2008 Annual Report - AGU


2008 Annual Report - AGU


• Th e Union fosters excellent Earth and space science

research, to the benefi t of humanity.

• Th e Union advances the Earth and space sciences

by catalyzing and supporting the eff orts of individual

scientists within and outside the membership.

As a learned society, the Union serves the

public good by fostering quality in the Earth and

space sciences and by publicizing the results of


• Th e Union welcomes all in academic, government,

industry and other venues who share its interest in

understanding the Earth, planets and their space

environment, or who seek to apply this knowledge

to solving problems facing society.

• Th e Union’s scientifi c mission transcends national

boundaries. Individual scientists worldwide

are equals in all AGU activities. Cooperative

activities with partner societies of all sizes

worldwide enhance the resources of all, increase

the visibility of the Earth and space sciences, and

serve individual scientists and students.

• Th e Union is its members. Dedicated volunteers

represent an essential ingredient of every Union

program, including publications, meetings, public

education and outreach. Union staff works

fl exibly and responsively in partnership with volunteers

to achieve Union goals and objectives.


Who We Are 1

Letter From the President 2


Meetings 3

Public Information 4

Public Aff airs 4

Education and Career Services 5

Publications 6

Financial Summary 7

Award Winners and Fellows 10

Donors 11


President: Timothy L. Grove

President-Elect: Michael J. McPhaden

General Secretary: Carol A. Finn

International Secretary: Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi

Past President: Timothy L. Killeen

Interim Executive Director: Robert T. Van Hook


Central and South Africa 130

Canada 2152

Europe 8754

Latin America 818

North Africa and Middle East 366

South Asia 265

United States and Territories 32,520

Western Pacifi c 5781

Countries Represented 132

Male/Female, % 76/24

Academic 30,426



Industry 4280

Not Provided 3560

Other 2435





Regular Members

Student Members

Life Members







Total Members 50,786




Section and Focus Groups

and Executive Committees


Policy, Operating, Medal, Award,

and Committees of Council


Editors 67

Associate Editors 378

Reviewers 11,113




was a year of recommitments, endings, and

2008 new beginnings. AGU has recommitted itself

to the excellence that has made AGU the preeminent scientific

society in the Earth and space sciences with the best journals

and the best meetings. AGU’s success in these and other areas

is directly attributable to the dedication of its volunteers and

the support of great headquarters staff.

Success abounded in 2008. AGU published more research

articles than in any prior year. Journals improved timeliness

by as much as 10%. The AGU Fall Meeting boasted a record number of

attendees (16,272), and AGU sponsored an unprecedented eight Chapman

Conferences. Public Affairs events hosted 300 scientist participants, and

Public Information organized and conducted 37 press conferences.

In 2008, Fred Spilhaus, AGU’s executive director for 39 years, announced

that he would step aside. We are deeply grateful to Fred for his nearly 40

years of extraordinary leadership. He has achieved much, and his efforts

have greatly contributed to AGU becoming the strong organization that it

is today.

Even before Fred’s announcement, AGU had begun to focus on the future.

The Future Focus Task Force (FFTF), a 15-member committee, is advising

the AGU Council on three areas to strengthen AGU’s ability to execute

our strategic plan. The FFTF, whose activities continue into 2009, is taking

a broad look at the Union’s structure and governance, the alignment of

resources and the activities supported by these resources, and the capacities

we need to develop to achieve our mission and long-term goals while

maintaining ourselves as a preeminent scientific society.

By helping to clarify where the Union intends to go and what leadership

characteristics are needed to get us there, the FFTF is helping prepare for

the succession in headquarters leadership so that the best candidate will

be selected for AGU’s next executive director. To help us in our planning

process, the FFTF got input from students, early-career scientists, non-

U.S. members, Council members, focus group and committee chairs, and

past presidents about what might increase membership relevance and

expectations of AGU to strengthen outreach and communications.

Building on all of these strengths, AGU’s future looks strong, exciting, and


—Tim Grove, President, AGU

E-mail: tlgrove@MIT.edu


AGU sponsored four major meetings and held a

record eight Chapman Conferences in 2008. The

Meetings Program is supported by a host of member

volunteers performing the duties of program

committee members, conveners, and presiders.

Providing a high-quality scientific program and

superb meeting services for participants is the first

priority of the Meetings Committee. In addition to

the scientific sessions, section events, AGU Council

activities, an Editor’s event, and the AGU Honors

program are conducted at the Joint Assembly

and AGU Fall Meeting.

Sixteen percent of attendees of Joint Assembly were

students, and 19% were from the outside the United

States. The Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting

was sponsored by a number of scientific organizations

from Australia, Asia, China, and Taiwan. The

program was designed around topics common to

the western Pacific region. About 40% of the attendees

were from Australia, and 25% were from

the United States.

The Ocean Sciences meeting is a joint meeting between

AGU, the American Society of Limnology

and Oceanography (ASLO), and The Oceanography

Society (TOS). ASLO was responsible for organizing

the meeting in 2008.

AGU Fall Meeting, the premier meeting in the geophysical

sciences community, had a record number

of attendees. AGU Fall Meeting programs feature

a full spectrum of topics covering the latest geophysical

information. The 2008 AGU Fall Meeting

had 15% more attendees than the 2007 meeting.

About 92% of the attendees registered for more

than 1 day. Students made up about 24% of the

participants at 2008 AGU Fall Meeting, and about

27% of the attendees were from outside the United

States. Countries that had more than 400 attendees

included Japan, France, Germany, and Canada.

A total of 11,002 papers were scheduled as poster

presentations at the meeting. AGU Fall Meeting

presenters are known for producing and presenting

high-quality posters in a setting conducive to

networking with colleagues.

Orlando, Florida, USA

2–7 March 2008


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

27–30 May 2008

Cairns, Australia

29 July–1 August 2008

San Francisco, California, USA

15–19 December 2008

2008 Abstracts Sessions Attendance







AGU Fall


1588 221 1479

3600 NA 3850

669 109 523

15,800 1194 16,272



AGU promotes public understanding and awareness of current scientific knowledge about the Earth and

solar system through its Public Information program. The program disseminates information primarily

by means of the mass media, mainly in the form of press releases, and press conferences and other press

services at AGU-sponsored meetings. The program also encourages improved science communication by

means of journalism awards, communications training for scientists, and other approaches.

In 2008, the Public Information program

• Served 195 journalists and communications officers

at the AGU Fall Meeting with press conferences

and other media services.

• Organized and conducted 37 press conferences

on scientific and policy developments.

• Sponsored two American Association

for the Advancement

of Science (AAAS) Mass Media

Fellows (young scientists learning

science communication

skills by working as summer

science reporters): Jonathon

Hickman at WOSU-AM, Co- Brian F. Johnson

lumbus, Ohio; and Brian F. Johnson at National

Public Radio, Washington, D.C.

• Awarded two journalism awards for outstanding

reporting: Richard Smith won the Walter Sullivan

Award for Excellence in Science Journal-


AGU’s Public Affairs program provides public

policy outreach, education, and information. The

program brings AGU member scientists and legislators

together to ensure that the best possible

Earth and space science is used in the policy-making


In 2008, Public Affairs facilitated the congressional

visits of 31 AGU members. The AGU members

came from 16 states, including Alabama, Arizona,

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia,

Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico.,

New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

They met with advisers to 27 senators and 21 representatives,

including Senators Barbara Boxer, Kay

Bailey Hutchison, Hillary Clinton, Robert P. Casey

Jr., and John McCain. On the House side, they talked

with advisers to Representatives Rush Holt, Chet


ism–Features for his reporting on the science of

oil in an Australian documentary film, “Crude.”

Margaret Munro won the David Perlman Award

for Excellence in Science Journalism–News for

reporting on the collapse of an enormous Arctic

ice shelf in a Canadian newspaper article.

• Provided science communication training to 73

scientists in collaboration with the National Science

Foundation and the AAAS.

• Provided Web delivery of high-quality audio

and visuals of 41 press conference presentations

to off-site journalists.

• Continued annual support for production of

television spots related to geophysical sciences

by the American Institute of Physics program

called “Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside



Edwards, Dennis Rehberg, and Anna Eshoo. The goal of these visits was to talk about the impact of Earth

and space science on each legislator’s district and to offer expertise. AGU also cosponsored four briefings,

which brought expert scientists to Washington to speak to congressional members and staff. Funded in part

by 1301 donations to the Capitol Cause Program, these briefings were on climate change, natural hazards,

and energy issues. Among the presenters were David Applegate, Senior Science Advisor for Earthquake &

Geologic Hazards, USGS; Ralph Cicerone, President of the National Academy of Sciences and former AGU

President; and Tom Wigley, a senior scientist in the Climate and Global Dynamics Division of NCAR.

AGU members were given multiple opportunities to hone their communications skills during workshops

with experienced science communicators. At AGU meetings, 290 scientists participated in a workshop on

communicating with Congress, a Congressional Science Fellowship and Mass Media Fellowship luncheon,

and a daylong workshop on communicating science.

The Union sponsored its 31st Congressional Science Fellow, Maggie Walser, an atmospheric chemist from

the University of California, Irvine. Walser was selected by AGU’s Committee on Public Affairs from a pool

of 25 applicants. She is serving her 1-year fellowship on the staff of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources



AGU’s Education and Career Services program is responsible for supporting the growth of a diverse group

of excellent Earth and space scientists to meet the needs of society and promote scientific literacy worldwide.

Students represent 19% of the membership, and it is vitally important that at their first AGU meeting

they experience being part of the scientific community. The AGU Student Breakfast was initiated in 2001

with this in mind. Elected Union and Section leaders talk informally with students about Section and

Union activities and governance. The breakfast drew more than 300 students in 2008. A Career Luncheon,

also held at the AGU Fall Meeting and attended by 200 students, provided an opportunity to interact with

senior scientists working in corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. In addition, 218 Outstanding

Student Paper awards were given for presentations in 2008.

The Student Travel Grant program makes it possible for students to present their research at an AGU meeting

for the first time. In 2008, 124 students received travel grants to attend the Ocean Sciences Meeting,

Joint Assembly, and the AGU Fall Meeting. This represents an increase 3 times the number of travel grants

awarded in the past. Two thirds of the grants were given to U.S. students. The rest were awarded to students

in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland,

Denmark, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Australia, and

New Zealand. Funding in 2008 was provided by Exxon Mobil, Northrop Grumman, Elsevier, Sequoia

Scientific, Li-Cor Biogeosciences, Cassidy Associates, Decagon Devices, RBR Ltd., Springer, the Max Hammond

Student Travel Endowment, and 197 AGU members. A campaign to endow the travel grant program

was initiated in 2005 and will continue until AGU has the resources to annually fund 300 travel grants.

The AGU Fall Meeting provided an opportunity to promote our science and introduce our members to

the public. Fifty teachers learned about latest discoveries from leading scientists at the annual Geophysical

Information for Teachers (GIFT) workshop and went home with related activities to engage students.

More than 100 came to the family-oriented Exploration Station to learn and talk to scientists and educators.

About 200 attended an AGU-sponsored public talk by Dr. Peter Smith about the Phoenix Mission to Mars

The event was held at the Exploratorium.



Why read AGU publications?

Why publish with AGU?

AGU Publications cover research in Earth and

space sciences … on land, under the sea, and in

the air … animal, rock, or mineral … from the

fossils of the past to today’s latest discoveries and

into the future with forecast modeling.

AGU journals are …

▶ Essential and current

▶ Rigorously peer reviewed

▶ Professionally edited

▶ Published online daily

▶ Disseminated in various formats

▶ Highly cited

▶ Read around the globe

AGU books are …

▶ Comprehensive multiauthor treatments

of critical topics

▶ Rigorously peer reviewed

▶ Professionally edited

▶ Read around the globe

The AGU Publications program serves as an

example of cost-effective, efficient, quality scientific




▶ The Digital Library, with more than 110 years of

research and ~114,000 articles, was launched.

▶ Journal pages were improved, featuring tabbed

format, most downloaded articles, e-mail

abstract, and download citation enhancements.

▶ More articles were published in 2008 than ever

before. Articles published increased by ~7%

over 2007 levels. Submissions remained steady

over the same period.

▶ Scientists benefited as time from submission to

publication decreased by 10% for Geophysical

Research Letters and Water Resources Research.

The Journal of Geophysical Research improved

by 5%.

▶ 67 editors, 378 associate editors, and 11,113

reviewers volunteered their time and expertise.

▶ The 2008 impact factor, a measure of the journal’s

influence and reputation within the scientific

community, improved significantly for several


>20% Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems and

Space Weather

>10% Water Resources Research, Tectonics, and

Radio Science

>6% Geophysical Research Letters, Journal

of Geophysical Research, and Paleoceanography


1. Put Your Science to Work, by Peter S. Fiske

2. Ocean Modeling in an Eddying Regime, edited

by Matthew W. Hecht and Hiroyasu Hasumi

3. Magma to Microbe: Modeling Hydrothermal

Processes at Oceanic Spreading Centers, edited

by Robert Lowell et al.

AGU completed another fiscally successful year

on 31 December 2008. Despite continued declines

in the American and global economy, AGU maintained

income and expense levels similar to those

experienced in fiscal year 2007, resulting in a net

operating income of $1,320,000.

AGU’s business model has been extremely successful

for many years. Revenues from profitable programs,

such as Publications and Meetings, have been used

to support other important (but sometimes less

profitable) programmatic endeavors such as outreach

and membership services. Such revenues are

also used as a source of funds for the development of

new programs and ongoing infrastructure improvements

at AGU headquarters. This business model

and a constant review of all programs has allowed

management to effectively evaluate organizational

needs and guide resources to those areas were they

can be efficiently deployed.

Consistent with historical financial performance,

the Publications and Meetings programs remained

the primary sources of revenue for AGU in 2008.

Publications accounted for 69% of the organization’s

revenue, and Meetings generated another

17%. Both programs experienced increases in

revenue over 2007, with Publications revenues

gaining approximately 5% and Meetings gaining

a noteworthy 15%. Membership, rental, contributions,

and grant income accounts for the remaining

14% of annual revenues. While membership dues

and rental income are significantly smaller portions

of the AGU revenue stream, they too generated

greater income in 2008 than the previous year.

Grant income was down moderately; however,

contribution income was significantly influenced

by the downturn in the economy. Donations from

corporate and individual donors alike experienced

declines in excess of 40% over 2007 levels. Management

had anticipated this decline and built it

into the 2008 budget.

Also consistent with historical performance were

AGU’s annual expenses. Publications, meetings,

and general administrative expenses comprise

a combined 84% of the organizations annual expenses

and were within budgeted expectations for

the fiscal year. Outreach, marketing, fundraising,

and grant programs account for the remaining

16% of annual expenses. Of some significance, and

due in part to the transition of some publications

to electronic formats, was a decline in publication

expenses of approximately 3%. Also noteworthy

was an increase in meeting expenses of nearly 23%,

which were somewhat offset by the increases in

meeting revenues previously noted above.

The organization’s 2008 investment performance

mirrored that of the economy and the overall stock

market. While losses are never well received, in a

market environment such as that experienced in

2008, some losses are realistically … unavoidable.

However, management is confident that AGU’s investment

portfolio is not only secure, but it is properly

positioned to take advantage of future changes

in the market.

With the coming year promising further challenges

to the economy, AGU is actively monitoring

income and expenses indicators and is ready to

modify fiscal strategies to meet the changing needs

of the membership.





& Print


Institutional Individual











Section and Focus Groups


Student Travel
















Statement of Activities

Year Ended 31 December 2008






Revenue and support:

Publications $ 24,876,613 - $ 24,876,613

Meetings 6,213,196 - 6,213,196

Grants and contracts 2,497,981 - 2,497,981

Membership dues 880,735 - 880,735

Rental income 508,794 - 508,794

Contributions (17,552) 475,450 457,898

Other 691,506 - 691,506

Net assets released from


138,127 (138,127) -

Total revenue and support 35,789,400 337,323 36,126,723


Program services:

Publications 15,941,356 - 15,941,356

Meetings 4,400,558 - 4,400,558

START 2,434,878 - 2,434,878

Outreach and research support 1,213,820 - 1,213,820

Society activities 895,467 - 895,467

Supporting services:

24,886,079 - 24,886,079

General and administration 6,865,385 - 6,865,385

Building and investments 1,979,339 - 1,979,339

Marketing 694,856 - 694,856

Fundraising 381,100 - 381,100

9,920,680 - 9,920,680

Total expenses 34,806,759 - 34,806,759

Change in net assets before

investment (loss) income

982,641 337,323 1,319,964

Investment (loss) income (17,403,369) (1,724,560) (19,127,929)

Change in net assets (16,420,728) (1,387,237) (17,807,965)

Net assets:

Beginning, as previously reported 60,130,031 5,439,915 65,569,946

Prior period adjustments (2,293,979) - (2,293,979)

Beginning, as restated 57,836,052 5,439,915 63,275,967

Ending $ 41,415,324 $ 4,052,678 $ 45,468,002

Balance Sheet

31 December 2008

Who We Are


Cash and cash equivalents $ 8,334,900

Receivables, net 3,490,499

Prepaid expenses and deposits 364,677

Investments 48,911,758

Property and equipment, net 8,437,895

Debt service reserve fund and other



Unamortized debt issurance cost 253,390

Prepaid awards 74,751

Art and precious stones 3,667

Total Assets $ 70,547,167

Liabilities and Net Assets


Accounts payable and accrued


$ 6,437,815

Deferred revenue 6,953,167

Refundable advances 787,363

Security deposits 20,721

Accrued post-retirement benefits 2,486,359

Interest rate collar agreement 1,058,740

Notes payable 7,335,000

Total Liabilities $ 25,079,165

Net Assets


Designated $ 35,243,143

Undesignated 6,172,181


Temporarily restricted 4,052,678

Total Net Assets 45,468,002

Total Net Assets and Liabilities $ 70,547,167




Jafar Arkani-Hamed: University of Toronto, Ontario

Charles R. Bacon: USGS, Menlo Park

Gregory C. Beroza: Stanford University, Stanford

Jean Besse: Institute de Physique du Globe, Paris

Robert A. Bidigare: University of Hawaii, Honolulu

Samuel A. Bowring: MIT, Cambridge

Douglas West Burbank: University of California,

Santa Barbara

Michel Campillo: University of Joseph Fourier,


Douglas G. Capone: University of Southern

California, Los Angeles

Cynthia Cattell: University of Minnesota,


David S. Chapman: University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Dudley B. Chelton: Oregon State University, Corvallis

David J. Des Marais: NASA Ames Research Center,

Moffett Field

Patricia M. Dove: Virginia Polytechnic Institute,


Robert A. Duncan: Oregon State University, Corvallis

R. Lawrence Edwards: University of Minnesota,


James Ehleringer: University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Elfatih A. B. Eltahir: MIT, Cambridge

Jeffrey M. Forbes: University of Colorado, Boulder

James N. Galloway: University of Virginia,


Ronald Greeley: Arizona State University, Tempe

Gilbert N. Hanson: Stony Brook University,

Stony Brook

Akira Hasegawa: Tohoku University, Sendai

Greg Hirth: Brown University, Providence

Mihaly Horanyi: University of Colorado, Boulder

Susan Hough: USGS, Pasadena

Tetsuo Irifune: Ehime University, Matsuyama

Robert B. Jackson: Duke University, Durham

Jeffrey T. Kiehl: National Center Atmospheric

Research, Boulder

James W. Kirchner: University of California, Berkeley

Ulrike Lohmann: ETH, Zurich

Anthony Tat Yin Lui: Johns Hopkins University, Laurel

Charles R. McClain: NASA Goddard Space Flight

Center, Greenbelt

M. Patrick McCormick: Hampton University,


Tsugunobu Nagai: Tokyo Institute Technology, Tokyo

R. Steven Nerem: University of Colorado, Boulder

Fred Melville Phillips: New Mexico Institute of

Mining & Tech, Socorro

Terry Plank: Boston University, Boston

Warren L. Prell: Brown University, Providence

Venkatachalam Ramaswamy: NOAA GFDL,


P. Suresh C. Rao: Purdue University, West Lafayette

John Belting Rundle: University of California, Davis

Jagadish Shukla: George Mason University, Calverton

Tom G. Slanger: SRI Intl, Menlo Park

Tammo S. Steenhuis: Cornell University, Ithaca

Anne M. Tréhu: Oregon State University, Corvallis

Barry Voight: Pennsylvania State Univ, University Park

Renata M. Wentzcovitch: University of Minnesota,


Toshio Yamagata: Tokyo University, Tokyo

David T. Young: Southwest Research Institute,

San Antonio

James C. Zachos: University of California, Santa Cruz


William Bowie Medal: Gerald J. Wasserburg

Walter H. Bucher Medal: Mark D. Zoback

Maurice Ewing Medal: Miriam Kastner

John Adam Fleming Medal: Robert L. Parker

Harry H. Hess Medal: H. Jay Melosh

Robert E. Horton Medal: Vijay K. Gupta

James B. Macelwane Medal: James Badro, Emily E.

Brodsky, and Diane E. Pataki

Roger Revelle Medal: Michael L. Bender

Waldo E. Smith Medal: Harsh K. Gupta

Charles A. Whitten Medal: Charles C. Counselman III


Edward A. Flinn III Award: Judy C. Holoviak

Excellence in Geophysical Education Award: The

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program

New International Award: Laike Mariam Asfaw

Charles S. Falkenberg Award: Daniel E. Irwin

Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science

Journalism: Richard Smith

David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science

Journalism: Margaret Munro


Almax Industries, Inc.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation


Chevron Corporation

Decagon Devices, Inc.


ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Lockheed Martin – Space Technology

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Oribital Sciences Corporation


Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

Springer Verlag

Swiss Reinsurance America





Writing to AGU president Tim Killeen in October 2007,

Sunanda Basu said, “Santi and I met in October 1957…. In

celebration of our 50-year partnership, we want to endow an

International Early Career Award within the Space Physics

and Aeronomy section.” Early in their careers, the Basus

experienced challenges that scientists in developing nations

still face today. That’s why they created this award. The Basus wanted the award to recognize a young

scientist in a developing nation for making outstanding contributions to research in Sun-Earth systems

science—their science. Equally important, they wanted the awardee to benefit from interacting with

peers from many countries at AGU’s Fall Meeting. For this, the Basus gave an endowment gift of

$50,000 to AGU the following January, making them the most generous donors in 2008.

Sunanda became a member at 22 when she coauthored a paper in Journal of Geophysical Research

(JGR) as a master’s student at Boston University during a 2-year stay in the United States. Santimay

joined AGU 6 years later. When they returned to India in the mid-1960s, he created a space physics

group at the Institute of Radio Physics, Calcutta University. It was not easy. Meanwhile, Sunanda

received her doctorate based on four papers published in JGR and became the first woman to get

her Ph.D. in radio physics from the University of Calcutta. Faced with gender-work issues in India,

Sunanda successfully applied for a National Research Council postdoctoral position at the Air Force

Geophysics Laboratory near Boston, with Santimay and their only son joining her. For nearly 40 years

the Basus have enjoyed very rewarding research careers in the United States while collaborating with

peers around the world and helping AGU to fulfill its mission.



Sunanda and Santimay Basu

Yao Chen received the first Sunanda and Santimay Basu Early Career Award at the 2008 AGU

Fall Meeting. The award recognizes an individual scientist in a developing nation for making

outstanding contributions to research in Sun-Earth systems science that further the understanding

of both plasma physical processes and their applications for the benefit of society.

AGU gratefully acknowledges the 8176 gifts, grants, and pledges, both large and small, from members and

friends during 2008.


The following list recognizes donors who have contributed $50 or more for five consecutive years, annual

gifts of $100 or more, and cumulative giving of $5,000 or more. The 1919 Society ($100,000 or more) and

Benefactors ($5,000–$99,999) recognize single major gifts and cumulative contributions. Three Circles acknowledge

annual giving: President’s Circle ($1,000 or more), Leadership Circle ($200–$999), and Supporters

Circle ($100–$199). Supporting Life Members, who contribute a one-time gift of $1,200 in addition to

lifetime dues, are among our most loyal supporters. This list includes annual gifts for the period 1 January

– 31 December 2008. Gifts to the 2008 Voluntary Contribution Campaign, which launched in September

2007 are not included. Corporate sponsors are in boldface.

The 1919 Society

$100,000 or more

James A. Austin Jr.

ExxonMobil Exploration

Robert E. Horton*

Robert E. Riecker*

Edgar J. Saltsman*



Sunanda &

Santimay Basu

Stephen & Sylvia Burges

Robert C. Cowen

Steve J. Drussell II*

Ronald W. Girdler*

William C. Graustein

Pembroke J. Hart*

David E. Lumley

Swiss Reinsurance

America Corporation


Clarence R. Allen

Adele Bader*


Leonard B. Corwin*

Joseph Dracup*

Earl G. Droessler*

Janis Falkenberg

Ruth Falkenberg

William M. Kaula*

John A. Knauss

Robert L. Kovach

Peter W. Lipman

Lockheed Martin Corp.

Edith & Jerome Namias*

Northrop Grumman

Space Technology

Richard E. Orville

Erick O. Schonstedt

Space Physics &

Aeronomy Section

A. F. Spilhaus Jr.


David W. Strangway

Yoshihide Takano

John W. Townsend Jr.


Charles A. Whitten*

Joseph D. Zund


L. Thomas Aldrich

Ball Aerospace &

Technologies Corp.

Robert Barbera

William F. Brace

James L. Burch

Dixon M. Butler

Timothy A. Cohn

DAAD - Research in


Anton M. Dainty

Decagon Devices, Inc.

Robert E. Dickinson

Jeff Dozier

John A. Dracup

EcoLogic Systems Corp.

Samuel S. Goldich*

Christopher G. A.


Margaret Hellweg

Paul & Carol Henshaw

Elizabeth F. Karplus

Timothy L. Killeen

Helmut Landsberg*

Arthur Lerner-Lam

Ronald G. Mason

MITRE Corporation

John O. Nolton

James J. O’Brien

Ned Ostenso*

Paolo Rezzonico

Alan Robock

Michael Schulz

Waldo E. Smith*

George A. Thompson

Richard P. Turco

University of Alaska,


President’s Circle

$1,000 or more

2-G Enterprises

Clarence R. Allen

Almax Industries

Kai S. Anderson

Charles R. Bacon

Ball Aerospace &

Technologies Corp.


James L. Burch

Stephen & Sylvia Burges

William H. Calvin

Cassidy Associates

Andrew Castaldi


Timothy A. Cohn

Deborah Colson

Robert C. Cowen

Erika F. Dade

Carlos A. Dengo

Depths of the Earth


Jeff Dozier

Steve J. Drussell II*

Cynthia Dusel-Bacon


ExxonMobil Exploration

Timothy L. Grove

Pembroke J. Hart*

Hazelyn and Harrold

McComas Charitable


Margaret Hellweg

Robert J. Knourek

Robert L. Kovach

Arthur Lerner-Lam

Peter W. Lipman

Lockheed Martin Corp.

David J. McComas

Russell E. McDuff

Marcia Kemper McNutt

Mark B. Moldwin

Northrop Grumman

Space Technology

Orbital Sciences Corp.

John A. Orcutt

Richard E. Orville

George A. Paulikas

RBR Ltd.

Paolo Rezzonico

Walter A. Robinson

Alan Robock

Edgar J. Saltsman*

Peter Schlosser

Colin J. Seftor


Swiss Reinsurance

America Corporation

Yoshihide Takano


The Planetary Society

Richard P. Turco


University of Alaska

School of Fisheries &

Ocean Science

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Climate and

Cryosphere Project

Anton M. Dainty

Virginia De Lima

Decagon Devices, Inc.

Jennifer A. Francis

James M. Franklin

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Thomas E. Graedel

Kristine C. Harper

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Jennifer Kim

Rainer Hollerbach

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Linda A. Hunt

International Arctic

Research Center

Valentin T. Jordanov


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Li-Cor, Inc.

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Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

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Pat Wilde

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Jane W. Adams

Donald J. Adrian

Don L. Anderson

Daniel Ariztegui

Michael A. Arthur

Subir K. Banerjee

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Karen G. Bemis

William A. Birkemeier

Donna W. Blake

Richard J. Blakely

Rafael L. Bras

Charles A. Brock

J. R. Brooks

Larry D. Brown

William H. Brune

James D. Burke

James M. Byrne

Pierluigi S. Calanca

P. A. Camfield

Hilary V. Cane

Robin M. Canup

Andrew B. Christensen

H. Lawrence Clark

Thomas A. Clark

James A. Coakley Jr.

Robert S. Coe

Millard F. Coffin

Dale W. Cole

Margarita Conkright


Richard H. Cox

Nancy U. Crooker

Claire B. Davidson

James L. Davis

Paul S. De Carli

Margaret L. Delaney

David P. Dethier

Russell R. Dickerson

James H. Dieterich

Ronald E. Doel


Raymond A. Donelick

Claude E. Duchon

Laurie S. Duncan

Paul B. Dusenbery

Robert H. Eather

Robert W. Embley

Larry W. Esposito

Susanna M. Falsaperla

Chang-Yun Fan

Theodore F. Fathauer

William C. Feldman

Chris Field

Richard R. Fisher

Lennard A. Fisk

Jeffrey M. Forbes

Donald W. Forsyth

Paul J. Fox

Michael D. Fuller

Inez Yau Sheung Fung

David J. Furbish

Muneyoshi Furumoto

Stephen A. Fuselier

Cynthia A. Gardner

Jeffrey S. Gee

John W. Geissman

Serge Genest

J. F. Gilbert

Barbara L. Giles

Forrest R. Gilmore

Raymond Goldstein

Larry L. Gordley

John T. Gosling

Donna Goss

Diana G. Graham

Watson W. Gregg

Robert T. Gregory

Stefan S. Hafner

Stephen R. Hammond

Jennifer W. Harden

Christopher G. A.


Robert C. Harriss

Akira Hasegawa

Roderick A. Heelis

Amanda R. Hendrix

Thomas A. Herring

Robert M. Hirsch

Raymond M. Hoff

Carl W. Hoffman

Richard P. Hooper

George M. Hornberger

Larry D. Hothem

Hiroshi Ichikawa

Devrie S. Intriligator

Frank W. Ireton

Tetsuo Irifune

Edward A. Johnson

Elizabeth A. Johnson

Lauren A. Keaton

David W. Kicklighter

David L. Kirchner

John S. Knapp

Max A. Kohler

Paul R. Krehbiel

E. P. Krider

Herbert W. Kroehl

Thorne Lay

George H. Leavesley Jr.

Paul H. LeBlond

Harry F. Lins

Sarah A. Little

Lily C. Liu

Jennifer A. Logan

John N. Louie

Charles Luce

Robert L. Lysak

Chopo Ma

Parker MacCready

Heather Macdonald

William D. MacDonald

J. D. Macdougall

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Craig E. Manning

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W. V. Graham

Matthews III

Catherine A.


Frank B. McDonald

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Christopher N. Mooers

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Willard S. Moore

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William H. Prescott

Robert O. Reid

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William I. Ridley

Lisa L. Robbins

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William B. Ryan

Ronald S. Saunders

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Robert W. Schunk

David H. Scofield

David R. Sherrod

Nobumichi Shimizu

Everett L. Shock

Who Alexander We Shor Are

C. K. Shum

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Soroosh Sorooshian

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Raymond C. Staley

Tammo S. Steenhuis

David J. Stevenson

Stephanie A. Stockman

L. R. Owen Storey

Wolfgang Sturhahn

Eric T. Sundquist

Donald A. Swanson

Fumiko C. Tajima

Anne M. Thompson

Michelle F. Thomsen

David J. Thomson

Kristy F. Tiampo

John R. Toggweiler

Robin T. Tokmakian

Susan Trumbore

Terry E. Tullis

US Permafros


Susan Ustin

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Lelia B. Vann

Venugopal Vuruputur

Raymond J. Walker

Terry Charles Wallace Jr.

Gerald J. Wasserburg

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Robert A. Weller

Rodney W. Whitaker

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Jing Zhang

Herman B. Zimmerman

Walter E. Zuern

Richard W. Zurek

Supporters Circle

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$1,200 plus the payment

of life dues

Roger R. Anderson

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Catherine Constable

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Arnold Ivan Johnson

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Paolo Lanzano

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Ronald D. Zwickl


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Jose A. Colon

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Duane S. Cooley

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Brian J. Coyle

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Kenneth M. Creer

Richard H. Cuenca

Kurt M. Cuffey

Russell L. Cuhel

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James A. Cutts

Timothy W. Darling

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Peter H. Daum

Earl E. Davis

Steven M. Day

Eric H. De Carlo

Odile de la Beaujardiere

Lorinda A. Dengler

Terry Leigh Deshler

Lamont Di Biasi

Howard J. Diamond

Henry F. Diaz

Jean O. Dickey

Warren W. Dickinson

Robert R. Dickson

Jimmy F. Diehl

Michael S. Dinniman

Omer F. Divers

Jacqueline E. Dixon

Timothy H. Dixon

Andrea K. Dobson

Michelle Mary Donegan

Mark A. Donelan

Andrea Donnellan

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Anne R. Douglass

Ellen R. M. Druffel

Qingyun Duan

Christopher J. Duffy

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David L. Freyberg

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Mary Z. Fuka

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William B. Gail

James N. Galloway

James V. Gardner

Charles K. Gatebe

Marvin A. Geller

Aris P. Georgakakos

Konstantine P.


Joe Giacalone

Joris M. Gieskes

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Carter M. Glass

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John A. Goff

Richard A. Goldberg

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Tamas I. Gombosi

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Matthew L. Gorring

Donn S. Gorsline

Gordon E. Grant

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Harry W. Green II

Michael C. Gregg


Edward S. Grew

Priscilla C. Grew

Nancy B. Grimm

Richard S. Gross

Nicolas Gruber



Francois J. Guillot

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Bradley R. Hacker

Gerhard Haerendel

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Stephen E. Haggerty

Alexander Halliday

Rangasayi N. Halthore

Sultan Hameed

Lucy O’Keefe Hancock

Gilbert N. Hanson

Mohamed M. Hantush

Robert N. Harris

Stanley R. Hart

William K. Hart

Beverly K. Hartline

Holly C. Hartmann

Donald M. Hassler

Robert D. Hatcher Jr.

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Katherine Hedstrom

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David P. Hill

Mary C. Hill

Thomas W. Hill

John W. Hillhouse

Ernest Hilsenrath

Keith M. Hines

Karl H. Hinz

Larry D. Hinzman

Katsumi Hirose

Greg Hirth

David T. Ho

J. T. Hoeksema

David J. Hofmann

John M. Holt

Robert H. Holzworth II

Jan W. Hopmans

Charles L. Hosler

Leigh S. House

Russell A. Howard

Benjamin F. Howell Jr.

William B. Hubbard

Peter J. Hudleston

Barry J. Huebert

Dudley J. Hughes

Malcolm K. Hughes

Christoph W. H. Hulbe

John R. Hummel

James R. Hunt

Takesi Iijima

Tissa H. Illangasekare

Ryoichi Imasu

Emi Ito

Richard M. Iverson

Erik R. Ivins

Yasunobu Iwasaka

Brian J. Jackel

Ian N. S. Jackson

Clifford A. Jacobs

Carl E. Jacobson

Bor-Ming Jahn

L. D. James

David R. Janecky

Pamela E. Jansma

Angela S. Jayko

Raymond Jeanloz

Mark Jellinek

Robert E. Jensen

Andrew T. Jessup

Sigfus J. Johnsen

Leonard E. Johnson

Lyle H. Johnson

Sidney Johnson

Torrence V. Johnson

Joanna Joiner

Jack R. Jokipii

Julia Allen Jones

Keith W. Jones

Ian R. Joughin

Linda A. Joyce

Michele A. Judd

Donna M. Jurdy

Stephen W. Kahler

May-Britt Kallenrode

Hiroo H. Kanamori

Joseph F. Kanney

Jeffrey Alan Karson

Miriam Kastner

Allan N. Kaufman

Jack A. Kaye

Terry D. Keegan

Stephen L. Keil

Peter B. Kelemen

G. R. Keller Jr.

Louise H. Kellogg

Kathryn A. Kelly

Kern E. Kenyon

Who Krishan We K. Khurana Are

Robert M. Kieckhefer

Hongsun Kim

Paul M. Kintner Jr.

James A. Kipp

Carl Kisslinger*

Ronald W. Kistler

Margaret G. Kivelson

William Klein

Alexander J. Klimas

John M. Klinck

Kenneth P. Kodama

Jack Kohler

Robert E. Kohler

Kazuki Koketsu

Charles E. Kolb Jr.

Masaru Kono

Witold F. Krajewski

Nir Krakauer

David H. Krantz

Andreas K. Kronenberg

Arlin J. Krueger

Logan K. Kuiper

William S. Kurth

Ikuo Kushiro

Yochanan Kushnir

Roger G. Kussow

John E. Kutzbach

Eric M. LaBolle

Anthony Lambert

Jurate M. Landwehr

Valerie I. Lang

Charles H. Langmuir

Charles A. Langston

Didier Laporte

John K. Lawrence

Charles A. Lawson

Tamara S. Ledley

Stephen C. Lee

Harvey I. Leifert

Harold Leinbach

Margaret Leinen

Margaret A. LeMone

O. Walter Lennartsson

Robert C. Liebermann

Michael W. Liemohn

Paulett C. Liewer

Michael R. Lilly

Eric J. Lindstrom

Mark G. Linton

Kan Liou

Kuo-Nan Liou

Thomas E. Lisle

John M. Logan

Ulrike Lohmann

Peter N. Lombard

Philip E. Long

Ramon E. Lopez

William Lowrie

Gang Lu




James H. Luetgert

Roland C. Luetzelschwab

Guenter W. Lugmair

Janet G. Luhmann

Dirk Lummerzheim

Bruce P. Luyendyk

Mitchell W. Lyle

Christopher Lynnes

Ling-Hsiao Lyu

Don R. Mabey

Conall Mac Niocaill

Douglas R. MacAyeal

Lorenz C. Magaard

David R. Maidment

Alexis J. Maineult

Jon J. Major

Subhashis Mallick

Syukuro Manabe

Stephen A. Mango

Miguel A. Marino

Curtis H. Marshall Jr.

Glenn M. Mason

Guy Masters

Larry G. Mastin

Emil J. Mateker Jr.

Edmond A. Mathez

Dennis L. Matson

Takeshi Matsunaga

William H. Matthaeus

Jonathan C. Matti

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Larry A. Mayer

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Francesco Mazzarini

David C. McAdoo

Phil J. McCausland

Robert K. McConnell

Vicki S. McConnell

Michael P. McCormick

Kenneth R. McDonald

Willam F. McDonough

Joe McFadden

Carl E. McIlwain

Judith A. McKenzie

Robert B. McKibben

Diane M. McKnight

Jason S. McLachlan

Dean A. McManus

Karen C. McNally

Robert L. McPherron

Charles M. Meertens

Robert R. Meier

Stephen B. Mende

Michael J. Mendillo

Carolyn J. Merry

Philip A. Meyers

Robyn M. Millan

Elizabeth L. Miller

Ronald L. Miller

Jean B. Minster

Brian J. Mitchell

Ralph Moberly

Alexander Mock

Eberhard Moebius

David W. Mogk

Barbara Molfino

Robert L. Molinari

Marcos J. Montes

M. Alvin Morgan

Paul Morgan

Jeff S. Morrill

Stearns A. Morse

Jarvis L. Moyers

Forrest S. Mozer

Hans-Reinhard Mueller

David C. Munton

Thomas L. Murray

Tsugunobu Nagai

Eizo Nakamura

Takeshi Nakatsuka

Louisa B. Nance

Shaima L. Nasiri

James H. Natland

Gustavo V. Necco

Albrecht J. Neftel

Hiroaki Negishi

Bruce W. Nelson

Robert M. Nelson

Norman F. Ness

Marcia Neugebauer

Douglas S. Neuhauser

Shlomo P. Neuman

Gregory A. Neumann

Andrew J. Newell

Fred C. Newman

Paul A. Newman

John L. Nieber

Richard W. Nightingale

Bart Nijssen

Hajime Nishigaki

Susan E. Nissen

John D. Obradovich

Richard J. O’Connell

Masakazu Ohtake

Eiji Ohtani

Akihiko Okada

Greg S. Okin

Gary R. Olhoeft

Carolyn Olson

Patricia L. Olson

William S. Olson

Samuel J. Oltmans

Alison Ord

Catherine O’Riordan

Gregory B. Osterman

Yuichi Otsuka

Bette L. Otto-Bliesner

Koh-Ichiro Oyama

Kazuhito Ozawa

Thomas H. Painter



Demitris Paradissis

Jeffrey J. Park

David E. Parker

E. Marc Parmentier

Michael J. Passow

Aristides A. Patrinos

Stanton J. Peale

Elise G. Pendall

Joyce E. Penner

Vahe Peroomian

William D. Pesnell

Katerina E. Petronotis

Gordon H. Pettengill

Leonhard Pfister

Robin G. Pfister

C. R. Philbrick

Roger J. Phillips

George F. Pieper

Roger V. Pierce

Raymond T.


John C. Pinkston

Terry A. Plank

Lamont R. Poole

Kenneth W. Potter

Robert M. Potter

Michael J. Prather

Charles T. Prewitt

Philip L. Pritchett

Joseph M. Prospero

Tuija I. Pulkkinen

G. Michael Purdy

Peter Puster

David M. Pyle

Terrence M. Quinn

Joachim Raeder

Richard L. Rairden

Navin Ramankutty

Frank C. Ramos

Albert Rango

Douglas W. Rankin

Dhananjay Ravat

Erling J. K. Ravna

John C. Raymond

Michael M. Reddy

William S. Reeburgh

Geoffrey D. Reeves

Robin L. Reichlin

George C. Reid

Mary R. Reid

Robert E. Reinke

D. S. Renne

James L. Repka

Edward J. Rhodes Jr.

James R. Rice

Roberta L. Rice

Frederick J. Rich

Randall M. Richardson

Maria Teresa Rico

Robert W. Ridky

B. A. Ridley

John R. Ritter

D. Aaron Roberts

James M. Roberts

Jeffery J. Roberts

Robert M. Robinson

Juan V. Rodriguez

Ignacio Rodriguez-


Fred L. Roesler

David V. Rogers

Barbara A. Romanowicz

R. G. Roper

Theodore J. Rosenberg

Gary J. Rottman

Nigel T. Roulet

Stewart A. Rounds

Scott K. Rowland

David C. Rubie

Roberta L. Rudnick

John B. Rundle

Ann D. Russell

Malcolm J. Rutherford

Michael G. Ryan

William W. Sager

Richard D. Sakal

Joseph E. Salah

Ross J. Salawitch

Vincent J. Salters

Charles G. Sammis

David T. Sandwell

Jeanne M. Sauber

Herbert H. Sauer

William U. Savage

Charles K. Scharnberger

Jae-Kyung E. Schemm

David Schimel

Karl Schindler

David R. Schink

Thomas J. Schmugge

Martin C. Schneebeli

Alfred T. Schneider

Robert N. Schock

David W. Scholl

Thomas A. Schroeder

Gerald Schubert

Michael Schulz

Bob E. Schutz

Stephen E. Schwartz

Stephen H. Scolnik

Jill R. Scott

William E. Scott

Stephen Self

John S. Selker

Thomas J. Shankland

Henry F. Shaw


Wenbin Shen

Christopher R.


Eric P. Shettle

Kazuo Shibuya

Mostafa A. Shirazi

Steven B. Shirey

William H. Shirey

Jagadish Shukla

Robert J. Sica

Eli A. Silver

Carver S. Simmons

Carol Simpson

Howard J. Singer

Michael J. Singer

John M. Sinton

George L. Siscoe

Thomas W. Sisson

Edward C. Sittler Jr.

Ruth M. Skoug

Norman H. Sleep

Franz Slemr

Darlene L. Slusher

Eugene I. Smith

Geoffry L. Smith

Roger W. Smith

Sharon L. Smith

Joseph R. Smyth

John T. Snow

Arnold L. Snyder

Paul Song

Annie B. Souriau-


Wim Spakman

R. Stephen J. Sparks

Elena B. Sparrow

Howard J. Spero

Tilman Spohn

Robert F. Stallard

Knut H. Stamnes

David N. Steer

John T. Steinberg

Andrew W. Stephan

Daniel B. Stephens

Graeme L. Stephens

Sarah T. Stewart-


Johannes B. Stoll

David B. Stone

Joseph S. Stoner

Robert J. Strangeway

Douglas J. Strickland

Yi-Jiun Su

David Sugden

Michael P. Sulzer

John R. Suter

Kiyoshi Suyehiro

Erick M. Swenson

Lynn R. Sykes

James P. Syvitski &


Dianne Drew

Simon J. Tait

Taro Takahashi

Tsutomu Tamao

Mark E. Tamisiea

Pieter P. Tans

David G. Tarboton

John A. Tarduno

Margaret S. Torn

Edward B. Towne

Adam Trombly

Reidar G. Tronnes

Yi-Ben Tsai

Kevin P. Tu

Karl K. Turekian

Martitia P. Tuttle

James A. Tyburczy

Scott W. Tyler

Allan J. Tylka

Ana L. Unruh

Albert J. Valocchi

Ben A. van der Pluijm

Peter E. Van Keken

Gregg Vane

Petr Vanícek

David A. Vanko

Mark Vaughan

Michael T. Vaughan

Frank Vernon

John E. Vidale

Jorge Vieira Pamplona

Ronald L. Vogel

Coerte V. Voorhies

Richard Wagener

Thorsten Wagener

Thomas P. Wagner

Jack H. Waite Jr.

Richard J. Walker

Robert C. Walter

Roy A. Walters

Richard L. Walterscheid

Tom Warner

Bruce A. Warren

Libe Washburn

Robert B. Watts

Wolfgang R. Wawersik

Craig S. Weaver

Ronald L. S. Weaver

Thomas A. Weaver

Thompson Webb

Edwin P. Weeks

Wilford F. Weeks

Ming-Ying Wei

Donald J. Weidner

Michael P. Weinreb

Ray F. Weiss

Jasper A. Welch Jr.

Ellsworth J. Welton

Robert D. Westfall

Terrence W. Whelan

James H. Whitcomb

William M. White

John A. Whitehead

Bruce A. Wielicki

Juergen Willebrand

Donald J. Williams

John C. Williams

Owen W. Williams

Hugh E. Willoughby

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Wooden II

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5 Consecutive Years


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Estella A. Atekwana

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Who James We W. Barrett Are

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Ying Fan

Michael M. Fikani

Donald M. Fisher


Allen F. Flanders

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Takaaki Fukuoka

Bobby L. Gaddis

Victor Gaizauskas

Murray S. Garber

Michael O. Garcia

S. Peter Gary

Robert S. Gemmell

Mary M. Glackin

Valerie M. Godley

Dave Goss

Robert L. Grossman

Anita Grunder

Magnus T.


Dieter K. Gutknecht

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Melinda M. Hall

Nobuo Hamada

Peter Hamilton

Douglas E. Hammond

Donald L. Hampton

David J. Harbor

Louis C. Haughney

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Fan He

Janet G. Hering

Francis T. Heuring

Ernest Hildner

Eric J. Hintsa

William E. Holt

Howard Houben

Frank W. Hughes

Deborah R. Hutchinson

Michiya Inomata

Gail V. Irvine

Arthur R. Jameson

Robert D. Jarrett

Martin O. Jeffries

Niels R. Jensen

Raymond Joesten

Christopher M.


Alan S. Judge

Chuichi Kakuta

Roman Kanivetsky

Carol Kendall

Margaret L. Kneller

Hannu I. Koivula

Jozsef Kota

Ronald B. Krauth

Michael V. Kurganskiy

Detlef Kurth

H. Lee Kyle

France Lagroix

Peter V. Lane

Tai-Kwan A. Lau

Alice R. Lecinski

Michael J. LeDocq

K. D. Leka

Ronald P. Lepping

John Lichter

James H. Lienesch

Roland List

Nathaniel J. Livesey

Baerbel K. Lucchitta

Francis Ludwig

William J. Ludwig

Tim Maciejewski

Jaakko I. Makinen

Larry G. Mastin

Kooiti Masuda

Gianni Matteucci

Robert Mayer Jr.

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David L. McKenzie

William Henry McLain

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Sumio Miyashita

Peter A. Mock

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George H. Mount

Edward C. Mozley

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Shigehisa Nakamura

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John L. Nieber

Donald R. Nielsen

Kent C. Nielsen

Peggy A. O’Day

Tatsuaki Okada

Masahiro Osako

Victor V. Palciauskas

Dimitri A.


David Perlman

Louis Peselnick

Nikolai Petersen

H. Kenneth Peterson

Amal C. Phadke

Richard H. Picard

John Pitlick

Caroline M. Preston

Peter Preusse

Cynthia L. Rakowski

Elizabeth A. Reid

John R. Reinfelder

Peter Reiniger

Georg Resele

Russell K. Rew

Bruno Reynard

Ian G. Richardson

Arthur D. Richmond

Michael Roden

Elizabeth Roemer

Frank Roth

James L. Rubenstone

James M. Russell

Patrick J. C. Ryall

Jack L. Saba

Hirokazu Sato

Thomas W. Schlatter

Werner L. Schmidt

Steven R. Schroeder

Felix K. Schwering

Paul Segall

Michael L. Sestak

James T. Shiroma

Gary B. Sidder

Richard A. Simpson

Robert W. Simpson

Stuart M. Smith

Raymond A. Sosnowski

S. Spampinato

Michael C. Spillane

Emily H. Stanley

Michael Steele

Matthias Steiner

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Jonathan Stewart

Heinz G. Stosch

Alan M. Stueber

Shin-Yi Su

Melanie E. Summit

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Yoshiaki Toba

Akihiko Tomiya

Luigi Torelli

Bryan J. Travis

Gordon W. Tribble

Osamu Tsukamoto

Urumu Tsunogai

Minoru Tsutsui

Ilya D. Tsvankin

Gerard Van Hoven

Cynthia Venn

John F. Vesecky

Antje H. Voelker

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Richard I. Walcott

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Oran R. White

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R J. Wilson

Richard Wirth

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Frederick F. Wright

Kenneth H. Wright Jr.

Patrick H. Wyant

Makoto Yamano

Jiye Zeng

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