The Pulse - April 2013 - Northern Pulse Growers Association

The Pulse - April 2013 - Northern Pulse Growers Association

April 2013 FEATURES

Soil Testing Pulse Crops

President’s Message

Meet Your New Board Members

Convention Wrap-up

NCI’s New Technical Director

NPGA Research Funding Distribution

A Message from Shannon Berndt


The Northern Pulse Growers

Association would like to

thank the 2013 Sponsors!

Soil Testing Pulse Crops

By Chris Augustin, NDSU-NCREC Area Extension Specialist/Soil Health

Clocks are now turned ahead an hour, the days are getting

longer, and snow is melting. Spring is on the way and the

planters will follow shortly in the field! This is now the time

to plan for the fertility of your crop. If you didn’t soil test last

fall, you should soil test prior to planting. A soil test will tell

you what the nutrient levels are in the soil and is the first step

in proper plant nutrition. Soil tests and calibrated fertilizer

applicators help save money and ensure crop yield goals.

Soil sampling can be easily done with a push probe,

shovel, or mechanically powered probe. Soil samples

are usually taken at the 0 to 6 inch depth and 6 to 24 inch

depth. The 0 to 6 inch depth range is usually tested for

nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, electrical

conductivity, pH, and various micronutrients. The 6 to 24 inch depth is usually tested for

nitrogen since it can leach.

Great Northern Ag

Averaging a field involves taking 20 or more soil samples randomly across a field. Taking

20 samples or more is important because it can help account for variability. Mix the

samples together in a clean plastic bucket and take a composited sub-sample to submit

to a lab. Be sure to fill the soil sample bag to the recommended amount. This method

works well in a uniform field. However, if you are sampling a field that varies greatly

you might want to look into sampling the different areas of the field and testing those


Nitrogen isn’t a concern with pulse crops since they can fix nitrogen in the soil. Fields

testing low in nitrogen should benefit from a small amount of nitrogen. Be sure to

inoculate your seed with appropriate Rhizobium bacteria so nitrogen fixation occurs.

However, phosphorus and potassium are important for healthy legumes. NDSU

Extension publication SF-882 North Dakota Fertilizer Recommendation Tables and

Equations is a great source of information for planning out fertilizer applications.

You may wonder, “what does ppm (parts per million) mean on a soil test report?” Well, an

acre of 6 inches of topsoil weighs roughly two-million pounds. So if you multiply the ppm

result on a soil test by two, that will give you an idea of how many pounds of that nutrient

is in the soil. (con’t. on page 4.) (1)

1710 Burnt Boat Drive

Bismarck, ND 58503

Phone. 701.222.0128

Fax. 701.222.6340



Board of Directors

Beau Anderson......... President

At Large, Williston, ND 701.875.2328

Jerry Schillinger....... V. President

District III, Circle, MT 406.485.2479

Paul Berntson........... Secretary

District VII, Adams, ND 701.944.2449

Kristian Sorum.......... Treasurer

District V, Flaxton, ND 701.848.6347

Steve Miner............... Director

District I, Richland, MT 406.725.3201

Mark Hardy................ Director

District VI, Beach, ND 701.218.0084

Jon Stoner................. Director

At Large, Havre, MT 406.265.2193

Chad Doheny............ Director

At Large, Dutton, MT 406.627.2390

Chris Westergard...... Director

District II, Dagmar, MT 406.390.6477

Mark Schmidt Director

District VI, Tioga, ND 701.664.2988

Associate Directors

Mary Burrows.................Bozeman, MT


Chet Hill...........................Williston, ND


Brad Hertel......................Casselton, ND


John Raisler....................Beach, ND


Eric Bartsch....................Bismarck, ND


Wayne Schmitz...............Minot, ND


Aaron Holter....................Williston, ND


NPGA Staff

Shannon Berndt .....Executive Director

Kaye Effertz ............Marketing Director

Dolores Rohrich ....Communications/

Membership Dir.

Mary Bartsch...........Admin Assistant


President’s Message

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this message

as the newly elected President of the NPGA.

Ryan Brooks has been a long time board member

and his tireless efforts to our organization will be

missed and hard to replace.

With the coming of 2013, brings the realization

that the Farm Bill isn’t fulfilled, we have heard

the State of the Union Address, and despite our

frustrations, life goes on and another crop year is

upon us. Farmers are no strangers to frustration,

as we deal with it regularly. However, in watching

something as simple as a Superbowl commercial

featuring Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer”, Beau Anderson – NPGA President

this poem should be a reminder to us all of why we do what we do. We are all stewards

of the land, but we are also active in our communities bringing hard working ethics

to the boards we sit on. It is this kind of ethic that needs to be passed up through

the leadership of the NPGA, the ND Dry Pea and Lentil Council, and the US Dry Pea

and Lentil Council. These elected officials are working hard for the farmers to bring

this message a step farther to Washington DC, in hopes that responsible legislation

can take the United States and the American farmer into a new era where we can

continue our mission of feeding the people of our country as well as a good portion of

the world.

I also serve as a Farm and Ranch Management instructor at Williston State College,

and I encourage each and every farmer to use the tools provided through educational

services and extension offices. Late winter and early spring are great times to go

through the NDSU crop budgets and tweak those last minute planting decisions. The

data given in these budgets are provided by the North Dakota Farm Business Management

Education Association and originates from actual farms and ranches from

each region in the state. These numbers are then custom tailored for each region and

made available for use in the decision making process.

Using free educational tools makes production decisions just a little easier, and proves

that a continuing rotation with pulse crops is still profitable when compared to crops

with much higher input costs.

If you all are like me, springtime and planting season is a busy time, but is almost

as comforting as a Arizona vacation in December. While some like to sit in an easy

chair with a drink, I enjoy a few weeks of comforting tractor time while planting lentils,

chickpeas, malt barley, and durum. Maybe it will give me some time to write an inspirational

poem like Paul Harvey’s titled, “There’s Always Next Year” or, “So God Gave

Me the Patience to Farm in

the Bakken!”

Have a great and safe

planting season, and the

start of a record growing

season. And if not, I guess

there is always next year!


Beau Anderson

Yellow Fields Peas

*New - Jetset

AC Agassiz, AC Thunderbird

Green Field Peas

*New - Daytona


Kabuli Chickpea

*New - CDC Alma

*New - CDC Orion

CDC Frontier

CDC Luna

Desi Chickpea

CDC Corinee


Inoculant & Seed Treatments

Wheat Chickpeas Flax Peas

Beans Lentils



Mark Hardy, District VI

Meet Your New Board Members

Mark Hardy is a young producer from Beach, ND. He is the 4th generation on Hardy

Farms! Mark graduated from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND in 2009 and

was selected as the Outstanding Senior in the Business Division where he studied

Business Administration, Finance, and Philosophy. He was involved in Student

Senate, Collegiate DECA, and was a Student Ambassador. After college, Mark worked

in consumer lending as a Senior Credit Manager for Wells Fargo in Fargo, ND. He

then moved to Beach, ND to be involved in agriculture production with his dad, Don

Hardy of Beach, ND.

Mark is a licensed insurance agent with Agri Insurance, Inc. in Beach, ND; specializing

in crop/hail, and farm and ranch insurance. Agri Insurance has offices in Beach,

Dickinson, Baker, MT; and Columbus, MT. Mark and Don also work in seed sales with

Syngenta’s AgriPro Wheat; hosting field days and plot tours on the family farm. Mark

raises wheat, canola, green peas, lentils, sunflowers, and corn in North Dakota and

Montana. Pulses are a rotational crop at Hardy Farms.

The Beach area has a number of active pulse growers, but the number of acres

planted is affected by increased corn and sunflower acres in recent years. Mark

wanted to be active within the Northern Pulse Growers Association due to the interest

in pulse crops in his area and to explore other opportunities and alternative markets

available to producers.

Chad Doheny, At Large, Dutton, MT (Bio will be in next edition)

Montana Pulse Crop Advisory Committee

Montana Department of Agriculture

PO Box 200201

Helena, MT 59620-0201

Phone. 406.444.2402

Fax. 406.444.9442


Michael Ehlers...............Producer

Oilmont, MT

Kim Murray....................Producer

Froid, MT

Grant Zerbe ..................Producer

Frazer, MT

Jon Stoner......................Producer

Harve, MT

Brian Kae.........................Producer

Dagmar, MT

Leta Campbell...............Marketing

Wolf Point, MT

Watch for the new 2013-14 Pulse Industry

Directory coming out this month. Your

convenient guide to the pulse industry,

extension, researchers and more.

PO Box 1352

Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone. 701.222.0128

Fax. 7011.222.6340

Jeff Knox.........................District 1

Ray, ND 701.568.3262

Callen Hoff, Chairman...District II

Richardton, ND 701.974.3375

Richard Mickelson........District III

Rolla, ND................................. 701.477.3617

James Haux..................District IV

McClusky, ND..............................701.363.2346

Kevin Haas, V-Chairman.District V

Jamestown, ND.........................701.763-6533

Doug Goehring.............Ex-Officio

Charles Carvel.........Legal Counsel (3)

NPGA Elects New Executive Team, Welcomes New Directors &

Honors Great Leaders in the Pulse Industry

More than 200 pulse growers from across the Midwest

gathered in January for the 20th Annual Northern Pulse

Growers Association Convention in Minot, ND. The

event, drew pulse producers, researchers and industry

representatives, giving them an opportunity to hear the

latest in pulse production, marketing, research and the pulse

breeding program.

The convention kicked off with North Dakota Researchers

giving an update on soil health, pest control, weeds and

diseases. Monday’s featured speaker was Jim Wiesemeyer

from Informa Economics, Senior VP of Farm & Trade Policy.

Monday evening concluded with an exhibitor social and


Tuesday’s agenda started off with Steve Junghans giving a

crop insurance update, Dr. Thavarajah presenting on “Pulses

for Better Health” and Dr. McPhee updating attendees with

the NDSU Pulse Breeding Program. Tuesday morning’s event

wrapped up with a crop marketing outlook for 2013.

The NPGA presented Excellence and Service Awards to

people who take pride and excellence in their work. The 2013

Producer Excellence Award recipient was Jerry Schillinger,

Circle, MT; Industry Excellence Award recipients were Les

Soil Testing Pulse Crops con’t.

Soil tests do not test for the organic nitrogen in the soil. Because

of this, we add a nitrogen credit to a soil test from previous

legume crop. Pulse crops add 40 pounds of nitrogen to the soil.

This is great for crops rotations and cuts down on fertilizer cost.

For more information on soil testing and fertilizing crops, consult

NDSU Area Extension Specialist/Soil Health Chris Augustin at

the North Central Research Extension Center in Minot, 701-857-

7682 or

& Diane Paulson, Bowman, ND and the Researcher Award

recipient was the Northern Crops Institute, Fargo, ND.

Service Awards were presented to Ryan Brooks, Bowman,

ND and Myron Blumhagen, Drake, ND who served on the

NPGA Board of Directors. Congratulations to all!

Board elections were also held during the annual business

meeting. Jerry Schillinger of Circle, MT (District III) and

Kristian Sorum, Flaxton, ND (District V) were re-elected to

serve another three year term. Chad Doheny, Dutton, MT

(District VI) and Mark Hardy, Beach, ND (At Large) were

elected to serve a first term as directors on the NPGA board.

Officers elected to the NPGA board are Beau Anderson,

Williston, ND, President; Jerry Schillinger, Circle, MT, Vice

President; Paul Berntson, Adams, ND Secretary; Kristian

Sorum, Flaxton, ND Treasurer. Additional members of the

NPGA board members include Mark Schmidt, Tioga, ND;

Mark Hardy, Beach, ND, Chad Doheny, Dutton, MT, Steve

Miner, Richland, MT, Chris Westergard, Dagmar, MT and Jon

Stoner, Havre, MT.


Franzen, D. 2007 . SF -882

MORE YiEld POtEntial

StArtS Here


Ask your local retailer or seed

dealer about the right choice of

Nodulator inoculant for you.


Maximize nodulation and nitrogen fixation

Nodulator ® inoculants deliver high counts of a fresh, advanced

high-performing proprietary rhizobia strain to ensure maximum

nodulation and nitrogen fixation. Multi-year yield data shows

Nodulator is a superior performer in growers’ fields and university

test plots. That’s why they’re the #1 choice of U.S. growers.

Nodulator Peat Granules – A favorite with many pea and lentil

growers. Free-flowing, peat-based granules maintain their integrity

through application equipment for convenient in-furrow application.

Nodulator Sterile Peat – Self-adhering properties produce uniform

seed coverage and deliver more than one billion rhizobia per gram.

Mixes easily with seed directly in the drill or planter.

Nodulator Liquid – High levels of rhizobia in a liquid formulation

offer simple-to-use planter box treatment or commercial bulkseed

application options.

® Trademarks, registered or applied for,

of Becker Underwood, Inc. Ames, IA.

©2012 Becker Underwood Inc. (5)

David H. Hahn, Ph.D., has been named

Director of Technical Services and Business

Development at Northern Crops Institute (NCI).

Hahn has over 30 years of experience in

research, manufacturing, product development

and technical support at several American food


NCI Director Mark Weber says, “I am

delighted to announce the hiring of Dr. Hahn

as NCI’s Director of Technical and Business

Development. His long experience in the

private sector will provide invaluable expertise

to our programs. He will also be able to

provide excellent mentoring to our team of food

and cereal scientists, while working closely

with the NDSU faculty and scientists.”

Hahn’s professional experience centers

on bakery, pasta, tortillas, mixes, confectionery, sauces, milk

beverages and pudding products. He has been instrumental in

introducing many new food products, including Nature’s Own®

Brand 100% Whole Grain Bread and Sandwich Rounds, Healthy

Harvest Pasta, and Ronzoni® Smart Taste Pasta. While leading

teams in the new product development process, he has provided

technical support for manufacturing, trouble shooting, process

optimization, cost reduction, and ingredient development/


“I am excited to join the NCI as Director of Technical and

Business Development,” says Hahn. “I was a member of the

NCI pasta course faculty for 10 years, and I experienced how

committed NCI is in developing and improving their training

programs. I have always enjoyed the hospitality and work ethic

NCI Names New Technical Director

David H. Hahn, Ph.D.

of the NCI employees, and I believe NCI has many

opportunities to expand product development,

service and training to support all the crops grown

in the northern region.”

Hahn began his career with Hershey Foods

Corporation where he worked in product

development from 1984 to 1994. He was a Senior

Staff Scientist from 1994 to 1999 for the Pasta &

Grocery Group of Hershey Foods. In 1999, New

World Pasta Company purchased Hershey Pasta

Group, and Hahn became Director of Research

and Technical Service for New World Pasta until

2008. He served as Vice President of R&D

Product Innovation for Flower’s Foods, where he

was responsible for their new product program

from June 2008 to January 2011. Most recently,

Hahn has worked as a consultant for Doherty Food

Advisory, Thomasville, Ga.

Hahn is currently President of the American Association of Cereal

Chemists. He is also an active member of the Institute of Food

Technologists (IFT) and American Society of Baking. Hahn

earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Food Science from A&M University,

College Station, Texas.

Northern Crops Institute is the international center for meeting

and learning about crops produced in the four-state region of

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana. Situated

on the campus of North Dakota State University, NCI exists as a

forum to bring together customers, commodity traders, technical

experts, processors and producers from all points of the globe

for discussion, education, and technical service programs.

Since 1983, the Institute has hosted visitors from more than 130



NPGA Research Funding Distribution

Each year, the NPGA research committee reviews proposals for the upcoming crop year based on established priorities.

Completed research information can be found on the NPGA website@

Distributed Amount for 2013: $325,000.

Project Title:...........On-Farm Pea & Lentil Variety Test in NE Montana

Researcher:............Chengci Chen, MSU

Funded Amount:....$26,380

Project Title:...........Pea, Lentil & Chickpea Breeding

Researcher:............Kevin McPhee, NSDU

Funded Amount:....$132,918

Project Title:...........Evaluation on Greenhouse Inoculation Methods

to Screen Germplasma for Resistance to Fusarium Avenaceum and F.

solanif. sp. pisi.

Researcher:............Julie Pasche, NSDU

Funded Amount:....$21,300

Project Title:...........Identification of Two Resistance genes & Analysis

of the genetic basis of stem strength in a segregating population

Researcher:............Norm Weeden, MSU

Funded Amount:....$17,300

Project Title:...........Evaluation of Fungicides for Management of

Foliar Blights of Lentils

Researcher:............Michael Wunsch, NDSU

Funded Amount:....$20,500

Project Title:...........Improve US Grown Pulse Quality Through

Micronutrient Enrichments: Three -Year Research Program from NDSU

Pulse Quality Program

Researcher:............Dil Thavarajah

Funded Amount:....$49,620

Project Title:...........Enhancing Feed Quality & Pellet Manufacturing

with Pea Starch

Researcher:............Vern Anderson, NDSU

Funded Amount:....$5,000

Project Title:...........Burndown Efficacy, PRE-Grass Control, and

Narrowleaf Hawksbeard Control in Pulse Crops

Researcher:............Brian Jenks, NDSU

Funded Amount:....$10,000

Project Title:...........Evaluation of Fungincides & Fungicide Rotation

Strategies for Manement of Ascochyta Blight in Chickpeas

Researcher:............Michael Wunsch, NDSU

Funded Amount:....$14,000

Project Title:...........Development & Validation of Field, Greenhouse

and Detached Leaf Assay Screening Methods for Ascochyta Lentils

Researcher:............Julie Pasche, NDSU

Funded Amount:....$27,982

pulses are . . .

* low in fat, calories and sodium

* high in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates

* great for gluten-free, diabetic and vegetarian


Legislative Action Fund

The NPGA is committed to improving and protecting the pulse

industry by providing a strong voice on crucial legislative issues

such as farm program policy, disaster, legislation, crop insurance

and market development.

Contributions to the legislative action fund are used directly

towards lobbing efforts on issues effecting the pulse crop


Thank you LAF Contributors!

Myron Blumhagen

Larry Monson

Todd Wagner

Steve Miner

Kim Murray

Paul Witteman

We’re not Bigger,

We’re Better!

215 Main St.

Crary, ND 58327

1-866-379-7327 (7)

A Message from Shannon Berndt,

NPGA Executive Director

I would like to welcome new board members Mark Hardy and Chad Doheny. They officially began their terms following the NPGA

Annual Convention in Minot. We are looking forward to the input and expertise that each of them will bring to the NPGA board of

directors. In addition, I would like to congratulate Beau Anderson on being elected as president of the NPGA. Beau has served on

the NPGA board since 2008 and was elected to the executive committee in 2009. He has served on numerous committees within the

pulse industry on both the regional and national levels.

On March 28, USDA released the prospective plantings report for 2013. While forecasts show lentil acreage decreasing in both

Montana and North Dakota, dry peas showed a nice acreage increase in both states. Chickpeas acreage looks to remain stable for

the region in comparison to 2012 numbers. Excellent attendance at producer meetings throughout the past several months proved to

be a good indicator for an increase in the regions pulse acres.

The NPGA research committee just completed the funding awards for the 2013 crop year. The NPGA received more than $800,000

in research proposals—far exceeding the amount of funding available to distribute. After a full day of deliberations, the research

committee distributed $325,000 to priority research projects. I would like to thank all producers who take the time to complete the

research surveys distributed at our meetings. These surveys are vital in determining the research needs for the region and assist

the committee in making their decisions. I would like to thank Dale Tarum, Jerry Schillinger, Kristian Sorum, Ryan Brooks and John

Raisler for serving on the research committee. The projects and awards for 2013 and years prior are available on the NPGA website.

Lastly, I want to thank Ryan Brooks for his service to the NPGA board, USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council and the pulse industry. Ryan

has served as representative for the NPGA on several boards and Councils including the Northern Crops Institute, SBARE and Ag

Coalition. He has been actively involved in the development of the research programs within the region and has spent many hours at

the ND Legislature lobbying on behalf of the regions pulse industry. He will certainly be missed.

I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous Spring!

Hoff Re-elected to ND Dry Pea &

Lentil Council

Cal Hoff, Richardton, ND was recently elected to his third term

on the ND Dry Pea & Lentil Council. The District II election took

place in Dickinson, March 19th. Hoff currently serves as the

North Dakota Dry Pea & Lentil Chairman and representative to

the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council.

Hoff operates a cattle and grain farm near Richardton, ND

with his wife Julie and son, Casey.

Pulse Growers on Capitol Hill

The Northern Pulse Growers Association was recently represented

on a USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council mission to

Washington DC February 4-8, 2013. Paul Berntson – Adams,

ND and Chris Westergard, Dagmar, MT, participated in meetings

with Congressional Representatives and key agency

personnel to discuss the pulse industry’s priorities. Being a

farm bill year with a one year extension, the USADPLC mission

focused on concerns for the 2012 Farm Bill.


1710 Burnt Boat Drive

Bismarck, ND 58503

Calendar of Events

July 2013 - NPGA Summer Pulse Tours TBA

December, 2013 - NPGA Montana Pulse Day, TBA

January 27-28, 14 - NPGA 21st Annual Convention, Minot

January 29-31, 14 - KMOT Ag Expo, Minot

NPGA Trivia

1. How much money did the NPGA give out in Research


2. Who are the NPGA newest board members?

3. How much does an acre with 6 inches of top soil

roughly weigh?

Email answers to, the first

2 people to answer all questions correctly will be sent a

NPGA Sweatshirt and cap! (must be a current NPGA


Congratulations to last quarters trivia winners:

Cliff Issendorf, Newburg, ND

Steve Szudera, Beach, ND

From Producer to the World

To market your lentils, chickpeas, beans or peas or to discuss growing

pulses, contact United Pulse Trading at 1-877-751-1623.

Find Alliance Grain Traders Inc. on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol AGT. (9)

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