Lafayette Partners in Education

Lafayette Partners in Education

Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year




Investing in every child

LASF is now

Lafayette Partners in Education

Celebrating 30 Years

The fall of 2010 marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of

LASF—the Lafayette Arts & Science Foundation. It is extraordinary

that we can look back on three decades of continuous growth and

success. What makes this year unique is that it marks a turning point

for the foundation.

The Story Behind the Name Change

It has been an LASF tradition from day one to change and grow in

response to our children’s educational needs. Original paperwork

from 1980 shows that no sooner were art, science and music

programs organized than founders began to talk of expanding

support into technology education, social studies curriculum and so

on. Looking back, it would seem that the “arts and science” part of

the foundation name has been incomplete almost from the start.

Now, 30 years later, the LASF board came to the conclusion that

we needed to adopt a new name to reflect the ever-expanding

commitment to our schools and our more comprehensive approach

to involving the community in that effort. And while we will always

be dedicated to arts and science education, we are also committed

to supporting the full range of academics for our children.

Why “Partners”?

Choosing a new name for a revered and well-known institution is a

serious task. Rather than trying to use our name to describe all we

want to provide our Lafayette school children—knowing that the list

is limitless—we chose a name that would focus on who we really are:

Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE).

Lafayette Partners in Education are:

■ Donors who provide tremendously generous financial support

year after year

■ LPIE instructors who bring their knowledge and enthusiasm into

our classrooms from Kindergarten through high school

■ Teachers, principals and superintendents from the Lafayette

School District and Acalanes High School

■ PTA, PFC and Parent Club leadership and volunteers who provide

staggering amounts of time and energy to support each school

■ Local businesses and the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

■ LPIE Board and Committee members who put forth their best

efforts to support our mission

Thank You, Lafayette!

July 2011

Dear Parents and Community Members:

Recently, you may have seen banners hanging along

Mt. Diablo Blvd. proclaiming “Lafayette—Green Hills,

Great Schools.” This year our hills have been greener than

ever thanks to a prolonged and especially wet rainy season.

Happily, Lafayette Partners in Education has experienced

our own torrential downpour—or, more appropriately,

an outpouring of generous donations.

Thanks to your support, LPIE raised over $2.2 million for

our Lafayette public schools—a record-breaking fundraising

year. Many families gave larger gifts than in the past, but our

greatest success came from increased parent participation—

over 70% of school families made a contribution. Together,

we did it!

Please take a moment to browse through this Annual Report

and understand how your donation made a difference in

each of the six public schools in Lafayette: Acalanes High

School; Stanley Middle School; and Burton Valley, Happy

Valley, Lafayette and Springhill Elementary Schools. From

teacher’s aides to trombone repair, choral music to computer

technology, science lab dissections to art instruction, your

gift made an immediate impact on our children.

Our 2011–2012 fundraising goal is $2.2 million. More than

4,000 Lafayette students depend on us—LPIE and you—

to support the pursuit of their dreams through an excellent

education. We have pledged continued and growing funding

to our two school districts, confident in the knowledge that

Lafayette citizens place a high value on public education,

demonstrated by their financial support. I think we can all

agree that our town’s informal slogan might be amended to

Lafayette—Green Hills, Great Schools, Giving Community.”

Thank you again.

Yours Sincerely,

Maureen Bagley

LPIE President, 2010–2011




Investing in every child

Our Mission

To support and enrich the

education of every child

in the Lafayette public

schools through a broad

community-based effort.

The Beneficiaries

The students of Burton

Valley, Happy Valley,

Lafayette and Springhill

Elementary Schools;

Stanley Middle School;

and Acalanes High School.

Lafayette Partners in Education

Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year

2010–2011 Year in Review

Annual Parent Giving Campaign

In 2010, LPIE made a dramatic shift in the way we solicited

donations from parents of students. In the past, we had conducted

a springtime “phonathon.” This year, with the enthusiastic and

absolutely essential support of each school’s PTA/PFC/Parent Club,

we conducted our main fundraising campaign in the fall as part

of school registration. Our goal was to raise more money more

efficiently for both the Foundation and the parent organizations.

Given the record-breaking amount raised and the greatly increased

rate of giving, we have declared the change in fundraising strategy

a success.

010–11 Income Sources

Gifts from

Parents $1,893,050

Local Business &

Community Gifts 146,620

Fundraising Events 62,300

Matching Gifts 117,515

Income from

Investments 21,100

Total $2,240,585

010–11 Budgeted Expenses


High School $252,100


Middle School 421,546

K–5 Schools 861,031


Program Support 79,078

Fundraising (includes

credit card fees) 139,807

Management 42,117

Contributions to

LPIE Reserve 60,000

Accrued for 2011–12 384,906

Total $2,240,585

Art and social studies are combined as

Kindergartners learn about and make

Native American Gourds in an LPIE art class

Community Giving

Although parents donate the bulk of our revenues, Lafayette

community members are active contributors, too. In addition to

donations from individuals, LPIE is the largest beneficiary of

proceeds from the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Art & Wine

Festival. Local businesses support the Foundation as Business

Partners and Real Estate Partners. This year, we added a few

new and fun fundraising opportunities:

LafayetteOpoly: More than 40 local businesses

sponsored Monopoly ® -style spaces on our LafayetteOpoly

game board. One hundred percent of game-sale proceeds

benefit our schools. (See page 20 for list of sponsors.)

■ Crab Feed: We launched the first-ever LPIE Crab Feed in

January of 2011. The event sold out quickly; we hope this

becomes an annual tradition for the entire community.

■ 30th Anniversary Leadership Circle: In honor of the

30th anniversary of LPIE, we asked Major Donors—our most

loyal and generous regular contributors—to increase their

donation by 20%. As usual, they responded to the challenge.

(See page 7 for more information on the 30th Anniversary

Leadership Circle.)

LPIE Giving to Lafayette Schools

Although our name has changed, our mission remains the same:

To support and enrich the education of every child in the

Lafayette public schools. As is tradition, we strive to maintain the

hallmarks of a well-rounded education, including enrichment in

art, music and science. In leaner times, we work to preserve the

fundamentals essential to a high-quality K–12 education. In all

circumstances, we work closely with our two school districts to

ensure that all students enjoy the benefits of LPIE funding.


LPIE funds the lab equipment, supplies and

field trips enjoyed by all science classes—

Biology, Biotech, Chemistry, Environmental

Science, Geology, Physics, Physiology and

AP classes.

English, History and Library Services

We pay for books and field trips for English

classes and contract with writing tutors to

give individualized help to all freshman and

junior history students. LPIE purchases the

online research databases, periodicals and

all other materials for the library.

Performing Arts

LPIE provides 100% of supplemental funding

in the classroom for Acalanes’s outstanding

performing arts programs. We pay for the

accompanist and vocal coaches for the choral

music program and for the director and

choreographer for the musical. We finance

guest artists and supplies for Dance and

Drama. LPIE buys musical instruments and

pays for their repairs as well as contracts

with professional musicians to mentor

students in small-group lessons on specific


Visual and Digital Arts

Digital Art, Photography and Video

Production are popular electives that

require lots of updated equipment and

new supplies each year. LPIE funding

covers 100% of these costs and supports

the traditional visual art classes with

materials and guest instructors.

Your Contributions at Work

Acalanes High School

LPIE funds are directed toward those programs and services that make the

Acalanes High School experience exceptional. We purchase equipment

and materials, fund the acquisition of new technology used by students, and

contract with outside instructors with special expertise to help present a

broader and deeper curriculum.

Technology $40,600

Tech Ed $9,000

Social Studies


World Languages

LPIE funding brings guest speakers into the

classroom and provides funding for cultural

experience field trips.

Technology and More

High school students are famously “early

adopters” of the latest technology, and LPIE

funding helps provide iPads, iPods, laptops,

and the like that are carefully integrated

into the school curriculum. Among other

miscellaneous areas of support are materials

for Technology and Fabrication classes

and partial funding for the academic

counseling department.

Total LPIE Funding for 2010–11: $252,100

World Languages $4,500

Library $12,050

English $11,100

Counseling Services $12,500

Visual & Performing Arts


Science $16,550

Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year 3

Your Contributions at Work

Stanley Middle School

Electives in middle school provide a way for students to explore their emerging

interests. While state funding to the District has decreased, LPIE plays a critical

role in keeping a wide range of elective classes available at Stanley. Beyond

electives, LPIE provides support in key areas such as stress counselors,

professional development and technology.


LPIE funds five sections of foreign language

classes, five band sections, two art classes,

two string instrument classes and one section

each of computers/video production, chorus,

home economics and woodshop. All in all,

LPIE funding sponsors 18 elective sections.


In addition to funding two art sections, LPIE

delivers a series of special art classes tied to

the 6th grade core curriculum: Cave Art Oil

Pastels, Greek Vases, Indian Prints and

Egyptian Mummy Cases.


LPIE sponsors the Science Expo, buys

classroom science supplies, and contracts

with instructors with special expertise to

lead hands-on lab sessions in 6th, 7th and 8th

grades. The specialized classes include topics

such as Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology,

Harnessing Electrons, Forces & Fluids,

Heart Dissection and Brain Study.

Total LPIE Funding for 2010–11: $421,546

Counseling Services $57,000

Art $35,480

Technology $70,000

Professional Development $30,000

Science $30,130

Other Electives


Music $108,011


LPIE funds the music program,

including contributing toward teachers’

salaries. In addition, we purchase

sheet music, pay for the choral music

accompanist, and bring in professional

musicians for over 700(!) hours

of small-group lessons on specific


Foreign Languages

LPIE funds instructors for art projects

in foreign language classes that depict

celebrations and cultures studied. LPIE

also brings native speakers into the

classroom to improve student skills in

writing and speaking.

Technology and More…

LPIE funding allows stress counselors

to be available to students and helps

improve the quality of classroom

instruction by funding professional

development. We fund the majority

of the District technology purchases

at Stanley—including laptops and

software for use by both students

and teachers.

Your Contributions at Work

Kindergarten–5th Grade


For 30 years, LPIE has brought professional

artists into the classroom to provide a

unique art education experience for

Lafayette elementary school children. LPIE

art classes reach students in Kindergarten

through 5th grade; the culmination of

those efforts is seen every year at the

LPIE-sponsored Art Fairs.

Classroom Aides

Aides provide invaluable support to every

classroom teacher. LPIE covers the majority

of aide salary expenses.


LPIE donations supplement District

funding of science specialists. Beyond that,

LPIE sponsors the annual Science Fairs,

buys all science lab supplies, and contracts

with instructors with special expertise to

lead hands-on lab sessions for all grade

levels, starting in Kindergarten.

Social Studies

Although program offerings have been

reduced in recent years, LPIE social

studies classes introduce unique topics

such as Native Americans (Kindergarten),

Ethnic Stories (2nd grade), Lafayette History

(3rd grade) and the Gold Rush (4th grade).

Burton Valley Elementary

Happy Valley Elementary

Lafayette Elementary

Springhill Elementary

LPIE contributions have an impact starting in the Kindergarten classroom, carrying

though every elementary grade level and then beyond to middle- and high-school

years. We focus on the common components of a well-rounded education—

including art, science and music—and supplement with the modern essentials:

classroom aides, counselors, professional development and technology.


LPIE donations supplement District funding

of music specialists for both general/choral

and instrumental music. As is done at both

the middle and high schools, LPIE brings in

professional musicians to mentor students in

small-group lessons on specific instruments.

With this help, students are ready for the

sophisticated music opportunities available

when they reach middle school.

Professional Development

The Lafayette School District places great

emphasis on improving classroom instruction

through professional development. LPIE

funds the New York Writing Project, Thinking

Strategies, and Math Coaching at all four

school sites.

Technology and More…

LPIE funds the majority of the District

technology purchases for the elementary

schools—including laptops and software

for use by both students and teachers. We

also provide partial funding for counseling

services at each school site.

Total LPIE Funding for 2010–11: $861,031

Instructional Aides


Technology $104,500

Counseling Services $21,500

Social Studies $11,190

Science $123,334



Art $77,161

Professional Development


Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year

Your Contribution

Makes a Difference

Annual Giving Campaign

For families with children in Lafayette

public schools, we ask for an annual

donation of $800 for each child in

elementary or middle school and $500

per Acalanes High School student. If

that amount is a stretch for your family

budget, we ask that you contribute at a level

that is right for you. LPIE can accept

installment payments to make the process

easier. Participation by all families is the key

to meeting our schools’ needs and providing

our children exceptional opportunities.

Consider making a greater impact by

becoming a Major Donor with a gift of

$2,000 or more. Major Donors are core

Ten Ways to Contribute

supporters who have helped LPIE and

our schools thrive for over three decades.

They are given special acknowledgment

and receive invitations to private events

and receptions. But it isn’t recognition

that motivates our Major Donors; they

step up because they recognize the value

that outstanding public schools bring

to our community.

2011–2012 Major Donor Giving Levels:

Major Donor .........................$2,000–$3,499

Distinguished Honors ..........$3,500–$4,999

Patron ....................................$5,000–$9,999

Benefactor...........................$10,000 or more

1 Make a tax-deductible monetary contribution. Parents are encouraged to

donate at back-to-school registration days. Alternatively, donate online, use the enclosed

envelope, or call LPIE at 299-1644. You can make your donation in one lump sum or

spread your gift over time. We can accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, and

electronic funds transfer from your checking account. LPIE Tax ID: 94-2699518.

2 Take advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Most corporate

matching gift programs will match your gift dollar-for-dollar (or even higher!);

ask your human resources department. It’s a no-cost way to increase your gift’s value.

3 Give through United Way. Earmark some or all of your donation for LPIE on

your donor option card.

4 Have your business or employer contribute. Or consider various opportunities

and recognition available as an LPIE Business Partner.

5 Give stock. Donate appreciated stocks or securities and take a tax deduction for

their full current value—not just your original cost.

6 Make a memorial gift to LPIE. Memorialize a friend or loved one with a

meaningful and heartfelt contribution that helps build our community’s future.

7 Honor a friend or relative. Recognize a special occasion or a job well done.

We’ll acknowledge your thoughtfulness with a card to the honoree.

8 Support LPIE special events and fundraisers. Contribute an item or service to

an auction, participate in event planning, or just come and enjoy!

9 Include LPIE in your estate planning. Through a charitable remainder trust or

a traditional bequest, your contribution can work for years to come.

10 Shop ’til you drop. Register your credit and grocery cards at and a

percentage of your purchases goes to LPIE. LPIE’s eScrip account: 0137956566.

Leadership Circle

In the spring of 2010, school funding news from the state of California was dire.

Both Acalanes Union High School District and Lafayette School District were

contemplating laying off teachers, increasing class sizes, and reducing curriculum

options. At LPIE, we determined to do our best to support our schools.

We turned to our major donors—our most loyal and generous regular

contributors—asking them to increase their donation by 20% over the prior

year. The response to our appeal was fantastic. We believe that the generosity

of these gifts inspired and challenged our entire community to step up and help

us achieve a record-breaking fundraising year.

We recognize the following donors as members of our 30th Anniversary

Leadership Circle:

Michelle & Steve Agazzi

Ravi & Cecilia Alagappan

The Archer Family

Trimon Inc.–Tim Archer

Kelly & Carrie Barlow

Chris Berge

Michael & Emma Bishopp

Doug & Stephanie Bontemps

Rick & Kathy Bowles

Kevin & Diana Brown

Bill & Catherine Bucher

Howard I. Bulos &

Linda Tedjakusuma

Michelle & Marc Burnstein

Hector & Mary Chao

Jamie & Jeff Cronk

Michael & Laura Davis

Svensson-Dillon Family

Maureen Bagley &

Dennis Doughty

Joseph Downes

Babak & Tina Edraki

Nancy & Steve Falk

Lesa & Greg Faulkner

John & Sabrina Foster

Bill & Janet Fraser

Kristin & Dave Gannon

Kent & Diana Godfrey

Patty & Bob Gonser

Kara & Gary Gragg

Mark Gundacker & Suzy Pak

Matt & Carrie Hansen

Wes & Julie Hilton

Paul & Jennifer Jung

Art P. Kapoor &

Judith A. Haxo

Dr. Nestor & Lilian Karas

Katie & Mark Kresnak

Daniel & Juleen Lapporte

The LaRoches

Peter & Jennifer Larson

Debbie & David Levy

John & Pam Lewerenz

Marc & Elizabeth Lurie

Chris & Susan Mani

Shoshana & Bob Mark

Jim & Carol Marquis

Daniel & Stephanie Martin

Brendan & Susan McEntee

Meredith & Dan Meade

Steve & Joyce Mirabito

Sean & Lori Moran

The Mulvaney Family

Cassie & Tom Nevins

Michael &

Kathryn O’Donnell

Robert & Colleen O’Hara

The Overaa Family Group

Charitable Trust

Chris & Lisa Palma

Louise Laemmlen &

Andreas Pecher

Lori Franzke & Cardi Prinzi

Maurice & Aimee Protzen

Sherratt & Wendy Reicher

Annette & Doug Robison

Keith & Claudia Ross

Michele & John Ruskin

Rick & Casey Sasner

The Schnugg Family


Investing in every child




Investing in every child

The Schweibinz Family

Steve & Ellen Seiler

Michael & Michelle Self

Todd & Pam Severson

Alek & Janet Shestokov

Andrew Smith &

Jennifer Aaker

Mike & Carol Spiering

Tom & Virginia Steuber

Harry & Kim Stewart

Sandor & Faye Straus

Maura Nicolini &

Robert Sverak

Tim & Renee Sweeney

John Toldi &

Sonia Stromeyer

Christine Wang &

Roland Tso

Dr. Caroline &

Mr. Gary Tsuyuki

Bill & Khanh Van Oss

Lance & Katy Varellas

David & Laura Waal

Cliff Wagener &

Kathy Hamilton

Sue & Steve Walker

Carolyn & Fong Wan

Kathy & Tim Welch

Linda & Jim White

Greg Wikler & Deb Tellier

Andrew & Martha


Family Foundation

Greg & Jodi Young

Anonymous (3)

Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year

2010–2011 Donors

This report acknowledges monetary and in-kind

donations for the current year received between

February 20, 2010, and June 30, 2011. It does not

reflect donations earmarked for the 2011–2012

Annual Giving Campaign, which will be recognized

in next year’s annual report.

If we missed acknowledging your contribution,

please let our office know at 299-1644. We

apologize for any errors.

Benefactor ($10,000 or more)

Chris Berge

Janet M. &

William F. Cronk

Joseph Downes

Marc & Elizabeth Lurie

Brendan & Susan McEntee

Highest Honors ($5,000–$9,999)

The Archer Family

Kelly & Carrie Barlow

Doug & Stephanie


Rick & Kathy Bowles

Kevin & Diana Brown

Nancy & Steve Falk

Lesa & Greg Faulkner

Mike & Teresa Gerringer

Diana & Kent Godfrey

Kelly & Bob Gotelli

Susan & Richard Hare

Family Foundation

Daniel & Juleen Lapporte

Robert & Colleen O’Hara

The Overaa Family Group

Charitable Trust

Louise Laemmlen &

Andreas Pecher

The Mulvaney Family

Sherratt & Wendy Reicher

Andrew & Martha


Family Foundation

Brian & Andrea Rich

Annette & Doug Robison

Tony & Judith Sarsam

The Schweibinz Family

Tom & Virginia Steuber

Sandor & Faye Straus

Maura Nicolini &

Robert Sverak

Roland Tso &

Christine Wang

Dr. Caroline &

Mr. Gary Tsuyuki

The Upjohn Fund

of San Francisco

Lance & Katy Varellas

David & Laura Waal

Wells Fargo Foundation

Greg & Jodi Young

Anonymous (2)

Distinguished Honors ($2,500–$4,999)

Michelle & Steve Agazzi

Ravi & Cecilia Alagappan

Thomas & Sheila Alfaro

Ann & Peter Appert

Trimon Inc./Tim Archer

Edward & Lisa Baer

Cathy & Matt Bertics

Gwen Bertolami

Ann Julius &

George Bishop

Michael & Emma Bishopp

David & Emily Breach

Dawn & Peter Brightbill

Howard I. Bulos &

Linda Tedjakusuma

Bill & Mindy Bush

Matthew & Jessica Clark

Robert & Carla Combi

Jackie Carson & Alan Cox

Gorse Jeffries &

Alex Craddock

Daniel & Susan Crosby

Ian & Mandy Curry

Michael & Laura Davis

Tom & Linda Delaplane

Svensson-Dillon Family

Tony & Sherry DiTirro

Maureen Bagley &

Dennis Doughty

Jennifer & Eric Dovichi

Babak & Tina Edraki

Larry & Jared Finney

Alex & Denise Flagg

Mark & Julie Flower

John & Sabrina Foster

Bill & Janet Fraser

Kristin & Dave Gannon

Katie & Mike Gay

Tom & Jill Godsey

Peter & Yvonne Grace

Kara & Gary Gragg

Mark Gundacker &

Suzy Pak

Molly & Kevin Guthrie

Matt & Carrie Hansen

Tyson & Kristen Harper

Tom & Nanette Heffernan

Craig & Barbara Hilton

Wes & Julie Hilton

James & Ann Huchingson

Jeremy & Stacey Huie

Brian & Nicole


Family Foundation

Paul & Jennifer Jung

Sherry & Jon Kennedy

Chris & Becky Kenney

Ken & Kristin Kisner

Kiwanis of Moraga Valley

Alan & Yvonne Koenigsberg

The LaRoches

John & Pam Lewerenz

Scott & Leslie Lomond

Chris & Susan Mani

Bob & Nancy McClain

McCullough Family

Stephen & Ashley McLin

Meredith & Dan Meade

Steve & Joyce Mirabito

Robert & Andrea Mitroff

Sean & Lori Moran

Steve & Karen Morlock

Michael & Kathryn


Dan & Stephanie O’Toole

Chris & Lisa Palma

Amy & Stephen Parlett

Laurie & Duane Phillips

Piercy Family

The Plotkin Family

Andrea & Kent Price

Lori Franzke & Cardi Prinzi

The Schnugg Family

Michael & Michelle Self

Todd & Pam Severson

Steve & Lisa Sharafian

Rick & Lisa Shepherd

Janet & Alek Shestokov

Andrew Smith &

Jennifer Aaker

Kevin & Amy Sofield

David St. Pierre

Carey & Frank Starn

Lori & Erik Suppiger

Dan & Stephenie Teichman

John Toldi &

Sonia Stromeyer

Mark & Cathy


Christopher & Katrin


Alan & Jennifer Varela

Carolyn & Fong Wan

Linda & Jim White

Richard Whitmore &

Jacinta Pister

Heather & John R. Winther

William & Janis Workman

Karen & Mark Zemelman

Anonymous (6)

“The Acalanes Union High School District is extremely fortunate to

partner with LPIE for the benefit of our students. Particularly in these

fiscally challenging times, LPIE funding is essential to maintain the

well-rounded educational opportunity and the enriching and engaging

learning environment our students need to prepare them for the

demands of the 21st century.”

John Nickerson, Ed.D., Superintendent, Acalanes Union High School District

Major Donor ($1,500–$2,499)

Jill & Sadi Adri

Ron & Kristen Altbaum

George Anderson &

Julie Schmit

Courtney & Steve


Bill & Rhonda Andronico

Bradley Aris &

Dolorez Dumas-Aris

Rick Ashburn &

Dana Fillinger

Greg & Yu Mei Attiyeh

David & Jeanne Atwood

Ann & Bart Baer

Charles Baker &

Katherine Wallace

Tony & Mary Bakos

Dan & Leslee Baldwin

Mark & Brenda Balfrey

Nasser Barabi &

Rose Dastmalchi

Mark & Angel Barba

Julia & Kevin Bates

Sheree & David Bauer

Stephen & Julie Bell

Caitlin & Simon Benazra

Jenny & Ralph Berten

Richard & Debra


Julie & Shaun Bishop

Deborah Orel-Bixler &

Jay Bixler

Craig & Barbie Bocks

Eric & Jeni Boustani

Keith Brant &

Janelle Del Carlo

Michael & Karen Brant

Scott & Lulu Braunstein

Joseph & Carolyn Brazil

Kathleen & Tony Brekke

Marianne & Tim Brent

Ken Brickman

Matt & Tracy Broback

James & Kristina Brophy

Babak & Mailana


Sandra & David Browne

Bill & Catherine Bucher

Brad & Gloria Buchman

Kristi & Peter Buck

Jim & Gayle Burleigh

Lyn E. Lazar &

Truman Burns

Michelle & Marc


Linda & Jeff Byberg

Trapper Byrne &

Judy Wong

Doug & Denise Cain

“LPIE remains a dynamic community organization that continues to

grow and evolve. In these challenging times, LPIE’s cadre of volunteers

serves as a committed partner working to protect the core instructional

program for all students. LPIE provides vital resources and support

to our teachers. Because our educators have access to critical tools and

training, they are able to provide an unparalleled education for every

child in our schools.”

Fred Brill, Ed.D., Superintendent, Lafayette School District

David Canoll &

Hilary Combs

Mike & Mary Caprio

John & Kim Carpenter

Kevin & Paula Carter

Christie & Cliff Cate

Ken & Darci Chan Family

Hector & Mary Chao

Douglas Chen &

Patricia Murray

James & Annie Cherayil

Ronald & Lynn Chiarello

Joseph & Corrine


Matt & Patrice


Louise H. Clark

Cheryl Tyler & Mitch Clark

Renee & George Clever

Paul & Alison Cocotis

Brett & Darcy Cole

Jim & Marissa Comins

Andy Comly &

Carol Mann

Charlene & Joe Condy

Jenette & Jonathan Cope

Kevin & Blair Cornish

Alex & Caroline Cox

Jamie & Jeff Cronk

Sarah & Mark Cusumano

Kelly & Ash Daggs

Kelly & Doug Dalziel

Anthony & Julie D’Amante

Steve & Carrie Daughters

Michael & Julie Davidson

Michael & Gina Dawson

Alexandre & Marianne


Louis & Susan De Carlo

Mike & Karen Decool

Mark & Rhodora

Del Rosario

Glen & Lourdes DeMattos

The deRoque Family

The Donald Family

Kirk & Julia Dorazio

Jodi Schiller &

Ben Douglas

David & Jill Douglas

and Family

Tom & Jacquie Duckworth

John & Jamie Edelen

Marjorie & Jeff Edwards

Richard Eichmann &

Laurie Bankhead

Jennifer Elder

Robert Elings &

Mary Skram

Scott & Donna Elliott

Helmut & Devra Elze

Louie & Nellie Enriquez

Rod Erdmann &

Barbara Milanovich

Mark & Allison Etnyre

Shawn Eubanks &

Sarah Chang

Rico & Lisa Evaristo

Steve & Suzanne Everly

Jon & Dana Ewing

Matt Fabela &

Paulie Proffet

Aaron Feigin &

Betty Amini

Brian Feinberg &

Pelen Wu

Meg & John Fellner

Jeffrey & Nancie


Blaise & Emily Fettig

Jamie & Dana Finegold

The Follmer Family

Eric & Sally Fonstein

Foox Family

Ron & Peggy Forest

TG & Betsey Fraser

Scott & Phyllis Frazer

Douglas & Jayne Frigon

Paulette & Clay Fry

Jim & Danielle Gallagher

Michele Claman-Garza

Nick & Leslie


Sandra & Mike Geer

Stacii & David Gerson

Jeffrey Gilman &

Carol Reif

Alan Go & Joan Lo

Christina & John Goddard

Kirk Goddard & Julie Fox

Brian & Cristen Godfrey

Scott Gohres &

Barbara Persons

Robert & Hilda

Golden Trust

Drs. Gary & Janet


Bryan & Missy Goldwyn

David Gong & Mira Yoon

Patty & Bob Gonser

Amy & Ross Goodheart

James & Amy Gordon

Gabriel & Irene Gough

Joe & Bonny Griebstein

Lance & Kari Grosz

Ed Groszewski &

Heather Kennedy

Bruce & Sionnon


Meagan & Craig Hagglund

Alice Stauffer &

Tom Hagler

The Hamalian Family

Jon & Heidi Hambidge

Mark & Jill Havens

John & Michelle Heckle

Tori & Warren Heffelfinger

Robert & Julie Hennessey

Peter & Kelly Hess

John & Kimberly Hett

Steven & Karen Hiatt

Cory & Gretchen Higgins

Eileen & Matthew Higgins

Tyler & Sierra Higgins

Tom & Elena Hillman

Curt Holbreich &

Julie Reagin

Gary Holder &

Carolyn Martin

James & Kelly Hood

Hughes Family

John & Sharon Hunt

The Hutson Family

Derek & Elizabeth Hyatt

Richard & Mayada


Karen & Chris Jaenike

Perry Anne & Wayne Jeveli

Jeff Julian &

Line Kristensen

Jack & Carolyn Kahler

Patrick & Janet Kaidantzis

Art P. Kapoor &

Judith A. Haxo

Dr. Nestor & Lilian Karas

Brian & Melissa Karr

Joseph & Catherine Kauder

Renee & Mike Kerns

Kris & Kathy Kessenich

James & Kristina Kim

John & Ella Kinney

Tom & Margaret Kintner

Richard & Caren Kline

Andrew Klingler

Greg & Kelsey Kobayashi

Debbie Goettsch &

Jonah Kramer

Katie & Mark Kresnak

Robert & Cindy Kuo

Kenneth & Marcia Kurtz

Octavio & Mayra Lacayo

Lafayette Community


Selena & Conrad Lai

John & Laura LaMotte

Jim & Christine Landry

Peter & Jennifer Larson

The Lauritzen Family

Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year

Major Donor ($1,500–$2,499) continued

Linda & Richard Leahy

Tim & Melissa Lee

Mark & Kathy Lefanowicz

John & Gwenn Lennox

Martin & Susan Lenoir

Tyber Lesjack &

Brenda Wong

Debbie & David Levy

Renee & Bill Lim

Mark & Terri Logan

Francie & Tony Low

David & Angela Lucas

Erik & Angie Lundgren

Jason & Jennifer Lurie

Tim & Beverly Maechling

James Maher &

Elisabeth Bailey

Terry & Kristina Maiken

Kelly & Spencer Mains

Michael & Kaytie Mandell

Jackie & Jeff Mann

Larry & Suzanne


Dmitry Marishkina &

Elena Florova

Shoshana & Bob Mark

Jennifer Price &

Shawn Marlow

The Maron Family

Jim & Carol Marquis

Dana & David Marron

Gregory Marshall &

Merula Franzgrote

Daniel & Stephanie


Amy & Mike Martin

Matz Family

Russell & Lynne


Chris & Casey McCann

Jack & Catherine


Patrick & Lisa McCauley

Paul & Michelle


Chris McDonald

Robert McFarlane &

Betsy Streeter

Kent & Sally McKay

McKee & Cummings


Jason & Heather McNally

Paul & Gretchen Mello

The Michon Family

Gina & Nick Mickas

Christopher &

Colleen Miller

Lorraine & Don Miller

“LPIE is our true educational partner. Through this partnership we

are able to prepare our students to be environmentally conscious citizens

of a global and technologically advanced society. Thank you LPIE!”

Sue Rusk, Principal, Burton Valley Elementary

The Mills Family

Scott & Alison Minden

Robert & Alana Mirabella

Scott & Karen Moe

Paul & Colleen


Jeanette & Kieran Mone

Paul & Jill Montaquila

Kevin & Nicole Montoya

Nancy & Michael Morse

Saraya Motley/

Home Advisors

Paul & Lisanne Mueller

Sean & Jill Murray

Daniel Myers &

Mindy Plotkin

Laurie & Craig Nelson

Cassie & Tom Nevins

Mary & Scott Newman

Richard & Regina Ney

Allyn & Liz Oh

Mark & Gabrielle Ohleyer

Dylan & Darci Olson

Susan & Tom Olson

Molly Smith-Olsson &

Rasmus Olsson

James & Karen O’Malley

Greg Orsolini &

Suzanne Roady

Parnell Family

Jeff & Marlene Peacock

Douglas & Audrey


Louis Phillips &

Amy Compton-Phillips

Sessely McDaniel &

Chris Plummer

Charles & Jennifer


Julia & Colby Powell

Marian Mulkey &

John Powers

Barbara & Charlie Price

Maurice & Aimee Protzen

Clay & Gabriela Ramsey

Michael & Laura Reiling

Traci & Kevin Reilly

John & Joyce Reinecke

David & Cheri Ridge

Bill & Melody Risch

Kenneth & Julie Roberts

Robert & Gloria Rocha

Dave & Norma Rogstad

Filip Roos & Margaret


Jeff & Linda Rosenthal

Keith & Claudia Ross

Alicia & Buddy Rowell

Amy & Steve Ruegg

Michele & John Ruskin

Sonia Shiri &Tim Saba

Erin & Andrew Sabey

Tom & Nicole Salmon

Angie & Kevin Salquist

Jon & M.J. Sammann

Christine Sampson

Murray & Laura Sandford

Jeff & Lisa Sanguinet

The Sarica Family

Rick & Casey Sasner

Virginia & Philip


Cristin Schatz

Cary & Stacy Schirmer

Paul & Mary Scipi

Steve & Ellen Seiler

David & Sharon Selle

Cathy & Mike Sereno

Steven & Aubrey Shaw

Paul & Mieko Shimotake

Ann & Marc Silverberg

Raja & Rebecca Singh

Brandon & Dwai Smith

Dean & Jamie Smith

Matthew Smyth &

Christina Engelbrecht

Andrew Sniderman &

Jennifer Frances

Craig & Katie Solomon

Paul & Natalie Souza

Mike & Carol Spiering

Richard & Angela


Darren & Amy Starr

Henry Stauffer

Russ & Jennifer Stedman

Hank & Kim Stern

Harry & Kim Stewart

Charles Stilphen &

Meg McAdam

Amy McTigue &

Michael Stoll

Kevin & Jennifer


Ben Strumwasser &

Elizabeth Johnson

William & Candice


Lisa & John Summerlin

Tim & Renee Sweeney

The Tamkin Family

Serge & Cathleen


John & Daniela Thompson

Anders Thorson &

Julianne Gee

Gottfried & Janet Tittiger

Quinlan Tom &

Kris Kessler

John & Gen Topping

Kathi & Jorge Torres

Fred & Lisa Toth

Towery Family

Eric & Shary Trux

Phillip Turano &

Jeanne Chen

Kit Turner

Albert & Margarita


Bill & Khanh Van Oss

Gerald & Kathryn

Van Steyn

Chris & Karleen Vana

Bob & Farrel Vance

Marcus & Charlotte Varnai

The Vasicek Foundation

Edward & Maria


Michael & Karyn Vollman

Cliff Wagener &

Kathy Hamilton

Sue & Steve Walker

Dan & Theresa Walner

Stacy & Bill Walter

Alison & Bob Wash

Ken & Lauren Webster

Clark & Maureen Welch

Kathy & Tim Welch

Charles & Sirirath Wen

Molly & Jeff Wendt

Wenger Family

Graham & Leslie Westphal

Whelehan Family

Paul & Maureen Wickline

Greg Wikler & Deb Tellier

Todd & Margaret Wolfe

Lance & Kathryn Womack

Karen Yuen &

Wesley Wong

Kelly & Ned Wood

David & Diane Woods

Jill Schlichtmann &

David Wool

Elizabeth & Buck


Mark & Laura Wright

Melanie & Jahanshah


Scott Yokoi &

Suzanne Ishii

Lise Wollenberg &

Adam Zoger

Larry & Stri Zulch

Anonymous (21)

Honor Roll ($1,000–$1,499)

George & Michelle


Algert Family

Bret & Pam Alsterlind

Monica & David Anderson

John Anderson &

Elisabeth Walts

Steve & Lori Anderson

Dr. Peter & Elsa Aragones

Dan & Laurie Baker

Michael Baker

Chris & Debra Barr

Larry & Nancy Beliveau

Curtis & Alexandra


Dr. & Mrs. James Berry

Nicole & Ray Berzins

Rick & Kathy Biro

Alan & Victoria Bjerke

Anne & Jon Bone

Richard & Jan Broad

Gene & Jo Anne Burbige

Stuart & Debra Bussey

Julie Cahill & Rick Caine

Brian & Susan Candell

Steve & Sheryl Cardiff

Sean Carlin &

Deborah Fugate

Drs. Toni & Timothy


Cassidy Family

David & Alicia Cervenka

Felix & Janet Chan

Cece & Peppi Cimino

Chuck & Monica Clemons

John & Hazel Clendening

David Clingerman

Rhonda & Jorge Coello

Lisa & Tom Collins

Mike & Leanne Colvin

Kevin & Caroline Conner

Charles & Stephanie


Bonnie & Kurt Cornell

Jim & Alexis Coyle

Charles & Kathy Craig

Brad & Alison Crane

Patrick & Lisa Cronin

Matthew & Jennifer


Amy & Kevin Cullen

Frank & Cynthia Curcuro

Anabela & Emmanuel


Jeff & Anne Daniels

Sam & Kristie Darin

Simon & Sarah David

Caroline & Steve Davis

Joanna & Ken Dawson

Joseph & Rebecca DeLuca

David Deutscher

Jim & Ramona Diaz

Tim & Elena Dietrich

Mario & Jennifer Diprisco

Michael & Julie Lee


Tom Dulik & Katie Powers

Katy & Bill Dunmire

Chris Easter & Family

David & Bushra Eckstein

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Eggert

Andy & Anna Eppinger

Hakan Evrenosoglu &

Silvia Hernandez

Remo & Debbie Fabbri

Robert & Paola Fellows

Chris Ferreira &

Annette Lee

Dr. and Mrs.

Michael Fischman

Dena & Dan Fishbein

Hans & Jacqueline Florine

Kevin & Michelle Foster

Ann Galindo

Jim & Barbara Gallagher

The Gaylord Family

Adam & Wendy Gilberd

JoAnn Gillespie

Jim & Wendi Giordano

Mark & Naomi Glasky

Peter & Susan Goldie

Shelley & Robert Golomb

Steve & Lisa Gonzales

Goodfriend Family

Erwin & Lee Ann Gove

Sanjay & Marilyn


Jonathan & Roxanne Gray

Steven & Kim Greer

Trish & Peter Gregovich

Kristin & Noal Gutman

Nathan Haese &

Sue Wollowitz

David & Terri Hanan

Ron & Lynda Hansen

Debbie & Garret Harley

Kirk & Christina Harman

Michael Harris

Richard Hashim &

Laura Walter

Brett & Valerie Hathaway

Scott & Christine Hays

Eric & Mia Heglie

Mary Cardoza &

Douglas Hill

Scott Hirsch &

Claire Phillips

Mark & Rochelle Hober

Michael & Teresa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffmann Morgan

Tom & Hilary Holden

Michael & Lisa Holmes

The Hirahara-Honda


John & Donna Hrebec

The Huff Family-Kenneth,

Desta & Beniam

Eric & Erin Hull

Kim & Chris Hunter

Scott & Kristin Ingram

Shivani & Akshat Jain

Jeffries Family

Chuck & Melissa Johnston

Staci & Ian Johnston

Timothy & Donna Jones

Janet Estee &

Sergei Kacharmin

Steve Kallick &

Nina Resnikoff

Barry & Kathy Kami

Valerie & Colin Keely

Rick & Heidi Keely

Jason & Olga Kelly

Jeff & Donna Kendall

The Ketcham Family

Anupinder & Jasbir


John & Ann Kim

Jodi & Mark Kittinger

Alex & Jesseca Klein

Mitchell & Amanda


Terah & Leslie Larrick

Tim & Katie Larsen

J. Patrick & Laura


Greg & Dina Lattin

Sung & Junhee Lee

Anthony & Marybeth


Jill & Mark Lewis

Hongsheng Li & Cathy Mu

Jun Liu & Ke Wang

Francis & Karen Lo

Jay & Vangie Long

Jonathan Louie &

Jana Chao

Darien & Laura Lum

Margie & Trevor


Christopher & Lea MacKay

Joan & Bob Maderious

Todd & Catherine Maiden

Matt & Sarah Maiocco

Malmquist Family

Ben & Lisa Mangels

Lorn & Margo Marcellini

James & Wendy Martin

Jon & Melissa Masland

Andrew & Merilee


Colin & Margo McKenna

Meg & Al McNiece

The McWhirter Family

Thomas & Suzanne


Brian & Luisa Miles

Jeff & Mary Mitchell

Alina & Stefan Moiceanu

Jeff & Linda Mooers

Richard Morisky &

Cathy Welles Morisky

Sharon & William Nagle

David & Jennifer Napper

Duane Nelsen &

Peggy Matson

John & Jennifer Nelson

Christopher & Pamela


Jon & Shannon Nicosia

Kevin & Christina Nitsos

Salil Niyogi

Asghar & Kelley Nowrouz

Mark & Maureen Nuti

Dan & Mary Ann O’Malley

Peter Oppermann &

Julia DiRienzo

Andrew & Amy Orear

Rafael Ortiz-Fischer

Tripper & Dagmar


Jill & Matt Owens

Rick & Rose Padilla

The Paolini Family

Saum & Diana Partovi

Matt & Kay Patterson

Juan Pestana &

Sandra Mattar

Mark & Sarah Poole

Steve & Wendy Pratt

Rebecca & Jon Rader

Margrethe & Mike


Susan Raynes

Ernest & Gwen Reichert

Steve & Stephanie Reilly

Uwe & Susan Reimer

Keum Park &

Christopher Roberge

Daniel & Lindsay Rogers

Laurence & Kim


Susan Garcia & Jim Rynne

Mojdeh & Mahmood


Ben & Mina Sadoff

Thomas & Rosemarie


Stephanie & Tony


Paul & Dena Sauer

Bob & Jen Schipper

Douglas & Cynthia


Lafayette Partners in Education provides a wonderful partnership and

support to Lafayette School. The recent Strategic Planning and shift to

an education partnership support students with skills necessary to be

competitive in the global, information-based economy of the twenty-first

century. The unit of studies supported by LPIE integrates knowledge from

many areas, promotes critical thinking, and disciplines the mind.”

Mary Maddux, Principal, Lafayette Elementary

10 Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year 11

Honor Roll ($1,000–$1,499) continued

Mark & Sharon Sherman

Jerry & Kim Siegel

Karen & Daniel Siu

Brad & Shelley Smith

Kevin & Laurie Smith

Stephanie & Jay Snyder

Savvy & Emery Soun

Scott & Katie Sowarby

Wendy & Steve Sposato

Heather & Keith Stanford

Richard & Ruth Stanton

Diane & Hal Steuber

Sponsor ($500–$999)

Maris & Meighan Abolins

Acalanes High School

Class of 2010

Natasha & Walter Acuna

Kenn Adams

Alan & Shalini Agrawal

Aneela Ahmed

Marina & Cesare


Julee Alexander

Melissa Lunde & James Alva

Robert & Sarah Alvarado

Gregory & Aimee Ames

Douglas & Jennifer


Scott & Lisa Anderson

Stephen Anderson

Andy & Jamie Armanino

Peter Armstrong

Paul & Jennifer Arnett

Trina & James Audley

Sam & Tracey Awad

Tom & Rowena Baginski

Bernadette Bagley

Ahmad Bahai &

Marjan Noroozi

Ken & Karen Bakar

Brian Baker &

Linda Murphy

Pierre & Cecile Barlier

David & Shelly Barnes

Ursula Bartels

Pais & Phil Barton

Ian Bartos & Belinda Young

Chad & Ellen Basilico

Mark & Carolyn Bauer

Steve & Stacey Bauer

Kenneth & Kristine Bayless

Phillip & Helen Bazell

Marcel & Victoria Bazgu

Jennifer & Keith Beard

Greg Beattie &

Victoria Crebbin

Rick Beers & Erica Welton

Christian & Maureen


Michael & Sharon Swan

Thomas & Tina Tankka

Dawit Teklewold &

Helen Yohannes

Cari & Pete Thrasher

Pam Herhold &

Jeff Tinianow

Charles & Joan Toney

Moona Nandi &

Bryan Tong

Millicent Tooker

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Towne

Anton & Lada Tremsin

Scott & JerriAnn Turner

John Visbal

Jason & Kimberly Vorhauer

Petronella & Johan Walden

Fu Chung Wang &

Chai-Yu Huang

Mitchell & Ann Ward

Kim & John Webb

Paul & Katherine


Andrew Westergren &

Kay Tittle

William White &

“LPIE provides our students with exceptional opportunities to

experience learning in ways that enrich their understandings and

appreciation for art, science, social studies and music. This partnership

between LPIE and the schools is unique, and our students are

the winners!”

Wendy Patterson, Principal, Happy Valley Elementary

Alex & Holly Bender

Bradley & Stacie Bennett

Armin & Athena Berloui

Marc & Stephanie


Venkat & Vidya Bhat

Atul & Rashmi Bhatnagar

Brent & Anna Bird

David & Irina Birkenshaw

Luke & Carolyn Blacklidge

Kyle & Kelli Blocker

Karen & Larry Blodgett

Jacob & Alison Bodden

Steven & Kerry Bolen

Vincent Bones &

Alicia Faugier

Vince & Vanna Bonner

Michael & Tammy Borosky

Colin Botto &

Andrea Errington

Jordon Bowler

Sioban & Matthew Bowyer

Malcolm & Sylvia Boyce

Thomas & Kelly Bradley

Maureen Green &

Matthew Brady

Steven & Lucia Brannon

The Bremer Family

Melanie & Bill Brinkman

Beth Brown

Paul & Kendra Brown

Merrick & Rachel Browne

John & Laurie Bruns

John Brydon

Michael & Caroline Buckley

Todd & Bethany Buckner

Chris & Jenny Burford

Steven Burges &

Laura Ponder

Stephen Burr &

Sandra Patterson

Caitlin & Lee Burrows

Gerry Cabrera &

Belinda Paz

The Caldwell Family

Ken & Diane Camporeale

Cannizzo Family

Nicole & Joe Carberry

Bart & Surinder Carr

Carole Carretta

The Carrillo Family

Patrick & Sarah Carrillo

Francis Carrington &

Joan Seet

Jack & Sara Carter

Ed & Mary Ann Casey

Paul & Diana Cavanaugh

Glen & Laura Ceridono

Bill & Michelle Chan

Melissa & Peter Chatterton

Roger & Yumi Chelemedos

Craig Cheslog &

Kari Dahlen

Shigeto & Yumi Chiba

Marc & Lynne Childers

Anthony Choi &

Camille Tsao

Scott & Andrea Christie

Jill Christofferson

Chris & Julie Cimino

Ann & Steve Clark

Mark & Pascale Cohen

Victor Cole

Rick & Mary Collett

Warren & Heather Collier

Terrance & Kristin Connelly

Lisa & Tom Connolly

Karen & Gary Conrad

Tom & Vicki Consoli

Chris & Molly Cooper

John & Susan Cooper

Maurice Cooper &

Crystal Williams

Marian & Jim Cope

Sharon Kidd &

Carl Corrigan

Nancy & George Cortessis

Lisa & Errol Craig

Ele & Eddie Croze

John Cunninghan &

Abby Fateman

Kristha Le

Lee & Laura Whitmore

Craig & Ellen Whittom

Keith & Susan Wilson

Lise Wilson

Atsushi & Miki Yamada

Christopher & Rachel


Scott & Grace Yoo

Alan & Eng Young

David & Gina Young

Jon & Shannon Zuber

Anonymous (27)

Marta Cunningham

Tom & Jennifer


Frederick & Kim Curiel

William & Corinne

da Cunha

Nelson & Leticia


Alla & Alix Dadiomov

Brian & Kelley Daly

Chris & Amy Damianakes

Pete Dapkus &

Mary Halprin

Caryn & Marc David

Hunter & Jennifer Davis

Jeff & Natasha Davis

Robert & Naomi Davis

Catherine & Steve Davis

Jan & Tracy Davis

Gregg & Susan De La Cruz

Mark & Deborah Degner

Marciarille-DeLong Family

Ann & David DeLuce

Charles & Susan Dible

Kevin & Julie Diede

Steve & Elizabeth Dietsch

Mihail & Desislava Dikov

Lisa Dirito

Chris & Jennifer Dodge

Dohemann Family

Daniel & Ruth Donner

Aliya & Ian Dorner

Robert & Kathryn Dowdall

Brian & Lori Doyle

Todd & Sarah Drasin

Alex & Samantha Duff

Susan Barnes &

Richard Dunn

Deborah & Thomas Dwyer

Chad & Erica Dyer

Robert & Lora Easley

Adam Ebner & Shayne Kirk

Bradley Edelman &

Teli Thayer

Timothy & Araceli Ekren

Sponsor ($500–$999) continued

Diane & Tom Elliott

Rosemarie & Tom Ellsworth

Alan & Katrine Enrici

Mark & Mary Beth


David & Nancy Ericksen

Frank & Eva Evangelist

Lindy & Christopher Evans

David & Catherine Evans

Jeremy & Eleanor Evans

John & Joan Faber

Peter Favro &

Jennifer Rubin

Karen & Todd Fearon

Troy & Denisa Feddersen

Jeffrey & Judy Feldman

Rich & Kathy Fettke

Daniel & Cecilia Feyk

Kim & Mark Figone

Scott & Wendy Finegold

Keith Fink &

Karen Mathews

Bob & Jean Finney

David & Fernanda Fisher

Daniel & Christina


Patrick & Patty Fitzpatrick

Patrick Flaherty &

Hue Yong Chua

R.J. & Madeline


Tanya & Mark Forbes

Jason & Emily Forschler

Carl & Carla Foster

Geoffrey Foster &

Nicole Jones

Kurt & Catherine Franklin

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fraser

Brian & Tina Frechman

Jack & Valyrie Friedman

Brad & Carla Frolich

John & Laura Furstenthal

Courtney & Ted Gallagher

Colin Ganter &

Miriam Petrlich

Jossan Garcia &

Sharon Mieloch-Garcia

Ray & Ingrid Gardner

Doug & Fran Gary

Brad & Angie Gates

Glen & Julie Gates

Warren & Margaret Geddes

Belinda & Mike Gee

Gregory & Susan Genovese

Nikhil Gera & Anjali Apte

Anthony & Shayna


Philip Girard &

Maria Cefalu

Jeff & Geri Given

Brian & Julie Gladden

Jennifer & Brett Glass

Lawrence Goldzband &

Kathleen Deibert

Charles & Janelle Gonsalves

Bret & Janene Goodman

Deborah Goodman

Peter & Mindy Goodman

Harry & Aleece Gottfried

Robert & Susie Graham

Paul Gray

Timothy Green

Stacy Greengard

Steven & Julia Greenwell

Harlan Grossman &

Helane Morrison

Matthew & Joanna Gruber

Catherine & David Habas

Bill & Gina Hageboeck

Matthew & Leslie Hagel

John Hagen &

Tanya Parmelee

Kris Halverson &

Ed Haggerty

Seth & Shelly Hamalian

Austin &

Christina Hamilton

Jason & Julie Hammerman

Charlie & Suzy Hansen

Michael & Julie Hansen

Michael & Leah Harhay

JoAnn W. Harley

Leslie Dumas &

David Harnish

Michele Nino &

Dan Harrington

James & Sharyn Harrington

Caroline & David Harris

Matthew & Lindsey Hatch

Carin Fujisaki & Pablo Haz

Matthew Healy

Ron Heidary &

Alma Nason-Heidary

James & Nicola Hemerling

John & Kathy Hemmenway

Karl & Linda Hepfling

Pat & Myrna Hennessy

Jay & Gayla Henney

Michael Henninger &

Kristin Becker

Ann Henstrand

Seok-Jin Heo &

Hye-Jung Han

The Higginbotham Family

Phu Ho & Y-lan Nghiem-Ho

Vincent & Sunita Ho

Bill & Terry Hogland

Amy Hollshwandner

Meade Hopkins &

Krista McGuire

Brad & Marcia Howard

Jason & Abby Howard

Henry & Marcie Hsia

Gary Huckabay &

Kathryn Schofield

Andrew & Caroline Huddart

Teresa Huey

Heidi Hug

Eric Hunt & Margaret Eylar

Deborah & Sal Italiano

Kenneth & Kristi Ives

Alexander Izmailova &

Olga Tinina

Martin & Roxanna Jackman

Gil & Stacy Jackson

Neal & Alison Jacobi

Todd & Alice Jacobson

Robert Jagger &

Elizabeth Youngs

Leslie Jensen

Jonah Jimenez & Gayle Jay

Manuel Jimenez &

Bo-Kyung Kim

Mike & Sarah Johnson

Mona Johnson

Aaron & Kirsten Jones

Dan & Lynne Jones

Pete & Suzanne Jones

Scott Juanrubenis &

Nancy Dalrymple

Dana & Charlene Jung

Hyonsuk Jung

Will & Kelly Kalway

Ross & Ellie Kaplan

Felix Karim & Libby Craig

Amarnath & Vidya


Tim & Cheryl Kean

Andrew & Mimi Kearney

Anne & Peter Kelley

Shannon & Tim Kelly

John & Elizabeth Kim

Shawn & Kristine Kinnear

Rosemary & Lee Kirbach

Robert & Kim Kirby

John & T.J. Kirke

Jeanne Kisner

Bob Kliger & Philae Carver

Terry Klim &

Deborah Dagang

Scot & Maya Kobashigawa

David & Maryly Koch

Garrett & Emily Koehn

Will Koenig &

Jeanine Boneck Koenig

Randi & Ed Kofman

David & Lily Kohls

Rebecca De Kalb &

Ron Kolb

Edward & Ingrid Koo

Sherman & Julie Koo

Amir & Samar Koopah

John Koslosky &

Christine Morgan

Vicky Koyake

Patrick Krawec

Amie & Bryan Krey

Tom & Victoria Kruggel

Lawrence & Mary Kuhn

Amanda Kush

Chad & Kristen Labrosse

Eric & Jane Ladrech

The LaFrance Family

Lori & Warren Lane

Mike & Lori Langley

Peter & Sharon Langtry

Creighton & Shannon


Craig Latimer &

Susanne Wong

Michael & Barbara


Steve & Eileen Leach

Barry & Sherie Lee

David & Joyce Lee

Michael & Jiyoon Lee

Bill Leetham

Paul & Barbara Lefcourt

Steven Lenz & Kay Monroe

Randy & Laura Levandowski

Vicki Elliot & David Levine

Michael Levine

Steve & Margaret Levit

Adrian & MaryJane Levy

Brant & Amy Lewis

Peter Linfoot &

Louise Bourassa

Jose & Leticia Lira

Stephen Lui & Joanna Chen

Yusheng & Gwendolin Liu

Michael Locher

Mike & Winnie Lohman

Ron & Jodi Lom

Veronica & Lawland Long

Steve & Nicole Long

David & Sheila Longerbeam

Lisa Loudon

Clay & Kendra Loveless

Steve Lovell &

Dara Youngdale

James & Anita Low

Robert & Laura Lyman

Kaisa & Adam Lyon

John & Christina Lyons

Nina & Christiaan Maarse

Dayna & Harry MacDannald

Stephen & Rebecca


Ben & Mary Ann Machol

Todd & Leslie Machtmes

Edy Hayashi & Tom Mack

Jorge & Amy Madrigal

Mark Mahaney &

Patricia Mickens

Vicki Song & Chun Mak

Stan & Susan


Robert & Ruth Manlove

Michael & Rosemarie


Jonathan & Gillian Marek

Mary Jo & Jim Marggraff

Michael & Leslie Mariani

Ken & Laura Marinai

Stephanie & Robert Marrone

Carl & Lisa Martin

Cathy & Nicholai Martinsen

George & Viviana Masarweh

Greg & Mary Ann Mason

Byrne & Oystein Mathisen

“LPIE and Springhill have had a relationship that has benefited almost

every aspect of curriculum over the years. Some of the most educational

and entertaining annual evenings at Springhill are sponsored by LPIE,

including the Science Fair and the Art and Music Fair. The classroom

offerings by LPIE instructors are of the highest quality. Thank you, LPIE.

Where would Springhill School be without you?”

Bruce Wodhams, Principal, Springhill Elementary

1 Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year 13

Sponsor ($500–$999) continued Sponsor ($500–$999) continued

Tom & Kelly Matson

Annette & Christopher


Sumon Mazumdar & Seema


David & Rebecca McAuliffe

Kevin & Jennifer McCarthy

Patrick & Colleen McCarty

John & Colleen McCormick

Kimberly D. McCue

Patrick McGlynn &

Jane Zayid

Robert McKee &

Melissa Gates

John & Terrie McLeod

Heidi & Scott McLeod

Patricia & Joseph McMahon

James & Kristin McPhail

Barry & Karla McQuain

Heather McReynolds

Debbie Gajer &

Jim McTarnaghan

Robert & Wendy Means

John & Aurevic Medeiros

Oscar & Marisa Medina

Peter & Connie Melcher

Tristan Melewicz

Alfonso Mendez &

Elena Otero

Greg & Bonnie Merrill

Keith & Janice Metzger

Michael & Jennifer


Brian & Tifanie Mikalis

Daniel & Frances Miller

Larry Miller & Ava


Steve & Kathleen Miller

Steven Miller &

Lori McDonald

Jill & Josh Milnes

Ellen & Pete Miramontes

Craig & Adrienne Mizell

Patrick Mohan

Jack & Dawn Monopoli

Linda & Vlad Moroz

Michael Moskowitz &

Lisa Bond-Nelson

Sarah & Selwyn Mould

Adrian & Jennifer Moyer

Fannin/Mudgett Household

Tara & David Munier

Denise & Robert Murphy

Kirsten & Damon Musha

Laura & Mark Nathan

The Neale Family

David & Julie Neff

E.J. & Lucia Nella

Matthew & Maria Nelson

Michael & Karyn Nelson

Michael & Maria Newman

Joseph & Elizabeth Newton

Vinny & Phoung Phan Ngo

Nhan & Maianh Nguyen

Don Nimura &

Mary McConnell

Kris Niyogi & Vali Frank

Casey & Carole Noel

Tim & Holly Nolan

Doug & Christi Norton

Michael & Julie Novak

Barbara Harris &

Michael O’Brien

Mike & Jill O’Brien

Timothy & Jennifer


John & Molly Ogro

Jeffrey & Meg O’Hare

Luigi Oldani &

Dana Blanton

Lisa & Andrew Oliver

David & Juan Olsen

Brad & Jane Omick

Don & Mary O’Neal

Brian & Shelly O’Neill

Jason Oppenheimer &

Jamie Jefferson

Robert & Sophia O’Reilly

Kelly Ortlieb

Rob Ortlieb

David Osborn &

Julie Morgan

Michael & Margaret Ostrom

Keith & Brenda Ostrow

Bob & Sally Otsuka

Patrick & Robin Owens

Stacy & Laisha Ozaki

Robert Pallarino &

Mary Grisier

Helen Pan

Robert & Julie Pancoast

Michael Paperin &

Natalia Tcherkas

Berch Perker &

Marni Taradash

Fia Parker &

Marianne Flatland

Mark & Elizabeth Parry

Jonathan & Kristine Pass

Thomas & Lauren Peatman

Damon & Alyse Pellegrini

Chris Peters &

Shari Samuels

Bret & Annie Peterson

Bill & Heidi

Rahlmann Plumb

Steve & Ellen Poling

Dylan Ponicsan

Kevin Porep

Dr. Brad & Mrs. Stephanie


Paul & Laura Pritchard

Lawrence Prozan &

Linda Drucker

Kelly Quinn & Susan Nutter

Michael & Bridget Quinn

David & Elizabeth Quirk

Robert & April Raffel

Mary & Carl Ransdell

Konrad Rautenberg &

Cheryl Noriye

Zara Khan &

Jawad Razzaque

Paul & Heather Records

Chris & Alissa Reddam

Christopher & Staci Reeder

Charles & Michelle Regan

Regan Family

Spencer & Taber Reiner

Rick & Kathleen Reinsberg

Steve & Sharon Richard

John & Christina Richmond

William Ridings &

Marilyn Margiotti

Brian Riedel &

Lynne McBride

Patrick & Erin Rigney

Chris & Chelsea Roberts

Debbie Roberts

Charles Robinson &

Debra Jockisch

Verna Haas &

Goeff Robinson

Lawrence & Carol Rockwell

The Rodrigues Family

Cynthia Rodriguez &

Savannah Johnson

George & Kristie Roeth

Jon & Nicole Rogers

Mike & Kim Rogers

Claus & Kerri Roggensack

David & Liz Rosenberg

Mark & Laura Ross

John Rossell &

Christine Murray

Brenda Rossi

Peter Rossi

Bruno & Lynde Rouche

The Roux Family

Anthony & Nina Ruebner

Jim & Sue Rusk

David & Anne Salas

Shane & Lynn Salazar

Mary Salmon

Alma & Renee Sanchez

Eric & Judith Sandberg

Manjit & Tina Sappal

Jason & Cynthia Schaffer

Robert Schoenfield &

Danielle Woermann

Coleen Schoenheide

William & Patti Schultz

Mark & Sarah Schwartz

John & Judy Sears

Michael & Tina Sebree

Julie Severet &

Bobbie Goodwin

Ed & Laurie Shaffer

Simon & Monika Shaham

Jason & Allison Shellen

WR & Mary Jo Shepherd

Jim & Jennifer Shepherd

Dan Sherman &

Katy Donaldson

Robert & Hilary Shipway

Peter & Laura Shumaker

Brett & Holly Sileo

Elizabeth Silva

Sharon Silveri &

Carol Kinney

Simonsen Family

Ms. Frances Singer

Satnam Singh &

Susan Thach

Michael & Renee Sitzman

Chris & Ann Sizemore

Brian & Sharon Smith

Cheri & Glenn Smith

David & Maki Socher

Greg & Jenny Solari

Darius & Caroline Somary

Peter & Holly Sonne

Jon & Beth Soto

Costas & Cheryl Spanos

Shaun & Sarah Sparkman

Craig & Nancy Spittler

Randall & Sharen Spratt

Julie Chow &

Sunder Srinivasan

Kiki & Tom Stack

Kyle & Mary Beth Stadt

Scot & Karen Stambaugh

Claudia Starks

Zachary & Monica Stassi

Andy & Laurie Steinberg

Neil Steingrube

Thomas & Rosylyn Stenzel

Jodie Torena &

Edward Stephen

Nicholas & Maureen


Linda & Scott Stewart

Alison Stoddard

Stacie & David Stone

Lisa Stone

Bob & Sheila Stosick

Michael Strittmatter &

Veronica Valencia

David Stromberg

Jill & Russ Stryker

Suburban Women’s Club

of Lafayette

Edward J. & Shannon L.


Paul Tanaka & Cherell Hane

Dwight Taylor &

Carolyn Searls

Mark & Shannon Taylor

Chris & Katie Terhar

Tewold Tesfai &

Selam Kiflom

Madan & Karen Thapa

Anil Thayamballi &

Nita Mehta

Blake & Laura Thibault

Thiselton-Dyer Family

Oomen & Shilpa Thomas

Jeff & Allison Thomason

Michael Thompson &

Margaret Wong

Kristopher & Susan Thoren

William & Melissa Thorn

Justin & Sally Thornton

John & Kristina Thuma

Nancy Till

Frank & Patricia Tinley

Chris & Elena Toohey

Geoffrey & Cindy Torretta

Joanne Tan &

Philippe Toudic

Gordon & Masami Travis

Mary Carvotta-Trexler

Dave Troxell &

Catherine Lawler

Christopher & Heather


Joseph & Tracy Ucuzoglu

Andrew & Kendra Uffelman

Keith Ungles

Sanjay Unni &

Shyamala Abraham

James & Lisa Urick

Joannie & Keith Vaisnor

Michael & Shelly Valerio

Tom & Patricia Van Ormer

Louise Magno

Dan & Chrissa Ventrelle

Michael & Shannon


Brian & Eliza Veronda

Tanya Vetter

Charlie & Shelly Vezzali

Mark & Shannon Vicencio

Kyle & Nancy Vinther

Steve & Kris Virostek

Ali & Jana Vojdani

Karl & Caroline Volk

Ritch & Judy Voss

Jane & Bruno Walker

John & Jan Walker

Karen & Rick Walker

Todd & Kim Walker

Bill & Jill Wallace

Gene Wang & Sue Zhang

Jun & Jin Wang

Wensheng Wang & Yi Gao

Edward & Catherine


Fred & Deborah Warren

Paul & Alicia Weber

Hagay & Yael Weiss

Jonathan & Kiyo Weiss

Welland Family

Ronald & Cristina Wells

Jonathan & Jennifer Westen

Kurt & Jill Wharton

Jon & Jynane Wheeler

Ben & Meredith White

Carlton & Laura White

Mike & Jeanne Williams

Donor (Up to $499)

Jeff & Rosalina Acuff

Len & Tina Adkerson

Lisa Ahearn

Max & Fumiyo Ahmed

Christy Akol

Jason Allen &

Tanya Karnovich

Mike & Kristin Allio

Deborah Anderson

Ashock & Susan Aneja

Applin Family

Bill & Ann Armstrong

Miguel & Michele Gonzalez-


Ahmad & Sima Asghary

Jeff Assadi &

Parinaz Golshaeian

Frederic Autran &

Nancy Kaplan

Rodolfo Ayala-Grosso &

Patricia Hurtado

Oleksandr Aza

James & Sharon Bach

Siamak Bagheri &

Noori Farnaz

Anita Bagley

Willard & Geraldine Bagley

Linda Bailey

John & Vicki Barakos

Albert & Rebecca Barber

Daniel Barnes

Michael & Britt Barnes

Stephen & Kathleen Barron

Robert & Annette Barter

John Basos & Virginia Sauer

Lawrence P. & Anna C. Beck

Jonathan Becker &

Valerie Lee

Geoffrey & Sally Bellenger

Avi & Michaella Ben-Ari

Scott & Leigh Benner

Todd & Helen Bequette

Robert & Lee Berg

Glenn & Sylvia Berkheimer

Andrew & Raquel Betts

Juliane Bigelow

Bindi Family

Avon & George Wilson

James & Camilla Wilson

James & Shiva Wilson

Neil & Nancy Wilson

Bob Wilson

Jonathan & Tal Winchell

and Family

Michael Wingate &

Aliye Ozandag

Troy & Christy Winkles

Chris & Christina Winquist

Charles & Laurie Winslow

Rabinder Birdee

Ethel Biro

Alexander Blank

Tej & Chris Bloom

Linda Bochte

Jon & Danielle Boone

Bill & Wendi Boselli

Mike Bowers & Rachel Zinn

Benjamin & Salina Boynton

Kathryn & Ken Bozzini

The Brackett Family

Mike & Tracy Brewer

Peter & Cynthia Brisbo

Barbara & Bill Broach

Michael & Virginia Brody

Gary & Kim Brundage

L.P. Bucklin

The Burnett Family

Rob & Shireen Burns

Bruce & Teresa Caldwell

Akili & Katherine Calhoun

Douglas & Suzanne


Mark & Veronica Campton

Julie & Paul Candau

Douglas Cantwell

Sara Capra

Bill Carey & Kathleen Daly

Mark & Melinda Carstens

Tracy & Michael Carter

Manny & Kimberly Carvajal

Michael & Nicole Cassidy

Jack Catton

Robert & Sophia Cervero

Michele Chalmers

Leonard Champion

Lori Chang

Clarence & Helen Chapman

Karen Chelini

Annie Chen

Karen Shen & Mark Chen

Jason & Jeannine Cherene

Heidi & Gary Chew

Johnny & Valerie Chiem

Bob & Carrie Chorak

Darrell & Katherine


Wayne & Helen Christian

David Witt

Yeo Joung Won & Young Eun

Edward & Laurie


Bret & Elizabeth Wood

Petra Reineke & Vince Wood

Kevin & Tanya Woodard

Marc & Kathie Woodman

JD & Maria Woods

Jerry Yang & Vanessa Chen

Kevin Yasumura &

Renee Tanaka

Gordon & Erin Yee

Tom & Lisa Christophe

Rand & Susan Chritton

Samson & Mei Chu

Brian & Karen Chuck

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Chung

Elva Cisneros

Mary Ann Hasbrook &

James Claytor

Mark Clearwater

Alexander & Stephanie


Ken & Stephanie Coffee

Andrea & Gary Cohen

Craig & Elly Conrad

Holly & Christopher Cooper

Jim & Megan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper &

Carol Rothstein

Patrick & Lauren Corcoran

Doug & Ginny Cowden

Joe & Judy Craig

William & Elizabeth


Marty & Marsha Dahl

Amy Daley

Agnes Chow &

Douglas Danel

Jan Daniel

Susan Danielsen

Pepe & Carol Davis

Heather & Wayne Davis

Carolyn & Craig Deily

Dan & Franca Del Ponte

Zhou Deng

Bruce & Lynne Denny

Richard & Valerie DeShong

Andrea & Marc Desin

The Deskin Family

Kathleen Woehrle-Dexter

Adrian & Candice Diaz

Alexander & Bebbie Diaz

David & Rheaellen Dobin

Mary Elena Dochterman

Val & Inder Dosanjh

Joe & Cindy Dougherty

Mari Dreyer

Eric & Amy Dwight

Jennifer Young

Rachel Goldstone &

Joseph Young

Henry & Shirley Yu

Zestar-Postrk Family

Wengang Zhang & Ping Zhou

Xiaobing Zhang & Wei Yuan

Gang Zhao & Hong Geng

Richard & Laura Zhu

Michael Zischke &

Nadin Sponamore

Laura Zucker

Anonymous (51)

“The tremendous support of LPIE and their collaboration with the

District and our parent organizations can be seen on Stanley’s campus

every day. The people and programs make all our sites truly exceptional

and a huge reason why so many families choose Lafayette schools.”

David Schrag, Principal, Stanley Middle School

Bob & Allison Eagle

Marilyn Eaton

Robert Eaton &

Christina Coleridge

Donald & Ariana Edmon

Jeff & Fei Edwards

Reid & Phyllis Edwards

Thomas & Jill Edwards

Deborah Schissell &

William Elder

Wade Ellery

Colin & Karen Elliott

Miles & Kelly Englehart

Craig & Linda Epperson

Derya & Annette Erce

Todd & Staci Ericson

The Escajeda Family

Marie Estorge

Alberto & Grace Evangelista

Ron & Susan Evans

Michael & Linda Everitt

Mark & Debbie Everton

Yvette Lindgren &

Mike Fahrenkrog

Reshma & Abbas Faiq

Donald Falk

Theresa Falk

John & Melody Fan

Herman & Vivian Farmer

Joseph & Lisa Farnan

Ilma & David Faulkner

Kim Felton

Jerold & Margaret Fenner

John Feuerstein &

Carine Hoarau

Denise Figone

Vladimir & Maria Filonov

Jeff Fitzmyers

Roxie Fitzmyers

Ezequiel Flores &

Teresa Gallardo

Tim & Paula Floyd

Dru Foote

Bruce & Doris Forbes

Brett & Marguerite Foster

Robin & Brad Fox

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Fox

1 Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year 1

Donor (Up to $499) continued

Bob & Syrene Francis

John & Cathi Frangoulis

Peter Frazier

Michael & Rodina Frederick

Friends of the Lafayette

Library & Learning Center

John & Amy Fritschi

Eric & Irma Fromer

Peter Fukumae

Jim & Kathy Fulton

Phil & Laura Gaffney

Tristen & Matthew


Raymond & Regina Garcia

Douglas & Samantha


Jim Garrett & Maria Rivera

Kent & Judy Garvens

Stephen Gause

Maurice & Rita Geraghty

Jeff & Linda Gidre

Kevin & Karen Gilbert

Eric Gille & Kelly Brodie

Thomas & Joyce Glidden

Candido & Alison Gomez

Jennifer Gonzalez

Shelly Goodman

Mark & Sara Goshay

Greg & Lisa Gotts

Jeff Blee & Susan Gouveia

Jeff & Heather Goyert

Justin Graham

Gena Grana

Reigh & Anne Granlund

Susan & David Graves

Jennifer Gray

Chris & Amy Greacen

Brian & Lori Green

Robert Green

Dan & Trisha Grobeck

Mark Grundman &

Elaine Deane

Jimmy Gu & Fangjin Zhang

Richard Guadagni

Marylee Guinon

K. F. Guthrie

Fadi G. Haddad

Jeff & Dulce Hahn

Young Hahn

Behjat Yazdifar &

Ahmad Hakimjavadi

Mrs. Jacque Hall

Linda Hall

Bo Hang & Xiaoyan Chen

Kyle & Gina Hansen

William & Antonia Hanson

Kirk & Heather Hardiman

Jay & Abby Harrigan

Matthew & Amanda Harvey

Darren & Brenda Hattersley

Jonathan & Pamela Hawlins

Roger & Mary Hay

Paul & Linda Heilmann

Adam & Kimberly


Susan Hennies

Andrew & Amber Henwood

Gabriel Hernandez &

Melanie Babson

Manual & Wanda


Peter & Barbara Hewitt

Roberta Heyman

Bryan & Anne Hill

Kenneth & Tracy Hinck

Gordon & Patricia Hinds

Amy & Jevon Hink

Helen Hirsch

Michael & Candace Hirsch

Bryan & Cathleen Holt

Bill & Cathy Hopper

Peggy & Alan Horn

Erling & Patricia Horn

Rick Horn &

Karen Moghtader

Cindy Horvath &

Joanne Genet

Jamie Borg

Chris Huber & Mary Kelly

Kristin Hulsey

Sung Wook Hwang &

Sue Kyoung Kim

Ed & Jackie Igoe

Kerry & Michael Inserra

Xavier & Barbara Irias

David & Sanae Ishibashi

David & Dolores Iventosch

Stan & Naomi Jacobs

Shahin & Sam Jahromi

Chris & Alexa Jansky

Keith & Regine Jarett

Alex & Nicole Jarotzky

Mel & Amy Jenssen

Deepak & Geeta Jetly

Edwin & Christy Joe

Erik & Meredith Johnson

James & Ann Johnson

Richard Johnson & Diem Vo

Margaret Liu &

Robert Johnson

Richard & Elizabeth


Traci & Stephen Joyce

Sang Gyu Jung &

Jung Sim Roa

Renee & Craig Juster

Paul & Geri Justi

Susan Kaar

Brian & Carla


Lisa Kallen

Kathrine & Mohammad


Robert & Laura Kastigar

Mike Katz & Mary Ilyin

Tracey Kaufmann

Mark & Karin Kauzer

Darren & Sara Kelly

Murray & Cynthia Towle


Kersten Family

Alok & Parul Khare

Dharamdass & Rosanna


Susan & Karim Khiar

Chris & Jennifer Kilpatrick

Alphonso King &

April Young

Jeffrey & Karen


David Kleinerman

Devlin & Maureen Koehler

Basha Kooler

Susan Schapiro &

Charley Kopp

Ryan & Dana Kotarba

Harry & Amy Kotsiomitis

Matty Varban & Dietmar


Kathleen Krentz

Jae-Hoon Kwon & Yoon Choi

Eric & Wendy Lacy

Marjan Ladjevardi

Lafayette Historical Society

Jimmy & Amy Lai

Ashutosh & Aseem Lal

Rich Lande

Lisa Langhoff

James & Emely Larsen

Stephen & Kerry Lauth

Robert & Kimberly Lavoie

Art & Julie Layne

Calvin & Noreen Lee

Franklin & Betty Lee

Richard & Elizabeth Lee

Thomas Lee & Linda Choi

Arnold Lee

Zhiqiang & Chunmei Leng

The Levenberg Family

Mark & Nancy Lewis

Robert & Celia Lewis

Sheldon Lewis Family

Liane Abrams & Ed Lichtig

David & Sandy Lilienstein

Lo-hung & Annie Lin

Mingjie Lin & Yaling Ma

Tse-Si Lin &

Mei-Ling Cheng

Bruce & Cindy Lincoln

Edward Liow & Ann T. Than

Todd Liu & Shih-Pei Chen

Lafayette Library &

Learning Center


Andrew & Karen Lloyd

Christopher Lockard

Scott & Francesca Lohman

Li Long & Sining Wang

Priscilla Long

“With the uncertainty of the state budget and decrease in state funding

of necessary programs, we are now, more than ever, dependent on the

support of organizations such as LPIE. We are proud and thankful

for our strong partnership with LPIE. Our classrooms would not have

the cutting-edge technology, staff support, art and music programs,

science or classroom tools that our students currently depend on.

We are grateful for LPIE’s continuous support.”

Aida Glimme, Principal, Acalanes High School

Susan & Joe Loria

Scott & Lori Loughran-Smith

The Lowell Berry Foundation

Leland & Sandy Lum

Norman & Elise Lustig

Rob & Amy Lynch

Jimmy Ma & Tiffany Lao

Jeffrey & Constance


David & Tatia MacKinnon

Al & Karen Maggio

Douglas & Barbara Magoon

Roxiene Maisano

Michael & JoAnn Mak

John & Linda Mara

Jeffrey Marchesani

Melissa Hom & Mike Marion

Louise & Elliott Mark

Dr. Marilyn Alder Marquis

Michael & Linda Marsden

Kathy & Dick Marshall

George & Sharon Marshall

Kristina & Chris Martin

Dan & Colleen Masri

Charles & Lisa Mattox

Bobby & Amanda Maxwell

Rick May & Jody Cosgrove

Andy & Lisa Mayeda

Joy & George Maze

Beth & Bart McClelland

Tim & Carolyn McConnell

Christine McCracken

Tim & Patty McCreery

Stuart & Barbara McCullough

Brian & Lilian McGlothlen

Erin McGrath

Pat & Jack McGrath

Peirce & Jo Ann McKee

Jeffrey P. McKee Foundation

Robert & Mary McKendell

Michael & Cheryl McKeon

McKinney Family

Jay, Sue, Megan & Mark


David & Kiki McNabb

Tasha & Tim McNamara

Michael & Beth McVay

Chris Meek & Jodi Consoli

Robin & Bob Merritt

James & Mary Mes

Joe & Cheryl Metro

John & Helga Metzger

Rob & Teresa Middleton

Terry & Julie Miles

Andrea Miller

Robert Miller & Paula Shadle

Shirley Miller

William Arthur Miller

Benny & Bonnie Min

Bruce & Raena Mishkit

Mark & Anne Mitchell

John Mize

John & Marie Mlynek

Donor (Up to $499) continued

Daniel & Noemi Moen

Michael & Juliet Montagnon

Dr. & Mrs.

Robert P. Mooney, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Anson Moore

Dominic & Katherine


Deborah Moskowitz

Minou & Shidzad


John & Judith Mountin

Michelle & Dan Muller

Sandra & Greg Mulligan

Bryan & Gladys Murphy

Eamon & Wendy Murphy

Pete & Lori Musser

Daniel & Mary Nakahara

Collin & Shawn Nall

Theron Nelson

Andrew & Christy Ness

Mark & Patricia Neyshloss

Alaen & Tina Ninh

Chris & Judy Nixon

Jon Nolan

Bill & Susan Nork

Aaron & Amy Norstad

Angela Norwood

Thomas & Gail Nugent

Bruce & Margaret Obendorf

The Olson Family

Alison Overell

Byeung Park &

Hyeyoung Lee

Thomas & Susan Park

Mike & Wendy Parodi

Elizabeth Parsons

John Patty & Beth Roosa

The Paul Family

Virginia & Royce Paulsen

David & Ann Pearce

Todd & Gail Pearson

Ann Peck

Julie Peck

Roger & Melinda Pedersen

Georges & Virginia Pelpel

Pat, Steve & Lori Perkovich

Jay & Angela Perry

H. Wayne Perry

Aleksey Pesternikov

Max & Renee Peyvan

Betty Phillips

Andre & Mary Pierce

Ed & Ann Pinedo

John, Flora & Haley Pinnella

Michael Plafker &

Shannon Stanley

Joyce & Lloyd Plank

Sam & Chari Plough

Stanley & Beth Pollock

The Poole Family

David Portnoff &

Vivienne Hing

George & Lynette Potter

Eric & Deanna Poulsen

Judy Kirkpatrick &

Roy Powell

Allan Pregillano &

Theresa Bocobo

R&J Construction, Inc.

Dr. Margaret S. Race

Zachary & Elizabeth


Rizal & Marivic Ramos

Timothy Ramsay &

Karen Hack

Randall & Marsha Ramsey

Sarah Kelley

Jack & Sandy Ravazza

Viktoriya Razumovska

Phil & Gale Remotto

Greg Reynolds

James & Sandra Rhodes

Shelly Rhodes

William & Elise Rice

Joan Richards

Chris & Gemma Rieser

John & Gail Riordan

Bryce & Anna Marie


Corinne & David Roberts

Michael Robertson

Mike & Kelli Robertson

Ted & Jan Robertson

Scott & Deborah Robinson

Regina Rocca

Anthony & Erika Rocco

Mr. David &

Mrs. Trudy Rodriguez

Ed & Renee Rogers

Jeff & Adrienne Rogers

Sally & John Rohrer

Ed & Suzanne Rose

Rob & Jenny Rosen

Elizabeth Rosenberg

David Ross

Joyce Ross

Jill McTaggart &

Michael Ross

Stuart & Marybeth Ross

Joani de Vries

Michael Rossi &

Elizabeth Engh

Bill & Liz Roth

John Rudinski &

Yinghoug Li

Rudman Family

Christopher & Nathalie


Carol & George Rustigian

Sherilynn Jade Salon

Lissett & Armando


Richard & Lisa Sanchez

Nancy & David Sanders



Matt & Kristin Schenone

Doug & Juli Schmidt

Kurt & Patricia Schultz

Dave & Yevette Schurhoff

Alan Schwartz

Michael & Nancy Scribner

Cooper Howard &

Doug Seandel

Jennifer & Steve Searle

Captain & Mrs. John L.


Pam Seroy

Barbara & Ken Serwin

Anthony & Karen Severo

Mark Seymour

Charles Shackett &

Melissa Jacobson

Joseph Shahabi &

Soraya Radmanesh

Honeyeh Shahidi

James & Anne Shaw

Dr. Murray & Christine


Sanford Sherman

Lynn Shields

Judy & Bob Shimizu

Irfan & Ambreen Siddiqi

The Sides Family

Dean & Irina Sigmundson

Deborah Simmons

Romeet & Victoria Singh

Elizabeth Singleterry

Sann & Wai Siv

Jane & Kevin Skillern

David & Heidi Skvarna

Charles & Dagmar Slovak

Chris & Laurie Smith

Doris Smith

Eric Smith

Amy & James Smith

Steve Smith & Lisa Ryan

Bob & Mary Smits

Amanda Somberg

Craig & Benjamin Somberg

Gregory & Olga Sominsky

HongJun & JingRong Song

Gerald Soulos &

Theresa Tsingis

Mark Souza &

Cindy O’Conner

David & Jennifer Stanton

Maria Steelman

Greg Steward &

Andrea Guzman

John Stockton

Keith & Lisa Stone

Marc & Joan Strohwig

Janet & Paul Supple

Paul & Linda Swatek

Elizabeth Swerling

Yoshi & Hiroko Takahashi

Glenn & Sheila Takano

Craig Tanner &

Annette Calderon

Stephen & Jane Tanner

Derek & Susan Taylor

Fran & Stan Taylor

John & Myra Teare

Kim & Adan Tejada

Andrzej & Karolina Teplicki

Haakon & Mette Thallaug

Terri Thatcher

Peter & Anna Theriault

Kelly Cobeen &

Chris Thewalt

William R. & Lorraine M.


Brian & Martha Thomas

Jeff Thomason &

Susanna Acevado

Stephany Thompson

Sadie Cuming &

Michael Timms

Tsan-Tang Tom &

Nuo-Yea Lee Noya

Dean & Stephanie


Barry & Judy Toomajian

Mary & J Torchio

Carl & Euli Ann Torralba

Kristen Traynor

Sari & Ben Tresser

Scott & Sharon Treter

Max & Nichole Truax

Stan & Margaret Tuholski

Bill Uhlman &

Rachel Westlake

Joy Upshaw-Margerum

Bill & Laurie Usinger

David & Janet Van Etten

Tom & Laura Varner

Ed & Glenda Vazquez

Maria I. Velasco

Brent & Barbara Vogel

Volga Plumbing

Anthony & Carrie Waechter

Russel & Kim Wampler

Daniel Wang & Ruby Chen

Ivan & Karen Wang

Liang Wang & Wendy Guo

Ye Liu & Weiru Wang

Yosinori & Mika Watanabe

Brian & Jaylene Watson

Anne & Al Webster

Frank & Chandra Welsh

Lisa &Tim Wemple

Glen & Cami West

Scott & Sarah Westphal

Joe & Angela White

Ron & Dawn Isbell Wilber

Tom & Mary Kay Wilcock

Craig & Karen Wilcox

Sindy Wilkinson

Charles J. Williams

Richard & Eileen Williams

Robert & Mira Williams

Steve & Barbara Williams

Daniel & Denise Williges

Mike Wilson

Thomas Wilson &

Angela Mannina

Fred & Diane Wilt

Claudia Windfuhr

The Wagner Family

Gavin & Christine Wiseman

Neil & Keeko Wixsom

Wendy Wonnell

Eva Woo

Sarah Wood

Jennifer & Guy Woodman

Isabel Marin Woods

Diella & Andy Wottrich

Kent & Cynthia Wright

Gary Yang

Andrey & Svetlana Yankin

Gregory & Tiffany Yates

Rita & Henry Yegiazaryan

Bob Young & Mary Gandara

Glen Zamanian

Andrew Zamberlin &

Elena Spight

Kai Zhang & Ying Wang

Carol Lu Zischke

Anonymous (68)

1 Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year 1

Businesses & Real Estate Partners

Highest Honors


Lafayette Chamber

of Commerce

Oakwood Athletic Club

Overaa Construction

Distinguished Honors


Patricia Battersby,

Village Associates

Major Donor


Cortese Properties, LLC

Wine Thieves

Honor Roll



Charles Schwab

Corporation (Political

Action Committee)

City of Lafayette

Dana Green,

J. Rockcliff Realtors

Diablo Foods


Mechanics Bank

Orchard Nursery & Florist

Red House Studios, Inc.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many corporations match charitable contributions of

their employees. Please check with your employer to

see if this opportunity is available to you. The following

companies matched contributions from donors this

year, resulting in significant additional funds for LPIE.

A & B Foundation

Adelante Capital





Bank of America

Bank of the West


The Boeing Company

California Healthcare


Capital Group Companies

Charles Schwab





The Coca Cola Foundation

Eaton Corporation


Gap Foundation





Global Impact


HB Capital

Heffernan Insurance

Jeffries & Co.

Sponsor ($500–$999)

Brad Piatt, M.D.

Diagnostic Imaging

Caesar C. Perales, CPA

Joan Cleveland,

Village Associates

Julie Donlon,

J. Rockliff Realtors

Kurt Piper,

Village Associates

La Boulange Café

and Bakery

Lafayette Car Wash

& Detail Center

Lamorinda Music

Metro Lafayette


SewNow! Fashion Studio

Tom Stack,

Coldwell Banker

Town Hall

Theatre Company

Troy Feddersen,

J. Rockliff Realtors

Yogurt Shack

Donor (Up to $499)


Barnes Capital

Blodgett’s Floor Covering

BP America–Fabric of

America Fund

JP Morgan Chase

Kaiser Permanente

Key Bank

Levi Strauss



Macy’s Foundation

Mass Mutual




Morgan Stanley

Natixis Global Associates

New York Life



Parnassus Investments



Piper Jaffray


Simpson Manufacturing

State Street

Sun Microsystems


Union Bank


US Bancorp


Webb & Associates

Wells Fargo

Diablo Rapid Print

Douglah Designs, Inc.

Golden State Warriors

Handlebar Toys

Jon E. Sammann, D.D.S.


Julie Barlier,

J. Rockliff Realtors

Kelly Hood, MD


Lamorinda Weekly

Urban Suburban

In-Kind Donations

Acalanes Student Store

Maureen Bagley &

Dennis Doughty

Tony & Mary Bakos

Nasser Barabi & Rose


Sangamo Biosciences

Shaun & Julie Bishop

Michael Borosky,

Eleven Inc.

Rick Bowles,

Bowles & Verna

David & Emily Breach

Dave Briccetti

Kaaren Brickman

Bill Carey,

Carey Tax Services

Kevin & Paula Carter

Daily Method

Anthony & Julie D’Amante

Gina & Michael Dawson

Carolyn & Craig Deily

Diablo Foods

Steve Didion & Kit Turner

Kevin & Stacy Dunne

Scott & Donna Elliott

Janet Estee & Sergei


Matt Fabela &

Paulie Proffet

Fastframe of Lafayette

Tom & Jennifer Fellner

Blaise and Emily Fettig

The Flagg Family

The Follmer Family

Eric & Sally Fonstein

Danielle Gallagher

Gerow Properties

Jennifer & Brett Glass

Robert & Patty Gonser

Chris & Amy Greacen

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Grosz

Barbara Harris &

Michael O’Brien

Mark Havens &

Jill Pergande

John & Michelle Heckle

Karen & Geoff Heyman

James & Ann Huchingson

Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

JJ Buckley Fine Wines/

Shaun & Julie Bishop

JP Cosmetics/

Julie Pawloski

Lafayette Park Hotel

Special thanks to two

Lafayette parents for

lending their professional

talents and time to the

LASF/LPIE transformation:

■ Michael Borosky

of Eleven Inc.

for branding guidance

■ Ed Stephen of thinked

for logo design

Lafayette Veterans

Memorial Hall

Susan Lane

Juleen & Dan Lapporte

Creighton & Shannon


Joanne & Steve Layshock

Mark & Kathy Lefanowicz

Anthony & Marybeth


John & Pam Lewerenz

Mr. & Mrs. Scott


Tim & Beverly Maechling

Carolyn & Robert Maples

Shoshana & Robert Mark

Chris & Casey McCann

John McCormick

Michael & Cheryl McKeon

Terrie & John McLeod

Meredith & Dan Meade

Metro Lafayette

The Mills Family

Minuteman Press

Cassie & Tom Nevins

Mary & Scott Newman

The Palamountin Family

Dr. Barbara Peterson

Laurie Phillips, Esq.

Pinnacle Apparel

Alice Pressman

Sherratt & Wendy Reicher

Keum Park &

Christopher Roberge

Robert Schoenfield &

Danielle Woermann

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Serwin

Todd & Pam


Jon & Beth Soto


Ed Stephen, thinked

Alison Stoddard

Stromberg Law Firm

Susan Foord Catering

and Café

Jasmine & Rob Tarkoff

Teacake Bake Shop

Towery Family

Jen & Alan Varela

Ware Designs

Whole Foods

Maureen & Paul Wickline

Mike Wilson

...and the many families, community

members, and businesses that have

donated goods and services.

Honors Memorials

In honor of Maureen Bagley

Myrna Kimmelman

In honor of Blake Balfrey’s

13th birthday

Graham &

Leslie Westphal

In honor of Lynn Cass

Douglah Designs, Inc.

In honor of Jean Follmer,

Melissa Lee, Suzy Pak,

Karen Zemelman, Vali

Frank, Jenifer Paul &

Springhill Kindergarten

teacher Meghann


Brian & Andrea Rich

In honor of John Franzoia

Bernadette Bagley

In honor of the

2010-11 LPIE Board

Myrna Kimmelman

Thanks to our dedicated instructors

Lafayette Partners in Education’s instructors are the backbone of our programs and the

critical link that brings fresh and exciting learning into the classroom. They work tirelessly

and enthusiastically to impart not just knowledge, but a love of learning in their students.

To them, we extend our sincere appreciation and recognition.

Julie Athayde

Mary Bakos

Joan Batcheller

Eva Benway

Kathy Biro

Jennifer Carne

Michelle Chan

Suzanne Chaslow

Pascale Cohen

Bonnie Cornell

Sadie Cuming

Kim Curiel

Tommy Davidson

Xiomara DiMaio

Deborah Dinkin

Jean Ellisen

Kymry Esainko

Catalina Fink

Rich Fongheiser

Dawn Foster-Dodson

Arlene Fox

Susan Fuller

Melissa Ghorbani

Devin Gmyrek

Debra Goettsch

German Gonzales

In honor of

Chris & Melissa Lockard

Douglah Designs, Inc.

In honor of

William Steuber’s birthday

Tom & Virginia Steuber

In honor of Katherine

& Paul Welcomer (Jake,

Nate); Sheila & Chris

Maher; Catherine & Matt

Bertics (Scott, Andrew);

Beth & Jeff Hutson

(Nick, Jimmy & Alex); &

Tamara & Thomas Raeth

(Simone & Stefan)

Muriel & Roger Fry

In honor of

Declan Tsuyuki’s birthday

Paul & Kendra Brown

Randall & Karin Husch

Shannon & Tim Kelly

Dana & David Marron

E.J. & Lucia Nella

Allyn & Liz Oh

Chip Grant

Melinda Guelfi

Laurel Hall

Kathy Hamilton

Lisa Holmes

Meg Hurtado

Gary Jagard

Sue Katibah

Alice Kennelly

Carol Kessler

Carrie Klein

Hilary Lambert

Jill Landau-Reich

Lisa Larsen

Joanne Layshock

JoAnn Lieberman

Julie Lyverse

Joan Marable

Clifton Massey

Mary McCosker

Patricia McDonald

Kathy Meyer

Todd Minson

Nancy Molay

Alex Murzyn

Lore Musser

In memory of Violet Bruns

Eldercare Services

In memory of

Joanne Casaudoumecq

Stuart & Barbara


In memory of E. G. Craig

Erling & Patricia Horn

In memory of

Everett F. Gidley, Jr.

Stuart & Barbara


In memory of

Dr. David Marquis

Dr. Marilyn Alder


In memory of

James F. Mulvaney

Stuart & Barbara


Daniel Parenti

Jeff Parrish

Dee Penza

Eric Price

Roberta Reynolds

Ginny Reynolds

Gail Riordan

Chad Runyon

Pat Schiedler

Linda Soares

In memory of

Dr. Natalie Joy Smith

Doris Smith

In memory of Su Stauffer

Carol & George


In memory of

Rachael Wenger

The Wenger Family

In memory of

Alena Kathleen Wilson

Avon & George Wilson

In memory of Bob Wood

Pat, Steve &

Lori Perkovich

Barry & Judy Toomajian

Kathy Sobel

Usha Srinivasan

Laura Straub

Pam Striplen

Laura Tehrani

Caroline Tsuyuki

Gigi Voris

Catie Warburton

Gail Wherritt

Beth Young

And special thanks to:

■ The more than 200 LPIE parent volunteers,

without whom we couldn’t do what we do

■ The staff and governing board members at

the districts and schools we serve

■ The teachers who regularly share their

time, their students and their classrooms

with LPIE

■ The parent organizations who work with

us in supporting the six schools we serve.

1 Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644 Annual Report for the 2010–2011 Year 1

Have you played


LafayetteOpoly is a game that plays just like the ever popular Monopoly® game, but

this version features Lafayette businesses and the beautiful scenery of Lafayette!

LafayetteOpoly is also a fundraiser for Lafayette Partners in Education, made possible

by enthusiastic, generous business sponsors.

The more than 40 local businesses featured on the board sponsored production of

the game, so all sales proceeds directly support Lafayette’s public schools. Each school

is also represented on the board, thanks to real estate agent sponsorship. Even the

Lafayette Police Department is represented… although you might want to avoid their

“Speeding—Go to Court” spot!

Special thanks to Gail P. Johnston of P. Johnston Design & Advertising for creating the

game box cover and logo art.


Barnes Capital

Blodgett’s Floor Covering

Caesar C. Perales, CPA

City of Lafayette/Lafayette Police

Dana Green, J. Rockliff Realtors

Diablo Foods

Diablo Rapid Print

Fastframe of Lafayette

Friends of the Lafayette Library

& Learning Center

Handlebar Toys

Jon E. Sammann, D.D.S. Orthodontics

Julie Donlon, J. Rockliff Realtors

Kelly Hood, MD Dermatology

Kurt Piper, Village Associates

La Boulange Café and Bakery

La Fiesta Square/Cortese Properties, LLC

Lafayette Car Wash & Detail Center

Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

Lafayette Community Foundation

Lafayette Historical Society

Lafayette Library & Learning Center Foundation

0 Lafayette Partners in Education | | 925.299.1644

Lafayette Mercantile/Cortese Properties, LLC

Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa

Lafayette Partners in Education

Board of Directors

Lamorinda Music

Lamorinda Weekly



Mechanics Bank

Metro Lafayette

Minuteman Press

Oakwood Athletic Club

Orchard Nursery & Florist

Overaa Construction

Patricia Battersby, Village Associates

SewNow! Fashion Studio

Susan Foord Catering and Café

Tom Stack, Coldwell Banker

Town Hall Theatre Company

Troy Feddersen, J. Rockliff Realtors

Urban Suburban

Yogurt Shack

A limited number of LafayetteOpoly games are still available; to purchase,

contact the LPIE office at 299-1644 or

2010–2011 Board of Directors


Barbara Serwin

Chairman of the Board

Maureen Bagley


Cassie Nevins

Vice President

Carolyn Maples


Kathy Lefanowicz





Investing in every child

Committee Chairs

Cassie Nevins/Shoshana Mark/Mary Bakos


Janet Estee/Gina Dawson


Terrie McLeod


School District Representatives

Fred Brill, Superintendent

Lafayette School District

Tom Mulvaney, Trustee

Acalanes Union High School District

Community-at-Large Representative

Mike Wilson

Program & Fundraising Staff

Myrna Kimmelman

Executive Director

Jamie Whelehan

Program Administrative Assistant

Margie Darlington/Eve Notas

Fundraising Administrators

Program Chairs

Joanne Layshock

Science Program

Kathy Sobel

Art Program

Alice Pressman

Music Program

School Representatives

Juleen Lapporte


Danielle Gallagher/Caitlin Benazra

Burton Valley Elementary

Gilly Malmquist/Cecilia Alagappan

Happy Valley Elementary

Beth Soto/Paulie Proffett

Lafayette Elementary

Sally Fonstein

Springhill Elementary

Patty Gonser/Maureen Wickline

Stanley Middle School

Chris McCann

Acalanes High School

School District Liaisons

Rachel Zinn

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Lafayette School District

Teresa Gerringer/Art Kapoor/Shane Silva

Governing Board Members

Lafayette School District

Aida Glimme, Principal

Acalanes High School

John Stockton/John Nickerson


Acalanes Union High School District

Annual Report Credits

Design: Leslie de Boer |

Photos: Julia Elliott, Karen Elliott, Juleen Lapporte

Photography, Caroline Tsuyuki and many talented

parent volunteers

Printing: Excel Graphics | (925) 552-9998

Nonprofit Organization

U.S. Postage


Permit No. 149

Lafayette, CA 94549




Investing in every child

Annual Giving Campaign

P.O. Box 923

Lafayette, CA 94549


Program office: (925) 299-1644

Fundraising: (925) 299-0644

Ready, Set, Registration

Parent donations are the keystone supporting our

Lafayette schools. Remember to make your annual

LPIE contribution at back-to-school registration.

We ask for $800 for each child in elementary or

middle school and $500 per child at Acalanes High

School. But if that’s a stretch, we would gladly

accept a contribution at a level that is right for

you. Every donation makes a difference. If you can,

please consider becoming a Major Donor with a

minimum $2,000 donation.

Beat the Registration Rush

You can make your pledge or donation using

the enclosed envelope or do it online at LPIE accepts credit cards

or installment payments to make the process easier.

Participation by all families is the key to meeting

our schools’ needs and providing our children

exceptional opportunities.

Thank You for Your Support!

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