Go Filtersystem


Go Filtersystem

Go Filtersystem

For creative Photographers

Those who frequently use filters will love the GO Filter System. With a simple GO system adapter the filter holder is

mounted to the lens. Now up to 3 GO square filters can slide simultaneously into the filter holder. Using graduated

filters, it is upon the user’s creativity to slide the filters up and down, to use them up-side down or to combine various

filters. The GO System Lens Hood avoids disturbing reflections.

Lens Hood for GO Filter System

Item No 318841

EAN13 4000461064128

MSRP 7,90 €

Ideally compliments the GO filter system. The

lens hood avoids reflections and lateral stry light.

It is simply plugged onto the filter holder.

Filter Holder for GO Filter System

Item No 318840

EAN13 4000461064111

MSRP 9,90 €

The center component of the GO filter system! It

attaches easily to the lens in combination with a

GO adapter ring. Then the desired filters can be


Metal Adapter for GO Filter System

They combine with the GO filter holder and are

available for lens sizes 49mm up to 82mm.

Lens- ∅ Item No EAN13 MSRP €

49 mm 318849 4000461064135 7,90

52 mm 318852 4000461064142 7,90

55 mm 318855 4000461064159 7,90

58 mm 318858 4000461064166 7,90

62 mm 318862 4000461064173 7,90

67 mm 318867 4000461064180 7,90

72 mm 318872 4000461064197 7,90

77 mm 318877 4000461064203 7,90

82 mm 318882 4000461064210 7,90

GO Graduated Color Filter 8,3 x 9,4cm

A boring sky can spoil the picture result. A graduated color filter gets more

excitement to the picture. The sky scenery can change from romantic to









Creates harmonic light sceneries in landscapes with

predominant sky

Creates impressive sunsets or sets thundery clouds into dramatic


Creates impressive sunsets even when the sky looks unimposing

Enhances warm earth tones or for dramatic sky scenery

Turns green colors in nature more shading. Ideal for

landscapes with water

Enhances colors for special effects or a deep blue sky

Color neutral, for a more balanced exposure when brightness


Color Item No EAN13 MSRP €

Yellow 318811 4000461064067 19,90

Orange 318814 4000461064098 19,90

Red 318810 4000461064050 19,90

Tobacco 318816 4000461064357 19,90

Green 318813 4000461064081 19,90

Blue 318812 4000461064074 19,90

Grey 318815 4000461064104 19,90

© Oktober 2012 DÖRR GmbH Fotomarketing, 89231 Neu-Ulm

GO Black & White Color Filter 8,3 x 9,4cm

Color Filter for creative Black & White Photography. To combine with the

GO filter holder






Blue (sky) gets darker, reduces haze slightly, clouds show rich

contrasts, red and green color become lighter. Ideal for landscape


Effects are in between yellow and red, less alienation then with

red filter

Blue (sky) gets visibly darker, creates a high contrast of clouds in

the sky, haze is toned down considerably, red gets lighter, skin

tones get more pale. Great for dramatic landscapes

Red and blue gets darker, green gets lighter and more shading

(nature). Creates a beautiful skin for portraits

Red gets darker, blue lighter. Reinforces the haze, reduces the

contrast, produces diffuse and hazy atmosphere

Color Item No EAN13 MSRP €

Yellow 318801 4000461064012 19,90

Orange 318804 4000461064043 19,90

Red 318800 4000461064005 19,90

Green 318803 4000461064036 19,90

Blue 318802 4000461064029 19,90


Go Filtersystem

Example Pictures

w/o filter B/W red B/W yellow

B/W orange B/W green B/W blue

w/o filter

Graduated red

Graduated yellow

Graduated orange Graduated tobacco Graduated green

Adventure Filter Case

Perfect for safe and clearly storaged GoSystem filters.

With belt loop.

Item No 320050

EAN 13 4000461039560

MSRP 16,90 €

Graduated blue

Graduated grey

© Oktober 2012 DÖRR GmbH Fotomarketing, 89231 Neu-Ulm


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