nailbasics January/February newsletter the nailfiles

nailbasics January/February newsletter the nailfiles



For our professional gel nail enhancement specialists

January - February 2012






in the



Fort McMurray


the Desk

Invest in


January Savings


first and last and sunshine

15% off singles OR

Buy 1 Get 1 of the

same product and

size for 50% off

Dear Friends,

Another year has come and gone and

nailbasics continues to work hard

at achieving our ongoing mission to

improve industry standards.

Competition is fierce in western Canada

which helps keep us on top of our game.

We love this industry and will continue

to do our best to ensure a safer work

environment for you and your clients.

Thank you !

January is Customer Appreciation month!

All orders in January will

receive an EXTRA 10% discount.

Thank you for your continued support and

best wishes from all of us at nailbasics.

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

footlogix # 18,

Callous Softener, 180ml size.


$20.00 FREE!




o r d e r

Celebrating our Distributors

Louise Plamondon

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Louise moved to Fort McMurray where she met and

married her husband. They started their family and

as her children grew, she looked for a career that

would challenge her. One hurdle of living in Fort Mc-

Murray was finding a career that she was comfortable

with and qualified for. During a vacation in the

Shuswap, she broke a nail and had a horrible experience

finding a nail technician that could fix it properly.

This incident turned her attention to the nail

industry where she was determined to learn how to

prevent these experiences from happening to others.

Louise began taking the classes available to her in

Fort McMurray. At that time, there was a company

that sent an Instructor to her city every 4 months.

Unfortunately, this meant learning in a classroom

with 10 classmates and little personal

instruction. The curriculum didn’t teach

students how to work with an electric file

and offered little support upon completion.

As time passed Louise wanted to know more,

she found that she had to experiment to

master filing left handed and teach herself how to

use an electric file during a nail service. In the midst

of her struggles a new client came in that changed

everything for Louise.

“One day in 2003 a lady sat down at

my desk and asked if I could fill her

nails. As I looked down I could not believe

what I saw. I explained that my

fill would not look like that. She said,

"That’s ok, it’s only this one time!!!"

(Thanks, I thought to myself). I asked

her if she could share with me what

product her nail technician used. She

said, "I know it has a sunflower!!!!" and

gave me her nail technician's name.”

Louise got to know nailbasics and found a

product and techniques that worked together to

sculpt a perfect set of nails as individual as her clients.

The nailbasics training combined with the

company’s values and goals resonated with

Louise. She decided to continue her education

with nailbasics and became one of our

highly valued and skilled Education Leaders.

What challenges do you face being a nail technician

and Education Leader, a salon owner and a distributor?

“My biggest challenge being a salon owner and a

distributor is the high rent in Fort McMurray. As a

new business there was additional pressure to ensure

that the high cost of living here is covered.”

How did you overcome this challenge? “With the businesses

added responsibilities, I added new services and

new staff to my salon but I rented their desks to them.

It was a win-win situation. I am able to have responsible

and driven staff that are entrepreneurs and the

rent they pay for their space. That relieves the pressure

the high cost of living in Fort McMurray put

on to the new distribution portion of my business.”

Why did you become a nailbasics Educator? “The way

that nailbasics taught students impressed me. The Introductory

and Show and Share programs are one on one

instruction, the type of instruction that I missed and wished

that I had when I first learned nails. I like how the nailbasics

one on one education creates the opportunity to individualize

the training to develop every student’s potential.”

What is your favorite part of teaching students? “I

love being able to help people learn how to be the best

they can be. Doing nails is my passion and being able

to share that with students is a rewarding experience.

I am driven by a desire to make a positive difference in people’s

lives. Teaching is my way to help another develop a skill

to start a new career and maybe even their own business.

I was drawn to nailbasics as it is a company that believes

in the same values that I do. Instead of competing,

our Education Leaders and nail technicians work together

to develop healthier and safer practices to raise our

industry’s standards as well as help each other succeed.

One of my goals as a distributor is to help other nail

technicians succeed, not just by selling them products

but by teaching them the best way to overcome

issues that they may be having during a

service. The way that nailbasics has shown me. “

What inspires you? “Setting an example of success

for my daughter keeps me motivated and inspires

me to be my best. I am also inspired by Kathi Rochemont

and the other nailbasics Education Leaders.”

Clean Brings In The Green

Our mission is to improve industry standards to

ensure the health of our clients as well as our Nail Technicians.

One of the ways that we accomplish this is

by using and carrying the Accel product line.

There are 3 levels of cleaning; Sanitizing, Disinfecting

and Sterilizing and cleaning is a 2 step process of

sanitizing and disinfecting OR sanitizing and sterilizing.

nailbasics wants to thank all of our Education

Leaders and Nail Technicians that participated

in 2011’s Hands that Care campaign. We want to

add a special Thank you to Bob Dale Gloves for

their on going, generous support of this effort.

Together we were able to help many families in

need across our western provinces.

Please visit to view our the

charities that all the mittens and gloves were

donated to. We look forward to our 2012

campaign and the generosity of our fellow

technicians and the thoughtful clientele.

2012 marks the 3rd

year that nailbasics

will be at the

Vancouver ESI

show being held

February 26 & 27,


We are excited to go and meet our neighboring

provinces Nail Technician’s and introduce

them to our products and philosophies.

Kathi Rochemont and Leslie Kluthe will be

teaching a class Introducing our gel products

and the techniques to guarantee a perfect

sculptered nail.

Bonnie Maxwell will showcase techniques used

to create glamourous and quick Nail Art.

Come and see us if you plan on attending!

The Accel line is a medical grade product used by professionals

in the health care industry, by the animal care industry, laboratories,

food services and by informed beauty professionals.

The line includes the ready to use surface disinfectant, Accel

TB, available in a spray bottle or ready to use wipes.

Accel TB is a powerful disinfectant against Tuberculocidal,

Bactericidal, Virucidal and Broad Spectrum sanitizing.

This product is one of our favorites as it can be used effectively

to sanitize as well as disinfect (just remember to use a

new wipe or a new cloth for each step in the cleaning process).

Accel Hydrotherapy+ is a Concentrated Surface Disinfectant for

Hydrotherapy Tubs and is a 5 Minute General Virucide, Bactericide,

Fungicide qnd 30 Second Sanitizer. This product has a DIN

number and kills biofilm in Jetted Tubs. It is environmentally friendly

so it can be dumped down drains without contaminating the environment

and hurting pipes. Hydrotherapy + is free from Glutenhydes,

so it does not disrupt hormones and is non-carcinogenic. ,

making it our choice to use to raise health standards in our industry.


Professional Development Series

Advanced Level 2 - $199 January 23, 2012

Health and Safety - $199 February 13, 2012

Business Building - $199 February 6, 2012

nailbasics Pedicure Program - $595

January 29 &30, 2012 Exam: March 5

Please note that supplies begin at $1800.

Introduction to Waxing - $299 February 8, 2012

Call us at 1-866-490-6720 to register for our classes today.

Visit our website at for more

information on any of our classes and schedules.

Behind the Desk

by Kathi Rochemont

D o you find yourself asking,

“why are the backs of my

clients nails always pulling

away and have dirty looking


This is a continual maintenance issue,

when preparing or removing old product

it is especially important to pay close attention

to keeping the nail bed free of “red

marks” (deteriorated keratin structure).

When damage occurs on the nail plate that

thinned out keratin will not hold a bond for

the free edge as it grows out and becomes

the free-edge. If you find the natural nail free

edge is or becomes very thin (like onion skin

paper) remove it and rebuild a new extension.

Preparing for your french fills requires

you to remove all of the white, back

into a new fresh smile line. With a careful

light touch remove the product on the

edges where the dirty looking edges are.

The cause of these dark edges is from lack

of preparation (removal and reapplication)

or simply your client’s lifestyle. Whichever

the situation, carefully remove loose edges

from the surface not from underneath.

It is tempting to take your diamond cone

bit and just file it away, the challenge here

is that you will not be resealing the edges,

they are still separated but now they are

clean. Within a few days they will look

dirty again because of lack of removal

and re-application. Spend a bit more time

making sure all loose product is carefully

removed and the top layer of keratin is

strong and healthy and your free edges

will have minimal separation between fills

Never forget to moisturize the backs of

the nails as well as the cuticle, a good

habit to get your clients into on a regular

basis in between fills. Our dry winter

brings dry skin and nails. Rose oil is the

ideal product to keep the moisture content

in the tissue and the grown out free edge.


Prince Albert




Fort McMurray

Book both Level 1 and 2 Nail

Art for $348.00 and receive your

manuals FREE! ($50.00 value)

Nail Art classes are running

Saturday, February 4, 2012 from

9am to 6 pm with a half hour

break for lunch.

Level 1 – Mix it up with Color

9am - 1pm

Master mixing colored powders, working

with colored gels, how to cut in designs

and innovative brush techniques. Polish

your nail art skills and cut down your

level of frustration with our time-saving

tips and professional techniques.

Level 2 – Let’s Decorate

1:30pm - 6pm

Master the use of decorations into your

nail art designs with this fun and exciting

class. We’ll show you how to apply rhinestones,

decals, glass beads and other

embellishments into your nail designs. We

introduce Striper brushes and art pens

and show you ways to take your stamping

to new income levels!

Health and Safety

9am - 2:30pm

A clean and healthy environment is

good business. Provide the safest and

healthiest environment in this industry.

We will teach you how to become a

leader in today’s competitive market in

this 1 day class that runs on February 5,

2012. Price is $199.


Beginning May 1, 2012 we are

introducing our new hours.

Closed Mondays


Tuesday –Thursday 10am – 5pm

Fridays 10am – 4pm

nailbasics Prince Albert

581 28 Street West


nailbasics Lloydminster would

like to remind new or even

experienced nail technicians

that if you are struggling in

certain areas of your nail

service and would like to improve

on those areas, You can

book one on one time with

an nailbasics Education Leader.

Please check our website, for an

Education Leader close to you.

nailbasics Lloydminster

204, 5009 48 Street


nailbasics Fort McMurray would

like to wish all their students and

customers success in 2012.

Pedicure Program

January 19 &20, 2012

The most comprehensive training

program available. Includes

2 days in class a 4 week practium

and a Final written and

practical scheduled exam.

Health & Safety, Business Building,

and Nail Art will be running

in March. Call Louise at 780-791-

1454 to discuss details for these


nailbasics Fort McMurray will

be participating and offering

their services in the 2nd Decadent

Pink Event that runs in Fort

McMurray on

February 10 and 11, 2012.

The event’s goal is to:

“Celebrate .Honour, Empower,

Pamper and Encourage the

Women of our Community while

giving back to a worthy cause.”

This year’s worthy cause is the

Fort McMurray Family Crisis


nailbasics in Fort McMurray will

be donating 100% of their profits

to the Crisis Centre.

nailbasics Fort McMurray

10021 Biggs Avenue

The Bridgeport Inn


February Savings

Konad Basic Stamping Kit

Reg. $13.50 SALE: $10.80

Kit Contains:

- 1 Image Plate


- 1 Stamper

- 1 Scraper

- 5mL White Polish

Konad Purple Kit

Reg. $43.00 SALE: $34.40

Kit Contains:

- 3 - 10ml Polishes

- 3 Image Plates

(M4, M8, M15)

- Small Stamper

- 1 Scraper


flex and bloom

Orly has increased their prices on certain products.

Price increases will take effect on March 1, 2012.

15% off singles


Buy 1 Get 1

of the same

product and

size for 50%


Orly Pin Up

18ml: REG: $5.00 SALE: $4.00

5 ml: REG: $2.70 SALE: $2.16

Konad Gold or Purple Kit

Reg. $ 125.00 SALE: $ 100.00

Get your Orly favorites before the new pricing

increase is implemented.

Here Comes Trouble

Kit Contains:

- 10 - 10 ml Konad Polishes

- 10ml Clear Top Coat

- 10 Image Plates

(M4, M5, M6, M7,M8,M9,

M16, M20, M22, M24)

- Small Stamper

- 2 Scrapers

- 1 Package of Rhinestones

- 1 Design Emery Board

- 1 3 Way Buffer

- 1 Tweezer

Orly Bonder Refills

4oz : REG:$17.30 SALE:$13.84

8oz : REG:$25.00 SALE:$ 20.00

Va Va Voom

Bubbly Bombshell

Coquette Cutie

Coquette Cutie

Orly Happy Go Lucky

18ml: REG: $5.00 SALE: $4.00

5 ml: REG: $2.70 SALE: $2.16



e p i l l y s s

Honey Natural and Sensitive Wax

Reg:$15.65 SALE:$12.52

Sugar Fix to Go

Reg:$10.00 SALE:$8.00

Sugar Fix

8oz, Citrus Fix, Chai Fix and Cocoa Fix

Reg: $16.00 SALE: $12.80

19oz, Citrus Fix

Reg: $26.60 SALE: $21.28



Celebrating our Education Leaders

Patricia Cherrington

Patricia Cherrington works out of Fort McMurray, Alberta with Louise Plamondon where she

offers Sculptured Gel Nails and Waxing and teaches both as well! Her career as a Nail

Technician began in 2007 when she decided she would do something she loved and could set

her own hours. Patricia has just celebrated her 1st year as an Education Leader with nailbasics.

Why did you become an Education Leader

with nailbasics? “I love helping people and

when Kathi offered the opportunity to become

an Education Leader I jumped at the chance!”

What was the biggest challenge that you

faced as a Nail Technician? “One of the

challenges was juggling my family and making

time for myself so I could learn how to

do nails. I was able to dedicate time to my

career when my children started school.”

What inspires you? “ My clients excitement

when they are happy with their nails! I love

making my clients and people happy! It is great

working for myself and with my mom. She is a

great source of encouragement and support.”

What is your favorite part of teaching?

“There is not one favorite thing, there

are many – I love meeting new people

and helping them realize their

goals. Every student has something to

offer! I am learning something

from even the newest student.

The nailbasics team of Education

Leaders are supportive and amazing at

their craft, I look forward to teaching

the Waxing class here in Fort McMurray.”

New Winter Hours will be effective

January 2, 2012.

Our New Winter Hours are :

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 4:00pm.

nailbasics Education and Distribution


9861 62 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB T6E 0E4

ph: 780-490-6720 fax: 780-490-4777

Toll free: (866)490-6720

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