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M e d i c a l B a t t e r y S y s t e m s

Amstron MedXP Medical Batteries

An industry leader since 1999, Amstron Power Solutions is the power behind everything from cell

phones to industrial battery backup systems. Our lithium ion battery packs are precisely engineered

by skilled technicians and rigorously tested by independent labs, with the technical support and

service only a direct manufacturer can provide. The result: safe, reliable, and customizable batteries

for consumers, companies, and industries.

MedXP is our newest custom solution. Developed in collaboration with hospital professionals,

MedXP Medical Batteries are the only mobile power solutions designed specifically for the medical

environment. These cutting edge lithium ion batteries offer easy, reliable auxiliary runtime for medical

devices and mobile workstations. With a range of options from ultimate endurance to ultimate

portability, there’s no power challenge they can’t meet. And with a wide array of customizable

adaptor tips, there’s no limit to their applications.

MedXP 66

MedXP 140

MedXP 300

Maximum Capacity




Output Voltage

5V (USB), 16V, 19V


5V (USB), 12V, 16V, 19V, 24V

Maximum Output Power




Fuel Gauge

5 step LED

5 step LED

3 Digit Display

Run Time*

Up to 4 hours

Up to 9 hours

Up to 15 hours

Charging Time

5 hours

6 hours

6-7 hours


8.6”x5.2”x 0.6”

11.25”x8.5”x 0.5”



1.3 lbs

3.0 lbs

5.9 lbs



19V, 90W AC

19V, 90W AC

*Varies by laptop and usage / **Uses laptop’s AC adaptor

MedXP 66

Sleek profile, ultimate mobility.

Just 1.3 pounds, the MedXP 66 offers portable

extended power for the notebooks that hold

critical patient and procedure information. This

universal travel battery is compatible with most

laptops, features USB output to charge mobile

devices, and charges with your laptop’s AC

adaptor to lighten your carry-on.

MedXP 140

The perfect balance of power and size.

With its slim profile, durable casing and ability

to charge while in use, the MedXP 140 is

engineered specifically to answer the needs

of medical professionals on the go. Slip it

into mobile workstations for turnkey, hasslefree

powering of hospital laptops and mobile

medical devices.

MedXP 300

The dependable power choice for

mission critical applications.

Featuring up to 130 watts of AC output, MedXP

300 is the most powerful battery on the hospital

floor. All-day use, ability to charge while in use,

easy wire management, and a seamless fit into

most carts, baskets and trays makes the MedXP

300 an innovative new power source for surgical

laptops and mobile medical devices.

28918 Hancock Parkway

Valencia, CA 91355 USA

Toll Free 866 504 1634

Fax 818 504 1636

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