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McCarty Building

2055 Mount Paran Road, N.W.

Atlanta, GA 30327

Connecting is a publication of Richmont Graduate

University, which was originally founded

as the Chattanooga Bible Institute (CBI) in 1933.

Richmont’s mission is to provide graduate education,

integrating professional counseling, applied psychology

and practical theology for Christ-centered transformation.

Richmont is accredited by the Southern

Association of Colleges and Schools to award master’s

degrees in professional counseling and marriage

and family therapy. Our campuses are located

in Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN.

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Meredith Williams

Why do you serve…?

Jan Linder, Trustee

Richmont Graduate University’s mission is at the

heart of the Great Commission and the Great

Commandment. There is much truth to the old

adage that “one does not care how much you

know, until they know how much you care.”

Through the equipping power of the Holy Spirit

and His gifts, the students at Richmont are truly

continuing the work of Christ by helping to “bind up the broken-hearted

and set the captive free” from their distress. What an immeasurable

and priceless opportunity I have to be a part of this school’s mission and

to serve Richmont in any way possible, in order to help ensure its success

and that of the students! I am humbled by the graciousness and

generosity of the Lord to place me in this position. It’s thrilling to be

a part of Richmont now and its fantastic future.







US Postage


Marietta, GA

Permit #523

This section of Connecting is an ongoing column that highlights various individuals that

serve Richmont. Consider what capacity the Lord might be calling you to serve.

Gordon Baker, Richmont Student

About four years ago, on the other

side of the world, I was asking God

what the rest of my life was to be

about. Discovering Richmont and

accepting the challenge to come to the

US for study was part of the answer. I

love being in this God-centered graduate program, among faculty

and students who love Jesus and are passionate about taking

His love to hurting, lonely people.

Carmeisha Arnold,

2005 Alumna, Richmont Community

Counseling Center Staff Counselor

I serve as a thank you for my own process of

growth, development, and healing as an individual.

While a student at Richmont, I realized

that learning is most profound when information has been filtered

through life experiences. I am humbled that God would choose to use

me to walk alongside others in their journey towards healing.


On July 1, an interesting thing happened to DeAnne and me. This

occasion really kind of slipped up on us, to be honest. If it weren’t

for the staff here, I’m not sure I would’ve remembered (more on

that later).

July 1, 2009 marked ten years for us at PSI/Richmont. It’s pretty

hard to believe that so much time has passed until I think about our

early days here. I remember one summer day Natalie and Nathan

were with us. Nathan came racing inside pulling me toward the

door because (breathlessly) he said, “Natalie’s stuck on the rocks outside!”

Apparently professional rock climbing was not to be in our

daughter’s future. But, my how time does pass.

A few weeks ago the staff surprised us with a luncheon—and it’s

pretty hard to get anything past both DeAnne and me together.

When we went in we were following a trustee into the room. When

everyone yelled “Happy Anniversary,” I assumed that the trustee was

celebrating an anniversary of his marriage! Once I learned what that

time was really about, I was both moved and grateful.




Dr. Sandra D. Wilson



Special Offer: The first 200 people to register will

receive a FREE copy of Dr. Moon’s new book,

Apprenticeship with Jesus: Learning to Live

Like the Master, released September 2009.

Our First Decade

Save the Date

Alumni Reunion

Friday November 20, 2009

Richmont Graduate University is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock

hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program.

FALL 2009

If you are reading this you probably know about the challenges

we’ve faced over the past ten years: losing our partnership with

another graduate program; state certification; economic realities;

regional accreditation…the list seems to go on. However, I can honestly

say that the past ten years have been the most rewarding of my

life and I am most grateful to be allowed to serve here.

As important as these past ten years have been to Richmont

Graduate University, I am convinced that the next ten years are

going to be even more exciting! Sometimes I even feel guilty because

I so look forward to coming to work each day. The people at both

campuses, the students, our trustee leadership, alumni—you all are

wonderful people to work with. So, from both DeAnne and me,

thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, appreciation

and support. I’m already looking forward to the twenty year mark!

Grateful for each of you,

C. Jeffrey Terrell, Ph.D.


Mt Paran Church of God Great Hall 2055 Mt. Paran Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Heavy hors d’oeuvres reception beginning at 4:30 PM.

Three-hour continuing education seminar from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM

Continuing Education: Three NBCC- approved clock hours awarded. CE credit for psychologists

has been applied for.

Fees: Students, faculty, Richmont clinical supervisors, and members of the Richmont

Alumni Association: FREE Nonmembers/friends of alumni: $25.00

To reserve your space: Richmont Alumni Association members: please contact Meredith Williams

( or 404-835-6119 and leave the following information: name, year

of graduation, and home email address.

Nonmembers and Guests: please send your name, email address, and check or cash to:

Richmont Graduate University, The McCarty Building, Attn: Alumni Relations

2055 Mt. Paran Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

(please make check payable to Richmont Graduate University)



Making 101

Amanda Blackburn, Psy.D.

CBI Counselor

Dr. Amanda Blackburn joins Richmont as a

counselor in the CBI Counseling Center.

She obtained a master of arts and doctorate

in clinical psychology from Wheaton

College and a B.A. in psychology from

Asbury College. Amanda has experience providing clinical services in a

variety of settings, including foster care and adoption programs, outpatient

counseling, and partial hospitalization programs for adults and

adolescents. In addition, Amanda worked within a full-inclusion school

for children on the autism spectrum and co-developed an inclusion

social skills program for adolescents with Asperger’s Syndrome and

High-Functioning Autism. Amanda’s interests include relationships and

intimacy, life transitions, women’s identity development, depression,

anxiety, and burnout. In therapy, Amanda desires to help clients understand

aspects of their personality that result in difficulties within intimate

relationships. Amanda has been married to Scottie Blackburn for

six years. Before starting at CBI, Amanda and Scottie lived in the suburbs

of Chicago and enjoyed exploring the city and trying new restaurants.

Throughout their relationship, they have also enjoyed serving in

youth ministry together and look forward for opportunities to continue

to do so in Chattanooga.

Adam Dark


Adam joins Richmont as a recruiter, forging

relationships with prospective students and

churches at fairs and other events. Before

joining us, Adam studied marketing and

religion at the University of Georgia, and

most recently, was a store manager for LifeWay Christian Resources.

When not serving Richmont, Adam enjoys spending time with God,

family, and friends. Adam also thoroughly enjoys working out, movies,

and football.

Richmont Statement of Purpose:

Richmont Graduate University provides graduate education,

integrating professional counseling, applied psychology and

practical theology for Christ-centered transformation.

Tabi Upton, LPC

CBI Counselor

Tabi joins Richmont as a counselor in the

CBI Counseling Center. She is a graduate

of Biola University and Colorado Christian

University. Her column, Mind Matters,

appears bi-weekly in The Chattanooga

Times-Free Press and she is one of the local hosts for the community

talk show, Point of View, facilitated by Booker Scruggs. She regularly

dishes on social topics with DonnaL and Eric Foster’s Power94 Radio

Morning Show. Tabi also enjoys presenting workshops to community

groups and churches. Workshop topics have included the following:

overcoming depression, moving past unhealthy relationship patterns,

living single, making the most of life in difficult times, and more. She

is the founder of the newly launched,

Chattanooga's first and only comprehensive self-help website.

Mark D. Rehm, MA

CBI Counselor, 08 Alumnus

Mark Rehm received a B.S. in business

administration from the University of

Wisconsin-Stout and a M.A. in professional

counseling with a specialization in leadership

and coaching from Richmont Graduate

University. Mark joins CBI’s counseling center as a counselor with an

emphasis on providing career counseling. He explained, “It is my privilege

to be able to walk alongside people who are struggling with dissatisfaction

or transition in their careers and help point them toward a

vocation with meaning and purpose.” In addition to career counseling,

Mark is passionate about working with adolescents and their families,

and young adults on developmental and life skill building issues. Mark

counseled adolescents and young adults for the last year and a half at a

community college and private practice setting. In addition to work,

Mark enjoys traveling, reading, playing sports, and spending time with

his girlfriend.

Richmont Locations:

1815 McCallie Ave

Chattanooga, TN 37404-3026

888-267-4073 (toll free)

McCarty Building

2055 Mt. Paran Road N.W.

Atlanta, GA 30327-2921

888-267-4073 (toll free)

Student Accomplishments



The Jack Mangum Award, coordinated by the Experiential Learning Committee of the

Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers (GACE) recognizes those students who

exemplify outstanding characteristics in experiential learning. For the 2008/2009 school

year, GACE honored Hannah Rinehart, 2009 Richmont alumna, with a monetary award

in the arts and sciences category. Hannah won this award based on her outstanding service

in the Atlanta community and commitment to academic excellence. For the past three

years, Hannah has worked in the Women’s Program at Wellspring Living, an organization whose

vision is to create a restorative environment for victims of childhood trauma. In her winning essay

Hannah wrote, “The women and work at Wellspring have taught me about fighting for justice, making sure that every person gets a

chance to start over. It has been my privilege to be a voice for the voiceless. I have contributed a small part in assisting women in

regaining self-esteem and personal value. It has been a joy to see women in dark places begin to embrace light and hope.”


The following students have been selected for the 2009-2010

school year based on academic eligibility, financial need, application

essays, and interviews with the scholarship committee:

Caldwell Scholarship

Rachel E. Smith

Baird McClure Memorial Scholarship

Lorna Osaigbovo, Austin Ward, Amanda Blocker, Kimberly

DeRamus, Rebecca Griffith, Laura Arcuragi, and Gordon Baker

Harrison Griffith DeKay Scholarship

Paul Laskowske, Monica Bell, and Kevin Thompson

Paul L. Walker Merit Scholarship

Bob Mehaffey, Neal Martin, and Jody Buttram

All of the above, in addition to the Willingham Rollinson

Scholarship and the June Braund Scholarship, are open for

applications for the 2010-2011 academic year. Applications and

scholarship criteria can be found on the website: Applications for scholarships

must be received by May 1, 2010. Please contact Novell Blain,

director of admissions, for more information, 404-835-6111.

We are so grateful for the individuals and families that have

established scholarships for Richmont students. If you would like

to learn more about how to set up an endowed scholarship please

contact Rob Arp in the Office of Development, 404-835-6132.


All Richmont Graduate University prospective students are invited to the Richmont Fall Preview Days. Come join us for the Richmont experience,

gather information on our Richmont Christian counseling programs, meet faculty, staff, students, and enjoy a FREE lunch.


Chattanooga Campus

1815 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404-3026

Atlanta Campus

2055 Mt Paran Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30327-2921



November 7, 2009


November 14, 2009


Both Preview Days

10:00a.m. - 1:30p.m.

Please plan to stay for the duration of the program.

Lunch is included.


Novell Blain, Director of Admissions

Direct 404-835-6111

Toll-free (888) 924-6774 ext. 6111 or


Congratulations to the

2009-2010 SGA representatives!

Atlanta SGA

From left to right: Barbara

Swafford (social officer),

Gordon Baker (chaplain),

Ebonny Mack (orientation officer),

Ann Keller (secretary),

Deana Hamilton (president),

Elizabeth Moore (orientation

officer), Mycah Whiting

(social officer, not pictured)

Chattanooga SGA

From left to right

starting on the top row: Emily Aikins (social officer),

Christine Weisgerber (secretary), Kauri Tallant (social officer), Ani

Hernandez (orientation officer), Autumn Stephenson (orientation officer),

Laura Ward (president), Paul Laskowski (chaplain)



Many of us have

wondered why it is so

difficult to actually

do what Jesus did

when he walked this

Earth. According to

Gary W. Moon in his

new book Apprenticeship with Jesus: Learning

to Live Like the Master (released September

2009), a possible explanation is that there have

been two dominant “stories” of Jesus told across

the centuries. One story features human guilt,

divine wrath and a cosmic courtroom; the other

describes human separation, divine longing and

a transforming friendship. Which story is more

likely to get you to become like him?

“We can become like Christ,” says Moon, “by

doing one thing – following him in the overall

style of life he chose for himself, by becoming his

apprentice.” Apprenticeship places your entire

world around the master. In history, an apprentice

lived in the house of a master craftsman and

learned to imitate almost all the aspects of the

master’s life. Much like Jesus and his twelve disciples,

we need to live with Jesus as we learn to

live as he lived.

Drs. Terrell at their surprise 10 year anniversary luncheon.

Drs. Jeff and DeAnne Terrell

Celebrate 10 Years of

Faithful Service

Drs. Jeff and DeAnne Terrell responded to God’s

call and moved to Atlanta in 1999 to join Richmont

during a crucial time of growth. Through their

leadership as president and dean of students, the

school underwent many changes including a

merger with the Chattanooga Bible Institute in

August 2000, accreditation in June 2003 by the

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

(SACS), and a recent name change. They have

touched countless lives during their ten years of

faithful service at Richmont.




The book consists of 30 days of readings, each

built around a story, a reflection and an apprenticeship

activity. The goal is to provide an experiential

program for activating the promises of

Christ and collectively, they serve as a training

experience for those who are interested in being

an apprentice to Jesus. The readings are centered

on five progressive themes:

Getting Started: A new vision for Salvation

Meet the Master: Reflections on the Keeper

of the Mysteries of a New Life

Know Yourself: Reflections on Me –

Apprentice and Student of the Mysteries

Ways of Being with the Master: Living Life

“With Jesus”

Carrying on the Master’s Legacy: Jesus

Living Through Me

“Jesus talked about a ‘Kingdom’ and Paul talked

about being ‘in Christ,’” Moon says. “They were

describing the same thing: interactive friendship

with Christ where you gradually learn to be

more like him by being with him. This is different

from modern programs of decision-driven

evangelism and ‘fact-wrapped’ discipleship. This

aims for your heart more than your head or

Richmont President,

Dr. Jeff Terrell, Attends

ACA Leadership Institute

The president of the American Counseling

Association’s Southern Region, Dr. Jeffrey

Freidan, invited Richmont’s president,

Dr. Jeff Terrell, to attend the recent ACA

Leadership Institute. Approximately 100

national, state and emerging leaders in

ACA were invited to attend the event that

took place in Washington D.C. this past

August. Dr. Jeff Terrell is the

secretary/treasurer of ACA’s Southern

Region and also serves as chair of the

Branch Reactivation Task Force, which is

initiating the reinstatement of a Georgia

branch of the ACA.

The event was quite busy with plenary

addresses, breakout sessions and a special

opportunity to lobby members of the U.S.

Article courtesy of Adam Ferguson, Baker Publishing Group

body. In the end, what do I hope you learn?

That by doing the next right thing with Jesus,

you will eventually observe him doing the next

right thing through you.”

John Ortberg, bestselling author and pastor of

Menlo Park Presbyterian church commented,

“Gary Moon is a friend, a guide, and fellow

apprentice. I know of few people with his passion

or his clarity for the subject about which he

speaks. I wish every follower of Jesus could have

Gary’s wisdom on the most important subject in

the world—where do we find life?” Richard J.

Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline

describes the book as, “…a joy-filled resources

for fleshing out the details of ongoing companionship

with the Author of our salvation.

Putting this book into practice day by day will

substantially re-form the inner core of your life.”

Gary W. Moon, MDiv, Ph.D. is vice president

and chair of integration at Richmont Graduate

University. He also serves as the executive

director of the Renovaré International Institute

for Christian Spiritual Formation. His most

recent books include Falling for God and

Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls.


and Senate.

Joining with

other leaders at

the event, Dr. Terrell

spoke with Representative Phil Gingrey

and senior staff members at Senator Saxby

Chamblis’ and Senator Johnny Isakson’s

offices. The group focused their efforts on

ensuring that licensed professional counselors

were included in the Medicare bill

before Congress.

Dr. Terrell reported that “Many good connections

were made for Richmont as we

pursue a stronger sense of identity with the

counseling profession. It was an honor to

serve our region at the Institute.”

From the Desk of the Academic Dean:

Faculty Developments

Jeff Terrell, Ph.D., Richmont president, has been appointed president

(exploratory) of the Georgia Counseling Association, the secretary/treasurer

elect of the American Counseling Association Southern Region,

chair, ACA Southern Region Branch Reactivation Task Force and

reviewer for proposals for the 2010 ACA Conference in Pittsburgh.

Cara Cochran, Ph.D., assistant academic dean, has been promoted to

associate professor of counseling. She will be presenting “Before you

Supervise: Laying the Practical Foundations for Excellence as a Clinical

Supervisor” at the American Counseling Association national conference

in Pittsburg in 2010.

DeAnne Terrell, Ph.D., dean of student affairs, will be presenting:

“Aging with Grace: An Examination of Religious Faith Development

and Aging” at the ACA Annual Conference in Pittsburgh.

Jana Pressley, Psy.D., assistant dean of students and assistant professor

of counseling, has led Richmont to develop a new degree specialization:

Counseling for Trauma. She also attended the TCA Leadership

Development Conference, has been appointed the chair of the student

fairs for TCA, and recently received her license as a professional counselor,

having already earned a license in psychology.

Ron Bunger, M.L.I.S, associate director of libraries, is active in the

Chattanooga Area Library Association. Following two years as secretary,

he now serves as second vice president and webmaster, in charge

of communicating with the CALA membership.

Gary Moon, Ph.D., vice president and chair of integration, presented

Spending a Little Time with the 12 “Big Ideas”: A Preview of the

Renovaré Institute at the June Renovaré International Conference in San

Antonio. Dr. Moon’s new book, released September 2009, is

Apprenticeship with Jesus: Learning to Live Like the Master.

Tim Sisemore, Ph.D., director of the CBI Counseling Center, is completing

Free from OCD: A Workbook for Teens with Obsessions and

Compulsions. Dr. Sisemore’s book will be published next summer. Dr.



Sisemore serves as an editor with the

Counseling and Values Journal. Further, he is in the

midst of developing a significant contribution to the field

of child and human development through a soon to be published

text on the subject.

Shay Thomas, DMFT, has assumed a significant leadership role in

establishing the Georgia Association for Marriage and Family

Counselors. This will launch the first such ACA-related marriage and

family counseling professional society in the State of Georgia.

Keny Felix, Ph.D., assistant dean of students, has recently served as the

military family life consultant in Germany through the United States

Department of Defense; he provided similar services last year for the

military based in California.

Jama White, Psy.D. has recently returned from a mission trip to

Greece where she served as a counselor to international missionaries.

Philip Coyle, Ph.D., dean of academic affairs, has been appointed

awards chair for the Tennessee Counseling Association (TCA). He has

been invited to deliver a pre-conference seminar at the TCA conference

entitled Healthy Family Functioning: Clinical Interventions through the

Lens of Well-Functioning Families (sponsored by the Tennessee

Association of Mental Health Counselors). This summer Dr. Coyle

was among the officers at the Leadership Development Conference for

TCA. Along with Emily Herberich and Victoria Brooke Cornelson,

Dr. Coyle is giving a presentation at the ACA National Convention on

“Sexual Confidence: The Effects of Gender Role Flexibility in the

Family of Origin upon the Sexual Health of the Adult Child.” Further,

he is in consultation with the President of TCA to reactivate the

Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Counselors.

The majority of the instructional and clinical faculty has become

Approved Clinical Supervisors awarded by the Center for

Credentialing and Education – a cooperating agency with the National

Board of Certified Counselors.

The fall 2009 issue of Conversations will bring a fresh look to Richmont’s spiritual formation publication. After seven years of publishing, fourteen

themes, hundreds of articles from well known writers, and a loyal subscriber following- we’ve decided to give ourselves a makeover. Thanks

in large part to an anonymous grant, Conversations is positioning itself to reach an even wider audience. If you haven’t visited

lately, I invite you to check out our new and improved website. We are excited about the opportunities for you to “join the

conversation” and experience community through a variety of forums for discussion on the site.

As a founding member of the Richmont Graduate University’s alumni association, you receive a complementary subscription to Conversations.

If you would like to subscribe, or purchase Conversations for a friend, please visit our website, or call 404-835-6128.

Conversations: A Forum for authentic transformation is a publication of Richmont Graduate University. Each issue is devoted to a theme of

Christian spiritual formation. The fall issue, “Following the Jesus Way” will include articles by Eugene Peterson, John Ortberg, Richard Foster,

Mindy Caliguire, Gary Moon, Jan Johnson, and many others.



Supervision Training Seminar

Friday October 23, 2009


The Chapel at Mt. Paran Church of God

2055 Mt. Paran Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Five hour continuing education program from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Lunch on your own from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Five NBCC-Approved clock hours awarded. These hours qualify

as ethics hours and core credits for marriage and family therapists

through GAMFT. We are seeking approval for psychologists.

Speaker information

Patricia Harwell, LMFT

AAMFT-Approved supervisor, served on the Georgia Composite

Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage

and Family Therapists since 2001, Georgia delegate to the

Association for Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards,

over 30 years of private practice experience as a licensed marriage

and family therapist, former faculty at Emory's School of Nursing.


Ethical Issues and Best Practices in Clinical Supervision

As a result of attending this workshop, participants

will have the opportunity to:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical and regulatory

standards which structure and guide the process of

clinical supervision.

2. Identify the essential components of a supervision contract.

3. Define and discuss dual relationships in clinical supervision

emphasizing appropriate boundaries and conditions

for learning.

4. Identify the realities of power and hierarchy and their

impact on learning and growth in the supervisory

relationship. Demonstrate awareness of contextual variables

such as gender, culture, age and ethnicity which influence

the supervisory relationship.


The Fellowship Hall, Richmont Graduate University

1815 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37404

Lunch provided from 12 PM - 1 PM;

Registration begins at 11:45 AM

Three hour continuing education program from 1 PM - 4 PM

Three NBCC-Approved clock hours awarded and we are seeking

approval for psychologists.

Speaker information

Philip A. Coyle, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Academic Dean and Professor of Counseling at Richmont

Graduate University, National Certified Counselor,

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage

& Family Therapist, Approved Clinical Supervisor

recognized by the National Board for Certified

Counselors, and AAMFT - Approved Supervisor.


Principles in Supervision

At the conclusion of the Supervision Training Seminar,

participants will be able to:

1. Strengthen counseling supervisees’ case

conceptualizations through the identification

and application of relevant family systems

theory concepts.

2. Understand the use and benefits of video technology

to enhance the counseling supervision experience.

3. Conceptualize counseling supervision as a

professional and ethical responsibility which has

developmental responsibilities and legal ramifications

for practice.

Registration Information

Richmont supervisors, faculty, staff, and founding members of the alumni association: Free Admission

Basic Basic members of the alumni association: $25.00 (for Atlanta); $20.00 (for Chattanooga)

Nonmembers, mental health professionals, and guests: $45.00 (for Atlanta); $30.00 (for Chattanooga)

To register, please contact Meredith Williams ( and send payment

(with name, event location, and email address), to:

Richmont Graduate University

Attn: Alumni Relations

The McCarty Building

2055 Mt. Paran Road NW

Atlanta, GA 30327

Refunds available 14 days prior to the event less a $5 cancellation fee.

Richmont Graduate University is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for

events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program.


New Alumni

Association Members

Matthew Arbuckle

Sarah Baker

Douglas Bell

Virginia Bizzell

Lindsay Brown

Sherry Campbell

Richard Carlson

Lane Carpenter

Cheryl Chambers

Wesley Channell

Charles Costa

Lisa Crider

Natasha Daniels

Lavinia Dowling

Laura (Leman) Dugger

Mark Ellison

Suzanne Foster

Rene Foster

Charles Fuller

David Gabriel

Melissa Garriss

Megan Goodwin

Laura Gordon

Sheri Grove

Laura Hahn

Kimberly (Coppedge) Heilig

Jessica Hocutt

Denise Horner

Cynthia Humbert

Judy Keappler

Cheryl Kischuk

Kathryn Larisey

Laura Machado

Paula Marchman

Amanda Narayan

Paul Porter

Ingrid Richardson

Hannah Rinehart

Brandon Santan

Charmaine Simmons

Brian Stoddard

Craig Torell

Kate Varney

Valerie Walters

Yohunnah Woods-Moton


Conversations With The Woman At The Well started as a

book about the impact of father-absence on Lisa Byrd’s

life. She began writing in 2002 with this one idea in

mind. Then in 2003, she explains, “I was nearly destroyed

by a series of bad decisions, and the book, as well as my

life, took an entirely different path. [In the book] I share

my amazing testimony of how God brought wholeness

into my life where before there was only an empty, hungry

void that drove me into adultery and threatened to end my

life altogether!” There are also stories of four other women

who have struggled with emotional, spiritual, and sexual

integrity and how God redeemed and delivered them.

Lisa shares, “The overall message of the book is to give hope to Christian women who are broken

and searching for something to fill their void. The joy is that when you meet Jesus at your

own personal well, just as the woman from Samaria did in the fourth chapter of John, you will

find healing and wholeness to walk in the calling that He has on your life!”

The accompanying Journey Book is a workbook that uses excerpts from the book to encourage

journaling, practical exercises, and other action steps to help women walk through the process of

inner healing. Conversations With The Woman At The Well and the Journey Book are currently

available in e-book at and will be available in paperback

form in late 2009.

Lisa Byrd is a 2003 Richmont alumna and the clinical director of Wellspring Living, a Christian

home for women recovering from sexual abuse, addictions, and/or other life-controlling traumas.

She has three wonderful children and attends Trinity Chapel Church of God in Powder

Springs, Georgia.

Alumni Association members Joe Bucha (’08) and Wendy Dickinson (’02) at the 2008 Alumni Reunion.


The Richmont Alumni Association helps graduates stay connected to the Richmont family. Its

aim is to help each alumnus foster a network of both professional and spiritual support. The

alumni association also connects alumni to Richmont, helping to promote our mission, programs

and services. To join the Richmont Alumni Association or to read about the different

memberships, please visit our website at: or you may call

404-835-6119 and speak with Meredith Williams. Founding Memberships are $100, and basic

memberships are $25. Annual renewal fees for both memberships are $25.

Alumni Update e-Newsletter

The Office of Alumni Relations sends out a monthly Alumni Update e-newsletter to all

Richmont alumni with up to date email addresses. The Alumni Update features CE opportunities,

updates from our alumni, and other important Richmont updates. If you would like to

receive this and you do not think we have your current email address, please contact Meredith

Williams at



The Board of Trustees recently approved the Richmont fundraising

goal of $750,000. Richmont Chief Development Officer, Dr. Rob

Arp, recently stated that “even though last year’s economic crisis,

which many argue to be the most severe since the Great

Depression- brought many challenges to non-profits, the Lord

continued to bless our university with faithful supporters. We

have quite a challenge ahead of us, but our future is as bright as

the promises of God!”

You can make a difference in the lives of our students and the individuals they help through your gift

to the Richmont Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the core of Richmont’s giving and provides

Richmont with the unrestricted support necessary for current operations, including merit and needbased

scholarships, the operations of our counseling centers, and the upkeep and preservation of our

campuses. Tuition only covers 68% of Richmont’s operational expenses. Individual supporters, foundations,

and churches give to make up the remaining revenue needed for us to continue our tradition

of academic and clinical excellence. Please prayerfully consider how God may be calling you to

impact Richmont students as they provide hope to the hurting. Because

everyone needs hope!


Please visit to make your secure gift online to the

Richmont Annual Fund. If you wish to mail the gift, please send

your check to Richmont Annual Fund, The McCarty Building,

2055 Mt. Paran Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30327.



The following are individuals in whose honor and

memory gifts have been received from March 2009

through August 2009.


Dr. Evalin Rhodes Hanshew

Student Affairs Staff


Eleanor Powell

Eric James Powell

Bobby Jones

We are grateful for those that pay tribute to special

people in their lives through gifts to Richmont.

Richmont Graduate University is a member of the

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

(ECFA), which is committed to helping Christ-centered

organizations earn the public’s trust through

developing and maintaining standards of accountability

that convey God-honoring ethical practices.

The June Braund Scholarship: A Unique Gift

Richmont students are blessed each year by the individuals who give generously to scholarships. The June Braund

Scholarship is a wonderful example of how a scholarship not only provides much needed financial support but

tells an inspiring story that blesses the recipient. It shows how a scholarship can be a unique expression of the individual(s)

who established it.

Richmont alumnus Dr. Ron Braund told us, “When an opportunity to fund a scholarship was presented, Dr. Jeff

Terrell encouraged me to dedicate the scholarship in someone's honor. I immediately thought of my mom, June

Braund. She was an inspiration in my pursuit of counseling as a career. Also, her loving support was a constant

throughout the many years of providing Christ-centered care to others. Mom is now confined to a nursing facility

due to the onset of Alzheimer’s. I have witnessed firsthand the need to offer support for families who face the pain

and loss associated with this disease. It was my pleasure to name the student grant in mom's name and encourage

other Christian counselors to pursue training in geriatric care through Richmont Graduate University.”

Another important and unique aspect of this scholarship is that the recipient will be mentored personally by Dr. Braund and will also take two

approved graduate level courses in gerontology. At least a portion of their clinical training will involve service to families dealing with Alzheimer's.

Dr. Braund’s $50,000 scholarship gift was given over a period of two years and will fund scholarships for approximately ten years. When asked about

the scholarship, Dr. Terrell said “Dr. Braund has been innovating for years, so it should be no surprise that he would figure out a new way to endow a

scholarship. This gift is a huge blessing, and I would encourage others to think about using a gift to fund a time-limited scholarship in honor or

memory of someone who has impacted your life.”

Research Update: Spirituality and Childhood Trauma Research

Have you ever wondered what happens to someone’s faith as a result of childhood

abuse? How do victims of physical or sexual abuse in childhood use their

faith to cope with the abuse? How does the abuse itself change their faith?

These are questions that Director of Research, Dr. Don Walker, and

Richmont alumni Henri Webb Reid, Tiffany O’Neill, and Lindsay Brown

asked in a recent paper that appeared in the American Psychological

Association’s new trauma journal this summer. In what was originally a term

paper for Dr. Walker’s Child Psychopathology class, they reviewed 34 studies

with a total of 19, 090 participants that had examined the relationship

between some form of religion/spirituality and childhood abuse among adult

participants looking back retrospectively on the abuse. The studies were classified

according to the form of abuse and the form of religiousness or spirituality

that was examined. The majority of studies indicated either some decline in

religiousness or spirituality (N = 14) or a combination of both growth and

decline (N = 12). Seven studies gave preliminary indications that religiousness/spirituality

can moderate the development of posttraumatic symptoms or

symptoms associated with other Axis I disorders. Implications for integrative

therapy with survivors of childhood abuse were discussed in the article.

Dr. Walker commented, “Publishing in premiere academic journals is one way

that we can advance the field of psychology and theology. I’m very proud of

the work that Henri, Tiffany, and Lindsay did. Rather than finishing a class

paper just to turn in, they chose to do work that changes the field itself.

Trauma therapists around the country may consider working differently with

client spirituality in some small way because of this paper. Our work brings

some national attention to Richmont and sets the stage for innovative work in

this area for years to come.”

Walker, D. F., Reid, H., O’Neill, T., & Brown, L. (2009). Changes in personal

religion/spirituality during and after childhood abuse: A review and synthesis.

Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 1, 130-145.


From Angie Conroy, the volunteer director of Chattanooga Bible Institute.

My husband Pat and I were visiting with some friends the other night enjoying

the last remnants of a glorious summer evening. We had caught up on

all the basics: kids, jobs, and health issues when the subject shifted to dying.

Maybe it’s because we’re at that stage when so many of our parents and their

friends are dying; or maybe it’s just part of getting older—the realization

that life will end with or without our permission. Some of the deaths mentioned

were peaceful passages after lives well-lived. Some were merciful

escapes from pain and suffering. And some were straight up robberies—

death coming in as the thief in the night stealing a loved one away all too

soon. We talked about the moral dilemma surrounding euthanasia. Is it really

easier on the family to dictate death or does is deny the family unforeseen

blessings of edification on humanity otherwise inaccessible? I drifted off in

my own thoughts. What if one of us here, right now, is gone next year?

What if there are only 5 chairs at the table instead of six? I know some of

the people I said good-bye to last year didn’t think they’d be gone. It made

me really sad for a minute and then it made me realize that this life is unbelievably

precious and seemingly insignificant at the same time. Unbelievably

precious in the sense that everyone we love and lose leaves a footprint on our

heart, changing forever who we were before they crossed our path. And

seemingly insignificant in that nothing changes in the universe with the exit

of that loved one—the sun still rises, babies are born, seasons change, people

fall in love.

It’s all rather unsettling, but strangely comforting at the same time. It’s how I

feel about the ocean. I can’t imagine life without it-- the beauty of it, my

memories surrounding it, the life within it. And yet I’m terrified of it— the

power, the mystery, the enormity of it. It’s complete indifference to me. It

Additional follow up studies in the area of spirituality and childhood trauma are

currently underway on the Richmont Atlanta campus by Dr. Don Walker with

a number of Richmont students, alumni, or faculty from other institutions:

Dr. Don Walker and Melissa Janssen Troskie, Richmont alumna, are

revising a paper in another APA journal that describes a spiritually integrative

approach to trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Sarah Brookings, Richmont student, is completing her thesis examining

the use of spiritual interventions among trauma therapists.

Richmont students Angela Landry and Lauren Laake are completing a

related paper examining spiritual interventions in trauma therapy.

Carrie Bailey-Blige, Richmont alumna, is examining forms of spiritual

struggles among African-American child abuse victims.

Dr. Lynne Padgett, Richmont alumna, and Dr. Don Walker are in the

process of planning clinical trials involving spiritually integrative trauma-focused

cognitive behavioral therapy.

Dr. Walker will be submitting an NIH grant with Dr. Jamie Aten out

of the University of Southern Mississippi examining the role of religion

and spirituality in moderating the development of PTSD and health

outcomes among child and adolescent victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Aten and Dr. Walker will be co-editing a book on integrative

approaches to trauma treatment that should be completed in the next

several years.


A number of Richmont students and faculty have formed a spirituality and

child trauma research team. Look for more publications and presentations from

Andrea Farnham, Ashley Roach, Audrey Starnes, Caroline Zuniga, Elena

Vorobyov, Hannah Simms, Heather Willard, Ken Coley, Lorna Osaigboro, Neal

Martin, Nick Hersey, Stan Hoover, Sylvia Kim, Ushirika Johnson, Dr. Shay

Thomas, and John Hughes.

has washed over the feet of

millions before me and there

will be millions after me. So is

that it? Are we nothing more

than a footprint in the sand,

well-defined and unique for

only a second until the next

wave? And is that not enough?

After all aren’t we spirits with

a body for a short time rather

than the other way around?

You want to know what I believe? And I think about this a lot. I believe the

reason we exist is to love God and love each other. We do it for a split second

in this body and an eternity in a better one. But that footprint made in

the sand by you and me is made by a foot more precious to and well-loved

by God than we can conceive. And if that footprint represents a step we

took towards each other, then our lives have been blessed indeed. And that

will always be enough.

CBI Basics:

Located on the Chattanooga campus, Chattanooga Bible Institute is an

interdenominational ministry of Richmont Graduate University, providing

the community with Christian classes, Christian counseling services and The

Poindexter Library- a Christian resource library open to the public. Please

visit to find out more about CBI’s counseling services

and to view the CBI group and class schedule.



This past summer Richmont faculty and staff

responded to the call to missions in many different

ways. I share these experiences with those

of you interested in missions to let you know

that these sorts of opportunities are out there.

For those of you with missions experience and

particularly those of you who are MK’s (missionary

kids), there are open doors.

Dr. Jama White, director

of clinical training, and

Brenda Keck, 2008

Richmont alumna, traveled

to Greece. Between

the two of them, in five

days, they counseled

nearly 50 missionaries

serving throughout

Eastern Europe and Russia.

Many were in the midst of moving to new locations,

facing huge and confusing unknowns and

sometimes starting over learning a new language

and culture. Dr. White shared, “Often

their struggles were similar to ours—interpersonal

conflicts, child rearing questions, infertility,

dealing with aging parents—yet their situations

were compounded by the stressors of

never being able to speak English to anyone, or

by living in a region where winter’s days have

only 4 hours of light. The missionaries were so

very glad to have a time to be heard.”

CBI Counselor and Richmont alumna,

Katherine Jonas, traveled to Matamoros,

Mexico with a small group from her church,

Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church. Once

they arrived in Mexicoshe became a part of a

larger group totaling around 75 teens and

adults. For ministry the group was divided into

three groups, each assigned to a church and

surrounding neighborhood. Katherine shared,

“Each day we had the opportunity to help with

various activities including: prayer walks,

home visits, construction, medical clinic, VBS,

and living water. Coming away from the week I

was humbled by the faith and graciousness of

those living in such poverty. Externally they

have so little, but internally they are rich!”

“I have a heart

for Africa and I

was praying for

God to open a

door,” shared

Caitlin Million,

a member of

the CBI administrative


God answered her prayer

when He sent Caitlin to Togo, a small country in

West Africa, with her home church, Westview

Baptist, and other southeast Baptist churches.

Caitlin spent ten days in Togo and surrounding

villages visiting Kokou Loko, a pastor sponsored

by her home church. Caitlin spent the

first three days teaching vacation bible school

to 350 children through an interpreter. She

spent the next seven days of the trip partnering



with a doctor on a medical team providing care

through a clinic and pharmacy. Because she

hopes to go into the medical field either

through psychology or psychiatry, this was a

particularly enlightening experience, especially

when she saw that providing physical help to

those in dire need can naturally lead to sharing

your faith and “…the promise of the the ultimate


Since 2003, Dr. Philip Coyle,

Richmont’s academic dean, has traveled to

Ecuador to teach counseling students the

skills to assist hurting families and marriages.

The Ecuadorian people are rich in heritage,

committed to community and family, and

resilient amid the changing social and political

structures. Yet, among their strengths,

Ecuadorian families face many challenges that

emerge from poverty and limited educational

resources. Dr. Coyle stated: “I find genuine satisfaction

working with these students; they make

great efforts and sacrifices to be equipped to

serve God through the art and science of marriage

and family counseling. The students are so

appreciative of my efforts; but in actuality, they

have changed me. When you get a chance to

teach or serve abroad, please go!”

Richmont’s Hope Counseling Center recently opened a location in Fayetteville, Georgia, at 115 Kathy Avenue. The center, a joint ministry of New

Hope Baptist Church and the university, opened in September. Richmont alumnus, Terry Borsare, serves as the site coordinator.

Richmont operates nine Hope Counseling Centers in metropolitan Atlanta and two counseling centers in the Chattanooga area. The centers provide

a wide range of counseling services from licensed clinical faculty, masters-level clinicians, and student interns who are working under licensed

supervision. Individual, couple, child, adolescent, and family counseling services are available to the community. The Richmont counseling network

provides more than 50,000 hours of low-cost counseling in the Atlanta and Chattanooga communities every year. For more information about

Richmont’s counseling centers in Atlanta and Chattanooga, please visit


We appreciate the generosity of these individuals who contributed to Richmont from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.

Barbara Adams

Erin Adams

Mary B. Alexander

Allen Morris Foundation

Rev. John Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Anderson

Lisa Andrews


Matthew Abuckle

Bobby & Barbara Armstrong

Dr. Rob Arp

Henry G. Atkins

J. Michael Atwater

Mr. & Mrs. L.B Austin, III

Dr. David Aycock

Timothy Aycock

Adam Davis Bagley

Sarah Kathryn Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bakke

Elizabeth Balch

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bandy

Nancy Cody Bankston

Scott Barber

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Battle

Elizabeth Heath (Reynolds) Beasley

Douglas Jefferson Bell

Mr. J. Edward Bell, III

Laura Lee Belli

Ms. Hazel Bickerstaff

Dr. & Mrs. Jack E. Birge

Virginia A. Bizzell

Marilyn Bockhorst

Jonathan Boggs

Harriet Watson Bond

Dr. Steve Bradshaw

Vilda Brannen

Constance L. Branom

Ronald Brasfield

Maria Serrao Britt

Lindsay Elizabeth Brown

Louise Diane Brown

Patricia Wesley Brown

Dr. Linda Buchanen

Dr. Arvel Burrell

Mr. & Mrs. Hardwick H. Burr

Frank Busbey

Tracy Busse

Lisa Byrd

L. Hardwick Caldwell, Jr.

Linda Callahan

Sherry Campbell

Lydia Canty

Barbara Carlin

Richard Carlson

Mrs. J.B. Carlton

Lane Latimer Carpenter

Mark Carpenter

Amanda J. Carter

Alfred B. Carter, IV

Don & Cindy Cathy

Mr. Truett Cathy

Annalie Celzo

Elizabeth Claire Chalk

Cheryl Chambers

Timothy Chambers

George Wesley Channell

Christian Education Charitable Trust

Mrs. Carole Clark

Christopher Cochran

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Coddington

Jessica R. Cole

Teresa Diane Cress

Cindy Conner Brown

Pat & Angie Conroy

Jennifer Cooper

Kimberly Leigh Coppedge

Charles Philip Costa

Candace Couch

Aubrie J. Crais

Mr. Jay Craven

Lisa Michelle Crider

Mrs. Susan Cross

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cunningham

Dr. & Mrs. Sam Currin

Natasha Courtney Daniels

Erin Davis

Katherine L. Davis

Mrs. Peggy Davis

Decosimo Public Accountants

Gary W. Delaplane

Mrs. Sherry Dickson

Dr. Chuck Dolph

Helen Douthat

Lavinia Crosby Dowling

Roderick A. Dowling

Laura Ashley "Leman" Dugger

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Edwards

Mark M. Ellison

Debbie Emerson

Connie Erwin

Mary B. Evan

Andrea Joan Fambrough

First Presbyterian Church of


Edward & Carrie Fletcher

Craig Ford

Rene' Y. Foster

Suzanne Foster

Bob Franklin

Ted & Margie Franklin

Dana Carol Frederick

Gabriel David Frederick

Mr. Earl Freudenberg

Charles E. Fuller

Patti Fultz

David Gabriel

Monique Gadson

Melissa Garriss

Vickie George

Barbara Getz

Alaine Glover

Lois Goode

Meagan Goodwin

Laura Revell Gordon

Mrs. Mary Goza

Girls Preparatory School -

Chattanooga, TN

Sheri Howard Grove

Laura Anne Hahn

Andrea J. Hall

Brandy Nobles Hall

Stephen David Hall, Jr.

Evalin Rhodes Hanshew

Emily Harbold

Andra Harris-Martin

Mrs. Sue R. Harrison

Dr. C.W. Hayes

Mariann Hazard

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Henegar

Mr. Reid Henson

Nancy Higgins

Hiway Biway Christian Crusade

Jessica Davison Hocutt

Brian Hogg

Michael Brandon Hopkins

Claire Horner

Denise Horner

Sharon Horton

Dennis House

Walter Williams Howard

Mr. Michael Hudson

Katherine Huffaker Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Huffaker, III

Mr. Hugh D. Huffaker, Jr.

Bonnie Hulleatt

Peggy Hurst

Corrie F. (Beaver) Inman

Amanda Jackson

Mary Ellen James

Susan Johnson

Teresa Johnston

Mrs. Robert C. Jones

Peggy Jones

July Lynne Keappler

Joy Kennedy

Sonya Kennedy

Sue Kennedy

Cheryl Jamison Kischuk

Trevor T. Knight

Casi Knowles

Mrs. Regena Kressenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Lamar, Jr.

Kathryn Larisey

Jennifer Shea Lasiter

Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Latimer

Meredith Lawson-Rowe

Robin Lay

Eleanor Lee

William Leonard

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Linder

Mrs. Mabel C. Lindsay

Little Brown Church

Lookout Mountain Presbyterian

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lupton

Moose Lutes

Laura Catalina Machado

RL&KH Maclellan Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr.

James Mann Fund

Paula Marchman

Martin Family Foundation

Jade Mazarin

Shana Brooks McAdams

Fletcher McClelland

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie McCurry

Celia McGregor

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. McGregor

Pauline McLemore

Mr. & Mrs. Lanny McNabb

Regan Means

Deborah Midkiff

Leslie Milligan

Miss Sharon Mills

Mrs. Nancy M. Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Milner

Rhonda Milner

Teddi Mitchell

Arvin Moden

Diane C. Monteleone

Amanda Narayan Taylor

National Christian Foundation

Denise Brown Nebeker

North Shore Fellowship

OA Unity Group

Mrs. Mary E. O'Connor

Tilda Thomas Oehmig

Christine Oswald

Richard Oswald

Mrs. Lyn R. Owen

Miss Carolyn Owens

Mr. Lawrence B. Owens, Jr.

Mrs. Bobbie Anne H. Parker

Mecall Pearson

Mandi Peek

Dr. Donna Peterson

Mrs. Janelle Peterson

Susan Platt

Poindexter Charitable Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. John Poindexter

Lisa Poore

Paul Michael Porter

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Powell

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy E. Powell

Mr. H.D. "Dugg" Powell

Rachel Price

Dr. & Mrs. Gary Purdy

Monica Jay Rapier

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Richards

Mr. Joel W. Richardson, Jr.

Hannah Gray Rinehart

Jessica Mary Ringsmuth

Caroline Roark

F. Gayle Roberts

Cindy Robinson & Friends

Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. T. Jackson Robinson

Mr. David Lee Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Roddy

Chris Rogers

Karen E. Rollin

Mr. Philip B. Rollinson

Dr. Randy Ruble

Dr. & Mrs. Walter Ruby

Dr. Chery J. Rutledge

Joannah Mason Sadler

Brandon Santan


Dr. and Mrs. Steve Sawrie

David & Elizabeth Schmidt

Summer Schultz

Andrea & Merrill Sexton

Jack N. Sibley

Signal Mountain Presbyterian


Mrs. Jan Silvious

Charmaine Jazelle Simmons

Dr. Dale G. Simpson

Dr. and Mrs. David Simpson

Mrs. Janey Smith

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith

Mary Sokolowski

Mrs. Donna Spencer

Dorothy L. Stevens

Mrs. Helen R. Steward

Mrs. Peter Steward

Dr. & mrs. Thomas W. Stewart

Brian Lewis Stoddard

Mrs. Judith Stone

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Suich

Suntrust Atlanta Foundation

Sarah Tate

Mr. & Mrs. Len Teague

Drs. Jeff & DeAnne Terrell

Bunny Tharpe

Mrs. Wayne Thomas

Megan Toms

Craig Stephen Torell

Deborah L. Torell

Mrs. Kathy Trent

Trinity Leadership Partners

Sunamita Tuple

Kate Lauren Varney

Kim Vescovo

Marcia Michelle Walden

Rudy Walldorf

Valerie Michelle Walters

Chris Waters

Danny & Nancy Watts

Dr. Margaret Weaver

Michael Twilley Weiland

Judy Wells

John Gardner West

Laura Merkle West

Mr. Burton Wheeler

Lamanda Whelchel

David Andrew White

Dr. Jama White

Dr. & Mrs. Henry Williams

Wayne Williams

Dr. & Mrs. Winborn B. Willingham, Jr.

Michael Todd Wilson

Susan Candee' Winfield

Heath Wise

Mrs. Yohunnah Woods-Moton

Mary Ann Woodward

World Missions Prayer Group

Arthurine Wright

Mrs. Evan Wythe

Courtney & Ellen Young

Charles M. Zeiser

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