Download Roamio DVR Series spec sheet - CE Pro

Download Roamio DVR Series spec sheet - CE Pro

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Always the best DVR by far, TiVo is so much more. It’s for people who are all

about loving their TV – that’s why we call it Roamio.

But speaking of Roamio… wherever you roam, you can now get your

recordings. In the next room, in the kitchen, in a hotel room across the world -

access to your recordings and favorite stuff is simple and fast with Roamio. It

literally connects you to your home recordings and your live home cable

channels so you could be anywhere in the house or the world and tap into

your living room TV. Be at a hotel in Denmark, be in the waiting room at the

dentist office, or be stuck in line at the DMV - You can access your favorite

shows by connecting right to Roamio anywhere, anytime. Don't be stuck in a

hotel room ever again wishing you had your DVR with you. And that student

away at college can have all of his or her TV from home right to the tablet or


TiVo Roamio, for lovers of TV.

Why Roamio?

TiVo Roamio Lineup

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Roamio Enhancements


• 4-6 tuners

• 500 GB to 3TB of storage (up to 450 hours)

• Integrated TiVo Stream (6 tuner)

• OOH Streaming in Fall

• Improved Performance (1.5x–2.5x faster

averaging 1.7)

• ATSC Support (Roamio (4) only)

• Integrated WiFi

• RF remote

• Energy Efficient Family

Software / Features

• WTWN (popular, sports, movies, kids)

• Guide filter

• Improved Applications

• HTLM 5 support (YouTube)

• New Netflix application

• Faster start (3-7 seconds, red/titles)

• Support for DIAL control for both Netflix

& YouTube (Casting Control)

• Improved Whole Home Experience

with Mini

• Dynamic Tuner Allocation

• Remote Season Pass Management

• Enhanced WishList management

• Better term entry

• Default to record

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Roamio Pricing

TiVo Roamio


TiVo Roamio Plus


TiVo Roamio Pro


* Note the value crammed into the Roamio! Built in wireless eliminates need

for an $89 wireless adapter, built in Stream eliminates the need for $129

Stream accessory. That’s more than $200 you don’t have to spend to have the

ultimate experience right there. We’re talking VALUE – all in one powerful,

faster, better box!

But let’s talk more about price… This DVR costs less per month than the one you’re

currently renting. Upgrade your cable experience, downgrade your cable bill!

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- Recordings wherever you roam - In the next room, in the kitchen, in a hotel room across the

world - access to your recordings and favorite stuff is simple and fast with Roamio.

- Combines regular cable with streaming services - Takes all of your regular cable channels like

HBO, NBC or ESPN and the capabilities of your standard cable DVR and combines that with

your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube in ONE box. No other

cable DVR brings Netflix to your big screen. None.

- One Button Record - TiVo lets you click one button and have all new episodes automatically

record every day or week.

- Make your wishes come true – With WishLists, TiVo makes it easy to find and play everything

your favorite movie star is in. Find and get, or automatically record every movie Matt Damon

or Reese Witherspoon appear in - you’ll have your very own video library in no time. Even

entire genres and categories are nicely organized at your fingertip with TiVo.

- Favorites - TiVo Roamio actually gets to know you so it can remember what you like most. A

personalized dashboard on TiVo immediately presents you with your favorite channels, shows

and preferences the instant you turn on your TV - even letting you know when something is

happening you wouldn’t want to miss.

- Record 6 shows at a time - Roamio can record 6 shows at the same time.

- Massive Storage - Roamio gives you an unprecedented 450 hours of HD storage so you never

have to delete that Duck Dynasty episode you haven’t gotten to yet.


Other Features:

• Netflix Application on TiVo Mini – Netflix Support on TiVo mini as part of

the whole home package

Coming Soon

• Out of Home Streaming – Access your shows from anywhere you have a

WiFi connection

• Filtered “My Shows” list – 3 Column design enables user to manage

recordings more easily

• Application Store – Provides access to more HTML5 applications

Other Features/Coming Soon

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