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Wernigerode 2015 - Program Book

International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition July 15 - 19, 2015 | Wernigerode, Germany The man after whom the festival is named for, Johannes Brahms, and the German Romantics of the 19th century, will be a focal point. This event offers interested choirs excellent opportunities to learn together and refine their specialist skills with coaching concerts and rehearsals with recognized international choral experts. We explicitly invite choirs and ensembles of all kinds who prefer not to take part in competition but like to give concerts in Wernigerode and other regional communities. The festival will provide ample opportunities for groups to perform their repertoires to an interested audience, whether they are specialized in choral, orchestral or folk music. Wernigerode is a town with a very special flair. It is a gem of medieval architecture located on the foot of the low mountain range of the Harz. There is hardly any other town with so many magnificent semi-timbered houses – a feast for your eyes. And it is an excellent stage for the parade and opening ceremony and further open air events

Wernigerode 2015 - Program

15. – 19. Juli 2015Wernigerode, Deutschland9. INTERNATIONALESJOHANNES-BRAHMS-CHORFESTIVAL &WETTBEWERBDie Bunte Stadt am Harz