friends in his latest works.

Among Friends for piano, clarinet and cello; excerpts

from Iron Road; Carla s Fbem, for choir and woodwind

quartet; and the masks evoke ... ; and Majestic


$20, $10(seniors and students)

New Music Festival

Thursday, February 8, 8 pm


Saturday, February 10, 8 pm


The Electronic Media and its Relationship to

Contemporary Music

Keynote Speaker: Albert Glinsky, author of Theremin,

Ether Music and Espionage.

Sunday, February ll, 2 pm


Sunday, February 11, 5:30 pm


All events al Victoria College Chapel,

91 Charles Street,2/E

' others.Also featuring concerto competitions winners. Box Office: 416-978-3744

South of Avenue and Bloor






$12, $6(seniors and students) Of TORONTO

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 5


VOLUME 6 #5 •!• FEBRUARY 1 TO MARCH 7 2000


Toronto's only comprehensive monthly classical

and contemporary concert listing source

Volume 6 #5 February 1 to March 7, 2001

Copyright© 2001 PerPul Proze

60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto, ON MST 2N4

Publisher: Allan Pulker

Editor: David Perlman

Listings: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages,

Elizabeth Lutz

Layout: David Perlman; Verity Graphics

Cover by Rocket Design

Photography: Daniel Alexander, Den Ciul,

Gary Rush, Michael Shaw

Contributing Writers

Choral: Larry Beckwith; Bandstand: Merlin;

Jazz: Jim Galloway; Early Music: Frank

Nakashima; Music Theatre: Sarah B. Hood;

Features: Allan Pulker, Dawn Lyons; Philip

Ehrensaft, David Perlman.


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Volume 6 #6, March 2001

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March 1 to April 7, 2001


Wednesday, February 28, 2001

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6 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

Concert Notes


by Allan Pulker 8

Early Music

by Frank Nakashima 9

Choral Scene

by Larry Beckwith 10

New Music

by David Perlman 11

Jazz Notes

by Jim Galloway 12

Band Stand

by Merlin Williams 13

Music Theatre: Last Chances

by Sarah B. Hood 15, 17

Comprehensive Concert Listings

Music Theatre Listings

16, 17

D~ily Listings (GTA)


Further Afield 31-32

Honourable Mention 32

Too Late to List 32

Index of Presenters and Venues 33









by David


Our Members Write 14

Taking Care of Business

by Philip Ehrensaft 7

Etcetera File 34

(Un)Classified Ads 34 35


Please note that the Elmer lseier Singers

concert "Mystical Voices" takes place on

Friday, February 2, 8:00 pm. It was

erroneously listed under a different date in

our last issue. WholeNote regrets the error.



ALL THE KING'S VOICES 26 FACULTY OF Music, U. OFT. Music TORONTO 19, 22, 24, 28 SouND Posr 9
























Starting with this issue,

WholeNote embarks on a twelve

month examination of' the

interface between the new

economy and musical life in

Toronto, from the perspectives of

performers, audiences and other

"players" in the musical scene.

My own regular

contributions to the discussion

arise from a larger study

comparing economic restructuring

in Toronto and Chicago.

Combining business and a

passion for music, I am looking

at art music in the two cities,

trying to understand the new

economic and social organization

of art music, with an emphasis on

contemporary classical music,

jazz and opera.

· Performing arts ·

organizations across North

America have long adopted the

risky strategy of commissioning

study after study documenting the

impact of the arts on national and

regional economies. J n a culture

ever more dominated by the

bottom line, the intention is to

convince the powers-that-be of

the utilitarian reasons for

supporting the arts. Following

this strategy, economists

measure the "direct" and

"indirect" impacts of the music

sector on income and employment.

Direct impacts include

elements such as the number of

musicians, composers, scmnd

engineers, instrument manufacturers

and the ilk. Indirect

impacts encompass items such as

the wood and metal used to

manufacture instrumenq;, plus the

extra groceries or shoes purchased

by people working in the

music industry when sales

increase. Combined, these

direct and indirect impacts added

together yield the "multiplier ·

effect" : each additional dollar'

spent on music generates x more

dollars or jobs in the economy as

a whole. So goes the argument.

But this utilitarian

strategy is a double-edged sword.

The rub is that there are dozens

of other sectors (sport fishing for

example) that could have higher

multipliers than the performing

arts. So why, then, should the

bean-counters in government or

foundations channel much

support towards the arts?

Taking Care of Business?

Making sense of the musical economy

Unless the powers-that- Ottawa's support for all the arts

be and the general public are put together. Most of this

convinced that art music has great money, however, is channeled to

intrinsic value, we will likely the landmark Chicago Symphony

remain a poor cousin in the · Orchestra and Lyric Opera

competition for public resources. respectively. The flip side is that

Even in a perfectly egalitarian all other Chicago ensembles are

and cooperative society, the costs · in a constant struggle to survive.

and benefits of devoting re-

A look at the recording

sources to music as opposed to industry is sobering: In the eyes

dozens of other worthy activities of the four multinationals

would have to be debated. Our controlling the bulk of the world

society, however, is increasingly market for recorded music, art

unbalanced as the· bottom line music is a residual category.

blots out all other considerations Classical music and jazz each

of what makes 'life worthwhile. account for 3 to 4 percent ot'

If the performing arts buy into annual North American recording

this unbalanced worldview, we sales. Looking at Billboard or

are on a losing wicket.

BBC sales charts. for art mus.ic

We should be equally makes it painfully clear that a big

careful about arguments relying chunk of this minor market is

on purportedly utilitarian musical occupied by "Lowest Common

impacts such as the Mozart Denominator" artists and

effect. Sooner or later, new reissues. A small circle of star

psychological research is likely to performers, conductors and

raise doubts as to whether music ensembles dominates the more

makes us smarter: the Mozart serious chunk of the art music

effect may be short-lived, less market. This doe·sn't do much to

influential outside of controlled enhance the lives of the majority

experimental contexts, etc. And of performers and composers

then, as quickly as it spiked, the who are trying to survive and

fad will !!nd - the governor of thrive. 1

Georgia will no longer send a

(An optimistic take on

classical music CD to the parents this situation, I suppose, is that

of every newborn child. even one percent of the total ·

demand for recordings and

A dominant trend in the performances involves a substantial

niche of money and employment.

·If the North American and

European niche markets for art

music have been flat over the past

decade; growth in Asian and

new economy is increasing

inequality of incomes and

increasing concentration of

economic power in the hands of

fewer but bigger enterprises.

Robert Frank and Philip Cook

chart the rise of a "winner-takeall"

labour market: a handful of

top performers capture· stellar

incomes which are an increasing

multiple of average incomes in a

given sector. Increasing inequality

persists across a broad range

of activities: corporate management,

law, consulting, medicine,

law, journalism, academia are but

, a few.

Art music is not exempt

from this trend. Norman

Lebrecht's very important book,

When the Music Stops, has

eloquently demonstrated the

negative impacts of this new

winner-take-all economy for the

large majority of people involved !'\

in classical music. To cite an

example from my own research,

Chicago generates budgets for

classii:al music that surpass

Lati'n American markets are

substantially increasing total

world demand for classical music

and jazz. The Internet is

facilitating the creation of

considerably larger world

markets for specialized s4bgenres

of art music.)

Globalization paradoxically

increases the importance of

local institutions and culture in

terms of who thrives and who

does not in the new economy.

How dynamic, for example, are

Toronto's art music organizations

and informal networks compared

to those of Chicago, San Francisco,

Cleveland or Seattle? Why

do we observe wide variations in

the commitments of regional

elites with respect to the performing

arts? How is it that Cleveland,

with a population half the

size of that in Ontario's Golden

Horseshoe, supports what is

arguably the. finest symphony on

the continent while the TSO

struggles just to exist? Conversely,

how is it that Toronto

can spend only a fraction of the

money Chicago devotes to

classical music but support a

greater range qf small, high

quality ensembles?

These are· some of the

issues I hope to explore. I hope

my column will encourage other

people to offer their own perspectives

on the new economy of

music, both in the printed version

of the magazine and the newly

expanded WholeNote web site.

WholeNote's Editorial Calendar for 2001


The economics of

the music business.


Summer music

camps and schools.


The musical

instrument business.


The 2001 ·2002

season in the making.


The summer music

season overview.


The summer music season:

a detailed guide.


Music and education.


The 2001 ·2002

concert seaspn.


November: '

Composers in our midst.


Choral Music.

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 7


Ill Ill l!i Ill !I! II! Ill

liiif liiif liiif liiif liiif


11111 11111 11111 11111 11111

The World's ·Best-selling

Classical Label



Harp Showpieces

Music by Tournier, Dussek,

Grand' an , Palmer etc.




" l ~>IU~ r

Judy Loman, Solo harp



The Tempest

Henry Purcell

Aradia Ensemble

Kevin Mallon, Director

Christmas Cantatas

J.S. Bach-



.-....................;.....-...... ~ ......-.....,,.,

""""'."' ·--~-

Aradia Ensemble

Kevin Mallon, Director

Complete Music for Solo Guitar

Heitor Villa-Lobos ·

~nt Gnll:Jr (:,1lk!r1lnn :*1:!

· -·· · ····-.,......:..~~-


c- .,.11:•~ .\l'»if !\>I" .Wla C:uil;>r

n .;,,.. .... ,.-..,.,..............__,,:,..,•• ,.....•....,,

:.-11i:...n,t: .. 11or

Norbert Kraft, Guitar



www .naxos.com

1. Over View

by Allan Pulker


Keeping in mind the tongue-in-cheek definition

of an expert -- "someone from out of town

wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase" let me

make clear that the )Jig attraction of visiting

musicians is not that they are necessarily better

but that, by definition, they bring. a different


Some of the distinguished musicians

visiting Toronto in February and early March

include pianist Murray Perahia with the TSO

Feb 1, the Tokyo String Quartet Feb 15,·

Wayne Riddell, founder of the Tudor Singers

of Montreal, conducting the Exultate Chamber

Singers Feb 23, Arnold Steinhardt (founding

and, I believe, still, first violinist with the

Guarneri String Quartet) with Amici on March

2, American composer and teacher, Charles

Wuorinen with New Music Concerts March

. 4, and violinist-composer Mark O'Connor, on

March 5 and 6. ·

O'Connor comes courtesy of the

keen eye of Trevor Moat of "Innermusica"

who brought us II Giardino Armonico in '

January. Equally at home as a bluegrass and

country music fiddler and as a classical

violinist, O'Connor is a musical poet capable

of meeting the most extreme technical

demands. As a composer of concert music

based on American folk/popular music, he

carries on where Gershwin and Aaron Copland

left off. O'Connor learned fiddle from Texas

fiddler, Benny Thomasson and toured for a

time with Stephane Grappelli: he is a regular

with such august institutions as Tanglewood,'

Aspen, Berklee and Eastman. As a country &

western musician he has made about a dozen

CDs, and has made 5 CDs, including two with

Edgar Meyer and Yo Yo Ma, on Sony

Classical as a. classical artist.

I first heard him on the car radio,

months before hearing about his Toronto

performances, and was utterly amazed. He

plays March 5 at the Toronto Waldorf School

in Richmond Hill and at Trinity-St. Paul's ori

March 6. Once word gets around, tickets will

go fast!


I counted nineteen vocal recitals in the listings:

Some of Canada's finest singers will perform

here this month, including Paul Grindlay,

Mark DuBois, Suzanne Kompass, Jean

Stilwell, Patricia O'Callaghan, Russell Braun,

Valdine Anderson, Nathalie Paulin, Catherine

Robbin, Brett Polegato, Mark Pedrotti and

Edi\h Wiens. In addition, CBC OnStage Series

is bringing in Austrian baritone, Wolfgang

Holzmair and German tenor, Christoph

Pregardien, both of whom will be well worth



Watch out for Murray Perahia on Feb 1 with


the TSO, Eve Egoyan, a truly gifted artist, and

Louis Lortie (with the Takacs String Quartet

Feb 2 and w'ith a quartet of distinguished

singers March 6). Arthur-Ozolins will give a

recital Feb 6, and Dang Thai Son is at Walter

Hall Feb 8 and in Hamilton Feb 9. Also on

Feb 9 in Walter Hall , Canadian pianist Jane

Coop gives .a solo recital under the auspices of

the Faculty of Music; and Alexander Madzar,

like Murray Perahia a winner of the Leeds

Piano Competition, will be one of Mayumi

Seiler's "Via Salzburg" guests. Jon Kimura

Parker performs with the TSO Feb 14, 15 and

17, as does Andrew Burashko Feb 28 and

March 1 & 4. On February 18 the Torontobased

duo pianists, Jim Anagnoson and Leslie

Kinton will perform, apparently in honour of

Kinton's birthday!

In the realm of other keyboards,

Lawrence Park Community Church and Deer

Park United Church are both offering evening

organ recitals on February 23 and March 3

respectively. And, in case anyone has

forgotten, there are three noon-hour organ

recitals a week, at three downtown Toronto

churches, welcome interludes in the middle of

the working day.


Speaking of noon-hour concerts, the CBC's

"Music Around Us" is another opportunity to

hear good mid-day music. Cellist Roberta

Janzen, who plays the March 1 concert is

really worth going out of your way to hear. (I

heard her play at a house concert "dress

rehearsal" for the Associates of the TSO

"Four Cellists" concert on January 8).

Another opportunity to hear her will be the

Feb 16 Rothko Trio concert at St. George the

Martyr Church.


Music Toronto's sterling season offers three

string quartets this issue: the Amernet Feb 1,

the famous Tokyo Quartet Feb 15 and the

Mir6 Quartet March 1.

Formed in 1995 at the Oberlin

Conservatory, the Mir6 has won a string of

first prizes in chamber music

competitions.They were appointed to the

quartet apprenticeship at the Cleveland

Institute of Music in 1997 and are now the

teaching assistants to the Juilliard Quartet in

New York. In addition to quartets by Mozart

and Beethoven the String Quartet #3 by Chan

Ka Nin will be on their program. ·

The Penderecki String Quartet will

perform at the St. Jacob's Schoolhouse

Theatre Feb 9 and the Weiner Quartet (from

Toronto) presents a program in honour of

distinguished Toronto violinist Lorand

Fenyves on Feb 20.


Skimming the listings, I was struck by a

number of concerts with an oriental connection.

One is the Canadian Sinfonietta, Feb. 2,

which presents music composed by two

Chinese-born composers, and includes a

8 wholenote f.EBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH-:7;--,-::;2-;::0~0-:1-----------------_:_----'-----=-=-=--

concerto for erhu, which will be played by

Toronto virtuoso George Gao. Another is Feb

8 at U. of T. 's Scarborough College: the

Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble with guests Ritesh

Das, Kwasi Dunyo & Zhou Wei performs a

program of Japanese music. Then, Feb 15,

Nishikawa Ensemble performs a program of

traditional and contemporary Asian and

Western music as part of the Music Gallery's

offerings. And Feb 16, also presented by the

Music Gallery, the Rothko Trio performs a

program called "East-West", with works by

Asian composers as well as by Maurice Ravel.


by Frank Nakashima

In April last year, Early Music Ameri~a and

The Dorian Group, Ltd., announced the

winners of the second Dorian/EMA Recording

Competition. From an entry pool of 50

previously-unrecorded early music ensembles,

the trio known as Masques, based in Montreal,

was awarded the grand prize, a clebut CD, to

be recorded and distributed by The Dorian

Group, Ltd. for their program of "Consorts of

Two Parts for several friends" by Matthew

Lo.eke ( 1621122-1677). ·

Friday Feb 2, they make their

Toronto debut with a program of music by

Locke, Jenkins, Lawes and Cooper. With an

admission price of only $10, this has to be one

of the best deals in town on that day!

Voices of Influence - There aren;t too many

bass voices with the agility, range, and -

burnished radiant tones of Paul Grindlay (now

Jiving in Calgary, but managing to get back

here often). Feb 3 he joins baroque trumpeter

Norman Engel, Rona Goldensher & Julie

Baumgartel (fine baroque violinists, both),

Mary-Katherine Finch (cello), and Christopher

Dawes (on a chamber organ considerably

smaller than his usual St. James ' giant). Mr.

Grindlay will perform cantatas and arias by G.

P. Telemann and theatre music byBenry


A new initiative of the Toronto Early Music

Centre (T.E.M.C.) in cooperation with the

AGO is the presentation of historical performance

events the first Sunday of the month,

"Family Sundays". Feb 4, La Belle Danse

(director Daniel Gari.epy) presents a delightful

costumed display of 17th-century French

baroque.dance. The time has not yet been

confirmed, so check with the AGO first -

(416) 979-6610, or www.ago.net

Do you know T.E.M.P.O.? It stands for the

Toronto Early Music Players' Organization.

They hold monthly workshops at which

members are invited to hone their skills and/or

participate in a~ early music "jam session". At ·

the next one, Sunday Feb 4, Prof. David

Klausqer guides the workshop in music of the

Renaissance at Lansing United Church, 49

· Bogert Avenue. For information about

T.E.M.P.O., call: (416) 487-9261.



Digital Imaging Solutions


~QS,.702.95~3 \!ax

47 King§trE!,et ;

Georgetowh, 0ntabot

L7G 2G3


Laura Adlers ·


Artist Representation


Project Coordination

Tafelmusik's next program, Music for War

and Peace (February 7-11), features

Dandrieu's Caracteres de la Guerre and

Handel's glorious Utrecht Te Deum, performed

by the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir and

Orchestra, joined by guest soloist brilliants

British tenor Charles Daniels (The Tallis

Scholars, The Orlando Consort). And

harpsichordist Charlotte Nediger (often subtly

obscured in the "rhythm section" of the ·

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra) finally gets to

strut her stuff in Bach's Harjisichord Concerto

in D (February 7) in a program which features

works by "Big Daddy" J. S. Bach anll his


The irrepressible "a cappella" Renaissance

trio, The MadriGALS, presents a Valentine's

Day concert, "Renaissance Love Safari" - a 3-

voice journey through five stages of Jove in

words and song, here in Toronto! Most of

their recent performances have been out of

town. So, catch them while you can. They

hav.e a website that you can visit. It is - http://

webhome.idirect.com/ - madrigal

Crit~cal Mass is a musical initiative to help

the homeless (freewill offering to the "Out of

the Cold" program). It presents Cristobal de

Morales' Missa de beata virgine at St. Thomas

Church (Feb 27 at 12:10). It's an opportunity

of hearing some very beautiful, rarely

performed renaissance choral works. Mocontinues

tfie sound post

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FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 9


rales' output consisted almost entirely of

sacred music, renowned for its refined

contrapuntai'technique. For more information,

call: (416) 778-4923, website: http://

snappingturtle. net/criticalmass

Mark the fourth Wednesday of every month

from September to June. The TEMC Vocal

Circle meets to sing early choral music.

Originally a forum for discussion, the circle

has become a monthly opportunity for the

recreational reading of early vocal music. It is

·free to members, $5.00 to others. A strong

ability to read music is an advantage, but all

are welcome to come and join in, or simply

listen. Wednesday Feb 28's meeting is at 166

Crescent Road, a 10-minute walk east from the


Tuttle and Wayne Riddell, and unique

photographic material. The article is available

for viewing on the Choral page of

WholeNote's website at

www.thewholenote.com. Let us know what

you think of this experiment. (For those of you

with no web access, call the WholeNote

editorial office at 416 603 3786 for information

on how to obtain a copy.)

A month of intriguing choral events begins

long before Feb 23 with the Elmer lseler

Singers and the Amadeus Chamber Choir

teaming up Feb 2 for a program of favourites

by Gorecki and Tavener and new pieces by

Canadians Peter Togni and Christos Hatzis. I

admire the stamina it takes to perform these

works, but I must confess I have never

connected with the "mystical" choral trends of

recent years. It seems to me to be music that

rejects both the head and the heart, going

instead for a reserved and distancing effect.

I'm going to try to challenge myself by

attending, though, and will report back next


Tafelmusik Chamber Choir sings music by

the Bach family beginning on Feb. 7. It's a

chance to hear lesser-known works by CPE

and JC Bach, as well as some fascinating

instrumental works.

Another not-to-be-missed visiting artist

comes on Feb. 13, when Soundstreams

presents a rare Toronto appearance by the

Swedish Radio Choir, conducted by a living

legend. This is rumoured to be Eric Ericson's

farewell tour and the program is a marvellous

mix of challenging 20th century repertoire. I

look forward to the Swedish interpretation of

Somers' Feller from Fortune!

The impressive VocalPoint Chamber Choir

delves into J.S.Bach on Feb. 1, with performances

of two motets, a mass and a cantata,

directed by Ian Grundy and featuring the

Talisker Players.

Head to head with the Exultate Durufle,

another very interesting choral offering

occurs on Feb 23. Noel Edison and the

Toronto Mendelssohn Choir tackle a pair of a

cappella giants with the Rachmaninoff Vespers

and the Mass for Four Voices by William


Looking ahead to March, two choral

happenings which take place simultaneously -

though in different venues - caught my eye.

With David Fallis out of town, conducting at

the Houston Grand Opera no less, the Toronto

Chamber Choir is conducted by Giles Bryant

in one of their wonderful Kaffeemusiks, this

time celebrating the music of Henry Purcell,

the British Orpheus. Down the road, the

Concertsingers, conducted these days by the

multi-talented Peter Tiefenbach, perform Bach

with guest organist Jan Overduin.

And ending as well on an internet-related

note, our "Choral Quick Picks" usually found

at this point in the magazine will, this month,

only appear on our website. We apologize for

any inconvenience.

NEw Music

by David Perlman

New Music Concerts has announced three

"Music Speaks" events in the Toronto area

over the next several weeks. Taking place in

informal settings, each concert involves an

established soloist presenting and discussing

selections from repertoire they have 'developed

for New Music Concerts over the years.

Sunday Feb 4, for example, at

Neilson Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke

(call 416 622-5294), Joseph Macerollo

(renowned accordionist of Quartetto Gelato)

will discuss and perform selections by Alexina

Louie (Canada), Samuel Dolin (Canada),

Christos Hatzis (Canada), Morris Surdin

(Canada), Lukas Foss (USA), Arne Nordheim

(Norway), Paul Creston (USA), and Matyas

Seiber, (Hungary). Admission is free. And

Sunday February 18 at the Gardiner Museum

of Ceramics Art, David Hetherington

(assistant principal cello of the Toronto

Symphony Orchestra, and a founding member

of Amici and the Accordes string quartet) will

present and perform. Call New Music

Concerts at 416 961-9594 for more details.


Long & McQuade

Musical Instruments

Where the Music Begins



We carry a selection of woodwind,

brass and percussion in~truments ~'1::~

for students and professionals ~

Announcing the formation of a

new choir in Toronto

directed by David Jafelice

The Anno Domini

Chamber Singers

925 Bloor St. W.

Toronto, Ontario

(416) 588-7886

1133 Markham Rd.

Scarborough, Ontario

(416) 439-8001

2777 Steeles Ave. W.

North York, Ontario

(416) 663-8612

370 Main St. North

Brampton, Ontario

(905) 450-4334

a group of 16 to 30 choristers

performing sacred and liturgical music

Auditions wiH be held in February.

Sight-reading skiUs are required.

380 Simcoe St. S.

Oshawa, Ontario

(905) 434-1612

Rehearsals will be held on Monday

evenings in central Toronto.

For more information and/or an

audition appointment 1 please ca[[


FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 11


NEW MUSIC continued

Arraymusic has announced the

appointment of Allison Cameron

as artistic director. Ms. Cameron,

who was featured "Behind the

Scenes" in the November 2000

issue of WholeNote will also

feature as a composer in

Arraymusic's intriguing upcoming

concert, Schiphol, at Trinity-St.

Paul's on February 23. Named for

Amsterdam's international airport,

the concert features works by

three Canadian composers who

have lived in Amsterdam and two

Dutch composers.

discussion in our new online



by Jim Galloway

Not even when jazz was at the

height of its popularity in the

thirties was it as well publicized

and so much the focus of attention

as it has been these past few

weeks. Talking, of course, about

Ken Bums' Jazz, the PBS

television series, as a result of

which more people have been

exposed to the music than ever


There's no question in

my mind that the series is good

for jazz. Yes, it is subjective -­

yes, it omits some important

names -- yes, the contemporary

end of the jazz spectrum is shortchanged.

But, we do have a

beautifully produced, informative

and highly entertaining document

which has created an unprec­

New music listings on the web.

In response to requests from

several of our new music readers,

starting this month, the

WholeNote website at

www.thewholenote.com now

features separate, complete new

music listings. And while you're

there, check out the new music

.-lml!•---------.. edented awareness of jazz to a

larger audience than it has ever

had before.

There is not a lot of jazz activity

in the large concert halls this

month, but that doesn't mean

there isn't a lot happening

elsewhere. In smaller concert

venues there are a number of

interesting options. Before we go

there, however, I want to mention

one event at Massey Hall Feb 28.

It marks the first occasion Toronto

audiences will have to see Paolo

Conte. This enormously popular

Italian singer, pianist, composer

will have an 8-piece band with

him and although he crosses over

into popular music, his jazz

influences are always there.

Now to the listings. Feb 1, at St.

George the Martyr Church, watch

for Music Gallery /Guerrilla

Gallery's Music of the Heart,

Music of Spirit,.an evening of

contemporary music played by

David Mott, baritone saxophone;

40 Fingers Saxophone Quartet;

Jesse Stewart, percussion.

And if vocalists do the

trick for you there are a couple of

dates to watch: Feb 6, OnStage at

Glenn Gould Studio, vocalist

Cindy Church accompanied by Joe

Sealy, piano, and George Koller,

bass, presents The Songs Of

Hoagy Carmichael. And Feb 7,

the Humber Jazz Series: Artist

Week Showcase features Darmon

Meader of New York Voices,

Trish Colter's Vocal Jazz Combo

and Alastair Kay's Big Band. The

host is Bill King.

Feb 9, at the Heliconian Hall,

watch for "The New Guitar"

featuring works by Archer, Baker,

Lofsky, MacDonald, Moses and .

others, rendered byDanielle

Cumming, guitar, and Lome

Lofsky and Rob Piltch jazz guitar

duo. Worth the price of admission

just to hear Lome and Rob play


Harbourfront Centre was to be

the setting for two important

concerts this month. Feb. IO

South African Women for

W omen/Harbourfront Centre were

to present An Evening with

Abdullah Ibrahim, the mo~t

important jazz pianist to emerge

from South Africa. But it has been

cancelled. The other concert will

still take place: a Harbourfront

Centre/Jeunesses Musicales of

Ontario presentation titled

Africville Suite -- songs and

stories from Africville, Nova

Scotia with pianist/composer Joe

Sealy . .

There are also two concerts at

the Ontario Science Centre in the

Sound of Toronto Jazz .from Jazz

FM 91 (previously CJRT). Feb

12, Ted O'Reilly presents Melissa

Stylianou and Trio. And Feb 26

the offering is A Tribute to Louis

Armstrong and the All-Stars.

Make a note of Feb 24, OnStage

at Glenn Gould Studio featuring

saxophonist Jane Bunnett and

Friends. Jane is a dedicated

musician who has really made her

mark on the jazz scene. And don't

forget the ongoing series of Small

Jazz Ensembles concerts offered

by the University of Toronto

Faculty of Music. The dates for

this month are Feb 7, 14 and 28

at Walter Hall.

Off WholeNote's turf, in the

clubs, one of the highlights comes

right at the start of the month

when Jay "Hootie" McShann

brings his authentic Kansas City

piano playing and his unique vocal

wqe ~uni~


217 Danforth Ave.

(416) 406-1641

Newand Used

Classical and

Jazz CDs



12 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

style to the Montreal Bistro, Feb 1

to 3. A chance to hear one of the

originals of jazz. And later in the

month at the Bistro, Feb 20-24,

you can catch another great pianist

whose music is steeped in the

blues - Ray Bryant. For more

complete club listings please check

the Toronto Downtown Jazz

website at www.tojazz.com.

February birthdays.

Here are a few of the birthdays

for this month of musicians who

were perhaps not innovators, but

who made significant contributions

to jazz:- Lonnie Johnson,

born 1889, William Russell, 1905,

Buddy Tate, 1915, Tadd

Dameron,1917, Howard McGhee,

1918, Mel Powell, 1923 Sonny

Stitt, 1924, Roland Hanna, 1932.

I know I left some out. Now I

know how Ken Bums feels!


by Merlin Williams

A casual glance at this month's

listings could lead you to the

conclusion that February is a quiet

month for bands. And if the only

measure of a band's activity is the

number of concerts it plays, you

could be correct. However,

February is a busy month for

bands preparing for competitions

and festivals, as well as spring

concerts. Many groups are getting

ready for the regional competitions

that eventually lead to the

Musicfest Canada nationals in

Ottawa this May. The Toronto

Kiwanis Festival is also on this

month, and attracts quite a number

of high school and community


him at (416) 534-0138, or


When I picked up my own copy

of the Dec./Jan. WhcileNote, I

was pleased to see in it a calendar

of editorial specials for 200 I, with

a different focus for each of the

year's ten·issues. (Repeated this

month on page 7). I've been

thinking long and hard about how

to write about the economics of

the music b.usiness as it relates to

the band scene.

Most people in this age view

bands as an educational institution.

But this wasn't always the case.

At the beginning of the twentieth

century, there were musicians

who were employed full-time in

the band field . These days, the

only people in North America

who make a living as band

musicians are in military bands.

The concert band is now classed



Concert Recording






special praise."

Robert Franner,

:,i ~ al Music Magazine

'! 1 '

••• the very esse1:1ce

·I ~ of fidelity."

I ~· Alan Lofft,

! Sound and Vision

'·~ , or '~4,ree, informative

'l)r:ocryure, please call


The Audio Group

JUNO nominated work

Over 14 years experience

pwned/Operated by Robert Hanson

~ Recording & Editing ~~CD Mastering

~~ Graphic D~sign

~ Promotions

':deep dowr1 puooomons

416 535-0401







Horn players take note! The

International Horn Society now

has an Area Representative for

Ontario - John Kowalchuk. John

has set up a web page for the IHS

in Ontario. It's at http://

home. is tar. ca/ - johnk/horn/. The

page has all sorts of links to horn

sites, orchestras, ensembles, and

community bands.

Jean-Francois Gouin is a man

with a vision. He wants to start an

alternative marching band to

perform in Toronto's many

parades and festivals. The

instrumentation would be flexible,

and the music new and original.

Jean-Francois is looking for

musicians who might be interested

in a band like this - if you want to

find out more this project, contact

Canada's foremost

Violin Specialists

201 Church Street

Toronto, On.


email GHCL@idirect.com


FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 13


BANDSTAND continued

as an amateur musical outlet.

Not so long ago (like my adolescence!),

community bands were

thought of highly enough tb be

funded either in whole or in part

by municipal governments. Now

groups have to rely on lottery

funds, charity bingos, member

dues and admission fees for their

funding. Consequently, bands

these days often have less money

for proper rehearsal facilities,

percussion equipment, or music

libraries. Add to this the increased

expense many bands have

d1,1e to school boards raising the

rent for their facilities, and yoy



begins 2001 with a new General

Manager. James F. Lee is

looking forward to an exciting

time with the chorus in the

upcoming months: performances

both in Toronto and on

tour to Germany and the

Netherlands, May 17-26.


BAND is busy with-preparations

for the Kiwanis Festival in

February, hoping to reprise

their first place finishes of the

last eight years. A new CD,

Millennium, is in post-production

for a March release,

featuring both traditional and

contemporary band repertoire.

would wonder why anyone would

want to start a band at all.

It's because of this that I marvel

at the nineteen community bands

listed in the September 2000

WholeNote. (You can reference

that article via the WholeNote

website at www.thewholenote.com.).

While the number of bands on the

scene in Toronto would suggest

that the concert bands are stronger

than ever, I have some concerns.

None of the bands I've visited this

year have a full instrumentation.

None. There is a chronic shortage

of clarinettists - this is akin to

having a symphony orchestra with

too few violins. Not enough horn

players. Almost no mallet



announces the retirement of Betty

Webster from her position as

Executive Director, effective

March 31, 2001. During an

extensive career with many

remarkable achievements and

contributions to orchestral

development in Canada, she was

recognized with several awards,

and was named a Member of the

Order of Canada in 1992.


one of the country's leading

presenters of contemporary music

and music theatre, was honoured

with a Lieutenant Governor's

A ward for the Arts in recognition

of its exceptional increases in

support from the community and

the private sector and in box

office revenues.

percussionists. There are even

bands that don't have enough

saxophonists! Playing in an

understaffed band is quite often an

unsatisfying experience - many of

the interesting solo colours in the

~· band are missing, and playing

cues just isn't the same.

It's my belief that we will actually

see fewer bands in the GT A over

the next few years. I don't see this

as a bad thing, if it comes about

by bands joining forces to become

well rounded groups. Of

course, I could be wrong,

and by this time next year,

there will be even more

bands. I just don't know

where all those musicians

are going to come from.

Clarinetist/educator Phil

Nimmons and third year

saxophone student Tara

Davidson, of the UNI­



MUSIC Jazz Studies

programme, have received

awards from the International

Association of Jazz

Educators. The mission of

the IAJE is to assure the

worldwide growth and

development of jazz and

jazz education.

Hit the web.

Join the future with

Linda Maguire @


Merlin Williams is a woodwind

performer, arranger,

teacher and music copyist

based in Toronto. If you

would like an upcoming band

event to be featured in the

Bandstand column, feel free

to contact him at (416) 489-

0275; by e-mail,

merlinw@attcanada.ca; on

the web, http://

members. attcanada. cal


Bv SARAH B. Hooo

If you didn't see much

music theatre in· January, you

only have a few days in

February to catch up with some

of your best choices. First of

all, The Canadian Opera

Company is presenting its usual

winter double bill. This year it's

Venus and Adonis, running

until February 3, and The Girl

of the Golden West, until ·

February 4. Venus and Adonis

is a brand-new production that

was performed last year· at the

Santa Fe opera. Composed by

Hans Werner Henze, the opera

features dancers from Serge

Bennathan's Dancemakers

company. The Girl of the

Golden West, on the other

hand, premiered almost 100

years ago at the Met. Ontarioborn

baritone John Fanning,

who plays the leading role of

Jack Rance, praises Puccini's

fantasy of the Old West: "The

orchestration is spectacular," he

says. "The colours in the

orchestra, the colours in the

music, are very evocative of the

Old West, and yet the love

moments are very, very


From the Girl .of the Golden

West. to the one with the glass

slipper, Rodgers and

Hammerstein's Cinderella, runs

from January 30 to February 4

at the Pantages Theatre. Once

you've heard that Eartha Kitt

. Music Theatre

Last Chances

Be quick to catch Febrl!ary music theatre

Edward Franko, director Nina Scott-Stoddard, performer

in Tryptych's Rigoletto

plays the Fairy Godmother,

what more do you need to

know? It has Deborah Gibson as

Cinderella herself. The Prince is

Paolo Montalban, reprising his

role from the ABC/Disney

television special that won him

the dubious honour of being

named one of People Magazine's

"50 Most Beautiful

People" .

Meanwhile, the Canadian

Stage Company's Larry's Party

continues until February 3. The

new musical by Richard

Ouzounian and Marek Norman

is based on the novel by Pulitzer

Prize winner Carol Shields.

Directed by Robin Phillips, the

production is about a man's

search for self-knowledge. It

stars Brent Carver, who created

the lead role in Kiss of the

Spider Woman and most

recently wowed as Tevye in the

Stratford Festival production of

Fiddler on the Roof. The

extremely strong supporting cast

includes Barbara Barsky,

Michele Fisk, Susan Gilmour

and Jack Wetherall.

If you miss the Canadian

Opera Company, don't despair.

You still have plenty of time for

Toronto Opera Repertoire.

This unique institution is

actually an arm of the Toronto

District School Board's Con:

tinuing Education Program.

Now in its 33rd season, Toronto

Opera Repertoire serves as a

musical finishing school for

young opera performers and a

performance outlet for dedicated

amateurs. Michael Burgess and

Paul Frey are among TOR's

many graduates. This year

founder Giuseppe Macina

directs two deeply loved

favourites: Bizet's fiery Carmen

(February 14 to March 3) and

Verdi's tragic La Traviata

(February 16 to March 4), both

at the Bickford Centre Theatre

at Bloor and Christie. Adult

tickets are only $20, so TOR is

a guaranteed operatic bargain.

Another consolation for -

slow starters is\the re~rise of

Charly Chiarelli's one-man

show Cu'Fu? from February 8

right through to to March. 4 at

the comfy little Artword

Theatre at King and Portlancl.

Accompanying his tales with

extended riffs on the harmonica,

Chiarelli tells about growing up

Italian in Hamilton. Loosely

translated, the show's title

means "So who did it?" In the

context of the play it is both the

bittersweet punchline to an

extended anecdote and a kind of

universal question that perhaps

lacks an answer. Since its debut

at Artword in 1995, Cu'Fu? has

become a durable hit in'many

other venu

···Alumnae Theatre. Ten Lost Years. By

Jack Winter & Cedric Smith. Play with

comedy, monologue, music & song. To

February 11. Wednesday-Saturday: 8:00;

Sunday matinees: 2:00. Main Stage, 70

Berkeley St. 416-364-4170. $15, Sunday


···Artword Theatre. Cu'Fu? Charly

Chiarelli, songs, stories & harmonica. Feb. 8

-March 4. 75 Portland. 416-408-2783.

---Canadia dell' Arte Theatre. Robert

Schumann's Dichterliebe. Including

choreographed companion piece and

experimental film by Peter Reitzel. Stewart

Granger, tenor; Jennifer Au Tung, piano;

Duncan MacDonald & Julie Reitzel, dancers;

Peter Reitzel, director. Thursday-Sunday,

February 15 to 2!i: 8:00. Canadia dell' Arte

Studio Theatre, 186 Munro St. 416-465·

7393. $15,$10.

·--Canadian Opera Company. Henze: Venus

and Adonis. Susan Marie Pierson, Alan

Acclaimed choreographer David Earle

brings together some of Canada's finest

dance artists in this deeply moving

. montage of 16th and

20th century music.

Performing with the

company are the


renowned Penderecki

String Quartet,

saxophone wizard

Willem Moolenbeek,

and the superlative

voices of Tactus. A

unique marriage of the

living arts in a powerful


8 p.m.

Music THEATRE •:• L1sT1Ncs: FEBRUARY 2001

Woodrow, Timothy Noble, Shannon MerC'er,

Krisztina Szab6 & other performers; Richard

,Bradshaw, conductor. February 3: 8:00. Preperformance

Opera Chat, 45 minutes prior

to performance. Hummingbird Centre for the

Performing Arts, 1 Front St. East. 416-872-

2262. $38-$135, $15-$40(young person).

···Canadian Opera Company. Puccini: The

Girl of the Golden West. Elena Filipova, John

Fanning, Michael Sylvester, John Kriter,

Kyle Ketelsen & other performers; Richard

Buckley, conductor. February 1: 8:00;

February 4: 2:00. Pre-performance Opera

Chat, 45 minutes prior to each performance.

Hummingbird Centre for the Performing

Arts, 1 Front St. East. 416-872-2262. $38-

$135, $ l 5-$40(young person).

···CanStage. Larry's Party. Book & lyrics by

Richard Ouzounian; music by Marek Norman;

starring Brent Carver. Musical based on the

novel by Carol Shields. To February 3. Bluma

Appel Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416-368-

T e Sacreo ano

T e Profane

Kitchener, Fri. February 2, Registry Theatre

St. Jacobs, Fri. February 9, Schoolhouse Theatre

Guelph, Sat. February 24, River Run Cent.re

St. Catharines, Sat. March 17, Brock University

16 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

3110. $20-$60.

---Civic Light Opera Company. Rodgers &

Hammerstein: The King and/. Joe Cascone,

Joanne Kennedy, Larry Gibbs, Carol Kugler,

Michael Gentile & other performers.

February 15-17"& 21-24: 8:00; February 18

& 24: 2:00. Fairview Library Theatre, 35

Fairview Mall Drive. 416-203- 7839.

$15,$12.50, $10(special) on Wednesdays &


---Great Music jlt St. Anne's. Gilbert &

Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance. Laura

Schatz, stage director; Ori Siegel, music

director; orchestra. February 1 & 2: 8:00;

February 3: 2:00 & 8:00. 651 Dufferin St.

416-922-4415. $15,$12.

---Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. How

the Gimquat Found Her Song. With Platypus

Theatre Company; Michael Reason,

conductor. For ages 6 and up. February 18,

2:00. Hamilton Place, 1.Summers Lane.

905-526-6556. $10,$7.




905-688-5550, ext.3257

···Living Arts Centre Mississauga.

Amazing Journey. Exploration of the history

of our planet from the Big Band to the

present, with song, full staging, set &

. costumes. Dr. David Suzuki, narrator;

Mississauga Youth The~tre; Mississauga

Youth Orchestra. February 24: 8:00.

Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts Drive,

Mississauga. 905-306-6000. $35,$25.

Proceeds to support the David Suzuki


---Living Arts Centre Mississauga. Annie.

Music by Strouse; lyrics by Charnin; Martin

Charnin, director. February 8: 7:30.

Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts Drive,

Mississauga. 905-306-6000. $30 to ~59.

···Meadowvale Theatre. Lorne Elliott · The

Collected Mistakes II. Contemporary satire,

music, storytelling, performance art. March

4: 8:00. 6315 Montevideo Rd., Mississauga.

905-821-0090. $25,$23. -

···Mirvish Productions. The lion King.

Stage musical of Disney's 1994 animated

feature. To July 1. Princess of Wales

Theatre, 300 King St. West. 416-872-1212.

$20 to $115. ·

···Music Theatre Mississauga. Fiddler on

the Roof. Music by Jerry Bock; Lyrics by

Sheldon Har:nick; Book by Joseph Stein.

February 16, 17, 22, 23, 24: 8:00; February

18: 2:00. Meadowvale Theatre, 6315

Montevideo Rd .. Mississauga. 905-821-

0090. $18.50,$16.50.

···North Toronto Players. Gilbert &

Sullivan: Ruddygore. February 9, 10, 16 &

17: 8:00; February 11 & 18: 2:00. Leah

Posluns Theatre, 4588 Bathurst St. 905-

727-2209. $16(opening night special),

$10(children under 12). $18,$10(children

under 12),$16(sr, matinees), $16(opening

night), group rates.

---Northumberland Players. A Funny Thing

Happened on the Way to the forum. Music

by Sondheim. February 23,24,25 & 28,

March 1,2 & 3: 8:00; February 24,25,

March 3,4: 2:00. The Concert Hall at

Victoria Hall, 55 King St. West, Cobourg.

905-372-2210. $20(eve),$18(mat).

---Oakville Centre for the Performing

Arts. Oliver! By Lionel Bart. February 15-

17, 20-24: 8:00; February 18: 2:00. 130

Navy Street, Oakville. 905-815-2021. $18.

···Opera in Concert. Szymanowski: King

Roger. Kinga Mitrowska, Kevin McMillan,

performers; Kitchener Waterloo Symphony;

Mario Bernardi, conductor. 1 :45:

Backgrounder with host lain Scott. February

11: 2:30. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040

Yonge St. 416-870-8000. $20 to $50.

···Opera Ontario. Tchaikovsky: Eugene

Onegin: Lisa Houben, Jason Howard,

Melanie Sonnenberg, Bojidar Nikolov, Stefan

Szkafarowsky & other performers; Hamilton

Philharmonic Orchestra; Daniel Lipton,

conductor. February 1 & 3: 8:00 at Hamilton

Place, 1 Summers Lane, Hamilton. 1-800·

575-1381. February 9: 8:00 at The Centre

in the Square, Kitchener. 1-800-265-8977.


---Roy Thomson Hall. Les Arts Florissants.

Opera in Concert: Purcell: Dido and Aeneas;

Charpentier: Acteon. William Christie,

director. February 11: 3:00. 60 Simcoe St.

416-872-4255. $45'-$75. Brampton. 905-874-2800. $15, group rates. 16,21,24, March 2: 8:00; February 18, March 4:

···Sanderson Centre. A Phantom

···Theatre Aquarius./ Can Sing! (Can't/?) 2:00. Bickford Centre Theatre, 777 Bloor St.

Valentine's. Moments from some of the By Jo-Ann Waytowich. Musical parody on West. 416-698-9572. $20,$12.

great mu~icals. Jeff Hyslop, singer/actor; the art of singing. February 24 to March 3. ··· T ryptych Productions. Verdi: Rigoletto.

David Warrack, piano. February 14; 8:00. 88 Monday-Saturday: 8:00; Wednesday: 1 :00; Workshop production. Edward Franko, director;

Dalhousie St. Brantford. 1-800-265-071 O. Saturday: 2:00. Studio Theatre, 190 King William Shookhoff, music director. March 3,5,6

$25,$23, $22 (st/sr). William St., Hamilton. 1'800-465-7529. $19 & 8: 8:00. The Stone Church, 45 Davenport Rd.

···Scarborough Music Theatre. Sweeney to $25.

416489-5349. $15.

Todd. Music Bi lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; ···Theatre Sheridan. Catch A Rising Star.

···U.~. Follies. West Side Story. Music by

book by Hugh Wheeler. Feb. 1-3, 8-10, 15· Student-developed work with singing, Leonard Bernstein; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

17: 8:00; Feb. 4 & 11: 2:00. Scarborough dancing, acting. Rod Maxwell & the ~usic February 8-17: Thursday-Saturday: 8:00 &

Village Theatre, 3600 Kingston Rd. 416· Theatre faculty, .directors. February 7-10, Saturday matinee: 2:00. Hart House Theatre, 1

396-4049. $18, sr/st $15 on Thursdays & 14-17, 21-24: 8:00. 1430 Trafalgar Road, Hart House Circle. 416-978-8668. $15,$10.

Sundays. ·Oakville. 905-815-4049. $11 to $23. ...university of Toronto at Scarborough .

... Tarragon Theatre. Midnight Sun. By ... Toronto Opera Repertoire. Bizet: Brecht/WeiH: Three Penny Opera. Directed by

Maja Ard al. Play with songs. Music directed Carmen. Giuseppe Macina, artistic director. Paula Sperdakos. Begins March 7: 8:00. Leigha

by John Roby. To February 25. 30 Bridgman February 14, 17,23,28, March 3: 8:00; Lee Browne Theatre, 1265 Military T ra~. 416·

Ave. 416-531-1827. $23 to $29; Sunday February 25: 2:00. Bickford Centre Theatre, 287-7007.

matinees PWYC. 777 Bloor St. West. 416-698-9572.

---Winners. Rodgers & Hammerstein: CindereHa.

···The Melodymakers. luv is ... Variety $20,$12.

Performers include Eartha Kitt & Deborah Gibson.

show. February 16 & 17: 8:00; February 18: ···Toronto Opera Repertoire. Verdi: la Traviata. · To February 4. Pantages Theatre, 244 Victoria.

2:00. Heritage Theatre, 86 Main St. North, Giuseppe Macina, artistic director. February 416-870-8000.

Music theatre: last chances, continued from page 15

soine of them original blues

compositions, others traditional

Sicilian melodies, many of

them learned from his father.

The structure of these musical

interludes reflects the general

structure of the play; often the

traditional song will simply

transform into the blues

number, or the blues melody

will be accompanied by lyrics

that tell of the life his father

knew in Sicily. "This reprise of

Cu 'Fu? should whet appetites

for the April premiere of

Chiarelli' s new show, .


Soundstreams Honoured

In December the Toronto-based

Soundstrea1,11s Canada was

honoured with a Lieutenant'

Governor's Award for the Arts at

the George Ignatieff Theatre on

the campus of the University of

Toronto. The award, known as

the Jackman-Bickell Award, and

carrying a value of $10,000,

recognizes Soundstreams' ·

increase in support from the

public anq private sectors, and

from its box office revenues.

Soundstreams both develops and

presents new music and music

theatre. (In late May the company

will present a long-overdue

performance of Serinette, an

opera by the late Harry Somers

with a libretto by James

Reaney. It was originally

commissioned for the tenth

anniversary of the Music at

Sharon summer festival in

1990.) Other organizations

honoured at the same event

included the Stratford Festival,

Tarragon Theatre, Le Theatre

franc;:ais de Toronto, Danny

Grossman Dance Theatre and

the Ottawa Chamber Music


Gatsby's Restaurant

504 Church Street, (416) 925-4545


Comprehensive Concert 'Listings, Feb 1 to Mar 7

Thursday February 01

-- 12:00 noon: CBC Radio. Music Around

Us: Stephen Ham, piano. Franck: Piano

Quintet; Schumann: solo piano music. Julia

Wedman & Aisslinn Nosky, violins; Scott

McCormick, viola; Carina Reeves, cello.

Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West.

416-205-5555. Free.

-- 12:10: St. Paul's Bloor Street. Noon

Hour Recital.· Eric Robertson, organ. 227

Blo ~ r St. East. 416-961-8116. Free.

-- 8:00: Music GalleryfGuerrilla

Gallery. Music of the Heart~ Music of Spirit.

Mott: The Gates of Heaven; Vincent Van

Gogh Was "Mad"; Ritual Bell Fields. David

Mott, baritone saxophone; 40 Fingers

Saxophone Quar'tet; Jesse Stewart,

percussion. St. George the Martyr Church,

197 John St. 416-204-1 OBO. $15,$10.

-- B:OO: Music Toronto. Amernet

Quartet. Schubert: Quartettsatz; Schmidt:

Phantoms; lchiyanagi: In The Forest .

(Canadian premiere); Beethoven: Quartet in F

Dp.59 #1 Rasumovsky. Jane Mallett

Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416-366-7723.


-- B:OO: Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts. Lisa Brokop, vocals. 130

Navy Street. Oakville. 905·B15-2021.


-- B:OO: Scarborough Music Theatre.

Sweeney Todd. Music & lyrics by Stephen

Sondheim; book by Hugh Wheeler.

Scarborough Village Theatre, 3600 Kingston

Rd. 416-396-4049. $1 B,$15. For complete

run see Music Theatre listings.

-- B:OO: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Mozart & Haydn. Mozart: Piano Concertos

#17 & #25; Haydn: Symphony #BB. Murray

Perahia, conductor/piano. Roy Thomson Hall,

60 Simcoe. 416·593-4B2B. $25 to $B5.

Friday February 02

-- 12:00 noon: Roy Thomson Hall

Volunteers. Bring Your Own Lunch Concert:

Kim Kendrick, soprano. 60 Simcoe. 416·

593-4822 ext.363. Free.

-- 1:30: Toronto Children's Chorus.

Third Annual School Choir Invitational

Festival. Choirs from Branksome Hall,

Claude Watson School for the· Arts,

Crescent School. Kennedy Public School,

Norseman Junior Middle School & others.

Metropolitan United Church, 56 Queen St.

East. 416-932·B666 ext.111. $5.

-- B:OO: Elmer lseler Singers. Mystical

Voices. Hatzis: De Angelis; Togni:

Grandmother Moon; Tavener: Hymn of the

Virgin Mary; Part: Magnificat; Gorecki:

Tot us T uus. Guests: Amadeus Chamber

Singers; Laura Pudwell, mezzo; Lydia

Adams, conductor. St Patrick's Church,

141 Mccaul St. 416-217-0537. $30,$25.

-- B:OO: Les AMIS Concerts. Canadian

Sinfonietta. Lin Hua: Woodcuts; An Lung

Hwang: Concertino for erhu (North American ·

Readers please note: plans change; & we make mistakes! Please use the

phone numbers provided to call ahead. For full music theatre listings, see

pages 16-17. For "Too late to list" and "Further afield" see pages 31-32.

premiere) Mozart: Divertimento in D K.136;

Schnittke: Suite in Old Style; Taneyev:

Arabesque. Julian Milkis, clarinet; George

Gao, erhu; Tak-Ng Lai, music directorl

conductor. Willowdale United Church, 349

Kenneth Ave. 905-773-7712. $25,$20(st).

-- B:OO: Masques. Music for London

Entertainment. Music by Locke, Jenkins,

Lawes & Cooper. Trinity-St. Paul's Church,

427 Bloor St. West. 416-410-4022. $10.

-- B:OO: Music GalleryfGuerrilla

Gallery. Eve Egoyan Plays Satie. St. George

· the Martyr Church, 197 John St. 416-204·

10BO. $10,$7.

-- B:OO: OnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Louis Lortie, piano & Takacs String

Quartet. Brahms: Piano Quintet inf Op.34;

Schumann: Piano Quintet in E flat Op.44.

Eri,c Friesen, host. 250 Front St. West. 416·

205-5555. $30.

-- B:OO: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Mozart & Haydn. Roy Thomson Hall. See

February 1.

-- B:OO: University of Toroil~o Faculty

of Music. Wind Symphony & Concert Band.

Chavez: Sinfonia India; Chance: Incantation

& Dance; Horovitz: Euphonium Concerto;

Hartley: Concerto for Alto Saxophone, 2nd

movt.; Weber: Concerto #2 for clarinet, 3rd

movt. & other music. Student soloists;

Jeffrey Reynolds & Stephen Chenette,

conductors. MacMillan Theatre, BO Queen's

Park. 416-978-3744. $12,$6.

Saturday February 03

-- 12:00 noon: Royal Conservatory of

Music. Lobby Concert. Informal concert

featuring RCM students of all ages & levels-.

273 Bloor St. West. 416·40B·2B24 ext.321.


-- B:OO: Baroque Music Beside the

Grange. Voices of Influence. Telemann:

Cantatas Liebe, die vom Himmel stammet &

Jauchzet dem Herrn; Purcell: music from

King Arthur & other music. Paul Grindlay,.

bass; Norman Engel, trumpet; Rona

Goldensher & Julie Baumgartel. violins;

Mary Katherine Finch, cello; Christopher

Dawes, chamber organ. St. George the

Martyr Church, 197 John St. 416-5BB·

4301. $1B,$14.

-- B:OO: Cathedral Bluffs Symphony

Orchestra/Canadian Music Competi~ions.

Thomas: Overture to Mignon; Chopin: Piano

Concerto #2; Beethoven: Eroica Symphony.

Meena Nakamura, piano; Robert Raines,

co.nductor. Stephen Leacock Collegiate

Institute, 2450 Birchmount Rd. 416-B79·

5566. $15, $12, children under 12 free.

-- B:OO: Living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Leahy. Mix of Celtic,

Canadian folk music & French Can~dian step

dancing. Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts

Drive, Mississauga. 905-306-6000.

18 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001


-- B:OO: Mississauga Guitar Society.

Warren Nicholson, guitar & Linda·

Henderson, flute in Concert. Works by Bach,

Piazzolla & Buhr. St. Thomas a Becket

Church, 353.5 South Common Court,

Mississauga. 905-B21 ·2396. $20,$15.

,__ B:OO: Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts. Alan Frew & Friends VI.

The Kings, Don Ross, Lighthouse, Denise

Leahy, Gregory Hawkins & other

performers. 130 Navy Street, Oakvill~ . 905·

B15·2021 . $60. Benefit for Camp Trillium.

-- B:OO: Sinfonia Toronto. Oeath and the

Maiden. Wolf-Ferrari: Serenade; Pierne:

Canzonetta; Zfasman: Intermezzo;

Levkovich: Brasilian.a; Schubert: Death and

the Maiden. Julian Milkis, clarinet; Nurhan

Arl)lan, conductor. Glenn Gould Studio, 250

Front St. W. 416-205-5555.

$29,$24(sr),$1 B(st).

-- B:OO: St. Mark's Church. British

Music Hall Revue. Land of Hope and Glory,

Danny Boy, The White Cliffs of Dover &

many more songs. Cantilena Vocal

Ensemble; Ebony & Ivory. 115 Orton Park

Drive. 1·800·B67-32B1. $10 (children free).

-- B:OO: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Mozart & Haydn. Roy Thomson Hall. See

February 1.

-- B:OO: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. U of T Symphony Orchestra.

Schafer: Shadowman (world premiere) for

percussion & orchestra; Webern: Six Pieces

for Orchestra Op.6; Wagner: Excerpts from

The Ring; Tchaikovsky: Variations on a

Rococo Theme. Tanya Ell, cello; Nexus

Percussion Ensemble; .Ratti Armenian,

conductor. MacMillan Theatre, BO Queen's

Park. 416·97B·3744. $12,$6.

-- B:OO: York Symphony Orchestra.

Symphonic Romance. Tchaikovsky: Pas de

Deux from The Nutcracker; Capriccio Italian;

Chopin: Piano Concerto #1; Vaughan

Williams: ·Fantasia from Sir John in Love.

Mina Park, piano; Roberto De Clara,

conductor. Burton Auditorium, York.

University, 4700 Keele.St. 416·410-0B60.

0$20,$15, $5(under 12).

-- B:30: Living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Swing Sonique. Contempo·

rary jazz-swing. Greg Leskiw, vocalsfguitar;

Greg Lowe, guitar; Daniel Koulack, upright

bass. Royal Bank Theatre, 4141 Living Arts

Drive, Mississauga. 905-306-6000.


Sunday February 04

-- 2:00: Harbourfront Centre. Sunday

Concert: Lawrence Heights Middle School

Choir. York Quay Centre, 235 Queens Quay

West. 416-973-3000. Free.

-- 2:00: OnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Wolfgang Holzmair, baritone &

Russell Ryan, piano in Recital. Songs by

Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler &

Strauss. Eric Friesen, host. 250 Front St.

West. 416-205-5555. $30. ·

-- 2:00: Toronto Operetta Theatre.

King's Rhapsody: A Tribute to Ivor Novello.

Mark DuBois, tenor; Suzanne Kompass,

soprano; Gloria Saarinen, piano. Jane

Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416·

366· 7723. $26.

-- 2:00: Visual and Performing Arts

Newmarket. Galaxy.Trio. Classical & jazz.

Newmarket Theatre, 505 Pickering Cres.

905-953-5122. $20,$15.

-- 2:30: New Music ConcertsfNeilson

Park Creative Centre. Music Speaks:

Joseph Macerollo, accordion. Louie: Earth

Cycles; Foss: Curriculum Vitae; Nordheim:

Flashing; other works for accordion. 56

Neilson Drive. 416-622-5294. Free.

-- 3:00: Music at St. John's. The Musk

of Love. Works for harp & voice. Judy

Loman, harp; Monica Whicher, soprano. St.

John's Church, 2BB Humberside Ave. 416·

763-2393. $20,$15, $5(child).

-- 4:30: Great Music at St. Anne's.

Choral Evensong. Music by Tallis. 270

Gladstone Ave. 416-922-4415. Free.

-- 7:30: York Symphony Orchestra.

Symphonic Romance. See February 3.

Markham Theatre for Performing Arts, 171

Town Centre Blvd. 905-305-7469.

-- B:OO: Artword Theatre. Eugene's

Sunday Series. Prepared & electronically

modified contemporary guitar music. Riener

Weins, Nilan Perera & Bill Parsons, guitars;

David Mott, baritone sax & other

performers; Eugene Martynec, host. 75

Portland. 416-40B·27B3. $B.

-- B:OO: MariposafFlying Cloud Folk

Club. Marie-Lynn Hammond & Nancy White,

singers/songwriters. TRANZAC, 292

Brunswick Ave. 416-410-3655. $12,$10.

-- B:OO: Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts. Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard.

Folk & western. 130 Navy Street, Oakville.

905-B15-2021. $24.99.

Monday February 05

No listings

Tuesday February 06

--12:10: University ofToronto

Faculty of Music. Voice Student

Performances. Walter Hall, BO Queen's

Park. 416-97B-3744. Free.

-- 1 :00: St. James' Cathedral. lunch

Hours at St. James'.· Kim Soobok, organ.

Hindemith: Sonata #1; Bach: Prelude &

Fugue in G BWV 541. 65 Church St. 416·

364· 7B65. Free.

-- B:OO: Music Toronto.Arthur Ozolins,

piano. Mozart: Sonata in F K.332; Debussy:

pieces from Images Books I & II; Albeniz:

Iberia: Evocacion, Triana, El Albaicfn;

Rachmanioff: Preludes, Moments musicaux,

transcriptions. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27

Front St. East. 416-366-7723.


-- B:OO: OnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. The Songs of Hoagy Carmichael

Cindy Church, vocals, Joe Sealy, piano;

George Koller, bass; Eric Friesen, host. 250

Front St. West. 416-205-5555. $30.

Wednesday February 07

-- 12:30: Yorkminster Park Church.

Noonday Recital· Michael Bloss, organ.

15B5 Yonge St. 416-922-1167. Free.

-- 7:00: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

The Bach Dynasty. Works by J.S. Bach and

his family, including the Harpsichord

Concerto in D. Charlotte Nediger,

harpsichord; Jeanne Lamon, music director.

Trinity-St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. W.

416-964-6337. $26-$50, $20-$45 (st/sr).

-- B:OO: Humber Jazz Series. Artist

Week Showcase. Darmon Meader (New

York Voices), Trish Colter's Vocal Jazz

Combo; Alastair Kay's Big Band; Bill King,

host. Humber College Auditorium, 3199

Lakeshore Blvd. West. 416-675-6622

Lift your February spirits with a feast of Italian songs, plus works by

Barber, Caplet, and Britten with harp solos by Pierne and Nino Rota.

ext.3427. $B,$5.

-- B:OO: Mozart Society. Mark Gurovsky,

piano in Recital Works by Haydn, Mozart &

Beethoven. Sunderland Hall, First Unitarian

Congregation, 175 St. Clair West. 416-499-

2716. $10 donation recommended.

-- B:OO: Theatre Sheridan. Catch A

Rising Star. Student -developed work with

singing, dancing, acting. Rod Maxwell & the

Music Theatre faculty, directors. 1430

Trafalgar Road, Oakville. 905-Bl 5-4049.

Preview $16,$11. For complete run see

Music Theatre listings.

-- B:30: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Small Jazz Ensembles. Walter

Hall, BO Queen's Park. 416-97B-3744. Free.

Thursday February 08

-- 12:00 noon: CBC Radio. Music Around

Us: David Jalbert, piano. Music by Bach,

Faure, Ravel & Liszt. 250 Front St. West.

416-205-5555. Free.

-- 12:10: St. Paul's Bloor Street. Noon

Hour Recital· Barry Peters, organ. 227 Bloor

St. East. 416-961-8116. Free.

-- 1:30: Women's Musical Club of

Toronto. Dang Thai Son, piano. Chopin:

Polonaise in c Op. 40 no. 2; 3 Mazurkas Op.

'59 (no. 1 in a, no. 2 in A flat, no. 3 in f

sharp); Scherzo no. 2 in b flat; Andante

spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante in Eb

Op. 22; Debussy: Six Preludes (Livre II);

Ravel: La Valse (piano solo). 12:15:

preconcert lecture, Rm. 330. Walter Hall, BO

Queen's Park. 416-923-7052. $22.

-- 7:30: Living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Annie. Music by Strouse;

lyrics by Charnin; Martin Charnin, director.

Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts Drive,

Mississauga. 905-306-6000. $-30 to $59.

-- 7:30: University of Toronto at

Scarborough. Music of All latitudes Part fl

Music for Japanese taiko, gongs, bells,

wooden clappers, shakers & bamboo flutes.

Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble; guests: Ritesh

Das, Kwasi Dunyo & Zhou Wei. The Meeting

Place, 1265 Military Trail. 416·2B7-7007.

Free (reservations required).

-- B:OO: Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts. Leahy. Celtic & Canadian

folk music; stepdancing. 130 Navy Street,

Oakville. 905-B15·2021. $54.99.

-- B:OO: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

The Bach Dynasty. Trinity-St. Paul's

Church. See Feb. 7.

-'- B:OO: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Russian Masterpieces. Tchaikovsky: Romeo

& Juliet Fantasy Overture; Prokofiev: Violin

Concerto #2; Stravinsky: Song of th.e

Nightingale; Firebird Suite (1919 version).

Kyung Wha Chung, violin; Roberto Abbado,

conductor. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe.

416-593-4B2B. $25 to $B5.

~- B:OO; U.C. Follies. West Side Story.

Music by Leonard Bernstein; lyrics by

Stephen Sondheim. Hart House Theatre, 1

Hart House Circle. 416-97B-B66B. $15,$10.

For complete run see Music Theatre listings.

-- B:OO: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. New Music Festival· Concert I.

The Chapel, Victotia University, 91 Charles

St. West. 416-97B-3744. Free.

Friday February 09

Judy Loman


Monica Whicher

Saturday, February 4 at 8 pm

St. John's Anglican Church, West Toronto

288 Humberside Avenue• 2 blocks north of Bloor and

1 block west of High Park Ave. • Wheelchair accessible

Adult $20 • Senicir/Student $15 •Child under 12 $5

For more information or to reserve tickets call 416-763-2393


Proceeds to Homes for Adults with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders,

and St. John ·s.

Women's Musical

Club of Toronto


February 8, 2001, 1:30 pm

Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park

Dang Thai Son


Preconcert lecture at 12: 15, Rm 330

-- 12:00 noon: Roy Thomson Hall

Volunteers. Bring Your Own lunch Concert:

Taffanel Wind Ensemble. Music for flute,

clarinet & bassoon. 60 Simcoe. 416-593·

4B22 ext.363. Free.

-- B:OO: Living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Cowboy Junkies. Folk, blues

& rock. Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts

Drive, Mississauga. 905-30S·6000.


-- B:OO: Music Gallery/Guerrilla

Gallery. New Voices. Microtonal string

music by Sherlock, Farah & Priest. St.

George the Martyr Church, 197 John St.

416-204- lOBO. $15,$10.

-- B:OO: North Toronto Players. Gilbert

& Sullivan: Ruddygore. Leah Posluns

Theatre, 45BB Bathurst St. 905-727-2209.

$16 (opening night special), $1 O(children

under 12). For complete run see Music

Theatre listings.

-- B:OO: Oakville Centre for the

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 19

Performing Arts. Bowser & Blue. Singing

satirical comedy. 130 Navy Street, Oakville.

905·815·2021. $32.99.

-- 8:00: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

The Bach Dynasty. Trinity·St. Paul's

Church. See Feb. 7.

-- 8:00: The New Guitar. Works by

Archer, Baker, lofsky, Macdonald, Moses &

others. Danielle Cumming, guitar; Lorne

lofsky & Rob Piltch jazz guitar duo.

Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave. 416-252-

4792. $20,$15.


Faculty of Music

Jane Coop


Scar/a/Ii, Mozart, Schubert

and Rachmaninoff

Friday, Feb 9

Walter Hall, 8 pm

-- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Jane Coop, piano in Recital

Rachmaninoff: Variations on a Theme by

Corelli Op.42; Schubert: Sonata in G D.894;

other works. Walter Hall, BO Queen's Park.

416-978-3744. $20,$10.

-- 8:00: Via Salzburg. Music for Cello,

Violin & Piano. Rachmaninov: Sonata for

piano & cello in g Op.19; Schulhoff: Duo fo1

violin & cello; Schubert: Piano Trio in E flat

D 929. Louise Hopkins, cello; Aleksandar

Madzar, piano; Mayumi Seiler, violin. Glenn

Gould Studio, 250 Front St. W. 416-205·

5555. $29, $25(sr), $18(st).

Saturday February 10

-- 12:00 noon: Royal Conservatory of

Music. lobby Concert. Informal concert

featuring RCM students of all ages & levels.

273 Bloor St. West. 416-408·2824 ext.321.


-- 7:30: Mark Ruhnke, baritone in Recital

Songs from the British Isles & from World

Wars I & II and other music; slide

presentation. Joanne Mclennan, accompanist.

St. Andrew's Church, 115 St. Andrews

Road. 905·686·5676. $10.

-- 7:30: Opera Encore/Knights of

Columbus. Great Moments in Opera. Arias

& ensembles from la Boheme, Tosca, la

T raviata, la Forza del Destina & other

operas. Herb Brown, baritone; Suzanne

DeGrandpre, coloratura soprano; Richard

Valdez, tenor; Craig Winters, piano. Our lady

of The Assumption Church, 2565 Bathurst

St. 416-787-4547. $15.

_...:. 8:00: Arte Flamenco! Romance

Espanol Music & dan·ce from classical to

Flamenco: Dennis Sigel, classical guitar;

Guillermo Silva-Marin, tenor; Ed Hanley,

percussion; Lisa Sandlos, dancer/

choreographer & other performers. Jane

I;3aroque Players of Hamilton

Carolyn Sinclair


Julie Baumgartel

baroque violin

Margaret Gay

baroque 'cello

Michael Jarvis


An Italian Valentine!

Arias & Cantatas about love

in 17th & 18th century Italy.

Saturday, Feb 10, 8 pm

St. John's Church

288 Humberside, Toronto

(5 mins. walk north of

High Park subway)


Lorne Lofsky and Robert Piltch


Danielle Cumming

New Music by:

Baker, Beauvais, Lofsky, Musgrave, Piltch and Thompson

Upcoming concerts: Ted Quinlan, Kieran Overs, April 6,

2001. William Beauvais with the Resonance Trio April 7, 2001

Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Avenue

$20 Adults $15 Students and Seniors

(416) 252-4792


20 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416·

366-7723. $22,$17.

-- 8:00: Baroque Players of Hamilton.

Canto d'Amor. Music from 17th & 18th

century Italy. Carolyn Sinclair, soprano;.

Julie Baumgartel, baroque violin; Margaret

Gay, baroque cello; Michael Jarvis,

harpsichord. St. John's Church, 288

Humberside. 416·588-2954. $20,$15.

-- 8:00: Music Umbrella Chamber

Concerts. PMS (That's Post Medieval

Syddrome, Folks). Music medieval. & post

medieval with special visual presentations.

Ben Grossman, percussion & hurdy-gurdy;

Paul Jenkins, harpsichord; Catherine

Keenan, hurdy-gurdy; Alison Melville,

recorders & flutes; Barry Prophet,

percussion; Jean-Marc Guilemette, visuals.

Eastminster United Church, 310 Danforth

Ave. 416·461-6681. $12,$10, $5(children

under 12).

-- 8:00: Oakville Symphony Orchestra.

Music of love. Beethoven: Leonore Overture

#3; Mozart: Piano Concerto #21; Gershwin:

Suite from Porgy & Bess; Vaughan Williams:

Fantasia from Sir John in love;

Tchaikovsky: Cappriccio ltalien. Andrew

Aarons, piano; Roberto De Clara, conductor.

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, 130

Navy Street. 905·815·2021. $23,$18.50,

group rates.

.-- 8:00: OnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Ed Dickert & Gene Bertonici: EB-68.

Jazz guitar. 250 Front St. West. 416-205-

5555. $30. *CANCELLED*

-- 8:00: Scarborough Philharmonic.

2001 - A New Romance. Berlioz: Scene

d'amour from Romeo & Juliet;

Shostakovich: Romance from The Gadfly;

Faure: Pelleas & Melisande Suite, Op.BO;

Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from West

Side Story, classic love songs from Europe

& Canada. Mark DuBois, tenor; Jerome D.

Summers, music director. Birchmount Park

C.I .. 3663 Danforth Ave. 416·261-0380.


- ·- 8:00: South African Women for

Women/Harbourfront Centre. An Evening

with Abdullah Ibrahim. du Maurier Theatre

Centre, 231 Queens Quay West. 416-973-

4000. $45. *CANCELLED*

-- 8:00: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

The Bach Oynasty. Trinity-St. Paul's

Church. See Feb. 7.

-- 8:00: Toronto Accolades of

Harmony. A Starlight Cabaret. Upstate

Rhythm; Claidhmor & other performers. Earl

Bales Community Centre, 4169 Bathurst St.

905-939- 7451. $15.

-- 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Russian Masterpieces. Roy Thomson Hall.

See February 8.

-- 8:00: Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra.

An Evening of Chamber Music. Venue TBA.

416-712-6582. $10,$8.

-- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. New Music Festival· Concert II.

The Chapel, Victoria University, 91 Charles

St. West. 416-978-3744. Free.

Sunday February 11

-- 1 :00: Harbourfront Centre/

Jeunesses Musicales of Ontario.

Africville Suite. Songs & stories from

Africville, Nova Scotia. Joe Sealy, jazz

piano. du Maurier Theatre Centre, 231

Queens Quay West. 416-973-4000. $8.

-- 2:00: Harbourfront Centre. Sunday

Concert: Lazo. Reggae. York Quay Centre,

235 Queens Quay West. 416-973·3000.


-- 2:00: Oakville Symphony Orchestra.

Music of love. Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts. See February 10.

-- 2:00: Royal Conservatory of Music.

Romance and the Cabaret. Bellini/Klose:

Excerpts from la Sonnambula; Hagens:

Harlem Nocturne; Salaks: 2 Latvian

lullabies; Schumann: Romance. Kala is Trio:

Bruce Redstone, saxophone; Jamie

Thompson, flute; Peteris Zarins, piano.

Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St.

West. 416-408·2824 ext.321. $12,$8.

-- 2:00: Song Circle. Gems of the Basso

Repertoire. Robert Pomakov, basso

cantante. Arts & letters Club, 14 Elm St.

416·422·1489. $20,$15.

-- 2:00: Toronto Latvian Concert

Association. Peter Seminovs, violin &

Heather Conner, piano in Recital Works by

Brahms, Franck & Latvian composers. Glenn

Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West. 416-205·

5555. $27.

-- 2:00: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. New Music Festival· Concert Ill.

The Chapel, Victoria University, 91 Charles

St. West. 416·978·3744. Free.

-- 2:30: Opera in Concert. Szymanowski:

King Roger. Kinga Mitrowska, Kevin

McMillan, performers; Kitchener Waterloo

Symphony; Mario Bernardi, conductor. 1 :45:

Backgrounder with host lain Scott. George

Westo~ Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 416·

870·8000. $20 to $50.

-- 3:00: Roy Thomson Hall. Les Arts

Florissants. Purcell: Dido and Aeneas;

Charpentier: Acteon. Opera in Concert.

William Christie, conductor. 60 Simcoe St.

416·872-4255. $35·$75. -

-- 3:00: Sinfonia Mississauga. Yearning

for Spring. Finzi: Concerto for Clarinet and

Strings; Bartok: Divertimento. Stephen

Pierre, clarinet; John ~arnum, conductor.

Royal Bank Theatre, 4141 Living Arts Drive,

Mississauga. 905·306·6000. $27.50.

-- 3:30: T afelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

The Bach Dynasty. Trinity·St. Paul's

Church. See Feb. 7.

-- 5:30: University of Toronto faculty

of Music. New Music Festival· Concert IV.

The Chapel, Victoria University, 91 Charles

St. West. 416·978·3744. Free.

-- 7:00: North Toronto Institute of

Music. Leaside Concert Series: Toronto

Wind Ouartet. Music by Mozart, Bach,

Milhaud & Bozza. Leaside Presbyterian

Church, 670 Eglinton East. 41'6-4BB·25BB.

$15,$10, family rates.

-- 8:00: Artword Theatre. Eugene's

Sunday Series: Ouincunx. Music for mouth,

mouse, discarded kitchen utensils & other

things. T omasz Krakowiak Quintet: Robin

Buckley & T omasz Krakowiak, percussion;

Wm. Davison, found instruments; Paul

Dutton, voice; Eugene Martynec, computer

music & host. 75 Portland. 416·408·2783.


. -- B:OO: Flying Cloud folk Club. Valdy/



:Robert Pomakov

Basso Cantante


Hrahm Goldhamer

Feb. 11, 2001 at 2 pm

Arts and Letters Club,

St. Georges Hall

14 Elm Street (nonh of Dundas

between Yonge and Bay Streets)

Gary Fjellgaard. Folk & country. TRANZAC,

292 Brunswick Ave. 416·410·3655.


Monday February 12

-- 7:30: Associates of the Toronto

Symphony Orchestra. Five Small Concerts:

Salute Italia! Ensembles of the Toronto

Symphony Youth Orchestra. T rinity·St.

Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. West. 416·

323·0862. $15,$12.

-- B:OO: CJRT FM. Sound of Toronto

Jazz. Melissa Stylianou and Trio. Ontario

Science Centre, 770 Don Mills Road. 416·

595·0404. $10.

Tuesday February 13

-- 1 :00: St. James' Cathedral. L,unch

Hours at St. James'.· Corrine Dutton, organ.

65 Church St. 416·364· 7865. Free.

-- 8:00: OnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Jean Stilwell mezzo; Robert

Kortgaard, piano; Cabaret Ensemble.

German Art Song to Cabaret. 250 Front St.

West. 416·205·5555. $30.

-- B:OO: Soundstreams Canada.

Swedish Radio Choir. Ligeti: Lux Aeterna;

A.Strauss: Deutsche Motte.le Op.62;

Lidholm: Libera Me; Schnittke: Concerto for

Mixed Chorus; Somers: Feller from Fortune.

Eric Ericson, director. Metropolitan United

Church, 56 Queen St. East. 416·504·7529 .

$25,$1 B, group rates.

For tickets, phone 416-422-1489

Adults $20.00 I Students & Seniors $15.00

Program includes Brahms's Four Serious Songs, Vaughan

Williams' Songs of Travel and melodies by Tchaikovsky

This rising young Canadian star was referred to as a

"throwback to Feodor Chaliapin" following his recent prizewinning

performance in the 8th annual Placido Domingo

Operalia international vocal competition in Los Angeles.

Robert ,is currently studying at the prestigious Curtis ·

Institute in Philadelphia. In this past year, he was a finalist in

the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels, a first place

winner in the New York Oratorio Society Competition and a

prize winner with the George London Foundation. Toronto

audiences heard him in last year's Roy Thomson Hall

Millennium Opera Gala and in concert with baritone Dmitri

H vorostovsky and the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra.

Wednesday February 14

-- 12:30: Yorkminster Park Church.

Noonday Recital· Thomas Filches, organ.

1585 Yonge St. 416·922· 1167. Free.

-- 8:00: The MadriGALS. Renaissance

Love Safari. Journey through five stages of

love in words & a cappella song. St.

Stephen·in·the·Fields Church, 103 Bellevue

Ave. 416·5BB·54BO. $15,$10.

-- B:OO: Toronto Opera Repertoire.

Bizet: Carmen. Giuseppe Macina, artistic

director. Bickford Centre Theatre, 777 Bloor

St. West. 416·698·9572. $20,$12. For

complete run see Music Theatre listings.

-- 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Romance & Rhapsody. Peters: Paradoxes of

the Heart; Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on a

Theme of Paganini; Prokofiev: Music from

Romeo & Juliet. Jon Kimura Parker, piano;

Bramwell Tovey, conductor. 6:45: Pre·

concert Chat with Jon Kimura Parker. Roy

Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe. 416·593·4828.

$25 to $85; Pre·Concert Chat $5 or free

with ticket to the Bpm concert.

-- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty '

of Music. A Choral Valentine. Pergolesi:

The Associates of the

Toronto Symphony Orchestra present





Monday, February 12, 2001 7:30 p.m.

Trinity St. Paul's United Church, 427 Bloor St. W.

See WholeNote listings for details.





All Five Small Concerts

3 Extra Guest Tickets

8 Informal Musical •

Evenings (Wine &


(416) 323-0862

)vr'~ and CBC•!!!• radi~

CAN AD nce Cherney,ArtisticDirector ~


word ;sr


William Littler






Ligeti's Lux Aeterna, ERIC ERICSON, conductor

heard in "2001: Tuesday, February 13 at 8 pm

A Space Odyssey" Metropolitan United Church

Media Partner:

THE .... .. ........ GLOBE .. .......... AND MAIL

Sponsored by:

r.: Tetra Pak

More than the package~

and more. 416•504• 7529


Workshop & Open Rehearsal

with Ericson: Feb. 13, 3pm at

Metropolitan United Church; $5

or FREE with concert ticket.

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 • MARCH 7' 2001 wholenote 21

Stabat Mater; other works. Women's

Chorus; Doreen Rao, conductor. The Chapel,

Victoria University, 91 Charles St. West.

416-978,3744. $12,$6.

-- 8:30: University of Toronto Faculfy

.of Music. Small Jazz Ensembles. Walter

Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free.

Thursday February 15

-- 12:00.noon: CBC Radio. Music Around

Us: Cheryl Hickman, soprano & Steven

Phi/cox, piano. Barber: Knoxville: Summer of

1915; music by Rossini; American songs.

250 Front St. West. 416-205-5555. Free.

- - 12: 10: St. Paul's Bloor Street. Noon

Hour Recital· Peter Nikiforuk, organ. 227

Bloor St. East. 416-961-8116. Free.

-- 12: 10: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Thursday Noon Series.

Mendelssohn: Piano Trio in d; other works.

Scott St. John, violin; Shauna Rolston, cello;

William Aide, piano. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's

Park. 416-978-3744. Free.

· -- 8:00: Can.adia dell' Arte Theatre.

Robert Schumann's Dichterliebe. Including

· choreographed companion piece and

experimental film by Peter· Reitzel. Stewart

Granger, tenor; Jennifer Au Tung, piano;

Duncan MacDonald & Julie Reitzel, dancers;

Peter Reitzel, director. Canadia dell' Arte

Studio Theatre, 186 Munro St. 416-4.65-

7393. $15,$10. For complete run see Music

Thealre listings.

-- 8:00: Civic Light Opera Company.

Rodge.rs & Hammerstein: The King and l

Joe Cascone, Joanne Kennedy, Larry Gibbs,

Carol Kugler, Michael Gentile & other

performers. Fairview Library Theatre, 35

Fairview Mall Drive. 416-203-7839.

$1 O(special). For complete run see Music

Theatre listings.

-- 8:00: Music Gallery/Guerrilla

Gallery. Master Musicians of the East:

Nishikawa Ensemble. Traditional & ·

contemporary Asian & Western music. Kohei

Nishikawa, fue/flute; Hideko Nara, piano; Liu

Fang, Chinese pipe; Patrick Graham, taiko/

percussion; David Loeb, composer. St.

George the Martyr Church, 197 John St.

416·204· 1080. $20,$10.

-- 8:00: Music Toronto. Tokyo Ouartet -

Satz and Fuge. Mendelssohn: 4 Pieces for

String Quartet, Op. 81; Schubert:

Quartettsatz; Webern: Langsamer Satz;

Kurtag: Microludes; Mozart: Adagio & Fugue

in c K.546; Beethoven: Grosse Fuge. Jane

Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416-

366-7723. $43,$39,$5(st).

-- 8:00: Oakville Centre for the

. Performing Arts. Oliver/ By Lionel Bart.

130 Navy Street, Oakville. 905-815-2021 .

$18. For complete run see Music Theatre


-- 8:00: Royal Conservatory of Music.

Fandango. Fossa: Trio Op.18 #1; Boccherini:

Fandango Quintet; De Falla: songs for voice

& guitar. Jeffrey McFadden, guitar; Ann

Monoyios, soprano; Marie Berard, violin;

Rennie Regehr, viola; Blair Lofgren & Trevor

Fitzpatrick, cello. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert

Hall, 273 Bloor St. West. 416-408·2824

ext.321. $15,$12.

-- 8:00: Toronto Philharmonia.

Beethoven's Spirit. Consecration of the

House Overture; Symphony No. 6

"Pastoral"; Piano Concerto #4 in G. Eldon

Ng, piano; Kerry Stratton, conductor.

George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St.

416-870-8000. $37,$32; $32,$26 (sr/st).

-- 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Romance & Rhapsody. Roy Thomson Hall.

See February 14.

-- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Early Music Ensembles. Walter

Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free.

Friday February 16

416- 766·35~3 . $15, $10.

-- 12:00 noon: Roy Thomson Hall

Volunteers. Bring Your Own lunch Concert:

Vladimir Radian, baritone & Riah Radian,

piano. 60 Simcoe. 416-593-4822 ext.363.


-- 7:30: Royal Conservatory of Music.

Young Artists Concert 1. Glenn Gould -- 8:00: Toronto Opera Repertoire.

Professional School New Music Ensemble; Verdi: la Traviata. Giuseppe Macina. artistic

Gary Kulesha, director. Ettore Mazzoleni director. Bickford Centre Theatre, 777 Bloor

Concert Hall. 273 Bloor St. West. 416-408- St. West. 416-698-9572. $20,$12. For

2824 ext.321. $5,$3.

complete run see Music Theatre listings.

-- 8:00: Massey Hall. Ute lemper. 15 -- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty

Shuter St. 416-872-4255. $35.50-$55. of Music. Faculty Artist Series: Chan Ka

-- 8:00: Music Theatre Mississauga. Nin Among Friends. Chan: Among Friends;

Fiddler on the Roof. Music by Jerry Bock; Iron Road (excerpts); Carla's Poem; other

lyrics by Sheldon Harnick; book by Joseph works. Amici; Scott St. John, violin; Shauna

Stein. Meadowvale Theatre, 6315

Rolston, cello; Toronto Children's Chorus;

Montevideo Rd., Mississauga. 905-821- Jean Ashworth Bartle, conductor. Walter

0090. $18.50,$16.50. For complete run see Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744.

Music Theatre listings.


-- 8:00: Performing Arts York Region. -- 8: 15: Etobicoke Philharmonic

Jean Stilwell, mezzo & Robert Kortgaard, Orchestra. Barnes: The Odyssey; Weber:

piano. Thornhill Presbyterian Church, 271 Clarinet Concerto #2; Brahms: Symphony

Centre St. 905-889-4359. $18,$15. #1. Greg Williams, clarinet; Tak-Ng Lai,

-- 8:00: Rothko Trio/Music Gallery. · music director. Richview Collegiate Institute,

East - West. Works by Sheng, Takemitsu, 1738 Islington Ave. 416-239-5665.

Yu & Ravel. Angelique Toews, violin; $20,$15.

Roberta Janzen, cello; Simon Docking, piano. -- 8:30: Living Arts Centre

St. George ihe Martyr Church, 197 John St. Mississauga. Patricia O'Callaghan. Cabaret

The Glenn Gould Professional School


2000-2001 Concert Season

T hursday, February 15, 2001, 8:00 pm

Tickets: $15 adults/ $12 students & seniors

Sunday, February 18, 2001, 3:00 pm

Tickets: $15 adults / $12 students & seniors

Music by Fossa, Boccherini and De Falla

Jeffrey McFadden, Guitarist

with Marie Berard, violin; Trevor Fitzpatrick, cello; Blair Lofgren, celo;

A nnabelle Meare, violin; A nn Monoyios, soprano; Rennie Regehr, viola

The 2000-2001 GGPS 'Concert Series is sponsored by

©· F')(l 15

Tha ll.elemtln1 Pilrl'l.ilt Of :!'iurfeo:iiom.

Music by Brahms, Mozart and Stravinsky

Jim Anagnoson & Leslie Kinton,

Piano D uo

The Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall of

The Royal Conservatory of Music, 273 Bloor St. W., Toronto

For tickets call 4 16 408 2824 ext. 3 21 or visit: www .rcmusic.ca

22 w holenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - M ARCH 7, 2001

music by Cohen, Weill, Schoenberg & others.

Royal Bank Theatre, 4141 Living Arts Drive,

Mississauga. 905-306-6000. $2~,$19.50.

Saturday February 17

...J4 7:30: Burlington Civic Chorale.

Valentine Cabaret and Silent Auction. Vocal

jazz, popular show tunes. Dr. Gary Fisher,

director. St. Christopher's Church, 662

Guelph Line, Burlington. 905-549-5897.


-- 7:30: Toronto Symphorw Orchestra.

Romance & Rhapsody. Rachmaninoff:

Rhapsody on a Theme of. Paganini;

Prokofiev: Music from Romeo & Juliet. Jon

Kimura Parker, piano; Bramwell Tovey,

conductor. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe.

416-593-4828. $25 to $50.

-- 8:00: Canadian Opera Company.

Orchestral Splendour. Mozart: Oboe

Concerto; songs by Strauss & Mahler;

Schubert: Symphony #3. Mark Rogers,

oboe; singers ·of the COC Ensemble Studio;

COC Orchestra; ,Richard Bradshaw,

conductor. George Weston Recital Hall,

5040 Yonge St. 416-870-8000.

-- 8:00: Massey Hall. Celia Cruz. Guests:

Jose Alberto "El Canario" and 12-piece salsa

orchestra. 15 Shuter St. 416-872-4255.


-- 8:00: Mooredale Concerts.

Mendelssohn. Piano Trio in d; other works

for violin, cello and piano. Erika Raum, violin;

Kristine Bogyo, cello; Angela Park, piano.

Willowdale United Chur_ch, 349 Kenneth

Ave. 416-922-3714. $15,$10.

-- 8:00: VocalPoint Chamber·Choir.

Bach favourites. Bach: Lutheran Mass in g;

Cantata #147; Komm. Jesu Komm; Lobe!

den Herrn, alle Heiden; Orchestral Suite #3

· in D. Talisker Players Chamber Orchestra;

guest soloists; Ian Grundy, music director.

Church of the Holy Trinity, 10 Trinity

Square. 416-484-0185. $25,$15.

Sunday f.ebruary 18

-- 2:00: Harbourfront Centre. Sunday

Concert: Achilla Orru, mbira master. York

Quay Centre, 235 Queens Quay West. 416·

973-3000. Free.

-- 2:00: Metropolitan Silver Band. Alan

Moody, conductor. Scarborough Civic


Piano Trio in D minor

pieces by Bach

Ysaye, Chopin

Erika Raum, violin Kristine Bogyo, cello

"... brilliant mastery t!fthe instrument" Angela Park, piano

Sat. Feb. 17 at 8 pm - Willowdale United Church

Sun. Feb. 18 at 3 pm - Walter Hall, U ofT

Mooredale Concerts is the hot tip for great music, spoken

commentary, a cameo appearance by arising young star and

affordable tickets! $15, $10 St./Sr. 416-922-3714

Centre, 150 Borough Drive. 416 ~485-0923.


-- 2:00: New Music Concerts/Gardiner

Museum of Ceramic Art. Music Speaks:

David Hetherington, cello. Selections from

the solo cello repertoire of the 20th century

including works by Dutilleux, Krenek, Ho &

Chan. 111 Queen's Park. 416-586-8080.

Free with admission to the museum:



Jane Archibald soprano

Christina Haldane mezzo-soprano

Jason Kehler tenor

James Baldwin baritone



Handel's cantata Mi Pa/pita ii Car

Schubert's Shepherd on the Rock

Brahms' liebeslieder

and songs qy

Ralph Vaughan Williams,

Samuel Barber and John Ireland

SUNDAY, FEB.18,2001


Free Will Offering

All proceeds in support

of the Choir Gown Fund.

Trinity-St. Paul's United Church

427 Bloor St. West, Toronto

(Bloor/Spadina subway)

For information

call 416-422-0741

violin; Inna Perkis & Boris Zarankin, piano/

artistic directors. Glenn Gould Studio, 250

Front St. W. 416-205-5555. $38,$22(st/sr).

-- 3:00: Canadian Music Competitions.

National Wicmers of the 2000 CMC. Music

for piano, organ & piano trio. St. Michael's

Choir School, 66 Bond St. 416-393-5518 .


-'- 3:00: Mooredale Concerts.

$10,$6, family rates (reservations required). Mendelssohn. See. Feb. 17. Walter Hall, 80

-- 2:30: Off Centre Music Salon. Annual Queen's Park.

Schubertiade. Russell Braun, baritone; -- 3:00: Music at Rosedale. Sunday

Carolyn Maule, piano; Jacques lsraelievitch, Afternoon Concert. Music ensembles

presented by the students of Branksome

Hall. Rosedale Presbyterian Church, 129


Mount Pleasant Rd. 416·921-1-931. Free

VOCAL CONCERT (donations appreciated).

-- 3:00: Royal Conservatory of Music.

SERIES l000-1001

Happy Birthday Leslie Kinton! Brahms:

Haydn Variations Op.56b; other repertoire.

BRAD RATZLAFF Jim Anagnoson & Leslie Kinton, piano duo.

Music Director and Organist Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St.

West. 416-408-2824 ext.321. $15,$12.

-- 4:30: St. Anne's Church. Great Music

at St. Anne's: Abendmusik. Chris Dawes,

. organ. 270 Gladstone Ave. 416-536-3160.

Donation. (minimum $5 or noQ·perishable

food for the food bank).

-- 6:00: Yana lvanilova, soprano in Recital.

Music by Cesti, Bach, Vivaldi~ Mozart, Glinka

& others. Greg Paskaruk, organ; Cecilia

lgnatieff, piano; Nikolai Tarasov, clarinet;

Zelda Fonariov, violin. St. Theodore of

Canterbury Church, 111 Cactus Ave. 416·

663-9317. $15.

-- 8:00: Artword Theatre. Eugene's

Sunday Series. Sound poetry with prepared

piano, piano & prepared voice. Penn Kemp,

sound poet; Bill Gilliam, piano, keyboard &

samplist; Eugene Martynec, host. 75

Portland. 416-408-2783. $8.

-- 8:00: Flying Cloud Folk Club. Ian Bell,

musician & storyteller. Traditional & original

songs with guitar, button accordion,

mandolin, wooden flute, harmonica & other

instruments. TRANZAC, 292 Brunswick

A~e. 416-41 q-3655. $12,$10.

· Monday February 19

-- 8:00: Hannaford Street Silver Band.

A Blast of Brass. Music by Curnow, Burge,

Langford & Wagner. Canadian Staff Band of

the Salvation Army; Hannaford Street Youth

Band; Alasiair Kay, trombone; Brian Burditt,

bandmaster; Catherine Belyea, host.

Proceeds to Salvation Army & HSSB Arts

creates a unique theatrical and sensory


Y ._ mu•iua1on

experienc~ for Toronto connoisseurs and

novices ahke. ,

~/ Sunday, February 18/01 at 2:30 pm


-'-- "The Annual Schubertiad" Baritone

Russell Braun, pianist Carolyn Maule and violinist Jacques

Israelievitch will join Off Centre's founders and artistic

directors, pianists Inna Perkis and Boris Zarankin to celebrate

the genius of Franz Schubert.

Tickets $38, $22 seniors and students

Glenn Gould Studio, CBC, 250 Front St. W. 416-205-5555

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 23

End.owment Fund. Cedarbrae Coliegiate, 550 Hours at St. James'.· Tom fitches, organ. 65

.Markham Road. 416·366·7723.

Church St. 416·364·7865. Free.

$20,$15,$10. -- 7:30: Music Alive! Celebrating the Life

-- 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra. of lorand fenyves. Part: Fratres; Heidrich:

Movie Magic. Themes from Ben Hur, Happy Birthday Variations; quartets by

Elizabeth, Spartacus, The Untouchables, Mozart & Schubert. Weiner Quartet.

Goldfinger & other movies. Michael Cliffcrest United Church, 1 Mccowan Rd.

Chertock, piano; Erich Kunzel, conductor. 416·261'-1857. $16,$14.

Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe. 416·593· -- 8:00: Music Toronto. Gryphon Trio.

4828. $39 to $77. Shostakovich: Seven Romances on Verses

by Alexander Blok Op.127; Messiaen:

Tuesday February 20

Quartet for the End of Time ( 1941 ). Jean

__ 1 :OO: St. James' Cathedral. lunch

Stilwell, mezzo soprano; James Campbell,

clarinet. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St.

East. 416·366·7723. $43,$39,$5(st).

-- 8:(10: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Movie Magic. Roy Thomson Hall. See

February 19.

Wednesday February 21

-- 12:30: Continuum. Continuum@York.

Works by composers of York University and

Blais, Eloy, Bredin. Anne Thompson, flute;

Peter Stoll, clarinet; Mark Fewer, violin; Paul

Widner, cello; Stephen Clarke, piano & other

performers. 050 Mclaughlin College, York

University, 4700 Keele St. 416·481·3418.

$15,$10 ($5 Cheapseats pass).

-- 12:30: Yorkminster Park Church. '

Noonday Recital· Edward Connell, organ.

1585 Yonge St. 416·922· 1167. Free.

-- 2:00 & 8:00: Toronto Symphony

Orchestra. Movie Magic. Roy Thomson

Hall. See February 19. Mat. $25 to. $50.

1l '8fast of 'Brass.I

A Special Fund Raising Event

8:00 PM, Monday, February 19, 2001

John Grabb Theatre, Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute

550 Markham Road (south of Lawrence)

3 hcmcls, f 00 musfoiansl

The Canadian Staff Band of the Salvation Army

The Hannaford Street Silver Band

The Hannaford Street Youth Band

all under the baton of

13anlmasfer 13rian 13urcfitt

Special Guest

Trombone Soloist and Yamaha Artist

-- 7:15: Don Mills Organ Society.John

Solberg, Lowrey organ. Taylor Place, 1

Overland pr. 416-447-1137. $7.

-- 8:00: Aldeburgh Connection. Va/dine

Anderson, soprano; Stephen Ralls, piano.

Britten: Cabaret Sorgs; Ades: aria from

Powder Her face; music by Mozart,

·Granados, Webern, Szymanowski & Ives.

Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West.

416-205·5555. $25,$20.

-- 8:00: Massey Hall. Ladysmith Black

Mambazo. A cappella. 15 Shuter St. 416·

872-4255. $29.50·$49.50.

-- 8:00:· North York Concert Orchestra.

A Night at the Opera. Verdi: Overture to La

Traviata; Rossini: Semiramide Overture &

other works. Janez Govednik, conductor.

. York Woods Public Library Theatre, 1785

Finch West. 416-225-4556. $10,$7.

Thursday February 22

-- 12:00 noon: CBC Radio. Music Around .

Us: Shalom Bard, clarinet; Stephen Tam,

flute; Duke Trio. Brahms: Clarinet Trio;

Schoenberg: Chamber Symphony Op.9.

Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West.

416-205-5555. Free.

Concert Host

Cathedne 13e&ea of C

-- 12:10: St. Paul's Bloor Street. Noon

Hour Recital· Sharon Beckstead, organ. 227

Bloor St. East. 416·961 ·8116. Free.

-- 8:00: Continuum/Music Gallery/

Guerrilla Gallery. Two Chevrons Apart.

Works by Garcia, Smith, Eloy, Maxwell,

Schmidt and Blais. Anne Thompson, flute;

Peter Stoll, clarinet; Mark Fewer, violin; Paul

Widner, cello; Stephen Clarke, piano & other

performers. St. George the Martyr Church,

197 John St. 416·481-3418. $15,$10 ($5

Cheapseats pass).

-- 8:00:.DnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Christoph Pregardien, tenor; .

Michael Gees, piano. Songs by Schumann, ·

Woll, Beethoven, Schubert, Schoeck, Loewe

& Diepenbrock on texts by Goethe. 250

Front St. West. 416-205-5555. $30.

Friday February 23

Recital Music of Bach, Messiaen and

Durufle. David Palmer, organ. 2180 Bayview

Ave.416-489-1551 ext.21. $25,$20.

-- 8:00: Living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Cleo Laine. Vocal Jazz.

Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts Drive,

Mississauga. 905-306-6000. $50,$40.

-- 8:00: Music Gallery/Guerrilla

Gallery. Strings Attached. Francaix: Duo

Baroque; Anderson: Sonata for Bass &

Harp; d'Hervelois: Suite in d; Korngold:

Garden Scene from Much Ado (1bout

Nothing; works by Faure & Saint-Saens.

Joel Quarrington, double bass; Janice

Lindskoog, harp. St. George the Martyr

' Church, 197 John St. 416·204· 1080.


-- 8:00: Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. A

Symphony of Voices. Rachmaninov: Vespers;

Byrd: Mass for Four Voices. Noel Edison,

conductor. 7:00: pre·concert chat with Rick

Phillips. Yorkminster Park Church, 1585

Yonge St. 416-598-0422. $28.

Saturday February 24

-- 8:00: Arraymusic. Schiphol Allena:

Melody?; Cameron: new work; Isadora:

Germ; Rolfe: Revenge!Revenge!!

Revenge!!!; Sharman: new work. Trinity-St.

Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. West. 416·

532-3019. $18,$15.

-- 8:00: Exultate Chamber Singers.

Ourufle Requiem. Other works by Brumel,

Mauduit & Sweelinck. John Tuttle, organ;

Wayne Riddell, conductor. Saint Thomas' s

Church, 383 Huron St. 416-410-3929.

$18,$15(sr),$10(st). Adults $1 , , i?rs $15, Students $10

lnformation!TiCketOrders: 416-410-3929

'-- 0:00: Lawrence Park Community

Church. Fridays at Eight: Solo Organ


The Exultate Chamber Singers are grateful for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, and the Julie-Jiggs Foundation.

Thursday, Feb.22/2001, 8 p.m.

Glenn Gould Studio, CBC Toronto

Christt>ph Pregardien, tenor

Michael Gees, piano

Don't miss this rare appearance by the extraordinary German tenor.

Bask in an elegant evening of songs based on texts by Goethe

in the intimate setting of Glenn Gould Studio.

Schumann. Freisinn

_Schoeck. Herbstgefilhl

Wolf• Phiinomen ·

Beethoven • Neue Liebe, neues Leben

Schubert. Meeres Stille


Schumann. An die Taren will ich schleichen

Schubert• Erster Verlust ·

Wolf. BlumengruB

Beethoven • Wonne der Wehmut

Schumann• Singet nicht in Trauertonen ,

Schoec.k. Diimmrung senkte sich

Gees• Gegenwart

Schubert • Wandrers Nachtlied

Loewe • Erlkonig

Gees • Gesang der Geister

Diepenbrock • Der Fischer

Wolf• Anakieons Grab

Schoeck• Nachklang

Loewe • Lynceus, der TOrmer

Pfitzner • Mailied

Schubert • Versunken

Schubert • Jagers Abendlied .

Loewe • Wanderers Nachtlied

Schubert • Hoffnung

Wolf• Frilling ilbers Jahr

Wolf• Der Rattenfiinger

Tickets $30.

Glenn Gould Studio Box Office

Phone: 416-205-5555 Fax: 416-205-5551

250 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


cec;fi• radiQ)NE CBC ~fr rad i~

FEBRUARY 2 3, 2001; 8 PM



BOX OFFICE/INFORMATION: (416) 532-3019 :';

ADMISSION: $18/$15 (inclusive)

supported by·. the

Consulate General of

The''. Netherlands ·


FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 25

Saturday February 24, continued

-- 2:00 & 8:00: Toronto Northern

Lights. 3rd Annual Show. Toronto Northern

Lights Chapter Quartet; Toronto Northern

Lights Chorus; Rumors (Sweet Adelines).

George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St.

416·425·4442. $25.

-- 5:00: Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. A

Symphony of Voices. Yorkminster Park

Church. See February 23.

-- 7:30: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Carmen Fantasy. Tchaikovsky: Selections

Jl[{ 'Ifie Xjng's 'Voices

Yl 2?.pmantic Cabaret

s ·ongs of Love & £augliter

Steven Thachuk - Guitar

Saturday February 24, 8 pm

Willowdale United Church

349 Kennet~ Ave., North York

Tickets: $15 Adult, $10 Senior/Student

For Information Call 416-225-2255


from Swan Lake; Saint·Saens: Bacchanale

from Samson et Dalila; Saraste:

Zigeunerweisen; Bizet/Waxman: Carmen

Fantasy; Bitet: L' Arlesienne Suite # 1;

Smeta~a: The Moldau & Sarka from Ma

Vlast. Lara St. John, violin; Charles.Olivieri·

Munroe, conductor. Roy Thomson Hall, 60

Simcoe. 416-593-4828. $25 to $50.

-- 8:00: All The King's Voices. Madrigal

Festival.· A Musical History Tour Through

Centuries of Song. David J'. King, conductor.

Willowdale United Church, 349 Kenneth

Ave. 416·225·2255. $15,$10.

-- 8:00:. Arbor Oak. A Choral Wreath.

Renaissance & Baroque choral and

instrumental miniatures. Kitchener·Waterloo

Philharmonic Chamber Choir; Howard Dyck,

conductor. 7:15: pre-concert chat with

Howard Dyck. Calvin Presbyterian Church,

26 Delisle Ave. 416· 778-4923. $18, $12.

3 'B's .


Saturday 24 February 2001

8 pm

Heliconian Hall

35 Hazelton Avenue




-- 8:00: Living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Amazing Journey. Exploration

of the history of our planet from the Big

Band to the present, with song, full staging,

set & costumes. Dr. David Suzuki, narrator;

Mississauga Youth Theatre; Mississauga ,

Youth Orchestra. Hammerson Hall; 4141

Living Arts Drive, Mississauga. 905-306·

6000. $35;$25. Proceeds to support the

David Suzuki Foundation.

-- 8:00: Music at Metropolitan. Healing

Concert. Debbie Danbrook, shakuhachi.

Metropolitan United Church, 56 Queen St.

East. 416·363-0331. $12 (advance),$15


-- 8:00; Musicians in Ordinary. Paris

and Rome · Virtuosity vs Preciosity. Music

by Lambert, Lully & de Visee for voices, ,

theorbo & guitar. Hallie Fishel, soprano;

Nancy Delong, mezzo; John Edwards, lute.




Corey Gemmell

Elizabeth Pom11s

Robert A. Baker.

$18 Adults/$12 seniors students/$8 under 12 .

Alban BERG

Seven Early Songs


' Sonata/or Solo Violin (1944)

Robert A.,BAKER

Tliree Songs (1994)

Two Songs for Sqprano, Violin

& Piano on Poems by Priscila

Uppal (2000)

Voices with and without

words - the art of song

continues from 1907 to

2001, from these 3 'B's.

St.James' Cathedral




Free half-hour concerts

on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm

Join us.for




Kim Soobok, organ

Hindemith: Sonata #1

Bach: Prelude & Fugue in G


Corrine Dutton, organ.

Tom Fitches, organ.


presents a glorious a cappella program of music to stir the soul The

program includes Rachmaninov's lush and stirring Vespers and

William Byrd's de~icate and ethereal Mass for Four Voices.



Peter Mahon, countertenor

& Christopher Dawes,


"Oiseaux Exotiques"

David Bird & Michael

Dobinson: new works

65 Church Street (at King)

(416) 364-7865 Ext. 224

Friday, February 23, 2001 at 8 p.m.

Saturday, February 24, 2001 at 5 p.m.

Pre-Concert Chat by Rick Phillips

(one hour prior to performance)

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

Call (416) 598-0422 for tickets

26 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

Church of the Redeemer, 162 Bloor St.

West. 416-603-4950. $12,$8.

-- 8:00: DnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Jane Bunnett, saxophone & Friends.

Jazz. 250 Front St. West. 416-205-5555.


-- 8:00: Roger Scannura/Ritmo

Flamenco Dance Company. Misterio

Flamenco. Spanish dance & music. Trinity·

St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. West. 416·

870-8000. $25.

-- 8:00: toneART Ensemble. 3'8's. Berg:

Seven Early Songs; Bartok: Sonata for Solo

Violin; Baker: new work; three songs (1994).

Elizabeth Parnes, soprano; Corey Gemmell,

violin; Robert A. Baker, piano. Heliconian

Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave. 416-485-5084.

$18,$12, $8(under 12).

-- 8: 15: Te Oeum Singers. Rise and

Schein. Schein: motets, sacred concerts for

2 and 3 voices; madrigals. Richard Birney·

Smith, conductor. 8:00: Chat from the

Stage. Christ Church Deer Park, 1570 Yonge

St. 1-800-263-0320. $20,$15, $6(child).

Sunday February 25

-- 2:00: Minkler Auditorium. The Hot

latkes Band. Klezmer music, Jewish dance

and old-world stories. Leslie Robbins,

storyteller; Sharon Wise, dancer. Seneca

College, 1750 Finch Ave. East. 416-491·

8877. $10.

-- 2:00: Mississauga Pops Concert

Band. Off To Scotland. Guests: 48th

Highlanders of C~nada. Meadowvale

Theatre, 6315 Montevideo Rd.,

Mississauga. 905·821·0090. $15,$12.

-- 2:00: Royal Conservatory of Music.

Sunday Serenade. Works for piano duo by

Handel, Mozkowski, Bach, Milhaud &

Arensky. Eric Medhurst & John Graham,

piano. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273

Bloor St. West. 416-408·2824 ext.321.


-- 3:00: Autobiomusics 2000/2001. A

Ruth Crawford Seeger Centennial. Crawford

Seeger: Preludes #s 1,5,9 for solo piano;

Five Songs to poems of Sandburg;

Kasemets: Diaries & Letters of Ruth

Crawford Seeger for 2 narrators, piano,

percussion & cello; Wolff: Ruth for trombone

& piano. Ann Bourne, cello; Steven Donald,

trombone; Udo Kasemets, piano; Susan

Layard, narrator/singer; Richard Sacks,

percussion; Linda Catlin Smith, narrator.

Seeley Hall, 6 Hoskin Ave. 416·929·5849.


-- 3:00: Canadian Mus.ic Competitions.

National Winners of the 2000 CMC. Music

for piano & voice. Newman Centre, 89 St.

George St. 416-978-0465. $5.

-- 3:00: Toronto Heliconian Club.

Concert of Complete Song Cycles. Wagner:

Wesendonk Lieder; Fleming: Moments.

Barbara Fris, Lillian Sit Po & Elizabeth

Thoms, sopranos; Patricia Rideout, mezzo;

accompanied on the piano by Carol Birtch,

Che Ann Loewen and Judith Kennedi Peleg.

Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave. 416-922·

3618. $10.

-- 3:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

,~armen Fantasy. Roy Thomson Hall. See

February 25. ·

-- 4:00: National Shevchenko Musical

Ensemble. Romancing the Classics. Arias &

songs. Vocalists; mandolin orchestra;

Alexander Veprinsky, artistic diretor.

Eastminster Church, 310 Danforth Ave.

416·533-2725. $15,$12.

-- 4:00: Toronto Children's Chorus. A

little Music for a Sunday Afternoon. Bryan:

Rip van Winkle; Canadian folksongs &

dances; solo performances. TCC Training

Choirs I, II & Ill; Jean Ashworth Bartle,

music director; Mitch Bondy, assistant

conductor. Metropolitan United Church, 56

Queen St. East. 416-932-8666 ext.111.


-- 8:00: Artword Theatre. Eugene's

Sunday Series: Strings & Silicon. Improvised

acoustic & electronically modified string

music. Kye Marshall, cello; Jason "the

hammer" Hammer, bass; Eugene Martynec,

computer musician/host. 75 Portland. 416·

408-2783. $8.

-- 8:00: Flying Cloud Folk Club. festival

of Storytelling Cabaret. Stories & music.

TRANZAC, 292 Brunswick Ave. 416-656-

2445. $12,$10.

Monday February 26

-- 2:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Carmen Fantasy. Roy Thomson Hall. See

February 25. $25 to $52.

-- 8:00: CJRT FM. Sound of Toronto

Jazz. Tribute to Louis Armstrong and The All

Stars. Ontario Science Centre, 770 Don

Mills Road. 416-595-0404. $10.

-- 8:00: Toronto Organ Club. Colin

Cousins, Hammond X66 organ. Christ

Church, 329 Royal York Road. 905-824-

4667. $8.

Tuesday February 27

-- 12:10: Critical Mass. Morales: Missa

de beata virgine. Ariel Harwood Jones,

soprano; Kelly Baxter, alto; Larry Beckwith

& Christopher Adler, tenors; Peter

Tiefenbach, bass. St. Thomas's Church, 383

Huron St. 416-778-4923. Freewill offering

(suggested $1 OJ. Proceeds to Out of the

Toronto Children's Chorus

Jean Ashworth Bartle, C.M, O.Ont. Founder/Music Director

Mitch Bondy Assistant Conductor

A Little Music for a


An afternoon of music, stories and fun!

Featuring 200 voices in the musical,

RIP VAN WINKLE, plus Canadian

folksongs & solo surprises ...



Tickets: (416) 932-8666, ext. 111

Children HeJ.ping


A Gala benefit for the Hospital for Sick

Children's Music Therapy Program!

Featuring Chan Ka Nin's CARLA'S POEMS

with poetry by chorister Carla Hartenberger.



Tickets: (416) 733-9388




l)ebbie Danbrook

master of the Shakuhachi flute

- including labyrinth walking

Saturday, February 24 at 8 p.m.

(Tea served at 7:30)

Admission is $12 in advance

and $15 at the door.

Toronto Children's Chorus

(416) 932-8666

www .torontochildrenschorus.com



l{o .


your favourite arias and songs

performed by oustanding

Vocal Soloists

and the classical ·

Mandolin Orchestra

of the Shevchenko Musical Ensemble


Sunday, February 25 • 4:00 PM

Eastrninster United Church

310 Danforth (Chester Subway)

$15 adults • $12 seniors

Call 416-533-2725 •VISA accepted

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 27

Cold program.

-- 1 :00: St. James' Cathedral. lunch

Hours at St. James'.· Peter Mahon, .

countertenor & Christopher Dawes, organ.

65 Church St. 416·364· 7865. Free.

-- 8:00: Music Gallery/Earshot. Critical

Brass. Works by Good, Marshall, Denning,

Mascall, Matey & Sexton. Trillium Brass. St.

George the Martyr Church, 197 John St.

416-204-.1080. $15,$10.

-- 8:00: OnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Kathleen Brett, soprano; Kimberly

Barber, mezzo; Canadian Opera Company

Orchestra; Richard Bradshaw, conductor.

Arias & duets. 250 Front St. West. 416·

205-5555. $30.

-- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Percussion Ensembles. Walter

Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free.

Wednesday February 28

-- 12:30: Yorkminster Park Church.

Noonday Recital· Imrie Olah, organ. 1585

Yonge St. 416-922·1167. Free.

-- 6:45: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Evening Overtures. Pinchas Zukerman

performs chamber music with musicians

from the TSO. Roy Thomson Hall, 60

Simcoe. 416·593-4828. $5 or free with

ticket to 8:00 performance.

-- 7:30: Common Thread Community

Chorus of Toronto. An Evening of Music in

support of Cecil Street Community Centre.

Traditional Chinese music & folk music

traditions from around the world. Lucy Kong

& friends; 70-voice choir. 58 Cecil Street.

416-410-5022. $10, $ 5, sliding scale


-- 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Mozart: Sonata for Violin & Piano in B flat;

Shostakovich: Piano Concerto #1;

Schumann: Symphony #2. Andrew

Burashko, piano; Andrew McCandless,

trumpet; Pinchas Zukerman, conductor/

violin. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe. 416·

593-4828. $25 to $85.

-- 8:30: Massey Hall. Paolo Conte. Blend

of American jazz, Argentine tango and

French cabaret music. Instrumental octet.

15 Shutur St. 416-872-4255. $39.50·


-- 8:30: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Smaff Jazz Ensembles. Walter

Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free.

Thursday March 01

- - 12:00 noon: CBC Radio. Music Around

Us: Roberta Janzen, ceffo. Music by Faure,

Boulanger, Debussy & Ravel. Erika Raum,

violin; Peter Longworth, piano. Glenn Gould

Studio, 250 Front St. West. 416-205-5555.


-- 12:10: St. Paul's Bloor Street. Noon

Hour Recital- Donald Frazer, organ. 227

Bloor St. East. 416-961 -8116. Free.

-- 12: 10: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Music and Poetry. Poems by

Dylan Thomas; Hawkins: Nightsong;

Poulenc: Le Travail du Peintre. Matthew

Leigh, baritone; John Hawkins, piano/

conductor; instrumental ensemble; Eric

Domville, commentator. Walter Hall, 80

Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free . .

-- 6:45: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Evening Overtures. Roy Thomson Hall. See

February 28.

-- 8:00: Music Toronto. Miro Ouartet.

Mozart: Quartet in D, K. 575; Chan: Quartet

#3 (1998); Beethoven: Quartet in C Op.59

#3 Hero. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St.

East. 416-366-7723. $43,$39,$5(stl.

-- 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Pinchas Zukerman. Roy Thomson Hall. See

February 28.

Friday March 02

-- 12:00 noon: Roy Thom~on Hall

Volunteers. Bring Your Own lunch Concert:

Students from U of T Faculty of Music. 60

Simcoe. 416-593-4822 ext.363. Free.

-- 8:00: Amici Ensemble. Bach: Trio

Sonata in C, BWV 1037 for two violins &

continua; Clarke: Prelude, Allegro and

Pastorale for viola & clarinet; Cardy: Tango!

for violin, clarinet & piano; Steinhardt:

Tango for violin & piano; Grusin: Tango de

Pare Central for violin, cello & piano.

Brahms: Piano Quartet in g Op.25 for piano

& strings. Arnold Steinhardt & Scott St.

John, violins; Patricia Parr, piano; Joaquin

Valdepeiias, clarinet; David Hetherington,

cello. Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. W.

416-205-5555. $30,$25(sr).$12(st).

-- 8:00: Les AMIS Concerts. Sarah

Frost, piano. Bach: Partita #6 in D;

Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Schumann: Faritasie

Op.16 in C; Archer: Sonatina #3. Heliconian

Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave. 905-773-7712.


-- 8:00: Music Umbrella Chamber

i:oncerts/T oronto Wind Orchestra. Music

on the Wilder Side. Wilder: Octets;

Koprowski: Dream People; Rimsky­

Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol arr. for winds,

strings & piano. Toronto Wind Orchestra;

Mark Hopkins, conductor; guest soloist &

narrator. Eastminster United Church, 310

Danforth Ave. 416-461-6681. $12,$10,

$5(children under 12):

-- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. lothar Klein: Music for Voices,

Harps and Drums. Erica Goodman & Sanya

Eng, harps; Monica Whicher, soprano; Joel

Katz, bass; Gary Kulesha & Doreen Rao,

conductors & other performers. The Chapel,

Victoria University, 91 Charles St. West.

416-978-3744. Free.

- - 8:30: Living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Gordie Sampson, guitar,

. 28 w holenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - M ARCH 7, 2001

songwriter & vocalist. Royal Bank Theatre,

4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga. 905·

306·6000. $29,$19.50.

Saturday March 03

-- 2:00: living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Gordie Tapp & The Voices of

Showtime. Popular music, dance & story

telling. Hammerson Hall, 4141 living Arts

Drive, Mississauga. 905·306·6000. $25 to


-- 7:30: Toronto Children's Chorus.

Children Helping Children. Chan: Carla's

Poems; Hatfield: African Celebration; Halley:

Freedom Trilogy; music of Rachmaninoff,

l.Boulanger & Larsen. George Weston

Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 416· 733·9388.


-- 8:00: Bell' Arte Singers. Orff: Carmina

Burana. Sharla Nafziger, soprano; Darryl

Edwards, tenor; Doug MacNaughton,

baritone; Popov & Vona, duo pianists; Ian

Sadler, organ; orchestral ensemble; lee

Willingham, music director. St. Paul's Bloor

Street, 227 Bloor St. East. 416·699·5879.

$20,$12. '

-- 8:00: Cathedral Bluffs Symphony

Orchestra. Willan: Overture to an Unwritten

Comedy; Bach: Concerto for Two Violins;

Mozart: Jupiter Symphony; Mussorgsky:

Pictures at an Exhibition. Robert Raines,

conductor. Stephen Leacock Collegiate

Institute, 2450 Birchmount Rd. 416·879·

5566. $15,$12, children under 12 free.

-- 8:00: Counterpoint Community

Orchestra. Rossini: Introduction, Theme &

Variations for Clarinet & Orchestra;

Overture & Aria from Italian Girl in Algiers;

Vivaldi: Double Violin Concerto; Schubert:

Unfinished Symphony. Peter Stoll, clarinet;

Paul Willis & Galina Bugaeva, violins; Terry

Kowalczuk, conductor. Betty Oliphant

Theatre, 404 Jarvis St. 416·925·98 72

ext.2066. $14(advance), $17(door).

-~ 8:00: Deer Park Concerts: Organ

Recital· The legacy of Bach. Works by

Krebs, Kittel. Mozart, Reger, Rheinberger

and others. William Wright, organ. 129 St.

Clair Ave. West. 416·962·3381. $20.

-- 8:00: Mississauga Symphony

Orchestra. Bountiful Brahms. Brahms:

Symphony No. 1; Sullivan: Concerto for

Cello and Orchestra; Fleming: Ballet

Introduction. Simon Fryer, cello; John

Barnum, conductor. Hammerson Hall, 4141

Living Arts Drive, Mississauga. 905·306·

6000. $28,$33.

-- 8:00: Music at St. John's. Oiseaux

Exotiques. New works by Bird & Dobinson.

David Bird & Michael Dobinson, composer/

performance duo. St. John's Church, 288

Humberside Ave. 416·763·2393. $10,$7,


-- 8:00: North York Singers. A Winter's

Break. Gary Heard, artistic director.

Willowdale United Church, 349 Kenneth

Ave. 905·893·9626. $15,$12.

-- 8:00: Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts. J.P. Cormier & Gordie

Sampson, singers/songwriters. 130 Navy

Street, Oakville. 905·815·2021. $24.99.

-- 8:00: Orchestra Toronto. Revueltas:

Night of the Mayas; Brahms: Symphony #1

in c Op.68. Douglas Sanford, conductor.

Leah Posluns Theatre, 4588 Bathurst St.

416·467·7142. $20,$18.

-- 8:00: Oriana Singers. Canadian

Exposure: Ruth Watson Henderson Choral

Composition Competition Winner. Music by

Adams, Willan, Daley, Raminsh, Watson

Henderson & others. William Brown,

conductor; Claire Preston, accompanist.

Grace Church on·the·Hill, 300 Lonsdale Rd.

416·742·7006. $17, $14(sr), $8.50(st).

-- 8:00: Sinfonia Toronto. Old World,

New World. Mozart: Divertimento K138;

Hovhaness: Violin Concerto; MacDonald:

Triangulum; Miaskovsky: Sinfonietta. Jasper

Wood, violin; Nurhan Arman, conductor.

Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. W. 416·

205·5555. $29,$24(sr),$18(st).

-- 8:00: Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra/

Etobicoke Youth Band/Upper Canada

College Band. Youth Band Spectacular.

Martingrove Collegiate Institute, 50

Winterton Drive. 416·712·6582. $10,$8.

-- 8:00: Tryptych Productions. Verdi:

Rigoletto. Workshop production. Edward

Franko, director; William Shookhoff, music

director. The Stone Church, 45 Davenport

Rd. 416·489·5349. $15. For complete run

see Music Theatre listings.

-- 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty

of Music. Artists in Song II. Kulesha:

Shaman Songs; other works. MacMillan

Singers; Doreen Rao, conductor. The Chapel,

Victoria University, 91 Charles St. West.

416·978·3744. $12,$6.

-- 8:30: living Arts Centre

Mississauga. Jane Bunnett, jazz

saxophone/flute. Royal Bank Theatre, 4141

living Arts Drive, Mississauga. 905·306·

6000. $29,$19.50.

Sunday March 04

-- 1 :30: Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts. Al Simmons. Family

concert with assorted musical instruments

& other gadgets. 130 Navy Street, Oakville.

905·815-2021. $14.99.

-- 2:00: Northdale Concert Band.

Stephen Chenette, conductor. Scarborough

Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive. 416·485·

0923. Free.

-- 2:30: Aldeburgh Connection. The

Enchanted Garden. Songs by Ravel. Nathalie

Paulin, soprano; Catherine Robbin, mezzo;

Brett Polegato, baritone. Walter Hall, 80

Queen's Park. 416·444·3976. $25,$20.

-~ 2:30: Royal Conservatory of Music.

Family Concert. Students from the Glenn

Gould Professional School; Elisabeth Pomes,

director. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273

Bloor St. West. 416-408·2824 ext.321.


-- 3:00: Concertsingers. Bach

Masterworks. Motet #3 Jesu Meine Freude;

Cantata #4 Christ lag in Todesbanden. Jan

Overduin, organ; string ensemble; Peter

Tiefenbach, music director. Saint Thomas's

Church, 383 Huron St. 416·769·7991.


-- 3:00: Toronto Chamber Choir.

Kaffeemusik: Henry Purcell, Britain's

Orpheus. Purcell: Hear My Prayer; Jehovah

Quam Molte; They That Go Down To The

Carmina Burana

Carl Orff

works by

C.P.E. Bach, Hesse, Kittel, Krebs,

Mozart, Reger, Rheinberger, Vogler

Sharla Nafziger, Soprano

Darryl Edwards, Tenor

Doug MacNaughton, Baritone

Popov & Vona, Duo Pianists

Ian Sadler, Organ

& orchestral ensemble

Saturday, March 3rd at 8:00 PM

Deer Park United Church

129 St. Clair Avenue West

Tickets: $20 (Students $15)

For information call 416-481-2979

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 29

Sea In Ships; Welcome to All the Pleasures.

Giles Bryant, guest lecturer & conductor.

Trinity-St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St.

West.416-968-1338. $12,$10.

-- 3:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Pinchas Zukerman. See February 28. George

Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 416-

593-4828. $25 to $60.

-- 4:00: Toronto Classical Singers.

Gounod: St. Cecilia's Mass; Faure: Requiem.

Lena Auclair, soprano; Lenard Whiting,

tenor; Bruce Kelly, baritone; Talisker

Players; Jurgen Petrenko, conductor. Christ

Church Deer Park, 1570 Yonge St. 416-443-

1490. $20,$15.

-- 4:30: St. Anne's Church. Great Music

at St. Anne's: Choral Evensong. Plainsong;

music by Raminsh. 270 Gladstone Ave. 416·


-- 7:30: Valen Ense'mble. Works by

Hovhaness, Handel, Vivaldi, Persichetti,

Penderecki, Bridge & Bloch. Sam Cancellara,

trumpet; John Trembath & Charita Holod,

cellos. Church of the Transfiguration, 111

Manor Rd. East. 416-229-0946. $12,$8.

-- 8:00: Artword Theatre. Eugene's

Sunday Series. Improvisational performance

of new music, new media & collaborations.

Eugene Martynec, host. 75 Portland. 416·

408-2783. $8.

-- 8:00: Meadowvale Theatre. Lorne

Elliott · The Collected Mistakes fl

Contemporary satire, music, storytelling,

performance art. 6315 Montevideo Rd.,

Mississauga. 905-821-0090. $25,$23.

-- 8:00: New Music Concerts. Charles

Wuorinen: A Portrait. Wuorinen: lepton;

Trombone Trio; The River of light; Wolpe:

Piece in Two Parts; lieberson: Free and

Easy Wanderer. New Music Concerts

Ensemble; Robert Aitken, flute; James

Avery, piano; Charles Wuorinen, conductor.

7:15: Illuminating Introduction with Charles

Wuorinen. Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St.

West. 416-205-5555. $20,$10.

-- 8:00: Victoria Scholars. Of Pipes and

Men. Durufle: Masse Cum Jubilo; choral &

organ music by Part, Bach, Bruckner,

Cabena, Faure & Mulet. Jerzy Cichocki,

director. Our lady of Sorrows Church, 3055

Bloor St. West. 416-761-7776. $22,$17.

Monday March 05

-- 8:00: lnnermusica. Mark O'Connor,

violin in Recital Waldorf Forum, 9100

Bathurst St. 416-921·4377. $40.

-- 8:00: Toronto Theatre Organ

Society/Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma.

Wurlitzer Pops! at Casa Loma. William

O'Meara accompanies the classic film The

Mark of Zoro. 1 Austin Terrace. 416-870-

8000. $12.50. '

Tuesday March 06

-- 1 :00: St. James' Cathedral. lunch

Hours at St. James'.· Michael Bloss, organ.

65 Church St. 416-364-7865. Free.

Forbidden Playthings.' Music by Byrd,

Gibbons, Purcell, Bach, Mico & others.

Richard Boothby, Wendy Gillespie, William

Hunt, Susanna Pell & Ellen Harg!s, viols.

Sanctuary, Bloor Street United Church, 300

Bloor St. West. 416-978-6031. $10.

-- 8:00: lnnermusica. Mark O'Connor,

violin in Recital Trinity-St. Paul's Church,

427 Bloor St. West. 416-872-4255. $20·

$40, $ 50 (premium).

-- 8:00: OnStage at Glenn Gould

Studio. Louis Lortie, piano & Friends.

Schumann: Soanisches liedersoiel Oo.74:

Spanisches liebes-lieder Op.138; Brahms:

liebeslieder Walzer Op.52. Helene Mercier,

piano; Edith Wiens, soprano; Catherine

Robbin, mezzo; Mark DuBois, tenor; Mark

Pedrotti, baritone; Eric Friesen, host. 250

· Front St. West. 416-205-5555. $30.

Wednesday March 07

-- 12:30: Yorkminster Park Church.

Noonday Recital: Marty Smyth, organ. 1585

Yonge St. 416-922-1167. Free.

-- 7:00: Kiwanis Music Festival of

Greater Toronto. Showcase of Stars.

Festival winners with presentation of

awards. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040

Yonge St. 416-872-2222 .. $20.

-- 7:00: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

Handel's 'Water Music". Music of Handel

and Rameau. Jeanne Lamon, music director.

Trinity-St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. W.

416-964-6337. $26-$50, $20-$45 (st/sr).

-- 8:00: Toron~o Symphony Orchestra.

Barber: Essay #2; Ravel: Tzigane; Saint·

Saens: Havanaise; T chaikovsy: Symphony

#4. Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, violin; Marin

Alsop, conductor. Roy Thomson Hall, 60

Simcoe. 416-593-4828. $25 to $85.

.,..- 8:00: University of Toronto at

Scarborough. Brecht/Weill· Three Penny

Opera. Directed by Paula Sperdakos. Leigha

lee Browne Theatre, 1265 Military Trail.

416-287-7007. For complete run see Music

Theatre listings.

30 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001


(but within easy

· travelling distance

Saturday February 03

-- B:OO: Millpond Centre. Scrijj

Th{l John and bois ®ov{l M{lmorial Cone{lrt

. b Norman Myall

the viol was bU1lt Y hard soothby.

and is owned by IR1c by Hanya Cnlala.

the phOtO wa~ ta em


(the famous UK Viol Consort on

their 200l·North American Tour)


Ellen Hargis, Soprano




Tuesday, March6, 2001

at 8.00 p.m. ·

The Sanctual)',

Bloor Street United Chirch

(300 Bloor Street West, Toronto)

Tickets$ I 0.00

call Sue McClelland

at 416-978-6031


..- e-mail smcclell@chem.ut9ronto.ca

MacOuhk. Celtic, Appalachian striog band

music & music of French Canada. 106

Victoria St. West, Alliston. 705-435-3092.


Sunday February 04

-- 2:00: Brian Finley & Friends. A

Chopin Celebration. Brian Finley, piano. The

Concert Hall at Victoria Hall, 55 King St.

West, Cobourg. 905-372-2210. $30.

-- B:OO: Heritage Theatre Brampton.

The Return of Leahy in Concert. Fiddling &

step·dancing. B6 Main. Street North,

Brampton. 905-B74·2BOO. $39.

Monday February 05

-- B:OO: Heritage Theatre Brampton.

The Return of Leahy in Concert. See

Feliruary 4.

Tuesday February 06

-- 12:30: McMaster University. Carolyn

Sinclair, voice & Michael Jarvis, harpsichord

in Recital Convocation Hall, McMaster

University. 905-525-9140 ext.23333. Free.

Wednesday February 07

-- B:OO: Heritage Theatre Brampton.

Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard, singers/songwrit·

ers. B6 Main Street North, Brampton. 905·

B74-2BOO. $26.

-- B:OO: Sanderson Centre. Bowser and

Blue. M 0 usical comedy duo. BB Dalhousie St.

Brantford. 1-B00-265-0710. $25,$23,


Thursday February 08

-- B:OO: Heritage Theatre Brampton.

Bowser & Blue. Musical comedy duo. B6

Main Street North, Brampton. 905-B74·

2BOO. $31.60.

Friday February 09

-- B:OO: McMaster Uniyersity. Celebrity

Concert: Dang Thai Son, piano in Recital

Convocation Hall, McMaster University.

905-525-9140 ext.23333. $15, $12.

-- B:OO: St. Jacobs Schoolhouse

Theatre. The Sacred & The Profane. Works

by Buhr, Peters, Palestrina & Allegri.

Penderecki String Quartet; Willem

Moolenbeek, saxophone; Tactus Vocal

Ensemble; dance artists; David Earle,

choreographer. 11 Albert Street, St. Jacobs.

519-664-1134. $20.

Saturday February 10

-- B:OO: Hamilton Philharmonic

Orchestra. The German Mark. Colgrass:

The Schubert Birds; Schumann: Piano

Concerto in a; Beethoven: Symphony #2.

Janina Fialkowska, piano; Matteo Rubiconi,

conductor. Hamilton Place, 1 Summers Lane.

905-526·6556. $22-$42, $20-$3B(sr/st).

-- B:OO: Millpond Centre. Valentine Jazz:

Darren Johnston Ouartet. Darren Johnston,

trumpet; David Braid, piano; Jim Vivian,

bass; Anthony Michelli, drums. 106 Victoria '

St. West, Alliston. 705-435-3092. $13 .

. -- B:OO: Sanderson Centre. Valdy.

Singer/songwriter. BB Dalhousie St.

Brantford. 1-B00-265-0710. $25,$23,


Sunday February 11

-- 7:30: Peel Choral Society. Sing To

love. Gilbert & Sullivan; Viennese operetta .

Mervin Fick, director. Centennial Recreation

Centre, BO Mary St., Brampton. 905·B40·

6547. $15,$7.

Wednesday February 14

-- B:OO: Sanderson Centre. A Phantom

Valentine's. Moments from some o.f the

great musicals. J;ff Hyslop, singer/actor;

David Warrack, piano. BB Dalhousie St.

Brantford. l·B00-265-0710. $25,$23, $22


Thursday February 15

MARCH 7 at 7-00 pm

MARCH 8 - 10 at 8:00 pm

MARCH I I at 330 pm

Plus 3 suite from Rameau's

Le Temple de la Claire




@ "•

......... ,_,_,. __ ,





at 2:00 pm

With musicians'

introductions to baroque

instruments and music

Special Youth Price: $15

Charles Villiers Stanford


• >;: *~•~*;;;' •

Come hear this 19th Century Choral masterpiece

March 9, 2001, 8pm. at St James' Cathedral


Jennie Such - Soprano, Vicki St Pierre ' Mezzo-Soprano

Darryl Edwards - Tenor, Marc Boucher - Baritone

Brainerd Blyden-Taylor -Artisic director, Christopher Dawes - Organ

Trinity - St. Paul's Centre

(I block west ef Spadina) www.tafclmusik.org

Call 416-964-633 7

Tickets are $20 for adults

$10 for students

call 416 • 530 • 4428

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 31

-- 8:00: Heritage Theatre Brampton.

Jeff Hyslop Now! In Co11cert wjth David

Warrack, piano. 86 Main Street North,

Brampton. 905·874-2800. $35.78.

Friday February 16

-- 8:00: The Melodymakers. luv is ...

Variety show. Heritage Theatre, 86 Main St.

North, Brampton. 905-874-2800. $15.,

group rates. for complete run see Music

Theatre listings.

Saturday February 17

-- 8:00: Lindsay Concert foundation.

Triskelion. Music for violin, viola & cello.

frost Theatre, Sir Sandford Fleming College,

Lindsay. 705-328-0587. $20,$10.

-- 8:00: St. Jacobs Schoolhouse

Theatre. Pierre Beaudry: like Out of This

World. Works for guitar by Villa-Lobos,

Rodrigo & Bach. 11 Albert Street, St.

Jacobs. !i19-664· 1134. $18,$15.

-- 8:00: Symphony.Hamilton.

Celebrating Beethoven & Brahms.

Beethoven: Symphony 115; Brahms:

Concerto for violin & cello. op: 102. Corey

Gemmell, violin; Tom Mueller, cello; James

R. McKay, music director/conductor. Tivoli

Theatre, 108 James St. North, Hamilton.

905·526-6690. $15, $12(sr/st), $ 5(under


Sunday February 18

-- 2:00: Hamilton Philharmonic

Orchestra. How the Bimquat Found Her

Song. With Platypus Theatre Company;

Michael Reason, conductor. For ages 6 and

up. Hamilton Place, 1 Summers lane. S05·

526-6556. $10,$7.

Thursday February 22

-- 8:00: 'Heritage Theatre Brampton.

Bruce Buthro in Concert. 86 Main Street

North, Brampton. 905·874·2800. $35.78.

Friday February 23

-- 8:00: McMaster Unjversity. Rivka

Boiani, viola in Recital Convocation Hall,

McMaster University. 905-525-9140

ext.23333. $15,$12.

-- 8:00: Northumberland Players. A

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the

Forum. Music by Sondheim. The Concert

Hall at Victoria Hall, 55 King St. West,

Cobourg. 905-372-2210. $20,$18. For

complete run see Music Theatre listings.

-- 8:15: Te Oeum Singers. Rise and

Schein. Schein: motets, sacred concerts for

~ 2 and 3 voices; madrigals. Richard Birney·

Smith, conductor. 8:00: Chat from the

Stage. Christ's Church Cathedral, 252

James St. North, Hamilton. 1 ·800-263·

0320. $20,$15, $6(child).

Saturday February 24

-- 2:00 & 8:00: Theatre Aquarius. I Can

Sing! (Can't I?) By Jo-Ann Waytowich.

Musical parody on the art of singing. Studio

Theatre, 190 King William St., Hamilton. 1 ·

800-465-7529. $25. For complete run see

Music Theatre listings.

-- 8:00: Brampton Symphony

Orchestra. Comedy a~il Tragedy. Brahms:

Tragic Overture; Prokofiev: Romeo and

JulietSuite; comic arias from Mozart,

Rossini; Gilbert and Sullivan, Lehar and

others. Leander Mendoza, tenor; Tak-Ng Lai,

conductor. Heritage Theatre, 86 Main St.

North, ~rampton. 905-874-2800. $15,$10.

' Tuesday February 27

-- 12:30: McMaster University. Greg

*February 13 8:00: Revered. Reviled.

Revived! One-woman cabaret. Ellen

Bush Jazz Ouartet in Concert. Convocation

Hall, McMaster University. 905-525-9140

ext.23333. Free.

Thursday March 01

- -- 8:00: Heritage Theatre Brampton.

Jesse Cook in Concert. Flamenco guitar. 86

Main Street North, Brampton. 905-874·

2800. $39.95.

Friday March 02

-- 8:00: Hamilton Philharmonic

Orchestra. peltic Passions. An evening of

celtic music from Danny Boy to Riverdance.

Richard Wood, fiddle; Michael Reason,

conductor. Hamilton Place, 1 Summers Lane.

905-526-6556. $22-$42, $20-$38(sr/st).

Saturday March 03

-- 7:30: Oshawa-Durham Sympho.ny

Orchestra. The Eternal lovers. Liszt: Fantasy on

Hungarian Folk Melodies; Mozart: Concerto for

Two Pianos; Prokofiev: ballet music from Romeo

and Juliet. Aleksandar Serdar & Sun· Young Lee,

pianos; Marco Parisotto, conductor. Salvation

Army Temple, 570 Thornton Rd, North. Oshawa.

905-579-6711. $22,$18(sr),$12(st), $5(child

under 13), farrily rates.

--8:00: Millpond Centre. Dinah Christie. Jazz

vocals. 1 06 Victoria St. West, Alliston. 705435·

3092. $13.


Vest~rdal, performer; Ray Twi~k-Watson,

narrator; David Smith, accompanist.

Gatsby's Restaurant, 504 Church St. 416·

925-4545. $35 (includes 6:00pm dinner).

Mezzetta Restaurant Cafe, 681 St. Clair

Ave. West. 416·658-5687. Cover $6.

*February 1"8 2:30: Trinity-St. Paul's -

Vocal Concert Series. Choir soloists in

Recital 427 Bloor St. West. 416-422-0741.

Free will offering.

*February 24 8:00: The Canadian

Singers in Concert. Donway Covenant

United Church, 230 The Donway West. 416·

444-8444. $14.

Royal Conservatory of Music. Student

recitals. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273

·Bloor St. West. 416-408·2824 ext.321.


• Feb.8 5:00: Mari Ogawa, piano

• feb.12 4:30: Claire Chapman, flute

*feb.13 5:00: Rob MacDonald, guitar

*feb.17 3:00: Dan Mitton, voice

*feb.17 8:00: Annabelle Meara, violiri

*Feb.20 8:00: Akiko Tominaga, piano

*March 5 2:00: Jordan Kirkness,

1 .

double bass

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32 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

J Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe: Sets at

9: 15 & 10:30pm (reservations rec om·

mended for 1st set):

*February 7: Lorne Lofsky, guitar; Mike

Downes, bass

*February 21: Bernie Senensky, piano;

John Tank, sax

*March 7: Brian Katz' Jazz duo New Jazz



'~ :




David Palmer, organist

(University .of Windsor)

Tryptych Productions/Camillo di

Liberato. Gatsby's Restaurant & Dinner

Theatre, 504 Church St. 416·925-4545. No


*Every Sunday in February plus

Wednesday February 14 at 7:00: Heart

Songs. Edward Franko, Robert de Vrij,

Vanessa Grant, Gisele Kulak, performers;

William Shookhoff, music.director.

Friday, February 23 at 8:00 p.m.

music of Bach, Alain, Durufle & Messiaen

on the magnificent Florence Grand Organ

Lawrence Park Community Church

2180 Bayview A venue,. Toronto

Tickets: .$25 I 20 seniors & students

Reservations & information: 416-489-1551 Ex. 21


Two new driversare needed to distribute copies of WholeNote Magazine

to distribution outlets within the GT A, monitor demand and complete the

related paper·work one or two days each month. Car essential.

Remuneration: $10/hour + $.27/km

Please telephone the publisher at 416-323-2232.



Aldeburgh Connection 21, m4

All The King's Voices 24

Amici Ensemble m2

Arbor Oak 24

Arraymusic 23

Arte Flamenco! 10

Arts & Letters Club 11

Artword Theatre 4, 11, 18, 25, m4

Associates of the TSO 1 12

Autobiomusics 2000/2001 25

Baroque Music Beside the Grange 3

Baroque Players of Hamilton 10

Bell' Arte Singers m3

Betty Oliphant Theatre m3

Bickford Centre Theatre 14, 16

Birchmount Park C.I. 10

Bloor Street United Church m6

Brampton Symphony Orchestralfal 24

Brian Finley & Friends(fa) 4

Burlington Civic Chorale 17

Burton Auditorium 3

Calvin Presbyterian Church 24

Canadia dell' Arte Theatre 15

Canadian Music Competitions 3, 18, 25

Canadia~ Oqera Company 17

Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra 3, m3

CBC Radio 1, 8, 15, 22, ml

Cedarbrae Collegiate 19

Centennial Recreation Centre,

Brampton(fa) 11

Christ Church 26

Christ Church Deer Park 24, m4

Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton (fa) 23

Church of ihe Holy Trinity 17

Church of the Redeemer 24

Church of the Trans figuration m4

Civic Light Opera Company 15

CJRT FM 12, 26

Cliff crest' United Church 20

Common Thread Community Chorus 28

Concertsingers m4

Continuum 21, 22

Counterpoint Community Orchestra m3

Critical Mass 27

Deer Park Concerts m3

Don Mills Organ Society 21

Du Maurier Theatre Centre 11

Earl Bales Community Centre 10

Earshot 27

Eastminster United Church 10, 25, m2

Elmer lseler Singers 2

Etribicoke Philharmonic Orchestra 16

Etobicoke Youth Band m3

Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall 11, 15, 16, 18,


Exultate Chamber Singers 23

Fairview Library Theatre 15

Flying Cloud Folk Club 4, 11, 18, 25

Fretwork Viol Consort m6

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art 18

George Weston Recital Hall 11, 15, 17, 24,

.m3, m4, m7

Glenn Gould Studio 1,3,9, 11, 18,21,22, m 1 ·m4

Grace Church on·the·Hill m3

Great Music at St. Anne's 4

Guerrilla Gallery 1, 2, 9, 15, 22, 23

Hamilton Philharmonic (fa) 10, 18, m2

Hamilton Place(fa) 10, 18, m2

Hammerson Hall 3, 8, 9, 23, 24, m3

Hannaford Street Silver Band 19

Harbourfront Centre 4, 11, 18

Hart House Theatre 8

Heliconian Hall 9, 24, 25, m2

Heritage Theatre Brampton(fa) 4, 5, 7, 8, 15,

_16, 22, 24, ml

Humber College Auditorium 7

Humber Jau Series 7

lnnermusica m5, m6

Jane Mallett Theatre 1, 4, 6, 10, 15, 20, m 1

Jeunesses Musicales of Ontario 11

Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma m5

Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto m7

Knights of Columbus 10

Lawrence Park Community Church 23

Leah Posluns Theatre 9, m3

Leaside Presbyterian Church 11

Leigha Lee Browne Theatre m7

Les AMIS Concerts 2, m2

Lindsay Concert Foundation(fa) 17

Living Arts Centre Mississauga 3, 8, 9, 16, 23,

, 24, m2, m3

MacMillan Theatre 2, 3

Mariposa 4

Mark Ruhnke 10

Markham Theatre for Performing Arts 4

Martingrove Collegiate Institute m3

Masques 2

Massey Hall 17, 21, 28

Mclaughlin Performance Hall 21

McMaster University(fa) 6, 9, 23, 27

Meadowvale Theatre 16, 25, m4

Metropolitan Silver Band 18

Metropolitan United Church 2, 13, 24, 25

Millpond Centrella) 3, 10, m3

Minkler Auditorium 25

Mississauga Guitar Society 3

Mississauga Pops Concert Band 25

Mississauga Symphony Orchestra m3

Mooredale Concerts 17, 18

Mozart Society 7

Music Alive! 20

Music at Metropolitan 24

Music a! Rosedale 18

Music at St. John's 4, m3

Music Gallery 1, 2, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 27

Rothko Trio 16

Roy Thomson Hall 1·3,8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17,

19-21, 24-26, 28, ml, m7

Roy Thomson Hall Volunteers 2, 9, 16, m2

Royal Bank Theatre 3, 11, 16, m2, m3

Royal Conservatory of Music 3, 10, 11, 15,

16, 18, 25, m4

Saint Thomas's Church 23, 27, m4

Salvation Army Temple, Oshawa(fa) m3

Sanderson Centrella) 7, 10, 14

Scarborough Civic Centre 18, m4

Scarborough Music Theatre 1

Scarborough Philharmonic 10 '

Scarborough Village Theatre 1

Seeley Hall 25

Seneca College 25

Sinfonia Mississauga 11

Sinfonia Toronto 3, m3 .

Sir Sandford Fleming College, lindsay(fa) 17

Song Circle 11

Soundstreams Canada 13

St. Andrew's Church 10

St. Anne's Church 18, m4

St. Christopher's Church 17

St. George the Martyr Church 1 ·3, 9, 15, 16,

22, 23, 27

St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre(fa) 9, 17

St. James' Cathedral 6, 13, 20, 27, m6

St. John's Church 4, m3

St. Mark's Church 3

St. Michael's Choir School 18

St. Patrick's Church 2

St. Paul's Bloor Street 1, 8, 15, 22, m 1, m3

St. Stephen·in·the·Fields Church 14

St. Theodore of Canterbury Church 18

St. Thomas a Becket Church 3

Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute 3, m3

Studio Theatre, Hamilton(fa) 24

Sunderland Hall, First Unitarian Congregation 2 7

' Symphony Hamilton(fa) 17

Music Theatre Mississauga 16

Music Toronto 6, 15, 20, m 1

Music Umbrella Chamber Concerts 1 O; m2

Musicians in Ordinary 24

National Shevchenko Musical Ensemble 25

Neilson Park Creative Centre 4

New Music Concerts 4, 18, m4

Newman Centre 25

Newmarket Theatre 4

North Toronto Institute of Music 11

North Toronto Players 9

North York Concert Orchestra 21

North York Singers m3

Northdale Concert Band m4

Northumberland Players(fa) 23

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts 1, 3, 4,

8· 11, 15, m3, m4

Oakville Symphony Orchestra 10, 11

Off Centre Music Salon 18

OnStage at Glenn Gould Studio 2, 4, 6, 13, 22,

24; 27, m6

Ontario Science Centre 12, 26

Opera Encore 10

Opera in Concert 11

Orchestra Toronto m3

Oriana Singers m3

Oshawa·Durham Symphony Orchestra(fa) m3

Our Lady of Sorrows Church m4

Our Lady of The Assumption Church 10

Peel Choral Societylfa) 11

Performing Arts York Region 16

Richview Collegiate Institute 16

Ritmo Flamenco Dance Company 24

Roger Scannura 24

Rosedal~ Presbyterian Church 18

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra 7· 11, m7

Te Deum Singers 24

Te Deum Singers(fa) 23

The Chapel, Victoria University 8, 10, 11, 14,

m2,m3 ·

The Concert Hall at Victoria Hall, Cobourg(fa)

4, 23

The MadriGALS 14

The Meeting Place 8

The Melodymakers(fa) 16

The New Guitar 9

The Stone Church m3

Theatre Aquarius(fa) 24

Theatre Sheridan 7

Thornhill Presbyterian Church 16

Tivoli Theatre, Hamilton(fa) 17

ToneART Ensemble 24

Toronto Accolades of Harmony 10

Toronto Chamber Choir m4

Toronto Children's Chorus 2, 25, m3

Toronto Classical Singers m4

Toronto Heliconian Club 25

Toronto Latvian Concert Association 11

Toronto Mendelssohn Choir 23, 24

Toronto Northern Lights 24

Toronto Opera Repertoire 14, 16

Toronto Operetta Theatre 4

Toronto Organ Club 26

Toronto Philharmonia 15

Toronto Symphony Orchestra 1 ·3; 8, 10, 14, .

15, 17, 19-21.24-26,28,m1,m4,m7

Toronto Theatre Organ Society m5

Toronto Wind Orchestra m2

Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra m3

TRANZAC 4, 11, 18, 25

Trinity·St. Paul's Church 2, 7·12, 23, 24, m4,


T ryptych Productions m3

U.C. Follies 8

University of Toronto at Scarborough 8, m7

University of Toronto Faculty of Music 2, 3,

6·11, 14·16, 27·m3

Upper Canada College Band m3

Valen Ensemble m4

Via Salzburg 9

Victoria Scholars m4

Visual and Performing Arts Newmarket 4

Voca!Point C.hamber Choir 17

Waldorf Forum m5

WalterHall6-9, 14·16, 18,27·m1,m4 .

Willowdale United Church 2, 17, 24, m3

Women's Musical Club of Toronto 8

Yana lvanilova 18

York Quay Centre 4, 11, 18

York Symphony Orchestra 3, 4

York Woods Public library Theatre 21

Yorkminster Park Church 7, 14, 21;23, 24,



Was it a New Year's Resolution to join a choir, or

to at least get back into singing? If so, St.

Andrew's United Church may be the place for


Nestled at Yonge and Bloor Streets, St. Andrew's

offers a wa_rm atmosphere, challenging and

varied music and a nice place to sing. We ·are

seeking volunteer choristers who can read music

or have a good ear to join our choir.

If you think you may be interested in joining us,

please call Music Director Dexter Roberts at

416-929-0811 .

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 33


February 9 8:30: Swing Shift Big Band.

Valentine's Dance. Dance to an 1 B·piece

band. Lithuanian Hall, 1573 Bloor St. West.

416-466-2685. $20/person. ·

*February 10 6:30: Toronto Children's

Chorus. Bala Ball Dining, dancing & silent

auction. Marriott Hotel Eaton Centre, 525

Bay St. 416-932-8666 ext.111.

*February 10 · 24: The 5Bth Kiwanis

Music Festival of Greater Toronto, with

over 3,500 entries (32,000 individual

participants) in 500 classes at more than 20

venues across Toronto. Admission is free.

For daily schedule information, please call

the Festival Coordinator at 416·487·5885.

February 10 · 25: The Pickering Metro

East Music Festival, located in Pickering

and Scarborough. For information call the

Festival telephone number: 905·83l·5045.

*February 11 2:00: Mississauga Pops

Concert Band. 1940's Tea Dance. Dance to

swing music & more. Port Credit Legion;35

Front St. North, Port Credit. 905-338·5768.

February 16 · 18: Canadian Opera

Company presents Find it at the Opera

Sale. Antiques, furniture, vintage clothing,

paintings & more. Feb. 15: Opening Night

Party & Auction; Feb.16: 12:00 noon·

8:00pm; February 17: lO:OOam-5:00;

February 18: 12:00 noon-5:00. Joey and

Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre, 227 Front

St. East. 416-363-6671. $25(openin'g

night), $2(Feb.16-18).

*February 16: Orchestra Toronto. Winter

Wonderland Dinner & Oance. Featuring the

Chamber Players of Orchestra Toronto &

The George Lake Big Band. Casa Loma, 1

Austin Terrace. 416-467-7142. $135/

pQrson, $1200/table of 10.


*February 1 12:10: University of

Toronto Faculty of Music. Lecture

presentation by R. Murray Schafer. Walter

Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free.

*February 10 7:00: University of

Toronto Faculty of Music. New Music

Festival· Symposium I. The Chapel, Victoria

University, 91 Charles St. W. 416-978·

3744. Free.

*February 11 3:30: University of

Toronto Faculty of Music. New Music

Festival: Symposium II. The Chapel, Victoria

University, 91 Charles St. W. 416·978·

3744. Free.

*February 20 8:00: Toronto Wagner

Society. Opera from Scratch: a Practical

Guide to the Earliest Approaches to Vocal

Record1Jg. Lecture by John Rutherford,

audio historian. Arts & Letters Club, 14

Elm St. 416-966·5289. Members free; ·non·

members by donation ($5-$10 suggested).

*March 2 10:00am: Royal Conservatory

of Music Glenn Gould Professional

School/New Music Concerts. Composer

Forum · The Music and Ideas of Charles

Wuorinen. Lecture/demonstration by the

renowned American composer. 273 Bloor

St. West, Room M308. 416·408•2824.


*March 2 7:30: Toronto Gilbert &

Sullivan Society. Talk on Topsy-Turvy;

reminiscences of two D'Oyly Carte

principals. Cody Hall, St. Paul's Bloor

Street; 227 Bloor St. East. 416-221-4864.


*February 10 12:00 noon: University of

Toronto Faculty of Music. Jane Coop

Piano Masterclass. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's

Park. 416-978-37 44. Free.

*February 24 10:00am: Fridays at

Eight. Master Class with organist David

Palmer. Lawrence Park Community CHurch,

2180 Bayview Ave. 416-489-1551 ext.21.

*RCM Glenn Gould Professional

School. Upcoming master classes (all free

to the public) at 273 Bloor St. West:

Feb.1 1 Q:OOam, 2:00 & 7:00: Peter

Zazofsky, violin; Feb.1 2:00 & 5:00: '

Timothy Eddy, cello; Feb.1 1 O:OOam: John

Perry, piano; Feb.2 1 O:OOam & 2:00:

'Peter Zazofsky, violin; Feb.2 1 O:OOam &


2:00: · Timothy Eddy, cello; Feb.2 2:00:

John Perry, piano; Feb.3 9:30am & 2:00:

James Thompson, trumpet; Feb.B 10:00 &

2:00: Julian Martin; piano; Feb.9 2:00: Tom

Diamond, voice; Feb.9 10:00 & 2:00: Julian

Martin, piano; Feb.9 1 O:OOam: John

Hawkins, composer: The Music and Ideas

of John Hawkins; Feb.9 2:00: Patrick Roux,

guitar; Feb.15 1 O:OOam & 2:00: Desmond

Hoebig, cello; Feb.15 1 O:OOam: Andre

Laplante, piano; Feb.16 2:00: Gwen

Thompson, violin; Feb.16 1 O:OOam & 2:00:

Bail Williams, trench horn; Feb. 16

1 O:OOam & 2:00: Andre Laplante, piano;

March 1 1 O:OOam: Gilbert Kalish, piano;

March 2 1 O:OOam & 2:00:

Edwin Barker,

double bass; March 2 10:00am·& 2:00:

Gilbert Kalish, piano


*February 4 1:30: Toronto Early Music

Players' Organization. Workshop with

David Klausner. Lansing United Church, 49

Bogert Ave. 416-480-0225. $20.

*February 11 2:00: CAMMAC. Readings of

Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle &

Tavener's The lamb. For singers only.

Condui:tor: Peter Merrick. Christ Church

Deer Park, 1570 Yonge St. 416-924-1938.


*February 22 8:00: Toronto Folk

Singers' Club. Informal meeting with the

purpose of exchanging songs, traditional or

·contemporary. Tiki Room, TRANZAC Club,

292 Brunswick Ave. 416-532-0900. Free.

*March 3 9:00am-5:30: 7th Annual

Unionville Wind Conductors' S\'.mpo·

sium. Workshop open to all music educators

& university students interested in

improving their knowledge of the wind band

literature & their skills as effective musical

leaders. Featured clinicians: Craig Kirchhoff

& Bud Beyer. Unionville High School. 201

Town Centre Blvd., Unionville. 905·4 79·

2787 ext.549. $65(teacher),$45(student).

*March 41:30: Toronto Early Music

Players' Organization. Workshop with

Bertha Madott, recorder. Lansing United

Church, 49 Bogert Ave. 416-480-0225.



ACCOUNTING AND INCOME TAX · Leonard's Anglican Church, Arthur Wenk, Music

SERVICE for small business and individuals, to save Director. 416-485-7278.

you time and money, customized to meet your needs. EAR TRAINING, MUSICIANSHIP,

Norm Pulker, B. Math. CHA. 905-508-4274. SIGHT-SINGING, dictation, rhythmic training,

keyboard skills, theory (all Conservatory-type

BOARD MEMBERS WANTED. Well subjects, soJfa, jazz). All levels, professional/serious

established Toronto chamber orchestra is looking beginners. Detailed study available · J.S.Bach,

for motivated music lovers to join our board. Please

call Diana at 416-538-9879 or fax 416-929-4332

for more information.

Renaissance, jazz. Art Levine, MA, ARCT; Host of

"This is Art" on CBC; RCM-Professional School Faculty;

Instructor, University ofT oronto, etc. 416-924-8613.

BARITONE SOLOIST/SECTION LEADER. Visit website: www.artlevine.com

$501week. Sundays only: rehearsal and service. St.


We buy your classical LP collection ·



new membm, especially clarinets, oboes, french

horns, percussion and brass. P.ehearsals: Tuesdays

at 7:30. For more info, call Shelley: 416-491-

1683- .


thought you wouldn't or couldn't, or do you just want

a place-to play with the possibilities of your voice.

Small groups. 6 - $75. Johanne, 461-8425.

JAPANESE KOTO MUSIC. Private le!ions for

all levels. Classical and contemporary music. Also

available for private and public functions. Linda

Caplan, (416)783-4652, www.lindacaplan.com

MERLIN WILLIAMS is available to do digital

recordings of your orchestra, band, choir or chamber

group on location. Reasonable rates for archival and

demo recordings. For more info, call (416)489-0275

onmail: merlinw@netcom.ca


Dance Band, Big Band. Background, Centre-stage.

Classical, Contemporary, Dixieland, Jazz! JSL

Enterprises 905-276-3373.

1971 G2 5'7" YAMAHA. Musician

owned. Tuned 4x year. Voiced, regulated. Excellent

condition. Satin ebony finish. Asking $12,000 Tel:

Barrie 705-737-1147.


REQUIRED for the Oakville Children's Choir.

Event management skills, computer-literate,

flexible hours, musical appreciation necessary to

meet needs of growing/touring children's choir.

Please fax resume to: (905)338-9671 or phone:

letta A~dair M.Mus.

I Lyric Soprano

f A rich and warm voice combined

with an impeccable presentation!

*Available for operas,

oratorios, recitals, orchestral

works, etc ...

* Great packages for

weddings, corporate events

or any special occasion!

* RCM registered teacher

(private lessons for all ages I .


*Also offering coaching in

French diction

(416) 630-5786



'lloice ~ .'liano


In your own h.ome

given by

a qualified teacher

-Reasonable Rates

-R&B, POP, Classical

-Conservatory Grades


(905)337-7104. Deadline Feb.23.

PIANIST WILL PUY jazz-flavoured

background music free of charge at charitable and

non-profit events. Can bring own piano. Call Neville

at(905)877-8471. .

PIANO LESSONS. Classical and contemporary

1tyles. RCH levels. Theory. Ear training and sight·

reading. Call Natalie. (416)741-9522.

SICK OF VIRUSES? Your performance can be

guaranteed with Electrovir; homeopathically charged

water programmed to effectively inactivate most

common microbes. For free sample and literature,

call/fax (416)766-9333/0676.

SINGING LESSONS Experienced, . qualified

Bae. Music, Classical, Semi-popular. R.C.M. prep .. all

levels. Central location. Interest in disabilities. 416·


STUDIO FOR RENT. Dundas/Runnymede. 6'

grand piano. Ideal for warm-ups; practice,

rehearsals, coaching. Out-of-town musicians.

welcome. Short/long terms. 416-763-5230.


SCHOLARS are holding. auditions for men

interested in early and sacred music performance. If

you can read music and are able to make a

commitment to this group of talented singers, plme

call Jerzy Cichocki, Director at (905)277:1362 to . ·.

arrange an audition,.


enhancement training in tension· ·management, ·

concentration, goal setting, imagery: Individualized

to .meet your periormance situation. Kate .F .. Hays,

Ph.D., C.Psych:, practising clinical .and performing

arts psychology. 416-961-0487.

THE POWER OF TONE. Toning and rhythm

group meets twice a month. Vocal toning opens

voice, body and mind. All welcome. $10/session. ·

Phone Riel< Cline 416-538-0268.





·=·='""''''"'" .• ••»>••==•«m•S=~·~·~.~~~. for Singe rs



Spring & Summer


Exact scheduling

is done after

consultation with

the participants.

AU courses

conclude with a


Register Now

For more information

or to register


(41 6) 876-5859



Coordinating singing with acting

1. Audition Arias

7 sessions. May-June

2. Don Giovanni excerpts

7 sessions. May-June

,3. Opera Project: "La Calisto"

Francesco Cavalli, Venice 1651

Teaching sessions begin in May.

Fully staged performances-with orchestra-in September

Peter Neff, Instructor


Interpretation and presentation

1. Franz Schubert

7 sessions. March~Apri l

2. Robert Schumann: Liederkreis, op.39

7 sessions. March-April

Peter Neff, Instructor

Elizabethan Lute Song

Interpretation and performance

with lute accompaniment ·

7 sessions. March-April

John Edwards, Instructor and Lutenist

Com media dell'Arte

The Acting Technique

for actors, dancers and singers

9 sessions. mid April-mid May

Gian Giacomo Colli, Instructor


for singers and coaches

12 sessions. April-June

1. French Anne Lefoulon, MA, Instructor

2. Italian Gian Giacomo Colli, MA, Instructor

3. German Karin Barton, PhD, Instructor

• The Vocal Art Forum








An E.ncounter with


March 31 .and April 1, 2001 ·

10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and

2 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Lower Lobby

901 Lawrence. Ave West

(atDufferin) Toronto

Participants: $200


$235 - Includes


Observers: $20 - $70

For details/registration:

Tel: 416.362.1422

Fax: 416.359.0043

Web: www.sumarts.com

Special Projects

Yoµ are cordially invited

to join





in celebrating the life

and career of


Saturday, March 31

Reception: 5 p.m.

Dinner: 6 p.m.

Cost: $75*

Boccaccio Ristorante

Columbus Centre

We wish to acknowledge

the collaboration of

Columbus Centre,

Boccaccio Ristorante,

General Electric of Canada

Inc., the Royal York Hotel,

Opera Canada, WholeNote and

the Italian Cultural Institute

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 • MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 35


"True to its talent-spotting

reputation, the Women's Musical

Club of Toronto opened its ...

season with the local debut of what

is probably one of the most

promising young quartets currently

before the public. "

. The writer quoted above was

William Littler of the Toronto

Star talking about the October 14

1999 performance of the Miro

String Quartet, opening WMCT's

102"d season. But the words could

apply to almost any year you

could name in the last century.

Robin Elliott's entertaining

1997 book Counterpoint to a

City celebrates the "first hundred

years" of the Women's Musical

Club. In it he says:

"During the tenth season ,

two US musicians were presented

in their local debuts -the baritone

Francis Rogers and pianist Olga

Samaroff. In the ensuing ninety

years, the list of artists who have

made their Toronto or Canadian

debuts for the WMCT reads like

a who's who of the great

musicians of this century: Myra

Hess; Wanda Landowska; Mitsuko

Uchida; the Flonz.aley and Kolisch

String Quartets; the Vienna Boys

Choir; Andres Segovia; Szigeti,

Enesco, Grumiaux; Alexander

Kipnis; Marian Anderson;

Leontyne Price; Dietrich Fischer­

Dieskau ... . "

This month's WMCT

Toronto debut recital by pianist

Dang Thai Son promises to add

another pearl to that string.

Vietnamese-born Dang Thai Son

burst, seemingly from nowhere,

onto the world stage in 1980,

when he was awarded the First

Prize Gold Medal at the tenth

Chopin Piano Competition in

Warsaw. His resume since then

reads like a guide to the world's

concert halls; conductors and

orchestras. ·

But when he takes the

Walter Hall stage February 8 he

will pull no punches, packing into

the daunting all-Chopin first half

of his program as much

excitement and challenge as

many artists would into a whole


"The program for this

Toronto concert is what it is

because I consider it my real

Toronto debut. So I want to show

the best I can do - the most

Cover Story

WMCT welcomes Dang Thai Son

beautiful, Chopin's chef

d'oeuvre. The first half of the

program is therefore all Chopin.

From the point of view of form it

encompasses everything, the big

·and the small, the mazurka and

,the polonaise." ..

The second half of the

program is French - Debussy and

Ravel. "It is the school that I

very much enjoy. And again

there is the contrast - in the

Debussy the small elements, and

with the Ravel, the large. For me

Debussy and Chopin come from

the family of Mozart -

but contemplative."


The place of western classical

music in the Indo-China of Dang

Thai Son's youth was tenuous at

best. There was ofcourse a

massive French influence, born

of nearly one hundred years of

colonization. "I was born in what

was then Saigon," he says. " It

was still a French colony and my

mother and my aunt were

schooled in the French system,

becoming the country's first

teachers of western classical

piano. "

Then came the American

36 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

And then in 1970 his mother

was invited to attend the Chopin

competition in Warsaw, as an

observer. "She brought back the

complete Chopin scores and a

recording - Martha Argerich,

her competition-winning

performance in 1965- the e minor

(Concerto #1) with the op. 59

mazurkas. I was twelve years old

at the time. It changed me."

"In my learning I was

fortunate to get both sides" he

says. "My mother's teaching -­

the French school -- taught some

things very well - strong finger

technique, and velocity. Then in

my Russian years I was able to

build on it the more massive and

architectural side. In the Russian

school, everything is grande. It is

perhaps because Russia comes to

classicism and romanticism all at

once, I suppose, with Glinka. It

is all suddenly just there."

The years in Russia almost

didn't happen, though. "There

was a cultural exchange. Three or

four students a year would be

chosen. But my father Dang Dinh

Hung was a poet - a dissident,

which went against me."

Then, in 1974 a visiting

war and in 1965 the whole Hanoi . Russian pianist Isaac Katz heard

Conservatory of Music was the sixteen year-old play, and

moved into the mountains to made it his business to get him to

avoid the bombing. Seven year Moscow - to the Moscow State

old Dang Thai Son went too. Tchaikovsky Conservatory. "Katz

"There were no roads; no is now in Jerusalem. All my key

way really to take pianos. But teachers in Moscow were Russian

they did-two grands and a few Jews - Katz, Vladimir Natanson,

uprights, across four rivers with Dmitry Bashkirov. Bashkirov is

no bridges, using buffalo. Of now in Spain and his students are

course when they arrived remarkable."

everything was broken apart. We The 1980 Warsaw Chopin

had to share time. I remember I competition was the turning

would have 20 minutes a day point in his life. "It was curious

only to play piano."

that I even came to be there.

Music had a function in There were no audition tapes at

wartime. "All of us piano the time, no videos. It was all on

students had to study accordion as paper. And I had no concert

a second instrument, so the music history to send. I had never

could be taken where it was played with an orchestra. Finally

needed, although at first I was I was accepted I think because

exempt because I was too small Moscow was what it was, so by

to carry the instrument." being there I couldn't be that bad.

And also, I think, because I was

It was there in the mountains, the first Vietnamese who had

that his link with Chopin was applied."

made. "I am really connected to The competition itself never

Chopin. It is a special

felt like a competition, he says,

. relationship. I remember because making it past the first

listening to my mother playing round was already beyond his

pieces of music I liked very expectations. "The only thing I

much. It was Chopin - the became scared of," he says, "is

Nocturne in c minor and the that I had no suit. It was all right

Berceuse, some mazurkas." for the first couple of rounds, but

then we ran around to department

stores. There was nothing. This

was eastern bloc. And I was too

small. Finally a tailor was

ordered to prepare a suit for me,

in twenty four hours .."

The final was, he says,

"inspiration upon inspiration. For

me there was nothing to fear.

Nobody knew me. It felt fresh."

His victory began to change

the attitude to western classical

music in Vietnam, he says. And

in the immediate short term it

saved his father's life. "He was

in hospital with a tumour on his

lung, and the situation was

palliative only. He was a

dissident. There would be no

treatment. But with my arrival

after the competition, suddenly

the finest surgeon was available.

He survived ten more years."

Dang Thai Son lived in

Moscow from 1977 till 1987,

then went to Japan, touring from

there. In 1989 he made his first

visit to Montreal. "Right then I

knew, this is where I want to be"

he says. In 1991 he returned to

live in Montreal, and in 1995

became a Canadian citizen. He

has played with all Montreal's

major ensembles, but though

Montreal is his home "my work

takes me everywhere-this year I

go to Boston, then Toronto, then

Hamilton, then Japan, China,

Russia again. "

"Russia has changed a lot

since my ten years as a student.

Some things are better, some

worse. Concerts in the big cities I

like less than I did. The audiences

all used to be highly cultured, the

atmosphere electric, charged.

Now the typical audience is more

nouveau, the understanding less."

Dang Thai Son's mother is

still with him, at 83 years of age.

She took Canadian citizenship

with him in 1995 and

accompanies him to Japan when

he goes there to teach.

In his future? "I would like

to record all of Chopin" he says.

(Ironically none of his

recordi.ngs, most of them with

Victor in Japan, are normally

available in Canada.) They will

however be available for sale at

Walter Hall the afternoon of

February 8th.

One more memorable

afternoon of music in WMCT's

hundred year gift to the city. I

for one won't miss it.


8,000 Sheet Music Titles!

Canada's largest selection of sheet music

titles for strings. Avail


convenient mail-ord

As a fall-service string shop

we offer the following:

+ Violins • Violas • Cellos

+ Instrument Rentals

+National Mail-Order Serv'.

+ Repair, Restoration,

+ Strings Accessories, B

26 Cumberland, 2nd Floor.

Tel: 1-416-960-8494

Open 7 days I wk

(416) 596-9364

655 Bay St. , Toronto

(entrance on Elm)

2 hours FREE PARKING after 6pm

Weekends and Holidays FREE PARKING anytime.

Licensed for Wine and Beer.

FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 37


Expanding our horizons



The WholeNote magazine went

online in February 1999. The

original site was little more than a

reproduction of the paper version

of the magazine. Over the last

two years every issue of The

WholeNote has been put online

and there is now a sizeable body

of writing from WholeNote

contributors available at the site.

The site also features

profiles, updated annually, of

WholeNote members and the

beginnings of an online store

where members can promote and/

or sell their recordings.


This month is a major milestone

in the expansion of our website.

One of the major advantages of

the Internet is its "interactivity."

The 'net, unlike most traditional

media, permits its users to

interact, in a very immediate

manner, with what they see on

the screen. To take advantage of

this feature, the WholeNote is

initiating a number of electronic

forums (discussion groups) to

allow our readers to have their

say about what appears in the


One of our first forums

will be a general discussion: the

WholeNote and its contents.

Another forum will be reserved

for discussion of New Music, a

third for Choral. As these forums

develop we shall be adding other

discussion groups -- it all

depends on what you, our

readers, find most interesting.


Another of our new web projects

is the beginnings of a system to

allow members (and others) to

submit their concert listings

electronically, via the web.

Currently, assembling the listings

is a very time consuming task

involving a great deal of duplication

of effort. Someone keys in

the initial listing and faxes or e­

mails it to the WholeNote; the


WholeNote re-keys it for the

print version which is then

massaged and cut and pasted into

the web version. The re-keying

creates room for typographical

errors as well as delaying the

availability of the information to

the public.

Commencing in

February, you will be able to

enter your listing through the

WholeNote website. This is a

"pilot project": there will

undoubtedly have to be modifications

made in the way listings are

entered to make it easier for all

involved. We look forward to

your participation in this experiment,

so that in the long term we

can make the system work

properly for you and for us.

The Future

We know from our reader

surveys that the most valued

section of the WholeNote is our

concert listings. And we are

also aware that the web presentation

of listings is currently rather

cumbersome. With the online

submission of listings we will

eventually (no promises on a date

but we are working on it) be able


Expanding our horizons


to put our online listings into a

searchable database. Wouldn't

it be handy if you could simply

obtain a list of all the concerts

featuring a certain perfomer or

period or composer or venue

without having to scan through

500 concert listings?

The WholeNote online

store is another area which we

wish to expand. The store allows

web users to purchase members

recordings using their credit card

in a completely secure environment

(i.e. through sophisticated

software it is almost impossible

for your card to be abused.)

Recordings offered for sale in the

store are available to a worldwide

audience. Members can sell or

simply display in the store. So,

members, contact us to stock

your stuff! The store can only be

as interesting as you make it!

Press release cork board

Another feature, which shall be

implemented soon, is a press

release "cork board". Due to

space constraints in the magazine,

WholeNote staff must boil down

press releases we receive to the

bare essentials. As space is not

really a problem in the

cyberworld, we will soon be able

to allow you to place your

complete press release (glorious

adjectives intact) online. Updates,

rescheduling, cancellations,

etc. will be available online

virtually instantaneously, rather

than once a month.

Baby steps

The print version of the

WholeNote grew by baby steps.

Longtime readers will remember

its early days as "Pulse" -- how

month after month, group by

group, the full extent of our

musical community began to

reveal itself as people found out

about the magazine and started to

list with us . Listings have

quadrupled, our roster of

contributors has grown, the range

of music which the WholeNote

covers has expanded. We have

added sections on music theatre

and, most recently, early music.

Step by tiny step the WholeNote

has grown as a direct result of the

response from its readers.

Well the WholeNote

website is growing in much the

same way. Don't expect our

electronic listings to work

flawlessly this time out. We are

planning to have it all up and

running for next season, but for

now we are looking for your

cooperation in helping us test our

prototype. One step at a time.

As a rapidly and

constantly evolving megium of

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38 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001


FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 39

Virtuoso Violinist

Richmond Hill

Monday 2001 March S

Waldorf Forum

9100 Bathurst Street

General Admission: $40

call 905-881-6137 ext. 737


Tuesday 2001 March 6

Trinity-St. Paul's Centre

427 Bloor Street West

Reserved seats:

$20-$40 call 416-872-4255

$40-$50 call 416-921-4377

'---~~--"'"--------'-~~~~--'------''"~ · Both shows begin at 8 p.m.

' ,

".•. an exceedingly rare and inventive artist who transcends genre-a riveting virtuoso -

one of the most talented and imaginative working in music - any music - today."

· Los Angeles Times


"O'Connor's creative effort is so'ambitious that it deserves at least special mention

and serious discussion, if not special praise. What other violinists in the last 20 -or

even SO -years have produced concerto upon caprice upon improvisation?"

Fanfare Magazine

Visit www.markoconnor.com and www.innermusica.com or call (416) 921-4377 for more information.

40 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

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