3. International Symposium on Chorusology 2 ... - David M Howard


3. International Symposium on Chorusology 2 ... - David M Howard

ong>3.ong> ong>Internationalong> ong>Symposiumong> on Chorusology

Choral Art – Singing - Voice

Zagreb, Croatia, April 24-26, 2014




In collaboration with

The Institute for Church Music Albe Vidaković, Zagreb/Croatian Voice Teachers Association

Education and Teacher Training Agency / Croatian Association of Music Theorists

2. Announcement

We invite you to participate in the ong>Symposiumong> as a lecturer or a delegate!

Lectures and workshops can be held in Croatian or English language (no translation)

Topic categories of lectures and workshops are:

• Choir/choral conductor

choral methodology, psychology, the conductor and his


• The art of singing/vocal pedagogy

vocal technique, voice posture,

teaching methodology...

• Conducting/interpretation

technique, expressiveness, performance practice, historical


• Composition/analysis/hermeneutics

the process of composing, sense and meaning of the


• Vocal performance/vocal stylistics

vocal work and different voice postures...

• Spoken voice

• Science/voice and hearing , biography

otorhinolaryngology, phonetics, speech pathology,

phoniatrics, voice rehabilitation, neurology...

• Science/music

musicology, ethnomusicology, the life and work of


• Music pedagogy/education

school and singing, society and musical culture...

• Musica sacra

liturgical music, sacred art music, Gregorian chant,

psalmody, traditional church singing...

• Music media/technology

music production, sound recording, discography, digital

technology ...

• Other topics

Supported by


Johan Sundberg (KTH-Royal Institute of Technology – Stockholm, Sweden); Thomas Caplin (Hedmark University College – Hamar, Norway); Vladan

Vuletin (Faculty of Philosophy - Split, Croatia); Rudolf de Beer (Southt Africa/Norway); Nikša Gligo (Music Academy – Zagreb, Croatia); Christian

Herbst (Universität Wien – Austria); Harald Jers (Universität für Musik und Tanz – Köln, Germany); Giovanni Acciai (Academy of Music Giuseppe Verdi

– Milano, Italy); Susanna Saw (Malaysian Institute of Arts – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia); John Hooper (Concordia University College of Alberta –

Canada); Vlatka Oršanić (Music Academy – Zagreb, Croatia); Vlado Sunko (Arts Academy – Split, Croatia); Santa Večerina-Volić (Centre for Expert

Medicine – Zagreb, Croatia); Alois Glassner (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst – Wien, Austria); Anita Gergorić (Education and Teacher

Training Agency - Croatia); Romans Vanags (Latvian Academy of Music – Riga, Latvia); Rene Medvešek (Academy of Dramatic Arts- Zagreb, Croatia);

Miroslav Martinjak (The Institute for Church Music Albe Vidakovića – Zagreb, Croatia); Vesna Mildner (Phonetics Department, Faculty of Philosophy –

Zagreb, Croatia)

Organization Committee:

Branko Stark, Bojan Pogrmilović, Tomislav Čekolj, Miroslav Martinjak, Anita Gergorić, Tihomir Petrović

Invited speakers

• Giovanni Acciai (Italy)

• Andrea Angelini (Italy)

• Kenneth Bozeman (USA)

• Thomas Caplin (Norway)

• Rudolf de Beer (South Africa/Norway)

• Christisan Herbst (Austria)

• Franz Herzog (Austria)

• Irena Hočevar-Boltežar (Slovenia)

David Howard (GB)

• Harald Jers (Germany)

• Marvin Keenze (USA)

• Filipa La (Portugal)

• Per-Ake Lindestad (Sweden)

• Christian Ljunggren (Sweden)

• Vesna Mildner (Croatia)

• Fernando Pedichini (Italy)

• Lisa Popeil (USA)

• Susanna Saw (Malaysia)

• Johan Sundberg (Sweden)

• Zane Šmite (Latvia)

• Kittiporn Tantrarungroj (Thailand)

• Romans Vanags (Latvia)

• Annemarie van der Walt (South Africa)

• Santa Večerina (Croatia)

• Peter von Wienhardt (Germany)

• Wolfgang Ziegler (Austria)


If you want to present a lecture or a workshop, please send us a completed application form and an abstract of the

lecture or workshop (up to 150 words), biography (up to 150 words) and photo by electronic mail (MS Word). You can

download the application form from our website. Application deadline is extended to the 15 th of January 2014. Participation fee

(actvive and passive) is 150 Euros.

HRVATSKA UDRUGA ZBOROVOĐA Vrbik 11 10000 Zagreb Croatia

Mob. Phone: +385-98-275961 Phone: +385-1-6198469 Fax: +385-1-6198468



Nadbiskupijski pastoralni institut (The Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute), Kaptol 29a, Zagreb

Thursday 24th April

Registration 8h

Opening ceremony

Lectures 9 -19h

Friday 25th April

Registration 8h

Good morning voice 8:30h

Lectures 9 -18h

Concert 20h

Saturday 26th April

Registration 8h

Good morning voice 8:30h

Lectures 9 -18h

Closing ceremony


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