THE EDELWEISS CLUB - German-American Club of Boise, Idaho

THE EDELWEISS CLUB - German-American Club of Boise, Idaho

The Edelweiss Club Newsletter



The German American Edelweiss Club

13601 W. McMillan Rd., Ste. #102-211

Boise, ID 83713

Dear members,

Our Oktoberfest has come and gone. There

were not quite as many people as last year

but everybody still had a good time. The

bands played for everybody’s enjoyment and

you got your money’s worth of beer. And we

had Paulaner Oktoberfest beer!

I would probably forget someone, therefore I

want to thank everybody collectively for

helping to decorate and set up on Thursday

evening and for helping out at the fest. A big

Thank You also to our Pretzel Girls, they did

a nice job.

This time we had more merchant stalls

which also added to the atmosphere.

Several people expressed an interest in

joining our club and we passed out

applications to them..

Some of our prospective members also

helped out at the fest – That’s what you call


Again a big THANK YOU to all you helpers,

without you we could not have an


See you all at our next meeting. Uschi

For the good of the club.


President Uschi Draeger Phone 887-2050

Vice President Rudy Benecke Phone 452-6409

Treasurer Jack Nieland Phone 461-2578

Secretary Horst Draeger Phone 887-2050

Board Member Ginny Hayes Phone 855-2313

Board Member Waltraud Benecke Phone 452-6409

Board Member Pauli Wanamaker Phone 938-1501

Board Member Kathy Rundquist Phone 888-1118

September 2010

The Edelweiss Club meetings take place the 4 th

Tuesday of every month at the Legion Hall located at

22 W. Broadway in Meridian. Starting at 7pm

Do you want to learn German?

Would you like to practice conversational


Do you need something translated into

German or from German into English?

Lessons/Conversational German/Tutoring

$ 10 perhour

Translations on a case by case basis.

Call Ginny Hayes (208) 855-2313

Certified German teacher since 1977

We, the board, talked at several meetings how or what we could do to keep our

Edelweiss Club alive and active.

We have been able to recruit some new and energetic members whom we all want

to get to know and to have more fun and comradeship among our members. We

also want to start some “Fundraisers” for the good of the club, so we will be able


The Edelweiss Club Newsletter

Care Bears

to inform CluTo the greater Boise Community about our German heritage.


I If myself, you know Walli of a club Benecke, member would who is set ill, has up had my an “Scentsy accident, has Product lost a loved Table” one, at or the simply next

club meeting for you, the members, to see and possibly purchase some items.

needs cheering up please let our Care Bears, Eugene and Lori Volz, by contacting them at:


And the club would gain a certain percentage of the proceeds.


Let’s also talk about a “Fund Raising Dinner Buffet” where all members would

Telephone: 337-3456

be involved.

Mail: 26275 Riverview Drive, Wilder, ID 83676.

We, the members, would bring one assigned dish – the club would furnish the

meat – and we all would pay a certain amount.

All the proceeds would go to the club!


Please give us more ideas and suggestions by E-Mail or regular mail. Your

comments at the meetings are also appreciated.



Walli Benecke (Edelweiss Club board member)



Birthdays /Anniversaries


Nov 3 Jim Trenkel Nov 4 Hedy and Gerhard Schurig

Nov 15 Ann Machule Nov 11 Trish and Ken Trader

Nov 22 Gerti and Bruce Watson

Nov 26 Judy and Francis Kopp


Do not forget our next club meeting on October 26

Starting at 7 PM.

You can help celebrating Octoberfest by joining the Edelweiss Band at the Highland

Hollow on October 23. Band leader Harry Simons would be happy to have someone

Join the band in leading the group in song. If you have any song sheets used in

Oktoberfest events feel free to bring them along to help the crowd with the words to

the songs.


The Edelweiss Club Newsletter

Participants in the Creation of our Nation

Students learn virtually nothing about the first German explorers and pioneers of

our Country – the participants in the creation of our nation. To acquaint them and

all German-Americans with the contributions by Germans to the genesis of our

homeland, I wrote “The First Germans in America.”

This is a revised version of the book presented to participants in a banquet

presided over by German Ambassador Klaus Scharioth. This was held in

celebration of the German-American Quadra Centennial in Colonial

Williamsburg, VA – Gary Carl Grassl, President, The German American Heritage Society

Of Greater Washington, DC.

Professor LaVern Rippley, Ph.D., member of the board of the Society for German-American

Studies, declared:

The “First Germans in America” is a myth breaker. Because we speak English, we

tend to assume that the English established and developed America. False, of

course. Even as the Anglo-Saxon language came from Germany to England in 500

A.D., so German craftsmen and specialists came to the English colonies; for

example, to Jamestown, Virginia, from 1607 on. Likewise, as the German map

maker Martin Waldseemueller charted and named this continent, German settlers

contributed to its development. In this book we find the truth.

The New Yorker Staats-Zeitung stated: Gary Grassl, the eminent historian of

German-America, is presenting us a book which should be required reading for all

Americans. The title of the book is “The First Germans in America.” (102 pp. 85

Illustrations and maps, most in full color. Easy read for students; 140 endnotes for

the scholar.

Send your check to: GLOBAL PRINTING, 3670 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304.

Tel: 703-751-3611. Price $19.70, including shipping and handling. (VA residents add

$0.85 sales tax; MD and DC residents, $1.02)


Our November meeting will be a Fund Raiser Bingo Night. We will charge

each card $ 0.50. But we still like you to bring your white elephant

items as prizes.

The Edelweiss Club Newsletter

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