Relax HD


Relax HD

The wellness lens for your eyes

The Freeform single vision lens

for relaxed, high-definition vision.

Relaxed eyes thanks to slight close range support

Everyday life places great demands on our eyes, which is why more and more people complain about tired and

burning eyes. From reading the newspaper or email exchange at work in the morning, to deciphering recipes and

finally reading a crime thriller in the late evening: This permanent accommodation puts a great strain on our eyes.

To prevent over-tired eyes, Optiswiss has developed the high-resolution, personalized RELAX HD single vision lens.

Produced with Swiss HD technology, the lenses have a slight close range support and a high-contrast, comfortable

vision. Our eyes can remain relaxed and fit while seeing.

Very large, comfortable viewing areas

Viewing areas

Conventional single vision lens

Relax HD

Without accommodation

Slight accommodation

(without effort)

Intensive accommodation

(eye fatigue)

Conclusion: Relax HD offers significantly better visual performance at close range than conventional single vision lenses.


• Manufactured with advanced Swiss HD technology

• Considers all individual parameters

• Maximum contrast

Relaxed, clear and strain-free vision

• Easy adaptation of eyes to different distances


Relax HD ORGA 150 / ORGA 150 Transitions ORGA 160 / ORGA 160 Transitions ORGA 167 / ORGA 167 Transitions

Adjustment recommendation

• In general, the RELAX HD is adjusted to the remote focus.

• In the natural head and body posture as well as in the zero vision direction, the centering crosses need to rest in

the middle of the pupil.

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