Volume 6 Issue 5 - February 2001



Expanding our horizons



The WholeNote magazine went

online in February 1999. The

original site was little more than a

reproduction of the paper version

of the magazine. Over the last

two years every issue of The

WholeNote has been put online

and there is now a sizeable body

of writing from WholeNote

contributors available at the site.

The site also features

profiles, updated annually, of

WholeNote members and the

beginnings of an online store

where members can promote and/

or sell their recordings.


This month is a major milestone

in the expansion of our website.

One of the major advantages of

the Internet is its "interactivity."

The 'net, unlike most traditional

media, permits its users to

interact, in a very immediate

manner, with what they see on

the screen. To take advantage of

this feature, the WholeNote is

initiating a number of electronic

forums (discussion groups) to

allow our readers to have their

say about what appears in the


One of our first forums

will be a general discussion: the

WholeNote and its contents.

Another forum will be reserved

for discussion of New Music, a

third for Choral. As these forums

develop we shall be adding other

discussion groups -- it all

depends on what you, our

readers, find most interesting.


Another of our new web projects

is the beginnings of a system to

allow members (and others) to

submit their concert listings

electronically, via the web.

Currently, assembling the listings

is a very time consuming task

involving a great deal of duplication

of effort. Someone keys in

the initial listing and faxes or e­

mails it to the WholeNote; the


WholeNote re-keys it for the

print version which is then

massaged and cut and pasted into

the web version. The re-keying

creates room for typographical

errors as well as delaying the

availability of the information to

the public.

Commencing in

February, you will be able to

enter your listing through the

WholeNote website. This is a

"pilot project": there will

undoubtedly have to be modifications

made in the way listings are

entered to make it easier for all

involved. We look forward to

your participation in this experiment,

so that in the long term we

can make the system work

properly for you and for us.

The Future

We know from our reader

surveys that the most valued

section of the WholeNote is our

concert listings. And we are

also aware that the web presentation

of listings is currently rather

cumbersome. With the online

submission of listings we will

eventually (no promises on a date

but we are working on it) be able


Expanding our horizons


to put our online listings into a

searchable database. Wouldn't

it be handy if you could simply

obtain a list of all the concerts

featuring a certain perfomer or

period or composer or venue

without having to scan through

500 concert listings?

The WholeNote online

store is another area which we

wish to expand. The store allows

web users to purchase members

recordings using their credit card

in a completely secure environment

(i.e. through sophisticated

software it is almost impossible

for your card to be abused.)

Recordings offered for sale in the

store are available to a worldwide

audience. Members can sell or

simply display in the store. So,

members, contact us to stock

your stuff! The store can only be

as interesting as you make it!

Press release cork board

Another feature, which shall be

implemented soon, is a press

release "cork board". Due to

space constraints in the magazine,

WholeNote staff must boil down

press releases we receive to the

bare essentials. As space is not

really a problem in the

cyberworld, we will soon be able

to allow you to place your

complete press release (glorious

adjectives intact) online. Updates,

rescheduling, cancellations,

etc. will be available online

virtually instantaneously, rather

than once a month.

Baby steps

The print version of the

WholeNote grew by baby steps.

Longtime readers will remember

its early days as "Pulse" -- how

month after month, group by

group, the full extent of our

musical community began to

reveal itself as people found out

about the magazine and started to

list with us . Listings have

quadrupled, our roster of

contributors has grown, the range

of music which the WholeNote

covers has expanded. We have

added sections on music theatre

and, most recently, early music.

Step by tiny step the WholeNote

has grown as a direct result of the

response from its readers.

Well the WholeNote

website is growing in much the

same way. Don't expect our

electronic listings to work

flawlessly this time out. We are

planning to have it all up and

running for next season, but for

now we are looking for your

cooperation in helping us test our

prototype. One step at a time.

As a rapidly and

constantly evolving megium of

communication the Internet offers

tremendous opportunities and

presents its own unique challenges.

One of the greatest

advantages of the Internet, as

mentioned at the outset, is its

interactivity. The WholeNote,

and sites like it, are increasingly

allowing users to define the

content. We encourage all our

readers to visit our website at

www.thewholenote.com and

participate in our forums, enter

your listings online or visit our

little recording boutique. Help us

build our website the way you

have helped build our magazine.

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