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Around The World is a collection of our favorite brands from

across the globe, chosen by our buyers for their uniquely international

take on fashion.

We sent the spring Around The World collections to emerging

photographers in destinations as far-flung and disparate as

Poland, Serbia, China, and Ukraine. Designs from Stockholm’s

Carin Wester are photographed by Nigerian photographer Oroma

Elewa, French label Sessùn is visualized by Mariam Sitchinava

in the Republic of Georgia, Australia’s Shakuhachi shot by South

Korea’s Hasisi Park, and more. This multinational approach

resulted in images that are a mix of styles, cultures, and talents—

exactly what Around The World is all about.


Photographed by:

Charlie Engman — Chicago, IL, USA

Rodebjer has gained a reputation in Sweden and

around the world for strong silhouettes, skillful

patternmaking and a fresh new approach to fashion.

Upon its creation, the line instantly struck a note

with both the fashion-conscious crowd and more

casual-oriented customers, offering a unique blend

of wearability and classic elegance combined with a

distinctly modern and youthful sensibility.



Photographed by:

Lukasz Weirzbowski — Wroclaw, Poland

Dating all the way back to 1913, French brand Le

Mont St. Michel has been able to mix tradition with

a modern sensibility to produce alluring feminine

clothes with edge. At the helm of the brand is

Alexandre Milan, who counts Britain as an influence

for its culture of knitted fabrics, as well as Japan

for its modernity and easy style. It is through these

observations that Milan has created a brand whose

look embodies both its traditional background and

French style in a completely modern way.

Le Mont St. Michel


Photographed by:

Julia Burlingham — New York, NY, USA

The Velour story started way back in 1997, inspired

by Per Andersson’s grandmother’s old ready-to-wear

shop, recently closed after 50 years of business. Finally

launched in 2005, the Velour line is, to this day, filled

with history, eclectic inspiration and details, exemplifying

a perfect blend of fit and individuality through

pieces designed for the daring and exceptional.



Photographed by:

Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry — Paris, France

In 1997, pharmacy student Ana Carrasco began to

make colorful accessories for friends and relatives.

Several successful years later, she created Malababa.

Today, the Madrid-based designer hand crafts all her

products in various materials, providing a signature

originality to each of her designs.



Photographed by:

Zhang Jungang & Li Jie — Harbin, China

Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins formed YMC in

1995, in response to the undeniable and increasing

demand for functional and modern clothing. Their

aim is to produce original garments that people with

a passion for clothes and individualistic style will find

appealing. YMC is not influenced by seasonal trends

and instead aims to design clothing that ensures

longevity and redevelopment from season to season.



Photographed by:

Rob Kulisek — North Wildwood, NJ, USA

Minimarket is a Swedish clothing label designed by

sisters Sofie, Pernilla and Jennifer Elvestedt. Created

in 2006, their design philosophy is based on using

opposites for perfect balance – comfort combined

with extravagance. The trio all vary widely in taste

and style, but consistently find a unifying path in

design that inspires them as a group.



Photographed by:

Tania Shcheglova & Roman Noven — Kiev, Ukraine

Based in Stockholm, The Local Firm designs a wide

variety of garments for both men and women, inspired

by architecture, shapes and art & design from the

former Eastern Bloc. The brand’s design philosophy

of “strength in numbers” and use of muted tones

combine to create clothes of exceptional quality.

the local firm


Photographed by:

David Meskhi — Berlin, Germany

Sweden’s House of Dagmar has been widely recognized

by the fashion industry for its arty/chic

style. Founded by three sisters – each with notable

backgrounds within Sweden and throughout the

international fashion industry – the line has received

favorable press from around the world, as well as

several prestigious awards.

house of dagmar


Photographed by:

Samuel Hodge — Glen Innes, Australia

Stolen Girlfriends Club was founded on a youthful

rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humor and the

ability to entertain and make things matter. The

minds behind the boutique brand, Dan Gosling,

Luke Harwood, and Marc Moore, are a New

Zealand-based trio with backgrounds in surfing.

Their approach to the fashion business is as relative

outsiders – they have no professional design training

and began simply by making clothes for themselves

and their friends.

stolen girlfriends club


Photographed by:

Ana Kras — Belgrade, Serbia

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Wood Wood

embodies a laid-back blend of underground-influenced

and high-end thinking, resulting in a surprising

and distinct selection of styles.

wood wood


Photographed by:

Philippe Gerlach — Burghausen, Germany

Inspired by a TV documentary about a French

businessman living in India, Jean Touitou of A.P.C.

and designer Jessica Ogden set off for Madras to see

for themselves the beauty of the country. Taking in

everything that they saw and experienced, they have

produced A.P.C. Madras, a collection that combines

Touitou’s simple Parisian style with Ogden’s love

of color and print - capturing the spirit of a neverending


a.p.c. madras


Photographed by:

Oroma Elewa — Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Since launching her own label in 2003, Stockholm’s

Carin Wester has become known for her feminine

take on effortless Swedish cool – she routinely

produces alluring collections that mix simplicity with

style and play on femininity without being overly

girly. Through making careful use of different structures,

textures and details, nothing is without consideration,

yet Wester’s clothes make it seem so easy.

carin wester


Photographed by:

Hasisi Park — Seoul, South Korea

Based in Australia and named for a Japanese flute,

Shakuhachi enjoys a global following thanks to the

line’s directional yet accessible looks, characterized

by thoughtfully-chosen fabrics in remarkable color




Photographed by:

Jody Rogac — Vancouver, Canada

Stine Goya combines beauty and drama in edgy

collections for the daring individual – collections that

don’t adhere to current trends but seek authenticity

and renewal, grounded in a continual identity with a

distinct visual expression. This is an expression that

appeals to the independent female, whose personal

style is an articulation of self. Stine Goya’s universe

extends a modern framework for this individuality.

stine goya


Photographed by:

Mariam Sitchinava — Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

French label Sessùn was born after a trip to Latin

America, where designer Emma François was inspired

by the culture and craftsmanship found there. With

Sessùn, François strives to offer women a substantial

wardrobe rather than just a seasonal collection;

one where the clothes emphasize both line and the

luxurious materials used to make each piece.



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