Coyne Seminar Brochure - Dennis Coyne Coaching and Consulting

Coyne Seminar Brochure - Dennis Coyne Coaching and Consulting



In a world of constant surprises, our lives and our

practices must be redesigned over and over again,

chapter by chapter, as we live them. Few of us know

how to do this, even after many years of training

and our experience as attorneys. This seminar

provides the tools you need to author your next

chapter, no matter your age or whether you are a

judge, a solo practitioner, practicing as a member

of a firm, practicing in the public sector, or not

practicing in a traditional environment. You will

identify your own core values as you piece together

challenging plans for the future you want.

This seminar integrates dynamic, professional

presentations with small coaching groups to guide

you into the years ahead with vision, direction, and

thoughtful planning as a lawyer or a judge. This

approach is grounded in key concepts of adult

development and human systems theories, as

explained by our faculty and facilitated by the

coaches who will work with each small group.

At this seminar you will:

• Identify significant priorities over the next

few years.

• Learn how to connect your own beliefs and

values to your daily schedule.

• Link your personal/professional goals to the

new opportunities and resources around


Presented by

Dennis M. Coyne

Dennis M. Coyne has practiced law for over thirty years,

as an Assistant Attorney General in the Commonwealth of

Pennsylvania and the State of Minnesota, as well as a

partner with two major law firms. Dennis has helped to

shape the development of environmental law both locally

and nationally, and now teaches environmental law at the

University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. He is also a certified

Hudson Institute coach and serves as adjunct faculty in the

Masters of Arts program in Human Development at St.

Mary’s College in Minneapolis. In his coaching practice,

Dennis helps lawyers to be more resilient and creative, as

they learn to align their values with their busy schedules.

Dennis has served as faculty at the Minnesota Judicial

College, speaking on the subject of resilience. In addition,

Dennis recently addressed the Civil Litigation Symposium

for the Attorney General – Canada; spoke to the St. Paul

Chapter of the Inns of Court; and facilitated a seminar in

Philadelphia: “Having a Life; Creating Work-Life Balance in

the Law.”

Faculty for the Seminar:

Susan Daicoff is both a law professor at Florida Coastal

State School of Law, Jacksonville, Florida and therapist

trained in clinical psychology. She has practiced in the

areas of corporate, securities, and tax at several midsize

firms in Orlando and Tampa. Professor Daicoff brings her

breadth of experience and training to the issue of career

resilience for lawyers. She has written many law review

articles on attorney attributes bearing on professionalism

and, in 2004, Professor Daicoff published a book: "Lawyer

Know Thyself: A Psychological Analysis of Personality

Strengths and Weaknesses".

Howard J. Vogel is professor of law at Hamline

University School of Law. Trained in both law and

theology, Professor Vogel’s teaching and research is

located at the intersection of law, religion and ethics. In

addition to his courses on American Constitutional Law,

Jurisprudence, and International Human Rights Law,

Professor Vogel has co-taught an innovative Seminar on

Law, Religion & Ethics that explores the lawyer's

vocational identity and the problem of hope in the

practice of law. Since 1989 he has served as one of the

editors of the Journal of Law and Religion. In 2001,

Professor Vogel published a law review article in the

Seton Hall Law Review: "The Terrible Bind of the Lawyer

in the Modern World: The Problem of Hope, the Question

of Identity, and the Recovery of Meaning in the Practice

of Law".

The Minneapolis Golf Club is

located just one mile from I-394

& 169 interchange.






HWY 100

Minneapolis Golf Club

2001 Flag Ave. S.

St. Louis Park, MN

For more detailed directions

call 952-544-4471



Cedar Lake Road

Our Challenge – To Thrive

in Our Chosen Profession

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Attorney ID # ___________________________________

Continuing Education Credits:

Application made for 7.25 hours of CLE credit

and 7.25 hours of CJE credit.

Please make checks payable to:

Coyne Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Cost: $350.00

Cancellation Policy:

Before 09/15/04, a full refund less a $25.00

administrative fee.

Location: Minneapolis Golf Club

2001 Flag Avenue South

Saint Louis Park, MN 55426

Phone: 952-544-4471

Date: October 1, 2004

Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

For further information, contact:

Coyne Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Foshay Tower, Suite 1000

821 Marquette Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone: 612-375-0155

Fax: 612-395-5236


Coyne Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Foshay Tower, Suite 1000

821 Marquette Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55402






Many successful attorneys assume

that the more they achieve, the

happier they’ll be. Sadly, we know

that’s often not the case. Many come

to realize that money is not the only

way to measure success, and that the

goal of amassing billable hours as

the sum of one’s worth is a perilous


These days it’s not enough to be a “good lawyer.” One

needs to be good at managing people in the office,

astute in the marketing arena and virtually always “on

call.” This focus on working longer and harder is not

necessarily reflected in financial rewards and it leaves

many lawyers with limited opportunities to maintain

their personal and family life in a satisfying fashion.

This workshop will examine how you, as a busy

and uncertain course to follow.

professional, can create and sustain balance even

when personal and work commitments collide.

The Program

Dennis Coyne’s career satisfaction program

for lawyers is at once subtle and magnificent.

It’s a perfect mix of seriousness, whimsy,


Comments from

past participants

wisdom and compassion that manages to

achieve what would seem to be impossible:

making lawyers open up like curious oysters.

Dennis understands the joys, perils and

“Incredible (and unexpected) honesty,

openness, sharing and candor made this an

unqualified success.”

Minneapolis Golf Club

pitfalls of life in the law like no one else

“Gave me some good tools to deal with issues

Minneapolis, MN

October 1, 2004

8:30 am–5:00 pm

Presented by

Coyne Coaching

and Consulting, LLC

With Financial Support from

I know. But what really makes his program

sing is the other qualities he brings to it: great

humor, enormous compassion, creativity and

a deep and genuine interest in people. It’s

hard to imagine a better way to spend a


Steven Keeva, Assistant Managing Editor of the

American Bar Association Journal, and Author,

“Transforming Practices: Finding Joy and

Satisfaction in the Legal Life”

affecting my life and practice.”

“Provided me with a framework within which

to examine my situation and tools with which

to plan renewal.”

“Enjoyed it very much. Great materials and

great provocative thought.”

“Lectures and individual work - excellent.”

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