Greening the Local Economy - GSE Spotlight - GeoSmart Energy

Greening the Local Economy - GSE Spotlight - GeoSmart Energy

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Year-End Review 2009

GeoSmart Energy

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Greening the

Local Economy

In a recession, necessity breeds economic invention.

And in a drive to reduce costs, home

owners and businesses are taking a harder

look at innovative green energy solutions to

bring down energy bills.

GeoSmart Energy, one of Cambridge’s environmental

industry leaders, believes it has the

ultimate answer – a premium solution that

captures the earth’s geothermal energy to heat

and cool a home or business at a fraction of the

cost of traditional heating methods.

Nearly 50 percent of the sun’s energy is absorbed

into the earth beneath our feet. This energy is

stored a few feet below the earth’s surface and

remains at a constant temperature year round.

GeoSmart’s geothermal technology combines

tubing, formed into a series of loops, with a

heat pump to draw this energy back out of the

ground and evenly distribute warm or cool air

through a home or office environment.

We’re Going Electronic!

GeoSmart Energy

February 2010

GeoSmart Founders, Chad Brezynskie, Stan Marco, Stephen Marco, amd

Cheryl Marco

GeoSmart Energy was founded in 2005 by cofounders

Stan Marco, Cheryl Marco, Stephen

Marco and Chad Brezynskie. Over the last four

years, the company’s business enjoyed significant

growth. Sales have risen 235 percent, staff numbers

have quadrupled, and the dealer network

across Canada is now 300 strong and growing.

“Environmental awareness and the need to bring

down energy costs are the two biggest drivers

pressing people to look closely at installing

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In the spirit of Green, we’re pleased to point out that this year-end newsletter edition is our first to be

distributed in HTML format. Both HTML and PDF versions are also available on our web site at

Bozena “Bo” Densmore,

Director of Economic Development

ext. 4511

Whether relocating, expanding or forging new opportunities, Cambridge is a great place to do business.

For professional assistance with your business needs, contact the Economic Development staff at 519·740·4536.

Leah Bozic,

Senior Economic Development Officer

ext. 4535

Debbie Fee,

Special Projects Officer

ext. 4592

Barb Turner,

Administrative Assistant

ext. 4211

Jacqueline Haynes,

Clerical Assistant

ext. 4678

Jennifer Penney

Small Business Advisor

ext. 4615

Putting the Earth's Energy to Work


our geothermal energy systems,” says company president,

Cheryl Marco. “We can reduce home energy costs 50 to

70 percent, and with one system, take over a home’s heating,

cooling (air conditioning), in-floor heating and even

domestic hot water heating. Geothermal energy produces

more comfortable temperatures all year round, and homeowners

who have converted also tell us that the quality of the

air is much better.”

Challenger Motor Freight, a fellow Cambridge business leader,

has fully embraced GeoSmart’s technology to help the environment

and lower operating costs. The company installed

GeoSmart’s Premium E® system for radiant in-floor heating

and domestic hot water production in its 60,000 square foot

operations and maintenance facility. Challenger expects that

the lower heating costs will allow it to recoup its upfront investment

in the geothermal system in just a few years, and

the company has already made progress in reducing its carbon


Crews install geothermal tubing

GeoSmart Energy has also expanded in physical size, moving

into a new 40,000 square foot headquarters facility at 290

Pinebush Road in the spring of 2009. The new facility houses

a state-of-the-art training academy and testing facility serving

GeoSmart dealers and contractors who receive hands-on

training on the company’s products, and home owners who

seek to learn more about geothermal energy. The company

was recently awarded the 2009 HRAI Education Supporter

Award by The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Institute of Canada for the company’s ongoing support for

HRAI education activities. GeoSmart provides its training

facility to HRAI for HRAI-specific training.

Geothermal can reduce home energy costs between 50 - 70 percent

GeoSmart Energy’s impressive growth is an indication of even

better days to come for the alternative energy industry. The

market opportunity is really only just emerging for geothermal.

GeoSmart Energy’s passion for sustainable energy alternatives,

industry expertise and its strong manufacturing and

distribution position puts the company on the leading edge of

the curve to capitalize on the geothermal boom when it arrives

in a big way. “It’s amazing what can be accomplished when

you combine innovative thinking with a commitment to customer

service and product excellence,” says Cheryl Marco.

While nearly 80 percent of the company’s business is in the

residential marketplace, supplying geothermal systems to

new homes or retrofitting traditional heating and cooling

systems, the commercial applications for geothermal are also

seemingly endless.

“Many high rise buildings, schools and commercial businesses are

now installing geothermal systems. Our systems can supply cooling

for restaurant kitchens, heating for greenhouses, warm water

for fish farming, and heating for dairy barns,” says Marco. “The

applications for geothermal energy systems are really limitless.”

Example of Geothermal tubing

“We’re absolutely convinced that geothermal energy is the

most viable energy alternative available to home owners and

businesses today – and we’re on a mission to prove it to the


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